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Newi Notes Personal Paragraphs and
Other Doings at Home Worthy
of Special Mention
Kians Tabulcs euro indijHtioii
Try the Paragon Ham Ilesl on earth
Ior sale at all groceries
First know you are entitled to a vote
and then vote your sentiments
A man must know how to vote before he
can rote
Slide Kelly slide was not down in
Grayots vocabulary
Squire J P Alexander Third party
candidate for Circuit Judge addressed a
large audience at Morions Gap last Satur
The same otd drunk or a new one was
the cause of a considerable disturbance
on the hill about 12 oclock Monday
L D II Rodger has about completed
his round ot notifying the various election
officer and giving tbem the proper creden
tial under which they are authorized to act
In a spirit of fun the other day some of
the boys presented to Ross Davis an imi
tation diamond ring Ross got mad
and cussed and the boys had the laugh
on him thi is all
It Is a violation of the new election law
to hate upon the street election day either
a legal or counterfeit ballot Rear this In
mind everybody The penalty Is a heavy
fine and imprisonment
At the Hecla school the day as obsen ed
alio The room was tastefully decorated
Essays recitations singing etc by the
children under the direction of Miss Alice
Mitchell their teacher comprised the days
The interest taken by all parties in the
new system ot voting is encouraging A
full vote will likely to be out on election
day Voters are becoming familiar with
the new ballotsamplesof which have been
printed and placed within the reach of all
The A O U V lodge of this city held
a called meeting last night in their lodge
room Tbo call was for the purpose of
organlting a Legion of Select Knights an
auxiliary of that well known order C
W Trulock of Henderson acted as chief
in the meeting
A number of bottles of blackberry cor
dial hue been stolen from a certain cellar
in this mans town recently much to the
annoyance of the owner who was using
the cordial for medicinal purposes We
are requested to say however that it the
thieves will return the empty bottles all
will be forgiven
Will be paid for a better chill tonic than
Yucatan When all others fail Yucatan
Chill Tonic stands the test Dont take
base Imitations for just as good as Yucatan
Remember every bottle is warranted Price
50c at Robinson Uros
Are We Right
Mr Joe Robertson and Miss Mattie
Wendelkin went to Henderson yesterday
ostensibly for the purpose of taking their
friends here by surprise The Henderson
Gleaner on Tuesday stated that this young
couple had procured marriage license in
that city and we believe all It sajs In this
particular Heres congratulations and
best wishes for the happy couple
Letter List
List of letters remaining uncalled for
in the Earlington postolTice Oct 34 1891
Uagby II Fred
Crow II S
Edwards Thos
Goodman Philip
Jordan Robert L
Lane Martha
Pain Mrs Milton
Chestnut Philip
Hoard Robert
Casco James
Gill W J Rev
Gray Simpson
Jones John L
Melton Esq
Wilkinson C
Willis Dudley
Lucy Phillips
Persons calling for these letters please
say advertised giving date ot this paper
O J Farnsworth P M
Columbus Day Observed
While other and greater cities were cele
brating Columbus Day throughout this
glorious land of ours Earlington was to be
found in that great column The Parochial
and both public schools held appropriate
exercises No union or concentration of
pils was attempted but the exercises were
Iheld simultaneously in the several scnool
buildings The rooms where the exercises
Hook place were all decorated in a way
propriate to the occasion andcommemorat
ing the great discovery and were given up
entirely to the children The exercise were
rendered in a true American style
Circa Two Hours to Skip
The negro Wm McCullum who cut up
hleh dutch one day lastweek In an at
tempt to terrolie the whole community
was tried bef jre the County Court at Mad
Isonville last Friday The memories of
tsome of the witnesses for the state failed
Kbem and In consequence the charge brought
that of threatening life and etc could not
be sustained It wa deemed advisable
however that the gentleman ot color be
given ample ttmeand no more to quit these
parts Two hours time was given him A
thorough search In his old haunts In this
city after the expiration of the time given
him revealed the fact that he had left to
seek a more congenial clime
Moore and Grayot
Masonic Halt in this city was crowded
last Saturday evening Uoth Democrats
and Republicans were out In Jarge numbers
The occasion being a joint discussion be
tween Messrs A C Moore Rep and J
L Grayot Dem the two candidates for
Commonwealth Attorney in this district
Mr Moore was the first to speak Ills ad
dress was one ot forty minutes length Mr
Grayot in reply spoke the same length of
time after which Mr Moore made a few
closing remarks Personalities were so
freely indulged In that those present now
know all or nearly all the shortcomings
of the respective candidates The thought
ful voters will vote accordingly as a matter
ot course
Will Wattrip is at home on a visit
Miss Maude Wynn of Providence was
In the city Tuesday
Mrs Minnie Speed attended the Mission
ary Convention at Nashville
Mrs Fauntleroy ot Evansville visited
relatives In this city last week
P I Ross II II Holcman and R W
Overall were In Louisville last week
Madames C J Waddill and C J Pratt
and Miss Ella Earle were in Evansville last
A novel entertainment called a Whit
tling Contest will be given by the ladies of
the Cumberland Presbyterian church next
Friday evening Oct a8 th at Yagos new
building Supper Co Tee Pickles and
Sandwich 10 Ice cream and cake 15
To Join the contest 10c Dont tail to bo
Yucatan Chill Tonic
Is the greatest tonic known It is the only
tonic that has never failed to cure the chills
when properly taken Every bottle war
ranted Price joe at Robinson Ilros drug
Chaulauiiuan Pribram Monday Oct
Roll Call Quotations from Whittier
Items of News W R Pralt
Latitude Soil and Climate Mis Norcrnss
Fruits and Flora ot Greece
MrsW C Morton
Reading ot Lotus Eatus
Mrs II W Fauntleroy
Review of Hawthornes Tnnglewood
Tales Miss May Nlsbct
The Lesson
The following is the program for the next
Roll oil lobe answered by names
ot persons mentioned In the U
S History and Foreign Powers
Paper Dr Schliemano
Mrs II W Fauntleroy
Committee for catch questions on the
months study in Grecian his
tory Mr andMrs C J Wad
dill and Mils Sammie Nisbet
Reading Agamemnons Inven
tion Miss Mary Nisbet
Debate Revived That Public
Lands Should be Granted to the
Promoters of the Inter-Continental
Railway Enterprise
Miss Emma Prenltt and
Ruby La loon
a deYocraticTrick
How Their Sympathy for their Colored
era Touchlngly Manifested Itself He
fore the November Election
Sacrku Heart Missoin
Fort Bkrtiilod N Dakota j
Mr Patrick Ford Editor Irish
Dear Mr Ford I sco by the
Irish World of the 3d inst that
cordial relations have been renevvc
between the Catholic Church and
the Indian Department In the
same mail that brought the Irish
World I received a letter from the
editor of a Catholic journal a Dem
ocrat asking for an article to ex
cite sympathy for the injured In
dians saying that he had written
to Fathers Stcphan and Palladius
and that several papers on the In
dian situation would appear in the
same number of his journal and
urging on me the necessity of bring
ing out facts before the November
elections It seemed to me that
the Catholic Bureau might possibly
intend to get in their work by
making a blow for Cleveland After
the kindness of Secretary Noble
and President Harrison to us at
the -time when Morgan was mis
led by bad advice and the Bureau
were aiding the attack to get rid of
us and at the same time raised a
fight against Morgan by getting me
and my friends to take vengeanct
on him for destroying the Sisters
I would do wrong to lend myself to
any such move At any rate I do
not like to see underhand attacks
The system of the Indian De
partment is no doubt defective
but President Harrison and Secre
tary Noble have done their best
under all circumstances and I
would feel much safer in trusting
them than those whose mistaken
theories I know to well
With best regards I remain
yours sincerely
Rev Francis M J
Tales for Travelers
Tales for Travelers contain seven
complete short stories illustrated in the
highest possible style of art These
stories are by the rising American short
story writers Those who are pleased
with this sort of fiction and they number
thousands will find this little book the
very best ten cent Investment to be had
Address the Arkell Weekly Co no Fifth
avenue New York
Miss Fannie Nisbet of Madlsenvllls is
visiting friends and relatives here
The Christian Sunday school has changed
its time of meeting to 2 30 oclock in the
Supt of Public Schools J J Glenn was
here last week on his annual tour of in
Mrs Jane Ridley died the tgth Inst nnd
was buried at the Christian Privilege bury
ing ground
Jno W Strong who has been visiting
here and about will leavo to day tfio 24th
for Alabama
Lem Finley son of J W Finley died
last Wednesday and was buried near Cane
school house
H D White lectured on Monday and
Saturday nights of last week and the Chris
tian and Methodist churches
F II Harris of Mortons Gap was here
last Sundaybut returned with his daughter
Miss Alice who has been visiting relatives
and friends hero for some time
James Hampton and Miss Kate Hart
were married at the Christian church the
roth Inst Uro I F Slory officiating Wc
wish them a long and happy life
The public schools here fell in line on
Columbus day The white school present
ed some very interesting tableaux in the
hall at night to a crowded house
John Palmer has accepted the position of
Mine foreman for the new coal mining com
pany now preparing for work noarHamby
Station John Is a good man and lie
company did well in securing Ins services
As predicted in our last letter the Demo
crats raised a Cleveland pole on Saturday
the ijtli Tho pole is hickory and one
hundred nnd thirty feet high with n roost
er on the top The Madisonville Urass
Hand rendered marshal music for the oc
casion At j n m when the National
flag was unfurled we had three full gauges
of Democratic enthusiasm Elector Head
ley lead off with a rousing speech selling
forth the claims of his party He was fol
lowed by some of the Democratic nominees
and other speakers who received much ap
plause It was a big day but the boys
used It all up
Dizziness want of appetite sallow com
plexion high colored urine irregular ac
tions from the bowels light colored stools
lassitude fevenshness often accompanied
by dumb chills aching limbs and hot feet
and hands nnd sleepiness arc symptons of
of biliousness Dont check the looseness
of the bowels but take a full dose of Carl
stalls German Liver Powder on retiring at
night and repeat the second night there
after and again the fourth night and con
tinue this until the system is thoroughly
purged A few doses of quinine may be
necessary to stop the chills but if you will
keep Carlstedts German Liver Powder all
the time and take a dose occasionally jon
will never be bilious Price ajc per bottle
at Robinson Ilros drug store
Graham passed through here this
Mr Paulls ot St Charlos came to see
Mr Caldwell Sunday
On Monday Mrs Crajnor spent the
day with Mrs Hamby
After Dave read Tub Hke he said that he
liked to tend tho baby
Bill Williams and two daughters returned
to their home last Sunday
Mr Hall of Crabtrce was down to me
Mr Caldwell Wednesday
Mrs Shack Williarrs has returned home
after a short visit to ho father 1
Hennic Craynor sold one of his fine
horses to Mr Faults ot St Charles
A little boy by the namo of Eddie Smith
came near getting his eje put out with a
base ball Hoys becaretul
Oscar Caldwccll is on tho chill list He
has had two Doxtown saw mill chills and
says he dont want any more
Well boys we know tho reason Dimmit
keeps going to the saw mill He is going
to build a new house for himself and you
can guess who else
L D Caldwell is on tho sick list WI11I0
doing some work on top of his house he
came near falling and in catching to pro
vent the tall came near breaking his Kick
James Robinson accompanied the Misses
Smith homo from church Jim Jim I
saw vour pa with a wagon load ot shtngloc
Don t cry Hes going to cover the barn
Our dear lit tic Hennic C went to the
country Saturday Im afraid wo will lose
Hennic for every time he goes away he
say lirother Dave Ill be home tomor
row and next day after he comes
Oi Hamby a prominent voung man of
this place met with a painful accident while
driving a team of mules which became
frightened and ran against a stump and
threw the wagon bed olf The wagon con
tained several pieces of beef some of which
fell on the ground and while he was pick
ing the meat up one of the mules stepped
on his hand and kicked him in the face
knocking several of his teeth loose nnd one
out We think that Ot will soon be going
to Madisonville to see the dentist
Constipated HoncN
A fruitful cause of deranged menses and
many other dangerous diseases is consti
pated bowels Neglecting to attend the
stool sedan try habits and unwholesome
diet are causes of the disease It is very
dangerous because its effects arc not oh
observed at once
Carlstedts German Liver Syrup is as
nearly a specific in the permanent cure of
this disease as any medicine ever discover
ed Any purgative medicine will tempor
arily relieve costiveness but German Liver
Syrup makes a permanent cure if directions
are followed and does not shock tho sys
tem of delicate ladios as calomel does
Price joe and ft 00 For salo by Robin
son Uros
Hon Thos Pettit spoke to about 15
Wheelers at Powells tobacco factory Mon
day evening
The campaign Is growing hotter than a
hornets nest We are all for Ellis Kim
bley and Pettit
Major II A Craft of Owensboro is at
Dixon attending the trial of I D llailey
for killing Herron
Hon Dave Singlelary elector for the
State at large on the Peoples party ticket
spoke here Monday Hon L T Mason
of the Republican party nskeil for a divi
sion of time but was refused
I H Axton a venerable Republican of
Owensboro Is maklug speeches for Pettit
in this county His effort at Onton was a
failure He spoke at Sebree Tuesday L
T Mason gave him his pedigree and the
people of Sebree didnt talk with his false
Gods He had an appointment at Slaught
ersville the next day and the tireless man
followed him there and shelled the woods
In tho direction be went The Pettit forces
in this county are retreating with their
battered shields and broken spears
German Economical lllulng
None better Quart for xo cents Place
contents of package in a quart of rain or
soft water and it is ready for use Ac
knowledged by housekeepers to be the
cheapest and best Bluing made For sale
by dealers everywhere If not obtainable
in your city send 10c in stamps for a pack
age postpaid Carlstedt Medictne Co Evans
Two Imndrtst cotw v iM on I e
lrtrill t CMctitwadga
SCTtry Atkltnon rtiarnr J froM a bust
nM trip lmt Monday
John CImmMi has a littla nirifttsr from
California vteitlttg lilm
James Crenshaw At IJeclni mW toil
nets trip south last week
rire father ot Secretary Anderson ef
1 facta is now here on a visit
Supt Salmon of Crabtree mlnea made
a Intel nam trip over here last week
W D CavintM ie now loaded for tSoec
who want to dfactrta the school question
Weigher John Ilogan of Umpire came
down last Sunday to vMt relatives here
The shipment at coke from this place is
on the increase as the winter days approach
Tenneesee capitalists will It i sehl
soon develop an onyx quarry near Ander
onyillo that State
It is indeed a wul sight tn see an otd man
with gray hairs on tils head called to ac
count for hie evil doings
Two of the St Bernard expert bicycllMa
from Mortons Gnp made a trip to tills city
last Sunday on their wheels
The quoslion now Iwing discttseed by our
miners during idle bourn is how lb prop
crly cast their bnllol i at tlie approaching
Very few of onr miners stop to think of
the serious effect on their earning the
adoption of the otd State lianklng system
would have on their earning
Pat Murray is now called Hie greatest
would be politician in the min on tlie sub
ject of tariff reform That hat question
seems to have set him afire on that subject
A sad event that occurred at Ileela last
wcrk vras tlie death of Mra I ou Warner
nnd childlmth d ing only a few hour apart
and were buried Friday in the cemetery
near here
Will tho minor lie found voting for a
party who favors a policy that will not only
reduce their wages but also one that will
render tho money they receive fnr their
labor of an uncertain value
Our miners turned out in large numbers
to attend the joint discussion between
Moore and Gratot last Saturday night but
were somewhat disappointed in not bearing
politics spoken of to any extent
No sooner had the strong arm of protec
tion withdrawn from the workers at Home
stead than the devil who seems to have
complete control of the anarchists on the
outside began showing bis horns by de
stroying property heating and in various
vvajs intimidating those now at works
Of course this means more work for the
grand juries who have of late been busy in
that State and it can be said to their credit
that they have lieen governed by law and
fncts in returning their verdicts
Aecidents often overtake miners while
in pursuit of their daily avocation which
often results in death but we have never
before seen recorded any thing to equal the
story quoted below and while we doubt
its truthfulness we give it for what it is
worth for the lieneflt of those who some
time tako a little for their stomach sake
A strange story comes from Port Royal
on the Baltimore A Ohio road On Satur
day night six miners employed in that
locality purchased a quarter barrel of beor
and taking it to the home of one of the
parties proceeded to drink freely Soon
after the beer was exhausted the whole
party gtew sick Medical aid was sum
moned when the doctor discovered that
there vvasavidence of poisoning the usual
remedies were administered but to no
avnil The men all died between Sunday
night and Monday noon The friends of
the parties believing that poison might
have been placed in the beer opened the
keg and discovered a copper head snake
about two feet long
Encouraged by the lenity shown toward
them by the courts of Idaho the Union
miners are again showing an activity that
leadi one to believe they are still under the
control of the anarchist advisor who will
not hesitate to commit mtrder if a point
can lc gained thereby aa was shown by
their acts of a few month ago when dyna
mite was used on tho poor non union miners
who were fighting to support himself ami
family a right svory good citizen should
avail himself of and the man or men who
raise a hand to Interfere in an unlawful
manner with this tod given privelege da
serves 1 severe punishment different to
that meted out by the Idaho courts Not
lieing satisfied to wreak vengeance on the
the men dastardly threats have lieen made
against the inoffensive women and to
show the disposition Of these would be
murderers wo give a special In the St
Louis Globe Democrat VviiacuIuaiio
Oct 19 Last night tlirwi armed men went
into one of tlm uaAiel of the Gem mines
and posted the following notice Look
scabs one morj warning the last one Be
fore this month is over 1 300 pounds ot giant
powder will Iw exploded and all this mine
will be sent toll I It in in tlm mine ready
for action fuse attached If wo can not
work in the mine no one elso shall Sign
ed Bloody J nek The men were teen by 1
carman who was coming nut ot tlie tunnel
with a car ot ore When be caught sight
ot the armed men he ran back into the
tunnel and reported tho matter to the shift
boss When they enrae kick to the mouth
ot the tunnel the men were gone and the
abovo notice waa found The carman waa
unable to identify the men This morning
Mrs John Monahan wife of the foreman
of the Gem mine received the following
annoy mous letter Dbak Mvpau Ihave
a wife and daughter mi self therefore am
sorry for you Your husband will lie blown
into fragments inside a month and tlie noxt
fight will not tie a milk-and-water one like
the last It is not thought the miners a
large number of whom are still in this coun
try will attempt at present to carry out
their threats against non union men for
they do not feci able to cope with the civil
authorities backed by United States troops
but there is little doubt if all the troops
were withdrawn now we would have a rep
etition of the bloody scenes of Jul Monk
ban the man threatened is one of the men
who was compelled to leave the country to
avoid being hilled last July and the union
men bear htm a special grudge
It is not usual for colds contracted in the
fall to hang on all winter In such cases
as catarrh or chronic bronchitis are almost
sure to result A fifty cent bottle ot Cham
berlains Cough Homed y will cure any cold
Can j 011 afford to risk so much for so smal
an amount Tills remedy is intended es
pecially for bad cohls and croup and can
always be depended upon For sale by
St Bernard Drug St ire I arlmgtnn Ben
T Robinson Murto j - jp dn hm
ville Ind For sale at Robinson Bros St Charles
tatantar wm pay day
Jake Jackson Is en the sick list
Ji3t Bruce went heme home on the 19th
H Taylor occupied the pulpit last
The Rer G L
Deacon Gray
Ambrose is the guest of
Grandma Spingler returned from St
Challes Sunday
Klley Hawkins and Miss Rene Jennings
were married this week
Thos Crew of St Charlos is here to
daieotne paper hanging
Woy Alexander says he U a bouncing
girl weighing 12 pounds
Mr and Mrs R M Salmon went to
Madisonville on the 20th
The colored folk have a debating club
hero and meet twice a week
We are told that Riley ran away Rene
Wonder who ho ran away from
Mri Lee Salmon and Mrs Carrie
Wright went lo Earlington on the 20th
Prof Glenn visited our town on the 17th
and delivered a very instructive lecture
And now the moon is totally eclipsed in
that quarter Better hunt for pastures
new John
Roy Salmon returned here on the 21st
Come again Roy tho bovs arc always glad
to see you
The Major is suffering from general in
deposition this week having been confined
to his room several days
John Harland went to St Charles on the
aail to assist in placing a new anu appro
priate tombstone at the grave of the late
-Mr hpnnger
The Rev John Taylor wishes it under
stood that lie is ot the Oenerai itaptists
and not of tho Free Will Baptist All
right brother we stand corrected
Next Sunday will be a red letter day for
the Rev Tav lor and the Free Will Baptists
Rev Taylor will have four or five visiting
divines to assist him in organizing the new
It is lo be hoped that the parents will
take an interest in the Sunday school and
let their children attend The children
will gladly go if their porents will take tho
troubla to got them ready
Hon A Howell of Clarksville Tcnn
nresident of tho Crabtree Coal Company
came down Sunday and will spend a few
days at the mines He will be the guest of
Mr nnd Mrs K hi baimon vvnito Here
Kev 5 L Ambrose nreached to a larce
congregation Sunday night the Rev Tay
lor closing Evidently Rev Taylor dont
much believe in or caro for music or sing
ing No closing hymns for him When
lie gels thvoufh he closes the meeting ut
At divine service Sunday morning in the
absence of Mrs R M Salmon Miss Nan
Hamby presided at the organ with much
offect Tho anti organists thought we
would have no one to play an organ if we
had one But tho organ will be played
and will contintle to bring out larger con
gregations and improve the singing A
marked improvement is already visible in
this respect
That Carbondale Coal Company dont
seem to be in such a hurry after all as we
learn they arc just now rushing the grade
for their spur track with four men At
that gait the beginning will bo entirely ob
literated ere they reach tho end Wonder
if that is whero that Boxtown boom is
coming from Have patience Boxtown
your boom will be here with the next Cen
tennial 197G will be a great year for Box
town and the Carbondale Coal Co
Tho debating society was resurrected
Tuesday night Permanent organization
was effected by electing 11 M Salmon
president and John Harland secretary
Resolved That capital punishment
ought to be abolished was tho question
of tho night with Roy Salmon on the
affirmative Roy handled tho question
skillfully and of course tho affirmative
won The club will meet every Tuesday
evening The question for next meeting
will bo Resolved That protectiou is
right nnd a high protective tariff is to the
best interests of the American people
OLoarv affirms and R M Salmon denies
dolors peoples Column
All communication- nnd matters ot news per
taining to this column should be addrcited to
J II Hawkins Earlington Ky
Woll what has become of Prof II A
Mrs Martin visited her father in Han
son Sunday
Miss Minnie Porter is at Elkton her old
borne on a visit
Charley Scott and wife of Dulin mines
wore in the city Sunday
Rev Donahoc of Corydon preached at
the A M E church Wednesday night
Mrs Ike Warders has returned home
after 1 weeks visit to relatives in Madison
Hem Cooksey is much elated and can
laugh louder than ever Another boy at
hi house
II C Kimbroug who li u been sick
for sometime now has a broad smile on his
face for it is a girl baby
f Karlat T Inula nnd Mr Wwfilf e9
Hppkinsviile who arc now painting in Mad
isonville visited friends here Sunday
ltd Graves who got hurt in the mine last I
week has gone to his home in Louisville to I
liu with his family while he is unable to I
work I
At the Odd Fellows hall next Tuesday j
night there will be a festival given for the
liotieit of the Baptist church under the
management of Albert Graham
A concert troupe of Ilopkinsville gave a
concert at the Baptist church Saturday
night It was poorly attended on account
of a political speaking tho same night
Voters meetings are being held here each
vveunesusy nigni 10 oaucnie you now to
vote You should come and learn how to 1
vole Then vote right for Harrison and
Prof J E Robinson of Pembroke is in
the city The trustees of tho public school
have employed him as the assistant teacher
Parents send vour children to school and
visit it yourselves
Mrs E A Garrett of Ilopkinsville gave
1 Uctura at the Baptist church Monday
night in tho interest of a proposed Normal
School to be erected at Ilopkinsville They
have a nice site for the school and each
church should do all they can in the way
of raising money After the lecture a col
lection was raised
Tho Rev L F Howard P C who or 1
ganiied the C M E Church at Hecla in
1888 has been appointed by the conference
as its pastor The first and third Sundays
In each month ho holds services Sunday
school every Sunday at 0 oclock a m
Class meeting every third Sunday and
Prayer meeting every Thursday night I
Columbus Day was passed away nicely
by most all The men worked while the wo 1
men and children celebrated it but at night
we wore all there The A M E church
was jucked to its utmost capacity by peo
ple ready to listen to the well arrainged
program rendered by Prof A R Dailey t
and his pupils for which they deserve great
credit 1
The Harrison and Reid club had an in
teresting meeting last week Mr Burr ex
plained the manner of voting and how to fold
the ticket something which every voter
should know beforo going to the poles W
II Ross of Madisonville also gave inter
esting talk upon the current issues ot the
day Mr Ross is well up with the times
and any club would do well tn have him lo
1 Mrcss them T 11 Merriweather who
is nut behind the times followed Ross with
Tiny good sayings
Section Forcninn Byrnes from
Mannington was here Saturday
Operator Osborn of Henderson
while on duty last week was taken
suddenly ill
Stint Dickson and Roadmastcr
Robson made a business trip here
last Tuesday
Sleeping while on duty seems to
be getting some of our night operat
ors into trouble
The pay train with Paymaster
McCoy on board made its regular
monthly trip last week and this
Chief Ramsey of the O R T
says that a false telegram caused a
a strike on a Western road last
Conductor Thos Browning was
detained at home tins week on ac
count of serious sickness in his
Fireman Con Bohan was home
for a few days last week He is at
work on the switch engine at Hen
While voluntarily assisting in un
loading freight at Madisonville last
week a colored man was severely
Ticket Afeent Geo T OBryan
of Evansuilic made a business call
here last Saturday and met many
of his old friends
Business on this division is still
on a boom and the boys therefore
cannot complain of dull times as
few of them now get the desired
amount of rest
Several more of the boys have
passed a rigid examination and arc
now on the conductors list Among
that number is Joe Robertson and
Ed Thompson both good men
A head end collision occured last
Saturday near Charleston 111 on
account of one crew forgetting their
orders It is reported that only
one man a brakeman was fatally
Preparations are now being made
by Supervisor Sullivan and his
men to capture if possible the
system board this year and if a
first class track will secure it they
will get it
As a general thing railroad boys
take very little interest in politics
and when you see a group of them
together they are usually discussing
something that has taken place in
connection with their business such
as some fast run they have made or
some narrow escape they have had
during their railroad career
Roadmastcr Tom Robson is the
right man in the right place Un
der the most trying circumstances
he can be be depended upon to do
the proper thing He attended
the opera at Nashville recently
with a few friends and what he did
when in the act of pulling his hat
from under his seat at the close of
the performance remains to be told
If the following taken from a
Hopkinsville paper is true the L
N niiist be preparing to accom
odate the great travel expected dur
ing the Worlds Fair from southern
points Such trains as herein men
tioned will be a great sight for the
people along the line to view We
understand that the L N will
soon put on two of the largest en
gines on this division They will
pull two lightning express trains
and arc to make an average of near
ly 60 miles an hour This division
of the L N system is in splen
did condition and trains often attain
the above speed The two monster
engines are to draw fourteen coaches
and will run straight through from
Chicago to New Orleans
From an article in the Globe
Democrat wc are led to believe
that of all the important positions
filled on the railroad that of the
dispatcher is the greatest and few
people will disagree with it in that
particular The train dispatcher
has become one of the most impor
tant functionaries on the great and
modern railway systems Without
him the President would have to
hustle for another job and the
general freight agent passenger
agent traffic manager general man
ager and the thousand and one
subordinates could put their feet
on their desks and smoke cigars as
long as their last months salaries
held out Then unless they found
employment elsewhere they would
begin to look seedy and run down
at the heel There would be no
further use for such employes if
the train dispatchers were to sud
denly vanish from the field and the
man who wants to go to New York
or Chicago and a merchant who
awaits a consignment of goods from
the East West North or South
would wait indefinitely There is
no disputing the fact that the train
dispatcher holds the key to the sit
uation and without him or in tlie
absence of some sort of a substi
tute the railroads of the United
States would certainly fade into
parallel rusty streaks Without
the train dispatcher commerce
would be stagnated the country
could not handle its business and
the growth and possibly the exist
ence of the nation would be imper
iled But fortunately for all this
state of affairs can never come to
pass the train dispatcher is and
necessarily must be
The Jttra Simplon Railway Com
pany aided by the Federal Railway
Department has established and
endowed a railway school at Biel
in the canton Berne Its object is
to provide railroad servants of all
grades from the highest to the low
est with a sound technical and im
proved general education benefit
ing their respective callings The
studentsare from theirentry divided
into two groups the one destined
for mechanical and manual labors
such as engine drivers guards
stokers porters shunters points
men and etc the second or high
er class consisting of embryo sta
ttonmasterscashiers telegraphists
inspectors comptrollers of goods
and traffic departments clerks etc
The Celebrated
oragon Brand of Meats
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beluir employed nml titer 3uimii
eipeiidedWruroilrat copy ir iirlntetl
CAUTION is netted tn a dic
tionary a rhougraplito rewluU t f
Uta ami cimparatlrcly vort il H
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I bold by a iiTOUa A trtI bottlo not tJ mail
L t u runit t ot 1 ituta Addrru
inlEl aJmS
1 a
Drop Leaf Fancy Coter Largo Drnwcrn Nickel Kings
Sent oa IrUl Buy only of Manufacturer- Bare Canvasser Commissions Ctt New
Machlnes Send for a Machine with the name of a business man ns reference and we will
hip one at once or address for Circular and Testimonials
rntc Miie i thkatmcnt
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Uftff TOW Ml - fill In HIAhTM
pntec op a LT as aia ata aiva waibt MtAauat paica1
ar o rsn Yt auas DR C JUOO DtTBOIT MICH
The instruction given is suitable
for all of these and includes both
ordinary and technical education
The latter is divided under three
heads namely so called traffic ser
vice railway maintenance service
and engine service The last how
ever is not yet fully developed
The curriculum of the secular in
struction comprises languages
physics mathematics chemistry
technical drawing and telegraphy
Students of the lower gradcalready
referred to follow but one years
course simplified study those of
the second grade cannot quality
under a two years course of lect
ures Upon the opening of the
school rather more than a year
ago forty four pupils at once in
scribed themselves of whom fif
teen were for the manual grde and
twenty nine for the uppei Upon
the expiration of their term how
ever this spring the former found
immediate employment upon the
Jura Simplon railways as will
doubtless in 1893 tne remaining
twenty nine For the coming term
100 new pupils are enrolled
There is no use In any one suffering with
t fliljar o tuti n fhfimlprlnlnsi finite
Cholera and Diarrhoea Uemedy can lie
procured 11 win gie reiiei in a lew imu
utes and curein a short time I have tried
it and know W II Clinton Helmetta
NJ The epidemic at Helmetta was at
first believed to be cholera but subsequent
inulin ltAn nMiml it tn h ft Vinlcnt form
of dysentery almost as dangerous as chol
era 1 nis rcmeuy was useu meio wuu
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AMflaHBaMBflBBai saWPfffmlHA
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is taking permanent hold of you which
you have been and are still unable to
throw off or countrol whether in the first
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Electric Belt and Appliances and system
of Home Treatment vill cure you
No medical or other mode of Electric
Treatment can at all compare with them
Thousands of women who suffered for
years with complaints peculiar to their sex
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stored to health No fewer men have also
been cured
Electric Treatment for diseasessuggested
properly applied is perfect and has no good
substitute The Gregg Electric Belt and
Appliances are the only ones in existence
that supply a perfect mode of application
Tho Gregg Electric Foot Warmer price
1 00 keeps the feet warm and dry and is
the only genuine Electric Insole
People who have paid their money and
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you Complete catalogue of testimonials
prices etc 6 cents Circular free
Big Inducements to Cooil Agents
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Has led all Worm Romodlos
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Original Preterlpllons
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lopt a Klta Nerroua Utaeaara
Kidney Complaint ParaljaU
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