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K ittrtd th PostofBet it Etttinmon i Second
lljti miner
tint Yir strictly In dince i It eo
Sli Months 50
Thre Months 15
Slnjle Copies 5
Specimen copiee mailed free on application
Correspondent wanted In all parti o the
tiunlj Address nt for partlcnlars
um sqnire Srit Imertlon It 00
Kach snbsoqneM Insertion 50
Ulipltr adrertttementt or Ion periods con
Irarted or at special rate
Local Notice cents per line
Mirrixe birth and death notices Inserted free
Obltnanr notice will be chanted cents per line
sTAII adrertiiements at reKnlar rates mutt
kdih ma of the paper Kitra position a will
krl en only when arranged or by special con-
a Idi st all communications to
Earlington Ky
All over this land offices are be
ing sought not office seekers
The secend session of the Fifty
second Congress convened on Mon
Our readrs are reminded of the
fact that oil Legislature is still in
Chattanooga not to be outdone
experienced an earthquake shock
last Friday
The question of adjournment
has come up again in our Legisla
ture an adjournment until after
the Holiday
Sam Jones the world renowned
Evangelist will hold a scries of
meetings at Hopkinsvillc begin
ning January 1st 1893
There wee only seven safe rob
beries in one building and within
one block of police headquarters
the other evening in Chicago
Besides furnishing the three
Congressional candidates for this
district Daviess county polled the
largest hird party vote in the
An extra session if not imme
diately after the 4th of March or the
first session under Clevelands ad
ministration will be something ex
tra or an oddity
A bill to repeal in part an act
to prohibit the sale barter and
traffic of spintous vinous and malt
liquors in Webster County has
been introduced in the legislature
and will likely pass It is known
as House bill 266
The Sunday Star a society week
ly paper in Louisville is rapidly
coming to the front Mr Brent
Altsheler its able editor an
nounces that the Star will on Sun
day Dec 18 issue a special edi
tion of sixteen pages profusely il
Already a bill providing for the
issue of 75000000 bonds redeem
able in coin nt the option of the
government after ten years has
been introduced into the lower
House of Congress The proceeds
of this sale to be applied to the
payment of the deficiency existing
in the Treasury
Jay Gould one of the richest
men in America died last Eriday
at his home in New York City
aged 56 years He started life a
poor boy hut worked his way up
step by step until he became one
of the three wealthiest men in
America The bulk of his fortune
was acquired in the last six years
The City Council of Chicago is
taking initiative steps toward hav
ing Congress repeal all legislation
prohibiting the opening of the
Worlds Fair on Sunday In its
memorial prepared or that purpose
it reminds Congress that the Finan
cial burden of the fair was laid up
on Chicago and that she was not
allowed a voice in the matter
It has been given out from a
trustworthy source that Surgeon
Gen Wyman of the Marine Hos
pital service will in his annual re
port shortly to bo made public
make a strong plea for the suspen
sion of immigration for the year
1893 as a precaution to keep the
cholera out of the United States
The sentiment in fovor of the sus
pension of immigration is growing
very rapidly in Congress and unless
something shall occur to change
it some legislation looking to that
end will alnost surely go through
at this sess on
Eastern Connecticut is consid
erably interested in a young
trudges about the country
with an enormous pack on his back
singing cheerfully and making mon
ey His name is Samuel Ktxdg
huftbusmrystein He is called
Alphabet for short When he
pronounces his name it sounds like
an arm full of sliincles blowinc off that anv mcrclv tlilatorv tactics
SI rnnf HTInr nttiaf Kn cnmn rrrat itrmilfl Iia rnenrtAft tr Itnf tirAftOH
-v wu uk vw wx hwM wuu wwatU w LSUl It TWltWl
ucstiny awaiting this young man
who carries a load 15 pounds heav
ier than himself and such a name
Without question there is some
thing heroic in his composition
when he can bear this double bur
den and yet carol with the birds
Cincinnati Post
From our Refular Correspondent
Washington Dec 3 1892
As Democratic Congressmen as
semble for the session of Congress
it becomes apparent that there is
going to be a very determined effort
to induce Mr Cleveland to call the
Fifty third Congress together soon
after his inauguration The talk
that has been indulged in on both
sides of the question for sometime
has assumed the porportions of an
earnest agitation and considerable
feeling is developing No matter
what the slow moving conservative
business interests may require nor
what the demands of the business
interests may be the great mass of
the Democratic Congressmen who
come from districts where the peo
ple arc dissatisfied and have been
elected upon the representation
that Democratic success meant im
mediate relief from all ills feel
that if they do not get to work so
as at least to appear to be doing
something from the very jump they
will stand a very poor show of be
ing again chosen to stand in the
boots of statesmen It is believed
that it will take a great deal of ar
gument and influence to induce Mr
Cleveland to call an extra session
but there are those who are prepar
ed to make a fight for it and to re
present to him that if it is not done
there will be music in the air for
the Democratic party at the very
next election There is a suspicion
in the minds of some of the radical
tariff for revenue men that there is
an element in the Democratic party
composed of a few men who do not
want to make any change in the
tariff law which will to any consid
erable extent disturb protection
They suspect that these men will
oppose an extra session and will do
all they can to delay and mix up
the tariff revision Starting with a
fight over the question of an extra
session there may be some pretty
lively sparring before the work gets
well under way
The personal bereavements of
President Harrison have been of
such a character as to entitle him
to the sympathy of the whole peo
ple None of his predecessors in
office have ever been called upon
to undergo such a succession of
poignant griefs within his imme
diate household and administrative
family It is an experience that
may be fn some degree imagined
but only he who has added to the
onerous and exacting cares of his
high office the burden of repeated
domestic afflictions can carefully
understand the oppressiveness of
its weight Mr Harrison has here
tofore had he will now more than
ever have heartfelt and unstinted
the condolence of his countrymen
and not only their condolence but
their admiration for the exalted
fortitude which he has exhibited
throughout his trying ordeals and
tho unswerving fidelity with which
he has devoted himself to the per
formance of his great responsibili
ties His heart though heavy is
in his work faithful in all things
and constant to duty as the star to
the pole It would be a most gra
cious act on the part of the Con
gress to which he is about to sub
mit his last annual message to ex
tend -to him in something more
than a merely formal way its sym
pathy for his sorrows and its cor
dial recognition of the manly cour
age and heroic spirit of resignation
with which he has borne them
The estimates for the sundry
civil appropriation bill are now
being sent to the Capitol and being
put iuto shape for drafting into a
bill in the House Committee on
Appropriations The estinates
are coming in by galley sheets and
no footing of the total sum of the
estimates can yet be made There
appears to be a general increase in
the estimates over those of last
year but it cannot yet be ascer
tained how much the total will
overrun Unless some decided
cut is made this bill as it passes
Congress will be much heavier
than last year About 31000000
worth of river and harbor work
was authorized at the last session
to be contracted for and if these
contracts have been entered into
in accordance with that authority
the sundry civil bill of this year
will have to carry the appropria
tions as there will be no river and
harbor bill
Senator Dubois said to day that
it was his understanding of the
policy of the Republicans of the
Senate that they would make a
vigorous and earnest fight against
the revision of the tariff on the
Democratic lines He said that
he did not think that the fight
would go ae far as filibustering or
be earnest enouglnto indicate very
clearly that he Republicans in-
tended to stand by their policy of
protection There was no proba
bility of army tariff legislation this
year he said and he thought the
Republicans could make the fight
and win the country back to the
support of protection before the
Democratic policy was well cstab
ine tuner publication ot the
Rothchild proposal to the mone
tary conference lias provoked con
siderable discussion among those
here who have been interesting
themselves in the general financial
problem It is not thought at all
probable that the proposition will
meet with favor in Congress even
if the American delegates should
approve of it which is not expect
ed The administration however
is very well pleased at the wide
interest the conference is attract
ing and at the progress that is
being made in the way of awaken
ing European countries to a reali
zation of the need of some sort of
international agreement in the near
Mr Whitney and ex Gov Camp
bell have both announced that
they dont want Cabinet positions
but the commission that was trying
to induce Puscy Gray to relinquish
his claims is not ready to report
Would Carl Schurz take a Cabi
net place if it were offered Would
G rover Cleveland shoot a duck
arranged especially for the
vemence op our headers
Short Iarafraphe Touching Upon Every Im
portant Event Which Has Happened
Within the Past Seven Days CUs
lSed Undtrjlleadlngs Denot
ing the Day of their
Borden is said to
be in-
Newcastle Colo claims a 10
ton rock fell there from the comet
Another express robbery of 25
000 has been discovered at Galves
ton Tex
President Diaz will be inaugu
rated as President of the Mexican
Republic to day
Jas Beets a farmer near Inde
pendence Mo was swindled out
of 1500 by confidence men
President elect Cleveland was
served with a court summons by a
Sheriff on Broadwater Island
Adolphus Busch the St Louis
brewer it is rumored will soon
open his 5500000 hotel at Dallas
Near Carrollton Ga two white
men were beaten nearly to death
by whitecaps for assaults on little
The American Health Associa
tion in session at the City of Mexi
co made General Diaz an honora
ry member
Condemned murderer Hite was
remarried in his cell at Louisville
according to the ritual of the Cath
olic Church
Senator R L Gibson of Louisiana-is
much worse and his death
is momentarily expected He is
at Hot Springs Ark
The Warner Observatory at Ro
chester N Y may be moved and
Springfield Mo has begun efforts
to secure its location there
The Stone City Bank and the
Joilet Enterprise Company a wire
mill concern at Joilet 111 have
suspended with liabilities of over
Near Arkansas City Ark a
north bound train on the Missouri
X 111111 lUdU WU3 UllkilCUiillU U UUi ll
en persons iniurednoneit is believ fl
ed mortally
A big fight is on between Father
Corrigan and Bishop Wigger of
the Newark N J diocese in
which the main point at issue is
The remainder of Dr Briggs
objections to the heresy charges
against him before the New York
Prespytery were not sustained
The trial adjourned until Friday
Mrs L F Baldy is running an
agency in New York under assur
ances of ability to secure employ
ment for all comers under the new
Democratic national administra
Two men giving their names as
Joseph Ross and Joseph Craft were
arrested near Vandalia III for
cashing worthless checks They
tried to cash a forged certificate of
deposit drawn by a Brookville Pa
bank for 15000
Henry Thompson a foreman of
construction on the Louisville ex
tension oftheOwensboro and Falls
of the Rough Railroad killed Al
bert McLean col near Fordsville
Ky This is the fourth murder
among these workmen within two
A negro claiming to be J C Bell
an African Methodist minister of
St Louis was arrested at Cham
paign 111 for securing money by
representing himsalf as an agent of
a church He is thought to have
worked many cities in Missouri and
adjoining States
Kansas Republicans showed their
hand on the Legislative fight
Alabama Legislature will in all
probability pension Mrs Jefferson
Dr Briggs pleaded not guilty to from Indiana To Kansas to be tried
the New York Presbytcry9chargesJ
01 heresy
y The condition of SenatotTJjbson
of Louisiana is thought to bcmore
The inauguration of President
Diaz was made a gala event nt the
City of Mexico
President elect Clcvclaud had an
excellent days sport shooting ducks
on Broadwater Bay
Ellsworth Wyatt -a member of
the famous Dalton gang was cap
tured near Torre Haute Ind
Millions of dollars worth of real
estate in the city of Baltimore is
claimed as a heritage by the Chen
owcth family
The official returns of Illinois
give Cleveland a plurality of 26993
and Altgcld for Governor a plural-
ralityof 22838
Thomas G Jones was sworn in
as Governor of Alabama Kolb
failed to show up for the same pur
pose as promised
The Western Associated Press
has completed its reorganization
under the name of the Associated
Press and elected directors
A Buffalo woman in suing her
pastor for defamation of character
says that he rode a bicycle and
therefore had fallen from heavenly
Air J as A watkins jr a pro
minent Little Rock Ark lawyer
was found in bed asphyxiated He
is still unconscious but it is be
lieved he will recover
Buck Olsen a burglar was hang
ed for murdering a policeman at
Dorchester New Brunswick His
last words were Let her go
A partner had confessed that it was
he not Oslen who committed the
President elect Cleveland will
leave Broadwater Island for home
to morrow
The cow slasher at Columbus
O has been caught He is a ne
gro ex convict
The miners convention at El
Paso next week will be the biggest
gathering of the kind ever held in
the West
Messenger Bagley of the United
States Express Company who stole
100000 and returned it now pleads
Near Raleigh N C a negro
robber shot and killed an aged lady
mortally wounded a sister and rob
bed the brother
Six safes in one building were
opened and robbed in one night by
burglars within a block of Chicagos
police headquarters
Oklahoma and Kansas arc both
after Wyatt the Dalton gang des
perado captured at Tcrre Haute
Ind but the chances favor Kansas
The double failure of Wednes
day at Joilet 111 threatens to be
followed by several shutdowns in
creasing a hundredfold the hard
ships of the poor k
President Heidt of the Heidt
Lumber Company of Birmingham
Ala was found dead in his office
a bullet through his head and a pis
tol by his side It is not known
whether it was a suicide or an acci
Jay Gould one of the greatest
railroad operators and stock specu
lators the world has ever known
died in New York City of consump
tion aged about 56 years His es
tate is valued at 50000000 to
The bank of Lonoke at Lonoke
Arkansas has failed
The National Prison Congress is
in session at Baltimore
The new Governor of Orinoco
will dispute British claims along
the Venezulean boundry
The Governments weather crop
bulletin shows favorable conditions
in all winter wheat growing sections
Maquon 111 a little village 16
miles cast of Galesburg was almost
entirely consumed by fire yesterday
The statement of the Texas State
Treasury shows cash on hand 1
05831420 bonds held by State
Near Springfield O a colt and
a steer were turned loose in a lot
together and fought for over half
an hour The colt was killed
The wife of Congressman Ben
H Clover of the Third Kansas
District has sued her husband at
Arkansas City Kas for divorce
At Keystone W Va a negro
who shot two white men was taken
from the sheriff by a mob tied to a
tree and riddled with bullets
Two stories of inhuman torture
of boys aboard ship come from Cal
ifornia in one of which officers of
a Government vessel are involved
A combination between the Re
publicans and Democrats of Kansas
to elect B P Waggoner of Atchi
son to the United States Senate is
Two suits have been filled at To
ledo involving every electric street
railway in the United States by In
ventor Bidwell of Indiana who
charges infringmentsof his patents
A lake captain at Chicago who
was wrecked on the lake shore five
years ago and squatted on the
spot is now surrounded by land
created by dumpings that is worth
The steamer Spree two days
overdue at New York is now in
Qucenstown She was disabled in
midocean by an accident to a shaft
and or two days was adrift A
panic existed among its passengers
Ellsworth Wyatt will be taken
for murder
Mrs Anniq Bcsant the noted
Thcosophisf ha9 again come to
the United States
The Republicans of Wyoming
threaten to use force to eject Gov
ernor elect Osborne from the Statc
New OrlearTs street railroads are
said to have been purchased by
the Sclligans of New York for Sio
The schooner Ethel Emerson
was wrecked liy striking Vander
bilts sunken yacht Alva in Long
Island Sound
At Shenandoah Pa a cave in
of a mine dropped a big section of
the Leigh Valley s tracks 25 feet
into the ground
George W Orth a St Louis
traveling man was nrrcsted at Sag
inaw Mich for cashing a 225
check which he found
United States Express Messen
ger Hostetcr is under arrest at
Louisville charged with trying to
pawn stolen diamonds
Mrs Bcssic Shannon who elop
ed from Dubuque la to St Louis
returned home with her parents
Her husband refuses to live with
Sni Hill natives in Jackson Conn
tv Mo are crazed over rertortcd
gold discoveries ami have organized
a society to keep out all outsiders
Chattanooga is puzzled over
Fridays earthquake which was
entirely local and hasted to a sug
gestion that a volcano exists under
Lookout Mountain
The Cooper County Mo Dem
ocratic Publishing Company will
be dragged into court for not mak
ing its return to the county officers
as required by law
Fred Youngling son of the mil
lionaire brewer of New York has
been banished to Australia to save
him from an entangling with Bar
oness Blanc
Dr Thatcher Graves under
death sentence in Colorado on a
charge for sending a poisoned bot
tle of whiskey to Mrs Barnaby a
wealthy patient of Providence R
I who died at Denver is so confi
dent of acquittal that he he has al
ready contracted for a lecturing
Southwestern silver men arc
conference at El Paso Tex
At Hannibal Mo Henry Clark
a local terror was sentenced to life
Wyoming Democrats confidently
expect to force Barber out of the
Governors olficc
Two polar expeditions are said
to be getting ready to leave Phila
delphia next spring
C W Noycs of St Joseph Mo
makes a handsome donation to the
House of the Friendless there
Kansas Democrats arc in posi
tion to demand the election of
their candidate to the United States
The fodder fever a new and
swift disease that kills fat cattle in
a few hours has been developed in
Western Kansas
The latest mission credited to
Mgr Satolli papal delegate from
Rome is that he is a sort of acting
Pope for America
Wash Boyer under sentence of
20 years in Tennessee for the mur
der of his father may be hanged
for other murders
The American Health Associa
tions visit to Mexico was closed
with two magniffcicnt receptions
one by President Diaz
Cabinet speculation engrosses
the attention of Democrats who
are now in New York to the exclu
sion of almost everything else
Religious services over the re
mains oj Jay Gould were held at
his late residence in New York
City The body will be entombed
in Woodlawn to day
The Dannahower family of three
members Pittsburg who were re
cently burned to death in their
house arc now believed to have
been murdered by robbers
Robert Rankin a stock grower
of Monmouth 111 who disappear
ed last February it has been learn
ed was murdered on a Q train and
his body thrown into the river
Jacob Gerber an Omaha man
who rashly visited lite old Russian
home two years ago and was cap
tured and exiled to Siberia made
his escape after a thrilling cxpe
rience and returned to Omaha
A part of Atlanta Tex has
been swept away by a cyclone
Several brick business houses in
Milan Tcnn arc destroyed by
The Ledger building in Philadel
phia Pa was destroyed by fire
a loss of nearly 300000
A railroad wreck on the Orange
Belt in Florida killed six persons
It occurred 40 miles south of San
The Rothschild scheme has been
withdrawn and is no longer before
the International Monetary Con
The Populists of Kansas are
plotting and scheming to secure
control of the lower house of the
An offer of 25000 per annum is
said to have been made to Senator
D B Hill of New York to act as
counsel to the Equitable Life As
surance Society
George W Barber a wealthy
Virginian meets his death at Chi
cago said to have resulted from
poison adminisfcred by a wicked
woman that she might obtain mon
ey he was known to have upon his
The holicfay edition of Tales from Town
Topics which is No 6 of theseries shows
an increase in sizo and contains in addition
to the collection of stories poems and will
cisms culled from the well known journal
self an original novelette seventy pages In
length entitled The Sate of a Soul The
novetette is by C M S McLellan and it
relates a story ot metropolitan life In which
a beautiful girl Is raised from a liowery
saloon to the highest places in New York
and London society In Its character and
local character The Sate of a Soul is high
ly entertaining while the melange gather
ed from Town Topics Is of the unusual
bright and graceful description Town
Topics at West Twenty third street New
The announcement that Fetters South
ern Magazine for December which is the
holiday number would excel the past num
bers of this surprisingly popular publics
tlon was received somewhat incredulously
by Ihe many readers ot this magazine as
they and In fact Ihe whole reading public
had looked upon any further advancement
as Impossible jet Messrs Fetter si Shobcr
the publishers In their advance notices an
nounce many things ot importance and in
terest to the patrons of the publication In
appearance the holiday number is extreme
ly beautiful and most appropriate The
cor pages In white and gold the ever
green holly bough typical of the the glad
season of Ieaca on Harlh Good Will to
ward all Men Tho frontispiece illustra
ting the beautiful sad poem December
by the rising young poet W II Field is
from an original drawing by V Hcnneville
Ithoades the artist whose career since his
return trom Iaris has been watched with
greatest interest by the art loving world
The Twice-a-Week St Louis Repub
lic is unquestionably Ihe best and cheapest
national news journal published in th coun
try It has led the fight for Tariff Reform
and stands without a rival as the leading
tepresentative Democratic paper ot the
United States It is issued each Tuesday
and Friday fourteen to sixteen pages every
week for only one dollar a jear a great
semi weekly paper for the price of a week
ly It gives the news at least half a week
earlier and much more futly than any
weekly Everybody should subscribe for
it now and get the news fresh and com
plete during the closing months of Ihe Re
publican administration as well as the in
auguration of Cleveland and Stevenson
when Ihe Democratic parly will be in abso
lute control of the Executive and Legisla
tive Departments of the National Govern
ment An extra copy will be sent free fur
one year to the sender ot each club ot four
new subscribers with frur dollars Write
for free sample copies and raise a club
Address the Republic St Louis Mo
Piles or Hemorrhoid
Ill is uncomfortable disease U Ihe direct
result of constipation The hard matter
in the intestines rresses upon the xcins
and finally engorges them in certain places
with blood Whosoever has suffered from
piles knows how painful and troublesome
they are To cure them we must abolish
the cause which is constipation The
patient and intelligent use of Carlstedts
German Liter Powder will do it In old
and chronic cases some little time may
be required but the good result is sure to
follow Trice 25c at Robinson Bros drug
Why put on a common roof
when you can buy the best
Cypress Shingles so cheap at
Rubys Madisonvillc Ky
Asst Supt E II Mann was
down over the Henderson division
last Tuesday
Section Foremen Pendcgast and
Armstrong of Madisonville attend
ed divine worship here last Sun
Tom Harris is now prepared for a
trip up Salt River having through
the kindness of a friend been pro
vided with a through ticket up that
A committee of railroad engineers
called upon Chauncy Depew last
week asking an increase of wages
on certain divisions of the road un
der his control
Agent OConnor is kept busy
looking after the great demand for
coke and other cars and supplying
the same roreign cars seem to
be the most sought for
Another locomotive blew up last
week in Pennsylvania instantly
Killing the engineer Who ever
heard of such an accident occuring
on the Henderson division
They say that Wash never killed
those quails he claimed he did and
which he sent to that dispatcher
A poor shot can sometimes buy
game cheaper than he can kill it
James Spencer a brakemau on
the Henderson division met with
a painful accident a few days ago
He was making a coupling when
one hand was caught and badly
No wonder Agent Schneider
thought there was no place like
Cedar Hill as we now hear that in
a few days one of the charming
belles of that place will be led to
the altar by him
With the great care taken to
prevent the robbery of cars occas
jonally one is entered by thieves
and the contents despoiled It is
hoped the day will soon come when
such rascals will be made to wish
they had pursued a more honest
course to satisfy their longings by
being landed behind tho bars where
they belong
Railroad companies may have
just reason to kick upon the valu
ation placed upon their property
in this State which is something
over 50000000 an amount 20
000000 greater than their own
valuation It is a question open
for discussion whether or not an
inexperienced set of commissioners
are more capable of saying what
the taxable value of a railroad is
than men who handle such proper
ty year after yeaj
At Topeka Kan railroads won
a sweeping legal victory in the
uimcu siaies court asi wuck 1 ne
attorney general of the United
States had the pins knocked com
pletely from under him in his fight
on raiirdad associations Judge
Raincr handed down a lengthy and
exhaustive opinion vindicating the
right of the roads to form organi
zations and associations for the
regulation of business and the pre
vention and demoralization in rates
The death of Jay Gould one of
Americas greatest railroad mag
nates occurred last Friday The
great success he made nt his calling
shows what courage and brains can
do From a poor boy he worked
his way up until his fortune was
estimated nt one hundred millions
Many stand ready to make the un
just claim that said millions were
amassed through fraudulent means
Yet the facts in the case dont
show such to be true He was
no doubt the cause of thousands
of others being able to lay up snug
sums derived from labor provided
by him Such men as Mr Gould
docs more for the laboring man
than thousands like those who now
cry against la means by which he
secured his wealth
Carelessness seems to have been
the cause of some slight injuries
received last week First a young
man whoso name we have been un
able to learn concluded he would
mount a passing fjcight train near
Guthrie and have n free ride This
he did and from some unknown
cause jumped from the train while
it was running and was considera
bly shaken tip but onlv slichtlv
damaged He will no doubt
hereafter prcfcrwalking to stealing
a ride Next Doc Doris of Mor
tons Gap failed to sec an approach
iug train and was struck knocked
off the track and was severely in
jured but to what extent we have
been unable to learn Rumor has
it that the primary cause of the ac
cident was the too free use of in
toxicants but for the truth of the
charge we will not vouch
The Paris correspondent of The
Vossischo Zcituug relates a comic
incident which took place during
some cheap trips on the Iaris Havre
railway The pleasure seekers
found only half the neccssarv
tity of carriages at their disposal
and at the station llarlletir the
overplus was put into a number of
cattle cars which were quickly pro
vided with scats made of boards
set upon blocks of wood No soon
er did the ticket taker enter to de
mand their tickets than he was
greeted with a chorus of well imi
tated moos and the joke extend
ing itself to all the other cars he at
last desisted from his attempt At
the next halting station the station
master began a remonstrance but
Mool moot moo sounded so
ovcrpowcringly that he retired
Tho train finally arrived nt the ter
minus Montvillicr I lore the pass
engers imitating the awkward leaps
of cattle sprang through tho gate
by which traveling beasts usually
leave the station The station mas
ter caught one of them by the col
lar This was the signal for the
whole crowd to lower their heads
and butt at him vigorously with ter
rible lowing so that he was quickly
obliged to take to his heels follow
ed by a final triumphant Moo
The whole company who had join
ed without premeditation in the
joke then broke out into n peal of
laughter and giving their tickets
to a smiling official standing by
peacefully left
Hosts This
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case ot Catarrh that can not be
cured by Halls Catarrh Cure
F J Ciiknrv 1 Co Props
Toledo O
We the undersigned have known F
Cheney for the last 13 years and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by the firm
West A Truax Wholesale Druggists
Toledo Ohio
Walding Rinnan 1 Marvin Wholesale
Druggists Toledo Ohio
Halls Catarrh Cure is taken internally
acting directly upon the blood mucous sur
faces of Ihe system Price 75 cents per
botlle Sold by druggists Testimonials
Mrs K C McLcod is offering
all millinery at n much reduced
price as the season is about over
to make room for an early spring
20 Accordians All prices and
grades at L R Woolfolks
Riiaiw Tubules euro ilicllKmtiun
First Class Tiirn Ouls al Reasonable Rates
Stable and Office on MAIN ST near Depot y ISAAC DAVIS
Omj i ly
Always on hand a full and complete stock ot
And everything else known to the trade
physicians prescription tlarffulln ioinpotiiic
Patent JVIediBines and PerftlmeFif
Hair oolli and Paint Bruslics
IPetiiTLtss eiracl Oils
JSTReady Mixed Paints all colors in small cans
11 ID I
IBYCMrt thl
iToruKC TMAWimr incirrin

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