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Eaeh snbjueit Insertion 30
Displar adrertlsementa for lonjt perlodi con
tracted for at special rates
Loal Notices j cents per line
Marriage birth and death notices Inserted free
Obituary notices will be charged cents per line
a All adterlisements at regular rates most
HXethe run of the paper Eitra positions will
gl en only when arranged for by special con-
tldreis all communications to
Earlington Ky
The citizens of
volei prohibition
Mayfield have
Tun Dawson Springs has gone
into winter quarters In the spring
of 93 we will look for it to bud
The Democrats will not seriously
hamper the existing pension laws
notwithstanding their promises to
do so
Tuts is this the Democrats in
ning and their time to play ball
No mugwumpery should be allow
ed anywhere in the field
Mr Cleveland has formed a
great dislike for the office seeker
No doubt he has discovered that
the office holder is plenty good
enough for him
Visitors at the Capitol on in
augural day must not fail to see
Tammanys sideshow and Henri
Watersons monkey with its hand
organ attachment
In the event a law suspending
immigration for a fixed period
passes Congress what an unmerci
ful howl will issue from the many
steamship companies
The Secretary of the Treasury
has informed the House Committee
on Appropriations that there will
surely be a balance of 20000000
in the Treasury at tire end of this
fiscal year
We will have cheap sugar sever
al months yet Unless an extra
session of Congress is called by
the incoming President the laws
regulating sugar will not be tam
pered with before December next
As a matter of convenience Mr
Cleveland may yet decide to selec
men for his Cabinet outside of New
York Tammanys claims for re
cognition are entirely too numer
ous to pleasing to the President
The interval between this time
and close of the present
is being utilized to a
large extent by government of
ficials who expect then to retire
from public life in making ar
rangements for other connections
which will have some salary at
Our climate is getting some
what monotonous Henderson
Journal Is it that Leap year is
almost gone and you two dear boys
are still unprovided for that you
thus speak from the bottom of
your hearts Dont censure too
severely the climate The climate
may have nothing to do with your
forlorn state
The friends of H Clay King are
seeking to obtain a pardon for that
notorious criminal and are courting
Governor Buchanan to that end
How successful they will be is
yet to be learned While Ten
nessees Granger Governor is a
man of a peculiar record it is not
thought he will abuse his power
by granting a pardon in this case
A pardon to King and his return
to Memphis would surely bring
about a lynching
Where is the Kentuckian who
will not resent the imputation that
Kentucky is a six cent State Yet
our solons at Frankfort by
their actions imply doubt as to
this valuation With 1800000
people within the boundaries of the
Commonwealth we cannot get our
selves taxed six cents each that we
can be represented at the Worlds
Fair Our Legislature calmly de
fers action till next year utterly
indifferent to the fact that the
greatest opportunity the State ever
had to exhibit its wonderful re
sources and induce people to make
homes with us is almost hopelessly
lost But the people will remem
ber you gentleman from the con
scientious official who has dis
graced the State by withholding
the original appropriation to the
who now rofuscs to vote promptly
for this six cent tax
Despite Mr Clevelands speech
at the Reform Club dinner a
speech which iwas expected to
make everything clear there is
evidently a great deal of doubt ns
to what are the principles or other
forces which control the Demo
cratic party of this day If the
Chicago platform and Senator
Mills are to be believed the Dem
ocratic party is firmly committed
to free trade If Senator Gorman
and many other prominent Demo
crats are sincere there will be a
good deal of protection in the in
coming administration In this
connection it may not be amiss to
ask what Mr Cleveland meant by
saying the people would surely
revenge themselves upon those who
deceive or betray them If as
Senator Mills asserts the Novem
ber victory was due to a popular
desire for free trade it will be de
ception or betrayal from this point
of view should Mr Clevelands
leanings toward semi protection be
reflected in legislation
Secretary Tracys report of
events and progress and develop
ment in the Navy Department has
elicited from Democratic as well
as Republican sources a great
volume of sincere and fervent com
pliment He is so generous in
recognizing the achievements of
his predecessors so cordial in ac
knowledging the zeal the ability
and the devotion of his subordin
ates and finally he so clearly and
so unostcntiously sets tortu the
splendid record of the past four
years that party lines arc forgotten
in a spontaneous outburst of
patriotic pride Mr Tracy has
given us a brilliant and memorable
chapter in the history of the
American navy The record has
been as creditable to himself as it
has been reassuring and gratifying
to the country He does not
claim to have done more than con
tinue the expansion set on foot by
his predecessors but his modesty
and magnanimity in that respect
will not blind us to the real value
and importance of the service he
he has rendered The nation will
have little to wish for if Benjamin
FTracys successor shall in 1896
be able to point to as splendid a
Short Paragraphs Touching Upon Every Im
portant Event Which Has Happened
Within the Past Seven Days Clas
sified Under Headings Denot
ing the Day of their
Firebugs caused 100000 loss at
Fulton Mo
Mr Blaine is very low and his
death is expected very soon
Dr Briggs in his defense before
New Yorks Presbytery defined the
Presbyterians as modern Pharisees
Secretary of State Lesueur of
Missouri has corrected the returns
on all State officers except Supreme
The Western Union Telegraph
Company held its quarterly meet
ing yesterday and declared i per
cent dividend
Dubuque and Jones counties
Iowa are at war over the latters
attempts to enforce its prohibition
laws in a Dubuque County town
A supposed ghost at Flatbush
Hospital New York turned out to
be a live man who had been hustled
off to the morgue as dead but re
urn ed
A supposed accidental poisoning
of the Maxwell children near Ne
vada Mo turns out to have been
a deliberate plot to kill the whole
Richard Simms a horse trainer
at Cynthiana Ky mistook electric
sparks on a crossed wire for light
ning bugs and in trying to catchi
tnem was killed
The story of the Homestead poi
son plot has leaked out The con
spirators obtained a formula for a
slow acting poison that would not
kill from a druggist
The citizens of Bowling Green
Ky are hunting negro Henderson
who badly wounded Miss Kate
Anderson in an unsuccessful at
tempt to assault her
Near Elmira N Y the body of
a woman buried 35 years ngo was
dug up and on the coffin lid was
found pictured an exact reproduc
tion of her as she appeared 35
years ago
Besides the 35000 stolen in
two packages from Well Fargo
Co in transit from New York to
Texas other amounts were also
stolen making an aggregate of
Ji35ooo There is as yet no clew
The National Bank of Newton
Kas was closed
A drunken Pinkerton watchman
escaped lynching twice at the hands
of two Chicago mobs
Another Minnesota church this
time at Lake Falls vouches for a
mysterious visitation story
Scnater Randall Lee Gibson died
yesterday morning at Hot Springs
Ark and will be buried in Lexing
ton Ky
Steamship Havel Bromcn dates
December 6 has arrived at New
York St Louis mails will be delivered-
this morning
Charles Albert Benson the
Leavenworth murderer made a
savage attack on his guard and
then committed suicide
The Emperor of China will in
tercede with the United States
Government on behalf of his sub
jects to secure a modification of the
Geary act
The Whiksy Trust has advanced
alcohol 10 cents a gallon and added
another 5 cents to high wines niak
a total advance of 15 cents on the
A woman revolutionist was beat
en to death with rods jn Salvador
Brock Stoiy the desperado tried
to tunnel out of the Mississippi
John Cockrcll son of Senator F
M Cockrcll died yesterday at
Warrcnsburg Mo
A mail pouch containing 10000
was stolen on the way from Fair
bury 111 to Chicago
A Williamsburg N Y syna
gogue expelled its pastor because
he ate ham at a free lunch counter
Fifty thousand of the Worlds
Hair souvenir half dollars have
been shipped from thr Philadelphia
Mint to
Mauna Lao Hawaiis volcano is
in active eruption and the destruc
tion of several towns and planta
tions is threatened
Rev J J Martin claiming to
come from St Louis has caused a
split in a Baptist Church at Chat
tanooga Tcnn by writing love let
ters to the women
Mrs Lena Harris of St Louis
with her babies who started with
out a cent to reach her wounded
husbands side in California has
got as far as Denver
Vice President elect Stevenson
and party will reach St Louis
Monday morning en route to At
lanta Ga where he goes to attend
the dedication of a clubhouse
Win H Humphrey entertained
the people in a New York hotel by
antics based on his erroneous be
lief that he had swallowed his false
teeth They were found behind his
An attempt was made and was
was nearly successful to wreck
the Chicago Nashville express train
on the Chicago and Eastern Iilnois
Railroad near Danville 111 Sev
eral cars left the track but no one
was injured
Fifteen Brooklyn firemen were
hurt by a falling wall
Interesting details are given of
tnc lomaciu Indian uprising in
There arc six murderers at the
Tombs and one at Sing Sing under
death sentence
At Bridgetown N J an insane
wife blew off her sleeping husbands
head with a shotgun
Indianas apportionment act of
1891 stands by a decision rendered
by its Supreme Court
The City of Paris and the Eturia
have started from New York for a
race across the Atlantic
Mrs Iris Ryder recovered a ver
dict at Memphis against the Appeal
Avalanche Company for 7500 for
the publication of an alleged libel
ous article
Indianas Supreme Court has
found the recent apportionment law
unconstitutional but admits the
power of the present Legislature
to enact a new law
Fred McGuirc a murderer will
be electrocuted at Sing Sing Prison
to day
Senator Randall Gibson of Lou
isiana will be buried at Lexington
Ky to day
St Josephs Catholic churchthe
largest religious edifice in the south
was dedicated yesterday
Great distress is reported in
western and northern Kansas as a
result of the cold weather
Papa Pabst and his son Gus and
wife Margaret Mather have made
up and juple
are now at iu vo iome
Dr Talmagcs tabernacle in the
city of Brooklyn was in the hands
of the sheriff for a debt due a dec
orator from Friday night until yes
terday morning
There has just died at Pawtuck
ett R I a woman 47 years old
who was paralyzed when 9 and who
never left her childs crib She was
happy despite a hideous deformity
A 1 6-year-old youth is chief of a
gang of robbers in Washington
Near Walton Ky a gang of
railroad laborers got into a fight
Two were killed and two are dying
Eighteen nogro convicts at
Helena Ark were stricken with
apparent arsenical poisoning and
four are dead
An attempt was made at Chero
kee Io to blow up the Zion par
sonage occupied by Elder Patter
son and family
Governor Fifer of Illinois will
return toBloomington at the expir
ation of his term and resume the
practice of law
W W Bilger a Council Bluffs
lawyer and real estate agent has
fled leaving behind several tlious
The Labor Federation is antl dollars worth of forged notes
ing a proposition to hold its meet Miss Esther jacops got juug
meanest member of the Legislature I ink next year at the Worlds Fair ment for 25000 against Henry B
Sire in the Superior Court of New
York for breach of promise of
White cap notices have been
sent to a Judge and a lawyer at
Morton Kas as the result of a
war declared against them by the
Law and Ofdcr League
Bill Simmons a smelter at Jop
lin is in jail charged with the mur
der of Louis Noel of McDonald
count whose mutilated remains
were found in Cowskin River
A Chicago jury was refused whis
ky and cigars and in revenge re
turned a ridiculous verdict The
Court set it aside tongue lashed
the jurors and fined nine of them
an amount equal to their fees
Twenty five masked men took
F H Tracy from Sheriff Calloway
of Clinton Mo and hanged him
by the neck in order to force a con
fession to horse stealing He re
fused and they returned him to
the Sheriff
John Spiers aii Alabama sheriff
dies from a wound accldcntly re
The Stevenson party are now in
Atlanta Ga and will remain in
that city several days
Convicts in an Arkansas camp
have been mysteriously poisoned
Four of the number have died
F F Henderson an eniployc in
Forbes Bros plaining mil at Hop
kinsville loses a hand A circular
saw did the work
The Supreme court of Louisiana
has declared constitutional the
Jim Crow law of that State which
provides separate cars for negroes
A little boy Tommie Richards
of Hopkinsville while playing with
a pistol accidently shot himself in
the head He lies in a critical con
Blaines con
dition remains about the same His
family are prepared for the Worst
The end may come at any time or
the sick man may linger for weeks
Near Guthrie Ky James Cole
man a negro rapist was taken from
iail by a mob of fifteen or twenty
persons and hanged The victim
of his attempted assault was the
wife of a highly respected farmer
C C Covington
R M Powell a young man
from near Springfield Tcnn a
student at the State University at
Knoxville while making prepar
ations to spend the holidays at
home is accidently killed with an
unloaded pistol which explodes
in the hands of a friend
Hows Tblsl
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that can not be
cured by Halls Catarrh Cure
Toledo O
We the undersigned have known F J
Cheney for Iho last 15 yours and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by the firm
West Truax Wholesale Druggists
Toledo Ohio
Walding Kinnan Marvin Wholesale
Druggists Toledo Ohio
Halls Catarrh Cure is taken internally
acting directly upon the blood mucous sur
faces of the system Price 75 cents per
bottle Sold by druggists Testimonials
Con Bohan spent a day or two at
home with his parents last week
As a ticket seller Conductor
Askew has few equals as many of
his friends here can testify
Law Agent E Bramwell was over
the Henderson division last week
on important railroad business
The engineering corps of the L
N have been doing some survey
ing on the Madisonville branch of
A committee from the B R T
attended the funeral last week at
Hanson of their brother S L Liv
Several of our boys who are mem
bers of the A O U W attended
the funeral of the late Jerry Lefler
last Saturday
Section Foreman Armstrong laid
some more steel rail on the branch
last week and that line is fast be
coming a good road
The derailing of an engine last
Saturday at Bakers Hill necessi
tated the sending of the wrecker
and crew down there
Agent E K Walker and wife
were called to Slaughters last week
to attend the funeral of a relative
Mrs W Toombs of that place
Among those who have received
gifts for which they feel vety thank
ful and happy is Lee Cazort who
became father of a ptetty little
girl last week
The Ohio Valley road contem
plates the rebuilding of their tele
graph line between Majors and
Morganfield soon Train Master
Jorgerson says
Some late decisions almost con
vince the members of the Interstate
Commerce Commission that there
is no little reason for the existence
o such a tribunal
Only the interference of an officer
prevented one of our fighting op
erators from smashing the face of
a fellow who accused him wrong
fully one day lately
An offer has been made to one
of our leading operators of a posi
tion in the Western Union office at
Nashville which offer he now has
under consideration
The boys are busy studying the
new book of rules which has lately
been published Many important
changes have been made and they
desire to be well posted so during
their spare moments they study
their lessons
One day last week while Brake
man Henry Pentecost was setting
up a brake on a car near Hopkins
villc the brake wlictl came off and
ho was thrown to the ground and
severely bruised but strange to
say no bones were broken He
was taken to Nashville where he is
now under the care of a good phy
sician and will soon bo able for
duty again
WWAlexanderL N agentat
Frankfort has again received pro
motion The first of the year he as
sumes charge of thcCincinnati office
for the same company succeeding
Jno McCourt removed Mr Al
exander for several years was agent
at Hopkinsville and his friends on
this division will be glad to hear of
his promotion This is more evi
idence that the Henderson division
of the L N system is a good
starting point in life His new
position pays him 3000 per year
New York Sun The Chicago
express train No 8 on the Erie
Road was delayed for an hour a
few days ago near Turners N Y
by a freight which was stalled on
the main road The engineer of
the freight was ordered to wire an
explanation of the delay The next
morning the following came over
the wires signed by the engineer
who ran the freight
The wind was high the steam was low
The train was heavy and hard to tow
The coal was poor and full of slate
Thats why we held No 8
No action has yet been taken by
the officials
Self preservation we believe is
one of the first rules of nature and
therefore the views expressed be
low are logical and sound and
above criticism by those who value
a good job that will enable them to
support their family more than a
membership in an organization that
has no employment to give a man
when he is idle Referring to the
wholesale withdrawal of the Pan
handle Railroad Company conduc
tors from the Order of Railway
Conductors a veteran who refused
to allow his name to be used said
It means just this Belong to the
order and lose your job leave the
order and keep the job By next
May I dont expect to see a single
conductor on the Panhandle a mem
ber of the union The company
was afraid to risk running through
the next summer with men who be
longed to the order and so they
got the drop on us I got a job
and guess I know how to keep it
A ladys black crocheted shawl
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Chas H McGary and be rewarded
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