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Night Kipteit II 14 p m
bvantvilla Accomodation Imim
HcoTidenca ami Mailltonvllle 6 10 p tn
Mail 4 JJ p m
NikIiI Fiprtis Jillam
Kvantviile Accomodation 600pm
ioidancand Mulltonrllle arrives 7 45 m
MAIN LINE Letvi Noilonill Ky
1111 111 Mall and Passenger 10 p m
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I la p 111 Local tie lllil carrying
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News Notes -Personal Paragraphs and
Other Doings at Home Worthy
of Special Mention
Itlpans Tnbulcs t nco advertisement
Every Do hai hN Day
Soon awajr back lo ft rear teat
Tlie angler mult rellte
Not being able lo compete
With the coining terpenl liar
A P Campbell Dentist Ollleoovcr
Mcluod Dullns
For Sate
A combined fiddlo nnd buggy liorso
mill phaeton Iiupilru of K A Clint
ten M I
V C McLeod Is hcadipmtoiii for
Chtcrful Looking
The Interior of tlio dining loom nt
tlio Hotel la h lias uudergouo n c linn go
In dress It donned a few days ago
its now spring garb of tastefully select-
od wallpaper producing an nppotlrlng
J ciTocL
Shllohs Cure tbe great Cough and
Croup Cure Is for tale by us Pocket
sixe contains twenty fne doses only 23c
Children love it For sale at St Ber
nard drug store
To the Lilian
For funerals Liveryman Iianc Davis
la especially lilted Ho has bought a
lioarso and will gUo funerals especial
attention Sco Mr Davit for particu
Wanted Agents mala and female to
sell Mrs Sha fTer uov pan cuko gtlddlo
lti Kentucky nnd get tlclt Sample
mm terms t00 Addicss
Ky Griddle Co
Luxlugton Ky
Karls Clover Koot the new Ulood Iuri
llier gives freshness and clearness to tbe
Completion and cures constipation 25c
50c and 100 Sold by St Ilernard drug
iA big lot of now and fresh goods nt
WW C McLeods
4 S H Unnncr n Volaiy Iubllc will
Ulll out Pension Vouclmiii at Cihiht
lllnulgs shoo shop in MadlMjuttlli tlio
1th of May
The Ulil KtcrtMc
The little lioys and giilt composlug
tlio nrious departments of our Public
School hato just passed a most enjoy
able week of rcrt cation dotn their
tiidlrs ullli a est as only elilldieu
can resuming again tlio tegular loutluo
of school dullc lat Monday morning
Tho session will clow for tho summer
vacation In about four weeks
Mincemeat nnd picscii en below cost
at XV C McLootls
Will Hate Lock Boxes
Postmnstcr Victory whllu In
son onu day last week bought of
the postollleo depaitmuut in that city u
t lot of lock boxes which tlio depai tmout
hnd put nsldo for a moiu lmpioed
stjlo of fixtures Our mall it Is to bo
peisumed is to be placed uuder lock
nnd key
Captain Sweeney USA San Diego
Cat says Shllohs Catarrh Ilemedy is
the first medicine I have eer found that
would do me any good Price jo cents
Sold by St ilernard drug store
Public Auction
On Saturday April 29th
25 marcs ranging from
3 to 5 years old and will weigh
from 800 to 1000 pounds will lie
sold at public atictioi at Uassctt
IlilnYs Livery Stable Madison
ville Ky
Jit Hev T W Dudley Ulslinp of
Kentucky will pi ouch at O P Church
iu Mndlsonvlllo on Monday evening
lMny 1st
Yes Indeed
Everyone is bound to admit that tho
healwoar of a lady rather adds more
to her beauty If It is tastily arranged
or detracts 111010 if It is badly ar
ranged or out of fashion than any
other part of her dress Mrs K C
Mclcod U receiving uetv inilliuorjr ev
ery law days and keeping light up
with the soason and if you woud like
tohnvo somo uico tasty hoadivoar you
can always tlntl thcro u uico selection
Come Early
To McFerran McFerrans sale
ol Western marcs whicli takes
iplaca next Saturday This stock is
iin good condition and will be sold
regardles of what they bring Sale
at Basiett Hibbs Livery Stable
Madisonville Ky
Ste Vurself
Sells Circus In Madisonville on Friday
May Jib Goiad have Hardman make
you a nice picture and then tee the ao ton
Y T McGary nnd wife of Sturgis
who hnvo been visiting relatives here
returned homo yestorday
Misses Jennie McGary and Niuou
Umstead spent Thursday with fi lends
at the couuty ssat
A data Pay
The llrst picnic of tho siukuii N 1111-
nnunrcd to cniuo off on the Glh pioximo
at St Chnilcs Tho malingers inlrtnd
mnklng this occasion tho coming event
of tho fcttlw season
New Crist Mill
Mr Dmlel Umstcnl has lecelud tlio
cngtno ninchlnuiy for his gi 1st mill and
will setup his establishment on thu
sltoof tlm icccnt I 11 11 saw mill At
nn Hnily Into aihlugloinlll will bo lidd
ed for tho nianiifit I111 o of snwed oak
shingles This plant will meet a long
felt want in this oonilnlinltt
A Ten Strike
Tho IIkk mail oungriiulitct 1 Al
Victory Co on tin1 neat nppitirniiio
of thulr stork together with tho wipi t b
locution they lunu hiviimnI for tho
fiiliilo cointiicl of their luisinc n Willi
n fow litugcs in tho Hecond ilory to
necomtiiodntn llm clothing anil hat
ilepiilDieiili Air Vlctoiy will hate
uuo of the ImsI ippiitulvd Minei in
Kaillugtou To t man up i Iht it
penis llko n regular ten stiiko hid
been innde
iSetcr Come Alone
That slngln misfoiliinoi netcrconio
nlouo was extinplillcd In In1 nisu of
our loivnsinni Air 1 hoi Whilloiil 1
ihuittinio since Ho had i nleo nlotie
slab of cxrnlhuit gtit from which ho
intended to inako 11 giiudstouu Ho
nlso possessed nil nxogioutid nnd h bel
ted to n inor edge His wife wished
to kill 11 chicken hIhi placed tlio fowl
upon the stone took up tho keen uxo
nnd xtiuck 11 blow which decapitated
the fowl In okn tho stono unit mined
tho uxo at nun nnd the Minn time
Tliis is not told n it jokn but its nn
itxo iial fnct
EtcrLou Can
Afford to ride when good first rate
horses can be bought for almost a
song fiom McFtrran Mclerrnn
Then sec the horses they will sell
on Saturday at Hassclt Hibbs
Livery Stable
Morality Wlm
Alornlity isnirtunnot to bo despised
and n good name said tbe wise man
is rather to bo chosen thnu great
tlchcs A good iiamujs tlio legitimate
fruit of morality whilo immoinlity Is
tho pai cut of much hai 111 I liko the
IIkk said a minister because of its
healthy moral tone As tho fountain
it so will tlio ti cam be that emanates
thcicfrom nnd vice crsa Wo aio
glad to say that the IIkk is phenomin
ally a clean sheet
Take Care of the Dunes and the Dollars
Will Take Care of Themaelies
Thlt it an Injunction handed down
from she lo son fiom genctntlon to
gcueiation and Is as full of wisdom
and common seuso as Judis Iscniiit
was of deceit and that handsome nn
nounccmout issued from tlio St Iler
nard Company Store n few d tys since
beating tho Inscilptlon Simi Your
Dollars Is also repleto with wisdom
Tho reputation of this firm Is wide
known honcc needs 110 commendation
nt our bauds Obey tho injuetiou
Save Your Dollars by suppl ing j our
needs from this matt of trade
Horses to go Cheap
The sale of McFerran McFer
rans Western marcs next Saturday
April 2jth is the place for all
wanting good horse flesh nt a low
figure Sale at Uassctt Hibbs
Not He Plus Ultra
An amusing Incident fully initiat
ing tho Innocence of childhood occur
red nt the dinner table tlio other day
as our genial laudlonl lemaiUd to his
good wife concerning n snvoiy euiiaut
pudding then being dispensed lo way
of a second com so
Wife said the husband mid father
this pudding is simply Xu plus ultra
No papa chimed Iu the little the-
car old its not lie plus ullit its
made out of cm r mis
At An Fml
ilotiuited hei vices which iio been
iu pi ogi ess for past two weeks nt tlio
Methodist chinch under tlio super
vision iif tlio malm llm 1 W lmp
- -
cninn suddenly nnd uumpeetcdl lo u
close on Tucsda night Ulllisuil In
let est 1 1 is been manifested thioiighoiit
becoming moiu anil moiu lliteiisllleil al
each sen lee ourclliicns geueinlly nt
tendiug cu mnssc llio ltev D S
Howies of Hopkil stllle appealed on
the seeuo Monday night He pi cm bed
two still lng sci nitins nud his picseuco
among us proved u leal Inspiration
Why these iuteiesting vertices wcui so
abinjitly brought to a close is doubtless
known only to tlio church functional es
Mother Goose
Undo Oscar Stevens Is ourniithoiity
that Air Alt Katies who lives noith of
Madlsnnvillo wns setting somo goose
eggs this spring nud accidentally drop
ped ouo caving In ono end Mr
Italics pasted n paper over tlio injincd
place nnd placed tho egg In tho nest
In duo tiiiiu a gosling was evolved fiom
it possessing goose senso and learning
and beat lug no birth niniks nor other
evidence of his picnntnl niisfoitiino
Our confidence in Uuclo Oscar enables
us to gulp down this wondrous story
for wo know ho Is not given to
Wo urgo Mr Unties to try rt
selling ol scrnmblcd eggs and tepott
tho result
Educate Under a Successful anj Practical
Uuslnes Educator
Prof Wilbur II Smith for sixteen
years President of tho Commcielnl Col
logo of Kentucky University Loxiug
tou Ky lefeis to 1000 olltcitls bank
ets business and piofesslonnl nion in
this Statu ns Ids graduates Pi of
Smith has kopt books for four dilTurent
firmy andtis Vico Piesldont of u Hank
and dlieetor in other organizations en
ables his students to acmilio valuable
information not to bo had at all Colleges
Doing called to tho Presidency of tho
Loxlngton Chamber of Commerce nnd
other high positions Is n good lndu of
woith esteem and coulidenco u proper
person to educate your sons
See his rtdvettisemeut in another col
Uncle Jerry AleNary has put up a
neat and attractive front fence which
Will greatly improves tho landscnpo of
that vicinity
A llinnce Uvea the leojile of Earllngton to
Make Mont
Folni Al Vlctoiy Co slnco tho last
edition of Ttir Hfe liavopuiclinsctttno
mamnint li slock of Uoucli Uros which
nddrd to their own goods makes them
tlio biggest business Him In harlington
Air Vlctoiy nud Ids salesmen havo becu
bu since tlio niiichnse ccttlng evert
tiling Iu icndliicss nnd Tuesday he
opened up the iotigli stoic ami will
now dose out 7i0tl woith of goods
n gauluas of cost Air Vlctoiy said
HstenlnyMliatlirt socuicd alilg bargain
in tiic jiurchnso of this stoek of goods
anil that he Intends to gho tho eopld
tlio benefit of it
A luirr clement of the people of
Kailiiiglou ditto to wotk very liaid for
u living and this closing out salo will
ptnvoi CihI cciuI to them Tho peo
ple that hnvo Im cii compelled to buy
clothing etc at such enormous pi ices
can now secure Iheso niticles nt ono
lialf tlio tiiiuiuy they lino foimeily
been piylng for Ihciu Air Victory
meaiii business He is detcriviincd to
close out Ibis immense stock al ouco
Added to their own stock this firm
now has over 10000 woith of goods
and tlio most fastidious ran bo easily
suited The futute place of their busi
ness will bo tho Sough coiner nnd the
stole is the handsomest Iu Ktiliugton
Tho upstairs is titled ip for clothing
nnd gents furnishing goods While
Mr Victory is handling shoes cloth
ing etc on n mmli larger scale ho
Intends to push tlio grocciy busliioss
moio thnu ho has ever douo before
Tho pcoplo of Islington ran find
evciv thing nl Vlctoiys that they want
and at pi lees never bcfoie heard of In
Hopkins county
logivo lie people sumo idea how
tlio Intend to sell somo goods wo give
below a fifw piiccs which will Biako
the Specials for tlio next woek
Kvcr thing however ispropottlonntoly
Two spools Clntks t lit cad Scents
Haby Shoes 25 ccuts llojs Pants 25
cents 10 Suits C 1G Suits V 225
Pants 110 3 Shoes 175 175
Shoes 105 100 Coiscts 50 cents
75 cent Cors6ts 40 cents 260 Slip
pers 125 Fine Silk Handkci chiefs
35 cents Sliiits from 25 ccuts up 50
cent Neckties 10 cents Unking Pow
der ono pound cans 15 ccuts lioiton
linked Hcans 10 ccQts per can 100
Tea per pound 50 cents Good Tea
per pou n J 25 cents Elastic Stnrcb 6
cents per pound llluoiiig Paddles two
for 5 cents Alcns 260 Shoes for
150 Mens Kino Pauls 200 200
Hats nt 100 300 Hats at 176
Straw Hats fiom 25 cents up Piiccs
guaranteed to bo half what was form
ctly paid
lids stock embraces no shoddy
goods All tho goods Jar superior that
those usually oflctcd for sale Tbero Is
no excttso now forovcryouo In Kaiiing
ton and Hopkins county can afford to
keep wclbdrcsscd Call at once nnd
sco foryoutiojvcs This is tho biggest
salo that ever occurred In Hopkins
county 8
The IIkk Attn with his tt listed Fa
ber is over on the ipilvito for news
nud ns a warning to our young men
wo would say do not do to again It
Is not necessary to sty moic You know
nt onco whit is meant Wo know it
wns moio thoughtlessness than any
thing else but harm might come of It
nud it wns good fottuuo you escaped
without hai infill icsults to yourselves
and otieit The next time nil may not
pass off so smoothly ltcmcmbcr tho
IIkk Alan has nu yoon jour conduct
but us this is the liist ollenso wo
lefinin from giving tbe matter fuithcr
Notblnit lly Halves
Uncle Sim never docs nnj thing
by halves Tlio Intcst infotmatioti
fiom the teat of government goes lo
show that Postmaster General lllssell
has jul gbru uotico to nil postiunsteis
that thcio is now operating in tlio gov
ci nnicut building on tho grounds of tho
Wot Ids Fair n blanch of tlio Chicago
postolllce known ns tho Wotlds Fair
Station Postmasters me tcipiestcd to
give Ids matter publicity Now this
is ns it should lie nnd speaks well for
our government otlleinls If j on will
tiku tho double to tm n to our cditoiial
page nud lead en down to tho bottom
of thoxhlh column jou will observe
tdit Kiilington has a live wideawake
nicivuulilo linn who like Uuclo
Sim never iiiluco nt matters nor do
things bv halves Theso gentlemen
Alessis Meleod Diiliu picscnt an
elegant linn of goods for jour Inspec
Miiltiini In Iarvo
I hnvo neither tho iluslie nor inclina
tion to notice asinine cliiinipsvvlio with
oiitpiovocatiiin will wantonly slanilern
person and know that they mo lying
when they lie So extremely low is
such nu individual tliata pcdcstrinl Im
pulsion nt tho baso of his spinal col
umn would provd to him ti compliment
Tlio curs that wag their tails In appro
bation of such n degraded niprtnl aro
too ignorant nud unwortliy to notice
C E Jones
Who says the Indians arc not be
coming civilized A Sioux Indian
committed suicide the other day
Shelby News
Will tho Nuvvs plcaso Inform us If It
Is possiblo for n Sioux Indian to commit
any kind of eldu except Stoux icideP
A merchant of Columbia who
was in business during the old hoop
skirt times failed to dispose of the
articles thirty years ago and has
dusted them up and put them in
a prominent place in his store
Lexington Leader
Should tills man be licensed of try
ing to palm olT antiquated goods upon
his customers it will ciowd him closely
to clear Ids skirts
Mrs Martha Moss the 50 year
old better half of Reese Moss of
Christian countyhas just present
ed her husband with a fine girl ba
ll nnd Charlie Meacham of the
Hopkinsville Kentuckian is irrev
erent enough to remark that the la
dy is no moss back Owensboro
Tlio doetiino of eleventh hour repent
iitiro Is now fully confirmed as this is
clear y a kulljf iiirpci AsipaliHl ense of
re ni oss
This i an age of swindling and
a New York sharper has hit npou
a novel method of fleecing tho un
suspecting He advertises an ele
gant steel engraving ofithc Land
ing of Columbus for one dollar
and sends one of the new Colum
bian stamps Exchange
This dealer In steal engravings ap
peals lo us to bo n swindler of tho
gcnulno stamp
Report comes from Washington
City that our Kentucky Colonels
who are there seeking an office
have a large stock of the blues
but not the kind that can be cashed
at the pie counter Glasgow Re
It seems entgmntlcil lo us that tlio
Colonels should feel blnoniul pic ous
nl the same lime
This county is full of politicians
that can tell all about the silver
epiestion but it happens to be the
gold question that needs elucida
tion at present Pendleton Demo
Let tho Dumoeint lemcmber that
gold can not bo shown up Iu n ccnls
ibte light
Esq R
ant caller
Tho final clause of tlio foicgoing
shows conclusively that governors nud
editors have their ups nud downs ns
well as other people
The citizens of Frankfort will
wake up some fine morning to find
that the city of Louisville has
walked off with the State Capitol
A more concerted united business
effort was never put forth before as
seems to be on hand now for that
purpose Breckenridge News
Should they succeed In this schomo
of hlgh hnndcd piracy wo recommend
that tho Louis villiaus bo ticntcd to n
doso of Capitol punishment
It seems to have been definitely
settled that the ancients could not
swear We should be pleased to
know bow they managed to express
themselves when they had a new
Constitution forced upon them
lhey miiht havo been onnblcd to
stand the oideal without n mm mill
hut uothlug shoit of 11 dliect declina
tion of Scriptuio could convince us
that thoy did not make some cursu ory
lemarks when their legislatuio held
eternal session
The wealthy Mrs Miller of Bos
ton who married her coachman
Stirrcttc last week has caused her
husband to assume the name of
Henry Hitler and will send him to
Harvard College to acquire an ed
ucation to fit him for his new sta
tion Speaking ol soft things Mr
Hillcr seems to have stepped into
a tub of summer butter Hopkins
ville Kentuckian
Seems like Mr Hillor has put his pe
dal right In tho middle of a bad fix since
tho old lady has taken chargo of tho
reins and seems to bo holding n well
teusloncd ono over him Perhaps alio
will allow the old man to still claim
his shadow
As we have increased the volume
of reading matter in the Hustler at
least 25 per cent and yet with no
increase in price we suggest to our
butcher and our grocer that they
increase to us anyway the size of
the steak and the bulk of coffee we
buy to a corresponding figure
Madisonville Hustler
The Hkk teuds congratulations to
tho Hustler upon tho nddition of tho
two last valunblo adjuncts to Ita para
phoinalia Heretofore It has cat tied a
full side Una of law Insurance and
sewing machines but now that a
butcher shop and family grocery has
been added to Its list of nuxillailcs tho
Hustler will ceitnlnly get there with a
pedal entirety
or Tcsponbcitce
r tr I A J u liiiiin is iuimiii unit iiiiiu hu uy
1 Warren was a picas
at this office Monday
ir vairc i a -
h4 t col 1so
nln Into ftlin I nrftc mntrn fim if
ly gniilens will hnvo to do their
ii- iu Lo bu nn cftiiy
elected he would no doubt mike
us a good oincer t niiioun Led
Of cotirso tho readers of tho Ledger
will nccopt tho above ns a gcnulno
Wnrrcn tce of tho candidates profici
Hrcr Erwin the third party
prophet announces that he will not
start a populist paper at Mayficld
as has been stated For which bless
ing the people of Mayficld should
be devoutly thankful Owensboro
This Is only nnothcr proof that tod
in his Infinite mercy tempers the wind
to the shorn lamb
The Frankfort Capitals opinion
that a Legislature which has been
in session so jng mat its pages
have grown to i anhood and begun
to get married should promptly
adjourn is shared in by every
voter in the btatc Owensboro
Hut thoy will not though They will
promptlyclnslnll tho offsptlng of tho
pages In their fathers places and hold
on till tho judgement
Two farmers George and P
Melton living on the Marion Eak
ins farm near Robards were ar
rested Wednesday charged with
stealing 119 pounds of side meat
from Owen McDonald who resides
two miles beyond Robards Hen
derson Courier
Theso goutleman will doubtless bo
surprised to leai n that when ll iron is
discussed thnt ills not alwajs meat
and proper for a man to take sides
Ex Gov Bob Tnylor is a
interesting conversationalist
had the pleasure of meeting
while lie was hero Monday
was coming up Broadway and we
met him as we were going down
Mayficld Herald
Mr Nn nnie Motion
from Alnba ma
hns icturncd of pcisonnl piopctty of vnilous kinds
Ktlgcnoi Speed hnsneccpted a position
nt tho IUckct stoic
N M II oloninn of Dawson ntudo n
n lining tr ip iicio last week
Onpt Iiockei smith and daughter nro
visiting n t Pmlucih this week
Mi s hi nry Ueeny of Hanson entered
Hopkins College Monday
Mn Is lu Dawson dilnk
Ing tho healing wnteis nt Hint place
DeAtirond tho jeweler has moved
his shop down to tho old Noel stand
Will C Mm ton has had Ids fiont
Jinn soililed niid It sets off his hnnd
some homo iciy much
Tho spur track mound tho depot Is
almost oiiinplctcd It is n much needed
Tho hlekoiy mill on Pond Itlier has
another season of an immense amount
of sawing before It
Judgo Dempscy Is homo from Owens
bom nnd still shows n smiling counte
Misses 1uiia StilToid nud Helen
Stock well of Evniisvillc mo visiting
the family of Louis Sehlmmell
f 1- I
work over
TillclieU Co nro putting iu looms
in connection with their entiling fac
tory nnd beforo long we will lime
Madisonvlllo jeans 1111 tho innikct
Another heading factory Is soon lo
bo located on tho Flnt Creek lands of
Thos F Wilson enst of here Our
heading factory Is now running on full
Miss Kmmn Prewitt is expected homo
this week fiom Louisville where sho
has been for sometime studying music
nnd tho drama
Everybody snvo up jour money to
nttcud tho Circus May 5th Feed tlio
elephant hot lozengers stir up tho
monkoys nnd hear the clown got oil
stalo jokes
Mrs Ida Walker has a host of friends
hero who rcgict very much that she
did not get tho Karlingtou Postolllce
but w omen will havo to livo and learn
for many years yet beforo they get lo
be ns successful wiio pnllcrs ns men
Tho Commercial Club met In tho
Hustler Ofilco Fiidiy night and talked
Thoy discussed buying a town clock
for tho now Court House and wo hopo
tho clock will bo foithcoming
Tho Madisonvlllo Steam Laundry has
established an agency at Mortons Gap
nud Matk Williams is tho hustling
agent Let tho good woik go on nnd
it is to bo hoped that cro long no laua
dry woik will bo sent out of the county
Tlio tobacco manufactory of A P
Hanuer Co is doing a good business
Tho proptictms billed out forty caddies
to ditTcrcnt parties Monday Tlio Mad
isonvlllo tobacco Is becoming popular
whciovcr it Is being introduced
Our town has boon very quiet slnco
our oMccrs donned their now uniform
Somo ono romnikcd that thoy looked
likogueirillas and suppose that ovon nt
this icmoto date from tho Civil war
that nanio is stitllclcnt to stiiko terror
to tho sonlof ovil docrs
C L Morton nnd family me back
fiom tlioirtiip to Chicago Mr Morton
says it will bo two months beforo every
thing is comploto for H10 Worlds Fair
nud that many of tho buildings ate
such frail sttuctuies as to bo dangor
ous Hut tho Uig Show will open up
lu May just tho same and pcoplo should
provldo thomsolvcs with nccldant pol
icies befoto leaving home
If Sam Jouc Is successful iu putting
the saloons out of Howling Oieon wish
ho could bo pi 0 vailed ou to como to
Madisonvlllo nnd sco if ho couldnt do a
like good ollico hole Tho old howl
that Prohibition dont pioliibit would
of couiso go up but Prohibition nt least
prohibits so much drunkenness and
piofauity on the sheets If men nro
such beasts ns to get drunk let them go
oft to tlio woods stay diunk until thoy
mo fully sitislicd nud then go whero
people can seo tlicni nfter thoy havo so
bet ed up
A man fiom Wlilto Plaiusis working
on our sticets to pay 11 tine for tho piiv
llego of being ou a plain drunk Hoys
remember that when 011 come to nur
town and piitako too ftoely of tho
O bo joyful you will bo pulled ami
thnt without lomedy Our license sys
tem heie allows you to diiuk all you
can hold but you must not know
tou much nnd with it all get obstiper
Our business mens club or commer
cial club or whatever name tho now or
ganization will bo known by will havo
for Its object nmong oilier tilings the
Inclination to encourage and pationizo
nil our homo industries when they c111
nt least do ns woll ns to go from home
and patiouio industries of a similar
kind Whllu this Is not n selfish idea
nt nil it is ono that Is to bo commended
to ovciy 0110 who lias nu oyo to the gen
eral welfaroof the commuulty in which
ho lives
A trip to Grapcvlno Cemetery ou
Sunday proclaimed It to bo In 11 do
plornblo condition Many of the tomb
stones nro either tntteiingnnd ready to
fall or very much out of plumb Tho
walks and diivos havo grown green with
grass and weeds and the whole placo
lias n mourful and desolnto look Tho
pcoplo Intel csted in Odd Fellow Cemo
tcry havo by haul woik and united of
foits succeeded In getting sufilclent
funds to put everything out there in
gcod shape A great many moio havo
their dead buried nt lirnpovlno than at
the Ovid Fellows Cemetery We think
It a shame that something is not doue
to reclaim tlio former from tho decay
and tulu that thieateus to ovettako it
Ceitain 111 ember of tho city council
havo taken it into their heads that up
longer Is thcio ucod of a giantlugof
licenses to non iesidcnts for any pur
pose whatsoever and especially to thoso
who miction off horses hai nuss buggies
etc nnd In this phllauthruplu manner
endeavor to establish a novel foim
of city government Many of our cit
Izons mo indignant somoniu elated
whllu four councllmcp nro jubilant
Summed up In n nutshell It is about this
For a few months past hoises have been
sold at auction Tho auctioneers havo
paid for tlio pi iv llego fifteen 15 dol
lars per day Several horses and mares
havo been told giving entile satisfac
tion to tlfo buyers who It is well to
state aro 11011 rosldenU also being
largely fanners throughout tho county
It has been only ilnco somo ono con
cluding to auction off buggies harness
etc lu addition to live stoek that this
weighty problem wns ngit iled In nnd
out tho council chamber In conse
quence the question Is discussed pio
nnd con tho majoiltyln fat or of the
granting of license ncrnilttliiir the sale
Sonionrguolt is the people the bujcis
nnd not individual dcnlcis who should
bo benefited ns fiem this unjust disci in
itiation on the pait of this council
Fears mo cnteitnlncd Hint should our
ioo piesumpiuoiis councllmnii
ngninst the circulation within tho
city limits of nowspapcis thai wed
stind very much In need of food fur
the mind ns well as other needs of life
licltor check tho council In Its mad ca
reer Hi lng up tho matter Iu the next
meeting of tho Commcielnl Club
Mrs C M Ulggs iMtcd friends lu
Kvansvllle 1I10 past week
J T Cat lisle of Slaughters Hie wns
lu town Sitm ilit rainbow eh ising
Fld Vol noils lectin e Lli en fur tlm
benefit of tho Baptist church was a
grand snecesss
lions 1 II Tottery of Dixon M
D Thoinbciy of PoolcV Jvllll Camp
bell of Slaugbloisville nnd L T Ma
son nf Subiec will attend tho niectiiij
of tlin National Republican League nt
Joustllle May
Tlio Womans Aid Society of Sebue
desert ogrent credit for llm way thev
aie assisting iu tnislug funds to builita
liouso of worship
It K CoiMiarrti Is nun of tho best bus
iness bojs in tlio State Ho elciksin
W J Smiths Drug Storo nnd is ngcnl
for tho Courier Journal Chicago lllntlc
Now Yoik Ledger nnd is general agent
for tho Mndlsontlllo Laundry
Thonins McCoimick nnd Miss Nora
West who eloped n fow dnts ngo with
Sam McCormlck tun I Amanda MtCor
inlek as stated lu last weeks cones
poudonce wcro ni rested Inst lilday
nonr Kvansvllle ami hi ought back
McCormlck was placed In jail nnd Miss
Nora wns carried homo Thos Mc
Coimick has a wifo iu Logan county
uoar ltussellvlllo In tho Whip-poor-will
Tlio critics in tlio enso of Marshal
Uiggs arrest of Samuel McCormlck
have been unjust Tho mat filial know
ing his man mndo tno arrest in a be
coming manner at tho point of tho
pistol He Is fully entitled to tho to
ward of 15000 which others feel they
aro entitled to Constabio Tapp of
Henderson county It is sold was closo
on trait of tho fugitive but did not
mako tho arrest Ho liko Biggs evi
dently know his man knew tlicro
would bo somo lesistnucc Mr Tnpps
published statement In tho Ilcmloisou
Gleaner that ho canio to Sobico and
caused McCormicks ni rest is not too
reallktlc It is ttuo ho camo to Sbico
the Saturday following tho Friday
morning Biggs mndo tho arrest nnd
for somo reason had with him almost
as many meu as had Gen U S Grant
wlion lie captured Foit Donaldson Ills
posso of something less than 0000 mon
boasted thoy had tho Sampson cap
turod Mr Iliggs feels but little con
corned Ho unswervingly doos his
duty having In lilni nil tho requisites
of n loyal officer of tlio law
Ill Iiavo my ling or know the teasou
J0I111 Gough of Kulington was In
our town Sunday
J E Coll made n Hying tiip to Daw
son Saluitlay night
Mrs Dr Almon was iu Madisontillo
Satin day shopping
Marshal liirnctt of tour town wns
In our midst Monday
A C Clark of Pnducah made us n
pleasant cnll last Sunday
Cortcz Hauls went to Hunting
Urnncli Sunday on business
Mack Kd winds of Hopkinsville
camo down to sco his gill Sunday
Several of our pcoplo took lu tho big
meeting nt linrnsloy Sunday 11101 nlng
James Dot lis and Tom Denrmou
took in tho sights lu Madisonvlllo Mon
Mrs Cliailca Kecgau of Kulington
visited Iter pnieuts nt this plato hist
Miss Eva McGicgor of Kulingtou
Is visiting lelntivcs in our town Ibis
Miss Fiiunio Mm ton of Hopkinsville
was tlio guest of Miss Alice Hauls
Chailes G lloblusou of your town
was lu our village Sunday afternoon to
seo his best gill
Prof Mortis of Madisouvillc was in
our town last week making iiupiiiics
about our school
Mrs K C Hauls who has been
visiting fileuds nud lelatives at Kulln
wa leturucd homo Monday
Tho social nt tho wiiteis residence
was largely attended Every ono
seemed to enjoy themselves Well
Elder J II Thomas pleached Ids
farewell sermon nt this place last Sun
day week May success attend him in
other Holds
Charles llomlaiid of Madisonville
wns In our town Monday to sco his
brother Frank llouilaud who is qulto
sick wtth pneumonia fever
Our Suuday Schoul is glowing both
in iuteiest ns well as attendance Our
number 1 cached niuety tl leu Inst Sun
day ami but for tho meeting nt Hauls
ley I think theio would havo been
111010 than 100 This is n torygood
showing Wo ti 11st It may continue
Educational Department
Conducted bjr Mix II B Orookt llopklm Col
lege nj Training School
A series of more than ouo hundred
International Congresses will be held
during tho Worlds Fair These will
bo divided into General Cougicses fur
tho promotion of intelligence cultuie
and elevation of the people of nil conn
Hies uud Special Congresses fur tlm
cousidciutloii of scientific technical
ami special subjects
Tliu tlmo for holding a number of
the latter class has been arrange as bo
May Womans Progicss Tho Public
Pi ess Medicine nnd Surgery
Juno Temperance Moral and Social
Hefoiiu Commcico anil Finance
July Music Litciatiire Education
August- Engineering Ait Atchltcc
Uuo Government Law Reform Polit
ical science Natuinl bcleuce Ililloso
September- Labor Missions ami
Church Societies ami Sunday Host
Oetobct Public Health Agrieultuie
The Womans Congress will bo held
fioinMa lCth to the 22nd
A scries c f special edlinetiounl iim
gussos will begin July 17 whilo tho
congtoss tho WoildsKduciillonnlCon
giesswlll begin July 2ith nud continue
11 vo dnjs
Iho Cliilsllaii Union says The
gieateU engine of 1110t1l elevation Is
wo me beginning to iccognio the
kimlei gui ten It is not only possible
but qulto pi ob iblc that tho w 01 Id would
liato lemalned in ignorance of tho kin
del gallon nud Its founder to this day
linil It not been for tho life and wotk of
ngniud and noble womnn tlio Hnroncss
Mnioiilml Iiuloii whoso death on Jan
tiaiy ninth last wns mourned on Loth
continents 1ioebcl bnd not cr received
nny iccognitiou fiom teaelicis or peo
ple of inlluciico until he wns lilted by
tho Dimness Her ipiiek logical mliiil
saw at once tint a gieit pilueipio of
lifit pcimcitcd eteiy phasuof his woik
1 lie amount or woik she iliil timing her
life nud tlio gicat chango in public
opinion hi might about tin ough her la
bold would fill n t illume Next to
Fioebel himself thcio Is no ono to whom
tlio woild is 11101 c indebted than to Ids
vvomim that to day kimlei gai lens
neai ly sun omul the globe
Mis Lima do Foico Guidon of Cal
ifornia is ono of tho applicants for the
position of Consul to Honolulu buiing
tho war sho accompanied her husband
to tlio front nnd ns n volunteer muse
iccclvcd olllcinl mention for bravciy
uud skill After her husbands death
sho ciitcicit join luilism whicli she nftor
wnids gave up for tho study of law
Sho was tlio sennit woman to Ik admit
ted to practice in tlio Supiomo Couttof
tho United States
A womnns club in Newton Mnss
lias founded n scholarship nt Gen Ai m
stiongs Hampton Institute In Viigln
la Out of ono hundred Indian stu
dents returned lo tlio resell atiou fiom
tills institution hut two linto been
potted ns failures
Datid Stair Jordan tho President of
Leland Staudfcid Jr Unitorsity 10
cclves a salary of 10000 n ycir This
Is tlio largest salary paid to nny collcgo
ptcsidont in tho United Stnlcs
dolorcb peoples Column
All communication and mattcri ot news per
lining lo this column should bo addiessed to
A K Dailky Karlinglon Ky
Van Clements was in town Sunday
Hev 5 W Lano was in town Sun
day night
W II Hoss wns lu town Monday on
Miss Mary Mason of Ncbo wns in
town Monday
MIsj Lulu Pritchctt spent Sunday nt
Mis Hcithn Moonoy wont to Madi
sontillo Monday
J A Cunningham of St Chailes
was in town Saturday
L W llullsli of Hopkinsville wns
iu town Satin day night
J A Ferguson was down from Nor
tontillo Satuidny night
Johuulo Mitchell wns down fiom
Moi tons Gap Sunday
Sotcril of our pcoplo went shopping
lu Madisoitillo Sat ill day
Mis loka Hopson of Moitons Gap
visited friends iicio Sunday
Hev J W llutcliings of Madison
ville was in town Tuesday
Muion Love lias been suffciliig tcry
much witli n 1 Ising on ids side
Hev Douoy Is conducting n success
ful seiies of meetings nt ids chinch
Miss Clma Hoss of Mndisntlllc
tisited Miss Lulu Piitchett this week
Mrs Sidney Hradloy of Providence
visited Mu Mary Cooksoy last Tues
Mrs Mainly Jackson nud sovcril
others wcio down fiom Madisonvlllo
Hov M W Steward of Piovldcncc
nnd Kov Owondougii of Whilo Plains
weio lu town Monday
Mis Heniictta Hell of Hopkinsville
Is tisitiug her dauglitor Mis Thomas
Ltucli for tlio summer
Mrs Gcorgo Hall has moved lo Pem
btoke Sio will bo joined by her hus
band in a few days
Strayed Asoncl uinio with white
face uud lopo halter 011 Ant ono Had
ing her plcaso Infoini Gcorgo Shclton
Hev Win Poster left Wednesday for
Cadiz w Iicio ho attends tho Miulstcis
nnd Deacons Meeting which convened
llioro tliis week
Missus Llllio Doiscy ami Cm lo Dun
lap spent Sitmday nud Sunday at
home Miss Dm soy iemnlned to at
tend tlio icvivnl now in piogiess nt tlio
Methodist chinch
Miss A H Woithlngton of tlio Ion
High School Mndisoin lllo spent Satur
day nnd Sunday with Mesdanies Dim
lap and Dm soy Miss Woithlngton is
n highly cultiiied lady uud is destined
to do much for tlio upbuilding of the
Whllu tlio liungiy olllce seekcis nro
rushing to Washington by tho humlicits
to bo sin veil Willi nu otllco tho
bhoiild msli to tho ice
cicnin saloon of Hughes A Unit kins
ttheiu thoy will bo hcrtcd with 101110 of
tlio best icu cream thoy 01 er tasted
Ono pic emincuco tho plcisuic seukeis
will enjoy over tho olaoc sookcis is tlio
plcasuio scekeis will lio served ninru
promptly by theso excellent gentlemen
than tlio olllce seekcis aio by tlio
Democratic Piophet nnd Ids list of
Incompetent colleagues
iitoit rioss
Whcieas Tlie Sunday is
called upon to mourn the low of one nf
Its pupils In tlm wpwu nf Mls Ida
Hosolvod First Thnt we depluie
tho loss of thU niirciileldiit olllecr mil
faithful pupil
itesolved Second Thnt we do nnvt
and forever resign oiuneltps to tlio will
of God iu even doKii Intent of life
Heoltid Thlld Thnt we commend
her christian life ai one wmlht of I nil
Hesolted Ioililli Thit a crpt of
thcio icsoliilions lie printed lu Im
Kaiimnotov Hun
The wn enter n new niiimil has
inado Its appearance in our town which
might challenge the admiration of the
natiiialisls of lirst rank It has nu up
light position nnd nil the grace heal
ing nud notions of the human The
only dilTelcnco theio is between this
niilmil nnd the human it hassnmi thing
in Its month nl nil times whicli lu
their tongue is called w iu uil it
end Tliis end was invented by man
ni a money -making device for which
tliis ricaliilo spends n put of its enn
iiigs I dont think tills ciealure will
bo taken to the Woilds Pair but should
we ever conlemplate establishing a
zoological guileii which the lapid
growth of our town may some day de
mand we should have an eye singled
to this 1 1 uly cmioui creatine If It Is
not dead hcfnio that time
JuM fm copTftiaHTiD a
V -
uuimiiGiuiai uuiufcw lexingtonkt
Cheapest Best Business College in the World
Awarded Illcfcctt 1Ibp M World Eipftlttoft far
Priwn or ItostkbreplBr od ItBoral Jn1iift t dr
tlon 10000 JradwfraU JUftlntM JOOO Htadeat
nn 15 Tewheri ttnftovel Cot rtnll llalnr
I la1 line Taltlon HUiloaerv an4 BaH itnat WO
PhvrMUitd Trpt fit In ftd Ttttcrmphr ipwfaUlvfl
tloa Inter tow MrtJau UMmrtl TkUdlf
tfl tiftutlfol unit hHtntil for tlrcolf 44f
xrVivfv v ws
Wc do not tear up and
cat away your clothes
with strong chemicals
but use pure water and
good machinery
Madisonvillc Steam
is the place for dirty
clothes to get white
I70111CU Jaunt c 2oy
With Patent Mtlal t Inirrr lionl I
W K Trail sole agent Madisonville Ky
Write or price on Musical Instrument
Position Guaranteed
If you will take a full course in Hock
keeping Shorthand and Type writing in
DrauRtions Consolidated Practical busi
ness College Nashville Tenn you will
on entering be guaranteed a good position
Only half the tuition is required until the
place is secured If you cannot take two
branches the next best thing is to either
enter for book keeping shorthand type
writing or telegraphy Send for special
guarantee circular Address J 1 Draugh
in President Nashville Tenn Mention
this paper
known for IS years an tlm BEST
t t - IHA 4i u
s ji1 iT MTTiTiTiPWI
Anamwable laxative and NIHVK TONIC
Sola tiy Drufrxlsts or sent hyrnnll 25o60o
and tlOU per packairo ruraplc8 free
Iff V The ravorlto TOOTS fOWSU
JLU HUfurtliuaucthandllreatnSJo
Kor sale by St Ilernard Coal Company
Soud fur Catalogue

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