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Earlington Kjr
Utah is knocking for admission
into Statehood
cIpwator Hoars voice has been
I I heard in the U S Senate
Tlifi post oltice department nave
given it out that they propose to
cheapen andsimplify the money
order service
Ai cordino to the Congressional
directory there are 141 newspaper
correspondents in Washington
representing 171 newspapers
I A defeat of the Wilson bill
h nmannriiv all flVCf tlllS
land Bury this conspiracy against
American workingmen
Thf Memphis Appeal Avalanche
mes in all earnestness Save
D tnocracv The cry came too
Intf the old thine is beyond all
OiR Solons will begin their 60
days journey through the leg
islntive halls at Frankfort next
week What and where will they
be at the expiration of the 60 days
allotted to them
Calhornias Midwinter Fair is
to be formally opened on January
j though the exhibits will not all
be in shape before February This
U an assurance that it is the genu
ine article No really great fair in
the world has ever been completed
at the advertised time
A famiiv that could produce all
its members would eat and make
all they would wear and in other
ways provide all that might be
needed would be comfortably in
dependent If this family besides
could produce and sell a surplus it
would increase in wealth The
same law applied to n community
or to a nation would produce the
same results and this is a simple
A B C lesson in protection
Wirii the ending of the holiday
recess Congress should be ready
to debate the tariff question
Everybody hopes that the debate
will be short and decisive Mer
chants manufacturers and all
classes of business men are of the
opinion that uncertainly as to tariff
legislation is one of the chief ob
stacles in the path of renewed
Hfre is a fair sample of what is
transpiring in every manufacturing
town in the country This is the
voice of 1000 workmen in Rock
ville Mass Resolved That we
citizens of the city of Rockville em
ployed in the various branches of
manufacture woolen silk cotton
anil paper industries enter our
solemn protest against the passage
by Congress in its present form of
the so called Wilson bill now
under consideration by the Com
mittee on Ways and Means of the
National House of Representa
DLjiocRAiuTcandidates for Con-
bV gress are looming up all over this
district Uthce seekers seem not
to be an unknown nuantitv in the
second district of Kentucky Al-
most every one of the eight coun
f tics has a favorite to start Mr
KIlis for obvious reasons has de
clared he does not seek the nomi
nation again Everyone and es
pecially the various candidates are
Irji inclined to take the Captain at his
word He is not an Administra
te tion Congressman in all that term
implies and is naturally feeling like
one who knows when he has
ujiiuigh That much credit at
Quasi is due Uongressmon lillis
An Ohio drummer dreamed that
57 would be the lucky number in a
rafile for a 1500 diamond pin at
Chicago of which he had heard
The ticket of that number had been
sold to five men in Grand Rapids
who had eacljiven 1 and then
pitched dice for it The drummer
Kjicated the holder gave 50 and
li enough it was the winner
IF v t
Rational JajDital
Washing 1 on Dec 25 1893
The breeze is laden with com
plaints about the new tariff bill
There are shouts of approval and
cries of dissatisfaction Whether
it is line with the national Demo-
national Democratic plat
form or not is immaterial to the
interests involved in the struggle
They either want it or dont want
it The new tariff web was woven
in an apartment beneath the mar
ble esplanade of the House wing
of the Capitol There arc eleven
Democratic members of the com
mittee on ways and means The
tariff schedule was intrusted to
to three of the weavers of the com
mittee These three were Wilson
of West Virginia Clifton R Breck
inridge of Arkansas and Whiting
of Michigan
Mr Wilson the chairman of the
committe was it is fair to assume
placed at the head because of his
intimate relations with tho admin
istration No man is closer in the
councils of President Cleveland
This being so it is generally tin
dcrstood that his tariff bill reflects
the revenue policy of the adminis
tration At all events the new
tariff bill is not only before the
House but before the people The
House will pass upon it one way
or the other next fall Mr Wil
son is about the size of Napoleon
when he landed in Egypt Here
the resemblance ends There is
nothing Corsican about him He
has straight sandy hair a light
mustache and a Roscoc Conklfng
nose and chin He was brought
into prominence in the House by
a telling speech against the arbi
trary action of Speaker Reed in
the Fifty first Congress He has
enough personality to animate and
consolidate his following These
are qualities that will tell in the
coming struggle
The tariff question predominates
even the Hawaiian imbroglio A
reimposition of the duty on sugar
amounting to three quarters of a
cent is one of the revisions of the
Wilson tariff bill which may yet
be made The opposition to an
increased whisky tax is so great
and the difficulties surrounding
such increase so numerous that it
is not likely any part of the deficit
caused by the reduction in rates
will be met from that source Some
of the members of the Ways and
Means committee believe that with
a small duty on sugar the increased
cost to the consumer would be very
slight while the revenues resulting
therefrom would be considerable
Such a movement would be very
gratifying to the Louisana legisla
tion and to the delegations from
other states where the best sugar
industry is rapidly developing
The work on the internal reve
nue schedule is proceeding slowly
A definate understanding regarding
the form and scope of tht proposed
income tax has not yet been
reached There is but little doubt
that an income tax will be imposed
but the opposition to placing it on
individual incomes is still very
great If this purpose be aban
doned and the tax be placed only
on corporations and legacies a
very considerable revenue must
be raised from other sources The
increased tax on cigaretts a tax of
six cents a pack on playing cards
and a probable tax on cigars will
at the best yield only an additional
revenue of a few million dollars It
is among the strong probabilities
that nothing definite regarding the
internal revenue schedules will be
accomplished until the reassem
bling of Congress after the Christ
mas recess about the 4th of Jan
The message of President Cleve
land to Congress accompanying
the papers and correspondence in
the Hawaiian matter has been
made public In the message
the President criticises with great
severity the actions of Mr Minister
btevens wno is reierreu to as a
minister full of zeal for annexation
and reviews at length the occur
rences in Hawaii his conclusion
being that the Queen to her throne
was wrongfully dispossessed of her
throne by the use of the troops of
the United States He states that
he gave Minister Willis instructions
to restore the Queen to her throne
provided that she would be willing
to great amnesty to all persons
concerned in her overthrow but to
these conditions the President
adds the Queen has not yet given
hef acquiescenes The matter is
therefore in a quiescent state But
the message discloses that he
policy has been everything feared
that it was to llie lull us smstpr few davm
I r aore lUrmt there- is nothing letter aa HrilmiB rllmor conoureti
F I in a flannel LjiiJua ilamnrnMil lilt
and hit cured many very scyere cases
ju cen bottles for sale by St Ber
nard B rug Stoe Earlifllo5 Hea T
Inson MortOM Gw Ceo King fol
bainberlama Pain Balm It nearly al uw lc w0u Huu cuu
ways elfecu a cure In one nights time This
remedy is also a favorite or rheumatism
Ir i irit i
- - -- jliMHMaj Mff i y
vuiia nude 11 fifeiiuiHij wt-
longs and where it should have
been from the beginning Ve
shall soon see what is thought of
yatr iiii iv0mpwwm ui ipii
I -
ing which consummation congrat
ulations may be extended the peo
ple of Hawaii upon having es
caped to an igno
rant and vicious despotism and to
the people of the United States
upon having been spared the shame
of even a vicarious complicity In
such action
The official Treasury figures
show that the receipts arc running
at the rate of 26000000 a month
or 313000000 a year and ex
penditures at the rate of 32000
000 a month or 384000000 a
year These figures indicate a
deficit for the fiscal year ending
June 30 1894 or 72000000
Press Patagraptys
With hammer in hand on a pile
of rock in front of the Times
office the jail birds are getting
some needed fresh air and outdoor
exercise and the streets of our
little city ars being greatly bene
fitted thereby This is the kind of
thusness that these birds de
serve withf a great deal of
muchness Tood County
It appears that the Scripture is
literally verrified which says that
the way of the transgressor is
hard Up in Tood county they
seem to have struck rock bot
Another fool has gone to his re
ward Ed Burch a young man of
Valparaiso Indiana drank a quart
of whiskey on a wager and Is
now dead Bath County World
If Mr Burch indiscreetly tackled
an article of Indiana whiskey we
arc not the least surprised to learn
that he has quit ardent spirits and
taken up his permanent abode
with disembodied ones
Jacob Fox a wealthy farmer
living near Piqua Ohio signed a
contract to purchase a piano and
it turned up a few days ago in the
form of a promissory note for
1000 Bath County World
This is a land of great possibili
ties Mr Fox was but a plain
wealthy farmer and had he been
content to sow reap and guide the
plow would have doubtless re
mained in obscurity but he took
up the pen that archimedian lever
that moves the world and in the
short space of a few days he be
came a man of note
A singular suicide occurred re
cently in Hencock county Frank
Sullivan a prosperous farmer
drove a peg in a stump to which
he tied a string which was at
tached to the trigger of his rifle
He then placed the muzzle of the
rifle against his abdomen and
backed off to the end of the string
until the trigger was pulteuV THe
bullet entered his stomach and
killed him instantly Sullivan was
the head of a large family He
was once confined in an asylum
Henderson Journal
It seems to us that Mr Sullivan
has inaugurated a novel but suc
cessful method of pegging out
A man who will sleep in a fold
ing bed in the same room with a
foot adze and a little express
wagon is to be counted among
the most reckless of men Satur
day Item
He is a coward at heart com
pared to the man who will march
at the deceased hours of night
without a light into a room con
taining a rocking chair a baby
crib and a coal scuttle
In a
out of
corn show at Henderson
112 exhibits the judges
agreed unanimously upon No
77 which was found to be the
entry of Miss Mollie Howard a
young lady who superintends her
own work and runs a big farm
Hopkinsvillc Kentuckian
The distanced competitors
should have promptly acknowl
edged the corn no matter
Howard a job it was to do so
DoWn in the Mines
Mr Dave Vinjon fornman of tho St
Bernard Coal Companys repair xhops was
severely hurt for a short time list weak
He was struck on the head by a heavy
timber which tor a while almost laid htm
out but from which he soon recovered
While at work in the mines last week
following bis usual vocation V D
ness was suddenly attacked with something
simitar to lumbago which caused him to
call on medical assistance and to liken
rest unlit the trouble was
Tbe St Bernard Coil Compicy will
light uplbeir new storvlth elaclrlcily
Tbere is nothing 10 uncou r igt the Ken
tucky coa operators or miner in the fact
that Pittsburg coal to the amount of four
mlllmn titialitkla Art PAitl tr I miiwtiltln
it by the only authority competent othK u g the OWc
to decide questions of war Pend 1 river
Judging from the following clipping the
the English certainly intend investing in
Kentucky coal lands The sale of 20
000 acres ot swamp lands in Kentucky for
aoooooo to an English syndicate has
aroused great interest at Killsbcro 111 as
two of tho heirs live tbere
TohnCraifra pioneersettler of Kentucky
died in that State about halt a century ago
At the time of bis death he owned 9000a
acres of what would in Illinois be termed
swamp land The properly lay in Pike and
Letcher counties none of it had ever been
improved and It was and has since up to
recently been considered almost valueless
by the heirs who paid little attention to it
Louis A Craig one of the heirs became
a resident of Hillsboro through the removal
of his mother here and a short time after
ward began the study of law with Congress
man Lane and ndge G orge R Capper
While here he told his friends often in a
Joking way that he was a poor man with
vast landed interests in Kentucky bis by
line of descendance from his great grand
father John Craig
Five years ago a company composed of
Englishmen who had formed a syndicate
came to Kentucky from England and be
gan prospecting for coal The company
went into Pike and Letcher counties and
finding no one apparently to dispute their
right the took possession ot the Craig lands
and prospected They found a fine ein
of coal and began the work of putting down
mines During the prospecting part of the
proceedings they were not interfered with
in any manner and it is doubttul if the
heirs of John Craig knew the Work was go
far on Certain it is that Louis A and
Alice Craig his sister the mother having
died after removal here did not know ot
the turn affairs were taking in their pre
sumed valueless Kentucky interests Louis
A Craig was notified by some one or more
ot the other heirs that the property years
ago cast aside by them was becoming vat
uable Having finished his educational
studies for the bar with Lane and Cooper
and admitted to practice Mr Craig went
to Kentucky took the matter in hand abd
after looking up all the heirs filed parti
tions suits The courts soon settled the
question of ownership in favor of the
Craigs and appraisers were appointed
These appraisers have now fixed the
value of the lands at 2000000 and the
coal syndicate this week purchased the
same at that figure
Had tht syndicate looked up the heirs
fore prospecting they could have pur
chased the entire 20000 acres for a song
The heirs number aj of whom Lonls A
and Alice Craig and the wife of State Sen
ator T V Rinehart of Efiincham are
That cold weather failed to show up last
week still the mines here run almost every
day What more could the miner desire
Now boys select some other and better
war of celebrating Christmas than by buy
ing a jng of whisky and proceeding to fill
up on its contents
Daniel W Umstead is now suflering from
a crippled leg yet Dan gets down to the
mines and sees that everything is running
J B Atkinson of the St Bernard Coal
Co was called to Louisville last week to
act as one of a committee of arbitration to
settle an important case
Three hundred thousand able bodied men
are said to be idle in the United States yet
there are legislators who will vote to in-
cttase that number
Tht many friends of W F Burr of the
St Bernard Coal Co are indeed glad to
hear that he is speedily recovering from his
late serious injuries and hopes are enter
tained that be will soon be able to be out
The young miner who goes along tha
street staggering in a half intoxicated con
dition does not by so doing raise himself in
tht estimation ot those morality or his em
A very sad affair occurred last week at
tht Robinson Son coal mine George
Vannoy who works for the said company
and who resides near the mine was sudden
ly awakened by his wife who told bim she
did not hear their child breathing and to
their horror upon examination found the
child dead It is the general opinion that
heart diseast was the cause ot its death
Uncle Jen McNary who a few weeks ago
lost a valuable overcoat by having it stolen
from him thinks he is on the right track of
the thief and steps may soon be taken to
bnng him to Justice
Supposing unjust legislation should in
any way injure tne coat productions
of West Virginia Kentucky Alabama and
other coal producing Slates how mauy
miners would be sufferers thereby
Wolfe King railroad contractors of
Duluth Minn were last Friday awarded a
contract for building sixty miles of railway
in Eastern Kentucky connecting the coal
fields of Pike county with the Big Sandy
river at Whitehall The contract is for
about 6ooooooand work begins very soon
Interests in these coal fields were sold a
year ago by ex Governor Proctor Knott to
people in Duluth interested in iron and
steel manufacture The coal is said lo be
of the finest coke quality
bocomotiOe Blasts
The pay car passed back from its south
ern trip last Sunday after having prepared
tht boys ot the L N for a joyful Christ
mas by tht distribution of thousands of
Harry Ogden ot the train dispatcher
force was taken ill last week and will most
likely spend a few days at Slaughters with
relatives where he now is
The man who posesses the moral courage
to coma out and fight you to your face is
generally honored for so doing but he who
will try to besmirch your character like aa
assassin would take your life to the dark
never commands the respect nor deserves
it of the respectable people
Frank Henderson was much pleased last
week by a visit from his father and sitter
of Browns 111
The double headers like single headers
do not often meet with accidents but last
week onr occurred the breaking in several
parts No damage was done
Instead ot tbirtyhve cars as was the cast
formerly ibe double headers now haul lorly
jr a nil Irjln
iiniMiwn u
Thomas Harris who to the regret of his
numerous friends took his departure tor
tha UsMlme Friday to return to his native
State Ohio Success to you Tom wher
ever yon go Is our sincere wish
The newspaper reports of the deal be
tween lhnL N and the C O A S W
and tha denial ot tha said deal are so numer
ous aad 10 confllctfnr that it Is hard for
one to decide whether or not ever such a
deal was made or sven contemplated
Foreman L It OBrien was called to
Henderson last week to look after the L
N interests at that point
The whlskyites of Kansas have for years
been fighting prohibition on the ground
that no revenue is derived from it and a
journal of that State makes this suggastlon
which we think is uncalled for as tne rob
bers are doing a fine business without go
ing to he expense of getting out licence
The flutcheson Patriot makes a point tor
prohibition by suggesting that at the rate
which train robbers have been getting in
theifvvork it might be well to license the
business and then the Slate would get a
revenue from it
A bold train robbery was committed in
the West last Sunday night by five men who
secured some fine Christmas presents from
the express car and the passengers aboard
every one of whom was relieved of their
money and valuables t
Sometime ago Conductor Lacefield be
came afllicted with what was at first sup
posed Id be a boil on one ot his ankles but
wljicb refuted to yield to treatment a
docRr wafhen called in and the place
lanjl yel no relief was given One
morning with a full determination that the
core of that boil should come out Mr
Lacefield seated himself with a knife in
hand and with the assistenct of his wife
commenced probing for the supposed core
soon their labor was rewarded by the ap
pearance of a piece of glass about the size
of a fingernail How long this had been
in his system he doesnt know but most
likely for a great number of years During
the past few years Mr Lacefield has been
a constant sufferer from what he thought
wasieurnatism but the pain was evidently
caused by the glass cutting its way through
the flesh
Catarrh in the Head
Is undoubtedly a disease of the blood
and as such only a reliable blood purifier
can effect a perfect a permanent cure
Hoods Sarsaparilla is the best blood puri
fier and it has cured nuny severe cases ot
catarrh Catarrh oftentimes leads to con
sumption Take Hoods Sarsaparilla be
fore it is too late
lloods Pills do not purge pain or gripe
but an act promptly easily and efficiently
Every man hates his
he sees it in another
iw ife
Engineer John Jlobbif formerly of Ibe 4-
own sin
An amusing incident ocurrcd
in one of our schools between a
pains taking lady teacher and an
aptpupil a real genius in his line
He was told in spelling when h
came to two letters alike as in the
word book not to repeat the let
terbut to say double Happening
to encounter the word did he
spelled out double d with an i
twixt it But the fun came in for
f theoftier pupils when fie assayed
to read Up Up Susie and see
the sun rise for he read it in
his way Double up Susie and
sea the sun rise Harrodsburg
One step toward God will put
the devil behind you
The right kind of a smile never
hurts a prayer meeting
Iteligion soon sours when love
for souls leaves the heart
Fine words on a tombstone do
not mean anything in heaven
You cant scare the man who
gets his courage from the Lord
A bad man hates the Bible be
cause it makeshim look at himself
Finding fault with Mary was
Marthas way of bragging on her
Christ never sends people to fish
in deep water who have broken
The devil has to run to keep up
with the man who walks with God
Gods man never work any hard
er because his salary has been
The greatest trouble is eaier to
bear than the known guilt of one
ilt 18 only when the Lords forces
ah divided that the devils gains
1 fv t v
ajga victory
0 man wants to be a saint until
he finds out what it is to be a sin
Noman wants to be a child of
God until he finds out that he is a
slave of the devil
It is hard for some to believe
that a sjn can be Mack as long as
it pays well
An Bjulaoatloa
As two men were about fo meet
on the street a day or two ago one
of fhem threw down his hat and
pulled off his coat and shouted
fl wasa looking foryotil I want
satisfaction t
Why Thomac what does this
mean asked the other in great
AYouVe been talking against my
llendrsordivisiin hutlticrof tlielieofgial
Central Isnuwhaci w ppor iuet iJiit you have 0U tohl tlm T
work on this division Join vat alwajaf iJOys n te shop that shed stop a
regaided as a Kood engireet
Mauler of 1 rains M Psvne and brother
John spent Cliristnu it ho mi In
1eruaps there mas never at this place a
young man more rjmenallp liked thin pas
clock i
5o I did Thomas b please
nThats an jiisuM
It canf btf Tho Y 8e
lAMmmiife11 iMdMmrir f
Afrntfi t r
we were talking about costly clocks
and beautiful women and I says
to the men says I
Now theres Tom Greens wife
If she had a 50 clock and was
dusting the mantle off and shoved
the hairbrush agin the pendulum
the beautiful and educated lady
would cause the motion of said
pendulum to become erratic and
finally cease altogether
Thats what I said Thoma3
and Ill leave it to you if it wasnt
1 compliment
Oh thats the way you said it
eh Well come and take some
An Ancient Yankee Notion
We are indebted to Pompeii for
the great industry of canned fruit
Years ago when the excavations
were just beginning a party of Cin
cinnatians found in what had been
the pantry of a house many jars of
preserved figs One was opened
and they were found to be fresh
and good Investigation showed
that the figs had been put into jars
in a heated state an aperture left
for the steam to escape and then
scaled with wax The hint was
taken and the next year fruit-canning
was introduced into the
United States the process being
with that in vogue at Pompeii
twenty centuries ago American
s uures
Catarrh in the Head
Took Seven Bottles Perfectly Well
Mr Herman Botllfce
Ot Chicago
I have been a victim ot catarrh a long while
My note and head were so stuffed up that some
time I roulJ not ulrrp nt all during
tho nlsht A friend ailrUcd me to take
IIooJ4 Sarsatarllla On buttle did tne so
much goo J I kept oni liavo now taken seven
bottles and 1 fel pcrfceilj well
Indeed I feel almost Ilk a new nun
I am very thaukf l for wkat Howls SarsapartRa
has done lor mo lu re llevlns me 01 so trouble-
aonMMteompliUnt llKnuAK ItODTKK
No 3180 Honanarto Hlrcet Chicago ill
Hoods Pills are purely vegetable care
tolly prepared from the best Ingrrdlcnti 25c
Any reader of tbls paper can get The
Republic fret by sending in
three new yearly subscribers to The Re
public with joo
In addition to obtaining the greatest news
weekly in America every subscriber to the
Republic will save ten times tht price of
the paper or more every year by tht spe
cial offers made subscribers from time to
Sample copies of The Republic will be
sent to anyone upon receipt of a postal
card request Address all orders
St Louis Mo
11 r -- i73n fiiSL
A happy familif
Twaa thus with the Jcljxums after
7rmnnn II bad been rescued front tht
grave by tho uso of DrFcnner Kidney
BDi uacKticno jure no writes
iiv father died ot kidney disease and
I inhorltfvj ft Had become so bad that
medical treatment cascd to benefit me
and I wua given over to dip Ono bottle
of Dr Fenncr Kidney nn4lf4ccacho
Cure practically cured me thougrh J con
tinued it a llltfo longer to bo safe My
digestion improved at once ray kidneys
healed and I am now a well man
Write him at Bustl N Y Certain in all
kidney diseases femalo complain tsback
Acht soreness or lameness over bock
ton In bladder etc Also the Obext
Bumd PjjjwffJV removing promptly
all impure ab4 pofsonous matter from
the blood curing tldn erwptjons and
scrofula dyspepsia heart disease drop
sy rheumatism drowsiness duUnpfS
sleeplessness constipation headaches
Money refunded if satisfaction cot
given Take home a bottle to day
Sold by J M Victory Co Earlington
O T Robinson Mortons Gap and Co
operative itlnig Co Barnsley
The faRTioHflii Twite
One ol Less than Halto Dozeo
Really Great BHy Papm
In the Cetiittyy
ltiblUlwl at ILt Nillonal Ckpiul
Devoted lo the bkuiry ot tUe war
loi4 14 Uie Interests of cx totdleri anil utlsw
That make a bold and nentoUst flbferthl
That conUoually liubl on JuaUct Mw
tli couolre defcndec
4T fit
rtlntul on Ha wklM papr edltej with iga
ibHttr aud Ailed wjeh mart taUrcOUll mlt Ua
can Dtt pivi UFeu
I 8ea4fK Sample Jiunf
Botton Belt Mb
St Louis Southwestern Hallway
11 lit
Through Car Service
emphis to Jexas
Ft Worth Wac
Through Coacbcs and Pullman Sleepers
Traversing the finest Farming Grating and
Timber Lands and Heachlng the Moit
Prosperous Towns and Cities In the
Great Southwest
FARMING LANDS Yielding abundantly nil
the cereals corn nnd cotton and es
pecially adapted to the cultivation of
small fruits and early vegetables
GRAZING LANDS Affording excellent pas
turage during almost ibe entire year
and comparatively close to the great
TIMBER LANDS Covered with almost In
exhaustible forests ot yellow pine cy
press and the hard woods common to
Arkansas and Eastern Texas
All Hoes connect wlili and hie llckett sn tale
via Ibe
Cotton Belt Route
A your nearcei ucaet akcm lor aiapi nine
Tablet etc and utile lo any ot the following or
all Information onitiir ilenlre concerning a trip
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Dltl Pais Act
Loultilltr Ky
Tray Pan Alt
Naihtllle Tenn
Genl Supr
Teurltana Tax
Dltl lrtt Aft
Memphis Trnn
Trar Pais Itl
Cknlianoofa Tenn
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Si LouliMo
Tli Press
Daily Suiiay IDcelihj
FOR 1Q93 04
Still maintain Its poalilon ai Philadelphias
Ctealett rimllr Nemtpapfr
And Ibis newt la carefully Terrified fullr claa
ICeJ ably edited legibly printed and made the
mora lotereallnx by belnjt well lllmlraled
lit editorial policy belnf at once forceful fear
leu Impartial arcreulre honest and always
directed lo the public welfare
Meetlnp all reontremenla aa eueh bv aDOeallne
directly to lbs bettlntereatt ot every member of
the homehold and by llie absence of anf thing ot
an objectionable character in either lit newt
literary or adrerlltlnit columns
Ily mall pojuio free q ibe Unite I Statu
Canada snd Heifep
Dally escrpl Sunday can jear Woo
one moniu 50
Including Sunday one year yjo
one month 6
Sunday one year too
WEEKLY PRESS one year 1 ra
Draf It Checkt and other Keinliianeea thould bo
made payibltfo the order of
THB PBK88 0P Limited
yPBESS WANT ADS giv the rtalett retultt
Tha people believe In them and me them
THE PRESS prints at hick at 40a want
adverlltemenlt In a single lime and haa re
ceived ioci7 amwert to Press Want Ads In
a tlnflo day This abowa why Pratt Want
Ada give the Krealcst results
Rates for ClaMlGtd AdrcrtUcaients
Situations Warned
Hall Cent a Word
Ona Cant a Word
Real Estate One Cent a Word
Hoarding Two Centa a Word
Kooms Two genii a Word
for bale ana fbundays TwoC4t aWord
Out Opportunities f Weekdays One Cent a Word
Foraraall jrnoooti one cent or two cent sumps
l a IJFH9 f 1 fff1
osv u ccmiTT
Has led all Worm Remedies
Tnrm4 kf UlttHUm iUICIIl 10 ST LOCIi
A Scientific American
3k Agency fw a
rm li faaiiat I lrii -a ia a
ih wirsau ior ascuring patents In America
T ukW Out by ue la bruuEt before
1 OttUto by a boum kIvmi froa ot tZ in t h
jJWeirtiffc mtiw
Impaired by Decs Ever DajJ
Certainly You Hare I
TAKE ri riS
Hate Yeu Seen Anjtlilng of Them The
Good Teeth that art HtlnR Lot and
1 liavc just opened a dental of
fice over Dultn West S Cos
store in Earlington wlicrc I am
prepared to do til kinds of dental
work 1 Jiavr employed Dr V
E Mintcr as my assistant wlio
can be found constantly at his post
If yon have decayed tcetli have
them filled and made as good as
new If they are too badly de
cayed to be properly filled have
then extracted and a new set
made Call on mo and you will bo
satisfied I turn nothing but first
class work out of my office
Samuel J Dakcr late SuYgcon
of St Marys Hospital Louisville
Ky will office with me It is
hardly necessary to speak of Dr
Bakers skill as a Physician and
Surgeon as he is so well known
throughout Western Kcntuck
He will treat the diseases of the
Vvtf Ear Nose and Throat If
you have Catarrh he caifcerntinly
cure you If your eyes are weak
he can make them strong If your
hearing is bad he can cure jou
If you need any wounds dressed
he is the man to call upon Dr
Baker is an honor graduate of the
University of Louisville If jott
need any treatment At the dental
or medical line call upon ti and
you will he pleased
North np NoivniyfiST j
Remember this line hat an clrtsnt irslj
dally between Nashville an I Chicago
IT Nashsllle I N 7 p tn
Kvansvlllr 11 ATM 1 j a tn
Terra Haute C IK I Jo a m
Ar Chlcaco v 10 ij a lit
This Is a solid vatilbuled tlatn with PULLMAN
Car 11 attached to the train at Dannlle enabling
the patsent era 10 gel theirtreakfait en mute
Connections maJe al Nashville with lhroaeli
tleepera from Jacksonville I torlda and Mem
phis Tennessee lor Kalet Mapa or further
Information call on or address
Southern Pan Aft G l A E Till K K
Chattanooga Tenn Evansvillr Ind
Contractor and Builder
Midlsonillli Kintucky
HTGood Work Guaranteed
Write for Terms
where all others fall Coue
GOcU and
One coat a does
1 jioarienesj wbooplotr Ct
Alt ma
haa cure
For Consumption it baa no
tfitmaandapncs ft jjvufl 1
m loiirJniirIjti on n
taww BUM
Crdurt Bar
eugti nnd
For sale by Sf Dernartf fSoaJ Comply
ljTmn1 bTr one of etllier se Inany
7iiyj cuuuiry wno is wining tuvtork Indus
SSL V P nt which we- furnish
The labor Is light aud pleasant and run To
risk whatever H 0 HI yoti out ciujJctct you tl it
4 ou call give the business a trial v itfiout r xptnis
III 1 AllFrffilr h IP llintll tellllnnln 1 llil
ti T t 1 wu us of
V t it- vuw luaue 1 uu dm work
a I day or lit the eventnK only If yu nm
pIoKdamlhavea fewtpar hours nt jour d
Ioal utilise them and add to jour ImosutV -our
business will not Interfere at nil iu will
be amazed ou tho ttnrt at tho raptdll nul in
by which you mnait dollar lion dollardav In iii
day out Kvi n begluners tiro luccsJfunmm I ue
flrsthour Any one can run the bulium mi
fall ou thould try nothing rlsr until iun
fur yourself what jo ran do nt tho buOnest
U lllrll ttv niT w a nanfr -I I
- 1 w KiMttif ievn 1 I III V 1 Brit
jwiutl worker nuwaiajrt Uwr maVtr a much
itnwn riiaavilifiill uiiii
II 1 1 f MMail Sf II II U
Hitiru iu llim 11 nir Iff
tin OIro ftnl lf
ourir AdJrvs II IIAll hn
l MXU l
Chamberlains 13yo and
inllllnl -
A certain cure for CLronlo Goto Eyes
Tetter Mi Ukmn ft Horn ofii
Cbroalo Korea levcr 6orMcKCa
Itch Pralrlo Bcratchqa Eor6 KIppM
andFUua ltlacoollncr anil unnttilnr
r I
Handredaof caaeatsvofjejn cared by
nummoiW treawoiit liad fftiJoO
s f
4 frV
-- t
u il
IttoputBpla88jiBdWwutbum Mr
For ale at c art v
ai uernarc urug store liaillnilrm
George S Kings St Charles

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