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irfj nm M inifir si eflititun as Second
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Yfie Jtextan Gitacinalian Muss
According to our latest advices
Mexico seelns determined and war
is imminent Guatemala seems
equally determined to annulf the
treat of i882if not by arbitration
tbon to take a twist with Mexico
-Matters have within tbe past few
days assumed a warlike aspect in
bothe countries Mexico stoutly
mbintaind that there is nothing to
arbitrate that the interpretation of
the treaty is perfectly clear without
li single clause over which a dispute
can be raised but the present ad-
ministration of Guatemala does
not likp tho provisions of the treaty
and wishes to ignore itor withdraw
The arbitration proposition is
rftccefcdiqgly inopportune It woijld
le njterfqrpnco in tbe interest of a
nation whjph is endeavoring to
abide compliance with the treaty
nbjigatiops It is assunjed that
ahqBtatemcnt in the Washington
itniiimcri rr n - rr - 7 j
ttieeTmen copies milled fre on application
C irreiiMtiJenlt wintisl li til pom of lhe
oaunfr AiMFeta m lor particulars
Jiitsuar fliat Insertion
listKMibetqiieiit Inanition
Ativpmsomenii lor ionj perloils Con
traeTcil tof at special met
I M1I1 pnli nt lln
Marriage blrtli ami ilnaiti notice Inserted free
TlMiilnr notice will be cbariceil cents per line
fAII iiWertlsemenU at regular
taiea mull
run nf tho naDer itlira Dosiuonavuii
iBBlrnonlwlientriiird for if special eon
A Mr J all communications lo
THE Milt
Darlington Kjr
v jjir Mafia lias again begun pr
orations t in New Orleans More
ynqHuic llicre may be expected
t can be said oi ex Governor
TitrncVi of Tennessee be means
what lie does and bis actions are
- ibVspoils
Govkknok MeKiULHv voiced tbe
feelings of great multitudes of vot
ers when be said Tbe people arc
tired of tbis Tariff tirikering bond
issuing debt increasing Treasury
depleting business - paralyzing
wageVrcducing Queen restoring
been edited by nothing but old
bachelors be present editors not
excepted We predict the Journal
that Jay will gladden the hearts of
tbe reading public No doubt its
present management will be given
pointers too of profit to the press
whejber or not male ideas are to
bo considered correct copy As
predicted the Henderson Journal
pi February tSth will be a tooth
some morsel and its coming will
ha hailed with delight
The Debt Maker
K tin one year Mr Clevelands Ad
ministration lias already increased
tlo Interest bearing public debt by
jjtooFQooooo or more than 17 per
cetitjftnd it wants authority from
Congress to increase the debt by
8500000000 more which would
more than double tbe public debt
as the Cleveland Administration
found it
In time of peace with no extra-
ordinary demands pressing upon
tbe Treasury this self proclaimed
reformer of the national finances
elected to office to give the
tryj tariff for revenue a
enue from a1 tariff has given
tothe country instead of that nn
additional burden of debt and
promise of debt amounting in the
aggregate to the figures of a great
Wars cost
iBond sales for revenue I That
is1 the p6licy of Grovcr Cleveland
and his sole achievement Such
is tbe record of tbe mouther of
I VQnjfses and the shifty borrower
of cash wherewith to cover the
failure of performance the shame-
jNtbo last twenty five years
uyafan exchange the United
atatqs has created more than half
Unntianal wealth Yes but the
prpnt administration seems de-
tUrminctt squander tbe last dol
lar and crethe chief executives
term shall have expired grave
fears are entertained that the
national treasury will be in bank
ruptcy and this proud old nation
inijlions of dollars in debt
4 1
Tue editors of the Henderson
Journal will take a holiday Febru
v aryi8th The paper for that day
will beiH the bands of the ladies
of Henderson who will edit the
Journal as it was never before ed
ited Great indeed will be the
contrast lor almost as far back
as the recollection of the oldest
inhabitantextends that paper has
Ullcssbreakcr of pledges and the
indacious maker of debt New
York Sttn Dcm
1 United States Government really 1
1 intends- offering itH mediation of
course with tbu consent of both
parties to tbe dispute It remains
to be seen what Mexico will do in
the premises
Should tbe proffered intervention
be accepted Guatemala will nat
urally desire to hatfe the treaty of
188a ignored and thus reopen to
discussion an almost interminable
question which after many years
of diplomatic consideration was
definitely adjusted in 1882
Upon tbe whole the offer of
the United States Government if
correctly reported seems to bo ill
considered and inopportune and
probably prolong and vex a ques
tion which now seems to be draw
ing rapidly to 1 settlement
The crisis has been reached
and if there is no outside interfer
ence there will be an end pacific
or otherwise put to the question
in a very short time
The Government Arsenal in the
city of Mexico is still at work day
and night
The Cidcrvillc Circuit
Wh Some Ieoble Do Not Go to Church
Dkkk Jiiss
I had made my kalklashuns to
hawl sum logs to the sawmill today
but when the hired hand kum to
gcer the team this mornin he found
that wun hoss was sick and another
wun peered to hav a sore shoulder
and so I kunkludcd I wud let the
boys wash and grease the geers
and wud go to the blacksmith shop
and so I done so but I got back
right smart sooner than I lowed I
wud and so I bleeve He jest let
things go fur the time bcin and set
down and answer your last letter
I was tttrrible glad to bear that
your corn is a goin to turn ou t so
well in spite ov the drowth and
that your new preecher peers to be
a goin to suit so many of the peo
ple I dont kno how it is out your
way Jess but with us 1 hav giner
ally notist that the preccbers who
takes a holt ov the pecpul in gin
eralis purty apt to be a new wun
There baint many fokes amongst
us who will go to meetin ritestrate
along thru wet and dry after a
preecher has ben on this sirkut a
year or so but if you want to see
the Ciderville meetin house packed
full kum to see us jest after weve
ben a gittin us a new preecher
The fust Sunday or so after kon
ference is alwas a wonderful brisk
time with us and Kalup Chiller
says its about the only time he
raaly enjoys passin the bat in
meetin fur heze alwas sure to see
chicken feed anuff droppin into it
then tc make him feel that he haint
a goin over the house fur nuthin
You see Jess when fokes only go
to meetin now and then they dont
mind droppin in a little change
when kullekshun is took like other
peepul do who kind a make it a
bizniss to go to meetin and so at
sech times when they kum to
kount up whats ben put in the bas
kets they will be purty sure to find
more dimes than common and
less buttons
But ez I was a savin it dont
peer to be no hard matter at all to
git fokes to turn out by the drove
and go to meetin when they kno
theyre goin to bear a man preach
that they dont know nuthin about
You see sum want to kno whether
heze a goin to be pintcd in his
preechin or not and others h ank
shus to find out whether heze a
goin to pepper it to tbe jews or to
folks who liv in Muskcetur kounty
And still others wud like to kno
what his idee is on baptism and
sum more wants to go and see
whether he will make a good deal
ov noise in his preechin or whether
be will jest stand on the aidgc ov
the pull pit and tawk in an easy
kind ov a way cz tho he dident
kcer mutch whether anybody jined
meetin or not and preach his sar
mint klccr thru from his tcckst to
the bennydiksbun without even
mussin his hair up
To be sure thers other fokes
whose main reason fur goin to
meetinwhen we fust git a new
preacher is to find out whether
heze married or single or how
many children heze got or how
tall be is or how short be may be
or whether heze lean or fat to say
notbin ov tbe peepul who put on
their best bib and tucker and go to
meetin airly anuff to git a front
scat jest bckoz they wud like to
kno what the preccbers pollyticks
is and which way heze a goin to
Bat I dont kno ez it makes any
difference what fokes go to meetin
fur so long ez they go Tho main
thing I spoze is to git urn out sum
how and when theyre wunst there
its the preccbers bizniss to so man
nidge things ez to git urn to jine
the meetin and go to payin quart
eridge Evry wunst in a while I
dispatches js correct and that tho see a peece in the Cidervillo Skor
fctaftfcUc -- -T
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miimi 1
no not toko tuo comic t lea
luut OWleni which in
ur tbo rtklii hut tako tho mat
ml ttnv to Bnln n IxYiutlf nl color
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tuna a nnoimoum ixm iieniui
jln tho gnafost txAUtlflci Tho
meAnt 10 Dtouijr coimorx
fttiri iiiuiiin mr ttmnrii iip
Fiorc Favorite rrwerlrtf
wrinkle faro and itboeq
fiwllnm Jlf wmHmi
haV8 their HftOJn tho do-
rongtrtnentr pocullnf to
Kavorito Proacrlp
itlon will build r
htronjthon and Invigo
every xun uowiv
dolicnlo womnn by
mrulntlnir and ntslitlrur
all 1110 natural iuiicuouh iiaisojouensjxiin
At toino period In her llfo a woman re
quires a general tonto and nortfne m well ai
n remedy adajitod to bef apeclM needs
You can And no othir romedy tliati mar
anttctt If the Proscription over fall to
benefit or cure you have tom money back
Wbon youve Catarrh ue Dr Dago Homody
pion a wonderin what kin be dun
to git pccptll to go tb meetin and
hear preechin anuff to make tun
behave theirsclvcs and the next
week sumbody gmcrally answers it
by puttin in a long pecco recom
mendin thedoin oV this or the not
doin ov that but I haint never
seen notbin that it peered to me
wud take holt oV fokes and pull
urn out ov bed and make urn do
the chores in time to go td meetin
like bavin the word spread all
over the kountythat weve got a
new preecher and so if it Was left
fur me to say what ort to bo dun
I wud say jet its hav sum kind ov
a plan by which wc kin hav a new
preecher at least cvry three munis
If that cud only be dun I kno
ezwcll as I kno when to cut buck
wheat that our meetin houses wud
hav a heap ov pecpul m urn almost
evry Sunday and if tho Jreccbin
was only made anuff to keep from
hurtin the fcclins ov fokes I dont
sec notbin to bender our soon fillin
up mith jincrs who hav munny in
their pockets and if scch was the
case mebbe wc cud fix the passlln
idge fence or git some new winder
glass fur tbe meetin house without
havin to stew oysters or sell Tec
kreem or git up a koncert to kivcrJ
tbe expense
And then its jest ike you say
Jess it it dont peer to be much
trouble fur a new preecher to suit
most evry body fur a month or so
bekoz there is so many that arc
down on the old preecher that they
will take a noshun to whoever kums
along jest out ov contrariness like
the feller who marries u gal fur
spite koz another wun has giv him
the sack And then thcrseanother
thing about it and that js this
When a preecher dont kno notbin
about you you kin go to meetin
and even set on a front bench and
feel kumfortably and safe bekoz
you kno that there wont be nothin
in his preechin yit awhile that is a
bein aimed pint blank at vou But
atter you Hav ben a payin your
quarteridgd in things that you cud
cnt begin to sell to anybody else
fur cash and he has visited atyour
house and seen you whale the
yungons or have a dispute with
your wife or tryin to plowwlth a
colt you know cz well as I do
Jess hownatcheral it kums to feel
that yuve got to gitreddy to dodge
the minit you see him open the
Bible and begin to preech
I dont keer who the man is ner
how well he kin talk in klassmeetin
when his wife aint with him I dont
bleeve he kin set under preechin
without feelin ez tho he wud like
to be sumwhere else when its a
bein dun by a preecher he knows
has found out that he puts apples
in the bottom ov the basket that
wudent do to go on top I kant
mind that Ive ever missed meetin
on Sunday mornin fur a month or
so after we got a new preecher
but when heze ben on the sjrkut
long anuff fur me to git to kno him
and fur him to git to kno me the
road to Ciderville has most alwaS
seemed to be up bill all tbe way
after that whenever Semantby
wud say anything about hitchin up
the mules and goin to meetin
And its kind a kurus too Jess
how mutch ov the preechin there
is that peers to pint strato tords
the part ov the house where 1 set
as soon cz a preecher has ben three
months 011 the sirkut tit dont
make no difference where he finds
his tcckst ncr bow it reads he will
mannidgc to so twist things around
sumhow cz to throw me jnto a cold
swett before be gits tiru and then
jest like ez not He be the fust Wun
hclc want to shake hands with
after he gits out ov the pull pit
If it wuzzent fur this wun thing
I cckspcct Idc like to go to nlectin
cz well as the next wun fur I cnj
joy secin the folks and bavin a
little chat with this one or a few
words with that oneand findin out
how times is and how the crops is
a kummin on either before meetin
begins or afterwards but when the
preecher knows me so well that he
kin make his preechin cut into me
like a buz saw I cckspcct I wud
do a heap ov stayin at home if it
wuzzent that weve got sum folks
in this naberhood jest mean anuff
to say that I was afeered to show
myself in meetin if I dun it
And yit Jess I must say that
weve got sum folks a blongin to
our meetin who are never in nq
swett about havin a new preecher
and who peer to take jest ez mutch
l WW
kumfort in goin to church when
tbcrcs an old band on tho sirkut
as when there is wun who has jest
kum to the appointmont There
Isuni Klover and tho WidderGood
and Sister Brasd and sum more
that 1 cuff name who peer to take
scch a strong noshun to sum ov
our prcechcrs lllat the longer they
stay tbe better they like it and
when they do hav to go way I lion
qstly bleovu they feel downright
bail about it It dont seem to
make a bit ov difference whether
the jjreechin is it bein dun by an
old preecher or a new wun Isuni
Klover always peers to enjoy it
and even when line a giltcn pep
pered so strong that I cant hardly
set still- he will look ez bright as
Jim Tccstcrduzatasbootin match
and say amen to it and the
WSddcr Good will clap her hands
and almost shout under preechin
that makes me jest about reddy to
dcklarc that I wont never take an
otner pound ov bacon ncr stick ov
wood to the passuriidge cz long as
1 liv
Whether it is that they jined
meetin at a different time in
the moon from what I did
- -4 -a
the weather is and so I bleeve lie
stop and stir around and git
at sumthin So good by till I
start agin Yourn the same cz
common bilas janderfoot
DoWn in Mines
Mr Sam Rogers a prominent coal op
erator from Washington Indiana was
with ui last week for a day or so Desides
being a dealer in dusky diamonds he rep
resents a patent midicino company nod is
also an agent fcr a patent pick handle in
fact we might call him a jack of all trades
and callings His visit here made him
friends who look upon him not only as a
shrewd business man but a gentleman in
the true sense of tho word
The strong gale of last Friday night
caused the loss of about 40500 worth of
coal at a point near Hickman Ky where
eighteen barges containing about 320000
bushels wero sunk to the bottom of the
river Tbis coal was from Pittsburg is a
heavy loss to the operators at that point
After a rest of a few weeks the cablo rope
shaft and llio lata slope ihm Joining the
mines loellier
This Is llin worst disaster that has ever
ociurred In Union counly and the cnilrs
community Is In deep sorrow
All Ilia men wero married extcpl Albert
Hall and leave large families Young
Coffeos widow Is expected to become a
a niolher toon also Mrs Kittslmmons
Hon Henry Dixon of Henderson de
livered a lecture here to night half ot the
proceeds of which will go lo tbo families uf
tho fivo miners Seventy five dollars was
made up here to day tor Ihelr benefit
Mr Norwood Stale Inspector received
Information lit tho Slurgis mtna disaster
Ho examined the mine November 17 al
though It was questioned whether It was
subject to bis supervision tinea mines in
which not more than five persons are em
ployed are exempt from Iho provisions of
the mining law Ha left for the mine this
afternoon The Tate slope Is part of the
property of tbe Sturgis Coal and Coke
Company which for some time has been
In the hands of a receiver butfor the
purchase of which Mr L C Carrctt of
Chicago presumably with a sttong com
pany to back him has been negotiating
taocomotiOe blasts
In some particulars rather n mjsterious
accident happened at Rbbards last Friday
evening When train No jt southbound
passenger was leaving that point and some
distance from the platform tbe Pullman
that harder hit orV
or theyre to r lhe wh hs cul
slowed to take n hint than what I
am I dont kno but I do kno that
they peer to like goin to meetin cz
well as I do to hear sumbody play
the fiddle and from their looks
while they are there you wundent
never mistrust that anything in the
sarmint had kum within a mile ov
urn But it is not that way with
me Jess and when the preecher
means me I alwas kno it no mat
ter whether he looks tords the
place where I am a settin or not
But I sec that 1 hav alrcddy took
up more time in wntin to you than
I ort to spare from work the way
Now the mystery was how came him to
tall under the train as neither conductor
or brakeman on tho passenger saw any ono
attempting to get on or off when the train
started from tho station Tbo unfortunato
man we understand was a farmer living
near that point and bystanders claim that
he went to get off after the train started
and jumping oft backwards fell and was
thrown under tho cars with tbo above re
sult His namo was Bakin and he Ifvcd
only a short time after tbo Injuries were
received Who is responsible for tbu acci
dent we aro unable to say As the railroad
company constantly warn passengers from
attempting to get off a train while in mo
tion itldonl seem that it is a caso wherein
blamo can be attached to them ct foil
particulars may show that there was care
lessness on both sides
Ed Austin who some mouths ago was
indicted for car robbery was taken before
tbe County Judge last week and tried and
found guilty and sentenced to thrco
months stay In tho county jail a small
penally for tbe offense committed
Detwccn Cincinnati and Indianapolis is
Morris a small Station on the 13 ig Four
One train in tbe schedule gets in Morris
towards tbo hour of midnight and tbe
brakemen and the conductors are compelled
to call out the name of the station Their
voices are neither sweet nor low and tbe
dozers in tbe cars areVudely aroused from
tbeircat naps
As the train approached Morris one of
the brakemen jelled in the back door
Morris Morris He bad barely fin
ished his little speech when the forward
brakeman joined the symphony with Iho
Morris Morris The conductor wasnt
going to get Ift in a May festival like this
and be wound up in tbe finale with a shriek
louder than all lhe rest
LMorris Morris Then a gruff passen
ger who had been rudely awakened an
swered and said-
Ob for Gods sake shut up Morris
put in the No o mine was again spliced ain t in here Cincinnati Tribune
last Saturday by an expert at tbe splicing
business and another trial given tbe rope
tbis week when It Is generally believed that
tbe success or failure of tbis new enter
prise by tbe St Bernard will be finally set
tled unless tbe fact is made known that a
rope of a different and more substantial
construction is all that is needed to make
it a success and upon tbis question there
seems to be a great diversity of opinions
Perhaps in the history of mining in Ken
tucky there has never been a more terrible
disaster than that which occured at Sturgis
last vvesk of which an exchange furnishes
the following- account An explosion in
a coal mine caused by the igniting of gas
occurred south of here near Sturgis at
12 oclock last night and of the five men
who were working in the slope not one Is J
left to tell the story of the awful death
About midnight last night a tremendous
shock carrying with it a muffled roar
awoke everybody in tbe neighborhood and
a party of citizens rushed in the direction
of tbe sound
The debris about the old slate slope
from which an opening was being driven
Into tbe Sturgis shaft soon pointed
out the nature and spot of the disaster
Lights were procured and a relief party
started into tbe bole of death to rescue if
possible tbe unhappy occupants Having
got through the mass ot coal slate wrecked
cars etc left by tho explosion the relief
crew came upon tbe bodies of two dead
mules which were used in the mines
and their worst fears were about lo be
realized Loud shouts Into the dark pit
received no reply and tbo stillness of death
reigned in the rooms whence a foul odor
of gas and powder came 1
At tbe tace of the entry where a wall ot
coal of about one hundred yards divided
them from the men who were working
toward them from tbo shaft the five min
ers ot the slops side were fou nd in various
positions all dead and nearly all badly
burned The eyeballs of several protruded
from their sockets and the bodies pre
sented a sickening scene
The dead men are as follows
James Coffee aged twenty one married
William Walton aged fifty large family
Robert Hall aged forty large familley
AI Hall aged twenty unmarried
Miles Fitzsimmons aged forty five large
Tbe explosion was so great that it
cracked the roof of the mine near the en
When the charred remains of the victims
were brought out and recognized by their
families their cries and lamentations were
Not a tew miners think the explosion
was caused by dust but the general opin
ion Is that tbe gat which accumulated in
be rooms while tho mines were abandoned
was rushed forward by tbe falling ot
heavy slate into the main opening and there
ignited by the lamps of the miners
Three kegs of powder one of whch
was opened wero found In he mine tbe
two unopened kegs being exploded and the
ope exposed being untouched
Tbe mines havo been working day and
night using n double force the object be
ing to drive north nnd south from the
I had a dream of bells one night
Their ringing O so strange and svveetl
My windows open wide I threw
That music marvelous to greet
It came from out a great white star
Like gate of heaven far away
Has not Gods city belfries tall
With cbimc3 that ring each happy day
A dream it was for I awoke
And all the shadowed room was still
Yet not a dream for there are days
This music seems my soul to thrill
When ecbo words of right good will
Tbe truth when one may bravely say
If righteous cause a triumph win
The bells of heaven ring that day
For love and truth and righteousness
Make music tbat is sweeter far
Than bells which angel bands may ring
High in the belfry of a star
In a sense eycry Christian is a temple of
God but Christ was the temple of God in
whom dwelt tbe fullness of the Godhead
Difficulty ot achclvement stupefies the
Uluggard advies tbe prudent terrifies the
fearful animates tbe courageous
As lovo is deepest In the being of God
so faith Is tbe mightier principle in tbe soul
of man
There Is never a might havo been lhat
touches with a sting but reveals also to us
an inner glimpse of tbe wide and beautiful
may be1 It Is all there somebody else
has it now while we wait
The nobleness ot life depends on its
consistency clearness of purpose quiet
and ceaseless energy
He who would bo a great soul in tbe fu
ture must be a great soul now
Tbo sure result of regeneration is a de
vout reverence for tbe law aud a resolute
keeping of it in the bcart
I know Ibe Uiblo is Inspired because It
fipdt me at greater depths of my being
ban any other book
Rev T C Peters of the M E Church
South filled hit appointment last Sabbath
at 11 oclock but was ailing too much to
conduct tbs 7 30 p m service conse
quently returned to bis home Sunday af
Rev J W Ltgon of this city occupied
tbe pulpit at tbe Christian Cburcb In
Manitou last Sabbath preaching to a
crowded bouse at each service The peo
ple of lhat place are highly pleased with
our brother nnd we hear it whispered that
they are desirous pf securing at least a
portion of his services the present year
llder Jan A Durdcn ot this city hat
taken chargo ot Crabtreo church ot Iho
General Uaptist denomination Ha will
preach for them this year ns their pastor
every Saturday night and Sunday boforo
tbo 3rd Sabbath in each month All de
nominations aro cordially Invited lo at
cad the services of this church
Rev U W Rote ot Loultvllle Dlo
cecan Evangelist ot the Epitcopal church
preached two excellent sermons last Sab
bath morning and nt 7 30 p m at Assem
bly Hall Rev Roses first visit to our
city last summer created n very favorablo
imprcMion with our people and but for
the fact that services were held at the two
Methodist churches last Sunday one ot
Ihem being a revival service lhat has been
In progtcss for the past three weeks some
what divided tho people nnd the brother
was compelled to content himselt with
small congregations Come again Urother
Rev A Dennett pastor ot the M K
Cburcb commenced a revival meeting at
Darncsley the 33rd of Dec 94 assisted
by Evangelist W C Wilson Notwith
standing the snow nnd cold weather tho
Interest manifested from the beginning was
good At the expiration ot two weeks
thero being about thirty six conversions
Brothers Dennett and Wilson bad to Icavo
the meeting to engage in u revival at Enr
lington According to previous arrange
ment tbo local preachers continued the
meeting up to data there has been eighty
five conversions with Interest increasing
Great crowds attending the meeting Tbe
Still House must go
There is a difference between success and
prosperity Success is the achievement ot
a purpose prosperity Is doing what is
really best for ones self Thus a shrewd
gambler succeeds he docs not prosper an
honest Christian may prosper though not
succeed Sometimes prosperity demands
the sacrifice ot success Often to succeed
means everlasting destruction of ones
souls welfare Many a millionaire has
lived and died in the strango paradox of
splendid success in the midst ot awful ad
versity and many a Christian has lived
and died in that strango paradox of dis
tressful failure in tbe midst ot glorious
prosperity It is sometimes the test of a
genuine Christian when a man can look
his plans in the faco and ask himself am
I after success or prosperity The man
wbo can sacrifice success for prosper
ity hiis good grounds for assurance The
desire to succeed is a worldly spirit tbe
ambition for prosperity is a heaven born
ppirit Success may be miserable blight
ing damnable prosperity is nhvays com
fortliig helpful hopeful Kentucky
Editor Bee
I read an article In the Religious Cor
ner recently in regard to Drunken and
dram drlnkiug church members The
best disposition that can be made of such
unruly ones In my hnmble opinion and
I believe this to be tbe general opinion of
all true lovers of the Church Militant
is that it such will not give up their cups
they should have no part nor lot in this
matter they should at once be excluded
from all the immunities of Gods people
There is no question but tbat many
join the church for a cloak to bide their
meanness but in this tbey make a serious
mistake for their errors become more glar
ing to 1 criticising and scrutinising world
than before they donned the habiliments
ot a Christian
You have doubtless seen men who un
der tbe pressure of the cares of this life
and they are represenle J in Gods word
as doing and liable to do this very thing
seek to drown their troubles in tbu wine
cup and at the end ot Iheir debauch
awake to the truth lhat their tronbles arc
not diminished but rather augmented
Perhaps ihero ar6 members in
all of our churches who will drink swear
gamble lie and do anything else for the
devil and sinners tell us Ibat such and
such a one belongs to such and such a
church Now such conduct it a draw
back to any church and a clog to tbe causa
of Christ Brethren and sisters lets go to
work in the spirit ot meekness and try to
reclaim such members and it we cannot
then lets exclude them and cleanse our
churches of all such so tbat a religious
wave may spread over our city and tbe
country at large and then will we see our
neighbors and our own children converted
to tbe christian religion and it is tbis we
pray for every day Then wc will have
belter people more love and friendship
for each other As Christians and
members of the various denominations
ot Christians wo should all seek by tbe
help of God to keep ourselves and
our church unspotted from tbe world
get rid ot all such members get
rid ot denominational prejudices and
get more ot the love of God In our hearts
pray more for sinners pray for union
among Gods people live together as Chris
tians here and at last well meet in tbat
God built city In heaven where there
will be no more sin
Elder Jas A Burden
Much thought and
dlicvmon bare oc
eurrod among tat
good and the VTISB
Tbo subjeot ass
been Dr Fenners
Oolden Relief A
says It cures too
many diseases
claims too much I
D says tbe Hat Is long and Its a long way
from a corn to a pulmonary consump
tion Its trifling vrlth buman affliction 0
bas tbe solution It cures only ImrrauiiATloir
Thats but ONE Its cot many names A corn
Is -one A consumption is snother Many be
tween such as neuralgia toothache burns
roeumausm uiarrnooa ayicntory nuz etaeto
Cure tho Inflammation In any of these and the
disease Is eouel raults with the naming
remedy not to blame I Treat It fairly aire It
n chance Tbe Doctors dont euro consumption
This Is the last chance Try It Read tbs
Mrs L 0 Smith No O North Wsshtngton
BtRochcsterNY wrltest Nearly all ay
relatives bare dtod of consumption I was un
der the baa of the same dread disease Ilad the
wasting of flesh and tho heotlo flush1 I final
ly began the use ot Dr Fenners Oolden Relief
and am fully restored If poople could only
know this remedy as I know It what a saving
of Ufa there would be Write her She knows
ha ImIIi ml T
on a lump of sugar ones In two hours It never
disappoints Contains no narcotics or mineral
poisons Sate and certain One tablespoonful
doso cures La Orlppe If satisfaction not given
money refunded Take borne a bottle to day
Sold by J M Victory Co Earllngtoo
D T Robinson Mortons Gap andCo
operative Mining Co Darnsley
V liua jf froiiany Injurious mbuancc WW
We GUARANTEE a CURE or refund your moncv
i i iro wnuunar Dome seniJ4e lor Ireatiso
ttlttAIONT MICUIOAI COi Ilostmi lUoai
- WJ3 MiM
Too erntii
A writer who does not Iwlluvo much
In tho honctti Judgment of nmtitottris In
matters of nrt cltos tho cnM of nn
American truvolln r In Inrls wIiomivt
a plot tiro In a shop window took a
fancy to It nnd wont In to nslt tho
Fivo francs said tho dealer
Thats twonty flvo dollars Isnt It
laid tho American to tho frlond at hit
tldo Illtakolt
No monslour sold tho honest
shopman who understood some Cup
llsh Ilvo frntics not fivo louls
About a dollar I think In your
Oh then I wont havo III exclaimed
tho American nnd ho left nhop lu
Tcrrlblo Duol
Soma Frenchmen wero bonstluu of
their affairs of honor when 0110 of
them a Mut sclllalsc declared that
ho had Inlliatcd upon nn nutufrohlst tho
most dreadful fute that n duulltt had
ever met
How wus It nshed everybody
I was at n hotel nnd I chanced to
Insult n total MttinRcr It turned out
Hint io wns n fcnulnff mnstor
One or the other of us ho do
clnred In fenrful wrath will not fro
out of thU room nllvel
So lot It fool I shouted In rcBponso
and then I rushed out of tho room
locked tho door liehlnd me nnd loft
him there to did
Murltlnl Anicultles
Yes this Is n nlco homo this Is
said Mr Hnpcclt ns ho hunr upjils
overcoat and sunU shivering Into a
chair every cvonlnff when I come In
tho fire frocs out
Well can you blamo It Georgo In
quired Mrs Knpcch sweetly ns sho
prepared to put on another shnvvl and
ivrttchcd her husband shuddering
Chicago Record
Ilnvl In Wrntth
Fags They thnt Dr Capsulo has
mndo n fortune within tho last fivo
Gaga Gracious What a lot of pco
plo ho must hrtvo cured
Youro uwny offj ho didnt euro tiny
body ho discovered a now disease
N Y Tribune
The Sorrowl nt Childhood
Mrs Chafllo Johnnie what aro you
saying to that dog
Johnnie I wns just having a lltllo
tnllt with him I wns only telling him
what n nlco tlmo ha had that ho never
had to wash his faco or comb his hair
nnd didnt evon have to go to school
Texas Sift Intra
A Vnlnnble Tettlnionlal
Eminent but Ilald IIcudcd Citizen
Well sir what can I do for you
Visitor You can doma a great favor
with no troublo to yourself Will you
kindly sign this certificate for my hair
Eminent Citizen Hnlr restorer But
my dear sir I have sovcr used your
hair restorer
Visitor Of conrso not That Is ex
actly what I wish you to certify
rsarcaln lftjr
Kitty Good gracious how did Fan
nto ercr como to talto such a man as
John I understood sho met him first
at a drygoods emporium on bargain
Kitty What difference docs that
John Oh a woman will tako any
thing then Detroit Erco Press
Au KipemlTO Lynching
Whats nil tho nolso about at the
Thors a lynching case goin on
A lynching case
Yes You sco they lynched n man
about a month ago nnd ho broke three
Well theyre a suin his wlddcr for
daninjccs Atlanta Constitution
Madisdnville Ky
If you want shoes to fit and to
wear well have them made to or
der Call at my shoe making es
tablishment opposite the Court
House have your measure taken
for a first class hand made shoe
Shoes of my make as all my cus
tomers will tell you arc made of
the best material and arc in every
respect just what a man needs
Very Respectfully
Condensed News
Womens Department
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Political Department
Answer to Correspondents
Every thing
A ten page eight column Democratic Newspaper
NENRr WATTER80N Is Ibo Iljltor
The Weekly Cornier Journal makea veryliberal
terms to agents Sample copies ct the paper and
Premium Supplement sent free to any address
Write to
Will be sent one year to any address for 1175
Uarlingrop Ky
Has led all WORM Homedlos
sojVD 11 v ai1 itKuaaitrs
rrM4 br
niciuunsuj nicuitni r6 st tone
The lilectropoiso gave 1110 com
plete rolief from excruciating pain
in three applications I also find
it good for treating children for
their numerous ailments- C AT
Soden with Dridgoford Co
Louisville Ky
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my kidneys inflamation of tho
bladder and enlargement of tho
prostato glnnd After rt short trial
of tho IJIcctropoise I am entirely
rpliovcd and feel twenty years
I have derived mora benefit from
the use of Elcctropoiso than from
all other remedies combined 1
think it the grandest invention of
the ago It can not he praised too
highly Mrs M 12 Gorman
Sadiovillc Ky August ao
John II Davis Usq of Bar
boursville Ky Thu Electro
poise is the best all around doctor
I know of My wife suffered from
effects of la grippe for several
years also a complication of other
ailments Now she is entirely well
Indigestion bothered me a great
dcalj am now well One of mj
neighbors if using it for lung trou
ble and reports improvement
As a curative agent the Electro
poise can not be equaled Nearly
1000 have bcon put out from this
office in the last three months
SSyElcctropoiso put out on trial
for four months for io Send for
valuable book free
509 Fourth Avenue Louisville Ky
tl Btff1
Jm With rlnt Xlil Klntrr lloarl i
ffg HrWae IT MADSTIir Wllilli
Write tor pilcca on Muilcal Imuumcnli
Thos D Walker
Alias Old JoVer
It still In lha lead with acompWte stock of
StoOes asfiags
roots aad
U Bottled
Repairing and Roofing a Specialty
Old Joker has marked his goods to low
That everything is bound to go
Low Cash Salcs and Profits Small
Insures tbe patronage of all
EJcirHxiBjtoir - PCy
Wffl UjjRITv
Tnis Oiuut Conatl Cun cromtitlr cvrn
where all others fall Coughs Croup Bora
Throat lloaraeoew whooples Cough and
Asthma For Consumption It bas no rtvalr
hna cured thousands and Will cults TOU II
taken lu tlmo Sold by Druggists on a euar
nnteo Var a Iuno itaeic or Ctitt usa
emuira belladonna plastcksc
jiavorouluwrrlir This remedy Is iruanui
tooUtocuroyou Price nets Injector free
1 or aale at St Hernnrd Drug Store
between the cities of
Cincinnati Lexington Louisville
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Nashville Memphis Montgomery
Mobile and New Orleans
Witl aouit Cheinecl
From St Louis Evansville
and Henderson to the
From above cities to Nashville
and Chattanooga mak
ing direct con
For Atlanta Savannah Macon
Jacksonville and Points
Connections are made at Guthrie
and Nashville for all points
North East South and West
In Pullman Palace Cars
Seeking homes on tho line of this
road will receive special low rates -
See agents of this company for
rates routes c or write to
C p Atmorb g P T A
Louisville Kentucky
Hotel go

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