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- - - - - i t i iii i 1 i i
i ii i KWnmirii t i n m i l - - - -- t i i i - I
1 4 i -
Tws on a dark and starless night
I beard and saw an awful sight
Me thought I saw the gulf below
Where all tbe dying drunkards go
My awful woe no tongue can tell
Is this my place tbe drunkards bell
I heard another mournful sound
Amid a group still lower down
I raised my bead and beard them tell
This is tbe place where Bacchus dwells
Around him stood a weeptug crowd
With noses red and voices loud
Tbey gnashed tbelr teeth and sighed and
Tbis is tbe whisky sellers home
I traveled on and got there at last
Then tried lo take a social glass
But every time I stirred it well
I thought about the devils bell
I dashed it dowaand left the place
And went lo seek redeeming grace
I bowed my knees to Jesus throne
And raised my volcu in humble prayer
The very moment fatlb begun
Ten thousand Joys around me sprung
Then I went borne to change my life
And see my long neglected wife
I found ber weeping by ihe bed
Because ber infant boy was dead
I told her not to cry and weep
Because ber babe had gone to sleep
Ills bappy soul had fled nway
To dwell with Christ through endless day
I took her by her pate white band
She was so weak she could not stand
I ald ber dowu and breathed a prayer
that God would bless and save us there
Then I went to temperance ball
To take a pledge amongthem all
Tbey met me with a welcome band
Five sober years have passed away
Since first I bowed my knees to pray
And still Im living a sober lite
Have a good home and a lovely wife
Ob may tbe Legislative hand
Enact good laws Ibrougbout the land
And stop old whiskys onward course
From all the mountains to the coast
Then drunken crimes will have to flee
And leave the land of Tennessee
Then all ber people will be blest
With sober care In every breast
Tho niot
William dives a Pew
cetices of -the Emperor
Copyright 1895 by Edgar W Nye
Will tho ever indulgent and gon
ial reader kindly pardon a fovv
ttrso words regarding tho life and
public services 0 Napoleon Na
poleon was the legitimate son o
Carlo Bonaparte and Letizja Ra
molina his wife I speak of him
as a legitimate son because in
writing French history one cannot
ho too careful
price i
-337 Union Street Nashville Tonn
There is a great rush ot coal to all the lake
loading poinli as Iho operators seem to Ixi anx
ious lo get all their contracts filled belora the 1st
ot October
The coal lip al Mud ttiver mines four miles
from Tenrod Ky was totally destroyed by fire
Damage estimated at f 30000 Tho work will
be delayed for several months
The Lmiisvilltt Nilvill U U Tn hos l
guri thu work nl t iviiiK iIih Ir ck In connect wlih
tlio roaj riviitht Iho VirKinit Cail A Iron Co
branching from HIk Slnno Gap Va The rwI
inn of 1 lin coal roicl has Iwrn rnmpleted with the
except ion of i few milfi thai arn expected to
be finished by the middle nl ihucominR month
The river operator at Pittsburg docs not see
Ihe prospect of turning bis coal into cash at any
very early day for the rise In Ihe waters is still a
ipjesiion of tbe future All tho railroad mines in
thai district aro not being operated at tbe same
rate even since Ihe convention M which this was
agreed to However both tbe miners and tbe
operators willing to pay the rate agreed upon feel
confident that all the difficulties in Ihe way of es
tablishing tbe general uniform price will be
cleared away very soon It Is a question of facili
ties all tbe mines are not on a par aa lo capacity
Improvemeats or any other thing not even tbe
quality ot tbe coal and these Inequalities produco
difference In prices and wages
The Southern Coal Association composed ot
the leading coal operators ot Alabama and Ten
nessee and some of the operators In Ihe Jellico
district ot Kentucky organized to endeavor to
promote harmony and maintain such rates tor
coal at would enable tbe mine owners to pay fair
wages lo their workmen and gel a fair profit on
Ibeir output met at tbe Imperial Hotel Knox
vllle Tenn on Aug 14th and C P Perrln was
made permanent chairman All present were In
favor of advancing prices to regain part ot the
reduction and afford a alight profit on tbe outlay
for production without being oppressive to con
Napoleon was born at Ajaccio
in the island of Corsico Aug 15
1769 and June 18 1815 broke a
molasses jug at Waterloo
At the ngo of ti years Napoleon
succeeded in securing a chance to
attend the military school at Bri
ennc He was a good pupil in
mathematics and early manifested
his heroism by standing up bravely
in bin threadbare garments and pa
thetic poverty among the sons ol
wealth who hooted and insulted
the pale Corsican and doubtless
called him a jay
Doubtless at no time in his
Whole life did his heart sink lower
even when he bade adieu to the
Old Guard than when he wrote
home begging his parents to take
htm back and spare his proud spir
it this bitter humiliation
In 1785 Napoleon was made a
sub lieutenant ot artillery on a sal
ary thnt would not have paid for
his cigarettes had he used them
Napoleons family shortly after
ward joined the rebels as they
were called liccausc they under
took to free Corsica from the
French yoke But it was decided
that Corsica looked better in a
French yoke and so she continued
to appear in one Napoleon was
compelled to fight against his
own family in this campaign
It might be well here to say that
tha father gambled a good deal
and died poor The mother was a
noble resolute woman and to- her
the Little Corporal owed no doubt
the chief elements of his great
In 1793 Napoleon was made
captain by which his pay was
raised two francs or about 40
cents and another pair of red ar
tillery pantaloons bestowed upon
him They were very baggy and
cheap but they covered a Dravo
heart and by cutting armholcs in
them Napoleon who was a short
watsted man even at the height of
his popularity was enabled to go
without a vcBt
As lieutenant colonel before
Toulon he distinguished himself
atid even at the head of a soiled
pack of ragtag and bobtail yeo
manry no saw ttte prouti armies 01
Spain and England compelled to
evacuate the city
In 1794 he was made brigadier
general and sont to Italy where
he was greatly respected but ho
got mixed up with the Robe
opiprrcs and as a result was im
prisoned in Paris July a8
A now period of poverty and
misery now followed Jlis com
mand was taken from him also
his salary Jle could not have his
boots blackenml In his thin and
thrwadbHM artillery ytrouMrn he
- wii
f H
WlTLOlettrilo Agcorit
Miners and Shippers of CQAL AND COKE
sat upon the bare stone lagging
ot his cell and by doing so day
after day somehow got the impres
sion that this is a cold cold world
But fortunately a revolution
broke out in Paris and while look
ing for some one to be shot at the
authorities suddenly thought of
Napoleon He was desperate
Death to him would be a large at
tractive boon He was called to
take command He gave the
French hoodlums a heroic pre
scription of grape and filled them
with fear and appendicitis He
drove them to their holes and
made them stay there Thus he
nipped a revolution in the bud and
laid the foundation for a vast
pedestal which he afterward had
the brief privilege of occupying
March 9 179G Napoleon mar
ried Josephine Bcauharnais the
widow of General Beauharnais
who dtfring the rovolution or
during the reign of terror had re
ceived in the neck a slight testi
monial from ihe French people
which left Josephine ad interim a
widow full of ginger and high pur
poses bereaved yet hopeful am
bitious high spirited well gaited
traveling well cither single or dou
ble and not afraid of the cars
Napoleon made the same error
here that so many great and gifted
men make Learned in mathe
matics tactics and tho general
business of command ho yet knew
little of women Any one who
lias ever been in Paris could have
told him that he must be firm
He should have studied woman
as ho would war for was she not
to become a part of the history of
But nay nay said Napoleon
I havent time to study this gen
tlo phenomenon I must wade in
blood for weeks at a time and gaze
down the cannons mouth a good
deal of tho time Why should I
put in my evenings at the
social functions and my afternoons
at the baseball game All that
I cando when I am emperor
He thought that Josephine would
joyfully remain at home and scrape
lint while he went- abroad piling
the ground with Mosloms slain or
scaled the Alps or anything else
that seamed to need it
Why docs a great man flatter
himself that he can go away fpr 10
or 1 years seeing the country and
leaving his wife at- homo to look
out at the window day after day in
a hotel watching tho bus go down
to meet No it or to take passen
gers to No to yet expect to find
her on his roturn younger and
more beautiful mora devoted and
more willing to occupy lie same
room 17 years more watching the
R G ROUSE Manager
bus as it goes to meet No 11 or
take passengers to No 10 going
The biographer has little space
to digress here but had Napoleon
taken Josephine with him when
ever he went into a battle it would
have been great kindness a not
only to her but to the historian
If Napoleon and Josephine had
tought more against the common
enemy they would have been on
a better peace footing themselves
Suffice it to say here that in after
years they were separated child
less and Josephine who by her
intrigues whatever those may be
had made Napoleon a commander
was denied the solemn joy of shar
ing his glory and humiliation
Napoleon was called Lc Petit
Caporal and was honored 100 years
later Dy Having a cigarette nameu
after him but too late to swell
his proud cold bosom in the ill
ventilated sarcophagus which holds
all that is mortal of the first em
Can storied urn or animated bust
Back to tbe trachea woo tbe fleeting breath
Or joyous puns stir tbe mouldering dust
Or soothe the dull cold ear of death
No indeed I should certainly
say not
The marriage of Napoleon was
followed by one of the most bril
liant campaigns in history Eleven
days after his wedding he went to
complete his honeymoon amid the
rocks of the frozen Maritime Alps
with his frostbitten starving army
Maritime indeed I methinks 1
hear Josephine remarking with a
cynical look at her marriage cert
ttltcate and also at a bright new
silver butter dish given her by the
nobility of France What an at
tractive bride I must be with one
husband passed on Jo spirit life
and the other eating his frozen vic
tuals 5000 fct above timber line
From these lofty heights the
Littlo Corporal wearing a large
pair of ear muffs descended upon
a first second third and fourth
Austrian army only to drive them
before him into a corner and wipe
them out at his leisure Peace
followed the peace of Cam no
Formio and Lombardy and the
Netherlands were ceded to Greece
Space will not permit of detail
here regarding tho great battles of
Napoleon but wo may say that
with theso victories tho powers at
homo saw that ho was no longer
their servant but tho peoples idol
and that one day ho would hot
only wcild tho baton for Franco to
fiddle but that Europe and tho
civilized world must soon mark
down their securities when Napo
Icon said so
342 W Main Street Louisville Ky Palmer House Broadway Paducah Ky Cor Main and Auction Sts Memphis Tenn
HESSER WICKHAM Houser Building StLouis Mo J W BRIDGMAN 603 Teutonic Building Chicogo 111
CAPT T L LEE Manager
He proposed to conquer Egypt
and capture the pyramids He
had an idea that they would look
well in the front yard of Versailles
He lived in the saddle and sniffed
in every breeze the warm blood of
his foe
Such a life would bore me to
death but just see how different
Napoleon was He kept on fight
ing Christian or Moslem Jew or
Gentile until the thirsty yet blood
clotted jaws of insatiate war were
paralyzed and with yet hungry
and staring eyesand lolling tongue
the cruel beast that had peopled a
continent with widowsand orphans
sowed the valleythick with graves
and filled the snowy canyons of the
Alps with unknown dead paused
at the evening of a great disaster
and found itself deserted
Yet Napoleon was feared even
after he was dead and the English
nilerl tons unon tons of cranite
over his poor clay and bpuna these
giant blocks of stone together with
bands of iron so that many years
afterward the work of exhumation
was almost impossibjc
But why is it that with all the
glory that surrounds the name of
Napoleon every human heart
beats more in sympathy with his
wronged and wrong but discarded
wifeand human interest turns from
the history of Marengo and of Au
sterlitz to read the story of one
ambitious broken heart that beat
and bled for him
It is not the first case wherein a
devoted wife has kindled in her
husbands breast a fire of ambition
only at last to be consumed by it
and cast to the four winds of heav
en by his hand
Had Napoleon fought with the
Moslem summer and spent his
winters in Paris with his wife tho
war would have lasted longer and
his domestic history would read
smoother to day But alasl all
great men have their weak sides
Even Senator Hill loves to steal
away for an afternoon and just
gorge himself with baseball Even
tho president of tho United States
with able counselors all about him
and every good influence of home
and friends exerted in his behalf
will no doubt in spite of it all go
down to his grave spitting on his
bait with childlike confidence
Even you yoursclfsaid a friend
to mo the other day behind that
wido and winning smilo of yours
yet have no doubt your own weak
Yes1 indeed I exclaimed rogu
ishly 1 have and you have put
your finger right on it the first time
too It is right behind that wide
winning smilo of which you speak
Bin Nve
How much now Marion
grumbled her husband rising and
standing beside her with open
Say Toby said she looking
up brightly just let me be cashier
for one week wont you I only
want to convince you how mean it
makes me feel never to have
money to spare for rubbish
Ah do Anthony
Coaxing caresses etcetera ac
complished their work for a half
hour later Mr Wettings leaves the
house with only sufficient funds
in his pocket for the bare neces
sary expenses incurred during the
Seated in the car he bethinks
himself of his paper True enough
he has forgotten to bring it The
search in both of his coat pockets
proves a vain one
Here Johnny to a little news
boy just entering a paper
Then recollecting his cash allow
ance too late he has not the cour
age to refuse the paper now in his
hands He dislikes becoming a
special object of interest to the
rest of the passengers and so the
nickel intended for the ride home
is handed outthe change received
and Mr Welhngs forgets the tri
fling annoyance while perusing the
columns of the paper
Anthony Welijigs as I live
exclaims a deep voice beside him
and a heavy hand laid upon his
shoulder causes Mr Wellings to
glance around in surprise
Who is it Can it be yes tis
really his old college chum
Hugh old boy how glad very
glad I am to see you And a hearty
handshake testifies this assertion
Where did you drop from
How is everybody Well now
but Im glad to see you
Again the hands grip each
other Im just going to lunch
Come along wont you qnd
Mr Wellings handsome eyes
suddenly dilate his breath ceases
for a moment
Good hcavensl ho thinks
Hero I am with only 50
cents for lunch On second
thought llugh youd better como
up to tho house tqrniglit to dinner
Important duties prevent my lin
gering bore and wp should be un
able to talk over old times Come
to tho house wont you Yes
Well heros tha address My wife
will be pleased to welcome you
too Good bye then till later
And the friends part Its all
her fault thinXs Mr Wclling9 al
mnat savatretv
v fvh
Famous No 9 Coal for all uses from Earlington Diamond and St Charles Mines Only Vibrating
Screens and Picking Tables used THE BEST SELECTED COAL IN THE MARKET
0 i
Srushed Ferfew Brjij
HOijItrt i
Why buy High priced Anthracite Coal when you can get St BERNARD CRUSHED COKE for a much less
One ton of the Crushed Coke will do the same work as one ton of the best Anthracite Coal
How like an idiot he
have thought me But by
I couldnt tell the man I had only
money enough for one slim lunch
Wonder if Marion was ever in
such a box Poor little woman
Perhaps I have been too close
with her
Mr Corbin called to obtain sub
stantial aid in behalf of a sick mans
I can give you something to
morrow adds Mr Wellings as
his visitor is about to depart
Jenny the flower girl comes in
too It has been Mr Welhngs
habit to purchase a boquet from
the little maiden but to day he
must decline
Late in the altcrnoon his wife
and little Willie come in on their
way from grandmothers to their
Papa says the little fellow
give me money for a big ball
Ask youtf mother child his
father tells him tersely
But ma never gives me nofing
tause she never has money to spare
she tells me replies Willie dis
But she will now my boy and
besides papa will buy you a fine
bat Here Clarke to the elderly
clerk you can attend to these
matters on hand I start for homo
now with Mrs Wellings Come
Maria Willie and together the
happy trio leave the office
Late that evening after dinner
is a tiling of the past and the
nurse has carried Willie upstairs
to bed Mr Wellings puts down
the book of fairy tales he has been
reading to his eager little listener
and rising crosses over to his
wifes ciair
Marian ho confesses frankly
taking the sowing from her busy
fingers and clasping them tightly
in his own Ive been a fool You
know all I mean so spare tne the
recital of particulars You shall
have your wish Is this satisfac
tory little woman
fMoro than satisfactory she
answers him gently You aro too
good to me Anthony Juut the
bright eyes dance mischievously
I am just a little glad you found
it out for yourself tho unpleas
antness of having no money of
your own 1 mean
If tho doctors imagine for one
moment that they are making
maidens fair and beaux brave be
lieve their theory tlirt kissing is
unhealthy they are wide of tho
mark There are just lots of mar
ried people who are infidels on the
subject About the only class
these doctors could impress would
the the toothless old maids Ex
- i
S FORD Manager
327 Upper Second St Evansville Ind
X Keep a SharbLootebtor Fresh Items M Interest to fchefefcail COAL MiijCOi
which will appear irom time to time permanently occupying this space
t Bernard uoai company
The Coal Trade tournal thinks strange 1
Western paper should suppose that aa
could pass for Colchoslor But jf
Chester cards are Iofton tho dmpltforfM
lo tbe miners shipping Interior coal and
again so labelled tbe dealer who receive
ferlor product might if unscrupulous ea
tice tho deceit
The coal operators of tbe Knoxvitle
district forwarded two car loads of tbelr
iho St Uernard Coal oke To tc I
tested tor coke making Tbe com was J
pnd coked part of II 48 hours and the bail
hours and although the sample contained j
cent of dirt and 3 per cent ot sulphur the
was close compact bright and silvery
transport and after having been tried la 1
dery manufacturing stove has been pro
equal to Pocahontas and for foundery
good as Connellsville Tbe operator ha
eluded to erect as bca hive ovens and a cr
and slack washing plant at Coal Creek
Dealers who aro holding off for Cheap
likely to get left Complaint Is beard on afl
of somo scarcity of ordinary and box ca
several coal carrying roads This is
be due to the fact that many box cars
have been used in carrying coal are la II
pair shops and will be used In carrying
during tbe autumn and winter and will
permitted tobe used again In tho coal trad
season When the bold off country deals
in bis order he will have to wait on acco
shortage in rolling stock
At a meeting of operators In Knoxville
ot tbe Southern Coal Association re
were read against tho State government
coal by convict labor and then putting It
market at very reduced prices prices with
those who employ tree labor can in no wiw
pete Tno paper was not narsniy voiced
condemnation 01 mis practice on me
operators but spoke- very loudly against
orocccdine on tbe cart ot toe btate
State wishes to mine coal with convict lab
it do so but at tbe same time adheter
prices set by those wbo regulate ho price 1
minea Dy nirea UDor was tne senuma
jovel 1 The boy and his voice were
mates That was evident the
ment the former attempted to
the latter The one was not
a 5 fopt boy while the
would easily pass as a 7
voice They both got on dn -
ley L train at Congress street
the boy undertook to say s
thing about having 5 oclock pit
10 sen wiiurcupuu iiiu wji
rattled and the car began to
The old man who had jumpe
high that his head nearly sti
the roof looked at the bpyj
proachtuuy tor a moment antf
nttemnted to he Humorous
tr - - j
A little louder please
Huh returned the uoyJI
Speak a little louder H
your voice
The other passengers laugl
and the boy seemed somewhat
Paper he asked going cl
to the man 4
No replied the man gratii
at the success of his little jokel
was merely wondering why
didnt speak out instead ot wl
The boy was close to the inia
ear by this time and ho let ou
cry ol livening papers
fairly jarred the engineer
He got to tho door first and
book that the old man threw al
him merely raised a bump dn
the side of the conductors h
Chicago Times Herald
The Chinese Court
t Tim rcrnmnninl nf thn PhinJ
court is somewhat exacting
used to include if it does npt i
complete prostration before
throne Last century a Pert
envoy refused to go through
degrading ordeal Directions
given to the officials to compel
by stratagem to do so un an
ing one day at the entrance to
hall of audience the envoy fou
no means of going in except bj
wicket which would compel
to stoop very low With g
presence of mind and consid4rfj
audacity the embassador turn
round and entered backward Il
saving the honor of his country
London Standaid
I am wedded to tho faith xk
party said tho Kentucky ue
Well youd bettor keep d
about it rejoined his friotill
The first thing you know
be arrested for bigamy1 r
h l
t i
h Ml
A -
c a
R lV
u 1

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