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Garlintor minings
News Notes -Personal Paragraphs and
Other Doings at ltoma Worthy
of HpocUl Mention
two weeks iro the prica o coal
Went upaml ice wcril down
1 ha coal man wore a Imtlve smile
Tlio loo man wore n frown
Qui thing have changed somowhal since
A ctianRo thai mattes us litue
Ami lets the fiend say Uellol Is
It hoi enough or you
Mrs j 13 Hawkins is reported
to bo very low with typhoid fever
FOR SALE A number of sec
ond hand wheels from io up
T J Coknkn
Our latest advices arc that Diph
theria has been declared epidemic
in St Louis there being upwards
of 178 cases in sight
Dont you know that Hoods Sarsaparilla
will overcome thai tired celiac and sive
yon renewed vigor and vitality
Thousands testify to the wonderful re
sults of Dr Sawyers Ukallnq in building
up and renewing the debilitated and broken
down constitution St Dernard Drug
Tim nnlv nrirtinril nml irrn
Tcsiblc Henry G Jones is now
the happy possessor of a hairless
purp a real ratter
WANTED To trade a good
bicycle for a horse or n buggy
Col Robert Wood is said to have
had a serious time of it for the
past few days but at this writing
is thought to be improving
Captain Sweeney U S A
San Diego Cal says Shilohs
Catarrh Remedy is the first medi
cine I have ever found that would
do mc any good Price 50c For
sale by St Bernard Drug Store
On our editorial page you wilt
find an adult dose of Chroni
cles administered by Dr W
A Toombs They arc up-to-date
and fairly sparkle with the genius
of the writer
A Babys Lire Saved
My baby had croup and was
saved by Shilohs Cure writes
Mrs J B Martin of Huntsvillc
Ala For sale by St Bernard
Drug Store
Born Last Sunday morning
22nd inst to Mr and MrsIl M
Adcock a bouncing baby boy tip
ping the beam at ten pounds
lllla Uo Not Curt
Pills do not cure Constipation
They only aggravate Karls
Clovor Root Tea gives perfect reg
ularity of the bowels For sale by
St Bernard Drug Store
While the Spanish authorities
arc massing their forces to put
down the Cuban rebellion and
will in all probability have 2od
000 soldiers in lino by tlio middle
of Georgia Bishop
has just recciyed an cjeant line of
fall millinery goods and trimmings
subject to the inspection of the
public at any time
Consumption Can le Cured
By the use of Shilohs Cure This
great Cough Cute is the only
known remedy for that terrible
disease- Sold by tt Bernard
Drug Store
Atitlie game of baseball played
between the Earlington and Madi
aouville nine last Thursday after
noon the game was dqcidpd in fav
or of Earlington the score stand
irig ta to 10 t
Are You Made
Miserable by Indigestion Consti
pation Dizziness Loss of Appe
tite Yellow Skin Shilohs Vital
izeris a positive cure For sale
by St Bernard Drug Store
f I
Notwithstanding the inclemency
of the weather our Public School
opened on Monday morning under
very auspicious girciiiusiungvs wwi
an pnroljmcn of tog pupils This
is considerably behind the number
enrolled at the opening of last ses
sion but when we consider tho
serious drawbacks of the nast few
weeks we think the showing a gooi
one indeed
Hurried Mr Thomas N Black
to Miss Mary W Noalc at
the home of tho brides uncle Mr
Long noarEynnsville lml Tues
day evening Sept 24th The
wedding was n quiet homo affair
and the couple departed on first
train for nn extended wedding
FiftViHix ncros of land ono mile
south of Nortonvillc Ky For
particulars npply to E J Sisk
St Charles Ky
The newly discovered medicinal
agent Nliclcin which is now
being extensively used in the treat
ment of diphtheria scarlet fever
measles consumption canccrctc
will hereafter doubtless send a
thrill of joy to many stricken
homes but those who arc not dis
eased and who are to day in tho
full enjoyment of life will he
greatly pleased when they inspect
the elegant line of millinery just
opened up by Miss Georgia
Bishop at her former place of
business in rear of V R Coils
If you wish 1 remedy to bring the flush
of youth lo your check new vigor to your
system and mako you strong and well lake
Ir Sawyers Ukatlne Si IJcrnanl Drug
A Highly Stcnnicd Our old friend
Workman T D Walk
er the tinner
is at work upon n condenser to be
used by the St Bernard at Mor
tans Gap in condensing the steam
after it lias been exhausted from
tho cylinders and will thereby save
n large percentage of water which
in case of drouth is an important
consideration as it will secure
plenty of the clement to maintain
a constant run It takes good
workmanship to construct the ap
paratus but so far Old Joker
has held the ace and deuce
The new checker board gotten
up by Mr J C Sutherland and
presented to the Earlington Musi
cal Club and to be given by the
Ciub as a prize to the young lady
selling the largest number of tick
ets to the Clubs musical entertain
ment to be given at the Opera
House on October iGth is indeed
a beauty to behold It is gotten
up in the most artistic yet durable
manner by Mr Sutherland him
self The spots on the board arc
alternately gold and silver the
whole being neatly framed with a
plate glass covering The coveted
prize is now on exhibition at the
A Great Germans Prescription
Diseased blood constipation
and kidneys liver and bowl trou
bles arc cured by Karl s Clover
Root Tea For sale by St Ber
nard Drug Store
While the great Cotton btatcs
and International Exposition at
Atlanta Ga has commenced to
attract the attention of the people
of tho North East and West and
many eyes arc being turned South
ward so it is in Earlington regard
ing the attractive display of new
Millinery Goods just opened by
Miss Georgic Bishop Those ele
gant designs in Sailor I Iatsnamcly
the Trilby the Carolina and
the Lillian Russell are to be
seen among the many attractions
together with a large assortment of
ribbons birds feathers and trim
mings of every description
To enrich and improve Inequality ot the
blood purify and brighten Ibe compbxton
imparl a natural and pink color lo Ibe
checks and lips and induco refreshing
sleep ii3o Dr Sawyers Ukatlne St Her
nard Drug Store
Which Is Messrs Ben W Rob
Switch inson and W A
Toombs excited the
suspicion last week that they were
striving to perfect a perpetual mo
tion They were working upon
nn apparatus consisting of levers
wheels springs etc and the gen
tlemen were very reticent when ap
proached upon tho nature of their
invention It proved when com
pleted to ho an automatic electric
switch which is nctuated by clock
work and set to any time tho samo
as nn ordinary nlrtmi It works to
perfection and adds n cubit to the
stature of its inventors
The llest Cough Cure
Is Shilohs Cure A neglected
cough is dangerous Stop it at
once with Shilohs Cure For
sale by St Bernard Drug Store
f -
Ho Snya Its on the Because pf a
Wrong Hand boil on his
right hand
our popular liycryman W S Mc
Gary has been moping around
for several days carrying tho in
jured member in a sling Walter
will not admit however that there
is anything tho matter with Jiis
tight hand but stoutly maintains
that the boil is on his wrong naud
an tattoo greatly tojilaannjy
ance Wohbpo to see Rlchanl
himself again wj a few days
1 w f
Nerviq pn fi f M
I was ncrveous tired frrjtajjjo
and crosd Karls CloVer Riot
Tea nas man rps weuapc yappy
Vox sale by SU Bernard Drug
a h Jji -
t t we irf - m r m
tJmvfc - k ISvsW rfinrVMiii
About a young
Sinns nook Co bo 5
sufferer from ner
vous oxlinnstlon ner
vous dobillty Impair
ed momory low
spirits lrritablo tam
per and Uie thousand
ana one dorannomenU
of mind find body
that result from
unnatural pernicious
hatlts aontrnoted
through Ignorance
wuuuwwiw iwun m
i tloosor manly power
due softMilBfl of tbo bntoeAmSr pv
ridysfa and orea drcod lntaaMf V
To roscb rtvektim and raiforo ftKfe m
forttrtmUs to beoMi and hAppteaa a M
nlm of the publishers of a book wrltttn fn
plain but cbfwto Unfruage on tho nature
symptoms and curability by homo treat
ment ot such dlsoruKs TUi book will bo
Mint Kvxlml In plain caTolOpo on receipt of
ten cents In stamps for postage Address
Worlds Dlipoiisnry Miillcal Association
Wo arc pained to announce the
death of Miss Martha Gill the
daughter of Mr
and Mrs Ambros Gill living in
the vicwityAofjpNcbo near Rose
Creek Presbyterian church which
occurred on Monday 10th inst
Miss Gill was sick about three
weeks and n great sufferer during
the timcttwith something a
rising in her hoad She is saidby
those who knew her best to be a
good girl a Christian girl and a
member of Bqthapy M E Church
May God temper the sad bereave
ment to Jicr parent and loved ones
and may tllcjr hearts lie drawn
nearer to Christ because of the sad
blow ri
If Vnjavnrled many remedies and
many doctors ancfnro still debilitated and
weak and discouraged try Dr Sawyers
Ukillne and you wilt bo cured St Her
nard Drug Store
Presumably n Our young
Good Swnp cantile friend W
7 Aitf
a few days
1 CMcLcod only
ysPago swapped lusfrat
tling rabbit team the best team
of little mules in Hopkins county
to Messrs Dulin Williams
for a larger but less spirited team
A good swap we think for the
reason that these skittish rollick
ing bucks will hereafter tread
the dark entry of a coal mine and
being thus removed from the higher
walks of life will less endanger
the anatomy of our young friend
Will and then the peculiar adap
tation of the animals in question
seems a good one all around
bent It to Ills In Mother Germany
Mr Jacob Esbcnsen who is in the em
ploy of the Chicago Lumber1 Co at Des
Moines Iowa says I have just sent
somemcdicfno back lo my mother in the
tho old country that I know from personal
use tofbe the best medicine in Ibe world
for rheumatism having used it in my fam
ily for several years It is called Chamber
lains Ialn Ilalra It always docs the
work jo cent bottles for sale by the
St Dernard Drug Store Earlington Uen
T Robin son i Mortons Gap and George
King St Charles
A Barbcr ous ThChoss editor
Operation was decoyed into
the tonsorial par
lors of George Alexander and en
ticed into the chair by the wilcy
George wlfo bound his jhclpless
victim with towels wraps etc a
la Gulliver and then falling upon
him with shears which wcresharper
tliaaa serpents tooth he deftly
removed those beautiful curls which
adorned the Wcbstcrian head of
the nag journalist which 30 changed
that partys identity that his near
est friends failed to recognize him
George Alexander fs an up-to-date
artist and can finish up a contract
of hair carpentry to the full satis
faction of tho most fastidious
rilcat Illes Itching Piles
Symptoms Moisture intense itching
and stinging most at night worse by
scratching If allowed lo continue tumors
form which often bleed and ulcerate be
coming very sore Swvanks Ointment
tops the itching and bleeding heals ulcer
ation and in most cases removes tno tu
mors At druggists or by mail for 50
cents Dr Swayna Son rhiladelphla
A The most amus
Encounter ing affair that
has happened
jn Earlington in many a day went
on record last Friday afternoon
while Messrs Erank Arnold and
Henry Jones were managing the
hose attached to water plug nt the
corner of Main and Railroad street
As if by magic Mr Arnold seems
to have been possessed with the
mischievous idea of drenching
Jones and accordingly turned his
hose on hini which Jones retaliated
ami it was then that the fiin began
The vplume of watot was tremend
oii3 but tho combatants stood their
groutyl for several minutes amid
tho cheers pf tho spectators when
Jone3 suddenly dropped his lioso
and lied uach vcro fUrcncliod
from head to foot while everybody
insight were convtilscdwith laugh
ter over the ridiculousness of the
affair In n little while Jones re
gained the nozzle and then it was
that the battle waxed hottest and
it was only by a determined effort
and a steady advance jbyJones
that Arnold was finally driven from
the position taken All commenced
and ended tn tho best of humor
Dr Sawyers Ukatlne makes tho kwae
strong Makes those who are sick well It
builds up the broken down andltdebllllaled
system of old and young Si Bafiurd Drug
Mr and Mrs Chas Davis
turned homo Wednesday after
noon from a visit to Hot Springs
A iwdden Diko At hcrhomo
Summons in thiscityon Mon
day nftcrnoonnbout
two oclock Mrs Elizabeth Har
ris wife of Mr J D Harris in the
fifty second year of her age Since
last February Mrs Harris has
been suffering with dropsy On
the day of her sudden demise she
seemed to manifest unusual cxhtt
bcrancc of spirits nil forenoon and
at tho noon meal partook heartily
of food cleaned up the dinner
dishes and between one and two
oclock feeling somewhat fatigued
repaired to the front room with her
daughter and lay down across the
foot of the bed but in a little while
she wan discovered to be in a dying
condition A near neighbor was
at once called in but life was soon
extinct Funeral services were
held at the house Tuesday after
noon at two oclock at the con
clusion of which tho remains were
carried to Grapevine cemetery for
Mrs Harris has been a resident
of Earlington for eight or ten years
past and while not a member of
any visible church was in early
life christened in the Presbyterian
church but has for many years
leaned toward the Methodist faith
and doctrine For several months
past she his manifested a deep
concern regarding her future state
and has often been known to en
gage incarncst prayer even in the
dead hours of night Let us hope
that all is well with her soul
The scene was indeed a touch
ing one to thus see a once happy
home so soon bereft of wife and
mother as the grief stricken hus
band son and daughter bowed
around the casket of their dear de
parted one May that God our
God who shapes the destinies of
individuals as well as nations bless
and soothe these troubled hearts
ns He alone can do
Hnw to Care all Skla Diseases
Simply apply Swanyks Ointment No
internal medicine required Cures tetter
eczema itch all eruptions on the faco
bands nosu c leaving the skin clear
white and beattby Its great healing and
curative powers are possessed by no other
remedy Ask your druggist for Swanyks
Journalistic The Hopkinsvillc
Reflections Banner of last
week- alludes to
Bee and says that nobody
reads The Bee for counsel We
would like to be equally courteous
witjh the Banner but our regard
for truth restrains us as it has not
even a jack leg editor though we
infer from his actions that the head
engineer is pretty closely con
nected with a Jack family which
poscsscs a surname and arc alike
distinguished for the length of
their cars and their obtuseness of
intellect We dont deny our
but the Banner
must evince more journalistic abil
ity before we can recognize the
presqnee of even a jack leg editor
in thai concern
As to The Bee not being read
lor counsel we beg to state that
this paper has never yet posed as
n way bill to heaven nor has it
ever yet been compelled to take
back water and none but a fool
would take counsel of a paper
which one week publishes sensa
tional matter without investigating
its authenticity and the next week
objectly backs down Such a
paper might be read for counsel
by the inmates of the Feeble
Minded Institute but the t general
reader places about as much con
fidence in it as he does in the
ghost stories of last century So
much for the Banner and its bray
zen ass sertions
Indigestion Cured
My husband was in poor health owing
to indigestion and be grew worse while he
was peing treated by physicians Friends
advised him to buy Hoods Sarsapanlla
and be did so He has taken twelve bot
tles in all and bas been in belter health
this summer than for a long timo
Mki Jennie Dauqii Madisonville Ky
Hoods Pills cure biliousness indigestion
Letter of Com- To whom it may
mcndatlon concern T h e
bearer Mr Bry
ant Lipscomb has been a citizen
of our town for the past nine
months and we know him to be a
man worthy of tho confidence of
any community Ho is a skilled
workman and an addition to any
town needing one pqssessing his
qualifications Wo readily com
mend him to the public J S
Montague Groccryman Jewell
Sellers Dry Goods W I Smith
Druggist B M Sutton Polico
Judge J W Springfield Clerk
Board of Trustees L O Biggs
Postmaster C M Biggs Marshal
Sebrce KySopt 35 1895
Dont Tobacco Spit
oiSmot Your Lift
The truthful
startling title
ot a book
about No-to-
bac the only harmless guaranteed tobacco-habit
cure It you want lo quit and
cant uso 11 races up
lotted nerves eliminates nlcollno poisons
makes weak men gain strength weight and
vigor Positive cuin or money refunded
Hook at Druggist or mailed free Ad
dress Tbo Sterling Remedy Co Chicago j
Uandoloh Si New York 10 Spruce St
For sale by all DruggUts
nv j t corlky
I visited today the Old Farm Home
Tho place wliera once I loved to roam
Twas there I spent lllos happiest days
In boyish sports and childish plays
Dut the home of today Is not the homo of
my youth
The scenes nil changed tho barns un
Where ofl In youths bright happy ilay
I played mo In the now mown hay
Tho home has passed to other binds
And my Ipno self they strangoly scan
Then Prince the old watch dogs gone
His kennel now looks quilo forlorn
The marc old Kale so gentle and mild
1 used to ride when quite a child
Long since sho loo has pissed away
Has lived her life and spent her day
The bubbling spring Is just ns clrir
As when it was back thirty years
Its tinv outlet the SDarklinc brook
Is flowing still through shady nooks
Tho orchard near the wooded lot
I sought for but I found it not
The fate of timo had wrought the theft
Not Ibe veslago of a tree was left
The great live oak bard by Ibe spring
Beneath whose boughs I used to swing
Like a sentinel lone is standing there
Shorn of its limbs looks ragged and bare
The home of today Is not the home of my
My fathers big barn stands today un
A little old log cabin lone
That mammy Jane once called her
fs standing still though mammys gone
To a home I trust whero comes no storm
I sought tho attic whero oft I slept
Which mother dear so neatly kept
Then I was the idol and light ot her life
And the lovo in her heart kept out all
Dut Ill bid the old place a fond adieu
Many sad changes you have gone through
Slnco when I claimed you for my homo
And from your door I was loath lo roam
Not far away In tho old church yard
Whero weeping willows do stand guard
Father and mother lay side by side
Secure where ill cannot betide
Atlanta Ga
fleet at Somerset Ky Officers
Elected for the Ensuing1
The Grand Lodge of the
Knights of Pythias of the world
and the State of Kentucky con
vened in this city last Tuesday
morning at half past g oclock in
their twenty seventh Grand Convo
cation The Court House had
been most beautifully decorated
for the occasion fn the gaudy colors
of the order and it was packed
jam full and a finer body of men
we never saw assembled anywhere
There arc fully three hundred and
fifty delegates and visiting Knights
now in the city and attending the
session of the Grand Lodge The
exercises were opened with prayer
by the Rev E D Hill of the M
E church at the conclusion of
which Bro T M Thatcher Mas
ter of Ceremonies introduced
Mayor T B Griffin who in be
half of the city welcomed the
order in a magnificent speech at
the same time turning over to Past
Commander Matthews a large
bronze key thus surrendering to
them the freedom of the city coup
led with the good will and hospi
tality of a generous people Judge
Thos Z Morrow was then intro
duced and in behalf of Crescent
Lodge welcomed the brotherhood
His speech was a magnificent one
evoking frequent round of ap
plausc Grand Chancellor Math
ews then responded in behalf of
the Grand Lodge in a speech full
of eloquence which was cheered to
the echo He paid high tribute to
Christianity and all the moral vir
tues Spoke of the wonderful in
crease in tho order which was
formed thirty two years ago in the
city of Washington until it now
numbers 500000 members At
the conclusion of his address
the large audience who were
dismissed the public
not members of the order
tion being over and the Grand
Lodge proceeded at once to dis
charge the work they were clfoscn
to perform
The following officers were elect
ed to serve for tho ensuing year
Fdward Adkinson G R Hender
son Dr R L Agnew G L be
bree Stanley Adams G V C
Louisville J B Seattle G P
Bowling Green Wade Sheltman
G K R and S Louisville Geo
Glendan G M E Covington
A C Green G M A Lexington
W II Powers G I G Carroll
ton J B Thornton G O G
Somerset Somerset Paragon
In a recent letter lo tho manufacturers
Mr W F Uenjamin editor of tho Spec
tator Rushford N Y says It may
bo a pleasure to you to know the high es
teem in which Chamberlains medicines
are held by tbo people of your own staL
where hey must best be known An aunt
ot mine who resides at Dexter Iowa was
about to visit ma a taw years since and
before leaving homo wrote me asking If
they were sold here stating If they were
not she would bring a quantity with her
assbedldnot like to be without them
The medclnes referred to nro Chamber
lains Cough Remedy famous for It cures
ot colds and crpup Chamberlains Pain
Halm for rheumatism Jame back pains
in the side and chest and Chamberlains
Colic Cholera and DIarrhoi Remedy for
bowel complaints These medicines have
been In constant use In Iowa for almost a
quatler of a century The people have
learned Ibat they are articles of great
worth and merit and unequaledby others
For sale by St Dernard Drug Store
EarlliiRton Den T Robinson Mortons
Gap Gaorgo King SI Charles
t ak4ttftakKi
There will bo services at tho M
E Church Sunday morning and
evening at the usual hours All
arc cordially invited
Elder J W Ligon commenced
a series of meetings at Manitou
one day last week As to the out
come of the services wc have not
yet been apprised
Only a few more days remain
and the conference appointments
for both the M E Church and
the M E Church South will be
made and a new years minister
ial labors will begin under the
auspices of these two mighty wings
of Methodism
The Louisville Annual Confer
ence of the Methodist Episcopal
Church South is in session at
Madisonville this week The
usual custom we presume will
prevail the session lasting over
Sunday and probably adjourning
on Monday It has been some
years since this same conference
convened in Madisonville but it
has been through no lack of hospi
tality on the part of the people of
that place So many places every
year clamor for the Conference that
it cannot get around the circuit
quickly Bishop Haygood presides
Rev A J Bennett bid farewell
to his church aud people at this
place last Sunday night departing
by the 4 oclock train Monday
afternoon for Covington Ky to
attend the annual session of the
Kentucky Conference M E
Church which convened in that
city yesterday morning Wher
ever the lot of this minister may
be cast we bid him God speed
believing him to be an humble
conscientious servant ofthc Most
The late Bishop Simpson it is
related preached some years ago
in the Memorial Hall London
For half an hour he spoke quietly
without gesticulating or uplifting of
his voice then picturing the Son
of God bearing our sins on his own
body of the tree he stooped as if
laden with an immeasurable bur
den and rising to his full height
he seemed to throw it from him
crying How far As far as the
East is from the West so far hath
he removed our transgressions from
us The whole assembly as if
moved by an irresistible impulse
rose remained standing for a sec
ond or two then sank back into
their scats A professor of elocu
tion was there A friend observed
him and knew that he had come to
criticise asked him when the ser
vice was over Well what do
you think of the Bishops elocu
tion Elocution said he
that man doesnt want elocution
hes got the Holy Ghost I
Col brank Henderson formerly agent
at Earlington but now train despatcher
on tho P D E located at Mattoon
III Is here on a yisit among friends He
is accompanied by bis wife
ur oloied ttiens
All eommunlcatlooa and maltera ot news per
alnloc to this column abonld b addressed lo
Gio AtixAMDis Earllnjlon Kr
Thero will bo a grand moonlight enter
tainment given at Mortons Gap by the
Trustees of their new scboolbouse Tues
day night Ocl 13th They cordially in
vite all to attend and witness a good
Misses Martha McNary and Sarah
Mose of Madisonville visited here Sun
John Postell passed through here Fri
day going lo Henderson
Rev W A Walker returned from Cory
don Thursday
John Tisdale and Ed Killebrew played
with the Madisonville Baseball nine Sun
Robert Smith a miner was hurt very
bad last week
Ed Johnson is on the sick list this week
Alexanders Park was crowded Sunday
The band was the cause
Wm Foster and N U Galbreatb are in
Etkton attending Ibe association
Mr Simon Dunlap Is on the sick list
this week
W M Gipson was very badly hurt
Monday evening while unhitching bis
horses Tbo youug horse kicked at him the
harness striking him in the face bruising
It badly
Mrs Carrie Alexander Is quite sick
Our band boys went to Henderson last
Lewis Ray and Mrs Mill Earle are
both sick
Mrs Morion and Mrs Todd have re
turned from Hanson
Rev W A Walker bas two very sick
Prof Lane of Morions Gap was in our
town Saturday
Rev Dickbrsoh preached at tho Dap
list church Sunday night
Miss Ray went to Madisonville Sunday
Mrs McNary bas returned homo from
Mrs Alice Hughes bas returned from
Mary Campbell Is at home
There will be a Christian Endeavor or
ganized at the Reading Room Sunday
afternoon M 3 oclock Everybody In
Money and experience cannot improve
Dr Sawyers Ukatlne which is tor weak
and debilitated persons and those that are
rundown from over work St Dernard
j fav M ri fiti
The peculiar political conditions thai ex
ist In Kentucky havo led many people lo
believe that Ibo Slato Is a doubtful ono and
that the Republicans have a chanco to
carry It this fall For this reason there is
great Interest both at borne and abroad
a accurate and reliable political news from
all parts of the Slato Tho Weekly Courier-Journal
Is now covering this field per
fectly and it Is publishing the news with
out bias or prejudice A close reader of
the Weekly Courier Journal should beablo
to forecast In advance what will be tho
outcome ot tho Stato election next Novem
ber In addition to giving alt tho political
news and all tho news of every kind tho
Weekly Courier Journal is offering to Its
subscribers 6000 In cash presents for
guesses as to tho exact vole and closest to
tho exact vote that will bo received by tho
Democratic Republican and Ponulist can
didates for Governor of Kentucky Tho
price of tho paper Is only ono dollar a
year Sample copies containing full do
tails of tho cash present plan will be sent
f reo lo any address Write to COURIER
rit Kit
Suffielenllr Moated I
Well Watered I
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lilnit ire New I LTiV I MtT
KrerrlhinFlnleianl IIKJ 1 Jjjj
Mrs cSararj Prevvitt Proprietor
Will receive prompt attention at
this office Estimates furnished
upon application
No luconvenltne Simijf f J
fromjinr Injurloua tubttanec tsM
uarani 1 1 a tuns or raund tour mtntt
iiKtitrbiUla SaniMeiertrsaili
I MI r lIlIUlCAL CO Jloaton Mul
New Planing Mill
Two Squares North of Depot on Providence R R
Manufacturers ol and Dealers In
Sash Doors Blinds Door and Window Frames Mouldings
Wo have Just filled our new factory with the latest improved machinery and ara prepared to
get out a houto patlorn on short notlco and In Grit class Jlylo Wo manufacture our own moutdlnc
of all kinds and can clyo you Letter prices than any mill In the country Also KKY JODS on eon
tract wot It If yon want a house built glvo us a chance We do all kinds ot custom work In our
auR 8 m
Machine Wdrks
HANNA PATE Proprietors
Manufacturers of
Steam Engines Boilers
Mining Machinery such as
Slialcors Mining Carts Revolving
Screens Hoisting Engines Etc Etc
Bearings Brass Goods Wrought Iron Pipe Fittings
Steam Guagcs Check Pumps Injectors Etc
Repairs on Engines Boilers and all kinds of Machinery Neatly
and Promptly Executed j20 3m
J KaHsf
Mortons Ojpi Ky
Always on band a fall and complete stock of
And everything else known to the trade
lislclans prescriptions Carefully Compound
Patent MoinG8 and Perfumery
Ilair Toolli and Paint Brushes
IPetirxts standi Oil
J3FReady Mixed Paints all colors in small cans
Walter McGary
Livery and Feed Stables
Charges Reasonable
Satisfaction Guaranteed
First Class Turn Outs at Reasonable Rates 8PH0ALPAATTDBTN0T0N
SUble and Office on MAIN ST near Depot ISAAC DAVIS
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