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GarIingfor ffappf nings
News -Not - Personal Paragraphs and
Otfcsr Doings at llama Worthy
ef Special Mention
Lk out for colds at this seasoq Keep
yoiHtM wettand siroac by tiling Ifoods
BarMparilU lbs great Ionic and blood
purifier s
BoAk Lait Thursday 17th
fast to Mr and Mrs John
man a son
Th Btit Ceujli Cuw
Is Shilohs Cure A neglected
cough is dangerous Stop it at
oace with Shilohs Cure For
tale by St Bernard Drug Store
Mr Sebree Buck of Nashville
was in the city a few days last week
WANTED oo barrels 0 corn with
shuck e Will pay ttoo per barrel de
llvtredat tttrllsgton
W S McCarv
r Nrn a E
1 was nervcous tired irritable
sad cross Clover Root
Tec kas made me well and happy
For tfile by St Bernard Drug
Born On Tuesday evening
aand inst to Mr and Mrs Guy
I igon a daughter
Art Ya Made
Miserable by Indigestion Consti
pation Dizziness Loss of Appe
tite Yellow Skin Shilohs Vital
uteris a positive cure For sale
by St Bernard Drug Store
Mr Dick Sebrec of Paducah is
ia the city this week
I tfWt Wrassas Irexrlptloa
Dkeasd blood constipation
aad kidneys liver and bowl trou
bles are cured by Karls Clover
Hoot Tea For sale by St Ber
nard Drug Store
Work on the large sewer that
empties into Clear Creek beyond
the L N Roundhouse has been
fri progress the past week
CeeMatptWa Can be Cured
By tin km of Shilohs Cure This
great Cough Cure is the only
acaowa remedy for that terrible
diicate Sold by St Bernard
Drug Store
Mr E G Sebree Jr of Hen
derson was in the city one day last
Pills do aot cure Constipation
They only aggravate Karls
Clover Root Tea gives perfect reg
ularity of the bowels For sale by
St Bernard Drug Store
John Devney spent a few days
at Bvansville this week
A Babya Lift Saved
i My liaby had croup and was
BavtiJby Shilohs Cure writes
Mrs 0 Martin ofluntsville
Ala For sale by St Bernard
Drug Store
Mrs F C Gephilrt of Hopkins
viik is Vlcttiag her parents here
Capttla SwHaty U S A
San Diego Cal says Shilolis
Catarrh Remedy is the first medi
ciac 1 have ever found that would
do ma aay good Price 50c For
tile by St Bernard Drug Store
Squire as Priest has just re-
tturaed kmn Loitisydle yVhere he
has been attending Federal Court
ia the capacity of a witness The
Safike was absent about four
w 1 - 1
KyeH Wlak a rajaedyie Isrtag tb flush
4 finA to yHHr chWs WW vigor to your
vptim awl nuke yea strong aad well lake
Df Sawyer Ukallae Si Uernard Drug
The Band Standand the fencing
around Dickson Park near tlo tie
ai oa the right-of-way of the L
N by tho way quite
M oraaiHt to Earlington has
baen graatly beautified in tho past
few days by a new coat of paint
HMJIkWag tHal
fyuayawa Matetwe lateM itctitag
MA tatag rnoei at night worse by
tf 4etil3 If allowed to coallnuo tumors
Urn vaWoii tH Meedait4 ulcerate be
Mtaissg my sore SwyaxsV Ointment
tof A Uk4g aitd bUllag heals ukr
jatwa f ad Mr itl caaos raaaove the In
ess At 4rwata oc by mall for 50
- tii Dr Swvm Son rblladelphta
Now it the ttttta to suhimhe
City Taxes Now Wc are in
Due formed through
Marshall Dar
nctt that city taxes arc now due
and must be paid at once As this
is tho case you are invited to come
forward without further delay and
settle the same or else the Mar
shall will pay you an early call
Dr Sawyers Ukatln makes tho kwae
Irong Make thane wbo are ilck well Il
builds up tba broken down and debilitated
system of old and young St Bernard Dru
Educators Will
The members of
the Teachers In
stitute will hold
sessions in the school house next
Friday 35th inst morning and af
They will be entertained at din
ncr nt Hotel Earlington and our
citizens trust the members will
find our town a pleasant abiding
Thousands testify 16 Iho woaderful to
suits of Dr Sawyara Ukatlna la building
up and renewing the dabltttatal and broken
dowtijconiiltuflou St Oirnard Drug
Better be There seems to be
Guarded a growing ten
dency to disturb
public worship in our town
Those who have a temptation in
this directjoa may tike timely
warning that the authorities of the
town will aid in severefpunistiing
all culprjta The law is very
strong along this line in Kentucky
and its enforcement will entail
trouble upon some one
Uaw Curt all Skin Olstaats
Simply apply SwANyga ointmbnt No
Internal medicine required Cures tetter
ecrema Itch all eruptions on ibe face
hands nose Ac laavlng Ibe skin clear
wtiito and healthy lis great healing and
curative powers are possessed by 00 other
remedy Ask your druggist tor SwANVtta
It your children are subject to croup
watch tor the first symptom of the disease
hoarsened It Chamberlains Cough
Remedy Is given as soon a ibe child be
comes hoarse it will prevent the iltack
Even after Ibe croupy cough has appeared
tbe attack can alwaya be prevented by giv
ing Ibis remedy 33 and 30 cent lottles for
sate by Ibe St Uernard Drug Store
Earlington Ben T Robinson Mortons
Gap George King St Charles
The Republican
meeting -at this
place Saturday
evening was a success notvith
standing he non appearance -of
the Hon John Feland who was
advertised to address the people
While Mr Felands absence was
regretted our people Mewed the
matter philosophically and at the
last moment arrayed for substitutes
in the persons of Mr William E
Bourlandof Dixon and Mr W
F Burr of this city our honorable
mayor Both of these gentlemen
warmed up the boys on the issues
at hand The crowd was fair and
the enthusiasm at a good pitch
Make Yourself yoa would resist
Strong pneumonia bron
chitis typhoid fever
aad persistent coughs aad colds These
ills attack tbe weak and tub dowa system
Tbey can find bo foothold where Ibe blood
is kept pure rich and ult of vitality tbe
appetite good aad digestion vigorous with
Hoods Sartaparilla the oae blood purifier-
floods PlltS euro ltver nisj constipa
tion bliiousaeea Jiundlce slk headache
1 1 in 1 i7t y
Barnesleys New
It Isrumored
that J3arnesley
our near neigh
bor is soon to erect a house of
worship Strenuous efforts are
being put forth by the good people
of that village to this end with
Rev W Dunning In the lead
John is a go-a-head man ra real
good fellow a Christian gentle
man and we feel assured the pro
ject will receive his undivided at
tention until completed This is
an enterprise in which every liberal-minded
person should feel an
interest practically aiding in the
work If there are any people on
terrafirma to day Who richly dp
serve the encomiums of their fellow
men it is these same horny handed
sons of toil who have so bravely
weathered every gale for the past
The necessity of this matter
arises from the fact that ther esWms
to be a continual clush between
tho school and church the bujld
ing now used having been origin
ally erected for school arid church
purposes Whatever the -differ
ences may be or who is to blame
for the existing state of affairs we
will not now discuss Suffice it to
say these good people haVe de
cided to erect fonhemqelves a dis
tinct house of worship and will
appreciate any assistance rendered
thus enabling them to expedite the
- a ia
If TrwtWrd WW HktuautWD Ksad This
Annapolis Mo Apr 16 1894I have
used Chamberlains 1ata B1m for rheu
if atlsm aad fouad it to be all that Is claimed
for il I betiave It a be the best prepara
tion forrlwHim and deep seated mus
cular pIh 84i thVwarka afid cheerfully
recominewl It the rbue Jno G
Broo ii dealer ia boots shoes etc No
18 Mala W - 1 s
MKCMAMicayiLta W Mary Caatiajr Md
I sold a bottle otCbsieiberiatesPAJti BaUa
to a man wfco bad bee aistariii wAi rbe
matUM for aeveral yeert It awek Um a
welii ban A J McGill or eeki at
so ceati per UotOe by 8t Beruard Drag
Siore Harlittgtoo Deo T Rutaaaou Mor
tM U uwrg Kind i wharles
Small Favors Thank- One day
fully Received last week
Fore tn a n
Toombs with a detachment of his
crew filled a long felt want in
this community by spanning
the chasm between tho school
house and Methodist Uill While
the structure crcStcd does not lie
giri to compare with tho great
Brooklyn or London abridges An
arcniieciuraiiiucspgn arutigencra
utilityct arcmrgcneyJ9J Tern
porarily met and the kpeapkiT
t a
speak for the Republicans as fallows
tlansoa Oct 26 1 p m Oak Wall Ocl
j8 t p mi Wbtto Plains Noy 1 t p m
Richland Nov 1 x p m Dallon Nov
4 1 p m KverybMy Invited
To nrkh litilf Iflipwo tli4aiialltyofllie
blood purify aml1rljhten tho complexion
Impact a natural and pin V color q he
cbeeis and ilp aed Induce raireahjng
sleep U Dr lawyer tikaliox St Qer
nard lxuy hiore
hdppy especially the schpol chil
dren and those Hothodistitcs from
the hill couhtjy Lei u pit
tiently wait ami stilf libpc for a
better bridge in tho near future
Tbe Darlington Wis Journal siys edi
torially of a popular patent medicine Wo
know from experlonca that Chamberlains
Cqllc Cholera and Dlarrboa Remedy 3 a
lliitt is claimed tor It as on two tfniatlons
It stopped 6tMtjivpaln5iandyVsslly
saved us from all unllmely WaVe We
would not rest easy over night without it
In tho house This remedy undoubtedly
sves more pain and suffering than any
other medicine In jlja vord Every family
should keepjtia tho house as Jtls sura to
be needed sooner or later For salenjy
St Bernard Drug Store Earlington Hen
T Robinson Mortons Gap nnd George
King St Charles
A Severely ilttisnt often that
T V -
ai r t f
clergy getting
I pquridlng and especially as se
vere a oriearfihatfSdmifiJaicfed to
Rev M BumetTfrTt lilsresi
denceWM6EueiaAvcntie from
7 to rft5 osciokTlast Tuesday
evening According to a
ranged plan of the membership
of the M E Church togetlidr with
a number of our open hearted
liberal minded citizens of Other dc
was presented tbflie Brotheras
above- stated Many who could
not attend very generously sent
in their dotjatioriswlcaj goodly
number were present and enjoyed
tHe1lndlywgreeting o the pastor
and his estimable lady Many of
the tclnpqral wants of the recipi
ents wfcre tlms supplied botlV in
money provisions andcTothing
which will forever enshrine the
donors in their affections
The hour for departure having
arrived the pastor in broken Eng
lish attempted to speak the grati
tude that was welling up in his
hekrt buf f ound wordsrtinadequate
to exprcsshirrt4lf However we
qrd wiiliWiccethe will for
the aecdL S tf
It yoBIhave tried maay remedies and
many doctors urjd aro still debilitated and
weak and discouraged try Dr Sawyers
Ukatine anifyou 1 will bq cured
St Der
nard Drug Stare
m r j
7 -
A HaHaw A mosW pleasant
Social and satisfactory
Christian Endcavorers was held on
Tuesday night Mr Fred A Wal
lisi of Hopkinsyillc was present
andgave art interesting accountjof
the live movements along Endeavor
lines in this State Tlie reading
by Mr Wallis of letters from
It was determined at the meet
ing to have a grand social timej at
tho Rink next Tuesday 29th inst
a- Halloween -Social itmay
termed and interesting features
will be introduced Iris tb JiigiTt
that all who como will bo enter
tained and well satisfied with the
results of the evening
The Committees of the Endeavor
Society will be organized shortly
The Chairman of the Committees
are as follows with the names of
Committee each represents So
cial MrssBdtticw Hopperr Music
Mrs B W Robinson Prayer
Meeting MrsM B Long Look
out -Miss Minnie Bourland Visit
ing and Library Mrs W F Burr
Prjess Mr Charles Cowell
The Chairmaiiof cacl commit
tee will select tho workers to aid
in the duties of the coin mi tee The
names of these helpers will be an
nounced In the near future It is
hoped and believed that better
work will be accomplished inTtho
future thanin the past
Money and experience cannot Improve
Dr Sawyers Ukatine which is for weak
and debilitated persons and those that are
run down fom over work Su Bernard
Drag Store
Of Louisville Republican cauddatn for
Senator will spdak at Madlsriavllle
day October 3st ComecMt and uesir a
good speech
publican Orator will speak as follows
Dawson Oct 30 j p m Mortons Gap
Oct 30 730 p mj St Charles Oct 31
p rasHcbo Nov 1 n m Every
body Invited
W tt tf
ThriMt rftm man I
was so sick 1 could not
or wHr rot 1
eat tiotp
oousbed all dAr and
nlalit nty welebt wm
reuticod trpm ISO to lxl
ttouuOs TIki flret nlaht
Ibat l olcpt four hours
tlinn was after
ttono taken threo
dosrs of Dr rwroea
uoiaon Moaioai ufsoov
r Tho
ir oipvctoruva fTw
s every day and
bon I baa token tho
nln nt nna hnttbi
m t vihin wnqip rotini
without oouclilnp and
AlnnA mxiA rMah I TH nnitr
could sleep all Blent
bare beea well ever
ery offenuvefoat
In Bevore Coughs Droncbial Throat and
Lung OUoasce Asthma Scrofula in every
form and evon the Scrofulous affection of
the lungs thats called Coftiumptiea In all
Its earlier etogos tho Discovery ovaao
Last Sundays meeting of the
Christian Endeavor was largely
attended and the interest in the
cause is on the increase
Those who failed to attend the
Endeavor meeting last Sunday
missed a rare treat indeed The
President of the Society W F
Burr delivered a most excellent
addresj on Christian Patriotism
iuid wo regret that we can not pro-
uuee u in mil
Everybody should attend the
Societys meeting held each Sun
day evening between the hours of
of six andsevep oclock They
arc not held in the interest of any
particular denomination
Miss Lucy Crenshaw was the
leader in the exercises last Sunday
dndit is a pleasure to note what
an interest is laKen py uiu yutiiiy
foiled inthese mcetirigSi
Miss Alice Bourland will lead
next Sunday and an interesting
meeting is promised
A business meeting of the mem
bers of the societyywas held Tues
daynighfkt the hme of W F
Burr thev6bect being to perfect
plans o extend the social features
of the society
iMrFrld A Wallis of Hop
kinsville Vas again in town on
Tuesday To the disappointment
of all he said he found he could
not make it convenient to attend
the services of Christian Endeavor
Jiext Sunday If is hoped in the
fieruuturc we iriay have Mr Wai
ns witu us at one or more 01 our
Xfi lc Q00 people of ge iKoUma
Calling lemselves
IJe Christian GnoeaVorers
anb a eir falters JJlflolhers
5islers rolhers tincles Junlies
anb Cousins
Come one anb Jll lo the JlalloVeen
Social to be ftolben uesbag
M M o ye lVnhe
Pvovyj in fhe Mines
The St Barnard Coal Compan y are de-
tcrmjncijjo lead all other competitors and
aro sending out tuelr calendars upon
wbicAthev have a neat advertisement
The Hecla Coal Company like all other
cornpanies in this county are doing a good
business and since the new openiug was
first made their capacity for producing
coal has steadily increased and they are
now able to load eighteen or twenty cars
Th a St Bernard Company have lately
put another engine at No 9 mine which
will we understand be used v to facilitate
the handling of the empty cars In the mine
by tho use of a tail rope
kSecretary Piatt informs us that he is now
rushed with orders for coal He claims
to have some of the best coal put on Iho
If tbe present drouth should continue
much longer It Is feared that business at
tbe St Bernard new Diamond mine will
suffer as wafer is becoming quite scarce
Miners here seem to be taking more in
tercjUrf tbe production of coal than in
politics but tbey should remember that
good laws are only kept on tbe statutes
and others made by tbe sending lor good
men lo represent tbem
Astbero seems 1 to be considerable talk
about gold In the Southern States we
reproduce an article which casts some
light on bo subject The paper on gold
mining in the Southern Appalachian Slates
read before Ihe American Institute of Min
ing Engineers In Atlanta Is Ihe most ex
haustive that has yet been prepared on tbe
cconqmic feature of our Southern gold-min
ing Its authors are both men familir with
tbe matters Ibey have written of and for
Ibis reason heir conclusions which are
given with an abstract of their paper in
the letter from our Atlanta correspondent
aro of particular Interest and value Tbe
present conditions of gold mining In tbe
South are well set forth Tbe authors
state that while big bonanza may not be
expected there are undoubtedly many
properles vjbere with the Improved pro
cesses in use today operations can be car
ried on at a profit There has been much
foolish speculation in Southern gold prop
erties conjldcrablei Northern capital hav
ing been invested The paper referred to
is therefore most timely aad may on tbe
one band save some unprofitable trans
action and on Ibe other increase Interest
In profitable proposition
Sometime last pring a stock company
wis organized at Sebree Ky for he pur
pose of opening up a coal mine at or near
that place Quite a large amount of land
was purchased and the option on Ibe other
land secured and Ibe work of sinking a
shaft down lo Ihe coal at oace proceeded
As it was tbj opinion of Ibe esmpaay al
fkt thai they wouWi reach a profitable
vain In short distance tUy did sot at
first bore down 10 tbe coal but uk the
shaft for some distance when tbey con
clude lb it ibe Wat uiuvW first to bore
iJ tuto bon iWp a paymy una lay Vim
was dona and tbo company found such a
vein about 178 fee below tbe surface A
good force of men was then put lo work
and he wotk of continuing tho shaft
pushed with vigor until one day last
week when ihe looked for vein of coal
was reached much to tbe Joy of the opera
tors This No 9 vein we were Informed
by one of the company is about five feet
In thickness and a fine quality of coal and
tbe work of developing iba mine will be
pushed forward as rapidly as possible
and soon Ibey expect lo put their coal on
Iho market In Sebree It Is thought that
tor a wuue they will be unable lo supply
tbo home demand and therefore at present
no effort will be made to ship cost lo other
points but It Is tbe intention of the own
era to put in a side track sometime In tbe
future and open up other markets for their
product In the sinking of tbe shaft two
other veins of cool were found Tbe first
Was about fifty feet from the surface and
It was about three feet in thickness but of
an Inferior quality tbe second vein was
siruck about 100 feet betow the surface
and was only about eighteen Inches thick
The name of Ihe company is Tbe Black
Diamond Coal Company
One of Ibe latest Inventions of Messrs
BenW Robinson and W A Toombs of
the St Bernard Coal Co Is an indicator
which must prove of great value in ibe
No 9 mine This piece of machinery Is
attached to Ihe shaft of the large drum upon
wblcb Ibe wire rope pulling tbe cars Is
fastened and Is so arranged that tbe engi
neer can look at what be may term a dial
plate and at once sea where the cars are
that are coming out or going In on a trip
Wbal these geniuses will invent next we
await wilb Interest Jo know
fsQComotivte Blasts
Tbe pay car pissed over Ibe Henderson
division Saturday the 19th inst with
Paymaster Barnett banding out Ihe filthy
lucre lo tbe Boys
Conductor Davis has been in charge of
the work train the past week or two
Of course you could not make Super
visors Sullivan and Davis beleive Ibat
tbey have better track on Ibe St Louis di
vision tban tbey have but those wbo pro
fess lo know say that one section over
there Is bard to down and that il will push
tbe Henderson division lo hold tbe board
this year
Business on this division continues good
and most of tbo extra conductors are at
work so numerous are the trains being
Agrnl Steele we are pleased to note is
again back at work having recovered from
bis late spell of sickness
Foreman Saeger of Ibe bridge crew
says that the last pile was driven last week
for tbe rebuilding of the Henderson bridge
SrapeOine pelegrams
Mr Dick Nolan is very sick with typhoid
r t
John Gough was here Friday
A part of the base ball nine went from
here to assist the Nebo nine to play Ibe
Claysville nine Saturday
John Ashoff has typhoid fever
The members of Mortons Gap Lodge
I O O F accompanied by the writer at
tended the funeral of Walter Gregory a
member of tbe Star Lodge of St Charles
Mrs L A Jones was called to Dawson
last week to the bedside of a sick brother
Mrs Lotie Baker is visiting her parents
in Muhlenberg county
Sister Comby is siill improving
Tfev G IL Johnson delivered an ex
cellent sermon here last Sabbath
Mr Rufus Kemp has moved his baggage
from our town and Mr Warren Wade haa
come to take his place
The writer made a business trip to
Madisooville last week
A II Jones was in Madisooville Ibis
week on business
Miss Emma Wilson is sick wilb fever
Urge me not I pray
All Ibe air Is golden
Every thorny spray
In the sunlight blushes
And my thoughts are bolden
By tbe warbling Ibrushes
Urge me not to day
1 Ob when winds of May
Shake Ibe boughs with laughter
Till they loss and sway
Till Ihsy kiss and sever
Speak not of hereafter
Breathe not of forever
Give me but to dayl JK Wetbcrill
Sltllngpt the Masters feet
Her cup of Joy it now complete
Learning from this man so wise
Tbe royal road lo Paradise
Heeding not her sisters call
Though of Ihe work she did it all
To day she chose lhat better pari
And from ber Lord would riot depart
Tbe Lord commended ber for Ibli
And from blm would not her dismiss
But kepi ber closely by bis side
She wbo did in him confide
Ob what a blessed place lo be
Ever at our Masters knee
Sweetly confiding bappy and blest
TIs there Ihe soul finds heavenly rest
Ob learn from her a lesson wise
And turn your thoughts toward Ibe aklas
Where Marys Master lives
He will receive accept forgive
Then find you ever at hia feet
Learning of bis ways to sweet
Basking In his loving smiles
Kuowlng tbat you are hl child
y iiisiii mmiix
Biihop Haygocd of ibe M E Church
Suutb it strickeo wilb parfclvsit til bit
borne In Oxford Ga and It not expected
to recover Bishop Hoygood presided
over ihe late conference at Madisooville
Rav Virgil Elgin Presiding Elder Is
expected to preach at tba M E Church
Soulb Saturday at it oclock Satur
day night at tbe usual hour Sunday and
Sunday algbt Should tba Elder fall to
appear from any unexpected cause Rev
J T Cherry the aewly appointed pastor
wilt cosduct the services as indicated The
Lords Supper will be administered on the
Tbe maelstrom attracts more notice
thaa the quiet fountsla a comet draws
more attention thaa the steady ttarj but ll
Is better to be tbe fountain than the mael
strom and star tban comet following out
Ibe sphere and orbits of qnlet usefulness
In which God places us Johm Hall
I remember no one sin tbat my con
science dolb to ranch accuse and Judge
mo tor as for doing to little for Ihe saying
of mens souls and dealing no mora fer
vently and earnestly with tbta for tbelr
conversion Baxtir
Condemn no man for not thinking as
you think Let every oae enjoy the full
and free liberty of thinking for blmielf
Let every man use bis own Judgement
since every man must give an account of
himself to God Abhor every approach
In any kind or degree to lbs spirit of per
secution If yoa cannot reason or per
suade a man Into the truth never attempt
to force a man Into It It 16ve will not
compel him to come leave blm to Cod Ibe
Judge of all Joa Wesley
After long years work is visible In
agriculture you cannot see tbe growth
Pass tbat country two months after and
there Is a difference We acquire firm
ness and experience incessantly Every
action every word every meal is part of
our trial and our discipline We are as
suredly ripening- or else blighting Wo
are not conscious of those changes which
go on quietly and gradually in the soul
We only count tbo shock In our Journey
Ambition die grace grows at life goes
on FawBRiCK W Robmtsoh
on Tobacco Sfiit
or Smoke Your Lift
The truthful
startling title
ot a book
tbe only harmless guaranteed tobacco-habit
cure If you want to quit and
cant use Braces up nicot
Inized nerves eliminates nicotine poisons
makes weak men gain strength weight and
vigor Positive cure or money refunded
Book at Druggist or mailed free Ad
dress Tbe Sterling Remedy Co Chicago
Randolph St New York 10 Spruce SI
For aale by all Druggist
ur Joloied itiens
All communications aad suitors ot news per-
slain to tbli column tbcold bs addrsttsd to
G10 AUtXAMDSt Sarllaxtoa Kr
Mrs Sarah Osborne la on the tick list
MrsFotten baa been wilb us for several
days filling Prof W K Hardins position
Dear friends you are cordially invited
to ttiead the Christian Endeavor Society
which will meet next Sunday afternoon at
130 oclock at J B Atkinson Jr Reading
Tbe band boy keep up tbelr practice
It i reported tbat J E Todd is sick in
Illinois -
E H Curry P E held quarterly meet
ing at tbo A M EZioa Church Sunday
Quite a uumoer of ladies of Madisoo
ville were with us Sunday
Have your photograph taken at Atkin
son College Prices very low Painting
lessons are alioglven cheap
Mas b Davis
L B 304 Madlsonville Ky
A watch was lost between Earlington
and Madisooville having no chain on it
Finder will please return It to this office
and get reward
Tbe Reading Club will meet next Thurs
day night Come and bear the program
An Oxygen
Home Remedy
Without Medicine
iso Firm Ave N Y April 3 1835
My t coalcnc Inlhi mtrlts ot
lb KIclropot tlmplt convenient teonom
leal and eStctlvo tl It ll DM fconitintly frown
with my iocrcatlrif observation 1 and sspari
tuco W H DsPuv A M D D th D
Editor Peoples Cyclopedia
Often Cures
Write us for book
let tbat tell about
Ibe jEJactropolie
Mailed free
put on trial at reasonable
513 Fourth Ayi
7lni Usation tula paper whea writing
Hns led all WORM ltamdls
nKitiM xhhXYis tl a ton
To those wbo bava Hopkins County
land for aale t -
Announcement for advertising hese
land ia all part of lb country have beea
made by tbe Kentucky Bureau of Infor
mation and Immigration Write Prof J J
Glenn MaditeavlHe lor Uaak wblcb
when property MUd and returned will be
eat In tba Bureaw
John 11 AtbbuiM of KarUagtoa jaai
b of KxeouJva Cnsaatitiee wMl be glad
of furnish alortakllon No charge made
tor a4ftkd n n
Workman politely to old Imly who
Jim accidentally g ol Into n aniotrinu
compartment You dont object to my
pipe I opo mum
Old Lndy Ycs I if object very
Workman Oh then out yon rotl
Punch 1
Too Early to Tril
Flora nt tho seaside- Wlintsort of ft
fellow la ho anyway
Julia I dont know Ive only boon
engafred to lilm ninco Inst ovcnlnjr
LI to
Qalte Tnklnjf
Mr FlaUehouBO Well liow docs tho
new Krl tnko
Mrs Flaltohouso Sho takes overy
thlnp In elglit N Y World
Would Seem Bo Indeed
Blbx v Isnn onllinlstln fnllntv
in what way
I borrowed 110 of lilm nwhllo ago
Chicago Record
The Terror of the K011I
Ob Im a demon who much discussed
In leaton ot an I no and flood
When tbe weather Is air my name Is dust
When the weather Is wot Ha mud
-I A Vt Bultetla
Eiy to ICnowv
Reporter examining register In for
eign hotel I wonder what part of
America these now arrivals como from
Hotel Clerk How nro they
Reporter Just United States thats
Hotel Clerk Put them nlldown from
Chicago N Y World
Her tost Chance
Mlsa Eldor I will bet you anything
70U llko that I uovcr marry
Mr Easy Ill take you
Mla Elder rapturously Will you
roally Thon I wont bet after all
A Pood Deal Iliirfcteil
Old Gentleman as tho train geU a
terrlflo bump at n elation 1howl
Whats that
Ql4 Lady I guess they must be
coupling oh that buffet car weve beard
telinbouL N V Weekly
Alwnje Catchlnfr
Rivers In tht newspaper lino I
dont ktlow whyjt is butlalways yawn
ftheu Im writing
Banlrfl In tho same line Thats
inea by Involuntary sympathy with
our readers Chicago Trlbuno
Tbey Hlght Turn Out Poor
Fond Parent jBobby dear you have
another new llttlo brother Arent you
Bobby No pop I cant soy that I am
Im not stuck on having a wholo raft of
Helations N Y World
Heard on the Street
Tm onto you tho mud pool cried
To tho trousers It had dotted
Ah yes tbo trousers sadly slcbod
I see you have mo spotted
A W Bulletin
Drown How often havo 1 told you
not to play ball In this house
Johnny Every time youve caught
me at it Once a Week
1 There is not a
free coinage country
in the world- to day
that is not on a silver
2 There is not a
gold standard coun
try in the world to
day that does not use
silver as money along
with gold
3 There is not a
silver standard 1
try in the world to
day that uses any
gold as money along
with silver
4 There is not a
silver standard coun
try in tho world to
day that has more
than one third of the
amount of the circu
lation per capita that
the United States
5 There is not a
silver standard coun
try in the world to
day where the labor
ing man receives fair
pay for his days
Now 1 state these
five propositions de
liberately after care
ful examination of the
monetary statistics
and the commercial
and industrial sys
tems of all these
countries as far as
they are accessible
nnd I do not think
any man can success
fully controvert them
Send your sons and daughters to
and have tbem learn n trade while ac
quiring their education We teach five
good trades a thorough college education
besides a special course In Shorthand and
T A M Moobb Prln
Madlsonville Ky
or Rbv G n Walkbr
20 Mo St Evansville Ind
An amusing anecdote of a lady
and gentleman traveling together
in a Pullman car runs as follows
THey were strangers to each other
Alt at once the gentleman said
Madam may I ask you to look
out of the window f should like
to mako some change in my
Certainly sir she readily re-
ilied at the same time turning
ler back upon him
A few moments afterwards he
Now madam I have finished
and you can turn around again
When the amy looked around
she saw her male companion trans
formed into and elegant lady wear-
A thick veil
And now sir or madam what
ever you are sajd tjio lady I
foutf also requeiLvjyihcn wayour
face out the v
wish to mako some alteralion ia my
Certainly madam and 0m Mit
in womans garb on slttfriif cfewi
again saw bis traveling compait
transformed into a man He burst
out laughing nnd said
It appears that we are bk
trying to run away What Hv
you done I have been roblttot
And I oniil llm nnnnliin LadV
as he fitted the darbies around hi
fellow passengers wrists a
Detective from PtakcrtWi
force in Chtcnrn nnd have bn Alt
vour track for tlio last couole ot
days and now presenting a re-
voivcr keep still N Y
i ii i
We are opposed to the r
nnd unlimited coinage of
silver believing that it would
involve the country in finam
cial ruin We believe in a
sound currency and in th
use of both gold and ailvwr for
coinage provided always tktpl
a dollar in one is mao
cisely as valuable as a dollar
in the other
The Republican of Kentucky while
recognizing in tbo approaching contest Ibe
great Importance of Stale matters never
theless appreciate the fact ibat parties ex
ist nationally and tbat no political party
should be afraid or ashamed to give fait
and explicit explanation jegardiag its peti
tion on every question affecting tba pree
perlty ot Slate and nation
The apprehension of buiass ia terse
as to recent threatened tariff changes a4
tbe want of confidence in Democratic
management caused reduction In wages
decline In exportation general deprecate
of buslnessdestructlon of property thrift
age in values and labor agitation This ap
prehension accompanied with Mbseqnaftt
Democratic legislation made by party
perfidy and dishonor has served ia ssaajr
respects to increase rather tban dlaiaita
National disaster Under there circum
stances the currency question has been
forced into undue prominence aad lb
Democratic party has seized upon that it
sue lo Ibe exclusion of all else for lbs
purpose of diverting public attention trass
the contemplation of the ruin Its vk4eM
policies and miserable management has
wrought w
We favor a tariff so regulated as to pre
lect the interests of all classes of our citi
zens upon articles that may be saccesefaiy
manufactured or produced ia thit couatry
thus insuring good wage to tbe laborer
and a home market to tba producer aad
in connection with this we favor tba re
establishment of tbe doctrines of reciproc
ity We believe tbat such a system will
defray every governmental expense grad
ually liquidate all indebtedness restore
public confidence and relegate to th rr
the undue excitement now prevailing con
cerning tbe currency In view of tba pat
financial history ot tbe Democratic party
its devotion to tbe old State bank system
and wild cat tendencies we affirm tbat tba
Republican party can be more safely
trusted to regulate the financial system of
the Nation j
We favor an American policy which will
protect Americans and American interest
in any part ot tbe world lat all hazard
and will sympathize with struggling re
publics rather tban Ignorant monarch
When the Democratic party came lata
power in Kentucky it found tbe Slate able
to pay every debt and bave milliost of
surplus left In tbe meanwhile It ba col
lected millions of dollars of taxes iiader
the most unjust systems of revenue
and yet we are today in tbe humiliating at
titude of being unable to paV tbe current
expenses of ihe State and upon a ttie
valuation of assets are in debt mllliomTof
dollars Tbey havo over ridden tbe cos
slilution refused office to pa fairly eUcteeJ
by Ibe people engaged extraml vagaat
legislation increased salaries created un
necessary offices manifested their lacoas
petency to manage tbe paneteatlarle
brought convict labor Ipto competition
with honest free labor diverted the
fund failed to provide a decent State Cap
itol and left Its charitable Insiitutiona
without tbe necessary means for tbelr
proper operation
We demand economy in every depart
ment of public service tbe encouragement
of enterprise and capital and equitable aad
fair apportionment of tbe Stale tba impar
tial execution ot tbe law a thorough re
modeling ot Ibe revenue system a rlgUt
inspection ot tbe books and a radical
change in tbe management of tbe pen Its
We recognize tbat tbe safety of a Slate
is best promoted by tbe fostering ot a lib
eral system of common schools aad wa
pledee ourselvss to enlarge and Increase
tbe present system so tbat reasonable op
portunity may be given to every child in
the State to obtain solid bnines ed usa
vk -A
Just aa easy to sltup ttraigh
on a bicycle as on a horse W
cyclo must bo built right though
have easily adjustable haae
bar and many sizes to fit ye
That means your buying- a
Bicycle 10Q
Havent said a word abat
quality No need Everybody
knows tba Columbia m th
best bicycle made Have lower
priced machines too Haitfcrd
Art Catalog u tree H yen uH
Moore Arnold aSt
Send your Job Work to this of
fico Satisfaction guaraatwd
v -
nn 1 O luC0VMt INeltje
fiomaay lajunout wMw
Ui IftBillff
InM B31MllMlutW
f V H - it

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