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connit Address us for patlleuurs
The output of coal in
Hopkins county during
1895 ivas about one fourth
the total output of the en
tire State In 1895 the
exact output of the State
was 3207770 tons bi
tuminous and eanncl coal
Hopkins Countys output
was 788S5 tonsallbitu
minoics This is a gam
over tho product of 1893
of 27861 ions and a loss
of 23828 tons as com
pared with 1894 ibhich
year showed gain over
1898 of 50684 tons the
result of the sympathetic
stiiko during which
Hopkins Countys miners
worked daily
The total number of em
ployees in Hopkins county
in 1895 ivas 1887- Ani
arls employed 288 Fatal
ities atviincs subject to in
spection in state 8 No
fatal accidents in Hop
Total coke produced in
Kentucky during 1895
was 25557 tons Of this
- Yvere made
at Earlington
b Itlh Il nll3illlliilfeilfil
Rowella 1806 Newspaper Directory say
The Hie Thursdays Republican four
paa lono suDtcnpiion at esiau
llibed 1 83a rul M Moore editor
lice Publlsmne Co Publishers
Advertisement The Bis official orean
ot coal interests ot Western Kentucky
Only republican paper in Hopkins re
oubllean last election and fifteen ad-
joining counties Published in cblef
a mining town and county of Kentucky
ik Mining chief revenue of countys
J2 wealth Miners Intelligent American
M citizens Earlington baa four months
more freo acbools than Stale pays for
white nn J colored Two public libraries
The first attempt at intimida
tion was exposed by tho Courier
Journal which gave a sectional
account of an interview between
Capt J S Williams and
Speaker Dlandford in regard to
issuing the writ for holding an
election in Nelson County to fill
the vacancy caused by the death
of Isaac Wilson The speaker
called attention to the matter by
rising to a question of privilege
stating that while he might have
had some conversation with some
gentlemen in reference to the
matter he did not know Mr
Williams aqd did not use any hot
wordsand did not hear any threat
ening language Perhaps if the
Speaker had known Mr Will
iams he would have given more
credit to the fiery language attrib
uted to him because the Speaker
would not issue the writ imme
diately and prior to the funeral of
the deceased member In the
light of subsequent events it is
probable tfiat Capt Williams
arranged the interview and en
deavored to pick a quarrel as the
correspondent who was more fa
miliar with the antecedents of the
doughty Captain had more than
hinted 1
At this time the Democrats were
laboring under the impression
that the writ should be issued un
der the provisions of the old law
and in their zeal and haste to elect
his successor came near failing to
pay respect to the memory of the
deceased member but when tho
Speaker referred them to the
precedent established by Gov
Brown in the caso of tho vacancy
caused by the resignation of A J
Carroll of calling the election un
der the provisions ot the Australian
ballot law the denunciation of the
Speaker ceased
After the drawing of the Com
mittees in the contested olection
cases in the House tho Courier al
luded to tho presence of Jack
Chinn and im Williams and
Btatcd that their mission was in
tho interest pf Blackburn to pro
vent the unseating of Democrats
and seating of Republicans and in
the event of retaliation by the Sen
ate to keep the unseated Senators
frpra voting
rtfftr tSft3
Oh fan iG Mr Brotmon pre
sented the following resolution in
tlju Scnato which wits adopted
Witi unAs it liny lu cn published
and openly chnracd tlmt certain
I Senators now occuminii seats in
tlun body are ineligible by reason
ot holding incotnpntablo offices
and also by reason ol Having tor
fcitcd their office of Senator by ar
ceptinR and using free passes upon
railroads wow do it
Rcsoiatd That a special com
mittee composed of Win Goobcl
G S Pulton Rozcll Woissonger
Fenton Sims and C J Bronston
nil Democrats be and the ramo
is now created and said committed
is now empowered anil directed to
investigate and determine whether
any Senator or Senators arc ineli
ciblo to soata now held by them
and to report by resolution what dis
position shall no matio oi sucn
Senators In order to make
ouch arid tihetive such inv estivation
said committee summon senators
and witnesses with books and pa
pcrs and when so summoned they
shall bo subject to the law and its
penalties now provided in such
cases Said tommittee shall have
the right to rehorl at any time and
prettdente shall bo given to said re
port over any other business
Thon on Jan 20th an agreement
was entered into that neither
House nor Scnato should unseat
mombors until a successor to Isaac
Wilson should bo chosen and
sworn in or until Feb 6th and
that Senator Stcge would not
vote for the Republican caucus
nominee until that time and the
Democrats should not try to elect
a Senator during the same period
When tho contested olection
cases were reported to tho House
and the clerk attempted to read
the majority report Tho Times
describes the affair thus it re
quired some time for its reading
Some of its sections excited sneers
and laughter h the Democrats
When the reading was done Mr
Swinford moved to have tho report
printed and made a special order
for next Wednesday March 4th
He argued that he had not heard
the report read as one reason why
it should bo printed Mr How
ard Rep took the floor and was
pretending to demand an imme
diate consideration of the question
and said if the gentleman had not
heard it read it was because there
was an organized attempt to make
such a noise as would prevent its
being hoard Mr Phelps of
Lexington jumped to the floor and
wanted to know if the gentleman
incjuded him in such an intimation
and if he did that he stated was
untrue Mr Howard made some
sort of sassy remark and then the
wildest scene of the session en
sued Mr Phelps jumped to his
feet and so did Mr Swinford and
shaking their fists at Howard
yelled False Untrue You
know it is I denounce you
The Post says when the news
that the Republicans had brought
uo tne werncr inompKins case
IcadcrS thcie was au instant
ering in the lobbies and threats
soon began to be heard of what
would be done in case a member
was unseated Col Jim Williams
remarked significantly in the pres
ence oflhe Hon Zach Phelps and
Burton Vance of Louisville and
others that he would bet Si 00 to
1 that if any Democrat was un-
seated in the House hh successor
would never jet in to take his
place and in describing the al
tercation between the members
the Post further says Then fol
lowed the liveliest scenes that have
been witnessed in the House and
a riot in which it looked like a
personal conflict would ensue and
bloodshed follow Mr Phelps
had a large pocket knife in his
hand open and pointing directly
at Mr Howard andsaid such a
statement was infamously false
Mr Swinford also arose and de
nounced the statement The
Speaker rapped for order The
galleries and lobbies became
demonstrative The members
arose to their feet tho House was
beyond control and bedlam
reigned Mr Howard stood at his
desk cool and immovable There
is no doubt that many pf those
present were fixed for trouble and
it is fortunate that cooler heads
succeeded in preventing trouble
Several days elapsed between
the report of the committees and
the vote upon them pending
which Jack Chinn and Jim
Williams re inforced by Eph
Lillard another Blackburn re
tainer of similar notoriety were
very much in evidence in the cor
ridors and lobbies ottlic capital
and the first named usually occu
pied a seat in the House and durt
ingtbe Joint bession 1 ins case
was decided in favor of tho sitting
Democratic member and the ver
dict was not considered revolu
tionary The next case was ar
gued by tho parties themselves
Mr Dunlap making a very able
and earnest appeal to tho House to
give him the scat held by Mr
Kauffman which ho said tho evi
dence clearly showed him to bo
entitled to On Saturday March
7th Mr Kauffman addressed the
House in support of his right to
retain his scat and the caso was
continued till Monday On this
Saturday occurred the attempt to
cause a 3tampede to Blackburn
when the nttpmpts as admitted by
Mr Violott wore made to intimi
date the Sound Monoy Democrats
and force them to vote for Black
burn On Monday Senator Weis
sengcrdicd and very little
ncss was transacted and the con
tested election caso was postponed
till Wednesday by which time
either through fear or favor Mr
Dunlap had sont to tho Speaker
his written withdrawal from tho
contest The evidence being all
before tho House and each party
having been heard it was decided
that a voto should be taken and
Mr Kauffman was tlcclarod not to
havo been legqlly elefcted and that
Mr DnnllP was entitled to it
Tho Courier Journal gives a
graphic account Of wltaj followed
Tho Democratic majority in
tho Senate retaliated and by revo
lutionary proceedings removed Dr
A D James Muhlenberg
County and Dr Claiborne J Wal
ton of Hart county on the ground
of disqualificatibri
The scenes attendant upon and
following the unseating- df th6
three metnbers almost fulfilled the
gravest fears of sober minded
The Republicans had threatened
al nlorjfthat these unsoatcU Sen
ators vould go intoUhc joirtt ses
sion and vote anyway Certain
Blackburn men had sworn that
they should never get into the
joint session alive Assoon as
the unseating hadbccn done and
the Senators started for Ihe Houso
to take part in the joint session
the hour for trouble seemed fo
have come
The lobby separating the Senate
door from the House door was
made almost impassable by a
crowd ot Republican and Demo
cratic rowdies and at the critical
moments not less than twenty
stood with hands on the Handles ot
the weapons in their hip pockets
The noisb was like thc roar and
din of an angry mob4
Senator Bronston stood at the
head of the Democrats at the
HtfusddooValid tYcmblihtf frorrr
czcitcmcnt shouted to thqsc at
Jhand to keep out tho unseated-
Curses and oaths echoed from-
the dome of the Library -building
and as tho mob swayed in the di
rcctionof the door pf the Retire
scntatives hall tne feeling and
excitement Was so intense that
those who were not participants
bid behind cvory door sill or
corner to avoid possible dangor
Many Republicans rushed
through the crowd demanding
that the militia be called out
though at the same moment one of
their leaders declared that -they
too had from fifteen to twenty
lighting men on hand each with
a pistol and ready to use it The
Governor sent to Mrs Day the
Librarian the suggestion that she
call on the Mayor for the assist
ance of the police and have the
rowdies and bullies of both par
ties cleared from the lobby The
Chief of Police and two men soon
arrived but lost a conflict should
be precipitated thoy were in
structed to lay hands on no man
until weapons were produced or
violence attempted
Dr James had slipped into the
House by the- way -ok the cloak
room before the joint -session be
gan He ran out ol the benatc at
1145 oclock as soon as he saw
that his name was one of the two
in the report of tho Investigating
Committee Dr Walton tried to
get out but was prevented by
DoorkeeperTyler Jack Chinn and
uapi jim vviuiams Air uron
ston was with them He and Dr
Walton had some heated words
and would probably put it througliiSome onc said that Dr Walton
trot to the ears of the BlackburrX Is an old4uanand Mr Bronston
wun an oain aenouncep me
publicans ahdVlittle later in the
House ordered Mr Burnam to
leave himdeclaringrthat lie did not
want another Republican to speak
to him Mr Burnam said Go
to hells -
But theso are moderate incidents
compared with scores--that occur
red The excitement shifted from
point to point in the corridor and
houses punctuated with paths de
nunciations and wild gesticulations
Before leaving the Senritechdmber
and just as the Clerk announced the
vote ai to o in lavorot unseating
the twp Republicans 4hc Demo
crats and Republicans got their
members together on different sides
of the chamber and the former
shouted while many of the latter
hissed derided and denounced It
seemed that violence would begin
even before the expected trouble
at the door of the House Bron
ston urged on the Democrats his
jury paling his face andcausirig
his whole frame to tremble while
his wild denunciations were severe
and many times uncalled for He
completely lost control of himself
and the fact was noted by the
Dcmocragas well as by the Re
publicans The other Blackburn
leaders wero fTrriif but more calm
and less sevcrcsomo of thern seek
ing earnestly to quiet the confusion
and restore order
Yet with all the threats with all
the oaths with all the revolution
ary procedures iihdfTulingstiiis
uiubi exciting session mat was
probably ever witnessed in tlic
Kentucky General Assembly passed
off without personal violence1
Senator Blackburn wasin the
Senate cloakroom And wwiifih tlic
shouts and curses ofthomobat the
door of the House showed that a
fight was imminent he ran through
the crowded corridor to stand by
his friends Several caught and
tried to draw him back but he
jerked loose and with kindled eye
rushed into the mob
The action of the Republicans
in unseating Mr Kaujman alter
the contest had been withdrawn by
Mr Duhlap is declared by tho
Democrats to be an outrage greater
even than they had expected It
was clearly shown by Messrs Car
roll Forec Robbins and others
that no contest was pending since
the withdrawal of it by Mr Dunlap
who stood down stairs and in the
uejencc of several witnesses said
le was surprised at Speaker Stan
fords ruling by which he permit
ted the Republicans to turn out
Mr Kaufman lie said that he
would not allow himself to bo used
as a tool and if anybody was killed
lie did not want it said that ho had
ridden into office over dead bodies
Ho declared that under no circum
stances would he accept tho office
and cast a vote
The next move was that Mrs
Day tho Librarian palled upon the
Mayor to send p ppljce forco to
keep order and exclude from the
tho corridors of tho Capital those
who were there aqing without au
thority and for thepurpofie pf
hi s
ating n disturbance This proved
ineffectual and then the sheriff was
called upon but ntiuuicd to be pow
erless to prevent tho distinguished
friends of Mr Blackbtirnwho wore
Acting its sentinels at the doors from
holding their posts In tho House
Mr bpced moved thq following
Whereas thoconstitutajl author
ities of the city of Frankfort and
thoCounty of Franklin hayo failed
to suppress lawlcirones and mpb
violence which has attempted to
obstruct legislation therefore bc it
Resolved That it is the sonsQ of
tliisbody that the Capital suotild
bo moved to a place - where order
nnd protection will bo guaranteed
Mr Bronston in tho Scnato of
fered a resolution as follows
Information having been received
that W O Bradley Governor of
Kentucky- hasdircctedtho Sheriff
of Franklin CoUnty to enter the
cloak room of tho Scnato of Ken-
4ucky and exclude all persons
therefrom nnd that whilst this
body is now in session said Sheriff
is now in said cloakroom proceed-
itig and attempting to execute said
uiuur i3u 11 rcsuivcu 111 u saiu act
ion of the Governor and Sheriff is
unlawful arbitrary rcy6futibuary
and contrary to law nnd tliat the
Sergeant at Arms of tins Senate
exludfisaid Sheriff at once from
said cloak room V
Tim next indication aittitt opin
ions of the members was tho reso
lution ollcrcd by Mr- Vance tjiat
as it wan currently reported that
people come into the Hall every
day armed with knives pistols etc
the doorkeeper bo empowered to
search every one and any person
-refusing to be searched -shall not
lie eligible to the privileges of the
Then on Saturday March uvttli
the Sergeant of Arms of the Senate
prevailed upon tho clerk of that
bodyto swear in as his assistants
the men who had during tho ses
sion been acting as such and had
while acting in that cnpacitynnado
the assaulf upon Senator Walton
Rumors were current on the street
that the Governor was to bo ar
rested and that telegrams had been
sent to other cities by tho Demo
crats to have quotas of men noto
rious for their fighting propensi
ties sent to Frankfort Affidavits
were made by the President of the
Senate and the Speaker of- the
House that seemed to be borne
out by tho fact that instead of any
effort being rqadc to exclude- those
who were reported to be unlaw
fully acting as officers of thd Sen
ate endeavors had been made to
make their position more secure
notwithstanding thattthc Consti
tution provides that The Senate
shall not elect appoint emplpy
orpay for exceeding one 1 Chief
Clerk one Assistant Glerk one
Enrolling Clerk one Sergeant at
Arms one Doorkeeper one janitor
one cloak room keeper and three
pages mi v
Then the militia were ordered
out rti
Tho Governor did not invade
the legislative assembly he did
nota tcsrnet its treeaominM acr
tion in a fashion dangerous or
otherwise - t
He placed guards at the idoors
of the State House to keepout a
threatened mob and six actual
usurpers who had no more claim
to be deputies than- to be Gov
These guards simply- performed
a duty the Mayor and the Sheriff
declined They protected the
sessions of the Legislature from in
terruption by violent men and
thus a tempestuous session closed
in peace
gold and silver coins as money to
the extent and upon the condition
that they can be maintained at par
with each other This earn only
be done by purchasing as needed
the cheaper metal at market value
and coining it at the legal rate of
16 of silver to xof gold and re
ceiving it in payment of public
dues Gold is now the -standard
of value With free coinage of
sjlvcr that metal will bo the stand
ard of value and gold will be de
monetized Governor McKinlcy
Is opposed to the free coinage of
silver and has so repeatedly de
clared in his speeches
In his last Gubernatorial canvass
in Ohio Governor McKinlcy itnijule
this response to the declaration of
hisopppnont Ex Governor Ctrpp
bejl rthat he was willing- to
cjiariccit on silverir
My worthy opponent should tot
icbanceinylhin with a nuestion of such
vltatancl absorbing Interest as llltf money I
ot the people Tha moaof AWdrca
mQJtbo equal to tho best mono of ho
world Unlike my opponent I tvilFjigt
ask you lo take any chances on tblsrjucsv
lion I will clearly and unequivocally say
to you that tn choice and Inflttenco are
In favor of tho best money that tho
man has dcvlsri Tho peojiln are
not prcparcd to indulgo In the speculation
9 freo and unlimited -
fpu honest mpnv i
McKinlcy is in favor of honest
money Ho sifid
The Itepubllcan parly stands now as
over for honest money nnd a chanca to
earn It by honest toil It stands for a cur
rency of nolil silver and paper that shall
be as sound as IhiJ Government and as tin-
tarnished as Its honor I would as soon
tblok of lowering tho II ir of our country
as to contemplate with pitlcnco or with
out protest any attempt to degrado or cor
rupt the medium of exchanges amonK our
people Tho Republic pirly cin ba ro
lled upon in the utitro ai jn tho past to
supply our country with tho bost money
ever known Rold silver anl naror opJ
tho world over
It has been said that ho recent
Ohio platform docs not declare
against free coinage of silver dud
for honest money This is not a
fair construction of that dcclara
tion Tho people of Ohio aro for
that money which has tho highest
purchasing power that which
yields to labor tho hlghpst watfos
to bo paid In tho best money and
to domestic productions the high
est pneo in tho best monoy and
that is gold coin or its equivalent
in other money of equal purchas
ing power This I belicvo is also
the opinion of Governor McKinlcy
and is tho doctrine of the Republi
can party
In his domestic lifcuovcrnor Mc
Kinlcy is a model American citizen
It is not the purpose of tho writer
of this sketch to use fulsome Ian
guagcor to comment upon his pri
vate life beyond tho mere state
ment that ho is and has been an
affectionate son of honored par
ents still living n devoted hus
band and a truo friend In his
family and social life and in his
personal habits ho commends
himself to tho friends of order
temperance nnd good morals In
private ho iscxcmplary in public
life a patriotic Republican
Itlnay be said of him with great
propriety that no man can more
fully represent in his own career
than ho tho great issues upon
which tho Republican party will
contest the election of 189G
John Sherman
Our Jolored Mfiens
All communications ami runners ot news per
ilnlnc 10 thl column should bo addrnsed lo
Glo Alexanpkk Rarllncton Kr
The Indicator man was In our town last
OeorRO Albert well known hore shot
and killed bob Tidwcll about his wlfolast
week near Grapo Creek III
1ho many friends of Hcv Walker wcro
glad to sco him at his old stand Sunday
Rev Wm Leavcll passed through here
Tuesday going north
Prof Harding has a crowdad school but
is Hcttinr along nicely
There will ba a Japanesa Tea Party
given at the colored Masonic hall by
tho Sisters of the M T April 30 Oo
May 1 the S M To will give a Ulrlhday
supper Admission for each night 10 cents
for adults children free There will be
preaching at said hall Sunday and Sunday
night by Rev Adkins Sunday school Sun
day morning
The rally of the A M K 5ion chutch
will come oil tho second Sunday In May
Messrs J U Hawkins S Dunlap and
others attended tho Republican convention
in MadisonvUlo
Mcsdames Osborn Dunlap Mcrriwca
tber Alexander and Morion paid the At
kinson Coltego a visit Sunday and found
everything very pleasant
Prof Johnson of Atkinson College was
here Thursday
Mr Marshal Hatchers many friends are
glad to know that he Is lble to go about
Tho Odd Fellows fraternity went to
SlaughtersvIIIe last week and buried their
brother Allen Cordon with proper cere
monies Rev Poster officiating
V IL Ross of Madisonvillc is a dele
gate tothe Louisville State convention
The debate on last Thursday was very
good Prof Harding acted as President
for Wm Killebrewand made a good man
Prof Moore of Atkinson college has
gotten out a beautiful souvenier In book
form containing pictures of thefacultyand
much interesting reading Vou should
buy one
Dont forget the various ontortalnments
to be given tho last week In April and the
first week in Mar
Little Pinkie Mines is very sick
The famous Hoosicr Stars a company
of refined and tainted colored artists ac
knowledged by clcrcy men public and press
to bo tho American elite entertainers will
bo here Monday and Tuesday nights April
23 and 31 Thoy render aprogram rich
rare racy and replete with splendor void
of anything that would olfcnd the most
fastidious but brim full of appropriate
fun and amusement This Is an engage
ment extraordinary
V going to dat rally sho
Wo wonder who wilt get the prizel The
best bustler
That rally will ba on the third Sunday
in May
Rev Lane preached for the good peo
ple at Crofton Sunday
Misses Wing and Myers of Greenville
wcro in town last week visiting friends
Mr Campbell and family havo moved lo
Messrs Wilcox and Laving nra doing
business in Madisouvllla
The meeting was very Interesting last
S nday under tho direction of Rev T
The Daptists havo a new oraan and aro
now in need of an organist
The old Dulin Mill will be moved near
Ilia new lake this week
There is some fatk of Mrs Cbas Lyons
taking up her residence in Paducah but
we hopa sho will change her mind and stay
with us
Tho debate at the school houso last Fri
day night was ri sutcces
Mr I Nanco made a vigorous spooh
at the Union last Sunday
Mesdamcs Porter nnd Ilogus are contest
ants for prizo number one nnd Missess
Lizzie Hamilton and Ora Graddy for prize
number two
Electric Dltters
Electric lliltora s a medicine suited for
any season but perhaps mora generally
needed when tba languid exhausted fcel
lntj prevails when the Ijvcr is torpid nnd
sluggish and tho need of a tonic and alter
allvo is felt A prompt use ot this medi
cine has often averted long and pnrbap
fatal bllltous fevers No medicine will act
more surely in counteracting nnd freeing
tba system from tba malarial poison
Hcadacef Indigestion Constipation Dizzi
ness leid to Klcictrlc Hitters 50c and
ftoo per bottle nt St Htrnanl Drug
Tho land pf tho red cheeked children
is thu Icjfend tat nppears rj the fcas
jriess envelopes of tho proud and- pa
trlptic poplp Pt 1olk County Mo
Tired Feeling
Jifcnns danger It is a fcctlous
condition nnd will lend to disas
trous results If It U not nror
como nt once It Ia n sure sign 1
that tho blood Is Impoverished
and impure 1Uo best remedy U
Which makes rich healthy blood
and thus glvea ttrctigth nnd elas
ticity to tho iiutAeles vigor to
tho brain and health mid vitality
to every part of tho body
Hoods Sarsupnrllln positively
Makes the
Weak Strong
My sister tvns troubled with
nervousness nnd tlrud fueling
Sho tried Bovcrnl remedies with
out relict until sho ocean taking
Hoods Snrsttpnrllln My young
est sister is tnklnfr Hoods for n
troublo with tho musclcA ot her
limbs with benefit MissMlt
Scovr Cove Arkansas
Only Hoods
Hoods Pills ffMhfi
DoWn in the Mines
The many friends ot Mr W V Uurr
ver pleased to too and bear ot his being
able to venture out on that weak leg
again and they Jong for the limo when
he can be seen dally at his old place lo tho
St Bernard ofiico
Mr Taut Trice Auditor of the Coal As
sociation made a business trip on the O
N last week and it Is useless to say be
lounu tne coat ousiness as dull there as
Tho Monarch mines must bo developing
fast as that company havo Increased their
force lately quite a number having
moved from Mortons Gap to that place
Our miners here failing to secure the
nomination of their cboico for Congress
will not let their disappointment prevent
them from loyally supporting Ibo republi
can nominee
V D Cavincss of tho St Uernafd me
chanical force 4ias already made up his
spring fishing crew and it will be composed
of Clay Wooldridge Theo C Martin Nol
lie Umstcad and himself
Prof Campbell has made an analysis of
Ibe Dawson ink found in a well at ibat
place and finds that the color is derived
from water flowing through a seam of coil
Two new sections were put Into the coke
screen last week by the St Bernard me
chanical force
Secretary J W Dunning of Ihe Co-operative
mine accompanied his wlfa to
Howell Ind last Sunday where she
goev to recuperate her health after an ill
ness of several months
A visit to the lake near Earlingtdn dur
ing the week will satisfy one tbat tho coal
miners at this place are not being worked
very bard as they can ba seen by Ihe doz
ens casting their hooks to hope of catching
Among those who are interested In Ihe
coal business at Empire and who were
aown at mruncton last Sunday wero
Superintendent AI Rutland and Foreman
Thomas Robinson
As a representative to the Republican
convention beid at Madlsonvillo last Sat
urday we noticed Richard Silmon of the
Crabtrce mines an Influential politician of
tbat place
The Grand Rivers Herald saystbe pros
pects for a resumption ot business at that
place in the near future arts bright but It it
he opinion of the knowing ones that there
Is not in that vicinity sufficient iron to jus
tify the investment of capital
The Lexington Leader says In Feb
ruary a mining expert from Kansas was in
Ibo city and made an assay of lead and
zinc ore taken from tbe Kentucky river
bills in the neighborhood of Athens Fay
ette county He pronounced tbe ore ex
ceedingly rich and thought a paying vein
existed in tbat locality Since this state
ment became public every able bodied
male citizen about Athens has been pros
pecting in the hope of discovering tbeIead
of the vein referred to by Ihe Kansas lead
expert but so far their efforts have been
futile Tbeir research however has do-
veloped tbat theroislcad and zinc ore in
great quantities In tbat neighborhood but
is not qnito rjch enough to encourage tbe
organization of a company to develop the
mines Tho search for the rich vein will
be kept up until the wholo section is gone
It behooves every citizen in city town
and country to keep posted on tbe stirring
events that will occur in this country and
and tbe Old World within Ibe next nine
months The results will affect all per
sonally directly or Indirectly This nation
is on the eve ot the most exciting presi
dential campaign in its history European
politics are in a very complicated state
and scientists ore applying their discov
eries to many lines that will produce start
llngly new things
To keep abreast with the world ono
should read In addition lo tbe local or
county paper a live metropolitan news
paper bucIi as tho Republic
ot S Louis It is ono of tho most pro
gressive Journals In Ibo United Slates and
in each fssuo It gives the latest political
news of all patties in Ihe field the latest
general new of the world and many vain
ablo special fealuies besides This modal
newspaper is delivered by
mail for only It u year or less than one
cent a copy
Tba price ot tbe Daily and Sunday Re
public has recently been reduced to only
a year by mall
At tbe recent Colorado elections It was
noticed that many women did not bother to
go to the polls
Tho school census shows that Chicagos
poputaliqn has aa liicrawsiaij at the rale
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