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PAUL M. MOORB, Editor and Manager.
Holered thiPettoffice at Barllngton as Second
One Year, ttrletly In advance oo
SlttMoJrtb,"' " V ?
ThreeMontbt, " '
Specimen eepVctmVuid jrei'o'n application.
CofteepoBdeait wanted in all parts ot the
oontr. Addrettntforpartlcnlart.
, THURSDAY, JULY 6. 1899.
PRATT Wa are authotlted to announce Judge
Clifton J. Pratt, or Hopkins Countr, at a can
didate for the nomination for Governor of the
State of Kentucky, aubject to Ibe action of tbe
Republican party.
ml For Representative,
Your Special Coal Edition.
Thk Bee's Special Coal Edition
wiiT be out in a few days now.
Tiutre,have been innumerable de
lays from numberless sources, and
theJsdition comes much later than
wasIntended. But the effprt has
bMnmade to have a creditable
paper that would prpperly repre
sent' the great coal interests of the
Western Kentucky field and do
cradftV' to the enterprisinR coal
operators represented, and to our
msy advertisers, who are among
thelcading manufacturers and
merchants of th United States.
Although somewhat delayed The
Bee isproud of the showing made,
bythfs, the fir.st "Special Edition"
in its history.
'Through the efforts of. The Bee
knowledge of the importance of the
coal industries of Hopkins county
andV the "Western Coal Field" of
Kentucky, knowledge of the pub
licjspiritedness and the fairness ol
the leading operators, and knowl
edge of the good standing, good
citizenship and true worth of the
bestfclass of coal miners on earth
has been disseminated through the
almost ten years of The Bee's ex
istence. By dint of pcrseverence
in this line The Bee has come to
occupy an unique position and is
widely quoted on matters of news
and opinion by trade and other
journals. Our reward and justifi
cation for past labor in this line
rests in the friendship and patron
age accorded The Bee by flatter
ing numbers of coal miners and
operators. Upon this have we been
able to build the whole scheme
of our ambitious Special Coal
Edition and bring to its pages the
excellent and worthy special contri
butions and the many pages of
advertising from the leading con
cerns of this country.
We trust that the edition may
have a kindly reception at the
hands'of our friends.
Coal Mines Not Yet Closed.
As foreshadowed in The Bee's
last issue the Kentucky Railroad
Commissioners have decided to
hold up the long and short haul
law and(permit business in Ken
tucky to continue in the normal
way. The petitions and argu
ment presented in favor of this ac
tion was overwhelming, and the
credit ot the favorable result is
due chiefly to the work of the lead
ing coal operators and railroad of
ficials of Kentucky.
Chief among those who pre
sented strongest reasons for the
suspension of this vicious law
were Mr. Stewart R. Knott, Vice
President of the Louisville and
Nashville Railroad and Mr. J no.
B. Atkinson, President of the St.
Bernard Coal Company. The
facts as set forth in previous is
sues of The Bee 6how that if this
law should operate many mines in
Kentucky would be closed except
for the winter season and the
business and labor of the State be
greatly crippled, besides turning
over trie largest markets in the
State to foreign coal fields. In
Mr. Atkinson's testimony before
the railroad commissioner he said
that the loss to coal mine laborers
in Kentucky, if this law should be
inforced would not be less than
800,000 per annum.
The danger is over for the pres
ent and every laboring man in
Kentucky should do his part at
the polls in November to help save
to the coal mine laborers oi the
State this 800,000 that they are
in imminent danger of losing if the
man Goebel, who has made the
commerce destroying McChord
Railraod Bill a part of his plat-.
The Uniontown Telegram now
attempts to boulster up a bad
cause with the following absurd
Of the three Democratic candidates for
tbe noBtiaatioo, Goebel was the one most
ftred by the Republicans of tbe State.
Tis,8, a strange display ot ig
'rane,6n,.the,part of tipat, usually
intelligent paper, but the Telegram
isn't fooling anybody. The truth
is that many Republicans did not
want to see so vicious a man at
tain even an emptVj nomination.
Tins for the good nameand credit
of Kentucky. But, politically, the
Republicans have all been hoping
for his nomination because from
the start they have felt he would
be the easiest man to defeat in
It Can be Done.
Republicans of old Kcnluck are feeling
' "mighty ill.
For ibey can't beat Hill Goebel nor beat
Bill Goebei's bill.
Uniontown Telegram.
Maybe the Democrats can.
Thousands of them say so.
Gov. Roosevelt is with the
great majority in the announce
ment that he is for the renomina
tion of President McKinley. He
'Everybody in Ibe West is for McKin
ley's renomination, and lam most emphat
ically for his renomination, of course I
feel that boib Ibe extreme rapidity wiib
wbicb the country has gone up the path of
prosperity under President McKinley's ad
ministration and tbe conduct cf tbe war in
tbe Philippines make it tbe duty of every
man to stand with it and render President
McKinley's renomination a necessity. We
must smash out Ibis insurrection there by
forco of arms and then we can consider
terms of peace."
If Republicans do not sweep tbe State
and elect their ticket in November by such
an overwhelming majority that not even
Goebelism cannot overcome it will be
their own fault. Georgetown Senlincl.
All of this true. The oppor
tunity is right for a sweeping tri
umph over Goebel and Goebelism.
But Republican "leaders" must be
wise and not too ambitious. The
personal ambition and self aggran
dizement of individual Republicans
is the only thing that can prevent
a Republican victory this year in
With the worst man in the lot
nominated by the Democrats the
easiest beaten if a fair count can
be had, the Republicans have an
excellent chance to lose unless
they do according to their oppor
tunities and unite all contending
interests on a man and a ticket
that will meet the general public
approval. It will take more than
the Republican vote to elect the
ticket this year and the defeat of
Goebel should be overwhelming.
The Courier-Journal still claims
to advocate "free speech" and had
a leading editorial with that cap
tion the other day devoted to the
wav-off Philippine question. But
it's a different story at home.
That paper champions the cause
of the strangler of free speech and
free will in Kentucky hails him
"King" and wants free speech in
Philippine affairs.
The Kentucky Democratic pa
pers that are running their local
"Democratic Ticket" at the top
o'column but who fail to put up
the Goebel ticket are numerous
and this constitutes a significant
feature of the fight.
Somebody has well said who
wrote this as Goebei's motto: "Let
me manage the machine and I do
not care how the people vote."
Bill Gobbled everything in the
the Democratic State convention
but there is a different story for
next November.
Goebel waved his mace of
power and his paltry 190 votes
became the "majority" of the
Republican Comment.
Goebel is a consummate general,
and cannot be defeated by a dis
organized majority, however large.
The Republicans must name a
great ticket and put their best
managers at the helm. Paris Re
porter. If the people of the State let
Goebel be elected governor the
State had as well be fenced in,
either as a state's .prison op as a
deserted village. That it will be
as dead as a poisoned canine, with
Goebel, as governor, is too clear
to be disputed. Paducah Sun.
Give us, above all things, a pure,
clean man for Governor of Ken
tucky. A trickster, a tyrant, a
red-handed slayer of his fellow
man never, never, never. Green
River Republican.
Captain Stone now knows it .is
one thing to make a trade and an
other to have the goods delivered.
The fact is, he knows a great many
things this week he never knew
before. Paducah Sun.
To Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wendel,
Monday morning, July 3d, a boy
baby. The new boy has beqn
christened David.
The Earlingtpn parly that is be
ing formed to go to Mammoth Cave
promises to be quite large, and will
doubtless be joined by persons
from Madisonville, Dixon, Mor
tons Gap and St. Charles. The
party expects to leave on or about
the 17th mst, viaureen river, and
I to be gone near a week,
Every Gloud Has
a Silver Lining,
Tlit clouds of bad blood envehpkg
humanity have a silver lining in the shape,
of a specific lo remove them. Ills flood's
Sarsaparilla. America's Greatest Medicine,
which drives out all impurities from the
blood, of either sex or any age.
Feeling Grows That Qeebel CMthajRs sjttjng fetfe-behind
Not Deny
QocbePs. Friends Threatcned-tlM
Paper that Printed
the Story.
From Iho Louisville Dispatch.
Cincinnati, June 28. To a rep
resentative of the Post of this city,
who is in Louisville reporting the
Democratic State Convention, Cap
tain W. J. Stone, who was a
candidate for the nomination for
the Governor, gave the following
signed statement relative to the
Stonc-Gocbel combination:
"We met and Goebel stated that be bad
imformed Judge Redwine that the latter
was to be ibe permanent chairman of the
contention. He disliked for him to be
disappointed He declared that it I would
agree that (ho temporary organization
should become permanent that be wonld
agree that every vole of Ibe city of Louis
wile and all of bis vote in tbe convention
should be cast for me, and Ibns make me
tbe nominee of tbe convention.
"He said be bad votes enough to make
either General Hardin or myself the nomi
nee, that he preferred to make me the
nominee. He declared that be would not
fail to give mo the votes. I informed my
friends of Ihis agreement and pledge.
"On Saturday when General Hardin
withdrew his name my friends demanded
that Goebel keep bis pledge tome. Some
of my friends and some of bis own friends
went lo him and demanded that he keep
bis agreement made Friday. Goebel came
across the stage to where I was sealed and
asked me if that I were nominated and
elected I would allow bim to name
persons to fill places tbat I would have I
power to fill. I told bim tbat I would
"Goebel asked me if I would agree to
put the pledge in writing. I told him tbat
it was not necessary, as I always kept my
word, and I would do it in that instance,
fie asked me to wait nntil be could con
sult with bis friends. I said "No; keep
your pledge to me now, and give me tbe
votes that you promised me and thus make
me Ihe nominee ' He satd: "I'll do it
Wait unlil I can walk over to tbe other
side of tbo stage and I'll be back imme
diately ' He left me and never retarned.
William J. Stomb."
coebel's threats.
Following this card the Post
this evening prints the following
A telegram was at once sent to Senator
Goebel in Louisville asking bim for a
statement regarding Ibe allegations of
Slone Arthur Goebel, brother ot tbe
Senator, called up Ibe Post by long dis
tance telephone from Ihe Gait House in
Louisville, and gave the following message
which was taken down by tbe editor of tbe
"Senator Goebel says tbat if tbe Cin
cinnati or Kentucky Post prints one word
about tbe so called Slone controversy be
will make it his particular business to see
tbat the Kentucky Post is deprived of all
the advertising which be can control, and
Lowry & Goebel (the Cincinnati carpet
dc -tiers) will take all their advertising from
tbe Cincinnati and Kentucky Post. My
brother has nothing to say as to what you
call the Stone controversy in your tele
grams," This was so important that to
avoid misunderstanding, the Post
wired to Senator Goebel at his
headquarters at the Gait House,
Senator William Goebel, Gait House,
Louisville, Ky '
"Your brother, Arthur Goebel, has tele
phoned tuo iJost irotn tne uait House as
follows in answer to our telegram to you
asking for a statement concerning W. J
Stone's declarations tbat you promised
bim (ha nomination for Governor."
The statement from Arthur
Goebel was here repeated. Sena
tor Goebel has not answered up to
this hour of going to press.
At the same time a message was
sent instructing the Post corre
spondent, W. P. Campbell, to se
cure a yea or nay answer to the
question: Was Arthur Goebel
authorized to make this statement
in your name?
About 1:30 Mayor Rhinock, of
Covington, called up the manager
of the Post by a long distance
telephone and pleaded to hayc the
Stone statement suppressed. At
the conclusion of his talk he said:
"If you people insist on printing
thesp stories, you will lose my
friendship." He was asked if to
his knowledge Senator Goebel had
authorized his brother to make the
statement quoted above. Arthur
Goebel, who was standing by
Rhinock's chair, took up the thread
of the conversation. He refused
to state whether Senator Goebel
authorized him to telephone to the
Post as he had done. He con
cluded: "If you want to ask
Senator Goebel, have Campbell
go to him. I have no more favors
to ask of you. I went to the Post
once before and you did not treat
me fairly."
At 1:30 the following dispatch
Louisville, Ky June 28.
"Post, Cincinnati, O.,
"Saw Goebel; very indignant; refused
to talk. Would make no answer.
Captain Stone repeated to the
Dispatch last night substantially
the statement made to Correspond
ent Campbell of the Cincinnati
Post. Senator Goebel left for his
howe in Covington last night and
'cai4d not be seen.
On Saturday, after General
Hardin had withdrawn and the
Stone men who were in the deal
with Goebel and knew all abont it,
awaited the coming forward of
Goebel to withdraw in favor of
Stone. Goebel was sitting at the
back of the stage as fJaleas death.
s&vQ&.wece rivet jstsjro.u.ejioor,
i-,: e ..vr-j . n,u.
WlJMfcKw UHtHBjy
Redwine and suggested to, the lat
tor that now was the proper time
for, GoebeJ to come forward and
vyi(tih(gra,w. Then, turning to sorne
person at his side, James said in
the hearing of Redwine: "Go tell
Goebel to come on now and with
draw." The person returned and
informed James that Goebel re
fused to come.
"Go tell him, him, to
come at once!" roared-James.
"Go tell him yourself," was the
reply. "I can't do anything with
It was then tbat Oliie James
rushed over to where Goebel sat
pale and silent with his eyes
riveted on the floor and shaking
his finger at him said:
Vou, I will give you
just five minutes in which to with
draw your name, or, by , we
will nominate Hardin."
Then it was that Goebel looked
up at James and the only reply he
gave him was the most diabolical
grin that was ever seen on a man's
countenance. It spoke louder
than words to James, and he knew
that Stone had been tricked and
made the victim of Goebei's
treachery. James wanted to make
good the threat at once of nomi
nating Hardin, but other followers
of Stone who thought Goebel
would weaken at the last minute,
prevented it
Ed Graham Dead.
Ed Graham died early Thursday
morning, June 29th, 1899, of lung
disease. Only recently he had a
violent hemorrhage while in the
mines and had to be taken home.
The trouble grew until the end
came. Ed was a good citizen,
peaceful and industrious; a sober
earnest man. He leaves a wife
and three children. His remains
were buried Thursday afternoon at
Earlington cemetery.
Clone a' FIshlB
A sanguine and .well equipped
camping and fishing party of young
men went from Earlington yester
day morning to the mouth of a
creek on Green river, two miles
from Sebree. The party consisted
of Frank D. Rash, Henry Brown
ing, Buck Shaver, Eldred Davis
and Ed Rule two ex-soldier boys,
two others that wanted to be, and
a coming "college man." They'll
have a good time, fish or none.
Evansvllle is to repeat the street
fair features this year. It is the
opinion of many that that plan is
the best to get a crowd tbat will
spend money in the city a retail
The bnsiness ot tbe L. & N. shows a big
increase over that ot last year, and now
tbe stockholders look for a larger dividend
to be declared.
Sickness called Operator Fawcelt away
from bis post of duty last week, and "Kid '
Arrington bas been called here lo supply
tbe vacancy.
Tbe final papers have been signed is tbe
agreement between the citizens of Dizon
and the Illinois Central Railroad Com
pany, and work on tbe road that will run
from Sullivan to Dizon will soon com
mence. The business on tbe Henderson division
continues good. In fact, Ibe year around,
business continues to be remunerative on
the Henderson division
The passenger traffic was quite heavy on
tbe fourth on tbe Henderson division.
Tbe people along the route took advantage
should always be kept in
the house for, the fol
lowing reasons:
FJRST Because, If any member
of the family has a. hard cold, It
will cure It.
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dren are delicti- and slcUy. It will
make, theii liorih" -nd well
THIRD - Because If the father or
mother Is losing flesh and becom
ing thin ani enmebted It vlll build
them up and give them flesh and
FOURTH - Because it Is the
standard remedy In all throat and
lung affections
No household should be without it.
it can be taken In summer as well
as In winter.
. toe tnd $1 00, all drugllslt.
SCOTT & DOVVjflE.CtifmUimwVork,
of Ibe cheap rates, and visited relatives and
Conductor Buckley has been to Chicago
on a visit, as well as a business trip.
Section Foremen Henry and Edmondson
spent several days this week up on Green
river fisbiog.
We have yet to bear tbe first railroad
man say be was for Goebel for Governor
They recognire.the fact tbat a 6ght made
against corporations means a reduction of
wages to them and tbey don't propose to
be a party to tbo affair.
Quite an interest was taken by the rail
road boys here in (be celebration of tbe
Fourth, and to tbe local crews it bss be
come by custom a holiday.
Tbe L. & N , it is said, will extend its
lines Into the mountain fastness of Clay
county, and the village of Manchester will
soon bear the whistle of tbe locomotive for
tbe first time. Eogineers are now making
a survey, and as soon as it is completed
wotk will be begun. Railroads are civil
izers and it is hoped Ibis one may have a
good effects on Ibe feuds ot Clay county
Nashville, July 1 Col. Jere Baxter of
tbe Tennessee Central Railroad is in tbe
city Ibis week to look over the work on
bis road at Ibis end of Ihe line, and be ex
presses himself as mjcb pleased with the
outlook. Col. Baxter said to-day that he
would have cars running over tbe road by
Christmas. The work in the upper coun
ties fs being pushed with energy, and a
report from the Chief Engineer shows that
there are employed now on the road 2,47a
men, grading, with 698 teams and 108
carts, 88 bridge builders, 88 culvert build
ers and 30 masons, making tbe total num
ber of men employed 2,578.
The engineer reports that too additional
teams are needed, and tbat for
these tbe contractor is offering $3 per day,
tbe highest wages ever paid Jor this class
of work in tbat section of tbe country.
The surveying party at Ibis end of the
line has accomplished much during tbe
two weeks it bas been at work
Louisville, Ky., June 30, 1899
Cuarles Cowkll, Sec'y Republican Com
mittee, Hopkins County.
Dkar Sir: It gives me pleasure to in
form you tbat tbe Louisville & Nashville
Railway bas been made tbe official route
to tbe Republican State Convention to be
beld in Lexington, Ky,, July lath. Tbe
special train carrying tbe delegates from
tbe city ot Louisville and Ibe Stale, will
leave tstSt. Station, in rear ot Gait House,
Wednesday, July iatb, 1S99 at 8 o'clock,
a. m. A. rate ot one and one-third fares
bas been named from all parts in the Stale
for Ibe round trip Tbe delegates from
this city invite yourself and tbe delegates
from your county to join them on the
above special train and request that you
will respectfully inform tbe delegates from
your county of tbe invitation and arrange
ments made for their comfort and conven
ience. Tbe special train will return to
Louisville after tbe Convention, making
direct connection with all trains out of tbe
city of Louisville, for all points in tbe in
terior of tbe Slate. May I ask your court
eous assistance in concentrating the dele
gates for tbe above train) Special arrange
ments will be made so tbat no unavoidable
delay can prevent you arrrival la Lexing
ton for the opening of the Convention,
lion, which is important. Yours truly,
J. H. Milikkn, D. P A L & N
Such is ibe "real issue," tbe Courier-
Journal declares, wbicb is now fore id
upon Ihe people of Kentucky in the State
No one will be surprised tbat tbe Cour
ier-Journal desires to confuse tbe public
mind and divert attention from Ibe causes
wbicb bave induced the present popular
eicilement, and tbe grave question which
will demand settlement in November.
Every one expected some subterfuge de
vised lo beclcud or conceal its own share
in tbe iniquities already perpelrated, and
those intended. What falsehood it would
suggest in further aid of the Haldemau
Coebet program none knew and few cared.
How it would attempt to explain its deser
tion of all wbo bad served, and its betrayal
of all wbo bad trusted it, its abandonment
of every principle aud abrogation of every
pledge, was simply a matter of speculation.
That a specious and mendacious apology
for treachery, which never bad a parallel,
would be forthcoming all knew, and peo
ple felt no real interest and slight curiosity
in what it might be.
But the baldness, tbe poverty, the abso
lute lack of originality ot this excuse has
excited something like a feeling of dis
appointment. In its extremity tbe once
powerful and respected journal descends
to bathos, wbicb is as ludicrous as it is
degrading, and sets up the hoarse, worn
out wai1 cry of the cross-roads demagogue
It used once so mercilessly to castigate.
As it to show tbat treachery and ingrati
tude are ingrained, and that it must be
mean and false in every wise, it turns, at
tbe bidding ot its new master, against tbe
corporation on wbess patronage it bas
fattened, and blends tbe snarl of tbe in
grate with tbe wbine of Ihe mendicant
In what sense can ibis campaign of tbe
Courier-Journal's master, Mr Wm, Goe
bel, be justly denominated tbe case of
"The Democratic Party versus tbe Louis
ville & Nashville Railroad Company?''
By what kind of logic can Goebel be iden
tified, after all tbat bas occurred, with the
Democratic party? How can tbo Louis
ville & Nashville Railroad Company be
rightfully beld responsible for tbo wrongs
wbicb thousands of Democrats so fiercely
condemn? Tbe will of tbe recent Demo
cratic convention was frustrated, and a
man wbo was not tbe choice of the party,
but wbo is generally disliked and distrusted
was made a candidate. Was Ibe Louis
ville & Nashville Railroad Company a
parly to this fraud?
Goebel deceived Stone and robbed
Hardin of over 200 votes. Was the Louis
ville & Nashville railroad au accomplice in
either villiany?
Tbe people of Kentucky and Ibe Ken
tucky Democracy have just realized that
tbe "Goebel law" was conceived and en
acted to steal Ihe office of Governor for
William Goebel. Had Ihrj Louisville &
Nashville Railroad Company any part in
this crime? .
If tbe Courier-Journal will cease to speak
for tbe Democratic party, out of whose
councils it bas been kicked and whose
confidence It can never recover, and will
say tbat tbe Louisville & Nashville Rail
road Company Is opposed to Goebel and
Goebelism, it will for once tell the trulb
Whether or not tbat is an issue which
should be presented to Ibe people of Ken
tucky may be open to question; but tn tbe
light of wbat all men now know of Goebel,
bis purposes and bis methods, it can be no
ground for criticism of Ibe Louisville railroad.-
Louisville Evening Post.
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Tutt's Liver Pills
There will be a district meeting
of Knights of Pythias in Owens
boro on Tuesday, July n. Visi
tors will be present from all the
surrounding towns. The meeting
is for the purpose of stirring up in
terest in the order in that section.
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St. Bernard Drug Store.
Ground has been broken for the
new 40,000 barrel warehouse to bo
built at Uniontown by Johnson &
Brashcar, of Henderson. It is said
there will not be an idle man, save
from choice, in that town for sev
eral months.
"We bave sold many different cough
remedies, but none bas given better satisfac
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Reports from over the county in
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only about half an average yield.
This is said to have been caused
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cure. 35c. Tbe genuine bas L. B. Q. oa
each tablet.
Rudyard Kipling has been as
sured of his immortality by repro
duction in wax for the Madame
Tussaud exhibition in London.
Wbat among human ills are more annoy
ing than piles? 1 be afflictions Ibat pre
vent active exercise are bad eaougb, but
one tbat makes even rest miserable is
worse. Women are among Ibe greatest
martyrs. Tabler's Buckeyo Pile Ointment
will cure tbe most obstinate case Price
50c. in bottles, tubes 73c. St. Bernard
The meeting of the Green River
Valley Improvement Association
takes place at Rockport, Ky.,
Juy 15-
There is no ? About It.
Ho question indeed with those wbo
bavo used it, but tbat Foley's Kidney
Cure Is absolutely reliable for all Kidney
and Bladder diseases Uampoell & Co.
The Webster County Sunday-
school Convention will meet at
Dixon, July 8 and 9.
The Apyetite of a Goat
Is envied bv all Door dviaeotics whose
Stomach and Liver are ot ot order. All
such should know tbat Dr. King's New
Life Pills, tbe wonderful Stomach and
Liver Remedy, eives a snlendid appetite,
sound digestion and a regular bodily habit
tbat insures perfect health and great en
ergy. Only 25 cents at any Drugstore.
Not less than one million per
sons attend the seventy-three
branch Chautauqua assemblies
every summer.
To aroma a Dormant Livar and seeur perma'
nont regularity of lha Dowtli, Dr. M. A. Sim-
mom Liver Medicine.
The Congo river has at ono
place thirty-two waterfalls within a
distance of 154 miles.
White's Cream Vermifuee not only ef
fectually expels worms, but is unequaled
as a tonic; ana is a certain ana per
manent cure for Chills and Fever In chit'
dreo. Price 25c. St. Bernard Drugstore,
A recently built organ rutvby
electricity contains 64,500 miles'of
.. -I, ,..,t.i 1 nlind sea f bat Tour blood It
l.t, and imrA mill vniir whole aVBtem DUt ill ft
perfectly Iiealtbr condition by tbe njio of Dr.
I',rl.l.(l. H.rnin T.Ucr PovdH. Then YOU
will be freo from malaria, typhoid ferer, colds
and tbo grip. Dr. Carlatedl'a German Uttt
Powder It tbe best medicine mosey can buy.
For your Cold 'try Dr. Otte'a SpruM
Gum Balaam. Prle- 26s and 6O0
For sale by
St. Bernard Drag Stare.
There are in the United States
twenty-three thousand summer
nifjmNUBAN TEA cures Dyjpcp.
r lUmvi els, ConatlpMioa mi Iadi
gallon. IfcguUtMthoIiwr". Price, 3cta.s
Sold by St. Bernard Drag Store.
fcft A AftftAft AAA AAA:
Every son's mother of you has to have Qinrn
PATTERN? Evcry one of yu Artn
rfl I I LlaHOi also has worried and fretted,
bercwed and twisted over having to pay from 25c.
to 40c. for a pattern. Wo have come to your re
lief by securing the agency for Madisonville for the
New Idea Patterns
Any one of which will cost you only
I Oc. Any Style-Any Size I Oc.
You must remember these are just as good bs any
of the high priced patterns you have been using,
and you run no risk in buying them.
Any Size-Any Style UGi
iwiyuiyimyinig &"WW'W"'V'T''VlwyvFW
op aii m Barnett & Arnold.
'tatMStmlMUKiimidmlUlliiimKimlAA cSa4alaatf2ityaABl
fcSan tfaiBWelaiaJI 4UaMaWfXj4ntlLJ
dimwn ufun onuni rj-
TICE. .. i
HJaPpa ytjswcywaMp jpfi.
, b,ifta,i ei
i JrTgifgBjar
Kill! II iiiiiiI.IlllliiiU
I First-Class Equipment
for the
A N.wYo
i Nr York eompanr of nianufnclurli-i; chomliti.th ttlpaca Chemical Oompanr,
I npon the market about IHo "--v nj"n medicinal Ublator "tabula" coinpoaed
nlaiu I fSrvin t
of coml.reiiel ixiwdered prrparslloiia (
iaviilkm of audi Ilia common to man L
lainoji in sua nr inns-n vnnvrii use miiiisuiz
talaed lo be or more ifoneral uae amoui;
levlallon or aucil ilia common toman u
reakci capacity lor aasimuaiius loou.auaoroiug iiouruauenk u
be ca.losua o( Ilia Included und-r thin bead la aald to Include
iaoaf r wbicb tbe pbyalclan la called upon 10 prescrtbe. Inpret
.n.i- r.i tli n,fjntn,ii f thn Jlmrrlraii lieonla theoomnenv lal
rcme.1. (r the acceptance of mo American
h..vfiiinc. .ni.rin. intnthniuirkctiihouLluo( thablkheat KTade. and eo Drenared
end proiectod as to retain 1U iioaUtlea Inlact and unimpaired through any oxtended
Gpu of lime la any climate. Only ibo cbolceit druga abould be uaed, their preparation
packed lu Rlaa, protected by absorbent cotton, and aecurely corded. J-.vin iho corka
uaed hare been of a grade eohtgb In In leijulrementa tbat no manufacturer of tbeao
rery-Uayatoppcra could aupply more tbiti a amall proportion from bla output tbat
woaM meet too exacting apocuicatlona. The staaa via la were tn turn packed In boiei of
aquallty not aurpuaed in beauty and perfection of worttmaBahtp by thoaouwd by tbe
rooatfatlldlouadealera Injewclaand vrnameniaofgold. UaTtngaeltbelrblahatandard,
and never coniontlna to Yary from It, the proprletora retorted to tbe accepted modem
methodinf making their commodity known, and aeyen bendred thouaand dollara In
retted within llroyeara In newapapcr odrcrttalng baa Informed erery American citizen
concerning tbe auperlor and eurprUlng quallttra vt Klpana Tabulea,
Doing thoughtful and palnataklng obMrreri of tbe changed condlttona tbat aweep
over the commercial world, and careful to note erery lrcuroataice bating a bearing
upon t ho auccoaiful proaocuilon of their trade, tbe manager! of tbe company have noted
tbat there It a pretent inalntent demand ror a lower price) for every article that
reaches or approachee an unlrenat uae, and that tbe pt-ople, although requiring tbe
beat of everything, reacnt being called upon to pay heavy nercentagea for auparnuoua
wrapping and packing or unneeeaary protection agalnat deterioration that might re.
aulc In tears, but la ueedleat In the coao of a purchate lotfnded to be contumed In it
week. It bna aluo becndlacovercd, and proved by the teatof ttmeand actual experience,
that theae Tabulet do not bave tho tendency to lota ot qualltlea or diminution of ex
cellence from expoauro tbat might at rtrft havo been expected, Inaamucb aa, under
f avorablo condition j, tboao that bave lain lonae lnadrawe,a traveling bag or pocktt
for several weeka or months are round lo. bo practically at fresh and at efflcacloui ai
CTt Acting upon these aufnrettont, and noting particularly the unimpaired protpcrlly of
grant newapapera now told for a rent Instead of tbe old rate of five timet that amount,
and Ihe general tendency In alt dlroctlona toward low rates and Increased aaloa, the
company have entered upon the experiment of putting up Mlpaua Tabulea In pasteboard
cartont, which they will orfer to tho trade upon tnrtnt which will permit of a package?
being told by the drugglator ttorekneper at Borloe lower than over iwforo adopted for
.w.nH,i.r. merilelnA VIVK CENTS ten tabulet. or doaa.4or one half a cent each
11U UOII1 WUrUI4Cf niUI niwaneiFViiiiiw nuMivua ui iuvi 11 pvii uvt, 1110 inuuira
" Jr . . mi II a. ffl.Mnn linn. .liA
Hpie navo leameq to Know ana vaiuo sua tupana
experimentally Air tbe benefit of auch at roaytj
understood thr h nualttjr of the medicine
.Ming In the form and comparative rou of
cni.li are thoroughly Introduced to tho
timn. fnrw.rlM tn In Illrukn (IhemlGil
price wnicn will nuow inem m lair inarttin
II dote n (I II cartons) ror f I n. a gross iiai
lira Caah with tho order In every case.
Ftr 20 Years Nis Ltd all
rtrHtby - JAMES r. BALLARD. tt.Louto.
& CO...
PnflP iha I (warn Dncia.r.r.Q
Ask your neighbors
They all say that we
haul better loads, fur
nish best teams, and al
ways at the right price.
Contractor and Builder
All Classes of Buildings Erected and
made complete ready for occupancy, in
cluding Ibe furnishing of all inaterisls,
mechanical and common labor
Price reasonable and satisfarlion guaran
teed. Kilimatrs cheerfully giien on all kinds k
ot Uuilding and Special Work Give me a F
chance at your work before letting coatracl. n
tqfTFiptaaMmtMP npMCTT,1PnR
nccaiiorto IiaacDarli)
At Ibe Old Stand, on
Main Street, jujt west
of depot,
and Prompt Service, f
Stovas anl Grates, I
Contractor ot all kinds Tin,
dalvanized Iron and
Copper Work.
A Popular Proprietary
Medicine Sold at Retail
for Five Cents a Package
' the first experimental
step in a direction that
may lead to a revolution
in the trade.
vrlaln mrdlclul druga wbtcli bail txc a atoer-
lmu ttirtr origin In " Unpaired dlseallon or
iiumIIcai men tuna asj omer, ror ine cure or mi'
iauMiii7ja iiiania iiirui Bail uiun ua iiw ua a wi
iooJ.abAortlug nourUhment and ellmln-vtinji waste.
iiutu mrir ufittiu u u w
Miu VJ uiviuuv ytvj hwi iirri
oplb the company laid down tbo prtnclpl
ja preparing tueir tonaaru
innf.itlnM anil b1m In . ha ftrm wil.K whl.l.
I"'I"I'MB."V. .."..Mm . M.I U
IS nil
U Identical m botn aoru, ibe onij- difference
packing w puttlnr up.
Tbe fire-cent nack
ni pac
I lb HVIMlfia 114
tnr dra 17.
aoi butlnanrQaMBlDfila
nits almost any urug
1 any addrcte for five cants la
trade, agenta and; peddlers will be aupplled at a
an.. Ha. lUBBruce Bt- New VOTBT. ITntll tOA
os stoui, 1 s uoseu uarsuna tor WJ eansa.
oanontj ror uw.
M groM 1.8,00 cartoni) tor
Moat la Quantity. Beit In quality.
War m RaUaf . .W8,
cr i
-V 1
..JUitf. .1 j..
. '&kKfMJMi, n i"titfrir to-- -a.-b.
fflBtTgrWvmnaas; JB.'l""J(.aJ HI 11 13

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