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The bee. (Earlington, Ky.) 1889-19??, January 04, 1900, Image 2

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imiu ru Bf I
ciigtfi Sewage Start I r
a Journeyof Pollution
lima m fUoxen a OetsI4e
tided the Cattl 1 ot1tbii
> flit Barrier Tlu 1iIieIRK
ret Gradually
Chicago 1anJ = 1n water
Was turned into flip 1000 drain
age ulaIHlbegnoW toward
Locknorf where It 11 into the
Pedplaincip river an cthrollgil
the Illinois and Mi Ii river ta
t1i golf 1111111 It 1 the canal
niriecrt the colla runnel has
UV for none rim IIcted from
hjcago river li iuilllvesterit
oY the city ti 1 15 itcH ot
nail channel c anal
The Last r
ils J Toatwnlr with two
q pates behind been all that
Uept the Chlci ir and Lake
jau put of t ial At toil
ulc Monday nIltcliJn dredge
n to cut awayall of earth
a tow minute I D n in the
ca c in the col1 hai mel was
agafnBt the sluice b and only a
fejt inob 8 of tin o mined to bo I
reit oved before C I oa to realize
iherdreatn of cal toa I
canal In actual o ernr n 14iten the
water began to 1 aclpUP against the
tluieq gates tjwt1 mtrJWere knocked
Qwn anti Ute Ii ister from the
Chicago rivet roe j If heNt1a
c Co he Let Jit art ilxaill
The ilgln r1Or ij sntnty US
lrict hcut a oIe gtocnrry300OOI
cubic feet of wafer Ij i 1ltihaute but the
nt allowed to fIoIJhto the ennui at
tJleljte of onlS 010 cubic feet n
minute Thu effifct 4f turning 300000
cubic feet bf watfrl a minute into
the empty Vtlllul m Mtv Ajfi be like the
bursting ut n red rvoiand would tear
away every brldKc P LTitho cnnnl find
r ireck the cotlti jlliuji works at Lock
port lhircfor tlQ cater will bi j
turned Ali snail ally4 Jrobtbl it week
will elapse befo tf canal in full of
water nnd Mi ciKOMJW away the sew
age that now f eland lNto the Chicago
river 1
View Fars nr11ere Present
Ail tceasion threlight have been
nl1tJu the of tI i stmemoinblt in
The centflll JI istb of CMcugu was
suffered fo 11sttI1lml1rotJt be
cat the hUH ees the sanitary did
were hU ml 11tll their one
t gstrat nhntJilPl = tllfr of the cnnaL
Aoltte front 1e 1trees and tilt ell
tees or t it bo rl there were less I
i1 art f
1111 luniiKiiratcd t br ihe > iil ant
Capture of CnbuyaoIaonlpajt
JR ir Papers Captured < J j
Jan tttian 2r THe first rJI
of a gAl MiuiherHadvanM b Ht rev
tyesterdly woralsg when two iijal
loati 9 fthetilrty niyth tnt iltr d
talJ accepted Cabiya 1jl ± f aitb
aide at Laguna de Bay Two Aifcrl
cans were killed and four were wolnd
ed Twentyfour of thq enerojrjpead
were fqund hon house One Mjlded
and fifty prisoners and lour Jound
tr vapid ilre guns were capture
Debarked Under Shrnpnel V Ire
The gunboat Laguna de Da bom
barded the town before thj dbarka
tion of the troops from 1104 ascjws
which will made udder the J hemyV
shrapnel fire h
The enemy cacuatcd the laceAabe
fore the charging Americana rctreatr
ing to Santa llosa to which jt vn they
were pursued ill
Heavy FJKlitlnar Alowpth dead
Heavy fighting occurred big the
11roat as acct
pled bythp iiiBiirgr ttiErsouth
toward Silang + t
jit i
The Americans burricdKfip < ou try
between and around Cabo It
The SllnLont returpgt o Cdambn
far rinorecmcnts aniit t techaine to
Manila to fetch ammuniff lit pile re
cently captured two of ilit Uncuiys
steam launches one un f firof Ur
tillerj nt Calambn and 30 four ens
coos loaded with rick y f > r
Off 1cr regiments hrct 10 1 izlngat
San Pedro Macati anti Ig E > epara
tory to cuntinuingth J southern ad
Vance j
InciiIintliiK DOCUIII l its l round
Sundays capture of Jombs involved
the seizure of document inculpating 1
thousand Filipinos who ntendedtorise
against the AinericanH Papers were
also found showing a distribution of
the city Into districts ii > d a careful as
signment of leaden Wnd followers
The precautions tukdf by the Ameri
cans on Saturday it if nov evident
ulone prevented din uprising The pro
vost marshal bits re hies ell that two
more regiment be 1ttimei1 for the
protection of Manila Threa thousand
troops are now nctudly licit ic city
1I tIlls
lUll wire unll dialers Sur ender to
Gen Maich Ojbor CHi urea
Manila Jail 2 Aguhi I las wife
sisters and I 18 UIiPs have sur
toLJiaj ° rr l ttnlion of
rendered to laj 1 1 1
the Third iufuntratRonIot province
of that liarrc Tit l1rrul1 also gave
up two Spanish dull two Americans
d 134iicnillti
or the
I R6 no 1fINJnm l
r n i
Geo French Drives the B rghwa
Freii Cshburg inDis iJI
< QjltI >
eii utward ri i
y It c
oJ J C
v Ft yt > I
The Boon W r 8arprlid to Flna TIa +
elves lrisakedbr Gen JFr mch > Ca T
try and Light Artillery and At terVr
orou Roe teens FledBrltithJXeiLe
Were Very light I
Kensberg Pci Jan IGen Frcich
has completely defeated the Boers and
occupied CofeBberg I
The general continued to keep tthe
pQcp on the Mote and Jresacd k hem
closely Saturday and Sij ndayf sing
them no time to 1alej npra1 gzuj
stand and when day roke f lie wak
within trilc1ng distnlce of the e cmy
ono to increase the general JinQfyilUy 1
started upon a night nr lV1r tU the
object of turning the nacrariGJ The t
flank operations were pUccesgml fir
infantry and field battericK imptl etc
ly made it feint attack upon ljeBoer
front and while this way Jir > ieedln
tho cavalry and light art il jury ° gut
completely nr und the enemys right
flank as arranged The jjjjogramme
worked without a hitch Wlie Doers
were utterly surprised an 211l finding
their retreat threatened 11 a In disorder
del to the eastward leaIh IColtsbern
in OeD Frenchs hands i
4v > vJk
iliii cAiTunu or COL SUISUG
Ovcrconllil noc Cause the Doer ti
Heavy Joim Orltldlt Lan ex SllKht
London Tan 2rb D fly Mail has
the following dispatcliL tl led January
1 from Keusbiisg i t I
Yesterday atteriipoin li big force of
cavalry and infantry with ten guns
under the personal coat nand of Gen e
French moving by jour occupied
soma hills three inlles f out Colesberg
where the Boers weVclH strength con
fident in the natural aid afforded
them by the hills aroi rid
The enemys position extended six
At daybreak our raillery opened
the battle The Dbcr were taken by
surprise but replied I vigorously Au
artillery duel was rointained for two
hours Then a lion r Ilotchkiss col
lapsed antIwasn abandoned We cap
tured it A Boer big gun was silenced
but this and the othr Boer guns were
withdrawn to the northward whither
we are hjyrassing their retreat b
l iI
iIho heHNal rYnNla t ruutCtHtit
lneugNraioM t1t srahlttet ltRo i
ttoNt14 J Oi Bi n ieyl s
tPhllNtp1 l
rensio lng did en pteH of the > 0ud
sylvan i Railroad feo ph the lljiea eajt
of Pitt bUrgh waw Inftugtin dye t fifr
day A boot U50 j ten who by reawH
of Ion service it the fpiripanys enz
ploy lave become incapacitated ter
furthe active tIdy SVere retired irt
penslo thatnVf I go nearly half tke
wages hey rewlvid when at wbrk it
is undtjstood th ta sunk approximat
ing aclOOQ is rttl present available for
pensioilng pap > gad and that bet re
tine sysm ca b extended tO the 111 ell
vest 0 I1ttobur h a much larger p
lroprJ an s Ill be necessary Ts I
far nl J rsonrlio dings positron Ti i
portnnc nsJ n affecttO by the P Ii
IIern alter no person o er
35 yea pf us eVill be token Into Ie
employ tllc cmpahy taJIe
Sol SniuVi Itms ells Confine t ol c
ICCI I1J nx the LoailliiK llnn
ChJca le Olhe Retort SUB
Fred71erRussells 1 0has been Sol S hiith
RusscWs liar i is preparing ti rc
orgnpiretefeirt company ltei
Mr 72ttssirll Mires and will I Jb
upon atlte5 J 61 ill A Poor Iielat on
Frank TI tin a young actor who
has clime itt promlnence1s the cad
fug manoE tJlikl theater stdcli coni
punt ClneJu itf has been ezigagd to
succeed torole of Noah Vale and
I most if > 01Mll of the players Sjt Mr
i Russcllsl KBfprt Will continue in their
Wl I
Russellspresent p fyq Ancntfrel j new route
is being bgjjpd the purpose c f the
enIDlgCmenPj being to playof iy in
thoie cities wpcre Mr Russell ha 3 nev
er aWearefl I <
dluuy Mon aetlyreckedan1 Oth
cr Val d Ilone by a Nutiunl
x as Kxi > loHloi > 9
ltittsbu 1 1a Jan 2 Au xPlo
Sl011 Of se 4 IignS at Iookville tfthrh
tug boron l1 Jcar here about midnight
last nigh cleinollshed 17 frame i louse
antia aumber of stables partly
wrecked dozen more frame dwellings
itd everal streets felr lion
deeds d ct No one was ihjured
r w6VrKn Mrs John You g and
Mrs rtra et Jackson arc pro traced
131 lobi S reeon 31Ixeil Mar 1atces
st Lids Dec 21Archblsh p Kain
1 tetxopblitn of St Louis has ecelvctl
tom u1ttIQn from rgrMIrUnelU
lie up stol delegate at Va hington
arlng thn thc recent deer issued
rom 10 regarding time pc i
till an way abridge the face
retor told by bishops a
I J 5 11 r
i J
OOML i r
coti 11 K
4 G
PIN E h J I alIH 01NEYl
t if tho and Weary CoughWornLun g s
ahljr rit poiflP cure CQUGf
Natures ernedy Imp science to a harmless ptcashnf
LUNG and CHIAL AFFECTIONS Veting fin eonfact
f thIs most naturalandspeed cure 1 r
Dr Bells PLYuf1IONI 1 itavaricCsCause theory In the treat
This remedy cut
Cause ims rcme y
meat ofoCoughs It < 4 the Cough bytiringthheals and5oohas otb
heals L1
4 i ii tI
the mucus and destro of diseflseatld tIin
h1 disuse
germs a
WI o ing auEfha
there Cords pro
thr is noinclination ugh C Ol1gHstCo afSEring
tile atlrishitlr
Lung Soreness disapp by its usesssnOW befoe
ft < J
The St oafs 1
Glob Demo
T7Vi xee
i e r x
S rsooYDo I Ye
No other paper vivcs IH i Sjso prompt
accurately N I otilexritlts so
of interesting j ncl instreadili tit
member of the lamity paper is
so cheap l
i this s
Subscribe o El
> URNAL oft NA
during t 11 Of
lid until al ter trho

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