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The bee. (Earlington, Ky.) 1889-19??, January 04, 1900, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

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like < Bryan ias Jl J i
pointed by PI on tlib Utters
Gpelolt board lIe is happy
Uporireliablepnation young
Mr yonts rters with great
bitterness ahe says the
wheh he
Republicans i was
two years on4 ever since
he has been ing under re
straint and h pportunity to
avenge that 11r Ho is said
now to hav Only declared
that ho wouh o to seat Goe
bel if he kne ebel had not
reqeived anon vote in the
Mate This J aid before the
Groebel appoi tent lightning
struck him l jttow the op
portunity to a 2 > 4 the outrage
upon his tendc VP Democratic
rears has come he opportunity
right one al a steal with I
opeA Hiof the worst
rt Cnn ho tY
SKXATOR KYL peaks out and
ves reasons t t are inlluenc
not only hi self but many
tpier leaders I abandon the
river cause I says Though
Im a bimetal tind have been
from conscie ious Convictions
twentyfive years I would
her take them ° st undiluted
standardise than accept bi
tallism with the ingredients
radicalsocial jnr that are now
Iciated wit it We have
practically operating under
jld standartP thirty years
swing broulit ourselves in
lony wits the monetary
9 of the world it is a
1 proposiiioii whether it
to again disturb values
lrld wli 5N by such f ac
lo inju tice to the cred
Lind at the same time
yes o itof joint with
the ii orId
6 Actions of ie Just 1
finel Sweet I
v T
Trie fragrance V f life is
vigor and strength neither of
which can be founti in a per
son those blood is impure
andwhose ever p breach
speaks of internal troubles
Hoots Sarsaparill f pur flJs
vitalizes and enriches fie
blood Oakes gives a goo appelfte
and makes the wea strong
Run own11M host nchVaSrun
down in health And all tired out Tfose
excellent medicines Hoods Pi sanJStfsa
puJLin t ufft him up again Mrs H L
Mbwrv Wvwndu PA I
HI llJiffa
Roods Iilli cure liver ills the non rdtatink ld
only cat 18 J to take with foods pa rapar la
in the United States werU4i22
05aga list over DOOO ill the
corresp llding period ofst year
and 14JT02OOT in 1890
iT if reported that t hard
time 110 viers hive foul great
comfort u the fact that 1 Mis
souri tr l1 robbery yiel is tho
robbers inly 150f i
GeA Lawtons Den h
Gen awton wroto to a i Fiend
in Amerijca a short time b3foro
ho met his death in the tuip =
pines jIf I rim shot ba
Filipino Hullet it might a s tell
come frO 1 one of my OWl ihen
because II know from in V hwn
observations confirmed hap
tured prix users that the c on in
uance of baiting is chiefl Hue
to reports I that are sent ou fibm
America 1
Oonunel ting on this uttc ralce
the Globe Democrat says ot
lit view oi tho circumstance s tit
is tho mos striking thing sL idn
the subject Lawtons epit phn
himself ou lined n short titne bet ro
n Tagal bull Jt pierced his heat i w ls
that ho face Ia fire inspired lfi tJ 10
frugal jymnathisorH 111splredf rnltf d
Q T 4o bl09dsunu ss s
hero it belongs by ls ow u
i i Alf II
i 1
Charges Against Ploy nt zior
Using Rat w rontl Pass
I I It
Frtinkfort Ky Jan 2A
sOn atiotinl suit Wits itch this
luoriijng by Attorney General
Prattin Franklin Circuit Court
against the Goobel Election Cqm
missiqners The suit asked that
the ofttces held by Poyntz Ful
ton anil fonts be forfeited The
charge ngainst Poyntz is that he
applied for acceptedand used a
0 0 pass contrary to the law
governing his position The
claim isVnade that the appoint
I11gnt of the other tr two was not
jegal aiid that they have no right
to serve on the election board
iThc First Act
The firstact introduced and
passed by the legislature after i i
became organized this week
sHould be oie repealingtho Goe = v
bel election nv It is a disgrace
toihc Stag and the people
Padiibjih Keys
< f lrelysIsUncredihle I
< UUncredlble
ilttis difficult to believe that
there1 are ai lowest Democrats
enough in tlie Legislature to
steal the ollicl of governor for
Goebell OwC1 sboro Inquirer
YJUngrr Ilonts will have all
the hayseed bushed from his
amity locks QY the time G ebcl
initiates him bommercinl
Jolted the Cou ier Journal
itepresentativel Emmett Orr
of Owen county speaking at
atLouisville nbm t the Courier
Journals intimati n that he had
been iniproperly influenced
politically laughiJngly said < I
have some admiration for a liar
but the Oour1erJ urnal is no i
longer interesting inasmuch as it
1ha lost aUsollsj of econ IJ1
vasses lUg to time Whigs with a
little nltfc constancy than did
her Sot hero neighbor In the
ninet4ei presidential contorts t
which MO taken place siice thc
end of flje uera of good feeling d
in 1824 git ling with the elec i
tion of t lift yoftv Kentucky basl
been oatlie 1VI ting side only
seven ti 1C SIts electoral vote
WOl1ttolTMks ll in 1828 Hnrrii
Soil in li Taylor in 1848 Bu 1
chanan in 856 Cleveland ih 1884
and 1892 jnd McKinley in 189Q k
In ill the ther elections in this
three quanters of a century It ne
tacky was W the side which lost
It has decled at one time and 1
another fct every great party
which has figured in the countrys
history Jn tlfe past hundred years 1
except theF deralists party and
that party Ii lick teas always un =
popular in tli i West had a pow
erful clement at one time in
Kontuoky 1
> Here is a 1 ord of partisan ini
dependence W licit has no equal
hi the history If any other State
Kentucky ha been with the
minority often r than any other I
State because Vt was unusually I
Whig in the dais when the Dem
ocracy was prehominant and it
has generally teen Democratic
in ute period in which the Re
publican party 1 as controlled the
country They are slaves who
dare not be in thk right with twoI
or three says Lowell Moro I
than once Kent ky has found
Herself with an insignificant num
ber ofi States Sott < the Whig
candidate had the electoral f
votes of only four States in 1852 I
but one of these fur = was Ken
tucky Bellthe ctndidaie of the
Constitutional Unionist paitjI
carriedthree States in 1800 and I
Kentucky whs one of themi Mc
Olellan had iit three Sjbatps and
tAventyone Uslecroial votes in
1864 as com nrel yitlrtwenty 1
two States ana 212 votes for Linn
coIn and Kimtucky cast more I
than half o those twentyone
votes Four of the slave State I
refused to go is nth their section
tLI 1 n deraey and Ken
of then 1 1f
Risked life to Save Child
NlohtlIasvl 0 1 yDoofil + lurid
Sainuol BraKnit vhilp attenlptinK
to save For 4 + oHrold daugh tor front
burnin8rtoile thwaB severely burn
ed herself infs In < v prponrlous ° don
dtUon Thot 1 41 it nalla sorfouily
injured Mrs onssister Mrs
Mary Mooro mod to death In
Loxlngton a y i todoyL t
I is alit to lei oplo who suffer
from rhoumnt d sciatica know
that Clmmbol JPaiu Balm ra
loved inp nftmbprof of othol
medioinos nrilor land failed
ItiS tho bestr 1 t I have qver
known tJOI Alphar
ettaOn Tli ls have boon
cured of shoal by this rein
edy Ono app 1 relieves Ito
pain For sale Bernard Drug
store Earllngt < i T Robinson
The first chit Kentucky td
adopt tho 111dcommunion
cups were Cotrg methodist
ohurchNqwpor st church and
Winchester Chr hunch
Ninety per cent oflets U caused bj
cod not boliiff proper edlt creates pol
ions and Row Into yo and then you are
liable to almost any d te human system
Powder and watch C ii You IIUt1
tile aood effects aHoluc dose Give U
a trial and be convlnc j2Sc
Dr Ottos Spruce Slam Cur
Your COughl i Medicine
for Cl
her e
St Bornnn n Store
Nothing has bo pc d about tho
proposed ox 1 sictle Southern
railway A11i OC lt nbol < om
Anted the 1 alt lfoir oy but the
k10WlIIJ 01911IC1 tOll still think
the ronti will ltobt t rIonl11o Ail
rablols Bitclavta IO hnl11ont Is
the only rom < tll1ifO 4 Iii r bleeding
or protrudIng p ilex I lo t NIlW iby
fclnns cures the mhos t obstinate
cases Pried tt Its il1 bottles
rubes 7 i eeltts Set 11er lard Drug
Ilh1 > 1I8100f e oafecleraey
at Maysville Imvo iJlljtm hft tusk of
raising funds for ttl ter jtlon ot a
mouuniont tn tho i i inn rry of tho
confederate dead iiil the 1lilyss1110
Volcanic lr ptios
Ale k llhd lniLS ir 3rD ptlons rob
life of joy Buckle A11 leis Salvo
HueS thom also Rat filter and
Fever sores rIcer Joli iJinns
Corns Warts Cuts 1 ulSt s nurn
Scalds Chftpppd Haiai ClhUbltiins
Best Pile cure on entlrives out
Pains and Aches pn ly Se n lox
Curl guaranteed S > by St Ber
nard Druggist

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