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The bee. (Earlington, Ky.) 1889-19??, January 04, 1900, Image 4

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f Tbt f
Paipfully Hurt
Mr SiMomt Manch6t L Tenn
1wJo has be art vlsitfng hifij ore Sher
WViASlwonivOf this plat ahnxte1
to St Charles Monday1 ew fag to
ilt friends While wWtlr p fihts
Ifa NortolviUo lie IStalld
> n the ptatfo at the J pot the
L di sTv train N602fem < ibyiihd
Mr Sissoins foot ore ka I k8 out
from un or him by f le I 1 flacks
which yfeto thrown pit tW IralnftHq
tell hurt on his fuco and WA sinfullyF
Stcntenca Comm 4d
governor Taylor 4u ommuteti
the sentoncodf Claude itj1gton
of Christian Count froiftwo years I
to six moths Wadling t lWMsent
p Jfor two years for Millinijr V
Hca Wilson Ills yllth is the
on assignee by G0vTaylpr for
otn utitationI V
fifivv ftice 1v
v uruem Dodge A M
8 elected the f 1II1kom
J se lblllips S Df j S V
1shei d S Y g FMgthor
JZVGOAtkiu en Xrcas
Chas CQeUSegJtary J Br
eadS D Jq Hltpl I D Pierce
yers SIWI ji
New Offtcisrinjf I of J >
The folio 0ifT ate thi new officers
of the 1 S tf lcjcl o nights of
Pythfis 1ry o C
Wilt ltlt s VjjTess Phil
+ lips 1t oft 1t Is Prelate
TheoWl K 01 juvpnas Webb
4 M A 1 Geo ToyjatfteiOBJLong
staff ITU1teCS I C i 4
Died In Lfaul jvllle 1
Charles WTnylor 17 its old I
dtqd at the StJps t7 lnflrmaryv
Louisville late Sjuid yMernpon of
nppelllUcitis ilto r nr1jp sent
to life late home fS J Carrollton
Iiy this nlorulnat eolc Tuv
for had eQn ntteIidinjentucky
ch9 lot medictne i tI4 1111fit two
sessions tJ
During the year he oouirty
clerk of Christian cot > sl1ctllHar
rtago license to Oc s or more
than ono iv day Of 187 were
white and 182 were eLl
Family Ret1
i 1rs C Di Long h imtly ro
day Ihoso roc ce JVUB
Itsr rlingtonj Joe
layllold Mr
Bit Vernon
nd wife John
M C Long
tl Kate Long
present en
much and
o bo remem
01 AO U
neeting last
ited t1it Ion
r Workman
i Rufus Par
itvor Ross
ong Inside
n i Outside
h Delegate
j Auditing
vrloy J R
This lodge
rand is per
jf any order
f Earllngton n
the elegant
J Herb on
i large num
qnded The
a delightful
people went
with them I
tlbns of the
also for Mrs
thorn so de
cal Masonic
1 iF Lloyds
mber was
in the ex
ho supper
nd every
I occasion
tied the
j Geo
Makes thefoal mor tlC
Miss Lat t FIBherorHon or ol
is the guest of her brother Robert
Fisher i
The Misses Lloyd of Princetonj
are tho guests of Mr suit Mrs J I Fv
Miss Hula Richards of Hopkinst
ville is the guest of tho Misses Cren
shaw Miss Lizzie Huff cntertafnodxa
nmnbor of her friends at her home
on Moss avenue last Thurday even
ing z
fir J T Be 1tIof Nashville is
visiting relatives here
E IL Mason and Wife hMO ro
turned homo from a visit to Lebanon
and Trenton
1rrsJf v t < f lHtVtl < lclc av
returned from a visit to relat a t
Atrs Ida Walker visited in uis
vlllo last week and attende th e
Iwinniwim POnnigiHmnrty jfiti ion
Charlie Webb spent several Blays
with relatives and friends il the
country last week 1
Hampton Fox and wife of tiop
klnsyille visited relatives her last
SundayMrsBettio y
MrsBettlo Stevens and Miss JMat
tie Yates visited near Hanson last
Week They were accompanied
home l > y Misses Ora and L nnie
Williams and Viola McEuenJwho
have been the guests of EUOllfYhO
of Geo Robinson
friends at his old home at Equality +
IliDtrs i
Mrs Jim Long and Miss Hattio
Brown who have been yisltiuji rein
tives here returned hoiiio to Sash
villo Sunday
Mrs Harry Bramwell the popu
lar postmistress had been i n tho
sick list several dMjtit
Mr Russell the tiny oling repre
sentativo of the Cnrlstadt M dicino
Go was hero this week
Clarehco Robinson aUli Artie
Jones of Madisonville wer here
Monday Li i
flows This
We oifer One Hundred DollnrBV
vrrmVftmui Case of Catarl 11 that
cannot bo ureU by RaWs 1ntnrrh
CuroF J CUENBV Co Props i
Olinn U
i We the undersigned have know 11
F J Cheney for the ia st flf toe n S
and believe him perfectly ho lorablo
in all business transactions and
financially able to carryout any ob
ligations made by their firm
WEST TKUAX WholesaW Drug
gists Toledo 0 WAi DiNcf KIN
NAN tc MAKVIN Wholesalo Drug
gists Toledo OhioI
Halls Catarrh Cure is taken In
ternally acting directly on the
mucous surfaces of the system
Testimonials free 1
Halls Family Pills are tb4 best
William Robert Wright Jri 4
Tho Paducah Leader ojf robI
date contains tho follotlipt1 tC m
Which will bo of interest to file many
friends of Mrs Will Wrl ht Hoe
Miss Cammio Baker fro nerly of
Earllngton V
401r Will Wright the popular
young banker was this morning
presented by his wife wi h a fine
twplvopoimd boy baby vhlch ho
deems tho finest Christina present
that could bo given him and of
wheh he is very proud j
Qrasp All and Lose All
Many people are so ntont on
grasping allp that they to strength 1n 1
of nerves appetite digest nhealth
Fortunately however the S0 may be
restored by taking Hoods Sarsapa
rills which has put many p business
manon the road to sucoos by giving
him jjood digestion strong nerves
and i Utl3ll brain It doe tHo anal v
fhlng for weak and tired y omen
Holds Pills cure sick headache
t A Card
EABMitciifiX K y J an 3 Ipoq
Itlk ft this method of eitendingto
all myfiiatrons my highest apprecia
tion for thelryery liberal lMrPnage
gof tali curing thnYenrjll 1 c 1 ose 1 qnd
wish toannouic to all hut I will
have greater facilities > o doingtineir
building repairing t tcVr more
promptly and satlsfHctoiy thiSyflai1
than over before HavllVfe a well es
tablished aoqualntancQ nail credit
with all the dealers InWuilding nla
tennis P I can now purCh 1 lsalne
as dheap or cheaper t Sa4a iyone
me a chance to make you nu esti
mate and possibly1 1 clan save you
money Wishing you Ai happy and
prosperous New Year i remain
Yours slncerolyTt
t McOOlm
Mr Joseph Martin jf Dalton ap
cotnpanied by one of IM daughters
vas hero Tuesday OI11Q to homo alV
or 1 veit to two dattgh lS who are
t upper Kontttoky 11 Ihaol lhlw
so visited 1r C l jartfl1 hIs
othcrat kipringile jions
weeeoo atvlrout
A E1
Knights of
After the h1
of the Knig
names ajipea
Issuer the me
t o Lee Coza
lone ottno in
iof the sense
present at th
Burry Cliari
John Cavis
Steersman X
liam Vanison
Longs taff sit
Henry and
A Keowiv W
z art WilrBj1
sj 1 1 V
I Mayor Burr was toastmal
Messrs Burr Hopevrell Dram 11m
Twynwn and Campbell responded to
calls for speeches
Leo Coart did himself credit in
the preparation of the menu and
every one present had words of
praise for Mr Cozart The occasion
was indeed an enjoyable one and qne
long to remembered by every one
A White Hark
Foleys Kidney Curo a perfectly
nay and Bladder diseases The
proprietors o f this Great Med
Icine guarantee it or money ro
funded Do they not deserve a
white mark 50c Campbell Co
Mr Frank G Brown and Miss
Hattie Gooch both of Hanson wero
married at the homo of tits brl e
on last Monday evening Eld Vg
Ligon performing the ceremony Mr
Brown is a prominent young bust
ness man of Hanson and his brido
is tho charming daughter of Mr T
M Gooch They have a largo circle
of friends who wish them a Tong and
happy life
i t rJ
J1 J1 whriinnd ROC thatyoarbooau
cU and p + id your whole sgsem but in a
periectlv KKitUy condition by tlio use o < D i
Carlstea ffuerroau Liver Powder Then yon
will be free from malaria typhoid fover colds
and the grip Dr Carlstedts German Live =
Powdor is the best medicine money can buy
For your Cold try Dr Ottos Sprues
Gum Balsam Price 25o and BOe
a Bottle
For sale by
St Bernard Drug Store
Many Festive Moonshiners
The report of the revenue jvgonts
office of this district shows that dur
ing the year 1899 a fierce war was
waged on tho illicit stills hidden
away in the hills of Kejitueky In
4all 159 stills worn destroyed ant I
I f operators taken while at works f
I a Chapped hands cracked lips anal
rou hncss of the skin cured quickly
U r 13anner Salve the jiiost hetilirjg
oititmontul the world Campbell ti
iysan evidence of the volume ayid
quality of work being done by Jorlns
Car which has boon here for some
sot lr d
mounts enough to accommo ate
about fifty thousand photos of vn
rious sizes and styles These gen
tlemen have Providence in view as
their next probable stop but are do
ing such good business here that
their departure is postponed j
lIr Frank P Gianinl the engineer
on tho Providence accommodation
has been taking a few days rest this
Tjie St Bernard Coal jCoJnpany
has boen putting up ice this week
1he nine months oldbpy Jof Mr
andMrsT vvriii tt i y i J t
andD1rsJtiVi11QUtnaori hs been
quite sick and OildoWtho Idmttbrs
caro for Boyerai tl WM
Fine WJrk
For flue watch work olok work
and Jewelry repairing full 1 lu W 0 I
Barter L d N WOII 11 I ptr
work warrantedv 1 m
Ben T
tivo In
last wee
less for u
will rail
represei county i
ble sole
their i
its on
t gr
early the
P atn
tUo dr
min Vrc
AAk under oing medical trea
Mr Victorys health has bee
p r for some time and hla
f lends here are hoping that
1 e benefltted by the treatmo
t n crgoingI
1 Many an innocent little d
buffering untold agony and
explain its troubles Ma
childs symptoms you maj
f troubled wits worms give it
Cream Vermifuge and rest
quietness and health Price
rat St Bernard Drugstore
il t RichJher
hero the guest of relatives
Although advanced in yd
walked from his homo to
ton a distance of nine mil
Coughs and colds dpmo u
but you cart quickly get > rj c
with a few doses of Cousgei
of Tar Price 25 arid 50 cei
i cepBernard
Sunday night at the Gonoi
church Songs prayers
ial and a sermon compose
vicesa j
YOU should know that F
ey and Tar is abs <
best remedy for all disc
Throat Chest and Lun
are authorized to guarant
satisfaction in all cases
I boll d Co
Foreman Toombs an <
about completed the c
for the St Bernard Con
splendid piece of work
well for Mr Toombs an
YPersona who lead all
are subject torheumr l
and lumbago will tin
ramody In gal lartls Sn
it feint banish pains ar
fuunmation Price 25
at St > Bernard Drugst
Lawrenco Kilrpy
confined to his room
as the result of a p
operation tls ablo to b
In pnlmonary trot
action of Cousnons
upon the throat cl
Immediately arrests
relldving the dlstrel
phlegm and freolntf
breathing organs I
cents atSt Mornay
Loch lictryhna 1
and Earllngtons J
enjoying themso
With the oxcoptloj
countenances no J
curred I
eurreITilt vvoiHt after i
unlit lon derang
liver Clour the
I Jll KlllU fur It >
WttlulruI <
I w wt Dernhrf 1

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