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i r
= 3 f
r TH E 8EEf f t ° l
tin anvesll aced By Ind J tyat
l Willr led for Ac
cnaior ti ar r ell Wille
ceptn Brlbc Gen > din and < >
r Theo Hallam Attgy for J 1
Whallcn I I I
frnnkfott KyJI IIi r
istrftto George Tho isons little
office in the CountyPiirt build
ingwapacked to it utmost ca
1i tins after
jmUlUJT ill w v viuvij
lioon The occasiojK the gnth
ti j i II Cal 71ni
cfh grast1e
goV1f Lctcharged I
1ien o JOl I
tn rlptry I
rith aft JlOllon try
1 wi esent IIo
npr sel1tedTheodOle I
tilaaiii rind Gen
Tfallcal began CcAttorney
tly lhiggs statc iyt the grand I
tiry was tt pre S ivonsidcriiij
ie AVhailon case 8 tasked that
ri n titfnrlii > VOTE in
o 1d
U to that
ribunal ande
1 hallen s
and bo coiitin f 53000 C
Cr llnlMm n IHnrditl
lnnndX1 hat i used JIO
iven his trio °
t Judge i
r hbmpson at f n do
that the f
ared jimiiEt
rear lno f blfol do
el1lnl1 to It
iter trlelillal
I 111 ul1l1
lISNl the point
that every cfinr fut forwar1 by
Hnrrol was nIle to hare Been
committed ini rson count 3
and not Frankli a unty How
ever Thompson 1d Co1 Vhnl
Ion to the grnt ry and tl
lowed his prest and to stand
nand Will be Indict > i Accepting a Bribe
Frankfort K Tan 3Col
Mm H Whnllc pf Louisville
camo up last n and surren
dered to the Fn in county au
thorities Ho v laced under
a 10000 bond A h wfiB quickly
furnished by e istant Dis
t ict Attorney Iimt n Wallace
the lIon John ro ro otfC
iugto ri 1 <
V Loving
peed of the
ipany t have
appear and
of the vault
ises to make
arm for his
alia in who
ney is now
He left
ning Hal
v other law
sibly Gen
I probably
t for con
r charges
le himfiolf
> tandh e
is friend
bit Any
sition is
icism but
iticism is
of pity
oak man
lis being
taken to
take his
> ly alone
he Goe
nt that
op him
ltshe drops all his tools whcli
they Ill no longer useful f i
him I 1
Double Tragedy atAdalrville > i
Adairville ItYl Jan = Dfc3 1
lGny shot and killed Ed
Grifl eabout 10 lj oclock th is
morning and tin killed e jiii i
self Both wore iproniine it
young society and business qriei t
Dr Gay was a dentist and 11r t
Griffey was head clerk at Ores Pt I
Cos dry roods store Its
reportedtliat the only witness t
says that Griffey cursed Gay mid
Gay told him not to repeat iU
Griffey then again cursed himfi
when Gay shot him then shot
himself pth were dead before 11
the news collected ft crowd The
killing occurred in Dr Gays f
allies Tliero has been some hud
blood bctccin thom but the im
inediate cause is not known It
caused a great sensation in this I
place and no other topic is noW i i I
discussed Both men had hun
dreds of friends he = rbanti were
highly respected
To Rig up an Old Nell
Glasgow Ky Dec 3eNow i
York capitalists are negotiating
thr L Dean of this place t
to rig up thc Kinslow oil well on
Boyds creek for service again t
It is the purpose to apply the I
palnailri rtitf oil there iJ
in it out This is the J greatest
gusher ever struck in this section II
and sob tIle country wild with ox
citement at the time It flowed
several hundred barrels It dayI
when first struck and lesser
quantities for years and years
afterwardi Of late years how 1
ever it lugs been practically
abandoned 1
abandonedMore I I
More Churches for Cuba
Atlanta Ga Jan 3Dr W
1V Landrum pastor of the First
Baptist Church of Atlanta and
Dr F H Kerfoot leave tonight
for Havana It is proposed to
establish two new Baptist
churches in Cuba instead of one
as qriginaily contemplated Th9I
present p awprovides for ne4i
Havana for Englishspdaking
Baptists and one for Gulans nIj
tho province of Pinar del Ilion 1
This plan is in line with the pol
icy of tho Home Mission Board
of the Southern Baptist cjpnveh
tion to enlarge its flcldpf c if t vity I
in Cuba during the present y tar i
River Coal Beached 1
lil result of the rapid Mall inI
the river at Louisville this weak
fully thirty barges and floats
loaded with coal are left high
and dry on shord Soniofthese
barges wiltbe a tota lop as it
will be impossible to gi them
back into the water again Coal
barges cost about 500 each to
build The rivers at Pittsburgh
are left stranded on the river
Circuit Judge Dorsey > n chug
ing the grand jury at Henderson
gave special instructions to in
vestigate alleged election frauds
and to make inquiry about rough
riders who aro alleged to have
caused nuichdisturbanctj in cer
tain portions of the county TO j
contly f I
firs Kistncr Dead
Mrs Eliza Kistnor of ftradison
vine died last Thursday evening r
Sho was ono of tho oldest persons h i
the county hoingnbout ninety years
of ago at tho time of her loath She
Nvasan upright Christian lady and
was beloved by all who knew nqr
1e Best
g Powder r
I aundress to Try ItI l
ie h ITc
r r
text of the LcBuoit Laisf liiilO r HI
Memory crirsP 13 = i1Gulden tpI
3InthJ m Common tary lrelI lcd ins
liy the Ilcy D 31St nrJ iIIU
c < Copyright 19 bylD M Steirn9X
1 K htifullheys o > t me triad j oi11 ihntnl
the Viryln pliould bar the prtinll8cd SonJ
that Qpd should send forth Ills Sou nt
innile of Tf wbnilitf niadc glider the Inb
ttf redeem them that were under tae law vJ
Isa vii 14 lxO Gal iv4L but Mary out
tire cllofeen teasel ib priSjr firtfi l Ifila pc
proniised Bon IJved at Nnznreth i rjiniw pi
TO miles north of Jerusalem trial the his
child had to be born at BcthlehcunMle ql
2 for the words of Clod shall he ful pI
filled and every purpose Of thoIordm
shall be performed Kev svii 17rcl ef
210011 docth according to IIKwUI of
both lu heaven and on earth hnd turneth the
Duih se
tai world In nutloh for tlie c nsiis was f
taken at least in Israel hot vhcre flu tJ
peoIo resided bntat the places tb Which
they belonged as members of thciulgC
hlntt tribes Joseph and Mary be sc
lug of royal anCTOtry for both Were do C
Hcclided from David the one through Soh or
oinpH and the other through Xatlian n1
compare Math 10 7 and Luke ill 31T
hUll therefore to go tothe royal town of
Bethlehem to bo enrolled The wise menCI
in Israel knew that their Messiah should or
be bona in Bethlehem Math II 4 lit but B
they did not know how God would bring fi
it about nor did they dream thntUlhr to
decree of the emperor had anything to do p
with their Messiah I wonder if there G
arc many who believe that nil things tnlS
ing place among the nations today have
something to do tfith the preparutions
tor Israels return to their land and the In
Lords return in Ills gliriy as Israels t 1
Messiah tI
Messlahi7 She brought forth her lintf son rl
AnI1i 3i + aFss ng Alkali bud alI
said and the Christ walJQrl1 lit Betlile Ie
hem Money can generally fiilTiJri11 tit aw
hotel but they were poor and sthelc I tl
was no room for them in the Inn Xo Stf 1
cared specially for those two poor peas l
ants from Galilee that Is no one on earth C
but all heaven was interested In them 11
How very different things arc to men and 11
to God Man sees the outward and judges
accordingly but the Lord looks oil the
heart and chooses tho poor of thfs world
rich in tlllthl Sam xvi 7 las II 5
Even Christians arc apt to calculate like
Philip or despise small things like An
drew John vi 7f instead of consider
lag only what God ii able to do
8 Shepherds abiding in the field
These men seem to have been like some I
other shepherds as Abel Joseph Moses
and David heavenly minded men Theyr
were not among the worlds great ones
bUJf they Were great in the sight of GodIJ
looking for some great thing to do but 0
were quietly abiding in their ordinary oc 1
cupation David was keeping sheep
when called to bo a king Ellsha was s
plowing when called to succeed Elijah
and Moses Wall tending the tin >
Jethro when called to load Israel
0 10 The angel of the Lord thea
Glory of tho Loraa message from the
Lord the world knows pothlrig of these
things Gideon the least In n poor fam h
ily In Manasseh is visited by an angel
while thrashing wheat and is commis I
sioned to deliver Israel Jung vi 1110 1
0 child of God hold thyself ready to let 9
the Lord use thee all He wants to iu the J
matter of giving the Good Tiding of E
abide using all present opportunities
and when the Lord wants thee elsewhere
He will unmistakably call thee There
must be no fear in thine heart for 1115t
perfect love cfistcth out all fear
1112 Unto you a Saviour Or ns in
Isa Ix G Unto us a child is born Ul1tot
us a Son is given In the last verse the
angel said I brlnjyou good tidings
It is for Israel first for salvation is of
the Jews John iv 22 then for nil uuJ
dons Israel is to blossom and bud nutlI
fill the face of the earth with fruit ItlnI
xxvil 0 The whole world will hover I
hear till the glory of tho Lord shall be 1
seen upon Israel then nations shall comoc
to her light and kings to the brightness 1
of her rising Isa 1x10 It in for each I
believer now to tell it as far and as tustI
AS God may enable that Jesus saves
13 14 Glory to God In the highest
and on earth peace The angels know
nothing of glory to man They love to cry 1
Worthy is the Lamb that was sInhlI
Rev v 1112 The seraphim veil their
faces and cry Holy holy holy is tho
Lord of Hosts The cherubim cry Holy
holy holy Lord God Almighty Isa II
2 3 Rev iv 8 The time 3s coming I
when the Lord alone shall be exalted nmlc
every high thing brought down then shall
there be peocuon earth and the uutlons s
shall learn war no more Isa II 3 4 11
17 If angels who excel in strength de
light to do His commandments hearken
lug unto the voice of Ills word Ps cill
20 how gladly should we give glory t o
Him for whose sakes He became poor
that we through His poverty might bo
rich II Cor vitl 0
15 The angels returned to heavea
They know what It is to go and come an
a flash of lightning Ezck i14 > and wo
shall some day When Daniel began to
while Daniel was still praying Gabriel
was by hlm4JEanv Ix 128 Angels who
know the realities of heaven must think
its strange as they minister to the re
deemfjll on earth Ileb114 to see up so
taken up with the vanities of this life to
the neglect of things eternal Tho shop
herds said 41Lct us go and see this thin g
which Is conic to pass which the Lord
hath made known to us1
1C They came with hasty and found
Mftry and Joseph and the Babe just ns
they had been told Notice in chapters
xix 32 xxil 13 they folmd as He had
said So it always has been and always
will be exactly aa God has said JJlessed
arc all who believe for there skull al
ways be a performance of the things told
them by the Lord Luke 145 Seen
the verses t Mowing our lesson how th ti
shepherds glorified and pratswl God for
all that thy had heard and lIe nlllll
mode kao n abroad the message from
heaven ami how Mary kept and ponder
ed these hings jn her heart I am sjire
wo conhr not begin this year whi i may
lip a vcs eventful one better thanlby be
lieving jdl that God has told us lad by
makinf known abroad the good nlvrs to
the glory and praise of God that lie SIC
lour lias eorae that He saves to the nt
to + Jst and that le Iq comIng ilti in
docrito J lsnvM earth
tetr8t W
k E
r 4
Topic For ilic Week tifKlnttlriif Jan
ITCCUtl lJJt by jtev Ji IK MpWe
Tone Jraycr that obtain > kito II J 613
25 I
Tlio topical reforencek ivq nk thre <
lllustrjttions of prnyerffha obt JIl1
prayers aniong men site h one ilfm trat
the increased wilHngrjaesa t clt <
answer the + prayers ot His people 1
iThq prayer of tho friend at mid +
night Luke iiGO In vtliig parable
Jesus describes one friend coining to
another at midnight and asking for
bread for u friend wlio hag coine tb
visit him At first ho refuses and calls
t Trouble nl6 not but tthftv other
persists and At last tics perseverance
prevails Becanso of his importunity
friend hears him and girtnts liiB v
quest NovV if Man thus nnawers ti
prayers of his fellow man how nine 1
mfire nmy wo expect God to answer tl 0
earnest persistent continued prayeta
His people 1 It is true Ho may del y
answer for our good brit i < 4w0 pfr
severe file answer if for our g pod WTH
finally rogue If wo ask wo ehnlL ve
ceive if wo seok Svo shall find irtyo
knock it shall bq opened unto ns
2 The prayer of children tOparc ltS
Christs second illustration is that din
son asking bread of his father ami re
retying bread and fish and riot a souc
orn serpent Earthly parents hearaiid
answer the prayers of their children
They would not think of mocking their
cries for bread by giving thejn etouca
their cried for fish by giving hem
serpents God is our Heavenly Ft flier
and if earthly parents give goes gifts
their children in answer toy their
prayers much more Inay wo ixpect
God our Heavenly Fntber to gilro His
Spirit to them that ask Him j
3 The widow and the itnjnstjtidgtv
this road n widow presents jt peti
tion to on unjust judge ono tlto nei
they regards God nor man A t firs thO
ref used her petition but she can again
and again and at last he gla ted it I
lest by her continual coining slfa should
weary him If air unjust judj wouHl
thus hear trod answer tho pet er of n
jjor widoW With what inoft reason
cml vo expect our God wlicTis just
and not m3nst bnt rater ieul and
loving to an8W Anr Petlt1
4 Theso three papa al1teaeh ono
great important tenthnt ely that
Get w111 answer prnyerUilllf we are
earnest and persevering in 3G
ticns God will not turn a deaf
our cries Lot ns bo encouraged
fore to spend much time in i
Our prayers will obtain Let us Bp
pray at this time for the outpou
Gods blessing upon the earner
people of GoYv If the prayers o
vidnals for temporal blessings prE
how inrtch moro can wo belie
our united prayers for a great s
blessing will prevail
sfJecinl prayer and praiso eervic
special prayers for special obje
e idlrmtlJ
prayercliriua number
and prayinrt onJi Uer tho othe
Bperse the iv iyiiig with lip
wile and testimonies
Bible Readings Gen xxx
II Kings xix HID air I
1025 PS Iv 17 Ixv 1 2
Leg 21 Hath vi 015
John xiv 14 sv 10 Acts
Eph iii 1421 j Jas v 102
iii 22
The Sanctified En
i How many bring a snncti
tho worship of God t Theyt
what Ono wishes to hen
terms good music Music
only nn attendant God rj
clinriot not in the rumbl
wheels M Jr is more til
many of A ia n 1
Bional eel WBTab brain
anthem is iiefSir uinsid i
teaches nothing The ndve
only sang well but nlEe
thing The words lingt
sound had vanished
A Child Imo
Strike with hand vt
mnsicjpn thy harp strap
golden hair fill tho A
aisles with symphonies f
deft toucher of the org <
bugler blow until the s
touch and kiss tho moo
charm tho lovers trend
Tine clad hills Bat lu
cat strains are discord a l
childhoods happy lax
that filL tho ayes with
heart with jo51 lobe
The Vulwe ot 7
rThe uit from tho SI
oxtrcinelj beneficial f
tians Continued pr
warm atmosphere in
unbind tim fliuoTse sane
but the cold winds of
sturdy hardy and we
part tJnbroken sac
an nndervalning f i
fulness of the giver I
of tho sunshine lead
sun Spnrgeon
rtew ppo
Each dacatch v
Iench year is a paws
God A new chancel
lifethis is the la
able gift which ei
you Canon Farr j
w Fnrrnmho
mho 3
When earths last tit
IAmJtho tubes are
tiWhen the oldest coin
We span rent and
Lid down for an e
Till the footer of a
Shall let IW lOWe
And only tliV full
And only the Ala
nut each for the J
And ouch Jn lid i
For Hie GocJ of
Allege Doer Npies it tinS been idto
WMcmi have enlisted in the IkUlsh
Jmminiirv 2 >
pV I Dehinsey wWhas been miss
tig from Fayctte Mb him been found
u Virginia
The coroner is Investigating the mid
den death of Mrs Anna Lester who
resided near Mattoon Illt
The new cyanide process for treat
ing ore will be tried on rt larg > scale
shortly at not Springs SD >
I Rev Jonathan It Peck fell tend in
the pulpit while leading a AVntclfoifght
aiHting atVnkesbarreTa
> Will lain Kllts vifciqnd two children
were hinneil td detail In their Lhonfe
near Hiivbnnrsville W Va Molifjay
Trensurer Hershey or Lancaster
< 5500 > link been discovered in hilt n < i
Xuiitv < jjf >
FeycrjiJ biiKlncssihcnmi and urilietHi
were fleSitrbyedfiiy lire at Ttij i4 Wt
1lmrlfHClnnnlifjs perished In tlie
comes r1 t
Kid IMo oy put ° Peter Afajiei rto
jileep tu the fifth round ill t 11115 e > v
ears bodt lieore theConir Island
Athletic citify < 1
Thw chief ofpolifii of Ilclentu ArJci5
Was aUaekid by Jicriwy negro After
i liiincltolinTid struggle thtiiegro was
shot and killed
Secretary snul Mrs Jlay xjnterlairied
the members of the diploihiitiri corps
at noon Monday and Inter received
general cullers t < d
The Tennessee river at jKntYivle 11
frojten over for fhc firsVtlme Jli ten
years lihhtK Holt an aged aIioenml < er
vits froxty I to death te
At Stronsberg Keb si ijiiitrcli uis
vrccked h the explosion rtf acetjJene
lus tank tlwt1 was placed typiiejjr the
fiirnrtce Jliyo persons wcil fe f jusly
V > nU hnillvhtu llt1iltqI JtfstViiny
frofutlte Arkansas iiinltilitihr t here
he wasCser ving a 13yoaV sentence lor
murder lass Hurrendtivti to > the XKilice
sit Denier Col
fvo stock trains uii the Chicago
Burlington Quiiiey road collided
at eponeet Ill damaging stock and
cars spits lea1lIJ Dralicninn J V lees
sier was killed Jfa
Squire IJesI nn theca o0
yCns r rat of
f Question for Debate ro
if new question for dqtiaia l
riteefMn the minds of the ti 1
xf Kentucky It is in ° su i i 4
dating voters the State militia
ora band of Christian Voinijl
singing and praying The Jflrst
part of the question was occa = 1
sioned by the report of i < 07 r i
Bradley having oldters irLliOuisr l s
ville on election day lind the i XiI
I second part from a plea for it i t
flocalOptim °
local option in Clover ort a short r
time ago 1 However it is a said = 1
reflection upon the bravery of tile Xl
voters of that coulif the < r i
jt icing of a few women could a
frighten f hell away It may b9
that some of tlie wives of time c
old topers were taking pattr and
the boozers knew they A uldget
t HailQolumbiahappyland When
I tie y retti lied to their honvesjr
Cprbiu Compass i
CopipttssKentuckian f e
Kentuckian After It 1
Lexington Ky Jan a
Simon dGross is in Chicago ne
got nting for the American res
taurant contract for the Paris
Exposition The French oflicials
want a royalty ofLi11fi000 aiidrri
oilier that half the sum be de
posited before the contract is
awnrcied In addition abondOf
50000 must bo gLven V Mr
Gross conducted the ct Diet Teen = fi
t ckyHolnellf ° the WCildE1
Fair in Chicago
New Telephone Lines I
London Ky r Dec Sl = The = r
Kentucky Telephone Company
will at once begin the construe =
tion of a line from Knchester io J
London Tile principal office oj
this company will be located
inchester and tjey will br
into Peiyy Leslie Let
and a number of
ties that are e

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