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i Assassination of Goebel the Logical Sequel of
s Desperate Political Methods
JKf Unscrupulous Party Dictator Reaped Fury of
m t Popular Indication
1 j Atlanta On Journal Dem
i When we come to look at the state of semirevolution that ex
t fists In Kentucky we cnn not escape the conclusion that Goebel and
i his confederates are responsible for it We do not believe that
i any unprejudiced man in Kentucky or outside of it doubts that
it Taylor was elected
w electedwheeling
> b wheeling W Va Intelligencer Rep
J v Ir Goebel has been instrumental in creating a condition in Ken
1 J tucky that has fanned a righteous indignation into a fiarfte of fury
J V While his assassination 18 to be most vigorously condemned the
a t fact must not be smothered that Goebel himself is rcsponsible for
5 the dire calamity that has overtaken him As ye sow so shall ye
i oU read
I ttw rrChicago Ill TlmeBHerald Rep
f r v An unscrupulous party dictator who resorted to the agencies
of corruption and fraud to accomplish his political ends who se
V curedthe nomination for governor by highhanded usurpation of
vrytlio peoples rights and then attempted to steal the office to which
Another was elected has reaped the fury of the popular indigna
q ftoinncited by his own reckless course
t tiE Philatlolphta Pn American Rep
4 > i The assassins shot which brought down Mr Goebel at Frank
t fort may shock the American people but it does not surprIse them
In Kentucky or elsewhere when the ballot is made useless and the
I law is perverted so as to defeat its own purpose which is to do jus
S bee men inevitably are tempted to fall back upon force Who
ever tampers with the ballotbox therefore is the worst of an =
1 aarchists
yt s 1 f PhllRdelphUTJines Pom >
L f KSt iff
+ d rhopeoRlcor J apoXuythexrlmda IHl tolth iust
ucc W y o n I midthe t
f reap the wlnhvind The RS5RMl1lRti01 of Goebel just when lie was
about to be nude governor of the State by the most colossal fraud
1 ever attempted in that commonwealth is only the logical sequel of
5the desperate brutal and murderous political method which have
5 J been stoadilty luwuif MI hentucky for ouiiiij V nrfi least I
y IBuItlmord AiHdtluail lltii
c 4 80 far as there can be any responsibility f6r this act in a law I
S less Mate like Kentucky it must rest on the Democracy rather than I
on the Republicans The Democrats set the example of lawless
ness during the campaign and at the polls and have ever since
proclaimed their purpose of swindling the Republicans through the
forms of law This has brought to Frankfort a large number of
lawless characters who were ripe for any infamous deed But the I
State itself cannot be altogether relieved of responsibility TheI
lax administration of the law in some parts of Kentucky breeds I
Lexington Ky Herald Dem
And today the only vital issuo before the people pf Kentucky
i e this Does there reside in any or all the departments of govern
nent power to reverse the election made by the people at the polls
All other luestionsimportant grave delicate and complicated
tire subsidary to this main overshadowing and pregnant issue
If there bp such power it ought to be taken away if there be
such power it is despotism not liberty if there be no such power
then Miey who claim to have it ought to be defeawd > at all hazards
1 j 1 1 1 11 il M 1 i ItV1 it
and upon their head be all the responsibility t ill the copse
quences of the conflict 10
I Harpers JVeekly Intl i
r It matters little that iiTiiiJ III Goebel is the vic ini ofa k
onsteinof his own crdhtion The assissination is a deplorable liri
max to a fight of unu8 l bitterness out of which the friends of
Kentucky wore hoping the commonwealth might emerge with a
record that would confound her detractors Despite the heights to <
which party passions rose in the elections of last autumn the rec I
ord of Kentucky as a lawabiding State was equal and in some
cashes superior to that of her sister States It is disheartening that
at the crucial moment through the act of some cowardly fanatic
the fair fume of a community that had apparently successfully
lpassed through a great moral struggle with its own predilections for
crime should be so wofully besmirched There will be there has i I
been voiced in all quarters the severest condemnation for this apI
palling act of murder but the pens that seek to hold the State of j
a a Kentucky rotten to the core because of a bullet of a dastardly assas i
sin should pause before giving so sweeping an indictment of a com 1
The act finds nowhere aught of palliation There is nowhere
where a word that can be said that detracts from the heinousnoss
of the crime No act of Goebel or of his followers past present
or to bo anticipated can bo urged in justification of the crime of
January 30 but in seeking out the causes and in placing the re j
sponsibility for the murder Kentuckys struggle against her lawless
elements must be taken into account and the commonwealth given
due credit for having for so long a peried of time held her hordes
of violence in check From one end of the State to the other there
is expressed only the deepest abhorrence of the crime and it allJ
rings with sincerity While partisan feeling runs high and is in a 1
state of such excitement that at this writing none may tell to what
lengths the people will go it is evident that no mind that is worthy
consideration harbors any thought but one of Bore regret over the
incident High and low the sentiment is the same and it were a 1
parlous thing for any just main to claim that Kentucky as a com f
mOnwealth believes in assassination as an effective er proper way
of importThis
This is a time for sympathy for a stricken State not for her
condemnation and relegation as a whole to the limbo of the crim f
huH Meanwhile it is for the State of Kentucky to so order her j
goings that those who stand by her in her hour of trouble may bavej
i i no cause to regret it There are serious times ahead for the com
llririOnWealth but if her wiser and better elenents stand firm for law
aid order there can be no doubtof the ultimate triumph of the
SoLars elnI896 Not to be
Found Now
New York Feb 4The cal
amity shriekers who did such a
thriving business at so much per
diem in the campaign of 1890 I
are liable to find their branch of
industry somewhat depressed by
thaf t
staunch Democratic paper the
New York World The World
calls attention to the fact that
the New York tate Bureau of
labor and statistics in its report
for 1890 says that at the end of
December 1898 272 per cent of
all the working people in all
trades were unemployed At the
end of March 1899 the unem
ployed amounted to 180 per cent
At the end of June the percent t
age was 100 At the end of
September it had sunk to 47 per
cent And the World adds that
at the present moment it is
incalculably small andifurther r
says How much these simple
figures mean of prosperity I How
much they mean of happiness in
the home lives of hundreds of
thousands How much they mean
of welfare for the country What
a warning they hold for politi
cians who would start another
calamity campaign To this
the Democratic Washington Post
adds that reports from other
States are of like tenor Never
before in the history of this coun
try was labor in such detiianda s
at present never before AYasthe
general average of wages > high
never before were the dep0futsiii
saying laths jTicteasingisp crap
idly and there the strongest
promise that thus most happy sit
nation will continue for some
Grateful at the Approval of
Thousands of People
Frankfort Ky Feb 12Tele
grams and letters have recently
deluged Gov Taylor They are
substantially all of the snipe
tone Without a single oxceptioij
every letter received has been a
letter of cheer and expressive of
cordial sympathy in the present
struggle The bulk has become
so enormous that it is utterly im
possible for him to answer them
hence he gave out this statement
I desire to thank the thous
ands of people who have ex
pressed their approval of my
course in the present emergency
It would be impossible for me to
answer each separately and I
trust that this statement will be
seen by each and be takenas my
answer I have so many cares on
my hands tliati would be use
less for hiCiVto undertake to an
ewer the telegrams ofi M letters
that I am receiviugi Fwtfrfiusure
the sender of eaeli that d appre
date the words efi haW tc6i 1
fp jy rIV i
PiIItnined i
Disgruntled OfflceSeeker Said
To Have Shot Senator Goebel
Paducah KyM Feb L3The
Sun and News today print a
story credited to a reliable but
an unnamed authority that a
Pinkerton detective in Frank
fort endeavoring to discover the
Goebel assassin working solely
on the clew that an officerseeker
and a former friend whom Goe
bel had turned down shot the
The story says Goebel told
either at the time or after being
shot that the party had sworn
to kill Bui and gave details of
the difference between them
The sam authority says the
Piukertons hoot at the idea of
Goebel being the viotimx of a
conspiracyA T r
A1 Letter From Representative
Robinson Tells About the
M r Legislature
London Ky Feb 9 1000
Lndpn has itpopulation of about
ipOp high and 1rynna like
JEarlington is a prohibition town
rind that speaks well for her citi
zensawho are courteous and
friendly and peaceable and law
idingall reports to the con
trary notwithstanding
with large membership One
large two story Methodist acade
my witli 289 pupils enrolled and
a regular attendance of 200 where
the pupils are fitted so they may
when they shall have finished
their course here be prepared to
enter the highest colleges in the
State The president gave the
members of the General Assem
bly an invitation to visit the
school in a body which we did
ibis morning After prayer and
song service and an address by the
president short speeches were
madefy Senators Kirk and Dye
andlRepresentatives Slack and
Heisman all of which were to the
point and were well received
iTJle building of this college is
due to the work and energy of
Miss Sue Bennett sister of ex
Senator Bennett of Madison
county and it is a credit to her
and to the county and of vast
importance to the people of East
kern Kentucky The lariraat
iendance shows how we
appreciate the opportui 11
receive the benefit offered
Our sessions have been held in
the Laurel county old academy a
quaint structure two stories
high It was founded in 1857
and here some of the brainiest
men of Kentucky received their
education and prepared them
selves for the great work before
There are seven coal mines in
this county therefore I am at
home in this part of the moral
Wo have confidence in the wis
dom and ability of Gov Taylor
and believe he will stand firm in
the battle for civil liberty and
the rights of the people as ex
pressed afe the polls Tuesday
November 7 1800 nor do we be
lieve ho will make any compro
mise with dishonor
The Ohio League of Republican Clubs
> Pass Resolutions
Cincinnati Fob 12The fif
teonth annual State convention
of the Ohio league of Republican
clubs assembled hero this mor l
ing with about 800 delegates
present During the meeting
the following resolution was
parsed amid uproarous applause
Resolved by the Ohio Repub
lican league in convention as
sembled that the following mes
sage be telegraphed to Hon W
S Taylo1vernor of Kentucky
li ii 0 S Taylor Gov
ernor ucky Frankfort
The ie s of Ohio as
semblefiin 4 Ohio republican
league convatton send greeting
to you as ± 4 Wiiv of Kentucky
and herebY afrto you our
congratulativtw r the gallant
and patriotie tid you have
made for the ntul iican party
and for your baud fearless
fight in defense if lliqv suffrages
of the voters andSof tfjtfojights of
tIle whole people ii a i neky
GoondIJe fiJil 110
backward step liaR t out =
i Y
xayt 4 4rpY
ViSkt >
1 J
> 40
oS Ti J
F >
Gpv Taylor Refuses to Sign the Louisville
Agreement and Will Let the Law r
1 Take Its Course w
t < <
this to say After mature deliberation and conferences with my
friends from every section of the State I have concluded to let this
controversy take its duo course vigorously contesting every inch x
of ground and upholding the rights of the people to the uttermost
If those rights be destroyed the responsibility for that destruction
must rest with those wIio sit in judgmentI v
It is due to say that the eminent gentlemen my friends r Tvlio
secured the propositions resulting from the Louisville conference t
acted in perfect faith from the highest motives of patriotism and
did the very best they could
Governor of Kentucky
At l4o this afternoon Governor Taylor issued the following
Frankfort Ky Fob 10 1900 Thq excitement recently pre i
vailing in this city having to some extent subsided and thereap
pearing now to be no necessity for the General Assembly to re
main in session in London I do hereby by this proclamation re
convene same in Frankfort Ky Monday February 12 19QO atr
1 rOc 1 oc 1 c noon
r Y i I off KentUCky
The decision not to iigri1 sthe
Louisville agreement was reached
by Governor Taylor after 1
oclock For over two hours he
had been in conference with
over one hundred and fifty prom
inentRepublicami f m all arts
flltt 8 JSrftf1iV JC 01 equity
< E Jiiil 1
1fcaLineirbersof liedl tur I
The meeting was secret all
those who came from the hall
befpre Governor Taylor himself
refused to say anything concern
ing the deliberations Judge
George Denny presided and L
F Petty acted as Secretary The
members of the conference with
the exception of Gov Taylor
gathered in the Legislative hall
usually occupied by the house of
Representatives When the hall
had filled Governor Taylor en
tered and was greeted with a
ringing burst of cheers The
door was then closed and the se
cret proceedings began Gov
Taylor stated to the conference
that there were two courses to
to be pursue First to sign the
Louisville agreement second to
quietly withdraw the troops al
low the Legislature to reconvene
in the Oapitol building in
Frankfort call off the session
now being held in London and to
ignore the Louisville agreement
entirely Several speeches were
made and it was soon apparent
that the sentiment was very
strongly in favor of the second
course arid this was adopted
This action was decided on at
1 oclock and the first informa
tion as to the decision given out
was by Governor Taylor himself
Ho came hurriedly through the
door unattended and looking
Sold to New Yorkers J
Henderson Ky Feb 111The
Grand Rivers furnaces and the
property belonging to the coin
many haa been sold to a New York
syndicate The deed to the
property it is said has already
been lodged for record in the
county clerks office at Smithland
in Livingston county
There are two 100000 fur
races and a 15OQO office build
ing besides several thousand acres
of ore land included in the big
The iron orelandsjlie in Lyon
and Livingston counties It is
understood that the purchasers
propose to have a steel and van
nervous and haggard He
walked hastily toward the Oapi
tol stairway repeating several
times to the newspaper men
who stood in the hall I dont
sign From the Capitol he
l ssed to the Executive building J
iI f
tt n t
tn r
fort r
Orders were iii > once ISSIX QKU
Gen Collier to prepare forTthe
departure of the troops Soon
many of them were ready to
leaveix componies left to
night and more will leave to
morrow Only a small detach
ment will remain until Monday
These are to be retained only as
a peace guard and are to bein
no way obtruded upon the pres
ence of the Legislature
Word was at once sent to the 1
members of the Republican Legs
islature afc London that the next
session would be in Frankfojft j
and the prompt reply was re
ceived that they would all leaves
in abody Sunday and be in
Frankfort Monday morning in
ample time for business After
Governor Taylor left the hall re
solutions were adopted embody
ing the sense of the meeting as
Resolved that it is the sense
of this meeting that Gen Taylor
should not sign the aajreemoniof
fered to him thenle Louisville
conference Reposing confidence
inhis ability and snso of duty
we are content to follow his lead
ership after that refusal
L F PETTY Secretary
oils other iron plan Lp eoper
atec1 fIJcQneQt with tile
Tlio Rtstoii couipany ltli0 rlgk
nal owners of Grand Rivers sunk
an immense amount of money
between the two rivers Blocks i
of handsome brick store JjotU 8
were built one large blocl beingr
erected by contract with Ms r3
John Gabe and Richard Diinan
of this city The greafe trouble
confronted at Grand River JB
the fact that the surroundug
country is poor anduna I ttl
contribute to the qoiinriorrijl <
prosperity of the place t i jd
t lrscribo tr Tern pm 1 p r
J < r
f41 t

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