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Mr Watterson Said Goebel Law Made Election
a Sure Thing
Threats Against the L Nand How They
Were Received
Unreasonable to Expect Corporate Interests to
t Disregard Threatened Injury
Louisville Ky Feb 170w
ing to the pressure brought upon
him from all sides to give a de
fense to bitter attacks in the
newspapers based upon his letter
t to Henry Watterson August
Belmont chairman of the Board
of Directors of the L N Rail
road Company has released the
entire correspondence between
I himself ajid Mr Watterson and
incidentally Mr Wattersons let
ter a sight of which so many
have desired to obtain It ap
pears that the Watterson letter
furnishes an important link in
the controversy placing as it
does Mr WaTterson on record
as exploiting the Goebel election
law as an airtight cinch that
it would not be well for the L
N railroad to disregard
The following is Mr Belmonts
order by wire releasing the cor
respondence i
New York Feb 15 1000
1rH Smith President L N
l f R R Coj Louisville Ky
Persistent allusions to the cor
respondence of Col Wattorson
and myself of July last and a
tendency to misrepresent its sup
posed contents compel me to
authorize the publication by you
of the entire correspondence as
wolfas the minutes of the meet
ing of the board of the Louisville
l nshvillo Railroad company
copy of which was sent to Col
Watterson at that time The
reasons for my hesitation to give
the correspondence to the public
apart from my already expressed
feeling that it was not an oppor
tune time in the present state of
public mind in Kentucky were
i tha t JL felt reluctant without Col
Wattersons consent to publish
the letter of a gentleman in Col
Vattersons position and for
whom I have always entertained
a personal regard containing the
balcfsitemont made before the
t Ticjunf campaign had fairly be
gun that the election was not to
r bo left to chance which meant
of course that the will of the
h people was not to determine the
result of the contest Coming
from him recognized as he was
> then and has since proved him
self to be an influential supporter
of Mr Goebel such tt statement
was well calculated to alarm all
y st l interests in Kentucky to
E which Mr Goebel and his adhe
rents were known to be hostile
> the property confided to my su
pervision being especially singled
out by them for assault arid de
struction if their public utter
ances during the past campaign I
and since are to be taken as in
dex for I say now and do notI
tpropose to be drawn from the po
st ion I feel my oflicial duty and
trust required as well apnXPer I
sOl dignity that I will under
no circumstances enter into a I I
iiCaiitrovorsy with Cal Watterson
J or ills newspaper feeling that
l FI the abuse of both the officers of
the Louisville Nashville Rail
j joad individually hid the corpo
r l
t r r
Y n
r1 J
ration itself does not even now
and certainly will not later when
cool judgment reviews the past
meet with the approbation of the
thinking public of Kentucky at
large It is useless to attempt to
stem vituperation which has be
come both a habit and a political
convenience The public will in
due course appreciate it and theI
Louisville Nashville railroad
will continue as heretofore to
attend to its business and the
share it has in the welfare of the
8 84 p m Chairman
The following is Mr Watter
sons letter
W N Haldoman President
Henry Watterson Editor
LouisvilleCourierJournal com I
pany incorporate corner
Fourth avenue and Green I
IomiisileIy June 180
My Dear 1Mr BelnioiijEc As
your personal friend and as a
friend of the Louisville and Nash
ville railroad I venture to write
kyou this I UerI
In my judgment the local ad
ministration of the road is enterI
ing upon a course which if it does
not tend to destroy the property
will groatly burthen and impair
the Democratic State ticket
just nominated will certainly bo 4
elected Under the operation ofI
the Goebel law the result is not
left to chance In its purpose to
beat Goebel the L N managers j
ers have already expended largo 1
sums of money in futile attempts 1 4
To do this they have not only
made themselves responsible forj
two unpopular and uninlluontial
newspapers but they have set up
as their visible and accredited
representative a man by the 4
name of Whallen the proprietor J
of a variety theater and undoubt
edly the most odious personalty I
in the city arid State At every I
turn they have met defeat and j
they will surely meet it next No I
For thirty years the Courier
Journal has been the steady djs j
interested friend of the road j
Believing it a public Institution 1
of the greatest usefulness and a
most important factor in all our
affairs Mr Haldeman and myself
have supported it at v ryjdnct4
urojrequiring support This how
ever has never cost the road a 1
penny But under thepolicynow
adopted a war of extermination
is made upon us by the two news j
papers in question and the man
Whalleiv backed upby the money
of the road The end is as cer 1
tain as the day of the election I
The issue as it newsstands is the
Democratic party versus the
Louisville Nashville Railroad t
company and one that issue the <
road could n6tr win even if its f
newspaper supports were handled I
with capacity and discretion But t
they are not s0 handled They a
are the merest < iiptisan concerns
without cirQUjditiojr Or influence t
conducted apparently for no other
4 4y
purpose than to abuse the Courier
Journal If you will cause to be
sent to yOtt the Dispatch and the
Evening Post for a sjngle week
and will look over therir each day
you will be able to sob for your
self how the matter stands
On that showing rtlorifet would
be willing to risk the caifoY
In my judgment the situation
is both momentous and critical
and ought to arrest the seriotisat
tention oft those who control the
policy of the road
As J said tit the Qegfirtiini
Trite as a friend The JSburier
Journalhas nothing to fear from
the conflict forced up nit Tby
the managers of the road On
thecontrary it has something to
gain But neither Mr Halde
man nor myself want to profit at
the expense of the road For
Mr Smith we have always enter
tained the kindest sentiments
But Mr Smith is no more proof
against mistakes than other peo =
Isle and beinga man of unyield
ing temper he is likely to be
carried to extremes In this
business he has certainly allow
ed his temper to carry him far
beyond the lines of worldly wis I
dom and a prudent forecast andI
if a halt bo not called upon the I
proceedings its evil consequences
are as sure as the coming of the
next session of the Kentucky
legislature Sincerely your friend
August Belmont Esq
The following isan extract
from the minutes ofa meeting
of the board of directors of the
Louisville Nashville Railroad
company which was held nt the
companys officeNq 120 Broad
way Y wYork City on Tues
day July II 1800 at 2 15 oclock
p m
The chairman submitted a letter
from the Hon Henry Watterson
editor CourferJournal dated Louis
ville Ky June 80 1800 reading as
follows Hero follows lotter
Whereas the Louisville cS Nash
yule R R Co being an artificial
person can not hold office and
Whereas time duties of the offic
ers to the company prohibit them
from seeking or holding political
office in fact none of thorn are
seeking such ofllco j and
Whereas the managers of the
company have not made themselves
in any way responsible for the two I
newspapers referred to and have I
not sot up as their visible and ac
credited representative Mi John I
Whallen nor committed any un
friendly act towards the Courier
Journalj and
Whereas tho management of the
Louisville Nashville R R Co
recognizes that the rights and fran
chise it now enjoys were granted to
Itrfor the purpose set forthin its t
various charters and also fully ro
alizes its duty to the public j and
Whereas corporate interests
generally in common with private
interests have a right to be hoard
at tho bar of public opinion be It
Resolved That as the manage
ment does not now It will not enter
the field of politics nor aid or in
jure any candidate of any party
for the purpose of shaping or con
trolling party action When how
over any individual or political
party attacks and seeks to Injure tho
property intrusted to its care and
to deny to it its proper rights byin
citing a hostile sentiment among
the people It serves and threatens
to crIple and harass Its operations
and thus impair Its ability and its
olHcioncy In the performance of its
proper and lawful rights and duties
the company will avail itself of all
proper and lawful means to protect
Its interests by an appeal to tho groat
body of the people oil whom it re
lies for protection as it does for pat
ronage j
Resolved That this board views
with apprehension tho attitude of
that portion of the democratic party
of Kentucky as represented by tho
Hon William Goobel tho nominee a
for the office of governor and his
publicly avowed hostility against
the Louisville Nashville R RCo
and especially tho positive assur
ance of Mr Watterson that under
existing laws Senator gogliolits
tho nominee will bo elected to too
ofllce of governor regardless grin
ft 11J r
spite of the predilection of a ma
jo J Jty of the voters in the State j
Resolved That in view of the
threatened Injury to the companyi
interests the management is hereby
authorized and Instructed to adopt
such proper and lawful measures as
promise to protect the Interests of
th6 company and to that end is in
structed to appeal to the people of
Kentucky whom it has so long
sejved and with whoso interests it
hog been and Is so Intimately Iden
tiflod for protection from its avowed
enemies and as such this board be
lies the enemies of the best inter
irltesolred that a certified copy p f
tiies minutes be furnished Mr
ipn motion the board adjourned
igned AudugT B1nIo T
It Chairman
Attest Signed A W Morris
j Assistant Secretary n
Jlere follows the frequently
quoted Belmont letter which
was made the subject of much
campaign thunder
Louisville Nashville Railroad Co
Equitable Building 120 Broad
t way August Belmont Chair
man NewYork July 111899
My Dear Col Watterson Your
favW of the 80th ult was duly re
ceived Fully recognizing the dan
ge which you so graphically des
cribe I submitted your communi
cation to my codirectors and I inI
close herewith copy of resolutions
this day adopted
You are well aware that the L
N nOR Co should not and does
not engage in partisan politics Its
interest like those of many other
corporations are subject to attack
especially by vicious legislators
and necessarily when so attacked 1
the management must adopt proper
measures of defense
It would be unreasonable to ex
pect corporate Interests to so wholly
disregard the Injury inflicted or
threatened by constant attacks of
political agitators as 10 be entirely
silent so long as the politicians seek I
oillco by appeal to Tile passions find
prejudices of tho voters and especi
ally by efforts to excite hostile feel
ings to be followed by hostile legis
lation The only protection to cor
porate Interests generally is to Ap
peal to the sober judgment of tho
people This is a right enjoyed by
all Individual and corporation alike
and the exercise of this right should
not be construed as meddling In poli
tics The management of the L
NR R Co does not desire oven If
it had power without the expendi
ture of a dollar to influence much
leis direct party politics nor to im
pair or promote the political for
tunes of any candidate unless the
party of the candidate indorses and
supports measures and policies
which would injure tho company in
and In the prosecution of its proper
and lawful business
I have made such investigations
as enable mo to assure you that the
management has not up to this
time established tlio relations des
cribed by you with tho two newspa
pers and that tho relations between
thojn and Mr John H Whallen
arises from the faijt that they like
the L N R R CoM desire that
the political ambitions of the Hon
William Goebel bo not gratified
Nevertheless no one understands
bettor than you tho influence of the I
press as a means of educating tho
public and disseminating informa
tionand I am sure you will readily
concede that it will bB entirely
proper for the L N R R Co lit
tho defense of its interests to aid in
disseminating Information through
the press It is to me a source of
regret that in this critical juncture
tho columns of the CourierJournal
are not available and that wo are I
thdroforojbonipelled to rely upon
others t pJJoje i those who openly
throaton nl1 9 emlelavorlng to
greatly injureand f possible des
troy material interests oi the State j
of Kentucky for the railroads and
their ramifications are such
Recognizing the mutual benefits
that have in the past resultod froin
the friendly association between the
CourierJournal and the L N R j
R Co and the encouragement which
the efforts of the nn14 event has
received in Its endeavor to furnish
improved transportation l1 facilities
and dovlop the resources of the
Staraand regretting the present
complications I remain with per
somas to yourself and Miff
Yours very truly
Signed Avousv BELMONT
> < Chairman I
Col Hqnry WattorsQii Editor
jGourlferJourjial LonlBvlllo Ky
M 1
+ FY f t
IftI it t < t > 1J
Senate and House Hippodroming in the
r Capitol
1 001 tf
Democrats Still Manufacturing Political Capital 1 I
Out of Goebels Deathr
Frankfort Feb 19Senator
Carter passed the word around
this morning that the Demo
cratic branch of the Senate
would meet at 0 oclock Lieut
Gov Marshall announced that
the Senate does not meet until
Promptly at 1080 Marshall
and Carter rapped for order
Carter with a pen knife and
Marshall with a gavel simultan
eously Then in chorus both
said amid laughter The Senate
will now come to order
Shortly before 1080 Carter
slipped rapidly into the Speakers
chair A moment later Marshall
smiling broadly took the seat
alongside of Carter He had
been standing nearby both shook
hands pleasantly and Carter
moved up to make room for
Marshall Applause and laugh
ter came from the floor Appar
ently the expected clash was not
going to materialize At any rate
the two claimants for the gavel
showed no indication of a be
ligerenF mature
The Rev Darsie prayed that
peace and harmony might prevail
Both Mr Marshall and Mr
Carter then asked for petitions
motions and bills Amid some
confhsion Mr Allen offered a
resolution Mr Carter ordered
it read While Desha was read
ing out the resolution Senator
Cox Rep moved to adjourn
until noon tomorrow V 1fr t
Barret seconded the motion amf
Mr Marshall put the motion
All the Republicans voted iii fa
vor of adjourning and the Re
publicans moved out amid cheers
and good natured jeers from the
Democratsall of whom remained
in their seats
I Gentlemen keep oHeriy
said Mr Carter the Senate of
Kentucky is in session
Frankfort Ky Feb 10i
Punctually at noon Speaker
Trimble rapped for order The
House was crowded k >
The Rev Low Wallace chap x
lain of the prisonofftfred prayer
The journal of Saturdays pro
ceedings at Louisville was read
The Republican members v re r
fused to answer roll call Fifty =
three men answered to their
Barton offered aconcurrent ref r
olution that in memory of Mr
Goebel the two chambers anflvtlie 4 c I
Copitolshould edi pednmi >
mourning and the llag kepfc at
half mast for thirty days rOn
motion byw Mr Hickman tiro
house then adjourned until 11 a
in tomorrow
tomorrowAs I
As a matterof fact only fifty rY
one Democrats were present
Two Republicans Brister and
Randolph voted with the ma =
jority Otherwise there would
have been no quorum
Democrats Ratify Their Illegal Acts Once
Frankfort Ky Feb 20At 3
oclock Speaker Trimble called
the joint session to order The
House organized first None of
the Republican members was
prent tr There were numerous
Democratic absentees
In a few minutes the Demo
crats Senators filed in All told
there were fiftysix Representa
tives and twenty Senators Sixty
nine were necessary to a quorum
Many visitors were on hand
Trimble announced the purpose
of the joint session
The arrival of Messrs Orr and
Baird mtvde the number of Rep
resentatives fiftyeight
Senator Farris opened the ball
by offering a resolution similar
to the Ammo offered by Allen yes
terAa iiirO e Senate and by Stith
todaxdn flTo House He moved
ifs MrpFion Seconded by Hick
i maTl o rolltill an Triplett
was Nwlrit p1rm ttYtte F No lr
AVlien Gjifler hume falls called
he aros > to explain his vote Tie
said he hind hoped a full fair in
vestigation into the contents
would be given and had hyped
to be able to votcrdr the contest
ants without violation to his con
science But acting under the
I 4
facts M lie said slowly and sottm
emiily and acting under the
Democratic principle that the
voice of the majority of the votes
is the will of the people I am
obliged to vote no x
When Mr Orr was reached the
gentleman from Owen said hev
wished to speak Ho said to at
i tempt to ratify any former action
by the Legislature put that
former action in a peculiar light
Therefore he refused to vote Aty
this time there were a few hisses
Snakes hiss men dontt
flashed out Orr and the noise
ceased The vote stood 74 02 in
favor of adopting the resolution
There were loud cheers The r7
joint session then adjourned t
Several Election Violatorst
Lexington Kyt Fob 19 Uhlteit
States Marshal MeCarty arreotod
hero D Hayes Dan Williams Tom r i
Craino Donhls McNamarasJplm r I
McKennttean kas q
rN w bon 91 1 a rf ut
from thpFflderal court loose mOil t
Pto ptmtrged whit coif piracy ant thot r
last November ejection to prevent l
negroes votingrnt precinct 19 whoro fr f
manynogrpepwer Intlmfdfltod
Tndictm louts have already boon r
found agalrtsfc a mtntbpr of otherY
Democratic election hoolers and the
trials will cpino up at the March I
ternrof tine federal court ab LouJ
ylllo j In
t t 1i

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