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+ roved Around the Boers Flank
Sunday and Took the South
End of Monte Cristo
V The Cable Quiet la UcRurd to Gen
r llolierfu Operations and There U
Considerable Speculation a to
the Whereabouts of Gen Cronje
Dntclcr Dnnn and the Queen
London Feb 19 320 p mThe vat
office has received thc following dls
I patch from Gen Buller
t Chieveley Camp Feb 191 yester
t r day moved around the enemys flank
i The Queens who had bivouacked on
s h fb9 northern slope of Cingolo crossed
b tlvi nek and supported by the rest of
Ulte second brigade under IlildynrdnS
satlltcd and took the southern end of
4Ittcntc Cristo
I The Movement in Detail 1
The fourth brigade on the left or I
western slope and the Welsh usilcers I
supported by the rest of the sixth bri
I gade assaulted tho caster flank of theI
enemy position while the second bri 1
lIt4gadc assaulted the eastern flank of the I
1watched the eastern slopes of Monte
Cristo and drove beck those of the
cuemy attempting to escape there
from our artillery fire Assaulted by
heavy artillery fire on their front and
flank und attacked on their flank awl
real the enemy made but slight re
Blhtunce and abandoning their strong
p6Mtionwere driven across theTugpIa
I have taken severs camps u wagon
load of ammunition several wagons of
item and supplies aid a few prison
Intensely Hot Weather
The weather has been intensely I
t hot and the ground traversed was ex
ceedingly difficult But the energy and
dash of the troops have been veryI
pleasant to see They have all done
t splendidly The work of the irregular
j cuvalry the Queens the Scots fusl
t leers and the Rifle brigade was per
haps most noticeable while the ex
icelicnt practice of the artillery nnd
naval guns and the steadiness of the
garners under at times very accurate
fire Was wTninrkable
JVurnl Gnns Did Good Work
The accurate fire of naval guns I
frou Chieveley was of great nash
Our casualties are not I think
Gen Urnbant Entering Dordrecht
Sterkstroom Camp Sunday Feb 18
The Boers are retiring and Gen I
+ Brabants forces are now entering 1
1 Dordrecht
ISpeculation an to the WherenbimtM
t of Gen Cronje
l > 1to1GtmFeb 20 Jractically noth
d Ingtl kllown of the progress of Lord
i 1llobcrts column during the last day
A1 J or two and speculation as to the ulti I
mate gain from the recent movements
I is necessarily unsatisfactory when
based on belated telegrams evidently
vigorously censored Many Important
points remain obscure What has be
come of Gen Cronjes heavy artillery
Qne correspondent it is true says it
was left behind at Magersfontein and
Kimberley but It is difficult to believe
r Lord Roberts would not have men
tioned a detail of such importance
A Mutter of Uiiccrtnlntr
Again the statement that a large
Boer force wall massing northward of
Kimberley once more raises in the
minds of some experts the question
whether Gen Cronje is really with the
uVforce retreating on IMoemfontein It
Is suggested that the latter is really
the Free State main army under Gen
Prinsloo supplemented by a por
Hon of the Mugersfontein command
while tin main body of the latter
under Gen Cronje in trying to secure
the than bridge at Fourteen Streams
thus barring the way to Mafelcing
iit IJnslfP I aim hud the Queen
Bulger Dunn the 15yearold memo
her of the Firnt Royal Dublin fusileers
who was the first to crona the Tugulu
t river and who was shot in the right
+ urm while running with the soldiers
and sounding the advance saw the
qUeen ut Osborne Her majesty prc
ucnlid him with a handsome silver
mounted bugle suitably inscribed
The cluPJ1 gave the lad n motherly
u welcome nnd expressed her hopes that
be would have a successful career in
ails army
CronicH Army Reported Surrounded
London Feb 20 J230 a mthe
war office at midnight announced that
4 + ft had nothing further for publication
tl from South Africa
V In the lobbies of tho house of com
menu last evening however It was
rumored that Gen Crpnjos army wan
surrounded that Gen French had got
between the Boer forces and Bloom
fottein and that he was only await
1 s 1n reinforcements to close in on the
enemy No confirmation of thin rumor is ob <
tainablc although the general idea is
itluit the government has received im
jpcrtant dispatches
Tice Hocrfj Seem to Be In Full Re
I treat Front the TnKcla
London Feb 20The following < lls
jnytph has been received at the war of
L flee froM Gen Buller
Eiowo l arm Tuesday Feb 2Q 410
pit TUac Fuslleer brigade yestcrdnv
tuoL lilmgVnnu hill the right of the
isenCi y a 1i sHion and commanding Co
Jetty tttit rest of the force advancing
the fjiPjnV liadAvitUarawu all thIS
fruepsl 4ol tal llgolhttll l ha
< 1
practically evacuated Colcnso Tortny
Gen Hart occupied Colenso after a
very slight resistance by a weak rear
guard nnd we hold tho line of the Tu
geld on the south side from Colcnro
to Eagles Neat Tho enemy seem to
be In full retreat and apparently arc
only holding the position they occupy
across the ColensoLodysmlth railway
where it Is close to the angle of theI
Tugela with a weak rear guard Harts
advance guard is crossing at Colenso
Our casualties yesterday and today
have I hope been fewI
Railroad to Klruterler Openj
London Feb 20 256 p mTho war I
office has issued a dispatch from Lord
Roberts the main importance of which
U the fact that It Is dated Paaree ergI
705 p m Monday Paardeberg Is III
miles east of Jncobsdah Tho dispatch
announces that the railroad to Kim
berley is open and that Gen Mcthuen I
will proceed there with reinforct1
mfntu forthwith and that large supplies
plies will be forwarded to that town
Country Free of Boers
Kimberley Feb ISBy heliograph
to Modder River Feb 19The coun I
try is all free around Kimbcrley The
Boers have evacuated Dronttehl Salt
pan Spytfontein nnd Scholtz nek
One of their 12pounders with ammu
nition was captured as was also their
laager at Dronfleld which was aban I
doned Friday night Rails are being
laid to Modder river Several herds of
cattle have been capturedI
tie Engage Legal Coannel Surrend
en to the Sheriff and lle I
funcn to Talk
Paris 111 Feb 22 Ilutchinson
Knight living 12 miles from heiv I
wad killed by his brother XewtonI
Monday night The brothers were un I
married and lived with their mother 1
Monday they attended the republican
convention at Paris and Tuesday the
dead bodyof Hutchinson was found in
the barnyard The brother went t >
Paris and after employing counsel
surrendered to the sheriff He refused
to talk
Isaac Hammer Anphyxlntcd In Chi
cago While Inditing a Letter
to Ills Afllnnccd
room When found Hammer was sit
ting at a table with his head bent
over an unfinished letter addressed to
Miss Lottie Bobolander 1316 North
Adorns street Peoria 111 to whom he
was engaged to be married
Chicago Feb 21 Isaac Hammer a
cigu salesman in the Leland hotel
was found dead in his room nt 172 In
diana street rom asphxiation gas es
caping from a hole in a rubber hose
leading to a gas stove in Hammers
The Sudden Dlpernul Ity Fire of a
La me CojitvrvKiidou nt Mc
Ileiiry Illinois
Clicogo Feb 20A special to the
Tribune from McHenry Ill says
St Josephs church was burned Sun
day A large congregation was at
worship when the fire was discovered
but there was little excitement all
escaping without injury The loss is
00000 with 33000 insurance The
church will bo rebuilt
The Plillliiilne ComraliBion
Washington Feb 21 Judge Taft
president of the Philippine comm
sion hud a long conference with Sec
retary Jtoot at the war department I
Tuesday in regard to the proposed
work of the commission It is said
the commission will be completely or
ganised in the near future
Hotel Fire nt Knoxvlllc Tcnn
Knoxville Tenn Feb l1lw
Hotel Flanders was partially burned
Monday morning 75 guests being
forced out Into the streets with the
mercury hugging the zero murk Me
Xabbs cafe in the hotel block was
gutted Six firemen were overcome by
The Inlet Gold Find
Victoria IJ C Feb 20lhe steam
er Teres arrived Sunday morning from
Shnguay The Tereu brings news that
most of those who started from Daw
son for Nome are making a detour to
thc ccentlydiscovercd diggings on
tho 7oyokuk
Union Jack mid Star and Stripes
Lexington Ky Feb 20Col W C I
P Brcckinridgc has accepted an invi
fatten from the AngloSaxon union ol
Toronto to attend a banquet there on
February 22 and respond to a toast
The Union Jack nnd the Stars and
Death nt a Famous School Mistress
Ttartford Conn Feb 20Mls8
Sarah Porter head of a famous school
in Farmington and sister of the late
Noah Porter died Sunday aged SS
She established her school about 30
years ago
Notice of Advance In Wage
Hazlelon Pa Feb 171ho 1800
employes of U B Markle 8s Co an
thracite coal mine operators were no
titled Thursday of a fivcpercont in
crease in their wages the second ad
vance in the last two months
The Inceiiillnrx Torch
Fort do France Inland of Martinique
Feb 20 Saturday night throe planta
lions the llellevms the KosHonrio pad
the Bagatelle were the scenes of in
cendiary iris Armed customhouse
olllcers have bien sent to StTicrre
oljl eretr Ci ilo CnrP
KiMclvctl tlio Dliiluiiintlu CoriiR
Pekhi Feb lrho emperor re I
ceived the diplomatic corps in nudienct
Monday He is described as looldnft
wprfiES was not present
ry a t
Plans Under Discussion If Built
Will Give Earllngton a
Fine Theatre
A committo has been appoint
ed by EW Turner Lodge No
548 F and A M to have under
consideration the advisability of
erecting a new Masonic Temple
in Earllngton and investigate the
cost plans and location This
committee is composed of James
R Rash Geroge A Atkinson H
O Bourland Oharles Oowell and
W 0 McLeod
The Earlington Masons have
wanted for some time to build
better quarters for themselves
In their present building is a
small entertainment hall that has
been used for public meetings
political and religious banquet
hall and theater In planning
for the probable new building
the idea naturally presents itself
of combining an attractive and
roomy auditorium with complete
quarters and Lodge room for the
fraternal orders It will contain
a spacious banquet hall and drill
room This will be the kind of
building if the idea is carried
out as seems now most probable
E W Turner Lodo has grown
much in membership in the past
years and needs larger and better
quarters The size and probable
cost of the bulling is not de
termined upon but it will be a
credit to the progressive city of
Will be Put in Quickly Be Op
erating by April 1St
TIlE BEE is in receipt of a let
ter from headquarters of the
Cumberland Telephone Tele
graph Company saying that work
on the Earlington exchange will
be begUn early in March and
that it is expected to have the
exchange in operation by April
1st There has been some con
siderable trouble about poles for
this work the car shipped here
having been carried by error of
railroad people to the extreme
western end of Kentucky
On Sunday afternoon at 8
oclock there will be a meeting
at the Baptist Ohurch in Madi
sonville at which Messrs 1 Bai
ley Howard Oaldwell and E B
Bourland will syeak of the good
things they saw and received at
the State meeting of the Y M
0 A of Kentucky which was
held last week at Oovington
Everybody is iuvited to this
meeting Come and show by
your presence that you are in
terested in this great work
Completion of New Hall to be
Celebrated flarch 9
Attractive invitations are being
printed which will announce to some
two hundred invited guests a fetch
ing ball program which is to cele
brato the opening of the now hall
at St Charles The young peopleof
that town who aro fond of dancing
are taking great Interest and pro
pose that this shall bo a great oc
casion of delightful entertainment
Tho very efficient committee in
charge of arrangements Is com
posed of J D Long Brick South
worth and R 11 Perry heartily as
sisted by all the rest and no doubt
can bo entertained as to tho result
Overbys Band from Paducah has
been engaged for tho occasion
Everything is to be only firstclass
from the Invitation clear through
The date is Friday March 0
i iu ouuuM bo wile and see that your blood U
rich and pure and your whole system put In a
perfectly healthy condition by the use of Dr
CarUtcdts German Liver Powder Then you
will be free from malaria typhoid fever colds
and the grip Dr Carlitedt German Liver
Powder Is the best medicine money can IlvetI
For your Cold try Dr Ottos Spruce 1
Gum Balsam Prlc 25e and 60s
a Bottle
For sale hr
St Bernard Drug Storei
The Knights Templar of Earllng i
ton made another pilgrimage to tho
Asylum at Madlsonvillo Monday
night when tho degrees of tho or
der wero conferred on Elder Cross
field of Owensboro who Is about
Attho meeting there wero ho loss
than three ministers of tho gospel
of the same denomination all mom
bers of tho Madlsonvlllo Command
I Colic Neuralgia andT0otlincbo
in ftvo minutes ntriQtnh
Sold by St Bernard Drugstore
Are you a subscriber to firu UHH
You should bo I
The Democrats wanted Gov
Taylor to sigh a paper apologiz
ing for having received a plural
ity of the votes cast last fall
Mt Sterling Gazette
It is about time that Hon VV
J Bryan was sending Mr Beck
ham a telegram congratulating
him upon his election as gover
nor by the voters at the ballot
box on November 7 18 oEliza
bethtoWn Deader
If you think a bullet makes a
bigger hole at the point of en
trance than is does at the point
of exit suppose you prove it by
firing one through an inch board
Maysvillo Ledger
Law breakers have always
borne hate against soldiers and I
officials So the objections to
the militia at Frankfort for
breakers of the and a few unre
constructed hotheads does not
surprise anyone Grayson Tri
bune 1
Political Judge Oantrill would
have decided that injunction
case in a jiffy and he wouldnt
have waited to hear from the
other side either But Judge
Taft who is a judge above poli
tics wanted to hear both sides
and then he announced that he
would take a day or two to in
vestigate the law before decid
ing the matter Such facts as
these are what disgusts people
with the courts of Kentucky
while they inspire confidence in
the courts of Uncle Sam Mays
ville Ledger
Grapevine Notes
J B Llndle made a flying visit
here Monday
Jim Arnold and Ardio Jones spent
several days hero last week
Elder J F Story will preach for
us Sunday
S L Todd was out with his sleigh
Wesley Fregate and Urn Brown
visited the singing Monday
J L Todd spent Sunday with H
S Coroysfamlly at Earllngton
Joe Parrish with his now wife
has moved to tho property ho re
cently purchased from Win Daues
Rev W H White returned home
for a few days from Central City
The vocal class Is progressing
nicely twill close Thursday night
The Pleasant Grove and Bethlehem
classes are expected to attend them
Charlie Hibbs was sick the past
week but is again able to fill his
place at the singing
Mrs Joe McGraw spent the past
week with her sister Mrs John
J H Todd is still on the sick list
with but little If any Improvement
Aunt Bet Rash who had a severe
attack of pneumonia at Madison
vlllo has sufficiently recovered to
return to her sister Mrs A J SIsk
George Peyton his moved with his
family to Madlsonvlllo and has lo
cated on East Broadway Wo regret
to lose them as neighbors
Uncle John Ray Rash thinks tho
Madlsonvlllo merchants sell coffee
cheaper than anybody Ho recently
purchased a halfdollars worth and
when ho opened it tho first thing ho
found was a now halfdollar Ho
naturally expected tho grocer had
weighed out halfdollars Instead of
coffeo The rest however proved
to be the desired article
An Editors Life Saved by Cham
berlalns Cough Remedy
During tho early part of October
1800 I contracted a bad cold which
settled on my lungs and was neg
tion had appeared in an incipient
state I was constantly coughing
and trying to oxpolsoIilethlng which
I could not I became alarmed and
after giving the local doctor a trial
bought a bottle of Chamberlains
Cough Remedy and tho result was
Immediate Improvomont and after I
had used throe bottles my lungs wore
restored tQ their healthy stntoB
S EDWARDS Publisher tho Review
Wyant Ill tsar salo by St Ber
nard Drugstore Earllngton Bon T
Robinson Mortons Gap Goo KInir
St Charles
flortons Gap News
Rev Tool flllodhis regular appoint
mout horo Sunday but owing to the
snow tho attendance was not large
Mrs M Cain was In Madisonvlllo
Dick Croft spent Sunday with hlu
parents in Earllngton
E A Coonen and Bob Priest wore
Mrs Julia Morton and Colfax Sin
i xrtl
rt l
> 5
ton were in Madlsonvlllo Saturday
Mrs T J Steele went to Madison
villo yesterday
George Stokes of Sobrfle Is visit
ing friends and relatives hero
Mr and Mrs G Browning enter
tained quite a number of young
friends at their homo Tuesday oven
ing As usual everyone enjoyed
themselves very much After in
dulging in various games refresh
ments wore served and the young
people returned homo with the re
membrance of a very pleasant time
and hopes of another ore long >
Empire News
Mrs Dr Hill of Bowling Green
was visiting Mrs Rutland Wednes
Mrs A V Rutland Jr Is visit
ing Mrs U E McOully of Crofton
this week
Mr JnoPnge of Madlsonvlllo Is
visiting Mr Burrol Vyloy this
MCA V Rutland Jr our book
keeper returned Saturday from a
business trip in Tennessee
Miss Georgia Hunter of Crofton
Is visiting the family of M Mc
Since the advent of the Holy Band
wo have become cognizant of a ma
terial change in some of our old
friends But what is arresting our
attention most forcibly is the woo
begone expression on the facos of
Mike and Billy they have parted
from the Ufo long habit of chewing
tobacco and the strain is tolling
fearfully But so long as tho Holy
meeting progresses wo entertain
hopes of them putting all tempta
tions to the rear
One of our prominent citizens hav
ing business in Hopklnsvillo re
cently concluded to go on that early
freight train Ho hadnt long to
wait for presently it hovo in sight
coming at a fifteen mile speed noth
ing daunted at a small disadvantage
at that nature ho proceeded to get
aboard with more haste than delib
eration and had almost succeeded
when from some unaccountable
cause his head was rudely shaken
and ho was precipitated to the tho
platform with a resounding thump
not In keeping with a man of his hn
portanco and dignity But we ad
mire his grit for after ho had par
ially regained his bearings and had
clawed a few hands full of dirt and
cinders from his eyes and with that
look of determination still on his ox
pressive features ho was hoard to
mutter under his breath I knew
tho dn thing was going too fast
but Id have got on it or bust and
true to his word ho came close of do
ing so that Is as far as wo wero able
to determine by the damage inflicted
upon tho platform
An Interesting Letter
Extracts from an interesting let
ter received by Elder I H Tool from
Henry Jones who is now in tho
Phllliplno Islands are as follows
SAMPALOO r I Jan 1000
liMY DEAR MR 1EELI am glad
to say that I am in excellent health
and am heavier now than over You
say you would like to bo over hero
You would like it during the dry
season but the rainy rainy season Is
awful I havo had a touch of both
III hardly think that it will bo noc
essary for the Government to have
such a largo army over hero as tho
fight Is about over and Ina few
weeks at most every thing will have
been settled Wo havo had two
fights Our batalllon was In tho
fight In which Gen Law ton was
killed but was In tho reserve Part
of our battalion was in a fight a
few days ago and made quite a nice
show but I shall not wrlto you
anything about that as there aro
too many letters going home now
with all sorts of stories in regard
to what tho boys have done but
prefer to have someone else tell It
or wait until I roturn and brag
III must say wo are being treated
much bettor than I expected and
aro now quartered in one of tho
worst sections of Manila It Is tho
District of Sampaloo about one
mile from tho Availed city and tho
Escolta which is in the center of
tho now city and is called the hot
bed of Insurrection
There aro very few sick I think
my morning report book shows only
five men sick and they havo only
local trouble Avery nice pom cent
out of 100 men And say I believe
I am the hardest worked man in tho
Regiment having to look out for 100
men and answer foolish questions
and everything Is Tho 1st Sergeant
will toll you The discipline and
personnel of a company depend
largely on tho 1st Sergeant
Enclosed you will find a piece of
money that was given mo In change
by a native woman today who was
selling cigars It Is worth In our
money onohalf cent Sometimes I
like yourself doubt as to whether
wo aro making a mistake by making
war on these people but thon to set Ii
them and watch their treacherous
ways dispels that thought They
cannot be trusted to do anything
and it was only a few days ago that
a hugbe oonsplraoywas unearthed InCIof
the heart of the city of Manila
More troops aro coming every day
One negro regiment came in today
II I wont down in tho city the other
day to see tho remains of Gen Law
ton carried on board the Transport
Thomas and the city was so
crowded that I could scarcely pass
through Such menus Lawtonaroj
worth the whole Island We aret I
now under command of Gen
Wheeler lot Brigade 1st Division
8th Army Corps
11 want to praise the good work
that the Y M C A W 0 T U
and Rod Cross aro doing horo They
not only furnish tho boys with
papor and envelopes but also plonty
of books to read I hope that you
may continue to gain recruits for
tho army of tho Lord and while I
may and dont prnctlco It I still bo
Hero in our creed But tho army Is
very demoralizing indeed and If a
man has any tendency towards re
ligion six months In tho service
casts It aside I know that you poo
pIe arguo that ho has not got tho
stlckablllty but I havo never seen
It fail IIi inY G JONKS
Co B 29th Inft U S V
Manila P I
Dont irritate your luug s Mil 1
stubborn cough when a pleasant and
effective remedy may uv found in
Cousfions Honey of Tar Price 25
and GO cents St Bernard Drugstore
Y ill C A
State Convention at Covington
Closed Sunday
Covington lob1BThe clon
ing tiny of tho Y M C A conven
tion was a memorable ono to time
citizens of Covington Inall tho
pulpits of tho city the work for young
men was treated from its many
sides and features by gifted men
who aro devoting time labor and
means to Its extension Tho sessions
havo been of great Interest and
heavy Import to the men of Ken
County Secretary Howard Cald
woll President I Bailey and Prof
E B Bourlnml of tho Hopkins
county committee wore present rep
resenting Hopkins county i the first
county in Kentucky to be organized
Into a County Association This is
now looked upon as perhaps tho most
important and fruitful field of Y JI Jl
C A work and upon the work donot
in Hopkins county doponda In largo
measure the future of the county
branch of the AssoclntlonI
E B Bonrland reported tHe pro
gress of tho county work to the con
vention I Bailey was elected to
fill a vacancy In the State Commit
riUlllvl 0 CUb Burns Bruises Rheu
matism and Sores Price 25 cents
Sold by St Bernard Drugstore
New City Hall
Bowling Greens ncStf city hall Is
Hearing completion It 11four tories
high and has about TS ijXjms It Ist
u magnificent struotur rono of tho
grandest In the western part of mu
state and citizens of Bowling Croon
have a right to bo proud of it
u U by magic with Dr
Otto Spruce Gum Balsam
You can feel safe if you have
this great remedy in
your home One
dose will usually
cure the batjy and in
sure you j and the
child a good nights
sleeps No other rem
edy will do so much
The cure is won
derful Buy a bottle
< and have It ready as
4 the child is usually
4 1 attacked at mid
4 night when the doc
tor and druggist are
asleep It will save
you many an unpleasant trip For R
sale by all druggists 25 and 50 cent
bottles Be sureand Ygetthe genuine
4 1
i r1i tb t t It 1
tr rV tir < t

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