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Impossibe Conditions Imposed by
Chicago Labor Organizations tJd
Men Idle and Business Paralyzed rorJl
t Trifles
The following article taker b
from the National Builder tells J tJ
the story of organized labor in
Chicago as applied to the build c
ing industry of that city and the n
men a
many thousands of people
women and children and theil
r enormous business and public e
interests dependent thereont
In answer to the public com
munication of the Building II
Trades council the Building Con
tractors council makes the fol i
lowing repiyP
This communication says
We the Building Trades council 11
are willing to furnish our services
to whoever needs them in the
erection and construction of t
buildings irrespective of whether
they are members of the contractors t
tractors association or not the S
only stipulation being that union t
shall prevail on the
building I
buildingThe comprehension of the sit f
uation lies in the definition of thet
union conditions referred to I
The public which is so largely i
concerned in this matter has a t
right to know what is meant by
the phrase union conditions so E
tlial if il Rn1dgointelligcQt1 of If
tlib issues at stake One of these l
union conditions refers to the
Jig limitation of the work a man is
permitted to perform in a day
The latlTcrs steamfitters and
plumbers place these limitation i
upon members of their unions j I
In the plumbers trade for exam 1
onehalf c
pIe a man may do only
and in some instances onethird i j
of what he is capable of perform
ing He is allowed to set only
one fixture a day of a sort where
three are within the capacity of
an ordinary
Another union condition is
the delay caused by quarrels be I
tween unions as to which shall
perform a specific piece of work
In the process of erecting the now
Marshal Field building it was
found that one inch had to be cut
off the granite of the north pier
i The Chicago soft stone cutters in
t sisted that the workof doing this
belonged to them The Granite
union on the other haudclaimed
it was theirs and threatenedthat
if any but one of their union cut
the granite they would call a
strike at the quarries from where
the granite was shipped The
> Esoft stone cutters stated that if
any but their members performed
the work they would call off
every man on the building The
completion of this work was de
layed three weeks and was set
ad finally by each of the con
tending unions cutting half an
inchAnother of the union condi
tions referred to in this com
munication is that the union
shall dictate to the contractor
how many men lie shall employ
and that
on a specified building
ho shall not discharge a man to
whom they wish to give work
oven if he is a lazy or incompe
tent workman
workmanA these union con
ditions is that the union shall
dictate to the investor where he
shall buy his building materials
and by whom they shall be fin
e 1 The overcrowding of public
schools has brought great press
V 4
h r
r r i h L
ure for the completion of new
school buildings yet three oi
these school buildings have been
for four months and still are at a HI
standstill Why Because in one
the boiler was made by men who
did not care to belong to a union Lu
another a concrete floor was
laid by nonunion men and in a
third a compression tank was Cc
made by men outside of a union
With the exception of these small
particulars the work on the three I S
buildings was done by union la
bor Before the first step can be
takpn toward their completion it
the tank and boiler mentioned 1ll
will have to be removed and theb
concrete floor torn up In the in
meantime the children who would It
attend these schools are forced n
into damp and insanitary quart t1
ers Who pays for this loss of fl
time and material and also let t1
us ask who is to blame for the no
injury to those boys and girls
It is a union condition that h
industry is to be blocked by the
prohibition of machinery as inn
the case of the stonecutters who tc
have shut down all the planers inh
Chicago and the carpenters who tl
will not allow a patent mitrebox S
to be used
It is a union condition tha
that in many unions the growing
youth is not permitted to learn a
trade In the Plumbers and
Tilesotters for example by the
prohibition of apprentices a
father is not allowed to teach his
Jtrade to his own son The un
paralleled power of the walking
delegate armed with the sympa
thetic strike constitutes another
union condition This irrespon
sible individual because of some
fancied grievnncay step iii
at any time and stop the activity
on a whole building the non
completion of which costs thous
ands of dollars During process
of construction the Edison build
ing has had twenty strikes These
are some of the union conditions
under which the Building Trades
council so magnanimously offers
the services of its members
Honor for Governor Taylor
A great honor is planned for
Gov AY S Taylor It is nothing
less than to be temporary chair
man of the Republican National
Convention at Philadelphia
Senator W J Deboe is strongly
promoting this plan and it has
received earnest attention among
the party leaders in Kentucky
and elsewhere An eloquent
speech from Gov Taylor in ac
cepting the honor is expected toI
be one of the most interesting
features of what will doubtless j
prove the most representative j
gathering ever held in this coun
tryThat the Kentucky situation
has attracted the widest atten
tion all over the country has already I
ifready been demonstrated and the
sympathy and encouragement
given the governor in his trials
has emanated impartially from
all sections of the United States
That the champion of the people
of Kentucky against the oppres
sive election conspiracy of the
Goebel element will be listened
to with attention and enthusiasm
there can not be the least doubt
There is no doubt Gov Taylor
will readily accept the compli
ment sought to be arranged for
him and if he is selected a tem
porary chairman of the conven
tion Kentucky will bo honored
in that ho is the exponent of a
free ballot and an honest count
and the supremacy of the Ken
tucky constitution His firm
uncompromising attitude for the
right has done all toward
strengthening the belief in Ken
tuckys integrity among the other
States of the Union Louisville
Commercial i
How Things Stand in the State 1
of Goebelism and Rebellion
Ludicrous Bluff Being Made by the Beck >
ham Government
Court of Appeals Sneaks Out of an Embar
passim Situation by Adjourning
Special Correspondence of Glbbq
Frankfort Democrat Ky March 4TWere
not for thin tragedy and the try
mendous interests and principles i
back of it all the situati n here I
Kentucky would be absolutely
ludicrous Despite these ere
ments that compel earnest
thought and honest fears for the
future there is a farcial phaso
that forces a smile whether or
For instance there is the
boy Governor Cripps Beck
ham young in years an infant
politics squared back in a big
armchair in a room in the Capi
tol Hotel his chest thrown out
his feet trying vainly to reach
the floor imagining himself re
ally the chief executive of the
State and his little room the only
a very embarrassing situation by
adjourning until April Several
commonwealth cases are docketed
for the March session of the
court and it would have been
decidedly distressing to the emi
nent real Attorney General Judge
Clifton J Pratt who was elected
by the people They could not in
justice to the people whose inter
4st8 are involved recognize Mr
sBreckinridge who knows noth
fug of these cases has none of the
papers in them So the court ac
fcommodatingly adjourns for a
jmonth It was only about two
fweeks ago that this same Court
of Appeals or rather the Demo
bpmlO e
moaning the loss of valuable time
to itself and attorneys practicing
before it because it had been
forced to adjourn for a few
days so solicitous was it that busi
ness should be carried on that it
Seriously contemplated moving to
rte city of Louisville and open i
jing court there Now it adjourns
month and without excuse of any
Kind to the people or to the at
torneys who have cases before it
But there is hope that the end
It I u
Sewall You can do as you please but you wouldnt catch me going up 1
aaralnst It again Pittsburg ChronicleTelegrapht
genuine executive office Now J
and then ho tries to think a
thought for himself and he ut
ters a feeble But I dont see
which is quickly smothered by a
deep bass jolly from some one of
the numerous sycophants who
continually surround him and
speak for him for fear he might
say a sensible thing himself
Then there is Auditor Coul
ter in a cheap little room not
largo enough to swing ncot inC
imagining that he is Auditor of
the State and giving poor imi
tations of conducting this important
portant branch of the government
without books papers blanks or
anything else except sublime
nerve and hope Treasurer
Hager is in the same box A few
Goebolito county officials prin
cipally in Louisville have been
beenjreckless I
reckless enough to turn a fewI
thousand dollars over to him but
it is a white elephant on his
hands He dare not deposit the
money to the credit of the State
Treasurer and he is afraid to pay
Out any of it on warrants be
cause his bondsmen may be com
pelled to make it good All ho
can do is to lock it up in a drawer
and watch the drawer
The Court of Appeals has
obligingly relieved Attorney
General Robert Breckinridgo of
A 4z
may come before April
Meanwhile the real government
goes on in its 1oothplncid way <
Gov Taylor looks after the busi I
ness that pertains to his office
doing his duty handicapped only
by the mutiny of partisan prison
oiTcials and a few other wild Goe
belites who refuse to recognize
his authority But a day of reck I
oning will come for these ldon
they will be begging favors from I
Gov Taylor Auditor Sweeney
issues legal warrants and vouch
ers as usual and Treasurer Day
draws checks to pay the same
The money is in the bank and if
the bank refuses to honor the
checks the responsibility rests on
The stand taken by the United
States postal authorities was a
blow to the pretenders lea
Postmaster General has in
structed the Postmaster here
that letters addressed simply to
the Governor of Kentucky or
to any official must be turned
over to the legal officeholders
who are the Republicans Let
tors addressed to W PO Beck
ham Governor of Kentucky
will be delivered to Oripps just
ins they would if Emperor of
JQiiina or King of Siam fol
efh Ji
lowed his name Already some
of the supposedtobe howling
Goebelite county officials are
crawfishing by addressing their LOI
communications to The Audi
tor or The Treasurer Frank
fort Ky thus endeavoring to Now
land on the safe shore
Bearing of Trusts Upon Prices and Lo
Labor MarkdLo
Washington D C Mar 7l
The Labor Commission created
by the last Congress which has I J a <
devoted a good share of its work ta
to an iI vest gationof trusts hasf
r c
just presented its report on that of
interesting subject It finds
Ithat great combinations of capi Dr
tal for manufacturing purposes of
undoubtedly reduce the cost off
production and that competition of
between great organizations has Ir
a tendency to prevent excessive t
profit thus giving to consumers of
the benefit of this reduced cost and
of production While the com
binations in some cases result in C1
11 reduction in the number of emP
ployes the report states that itT
b to be an
is considered by many a 11
unavoidable condition of progress
and only n temporary hnrds 1m1 S
which like that resulting fromS
the introduction of new machin the
ery will ultimately result in a 1
greater gain The Commission f O
suggests certain legislation requiring
quiring greater publicity regard
ing the profits and general busi the
ness management of trustsE
y E
which will insure proper competition ant
petition and so preven taT
prices and profits The report t
significantly adds that exper in
fence pioveSt1Jntin ustrial com = t
binations have become fixtures r
of our business life their power c
for evil should be destroyed and
their means for good preserved C
Not a Republican Got a Bill Throughm
Frankfort Ky Marc 1m
Owing to the split in that body
which followed the adjournment
of the Legislature on January 31 P
not a single Republican member I
has succeeded in getting a bill lsays
passed by the Senate It is now n
too late to put a new bill through I
even if the Democrats and Re
publicans should succeed in get
ting together Consequently the
Legislature will adjourn without of
a single bill from a Republican
pen having its third reading But
the Republicans are satisfied
Having had no hand in the legis
lative iniquities of the present
session they can not be held re
sponsible in any way for such od
1evils as the Voires insurance bill
and kindred measuresS
Doctor Briggs at Madisonville ij
IYDr G W Briggs of Paducah do g
livered his famous lecture Ship 11
wrecked to a goodsized audience s
In the Tabernacle at Madisonville
Tuesday night Doctor Briggs is
one of the greatest platform speak
ers in the South and the audience
that heard him Tuesday night Itnew
yaway delighted with what they had
Gov Taylors Brother Dead
Alonzo Taylor of Morgantown
lebrother of Gov W S Taylor died
this home in Morgantown Sunday
aged about 40 years He was a mer
chant and was in good circum
dstances Gov Taylor attended fhe
funeral The news of his death was
a great shock to the Governor
Lecture Tonight
reRev Jno M Crowe was delayed
toand did not get here to fill his lec
ture engagement last night but will
lecture tonight His subject will be
That Wife of Yours and Her Husband
band Admission adults 25 centsJ
children 15 cents Dont fail to hear
A traveling salesman developed a I
case of smallpox at Plnovillo and f
ofwas placed In a tent and quaran
tined Saturday f
< r
x r
4 IL
Louisville Commercial Given a
Strong Board of Directors
Passes to the Control of the
Kentucky Republicans
At the annual meeting of the
Louisville Press Company the
corporation which publishes The
Louisville Commercial the fol
lowing officers and directors re
chosen President Roland Ba
Gelatt vicepresident A D
James secretary H K Phillipst =
treasurer Philo M Gelatt directors
rectors Hon William J Deboq
Marion Gov W S Taylor of
Frankfort Hon John W Yerkes
Danville Hon John B Atkinson
Earlington Hon A D James
Penrod Hon Vincent Bpreing j
London Hon R M Jolly of
Irvington A B Dupont of De
troit Mich Judge Ed 0 ORear
Mt Sterling Roland B Gelatt
H R Phillips of Louisville 4
The significance of this radical
change in the directorate of the
Press company of course is that
Louisville Commercial for
almost a generation under the
ownership and control of a
single holder of its capital
stock has practically passed into
hands of the republicans of
Kentucky Within the past
fortnight there have been such
changes in the ownership of its
capital stock as brought about at
meeting of the stockholders
yesterday afternoon the import
changes in the directoratey
noted above Besides the new
stockholders whose names appear
the list of officers and dire
tors niany others of the leading
republicans of the state have bet
come directly interested in The
Commercials future and con
cerned for its immediate profit
and success Louisville Com
Maharas Minstrels
This big Minstrel Jubilee forty
icoplp strong aro billed for Tuesday
Jarch 18 The Daily Exchange
3au Claire Wisconsin recent date
saysThe Maharas Minstrels gave
notable entertainment the A
Opera House last night It was +
probably as good a minstrel as was
ever given here Iu fact it is as
difficult to see how much bettor ono
could be given For everything was
f the best singing music dancing
boxing acting contorting joking
Ve often hear of people talking of r
the decadence of the minstrel show
and lamentations over the shades o > k
Rico and Emmet and Batty and
kstloy This is wrong Those oriv
jinators of minstrelsy much vaunt
sd because their kind of performance
vas new to the world i and people
yentTTnto ecstacy There was not a
tingle weak spot in the whole show
Every individual piece was a gem in
is way Those keen observers the ti
gallery gods were out in full fprce r
last night They were exceedingly
sympathetic and persistent there > 44
vas no denying them
New Railroad 5i
Mt Sterling Ky March 4Tho
new railroad from the mouth of Cain
Took in Breathitt county to the
laney cold fields in Morgan county
is a sure thing The contracts have
ilready been let and men are now dx
working on the road In earnest This 1i
line traverses some of the coal and
timber lands in Kentucky
The Caney coal fields the term 1
ins of the road it Is claimed area
he richest and the largest cannel
coal fields in the world This new
mtorprise in the countp will make
Morgan one of the leading counties
in Eastern Kentucky Already capk
mUsts aro investing their money an
nislnoss is flourlfibjjjg
Weighed Seven Pounds
The ashes of Matthew Howard of
sarls Ky tho last of the noted x A
Lrghmt Howard family whoso body
vas recently cremated at the Cfn
ilnnatl crematory wore removed to
n vault Thursday Howard was
six feet six inches high and wofgheOU 1
220 pounds His ashes wqighqcl
Sven potinda
a 1i
Nk J It
j4 t i I

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