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< r 1Jbwc jl t A 1 f fl tt JlJo t
Ii a r This clipping from the Louisville
1 Post shows to what depths some
i i scheming politicians will sink cor
H partitions if allowed to do so and
shows how wise the L IN railroad
company was when they spurned
with contempt Wattersons attempt
nt blackmail
Blackmailing Corporations
The effect on the prosperity of a
great enterprise Is well shown in a
r New York instance The following
statement is from a New York news
paper of recent date
The financial embarassmont of
tho Thirdavenue Bailroad Company
in New York has led to tho uncov
ering of a system of political black
mail there that recalls tho days of
Boss Tweed and Jake Sharp though
the methods now employed arc dif
ferent from the old ones Instead
of levying on the corporation direct
ly the political powers that bo now
go about it indirectly and accom
plish the same result It is stated
that the Now York city officials
compelled the Thirdavenue railroad
s to roject tho bid of one contractor
for changing its motive power aiid
accept the bid of a Tammany con
c tractor at a higher price The road
I lost money by the operation but the
management appears to have
thought it would be cheaper in tho
end to yield to the blackmailers than
to defy them The result of their
action is that tho railroad now finds
I Itself saddled with a floating debt
which it is unable to provide forand
a prominent banking house that had
engaged to undertake a reorganiza
tion of Its finances now withdrawn
from the undertaking by reasons
I which can be guessed
c A corporation thus assailed has to
decide on one of two policiesit may
t purchase peace or privilege by yield
3 ing to the demands of the political
sharks or it may refuse and make its
t appeal to the people
The second is in our judgmentnot
s only the honest policy it is the only I
safe policy for a corporation to per
sue Permanent success for any
tP great corporation depends on public
prosperity and not on privileges The
Interests of the people and the interests
terests of a corporation which really I
serves the public are identical 4
though they are not always recog
i nized The 1 olitical freehooter thej
buccaneer are equally the enemy of
> Tte3eK andthey flourish by plunder
I inlt each
ingeachJlolplesss indeed is that commun =
ity in which the corporations submit
to the exactions of the politicians
paying tribute rather than inviting
an open conflict This submission
provides revenue for the machine
and makes it almost irresistible
The people have nothing so much to
o dread as an alliance between our
1great corporations and tho political
machines Apart the freedom of
I the people may be preserved but
tinited it is a life and death struggle
for popular government
Thirt ono locomotives were sent
to China by a Philadelphia concern
and an order for thirty locomotives
for a railway in France was received
by the same factory
The Pennsylvania Railroad Co is
to build a now line to Buffalo 125
miles of road from a point on the
Philadelphia Erie
The Baltimore Ohio Is having
built sixtyone new locomotives to
be delivered four a week The first
four have boon delivered and last
a 4 week the company placed an order
s for one hundred more locomotives
a A few weeks ago Conductor James
Sparrow was Injured by a car door
striking him on the side Ho paid
little attention to the Injury at the
time thinking it was only a slight
bruise but it became so serious and
painful that surgical aid was called
r upon and an operation performed
the result being that a considerable
amount of clotted blood and bruised
flesh Ovals found and removed He
Is now on the road to recovery
The serious result of using Intoxi
cants while on or around trains can
y be seen in the accident to Mr Hall
which occurred at Nortonville last
Snnday The man was very much
intoxicated and attempting to board
+ r a moving train was thrown under
the wheels and both legs and one
arm cut off
Operator James Cravens has sev
I ered his connection with the L N
with the consent of that company
and is now taking a rest at his home
In Sebree
Hadlsonville thus far has made
futile efforts to gob the fast trains to
stop there Tho fact is only bus
neiss places like Earlington Hender
son and Hopklnsvillo can claim such
SuperIntendont Martin and Assist
ant Dunn spent a
day or two hero last week and the
rumor Is again afloat that we will
soon lmyeivnow depot
r d Tho railroad company has taken
l another precautionary ptep and ap
pointed a flagman at the arlington
f J
l mMr
Main street crossing Maurice Col
bert is the lucky man and a better
selection could not be made
dCal Martin is now on the switch
engine He is coming to the front
as a flremari and will soon be among
the best
Operator Will Devney says the
night work at this place is very
heavy Recently ho handled in om
night over sixty special train orders
besides attending to other duties
Chief train dispatcher Sheridan
was called to Evansville last Mon
day on Important business
In presenting its usual compilation
of tho gross and net earnings of the
railroads in the United States for the
year tho Commercial and FInancIal
Chronicle estimates that since 1896
tho gross rcvonues of tho railroads
have risen no less than 305000000
In 1899 tho improvement was steady
throughout the year with the excep
tion of tho blizzard period in Febru
ary and during the last six months
tho railroads reflected significantly
tho activity in trade in which they
were most potent agents Dealing
with 140201 miles of 172 roads an in
crease of of 2963 miles over 1898 tho
Chronicle shows gross earnings
1284004191 an increase of 122024
103 or 1065 per cent operating ex
penses 859100997 an increase of
73440757 or 035 per cent j net earn
ings 425887194 an increase of 49
183840 or 1306 per cent There seems
to be generai uniformity among the
various groups of railroads In their
gains both gross and net the more
remarkable because of a decided
falling off In the movement of grain
and cotton The Pennsylvania Rail
road leads in increase in gross earn
ings This increase amounted to
18019000 Other Increases include
the following Louisville Nash
ville 3192469 Southern 2772882 j
Illinois Central 2465625 j Baltimore
Ohio 1900085 j Norfolk West
ern 1418553 Mobile Ohio 1047
145 Chesapeake Ohio 019945
Kansas City Fort Scott Memphis
454540 Missouri Kansas Texas
853940 Yazoo and Mississippi Val
ley 318406 Alabama Great South
ern242191 j Nashville Chattanooga
St Louis 203483
Supervisor Sullivan says ho got
tired waiting for telephone to con
struct line and has put in a tele
graph line
A survey of the yard at Guthrie
we understand has lately been
made preparatory to Increasing yard
capacity there at an early date
Although a big increase was made
in the capacity of yard at Earling
ton last year the Increased business
handled still calls for more tracks
Foreman Kinney of tho water sup
ply has been busy this week making
final pipe connection at new water
tank at SiaughtersvllleI
I It > mtHtffl
i Ask your physician this ques I
f lion What is the one great f
1 remedy for consumption 1 I
Itie will answer U Cod llvcr j
2 oilNine out of ten will =
j answer the same way I
= Yet when have
f persons f
haveI i
consumption they loathe all 1
alli =
= sary for their recovery and i
I they cannot take plain cod I
liver oil The plain oil dis t
1 turbs the stomach and takes f
away the appetite The dis
1 agreeable fishy odor and I
taste make it almost unen T
I id
durable What is to be done 1 i
This question was ans I
I wered when we first made 5
iof CodLiver Oil with Hypo i
phosphites Although Hypot
was nearly twentyfive years
I ago yet it stands alone to I
2 day the one great remedy i
Ifor all affections of the throat I
lungsI I t I
The bad taste and odor have been
taken away the oil Itself has been =
partly digested and the most sen I
I sitive stomach objects to it rarely i
J Not one in ten can take and digest i
i the plain oil Nine out of ten can 5
I gest it Thats why It cures dll
many wes of early consumption
Even in advanced cases it brings J
g comfort and greatly prolongs life I
t druggistsSCOTT i
v 3COTT II COWNE Chemists New York
y YOrkj
fxdh9MN ttttft
Interest in American coal contin
ues to increase in France United
States Consul Brlttain writing from
Nantes under date Of January 10
says that as a result of the strike ir
the Welsh mines advance in trans =
portation rates and the war in South
Africa coal has steadily advanced j
that there is considerable inquiry a t
Nantes about the prices and quality
of American coal and that recently
three cargoes of cannel coal from
Virginia were purchased for Nantes
to be used in manufacturing gas t o
illuminate the cars of tho State Rail
way Co A writer in the Semaphore i
a leading commercial paper of Mar i
seillos pointing to tho increase 01 I
production of coal in America an
nually says
1 If England Is about to relinquish
first place to tho United States as a
producer of coal Franco has nothing
to lose by tho change We feel son
sibly at this moment tho inconveni
once that tho preponderance of Great
Britain in the production of con I
occasions us If the English mar
cot should become inaccessible for
any reason it is not to Germany thin t
we could address ourselves as Ger
many in spite of her own produc
tion of 109000000 tons is herself de
pendent on Great Britain for about
5000000 tons It is to the United
States that we must turn to find in
the resources of that country the
means to disengage ourselves from
the inconveniences which might re
sult to us in consequence of the Brit
ish monopoly1 Manufacturers Re
J P Hornaday D S Anderson
and I MJackson of Somerset Ky I
have purchosed the Cogar Creek
coal property and organized the Co
gar Creek Coal Co with capital
stock of 25000 to operate immedi
ately They will put in commissary
and place new equipment in mines
Manufacturers Record
William Morris who was Injured
in the mine a week or two ago is not
recovering fast as friends at first
thought ho would his injuries prow
ing more serious than reported
Andy Carpenter who runs a mining
machine for the St Bernard mot
with an accident one day the past
week He was eating his dinner
when a portion of the mine roof fell
in on him painfully injuring himj
Dan Underwood has been attending
to his wants as nurse the past week
and the injury is not thought to bo
Usually when miners quit work
their grievance Is asking for more
pay but with the Barnsloy miners
this was not the case They quit a
two dollar per day job to accept one
less laborious for eightyfive cents
per week and no certainty of that
amount being paid them
A few days ago while some pas
sengers were waiting for a train at
Nortonville a conversation occurred
between two of thomwhlch is worth n
recalling A man whom judged by
his talk was a wild eyed agitator I
brought up the labor trouble created
by tho miners of Barnsley quitting
work and in speaking of the presi
dent of tho St Bernard company
Mr J B Atkinson said ho was
one man he would never work for I
Scarcely had the words dropped
from his lips than a young lady
who is a resident of Earlington told
him You are not needed sir Mr
Atkinson has raised the men now
working for him and when they get
too old for work there Is a rising
generation to take their places and
the trouble maker could be seen
hang his head as ho dropped the
conversation as he would a hot
poker The slap given him was a
deserved one and is only one in
stance of many such resentments on
the part of the ladies whose hus
bands sons or brothers labor for the
St Bernard Company and if they
had the power In their hands fewer
home destroyers would be found
roaming over the country seeking
some miner to lead astray
At this time we doom it appro
priate to give in brief the result of
our observations as regards labor or
ganizations and strikes in Hopkins
County When we came here in the
year 1870 peace and prosperity
seemed to exist and this condition
of affairs continued until a few years
later the Knights of Labor tried to
secure a foothold in this county
An organization was affected and
then 4t was the trouble began
Grievance committees were formed
and they were instructed to wait
upon the St Bernard Company and
other coal companies and present
their tale of woo This they did
when to their utter surprise they
were met with a positive refusal on
the part of this company to treat
with them on any terms and not
only were they refused recognition
but given to understand that they
must at onco renounce all allegiance
to said Knights of Labor or cease
working for tho St Bernard Com
pany This they refused to do and 1
drew away from tho service of the
company after being paid in full
But we must state that many of
these same follows who now hat
found a grievance were then deeply
In debt to the St Bernard Company
who had taken care of them through
sickness and in time of need
The next stop taken by these poor
misguided beings was to bargain
fora tract ol coal land upon which
Barnsley now stands and where
they developed a coal mine work
ing for less it is said than ono half
they worn receiving from their
former employers Hero they or
ganized what Is known as tho Co
ofoperative Coal Company The plan
upon which this company was
founded so far as our observation
goos Is for every man to be his own
boss and whoso duty it Is to inform
tho big boss called a president who
is supposed to possess some author
ity but dons not what Ho shall do
Immediately after tho founding of
this socalled company they found
that the assessments placed upon
them to keep up idle members of
Knights of Limber organizations
which wore more or less all the
time on a strike became burdon
somo and they at once renounced
tho order Then it was for a while
they began to show signs of pros
perity and built themselves homes
But oven then they seemed to bo al
ways discontented caused no doubt
by the fact that tho monthly cash
they had received from the St Ber
nard Company while in its employ
hind been cut of and ready cash was
scarce Jealousies from one cause
or another crept into their ranks
If an officer was selected such as
Secretary Platt proved to be who
could lead them out of the wilder
ness and who so managed affairs as
to bring them some compensation
for their labor and at the same time
show outward signs of a prosperous
condition envy would at once arise
in their hearts and a HOW man
whose every movement they could
control was chosen in his stead re
gardless of the effect Itwould have
when viewed from a business stand
As years rolled by another hideous
monster appeared in their midst to
destroy if possible the last vestige
of oven a partially prosperous condi
tion of affairs The U M Workers
represented by unscrupulous dele
gates appeared on the scene and for
ever afterwards the seeds of discon
tent sown by these creators of misery
and poverty could be found there
Many mortgages were placed upon
their homes Affairs went from bad
to worse when finally to try and
save themselves the mine was leased
to tho St Bernard Coal Company a
few months ago
Then a season of prosperity set in
Miners who had almost forgotten
how a dollar looked received cash
for their labor when such was de
mantled Tho wants of all who In
bored in the minds were supplied
either with the necessaries of life or
money and signs of prosperity could
bo seen on all handles This condition
continued for several months when
his satanic majesty known as tho U
M W put it into their heads that
they were a chosen people whose word
should be considered as good as their
bond which all must admit was BO
in this caso and that they must there
fore refuse to become a party to a
contract which imposed on them no
burden or sacrifice of manhood Act
ing under this evil advice they quit
work and are now reaping the har
vest which is misery and poverty
Thus it can be seen how quickly a
once prosperous class of1 labor can bo
degraded by listening to the teach
ing of fnlso doctrine And miners of
this county should therefore beware
of the sheep In the wolfs clothing
that is now among thorn seeking
whom they may lead astray by on
ticing them upon false promises to
join such an organization as that
known as the U M Workers
The railroad figures of the past two
or three years are striking illustra
tions of the work which the railroads
do for the country and are argu
ments unanswerable by demagogism
which seek selfish ends by attempt
ing to array the people against such
corporate undertakings
The total production of cigarettes
last year In this country was ID per
cent loss than tho year before
Grippe and influenza invariably leave
the system with a bad cough For
such Dr John W Balls Cough Syrup
is highly recommended This won
derful remedy gives relief at once
conquers tho worst cough overnight
and soon effects a thorough cure
Cures Grippe and Influenza
recommend it Price 25 cts At all druggist
1 r 1
m 4
That in addressing Mrs Flnlchm
you arc communicating with a woman
a woman whoso experience in treat
ing womans ills is greater thou that
of any living person male or female
A woman can talk freely to a wo
man when it is revolting to rolnto her
private troubles to a man
Many women suffer in cUcnco and
drift along from bad to worse know
ing full well that they should have
immediate assistance but a natural
modesty impels them to shrink from
exposing themselves to the questions
and probable examination of even
their family physician It is unnoccs
nary Without money or price you can
consult a woman whoso knowledge
from actual experience is unequaled
Women suffering from any form of
female weakness are invited to freely
communicate with Mrs Ilnhlmm at
Lynn Mass
All letters arc received opened
read and answered by women only
This is a positive fact not a mere
statement It is certified to by tho
mayor and postmaster of Lynn ami
others whose letters all in a little book
Mrs Finkham has just published
Write for n copy it is free Thus
has been established the eternal con
fidence between Mrs Finkham andtho
women of America which has never
been broken and has induced more
than 100000 sufferers to writo her for
advice during the last few months
Out of tho vast volume of experience
which she has to draw from it is
more than possible that she has gained
the very knowledge that will help
your case She asks nothing In re
turn except your goodwill and her
advice has relieved thousands Hero
are soma of the cases we refer to
Mrs Pinkham Helps
Two Women Through
Change of life and Cures
Another of Sterility
Road Their Letters
H DEAR MHJ FINKHAM I feel that it
table Compound that I am alive to
day It has taken me out of a sick
bed where I had lain for six weeks
with a good doctor to tend me twice a
day My trouble was change of life
had frequent hemorrhages Your medi
cine checked the flow right away I
am now able to do all my work and
backache is unknown I am forty
three years of age and enjoying good
healthans ANNIE F08XEB Cascade
Locks Oregon
U DEAR Mns PINKIIAM When I first
wrote to you I was in a very bad con
dition I was passing through the
change of life and tho doctors said I
had bladder and liver trouble I had
suffered for nine years Doctors failed
to do me any good Since I have taken
Lydia E Finkhams Vegetable Com
pound my health has improved very
much I will gladly recommend your
medicine to others and am sure that it
will prove as great a blessing to them
asit has to mett Mns GKO II JUNE
901 Do Ivalb Ave Brooklyn N Y
ardent desire to have a child I had
been married three years and could
not become a mother so wrote to you
to find out the reason After follow
ing your kind advice and taking Lydia
E Finkhams Vegetable Compound I
became the mother of a beautiful baby
healthy baby thanks to your medi
cine ttIIt8 MINDA TINKLE Kos
coo N Y
Two More Women Who
Acknowledge the Help
they Have Received from
Mrs Pnkhansa
DEAn MRS PmnriAM Tho doctor
says 1 have congestion of the womb
and cannot help me There is aching
in the right side of abdomen hip leg
and back If you can do me any good
please write IIMRS NINA CHASE
your instructions and now I want
every woman Buffering from female
trouble to know how good your advice
and medicine is The doctor advised
think of that so followed your advice
I got better right off I took six bottles
of Lydia E Finklmms Vegetable Com
pound and used three packages of
Sanative Wash also took your Liver
CHASE Fulton N Y December 12
suffering for over a year and had three
doctors At time of menstruation I
suffer terrible pains in back and
ovaries I have headache nearly every
lay and feel tired all tho time The
doctor said my womb was out of place
Would be so glad if you could help mc1I
MRS CARL Voss Sac City Iowa
the good your advice and Lydia E
PInkhams Vegetable Compound has
done me I did everything you told
me to do and used only three bottles
and feel better In every respect
Dins CARL Vo80 Sac City Iowa March
23 loUy
Mrs Phtkham has Fifty
Thousand Such letters as
Above on File at Her Of
fice She Makes no State
ments She Cannot Prove
Railroad business In the North
and Northeast suffered last week on
account of heavy snow and Ice At
St Louis it was almost at a stand
still for a day or so as regards
x r
V atil6 > ASIIIGS IYV9ua J
rRCU ii ruROU5tl I
IviSWIEOnsiscAiiy 1 CAnS F601
nsiscAiiysAllVlllE o Ntwonirvs
i + liioa J
rJKiVllLEiN3 N5MVllLfTff
Between St Louis and Jacksonville
via Martin Nashville Chattanooga
Mncon and Lake City
Between St Louis and Atlanta via
KvuiiBvllle Nashville and Chatta
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars also
between St Louis and Chattanooga
via Martin and Nashville Nash
yule and New York via Chatta
nooga Knoxville Ashevlllo Wash
ington Baltimore and Philadelphia
Nashville and Memphis via Mc
Kenzie and L N
Palace Day Coaches on all Trains
Traffic Mgr Genl Fan Agt
Illinois Central RR
in connection with the Southern Pa
ciflo Through Weekly Tourist Sleep
ing Car leaven Cincinnati over tho
B OH W Uy and Louisville on
1 O H K fast Now Orleans Lim
ited train every Thursday for Los
Angoloii and San Francisco without
clmngo Tho Limited also connects
at Now Orleans dally with Express
Train for the Pacific Coast and on
Mondays and Thursdays at Now
Orleans rafter December 1 with
Sunset the Limited Annex
of tho Southern Pacific giving spec
ial through bcrvico to San Francisco
Particulars of Agents of the I C R
R II and connecting lines
S G HATCH Diy P A Cincinnati
JNO A SCOTT Div P A Memphis
A H HANSON G P A Chicago
Louisville Ky
II you Are Going North
If You Are Going South
If you Are Going East
If you Are Going West
AND to eccuno
The Maximum of Safety
The Maximum of Speed
IT4e Maximum of Comfort
The Minimum of Rates
I < Eate Tlae and oil other Informatloa vrttt
be cheerfully furnished by
cTk ATMOHC a f A

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