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pI Ii THEr3J3EE lrrcrTdtJjKY
Miss Efllo Stoices has returned
from Bowling GTCOH whore she has
been attending school for sovefal
r1I Ttel returned Holiday from
1 Tlopklnsvinejwhero lid has been nt
ft tending tno Christian Ministers I
I Marjvlh 6 little daughter of Mr
and Mrs VE Boyd haS been very
111 with malarial fever for several
Mrs Y stls quito sick at her
jiomo on Moss ayonueS
4 Miss Leila B JJ tin who has been
attending school at Bowl ing Green
1 Is expected shome next Saturday
Mosdatho3 D V Untstead ril
James llycroft wero In MadlsonvlUo
Mondn <
k Misses Addle and Attto Coombs
1 S1nuItk
trri tersvlllo last Monday J <
J L Taokcon and wife yjslted rola
tlves In Hanson this week I
r Bertha Orr is visiting relatives hi
t jHeiiderson this week
ri Frank BasJi and Frank 0rr were
hi Henderson last week
i Bryan Hopper vas In Evansville
t uunaiiy
Goo iV Bash and family visited
relatives hero Monday afternoon
M sTD Walker was quite sick
several days last week but is now
rauchiinprovedii h
j i J F Gordpn of Owensboro was
< iti our city on business Tuesday
i yule last Monday
J Mrs Vie ODalsi oHftutbah isvls
tii itlng relatives here
4tJack Powers of Owensboro fhas
been visiting Eldred Davis
O H McGary and family Visited
i relatives in Henderson Sunday
i Jo 6Mothers hen I visited friends in
Grenvllle Sunday
t is visiting her ulster Mm J E Faw
1 cottMiss Maud Barnott la visiting her
sister Mrs Chas LIiidoy of Madi
Mrs B Llndl anti children liav I
been visiting relatives at Nebo
Miss Mollle NoHori and Miss Anne
tt Doig of Mount Vernon Ind Is vte
IV itlng In this city
< Messrs M Doviioy W F Sheri
dan atoil W S Martin wont to Hop
kinsvlllo on business Monday
ProfC M Lutz of Madisonvllle
was hero Tuesday afternoon
Mrs Will Hancock lis vIsit1roI
jittvos nt Central City
I M Cain of ilortons Gap was In
> Earllugton Tuesday
k Coley Moore the popular drum
T 1 merwas in Earllngton Tuesday
T L Howard of Madlsonville
WAilln the city Tuesday
Edgar Bramweli and wlfeof Nash
ville visited friends and relatives
here this week
Miss Laura LIgon of Christian
ik1county1 is visiting relatives and
friends here o
Elder J W Mitchell of Hopkins
villo was in the city yesterday
Mrs U M Salmon of Ilsley was
here yesterday
T M Gooch the genial Hanson
drummcr was In oUr townlast night
your hair
split at
the end
Can you
pun out a
HAIR by run
Ining yQur
J I Does it seem dry and
I lifeless
i I Give your hair a
chance Feed it
The roots are not
dead they are weak
I because they are
I starved thats all
ti The E
4 120
i If you dont want
It your hair to die use IL
Ayers Hair Vigor
f once a day It makes
i i the hair grow stops
JK I falling and cures dan
14druff x I
It always restores J
ii J color to gray or faded f
4 hair it never fails U
3100 a bettle All druggist
lOne bOtUo of AjrerB Hair Vigor
IltorPed my batr from falling out
d tflcletartedt to grow ngain nicely
a JflLttJ ITT
March 38 1OCauova 8 flak
d I Ayer > flair Vigor completely
cured me from dandruff with which
IwasgreaUyaffllctcd The growth of
my balZlIlneo Its use has been lomo 1
2 lomotb1ngwondcrfulII
ti IENA G Ommj El
k El4prll1J1B19 NY
I H yon do not obtain all the benefita
a 70U ozDccted from the use of tlio hair
S 4 vigor Write th Doctor about It
pKICAY B Lowell Maw
i Constontine Stacca n llvcycnrbld
girl > vas burned to death at St Lotus
Allan D iendletou a weljkno > yn
business man dlednt hU home at St
Louis Monday
< Jov Dole of Hawaii has diieidcfl that
only AmcrlcanH shall hold office i jflie
Striking cnddlea tit the fit Lbjilsi
Country cub chased the new boys
liwtiy and nwaultcd them
Illinois Epworth league is belrig held
ntTeorla t 0 7
Newlon Bros flour mill JltCJln
jMo waa burned by an Incendiary The
Itfs ls 3jlQO partly covered by hlHilr
ilielincl AYhlte for many years ares
Idtnt of Jacksonville Ill committed
HUtcldo by droxyning himself 1
Henry Jefferson it lugrowasbeatcn
fJ lenth by l mob of ngroeu iXTnUes
from llotmton Itx No cause Ic glvcn
for the deed
Frances charge duffalrea at AVhsh
IngtCri says the railways not the nils
blonarlfs caused the bitterness of Cb1
ncae ngniust foreigners and thus jpd
to t he Boxers riots
An Illinois couple were twice mar
zed Monday the preacher riding ten
Iantics to perform the second ceremony
In order to correct nn error
Mrs S A Gllber nged 70 yenrs fell
in an abandoned well 25 feet decn at
Puna Ill and < vas rescued five min
utes tiftcrwards ift an exhausted condi
tltn i I
After a lonoj cpnferehCe at Lincoln
the democrats and pop ll1l1t decided to
postpone tcttlemcnt of the vlcepresj
vdeqtlal matter untllr after he Ncbrjis
l < a fusion convention
Iror Salisbury United States Am
bflatador Choateand Mrs Choatcand n
few others dined Monday evening
with Queen Victoria at Windsor castle
F B Cossltt founder of La Grange
111 and one of the bestknown men in
that scctlon committed suicide by
ehooting Ho was 60 years old
William Worthy a inriser of Nerar
ro county Tex wns fatally burned b
rAn fill explosion While burning he
jumped nto the ctsterti Arid remained
there four hoUrs bcfoio JUMVM found
An crttlre fnipiiy of nine persons died
near Calico Kocl < Marion county Ark
from eating poisonous toadstools sup
posed io be mushroomsb
Andrew Harding aged 75 yearn warf
found hanging from a rafter in the
barn at his residence eight miles from
Jacksonville 111 Family troubles are
given ts the cause
The French government has an
noimccd that It will need n new credit
of 14506000 francs for China in addi
Hon to the 1100000 francs alrctfdy
atI < > tj
The Cape Town post office authori
ties have issued a notice that civil
mails have bcOri suspended for Johan
nesburg This with thG fact thaftcle
grams for Pretoria are refused causes
Prospective trouble bctweent ie de
partment of the interior aDd the In
trud rs upon Indian lands in the terri
tory and Oklahoma has been averted
The > sooners are mOving out
oFamily PoJiioneU oa Toadstool
Little Rock Ark July toNew
reached here yesterday that ah entire
family of nine persons had died near
Caiicorock Marion county from eat
lug poisonous toadstools supposed to
be mushrooms The family ate n
hearty dinner which included the sup
posed mushrooms All were taken vio
lently ill and none recovered
Dr Falk Pead
Hamm WcstphaliaJuly 6Dr Folk
who was minister of public worship
during the Kulturrkonpf period Is
dead He was born in 1827 i
flute oa CltlnaDonad cnchlI
London July Slhe war risks at
Lloytl are double the ordinary ratVs on
vessels being bound for China
sugar Advnncvd
Krw York July 10 Tlla Anierlcan S
Sugar RellnlngvCo has ndvanryd lill
grades of refined sugars ton points
Fatal Heat In Cujciiiro
Chicago July 7IIen caused four
deaths and seveiiuprbstratlons yesjtcr i
day I
New York July 11
CATTLENatlve Steers 4 4 70 tfJ 5 SO
COTTONMtddtlng n K I
KLOURAVlntor Wheat 375 J 4 60
WHEAT No 2 Red1 85 88
PORK Mesa Now 13 25 It 00
COTTONMlddllns fJ 10
UEEVES Stebra < 425 175
Cows and Hclfora 2 25 4 4 10
CALVESper 100 4 60 j 75
HOGSFair to Choice 490 6 50
SHEEPFair to Choice 3 GO 016
OURPatents now 3 90 410
Other Qrades 3 SO Glj 3 i5
WHEATNO 2 Red 3601 79l 1
CORNNO 2 444 44
0 ATNoI < b ttf 25 I
RYENo260 cj 6O
TOBACCO Lugs 350 80
Leaf Burley 4 50 1 00
HAY Clear Timothy new 1100 I 14 00
BUTTER Cnolcft Dairy r 13 1JJ
JJACONClear Rib 8 I
EGGSFresh r 71i i
PORK StandardMesBnew iMlOO
LARDPrimet C 6
CATTLENative Steers 425 G 75
HOQS Fair to Choice 510 1G 50 I
SHEEP Fair to Choice 3 75 a 460 I
FLOUR Winter Patents 410 tp U5 I
Spring Patents 3 101U5
No2 Red S1J4 82
CORN Np 2 Red81nl 44
OATSNO 2 24V4 24
CATTLE Native Steers M 425 545
HOQS Fair to Choice 6 CO 533
WHEAT No 2 Red < 7Gh7711
OArSNo 2 White 23 2Sll
2SllCORNNo 1
Dr Bulls
Has vtdmanya life 1
a s many
Sped1Iy cues Croup and C oug h J
vbooplngcottgh I
r t 4zy fOJt MotbefSc Cluldlen n al Syrilp c 1
LvC11 jccc 25 cn t1
i < C <
D i1
Figures From the Monthly Report S
of the Statistician of the De yv
partm nt of Agriculture S
Exconnlvo flniflN Drowned Out1lic
Crop luuiori KxtriionHiikry n
Grotvti of GrnnK anti WViiii
Choked Out in Many JnHtanccH
What the Ilnih Had SIn i1V
WwihingKin July UThe Virorithiy
report of tln statistician of li1k
pnrtmcnfc oi agriculture will choyjthe
1iiventge condition of cotton un Tufy l
to have been 758 as x > mpared ISylth
PttG last month 8Yfi on 1ttJy 11S99
912 nti thb corruapondlng tate iVi98
mid it tenyenr average pf 879 < The
condition in the principal atutesifi re
ported as follows < 1r
The State Avernui +
Torth Carolina 89 South Carolina
70 Georg74 Florida 75t Alabama
70 Mississippi C4 r Louisiana r31
11111B Arkansas 78 Jjenntsscc
70 Oklahoma 82 Indian territory 90
While there were some Improvement
during June in North Carolina Texas
Oklahoma and Indian territory
amounting to 37 7 and 12 points re
ipcftivcly there was a decline of 0
poinls in South Carolina I In I oulsl
fine 10 lit Tennessee 13 in Arkansas
1C in Georgia 17 Ir Alabama and 21 in
Mississippi Vlth thl exception of
North Carolina where the Avenge
ccTidll Ion on Jfily 1 WPS 2 points a bo e
the mean of the July averages in that
state for the last ten y nr aanct In
dian territory where the figures avaIl
nblc for companIon cover only three
years t the condition throughout tHc
htlre cotton bolt compares unfavora
lily with the tenyear average fcouist
una being 7j SouthCniollna and Texas
10 Arkansas llf Terinaaside 1SJ
Georgia 13 Alabama 18 and Missis
sippi 24 joints below their respective
tonyear averages
LuircMt July Average on Itecord
Net only was the condition cnJidy
1 for the cotton region as t whole the
1inyet July condition on record but in
Jecirgln Plorlda Alubema nnd hrlssls
sippl it was the lowest In the entire
period of fi4 years for which records
ore available while In Tennessee It was
the lowest with one exception nmlJn
ou1h Carolna Texas and Arkansas
the lowest With two exceptions infhe
Enne period ofJt years Excessive
raIns drowning out he crop and fol
lowed by an extraordinary growth of
t DSS and weeds an reported frfnval
molt every state smd the gravity of
the Siltuaflon Is greatly increased by
the general scarcity of labor In South
Carolina Georgia Alabama Louisiana
intl Texas considerable areas will have
to be abandoned
Sudden Death of Judo Rudolph
lllnol at His Homctu Clay
ton Mo
St Louis July 11 Judge Rudolph
Hlrzel of the Thirteenth Judicial dis
trict one of the bestknown judges in
the state died suddenly at 11 oclock
last night at his home in Clayton
Death resulted from a stroke of pa
ralysis which came only a few hours
previous He was conscious to the last
and smiled at those who gathered
about his bedside but could not speak
All tho members of his family were
present until the last
Mrs Hirzel has been critically ill for
a week and it is feared that the shock
of her husbands death will have a
serious effect on her
llorrllilc Pate of an Insniit Patient
Dqc to the NcKllKCnq of an
Attciiilnnt <
San Jose Cal July ll George A
Morse an aged and absolutely help
less patlLnt In the Agnews Insane
asylum was slowly boiled to death In
a bath in the mens ward of that in
slit ut Ion Monday night lie was pu d
In a bath cub and nfter the hot woti
was turned on the attendant left the
room for a towel forgot his patient
and did not return until the imbecilii
waft fatally bulrhed
Dim Caitlo Dies of Her Wounds and
Ilvr AMiallont Chnrscil With
Flret Degree Miirilcr
El Dorado Kaff July 11Mrs Olin
Castle whtse throat was cut June 22
by Miss Jessie Morrison died yester
day Imroedlatejy nftr her S death the
charge of assault with intent to kill
was dismissed agains Missi Morrison
and she was arresfpd t hn fed with
tnurderUn the flrsttfdejrree Her trial
ras Xet for Tuesday
s I
Itmtructlvo ConKaKratlon in th4
nnnlncMt Portion of Valiiut 111
I Los Prom OO00 < > to IjtTK OOO
AVtliiuty 01J11Iy nriMre Monday
night destroyed theopera house Den
nis West Cos gvtiih clivator the
bank building thevJluflingtou depot
two blocks off scores and ecverai
tinaller bujldingra HeVlcn fs eat
mated at 30QOQ tP 750110 partially itt
The ortItvesteiiiItegnttn
1 01
Toronto Ont uly ilTThe Argo
haut novying cldb Ulll not e Hlti crew
t I htNortltvestergirenttat Detroit
till Saturday and SluuifiyiSfext because t
ci tlIIJtW1 r II t
d 4
4j i
VhoIt Amunrit o f IItIJohIrllltUr
4lon Duty Froe Ain < > rloi < rf S tin re
of Trailo Very Small
Washington July 9lw tthJalot
of futtlohih iirid insular uffnirt wnr 46
prtrlmtnt rrie DubH ycstortliiy nii tf
ttrcMincf fcliiterncnt nhowing Hit jbtjiJ
Imports utjh Port of Manila P tfqi
1111 > nlenO rycar JSOtP v
Altrclinndlfe tto tin value of 917450
4J yeashiiehi
vlh with 100901 in goW aVidSl
14lrl In slfvcV colij brings tin tothl
nnpOvfationH fpr ledO to 18701400
Of this mcimt 1SS7000 worth eiV
tiretl frce of duly All imports of
iiUribanfliip Were brought in foreign
vissela and lIt rell for Irmtudlijte idn
J1l11l1pl ion The total iimounl oflnipori
duty cohIctI was jii04090
The imp rtl1bycountrlesaholr > 01
Uilnn 6007CO England 3ia722
l aln 2024870 Unitcd > Stl ti s1350
04 jind British East IndjeS 1219302
The Jnipprta of gold coirjvere 52
520 from the British East Indies ind
T5l4C from Chlnn The imports of
sliver coin were 5122840 from the
Uritish EastIndies and 718552 from
Ttng Kong
The stitemcnt l1ttU glvc in clussl
Old detail the Imports of merchandIse
In many instances < he percentage of
the vnriofin nrtlqles cominjf from the
InUed States wan very low Indeed In
I great ninny cases the United States
exporters were not represented at all
S v
in AurOVDefehiliuit Cliiirucil VUh
CumislttIig a Iurdcr Nearly1
Thirty V nr ABO
New London Mo July 1QThc trial
> f Alexander Jester charged with the
jiurder of Gilbert W Gates 2D years
igo begau here yesterday A jury had
mot been secured when court ad
journed last evening Young Gates
iiysteriousiy disappeared while travel
ng from southern Kansas to his home
n Illinois A few weeks afterward
ioslcr was arrested for his murder
Le yotrg mans wagon and other ef
fects being found In Jesters posses
iloh Jester broke jail however and
iothing more was heard of him until
ibput n year ago when a sister with
fhom be hud quarrelled gave him iif
o tile authorities Ho was then living
n Oklahoma City Okla under thj
lame of W A Hill iilliiilif Hf I
John W fiates the mlllionoire steel
nagnate whose brother the dead man
vaa is not n tcndirig the trial though
Ie has been active in hunting up evi
ten e against the aged prisoner
hen Townc Will Decide Wind
Coiicuc to Pore Anent the
Populist domination
Lincoln Neb Tutv9Xo formal an
tioimcemcqt will bu made bj Charlei
Tuwne of his decision in regard tc
thy populist nomlnu lion for the vice
JtyVjSency until the populIst commit
ievi gives him formal notifies
Jpitf of the nomination flIis
tvill be In about ten days Mr
1tnvno said yesterday that he would
make public his decision at that time
old would issue an address giving his
nusori8 frr the action he lakes What
Unit action would Icbe refused tc
Sit Hot Days Iteconl In Chicago
ChicapOJuly 8A heavy rain storm
Friday night was the first decided
break iu the hot wave It was de
lniXd by the weather bureau office to
ibc only temporary relief ns hot
weather is predicted cgaln fpr today
The deaths Friday due to the heat
vverc 12 while the prostrations num
tiercd 2D Several of the latter are in
a serious condition Tihd their recovery
To Saiiplhnt 1o vdcr
Washington July SUnited Stales
Consul Hughes at Co burg report td
the state department that an Italian
electrician has Invented an clectri
cartridge which he offers as a eubstl
tutefbr dynamite and smokejess pow
4ertin mines rocks blasting and for
heavy ordnance
vi Will Meet at ICirkas file
Clihtanooga Teiuii July 7The
American Association for the Advance
went of Osteopathy yesterday select
cd KhksviUe Mo for its annual roeet
ing next year OUur places in nomi
nation ware Milwaukee Cleveland and
Prvsliyterlan Ml lonnrlc Safe
New York July 7A cablegram re
ceived yesterday by the foreign mls
feifnjury of the Southern Presbyterian
church from Rev H M Woodo an
n l nce that ail tljo mIssionaries of
ijuit church are safe at Shanghai
A FcJirfnl Charge to Pace
ITew York July Qn the charge pf
having set fire to the tenement in Ho 11
boken the destruction of whIch on I
Tuesday morrllng last caused a loss of i
13 lives Henry Vng a saloon keeper 1
has been arrested
The Cnnutnlilo IIooU Fire
New York July 6The fire at the
Standard Oil Cos works at Constable
HookN J was flnnllj got under con
trot Friday evening after It had de
stroyed property officially estimated
n f2400000 In value
1 Death of Col tlrumiliurt
Saratoga N Y Tuly 7 Col David
Jruquhart of New Orleans died here
yesterday at hjs summer cottage He
was the father of Mrs James Drown
Potter flie actress
Best Cough Syrup Tastes Good Use
In time Sold by dnirgiata
C 7J I
tllci fn
1 c J
to iI
The Mortons Gap Dinner
The picnic dinner given at Mor
thus Gap recently by a number at
the loyal and prosperous colored em
ployes of the St Bernard Coal Com
pans was made a very pleasant af
fair In every way Brio notice was
given In last weeks DIm A number
of their white friends were Ihvjted
dinner It was In the nature of a
ratification of the good feeling and
mutual confidence of employer and
vv x w w em1 AVJJ cr tiilLi
tho white miners in Hopkins county
decline to join ally moverlont or or
ganization that will deprive them of
their right to work and their families
of tho good living that comes of
steady work lit the mines under the
present very satisfactory conditions
Among the guests present were
rls ICaln Dr Williams Will
Kimmons W C lV11onF I Croft
W J Steele Mr
and Mrs Paul M
Moore Miss Black of New Jersey
and others whose names wo bavd
not A delightful dinner was sot out
under the trees on a pleasant hill
side and was greatly enjoyed by
tljoso who partook Mayor Burr
inndo a timely and interesting talk
after dinyer by special invltitation
Tho best of friendly feeling provAiled
and the occasion will be long remem
bered particularly for the spirit in
which It was conceived
Pushing the WorkI
Tbe work on the addition to the
St Bernard Store is being pushed
rapidly this weQk A large force is
at work and the building will bo
completed In a few weeks When
the addition is completed the build
lpg will be one of the largest in the
Mrs Jennie Moore returned from
retUrnodfromlIndlsonvllloyestordny I
ll I
IIIOflj Iqiir I
8 a ni p
to t
5 plm
1 At
Denton Hate
In Womans Life Are Made Danger
ous by Pelvic Catarrh
Mrs Mathilda Richter
Mrs Mathildo Richter Doniphan
Neb says
I suffered from catarrh for many i
years but since I have been taking Pe
runa I feel strong and well I wonlcj
advise nil people to try Peruna AMI
used Poruna and Jf analin while I was
passing through tho chango of life I am
positively convinced your beneficial
remedies havo relieved mo from linyl
Pcrnrna has raised more women from
beds of sickness and set them to work
again than any other remedy Pelvic
catarrh is tho bane of womankind Pe
rnna is the bane of catarrh in all forms
and stages Mrs Col Hamilton Odium
bus 0 says t recommend Peruna to
women believing ftto bo especial1yl
bbnoficlal to them
Bend fora free book written by Dr
Hartman entitled Health and Beauty
Address Dr Hartman Columbus O
Will make his third visit tQ Earling
ton Juy 10 and remain
two weeks 1
t S
IDoctor Kennedys many years experience fn he acWe 111 1
II of optics has won for him the highest esteem of the best peo
II pie in the territory in which he practices Special request of
II all who wish to havo their eyes properly fitted with good
II glasses Bring your children that have weak eyes I guar
antee to please you
= =
I The Standard Finance Co I
V 1 OWENsnono KY June 27 1900
< t
S tixternQnt of redemptions made Junq 27 1000 by Stand
ard Finance Company for investors residing in Mndisonville
Ky and vicinity > i i I
Coupon If Q Name Aint Paid Amt Etd by
< by Investor Redemption
4065 J F Gordpn l S 460 900
6S8lJ F Dempsey L I 400 800
I 87rH l < 400 ooI
fo6010 jt 400 800
E 69 OJ i400800
e i 60 UQI I J 400 t 800
nOtn i t t > y4X 800
1 6069 1 t pq V400 800
10024S I I I t 4S V t 300 60Q
10060 H t 1 rr iJ3 OO 000
10096 Ii J r 4 1 8 00 6 00
10131 < li j 800 000
10169 r 800 0100
E 10204 S 2 800 000
10240 C Id t 800 600I
10276 v 800000 I
EE 10312I S I 800 rooo
10347 r S 1 800 000
0452 I B l1eyf > J 800 n ooo
800 V 600
S 0188 t
0524 t800 000
0 0561 c III t 800600t
00I S
S 0633 S 4 800 000S
= 11284 Alexander Co 800 600
c 1 j ooo
11820SS o
11357E vt I 800600
111820 800 600
11428 I 8001000
11465 l 800H 000
11870 John G Bourlahd 300 v 000
12243 4 Laflooh Nisb6fc 250 i 600
13061AaronMort n i 20Q4 400 E
t 11709 jarless Co BOO 600
11586 T T Morris aooGGO
= tJt 0 N t fat1eberry < 1 160 C300 = S
r =
JlVESTraATEo uesiions
11W5Tuesiions p j
i I1 1 1ti i iI
i >
fPt ij i
1 v
j r5

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