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k tiY
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> 1
iiGreat Preparations Being Made
f to Receive Him in Hopkins
t fJ
MdisonVille Will Be filled Wit h
a Throng of Enthusiastic
or Roosevelts Triumphal Tour Tlirougn
Nearly All the Congressional
Dr A D James was in Madi
sonvillo Tuesday to see Oounts
Chairman John B Harvey and
rfhis coworkers with reference th
the arrangements for the recep
I tion of Governor Roosevelt and
p his party on Saturday morning
Dr James will have personal
charge of the Roosevelt special
and is arranging personally the
details for the reception and
4speaking at each point Avhcro the
o distinguished statesman and sol
dier will speak along his trium
phal march at 50 miles an hour
through Koutuckv from Hen
derson to Louisville by way of
Guthrie and Bowling Green on
his first day in the State The
Doctor endorsed the arrange
ments that had been planned at
Madisonyilll making some valu
ti able suggestions which will be
followed f
is The Hopkins county reception
committee consisting of Dr W
P Ross Mayor of iladispnvilld 1a
Judge Clifton J Pratty County
Chairman < X B Harvey John B
Atkinson i W L Gordon and I
Y Bailey will proceed to Hender
son the previous night join the
the party there and sort Mr
Roosevelt to Madisonville The
special will ba met by carriages
r aand the brass band and speakers
f and the comniitteoescorted t °
the place prepared for the mam
moth meeting v j1
Dr James approved of a site
for the stand to bo erected on
the old Wilkins lot across from
the depot in case of fair weather
If the weather is inclement theJ
Tabernacle will be used and thej
people will be in the Tabornacje
waiting when the train arrives
awaiting so as to make it possible to heal
Gov Roosevelt the maximum
Of time Judge W H Yost thef
distinguished Kentucky lawY r
and independent Democrat who
has cast his lot with the Repub h
licans at least until Democratic j
affnyVake a different turn in
t St nation Will follow OoL
RooI inn speech which will J
be one Ne ablest to be deliver
ed 011 the ePleidenti tou rfar
that day Becaus will the early
jz hour Judge Yost Will be loft at
Mndisonvil1 ahd win go on tieh
coon train via Henderson to C
Louisville where lie will again
join the party that evening
The usual plan of leaving
speakers to entertain the rovdj
a after the principal speaker has
finished will bejjersed on this
tour after lpi9Badi6onville
Instead the 5whonr j
announced to ash B Roost oi
velt at the oadouiSis will
preceeithe specials spa tp the
assembled throngs A Jbef pre < > theI
time 0 it a arrival finfie ready
to st pas for 4he iliniu can J
didatefoFrathooryiop t sitlitnor y
upouhaiarriPaihosoieAeakerr s
< Jt >
f I I Y
tii I
Will be picked up along the route
and the whole distinguished party
of Kentucky leaders will escort
> Col Roosevelt into Louisville and
be present with him at the mag
nificent meeting and ovation that
it is planned to give them at the
Kentucky metropolis
Kentucky is alive Hopkins
county is awake and this visit of
the beloved and respected Roose
velt will fire the zeal and
strengthen the working qualities
of all those who desire Civil Lib
erty in Kentucky and continued
prosperity in the nation and a
flag kept spotless by American
In the present campaign is the
first time a Republican Head
quarters banner has ever floated
across the streets of our county
seat and Republican Clubs were
never before organized in Earl
ington whose two precincts
now constitute the Gibraltar of
Civil Liberty and prosperity in
old Hopkins
The schedule of Roosevelts
speeches in Kentucky wi h the
names of those who speak with
him will be found in THE BEES
supplement day
oEloquent Speaker From the Mountains
For the Brown Democracy
rRov J R Boatman of Pine
ville tho eloquent preacher
speaker for the Brown Democ
racy spoke at Masonic Hall Fri
day night to a good audience
Efforts wore made by the Goebel
Democrats to keep the crowd
away and not nan ft11e latter
kind of Demo ril wra lrrewit
notwithstanding 11r t ipwker
addressed quite a n imberof cit
izens in an earnest and careful
and moderate speech A nun
bet of Brown Democrats were
present The speaker was in
troduced by Jesse Phillips and
was escorted to the stage by Mr
Phillips Wm McOarley E Me
Leod and W H Borders Rev
Boatman is a young and an elo
quent and cultured gentleman
and speaks with due considera
tion to the feelings of all men
as well as with the courage of
his convictions He isB minis
for in the Christian Church
uDoes any Democrat lno lOW
many votes Mr Beckham re
ceived and if ho received a ma
jority what was that majority
speaker invited any Democrat
who desired to ask any question n
not to hesitate to do so He is
front the mountains and con
vinced his hearers that the des
perate deeds done in Kentucky
have not all been done by moun
taineers He touched upon Sam
J Shackleford whom the Goe
bel Democrats in tho Legislature
now want to make referee and
supreme head of Kentucky so
far as is concerned the question
it n
the state And he said that in
his going through Hopkins
County he had spoken ofSttn
Shackleford wherever he went
and he iihnd yet to find one man
Shackled =
ford of ever being an Incase
111anH Ho spoke well of Lynch s
canvass for tigress and said the
Brown Dem0cratswere at work
for Lynch and for Yerkes
r f
lir JVK 3eau who1 I has been on
time sick ltst for several days is able
to be out again During this illness
he for the first time in twentyflve
years had food served nim in bed I
Isnt that arecprd
Are you a subscriber tp THE BEE Q
YQu should be
lr ° i
i Slr
1 4n
yJCoPrlibt t
Representative Robinson Tellsof Fruit
letc Efforts to Enact a Fair Law
Frankfort Ky Oct 4 1000
EDITOU BEE Earlington Ky
We are still here doing nothing
and not much nearer a solution
of the question under considera
tion viz the election law than
when we arrived here on the 28th
of last month pursuant top call
of Goy Beckham who wants to
be honestly elected once but the
voters of the grand old commOn
woath have decided that they
are to have a say so in this mat
ter and they are determined to
elect that prince of gentlemen
and leader of loaders the Hon
Jno Yerkes and to see that ho
shall not be counted out Goebel
law or no Goebel law
The Democrats of the house
passed a law without a name
which makes Sam Shacldeford
the umpire in the state and
jmakes the boards in the counties
stand two to one in every county
and voted down a proposition I
to alternate the sheriffs in the
precincts the bill as passed is
very little if any better than the
Goebel law and was resisted by
the Republicans of the house
The senate has passed a bill
which is a great improvement
over the present law but I do
not think the house will concur
ands unless therejsfa tgreat
fiange we will adjourix1 without
accomniiliing any ngf
The very next Governor of
Kentucky Hon john AY
Yerkes spoke in the opera house
ehere yesterday afternddnv to the
largest ands tpiost pthu ust c
audience assembjied < in this
cpurity 4at a peil fThe
ladies dec r t atm Mall witli
bunting and precious flowers
andlongbefore the hour for the
It ri
< i f C
9 4
speaking to begin Main street
was thronged with people who
wanted to hear the crimes
against the ballot box exposed
and when the hour arrived there
was such a rush for the door ns i
is seldom seen Some J500 were i
away because there was room for
no more He Was introduced by
a Democrat Judge Bullitt who
ina forceful manner laid bare
htheir charges and said he had
come to a parting of the ways
and would not condpno fraud I
but would support Yerkes
When Mr Yerkes came for
ward the applause was deafen
ing and lasted for several min
utes He dealt sledge hammer
blows for one hour and thirty
minutes and at the close received
a great ovation Altogether it
was a great day for the friend
of civil liberty and the rights of
the people Trusting you may
entertain the next Vice Presi
dent right royally I am yours
for for justice and right
Takes Conductor T < R Browning as Its
Yv victim
That Death loves a shining
markwas exemplified in the
sad death of Mr Thomas R
Browning one of the most popu
lar conductors on this L N
Mr Browning had his foot bad
ly madhed some time ago by a
freight car but it was thought at
firstthat his foot could be saved
His condition gradually grew
eworse however and it beam °
necessary to amputate the injur
ed member last Friday afternoon
which was done in order that his
life might be spared but his
system was too weak to stand the
strain and he passed away Satur
day night about 10 o cloak 0
A < i < V it
> 1 rl
u i
r n
The deceased was about 42
years of age and was married to
Miss Harriet McDonald in 1878
To this union was born two shiml
dren Mrs Walter S McGary and
Miss Mabel Browning both of
whom with the widow survive
lhim Mr Browning made apr
fession of religion and joined the
Baptist church several years ago
He had been in the employ of
the L N railroad company for
about eighteen years and was one
Qf the companys most trusted
empl yes No man over had
more friends among his employ
ers and fellow employes than did
clever bighearted Tom Brown
ing Honesty kind fmithful and
true he made friends everywhere
he went He wasa faithful and
true Jiusband anda kind and
loving father and his sad death
has brought unspeakable sotto w
to the hearts of his family and
his manyfriends
Elder J L Hill conducted tIle
funeral services at the family
residence Monday afternoon
after which the remains were laid
to rest in the Odd Fellows come
tery at Madisonville
To the brokenhearted wife and
daughters the aged mother the
brothers sister and other sor
rowing relatives THE BEE ex
tends its deepest sympathy and
commends them to the love and
protection of the meek gad lonely
Nazarene who said ULo I Ali 1
with you always even to the end
of the world
Letter LIst
Boston Ely Brady JOei Crews
GtalbreatlI m
Nathan Heiisley Willie HilfJobn
Hall J H Jones Noel Lee Mr
Willie Pillom Mrs Susie Penrod
Mrs Annie Rodgers Jim Qisfc
Miss Efflo Slaytoh MrBaoil VIck
Ed Watkins Mrs Cora
Joe Blackburn is making the sam
old campaign speech that h jhas
made for years
OJ 1
Big in Numbers and Enthusiasm and
Growing Dally N
> I
Head by a Houiefull of Earnest Advo
sates of Honest Elections and
Civil Liberty t
jT t
As announced wouldbe Hon
E G Sobree spoke to the people
of Earlington Monday night at
the Opera House which was
filled with earnest advocates of
honest elections and civil liberty
very few Goebel Democrats be =
ing present for the reason that
their leaders endeavor to keep
all of them from hearing any
thing except the threadbare ana
absurd argument of the assas
sination and death of William
Goebel which constitutes the
burden of the speeches of those
who advocate the election of Mr
Beckham and the perpetuation
of Goebelism
The audience was well pleased
with the strong and argumenta
tive speech of Col Sebree who
spoke as a student of the condi
tions of men and the affairs of
State rather than as a politician
Col Sebree is a popular man
here as throughout the Second
congressional district and the
state and his hearers were not
disappointed at seeing and hear
ing him as he was Monday night
A number of Rough Rider
hats the first to strike Earling
ton were conspicuous in the
m9et1 1tt Ji
among tliosa true or thliia
tary of the Republican county
committees was made president I
of the club and Paul M Moore
secretary After the close of
the speech this organization was
effected and the secretary read a
list of members he had enrolled
dduring the day previous to the
speaking The place of honor at
the head of this list was given
Uncle Oscar Stevens the oldest
Republican in point of years and
term of residence in Earlington
He had said ho could not be pres
ent but that his heart was with
the workers for Civil Liberty
The audience was given opportu
nity to join and they joined to
the aggregate number of 107 that
evening Since then a number
of new members have enrolled
and the list is growing rapidly
Enrlington is equipped with
three clubs which have for their
purpose an honest election and a
fair count now and hereafter
dand taking the air of enthusiasm
that is abroad for civil liberty
there may be other clubs Before
the campaign ends
yThe colored voters have organ
ized a McKinley club in Lake
precinct and a Roosevelt Club in
Northeast precinct Both have
largo membership and are tin
good working order
Ca r d I
To the Public
The undersigned desires to ex
prose her warmest gratitude to
those who have by word or otx
pressed the sympathy they have
shall iiovei fall to remember the
many kindnesses tho expressions of
affection tho little and great acts of
kjndly Interest My heart responds
to all that has boon said amid doner
May the good Father real four
fold tho friends and neighbors
i Bishop MoCabo of thet fEJ
ChUrctfBaySj I believe that Presi
dent MoKinloy wants to do what is
right Hei is one of the best one of
the purest and one of thobraYeat
menu over know j h
j 1
1 rfo
> i

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