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t iDrgdby the fevD p Stearns
Copyright 1900 by American Prew Aseo
< r elation
r > 15 TJlcseod Is he that shall cat bread
K In tho kingdom of God1 His reference
f to ompenseatthl fcarroctlon < of the
Just seems to Lava led one of the com
pant to moke this remark Moses was
greatly affected by the recotnpeMc of
the reward Abraham by the city which
bath ouadatkiriB ffbU looked f or the Tca
ti G rrecUon of th6 body and Daniel ateo
> eland the resurrection with the kingdom
i f Hob JtV 10 2427 Job i1x25 27
Dan ifl 13 The thooght that the re
dcmptlon of Qod which fioho3 provided
> In Christ IB Iritcnded to fit us flat heaven
and take ua thero does not affect the be
J Hever as the greater troth that we are
redeemed by His precious blood that we
maybe fitted to reign with Him when
His kingdom shall be set up on thcart h
net V010 Dad vii 27
ICi 17HOomo for fall things are no w
t ready It may be that the man who
made the remark of the previous Terse
meant that be would boa fortunate qin
v who would be good enough to enter thewas
kingdom of God but our Lord teaches In
this parable that the kingdom Is prepared
for all who will accept the Invitation to
enter It Is like a king making ama r
rlage for his sqn and providing wedding
t garments for air who will come it being
required of those Invited that they ac
4 cept tho invitation and the robe provided
f land enjoy the kings bounty Math xxii
I j 114 No one is able to fit himself for
+ p the presence of the King but the Kin gfal
+ provides everything and sends oat His
invitations saying Comeforan is
A ready Compare carefully the gracious
Invitations in Isa 1 18 Iv 1 2 Math
xi 2S80 Rev zrll 17 and John 111 10
I rirIn the first illustration of Gods rcdemp
> tlon In the Scriptures the coats of skins
r obtained by the sh ddlngof blood the
1 F I Lord provided all and tho only thing re
quired of guilty Adam and Eve was to
e discard their own efforts tho fig leaf
apronS and accept the Lords provision I
Gen ill 21 They did not help tho I
Lord one whit to obtain those robes
v 18 And they all with one consent bc
rgan to make excuse They despised His
invitation and His kindness They
I i mocked the messengers of God and de I
prophf f
f eta II Chron ravi 10 They be J
lieved not in God and trusted not In His
salvation they did flatter Him with 1
witf I
their tongues Fa Ixxviil 2230 He
° name unto Ills own and His own re
I and the world was made by Him and t
l the world knew Him not John i 10
11 The despisers of this parable like
Adam and Eve hidIng among the trees of
t between Him and thdmselves This first
despiser talks of a piece pt croui Uwhlcb
V needs his Inspection not considering ode
the earth Is the Lords and only by His
grace was the money with which he
f bought it in his possession Self Is first
r In his case
f 10 This excuse is as weak as ando
JL JMP TFj IT iii Iliii In liiiji land without see
t T lag It or to buy oxen without proving
them It is another case of being self
r occupied self centered and despising the
> Iklad invitation Tho cattle on a thou
< ndhlllsare His and Ho giveth life 0
to all creatures and even these dumb
creatures put their owners to shame for
lt Is written The ox knoweth his iowner
and the ass his masters crib but Israel
doth not know my people doth not con
jtoka Ic U 8e 10
aqvSAnd aoothe eftid 1 bavo married
a wtte van t t theMe l cannot come
IaIGeI4id fl try have tits dryy land
f with gtasgherbe end trees then all
I reattiree aad last ot all Adam and Ere
ibd tlMlr marrlaga and aQ things and
ni dreatures placed uo Jr their oontroL In
Bev six to xdr we have the marriage o L
the Lamb the last Adam and Ere and >
the whole earth tho Lords and all croa
tutee enjoying the liberty of the glory ofr
the children of God Born viiI 21 0
Thoeo who think more of their own little
farm or yoke of oxen or home affairs
than of His kingdom and glory are like 1
these despisers but those who seek first
the kingdom of God and His righteous
ness will have all these things added t o
them Math vI 33
21 Bring In hith thepoor and the
maimedand the halt and tho blind He 0
sneaks of the master of the house doing
Just what He had advised the master o f
the house where He then was to do
verse 13 Those who had possessions
having refused hla Invitation ho lu o
rites those who have no possessions t <
nothing of this world to entangle them
In chapter rlif24 25 He taught that it oi
i p was eery difficult for those who have the
riches of this world to obtain the riches C
of the kiugdonl The gospel obtains
more nsn rule from among the poor
4 chapters Iv 18 vII 22
a 22 Yet there is room With Him Isc
plenteous redemption Ps cxxx 7 Ho
e r Is not willing that any should perish butc
that all should come to repentance PetI
III 0 He will have all men to be saved
wand to come unto the knowledge of the
truth giving to all the gracious enconr
I agormnt Him that cometh to Me I will
in nowise cast out I Tim II 4 John
187 There Is room for all who will
come from any part of the world But
1 But1oW c
beard the Invitation Are we faithful
who have been put in trust wIth the gos
pel I These 114
23 Compel them to come In Notc
only from the streets and lanes which are
4 full of people > but from the highways and
hedges we are to gather them by going
after them and lovingly and earnestly
i ve are to constrain them True it Is thoc
Spirits work to convlnco of sin but Ho
I tttea men and women as His messengers
c I and as we go with the invitation and
1sonio believe and somo bpllcvo hot jve c
I r have the comfort of knowing that all
+ that the Father giveth to Christ shall
11 1 coma to Sim John w487 C
24 Tbo e Who having beard refuse
will be Shut f tand terrible IS the fan
guage used concerning such Pror 124II
27It Tbew 17 9 fWhUe His salvation
s fully iirovMed and freely given by Him
i t all whocoale to iHIm and all such shall
bet to His kingdgryet there are specs al
> iriTlleg r and honors for those who ore
fHifilb > HiE w bole hearted disciple c
f vt tis He pppakf in the rest of this
I r mss flee I Cor III H IrS j
br 4
b tJr
r 7 it f t
7i o < I1i rj
I IL Ifiit t Ha ftt >
f 1 Nt 1 IIIj ij1
t r i 1 i
7 r I
t I j k < I I l
l n
< r
w tnf t r
r i 1
L iI kl
7Ioj iIfV1t l
Toplo1 ier the Week Beataslaa Out
irfUesi eat fey Revs sn I > oyle
3V > na taui the talieloaary the secret of tli
HcceM 4I Tin IT U Ojoartcriy tal doo rr
setla 4
Paul waa site first and groe test mls
tslon0J7the world bas over hal1He
preached tbo gospel on two continents
ho stood before kings and slaves ho
persuaded philosophers and peasants
and was remarkable in establishing n
large number of strong and vigorous
churches In the principal cities of his
day Awaiting too end of his life beD
seeks to Inspire Timothy to a faithful
ministry bynn appeal to his own
faithfulness and by the prospect of the
splendid reword which ho has Imme
diately in view Pauls example should
Inspire nil missionaries of tho cross
and tho secret of his great success Is
worthy our most careful and earnest
study It Is not hard to find The dIe
tinguishing characterbtlcg of this emi
nncnt apostle which crowned his labors
with success stand out prominently in
his long and eventful career and maY
bo read and known of oil men In Jlriri
reliance upon God ho threw his wb010
being into his work stopping at no
sacrifice not even at the sacrifice of
bis lifts and success came It will
como to all who emulate his example
In these respects
was guided by the Holy Ghost Tho
Holy Ghost rafted Paul to his Impor
0tnct office and work anti no man ever
placed himself more completely under
itho control of tbo Spirit than did Paul
Where the Spirit said 0C00 N ho went
Where tho Spirit said StnyN ho staid
His was a Spirit filled and a Spirit di
torrectal life Such lives will be success
ful In missionary work
2 Paul was successful because be bo
Itcvcd his message Pauls faith was
Intense It was burned Into his very
being He kept the faith whether fac
lug kings or subjects Jews or gentiles J
life or death Faith Is an essential ele I
ment In missionary success We must
have faith before wo can have con
S Paul leas successful because of his I
iabllity to adapt himself to all men and
to all classes and conditions of life HeI
was all things to all men in a noble I
and lofty sense To the Jews ho ways
Jew to the weak he was weak to theC
strong be was strong Ho adapted blmC
self to all people with whom he aIDej
tn contact that ho might win them to I
Christ Adaptability to the life of
those with whom we labor is absolute
Lv essential to missionary success
t Pauls earnestness cbatelbntea to
his success As earnestly u the eon
testant strove In the games or the rung
net ran In the race so he labored zeal
ousiy and untiringly In the cause which
rho loved We must not only strive
agonise to bo saved ourselves but
must throw this same spirit into our
efforts to load others to Christ It wo
would be successful
cs Pauls self denial was aa element
In his success Paul sacrificed all for
Christs causehome country personal
ambitions cherishcdtbcliefs comforts
and at last life itself No missionary or
missionary worker ever succeeded
without a spirit of self denial unless
bo was willing even to be offered up
for Christs sake
THE xKAYEn aaasmo
IHaO a biographical missionary meet
lug with papers or addresses non the
lives of missionaries who have been
earnestsuccessful + t
zgActs xiiI 13 xv 25 20 SvtfTsjo j
Cor Ui 510 Is 1022 II Cor xU 2333
Hcb sL 3G40 c
< a
Mrs Josio Brown of St LouIs
who bas been the guest of her sister
L Gatewood loft for Bus llville
her former bomb Sunday where
she will visit friends nnd relatives
She will visit Bowling GreeniFrahk
lin nnd other points before returning
to St Louis
Much Interest was taken > in the
trustee election Saturday anid more
votes were polled than ever beforo
In a similar election WHHamBrown
was elected and n poll tEc of100
was also voted f iSfe
There will be but one class in
heaven the pure in heart and one
class in torment tho Impure in
heart i I
All mothers are earnestly re
quested to bo at the school limscI
Friday morning October 19 And re
main from 900 to 1200 oclOck This
hour is arranged as many say they
can not come in the af ternooaf DoI
come mothers J and enjoy a treat
Our aim is to do all we can to honor
and encourage mothers 1
Pursuant to a call the colored
voters met at tho school house on
r 1
Y U 4t
IAl1d Rest for
Tired Mothers
In a warm bath with CUTICURA SOAP and a single anointing
with CUTICURA purest of emollients and greatest of skin
cures This Is the purest sweetest most speedy permanent
and economical treatment for torturing disfiguring itching
burning bleeding scaly crusted and pimply skin and scalp
humors with loss of hair of Infants and children and is
sure to succeed when all else fails
of C el Ok i lUll of d > CBIWPM Oonnww MMX U
iiBI7 aa4 M cvnwu IMITBIT fa > 114
tM WeoiL AxauSreiNdsc t hn IMITBITwh lvnn nHCI
XDCaesCVxfSaMHgw8ua AJlaIIou au IlealpKu4HakfitCo
the evening of Thursday the 4th
Inst The meeting was called to or
derby J B Hawkins who stated
the object as well as the necessity of
snch an organization The election
of officers resulted as follows
JB Hawkins President Simon
Dunlap Vice President SR Driver
Secretary J E Todd Assistant
Much enthusiasm was manifested
by all showing that the fire of Re
publicanism Is now at a white heat
and thatEarlington is earnest act
ive atid aggressive Some good talks
were made along the lines suggested
by the meeting The wide awake
editor of THE BKB and that true and
staunch Republican City Judge
Cowell were both present and gave
voice to their approval There will
be a pleasant rivalry with the other
precincts in points of numbers etc
which will organise at once Forty
five members enrolled and an honest
effort will be made to get out the full
vote of the city The club will meet
every Thursday night at the Meth
Vl t w v ikfjLJiy lywwMw VNNNNNrWNNNNilWWr NNJwmVNNrWNiiNtiNNtWNII
1Y1ii ers and Shippers of COAL AND COKE I
Gefl Office EarJfngton Kentucky
Branch dffices
S H NEWI OLD Manager
342 West Main Street
Louisville Ky
ger 201 North < Cherry
Street Nashville Tenn
ger Palmer House Broad
way Paducah Ky
OAPX T L LEE Manager
Corner Main and Auction
Streets Memphis T nn
AS iQKD Manager 827
Upper Second Street Ev
I 1
V A a
HUNT c BRO Memphis
Building SL Louis Mo
X94 Kicr Building Chi
cafe 111 I 4 I
ft t tl f j
t > I t
For all uses from Earlington Diamond and St Charles 11
v Mines R Qnly Vibrating Screens and Picking Tablet i 1 t
1 tfiI j IIi
I ii t
d 1 1 3IIARKET I
u A Rr7ET 4
rI l ti 1
1of V k JTITJp TTT
Why buy Highpriced Anthracite Coal when you can get ST BEEN
r ARI CRUSHED COKE for a much less prjceOne
t J < ton of the Crushed Coke will do the same work sj > r
r tT to f
Jl r
sone t ono f the best Anthracite Coal > v I r
I tfr r t qtY
j fJ w f J
f > f
i t x k t e
e h 1 y xf
n ryl it 1 j 1
i Ti r fity 11
Ii < iivf4 i 41Sj5 vJi S 1
t v I k
Better Than Calomel and QuinineI t
fixtlff 1 General Tonic 4 j F t t
AS r Cure for CHILLS And FEVER
Just what you need at this season oif
< 1
J 1 J
Gunrnnteod by your Druggist F >
Dont take any substitute L
50c and 100 Bottles v
odlBt church at 780
8 R DniVEn Sooy
Tho colored Teachers Association
will convene atNebo Friday Qoto
bar 12 and the following program
will be rendered
000 Opening exorcise conducted
by Rov Martin
i20 Tho Ends Attained by AlSO w
elation SV JJennlngsi
DUO Best Methods of Teaching
Writing L Gatewood 1
1000 Recess
1016 Tho Teacjjcrias Governor °
P R Cabell t
108 Object Lessons and Their
Value Miss F B Warder
106 Mental ArlthmetloMrs An
na Bradley
lltl5 Jphabet Method Why
B LTeaguo
1185 Physiology Dr O H Har
1200Noon Adjournment 1
fflO Music Singing in School S
C Mooro
Cl0Tlio Qualifications of a
Teacher County Superintendent S
R Brown
210 Primary Reading Miss Ella
Hawkins General Discussion
230Grammar and How Taught
Mrs Anna Dauchorty
245 Moral Worth of School Du
ties U S Simpson
303 Character Building MrsK
Cornelia S Steele
835School Incentives Misg L
WIns road
L Gate wood Becy
Miko Wilcox has Quit tho U M
W at last During all those months
of Idleness since the strike at Oak
Hill Mike has received the munifi
cent sum of four dollars in thirty
weeksor less than twelve cents ft
week Mike has a family and twelve
cents a week instead of the prom
five dollars a week made the rations
short When be heard that tho 4
order owes a Mortons Gap merchant
175 for provisions advanced ho was
convinced that tbewhlte brothers 1
were not toting fair that the black
man waft expected to pay dues but 11 M
was not permitted to get his share of i
the strike lands Mike knows that
the secretary of the order Campbell
fet but UO a month a cut price oK a
410 a month and he was a fool of a
black min to expect Doc Smith Jim >
Wood John Tate and the rest of the
gang would treats nigger brother
as an equal In the distribution of
rrnb Money The colored man who
Joins the U Y W In ItentueKY Is
not competent to manage his own af
fairs That mulo strike was an ox
pensive one to you Mike but Sccre
tart Campbell thrived on it It
gave him and his follow ofllcors an
opportunity of a sing tho poor
dups theorder to
dupes of the order to pay their sala
ales And expense accounts Did
you ever see these socalled expense
accounts And did Campbell ask
you to j0 on that + 4000 bond the r
ational Board demanded of him
Secretary Ryan tho Groatr6f Jill
nets hag ordered all mines in that
State to fillip no inpro coal to Decn
tur III because members of tho U
M Waiving near there want nil the
business of the town themselves
Jltnmy Wood the LittIG ot ICon
tuckyj should now issue a call and
order all Hopkins county mines to
stop chipping coal to HomlorBon that I
the JJaekitt minors whoso price he
cut five cmt per ton could have
the Ifendor on htSinoHB Crokors tY
IcflTruutiln Now York In Crokorstj
when compared with tho Labor
Wives and children nro getting
hungry Iii JonnBylvnnln Ignorant
foreigners who cntmot speak R word
p J English are marching to tho >
mfJlea which have continued to work
and intimidating tho honest men
who rtre making a living for wives
and JmbloH Those creatures ofr
Mitchell Co carry American flags
as they iryirch mi Insult to the flag
which should walvo over free men
Only mon who work for whom they
please men who never say I wont
work and you shan work
Rev W GK Galbroath preached
for us Thursday and Friday nightsj
Rev John Jones olpsod hfc moot
lug last Sunday Four were added
Mrs jffeifry Collins and a child of
iMrt Anna jQhnrf6nik up again
A young lAdy from Nashville I a
quite sick at the home of Molford
lf ear n ton ti
r The OhrlstfahH should attend
Martha Davis Is very ill
k t 1d
rK 1 4 d v
dt r7o I
I IjrJ tri 1 > 1
f f tr
Ii 7 Jr 1 f
if Iitr
v r c t
i c z i S tf r
> h
t ii
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