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4rirA rr 1 I ti
4 i
of the bent and most honorable citizens
I of Louisville that Loulsvlllo was theIr
homo that their property and Interests
were located In that city and they wero
t as much bound by ties of affection to
tho people and best Interests of the ctrl
g as any of Its residents They woro used
friendf s the I
f I jenemy would have you believe that the
t Governor of tho Commonwealth was a
military tyrant They seem to f e rgot
r 1 that while tlio Governor is commn ra or
k Inchlpf ol the Stntq forces and may bo
ordered by the Legislature in Unto
arto assume actlvo command
r Jh the field that ho Is at all tlme s
f thX Chief Magistrate thev chief peace
offlcerpt the State charged with th6
ttfflstUutlpnal duty of peeing that the
lawSjaf jexeputeil and for ouch purpps
1i few0pjDy thimiUtaryi TheycondSu
tfijiuavernor seyerelyinthlscasebscause
3fa as mea ersonal command and diJ
inqt turn pvor the troops to the 1 poal
r r Pfftcdi facers notwithstanding at Ida
Vita had been filed before him by a
> number of reputable Democratic cm
zens that the local peace officers could
t j xiojtr pe trusted Sixty per cent of
j these State Guards were sol
dlera who had gone from Louis
pliJe Into the army during the wara
iSplln and who pn their return were
given the grandest reception and wereof
I tontLecity ever gave
I r They forget that tho statute Is not
J mandatory that it does not declare that
oJ1h9 Gpvrnor SHALL place the ml jtijj
f in the hands ot certain local authorities
but declares that he MAY do It leaving
the matter entirety in his discretion
I It would be a remarkable statute which
In the teeth of the constitution should
SrpvfdOi that the thief peace officer of
r the Commonwealth however unfit byo
prejudlcqC tie
C + local authorities might be should be
compelled ° to place troops In t elrthol
chargei i There have been Instances into
thiS State which demonstrate that the
l themr
r solves bo engaged In strife with others
t ana that to turn over thereto
them would result only Ilc enabling
ahem to crush thou enemies rather t lane
c i f taalntairi the peace To say that the
Goyernor may only call the jnllltla Into
1 action to turn them over tp of irSI
would be to say that fee may direct
J 1
i And hero I may digress for II moment
t 1 tojigay that no fault was foundar
ti the Governor for placing troops in the
r at thp rjgqlest of a Democratic Colonel
ti oftke State Guard in 1897 There waGo
I i Mayor Jacob tailed out the troops forpre
t going to Louisville as ho is reported fnand
z t CourierJournal as saying for the
S vjcftjin defiance of the local authority
5 or Goy Brown who being unwilling
1 werf t to
rfLoulsvllle to take charge of the soldiers
of sato
t fgr Democratic Governors to Jgiiore tHe w
t I local authorities and take command d o1ha
troldleer8 but It is all wrong for a Rep uU Q
llcan Governor It is even all right for I as
I asa
t pt a Democratic commander to pl aceoclock
troops in the armory on election day ar
butiftll wrong to place them under com wj
1 < mand pf a Republican officer on elec ha
t J
But it is also complained thats
State Guard of Louisville was improp fr
erly created by the Governor ThaT
r Governor cannot have a company mus
S i terefe Into the service unless the Co tintrig
ty Judge should certify to him his con
sent and endorsement In other words an
g the County Judge is the superior of thecertain
him for protection rather than the le
Chief Executive of the State Under the
13v the Governor may on his ownof
jtianmuster State Quards Into the ser
thes may Df co
I I recbmmend such a step and the ovy DQ
f error comply with his request J
YOU have been told that Immediat slyIt
ImmedlatehL ln
cdln Louisville and rifles ammunition w
and terrible Gatllng guns were shipped wer
ri there for the purpose of carry the
Ing the election for the Republicans lC
There never was a more Infamous false De
fIho uttered and
You are aware of the fact that w tonvoles
troops wero needed for the Spanish warvotes
SpanishKentucky th roeseined
e f regiments qf infantry There were on
Jy three regiments In the State Guards the
authorityII of tfl 1
II A Congress directed that State Guard reg cra
fments should be given the prefere belace
c None of the regiments were full but
each one volunteered and was recruited vot
to Its full capacity The consequence had
Was that the State Guard was destroyed I so
for the time Knowing from tho past Co
history of the State that at any time that
soldiers might be needed to maintain Ta
< the peace and that they had been or val
i iganzed and maintained for many years V
y asa necessary adjunct to the police nni
1 force the Governor immediately went ers
4 tp work to supply their places and pear
knowing that this city was more Ha ble the
t to riot than other portions of the State not
organized the first company in Louis sbo
vllle This company was refused the toned
r use of the armory by order pf the col 1 pre
one of the First Kentucky and Judge boo
over ltJ and the Governor concluded 17148
desire State Guards that he Would I 501
FI muster put the company which he 10010
l did Companies wero formed at Lox 80
J ingtoh Pewee Valley Bowling Green in
S r and Frankfort Ho didall In his I sho
power to organize and equip the I ago
p0521110s but fort
s d there was much annoyance and delay I sands
in obtaining from the Government S u as and
an ether equipments to replace those i Rep
1carried into the army The Board of er I
IT racle of Louisvlllo feeling the zinc ea vote
clr rfs that
I vjfnt to work to obtain an amo Y1 ed
S l In which they were foiled fort quite PPE
IthU by the local authorities tnui
S ta 1t However the neiw regiment was mus Rep
< mt m e I lidopCe
I 1 Ipubinent
linen Eygry off grt was made to equip twelve
u it And other ebmne a of the Secf
+ v 2 ondl And Mlrd 1t f ment which had DEI
r t ta Ye1 rmld dn d 1f rMporttpns of the t
ro all w i T pq1lpnt qld I1Qt a rr i vet speech
belq ij sfiQt tlfa rQfor 1Pe eleetl i1 pf t
5 I prpmpilyfptirwrdcatio The t
t be Jrlp1p b eo plaint Ist GO ifested
camc it U6 ondes
c ± itilIA gt or anhtitiQn LoS l Stato
t j t
S S 7l4t J
+ l 1f 1 I 1 flt
t I tr Jt
f wn k
lavlllo and which had been removed toder
the State arsenal after the Legion had
gone into the army When tho a r mo
ry wos obtained they were returned to
the place they belonged which could
not have boon done until that time as 1
there was no place to store them
It has always been customary vto
equip the guard with necessary ant ipjl
nltion After the bid First Regiment
had volunteered a large amount of am
munltl6n In the armory was removed
to Frankfort The Governor went to
Lpulfevllle by Invitation to speak ou
Saturday night before the election ex
parting to go from there home on the
following day or to another point
to spas On Monday If found ne 903
sortnary iy the committee Jie failed on
Sunday 16 make th Q necesSary ooh flee
jtlon and was detained In the city
Mean lUehf was asked to remain over
and speak on Monday night at thepe
ndltorlu which he agreed to dp if hfl
ltlcOIIh be provided traisportatlon In
time to reach home on Tuesday to vote
Which was arranged Great excitement
developed In tM city hourly The May
3r ft4 issued a proclamation which 1
was Interpreted by many as being a I
menace rather than an effort to jeep
tho peace On onday the Democratic
commissioners removed settle seventy or
hadnot b jJntlQes
notarced Upon by the Republicans Indof
lidoapppftltgd others In their places who
were npt Of their faith and would co t
operate with the doe el Democrats iln
Preventing a fair election This pro
duced the most intense excitement In
rife hearing of the Governor anumbcr
of the leading men of the city declared
that it was necessary for them to go to 5
the polls armed In order to pros rvestlam
their suffrages and that they Intended at
to do so Affidavits were jflled stating
that the local peace officers were in a
conspiracy to prevent a Lair election
an d that owing to the state of pub
Ito mind riot and bloodshed was fn tort
neut Inflainatory articles had appear
ed In the newspapers In view of those
speak and ordered the regiment w Ichused
I think numbered only about 200 into bu
the arjnory for the purpose of keeping fa
the Peace giving them the strictest In be
structjons They were allowed tosho
ahoy did not go in uniforms or withers
ONgunsni sight of a polling place In the wa
city during the time the election wall ao
being held They did not go out of the
withmory In uniforms except to go to a Qx
ho exatel
day I was appealed to for troops to go mc
to several polling places to make the cla
n4ebel Democrats cease their dilatory stj
tactics and frauds by which they were
preventing many persons from voting Of
and in other respects to take part In the asj
election This I refused most positive COJ
necessaryli jgv
cation was sent to me by Judge Toney
saying he had Issued an order to ad
mit Inspectors to witness tho count Dli
which was being ignored and which
Guards were then ordered to procceJoh
assist in the enforcement of the Judges of
order The opting was concludedwhe
p mbut
butm tit
had been aoandoned because the untdueed
acethe nqt
single man in or take a single
CourierJ oar any
Hal published n fhcetfous article ah ow Hl1
trig how they had marched up qle iIl voto
absolus rely tia
realization of the fact that the con d uCallots
ofthe aoldlers had been alarming In thr
Democrats had remained stray from the Cr
pojs Kn
it was stated by the Contest Board ocr
rattheir opinion that 8600 Democrats file
who would have voted for Mr Goebel con
were prevented from voting because vot
they salt that of tho total registered cou
d1Jr Goebel received only 13400 to
votes while Taylor received iC65G Dem
votes Therefore the Republicans It
gained 2855 votes over the number reg + can
Istered and the Democrats lost 8600 of I was
thonuIpbcr registered and that nlfeLlted
those who did not vote were Demo and
Goebel t8and would have voted for Mr I elec trul
If Taylor had received no Democratic I In
votes and ilia entire Democratic Drat not
been for Goebel there might bet der
some force In the statement of the j ernll
Commlssloncrs brit when It is known IYouns
thousands of Democrats voted for I prhll
Taylor and urown their statement IsG01
valueless > j wtl
When a voter costs his balldtheere his secret
hisot 1
name Is marked on the registered v otI
betble oreyou
Legislative committee which rasethe
showed that of the Louisville regisoie
vote wIth the exceptfon of so meplrit
precincts in which the registration Lreprcs n
books could not be found there w 1yaurc
20610 Democrats and ot lhese
In the same localitiess
om I by s
Republicans registered of whomq
voted being a little more than f quires
percentage of Josathe
the Republican veto was t has the
shown to IJe greater than the percents II
oor Democratic loss It was there says
plainly demonstrated that thou n
aandsor Democrats voted for Taylor clslon
Republicans falling to vote was grc atvernally
than that oC the Democrats falling toh
must not be torgotten
the CourierJournal openly charg should
that there was a largo number of Hut
Democratic political marauders and w nt
murderers in the city working for the all
ficpubltcllns It was claimed with con 43000
< e before the election that the Re entire
publicans would carry the city byf romtenth
ve to fifteen thousand plurality one
have npftced lately a published in the
dinycrU6 tor m r to u
asn waprior in Ga7llaf out the1 And
9 qao 4 4t HUt rWt FHB Kbft ornd
k t if
fII1ftI zp
1 1
der It is that one wTio has such
n splchdld record as a warrior
should look With contempt upon
lesser lights Not only Is he < 9
bloody but also a financial warrior The
agcl1Arg of Binlclnvii pales Into ins tynlf
the bank at St Albans Thjs Is not the
first time that a warrior lifts removed
his boots and said
htVhO oer shall dare these lootsw
place x
placedyed Bombastes face to face <
But he says that I made dlrsful
threats on that occasion andn
drcn of the city of Louisville Tb thlsm
splendid audience of ladles and gentle
men I will propound a question and I
wil al no
is lbls sia44mMit trf With 1068p
city In my favor further response seoiris
ui n cessadf t
Bradley iss ieU an order for the troops
capIns tui t +
0th1tiCln eraed
Warrior Young knew this to be tints
lioj Jtncw that the only order given was
to execute tho orders of a Democratic
Judge at high character who refused to
worthy to unloose
But no one should think strange 1Ot
Young He Is so constituted that lie
cannot correctly think and talk sit mt
taneously There was once a little steam
or with a small boiler and a largeC
tie When the whistle blew the boat
tlfnged ° 1
IVuUng tIC r
Young when he thinks he Is unabcm
talk when ho talks ho Is unable tb
think for ho has npt the mental cS1U
bro to do both at the same time This
being true ho should be pitied rn hortuLe
than blamed
cratlc speakers that troops may not bo
purrlnlo oBC
but Judge Cooley in his constitutional
used on such occasions when ttthis
shown that the ordinary peace ford
Insufficient to prevent threatened cdls9
was shown that the police force c oilth
not be relied on for tiny purposet
thatto tK
exa cmination
the contest failed to show a si raffleMfr
byt the
with all tho energy and act lYltthese
assisted by the police not pne such mi n
facts the entire vote of the city ofc
isville Republicans and Democrats wasbox
11excluded from the count
N aw as to the counties ot Ma tln
nson and Magofiln The statem eatsey
witnesses was contradictory aspr
whether or not the vote could be de
atthere i f
t there waS not a single voter pro
tluccll wire stated that he waS dote rretluce
from voting on acoount of tltoba dehot
ono that a single vote was lost pr
gained by either party by reason of len
ballot or that fraud was resorted to In
way and the proof showed canD
sively and without question that the
substaai i
prebe J
ceding three or four elections Inth
on the election and no ctndl d teDut
aprejudiced In the slightest dest
uCallotssimilar to those tine f 1ncl
three Republican counties were ehSt
Cracken Powell BreathXtt Wolfe
Knott Bracken and perhapsother Dem
flirting as to whether or not the votea
could bo seen from the back but the
votes In all of these counties waces
use thin ballots but all right tor
counties Democrat and RepuU11to
tented by the votes in these beau teayou
L9ulsv111a has been declLe
truthfully miy ttiet hid no varce C
that election Mr Beckham Is
isI f
deprived of the right to vote And theGoebel
groatcst outrage ot all Is that Warm
Young was deprived of his price rRr in m
privilege How It can e possible f ir 1
Governor to be elected In this Stap
withput his potent aid will remain u l cd
et for all time
fifthrase of tI
the taxes o k the State and are thoc
metropolis sot you had no more er
Flitme Lipthi
and thus you are taxed without l
fcpresen aUon and governed with out ej
yourcpn3ont The same is true of theclsion
e mountain counties It Is true theIJ
constitution says elections shall bo held he
secret ballot It Is true the statute re v0
white paper sufficiently thick that dr
printing can not bo distinguished tn
that too Intention of the v otersome
IIu rai
hior en tlc
uniformly hold that tho requirements leI
almostat unln
whento no ttto
d or error was shown the vote de
ror ale
tliaf lt Was proper to throw out Call
tios0 votes numbering more than orf
and constituting onertehth of the PQ1
tenth of the State when the con stl NC
ejected by the VOTERS Op THE J
fap alt ma
Slatsaa IICOl
nottruo that ithe voter was compelled dOb
usitfiesQ ballots or tolGJ1IsV01e1 Oiqi
vofns Vlr
RtU 9St3 Q ihertered 1YJg1 14Q trial
I r
wj j < t
t 4
military and prevented a fair election
was not that lira act of an officer ot
the State for whlph the Voter was not
rpcponslblo and should thoso who were
franchised Let Mr Cooley the most
eminent authority on constitutional law
In this country answer the question
At star page GIG ho says If any ac
tlon was required of the authorities pro
llrulnary totho etccllon and that which
dieas taken was not such as to give ALL
the electors opportunity to participate
and no mode Was open to tho electors
b y which the officers might bo com
pelled to nct U would seem that mch
neglect constituting it would the dls
franchlsemeht of the excluded electors
must on general principles render the
whole election nugatory for that can
Inol bo called an election or the ex pres
nosion of tho popular sentiment when a
wmpart of tu eJectors haehepn lUT
to be heard and the otherg j without be
ing guilty ohfraud or negligence have
been excluded
Again at star page G21 he says
+ + + Or at by f lots or otherwise le
gal voters are intimidated and prevent
ed from voting the election
110should bo set aside altogether as hay
ing failed In the purpose tor which it
was called To tho same effect Is the
decision of the Kentucky Court of Ap
citednot by
Judge Cooley
So even if tho charges relied on were
true the only honest action that could
crierave been token was to order another
election and allow the voters of the
mtwhol State to select their rulers
boatWhen the committees were selected
1to try the contests tho two houses had
138 members of these 53 wero Rep lbOr
rrlorllcans and 10 nntlGoobal Democrats
toaking 63 and 7G Gocbel Democrats > a
committees of pnlj 12 Yet when the
lute the Governors committee and nine
G oebel Democrats and two I3epuU11 cans
constituted tho Lieutenant Governors
oBCcommlttea In other words on tho two
analcommittees were nineteen Democrats
and three Republicans Mr McQuown
In a recent speech undertook to excuse
this by referring to the uncertain at
commlttcdls9 coinpearl
itrho LowlsMcChord contest In the that
sUtuUonal Convention Ho statedri
th ere were Ell Democrats and 14 Ire pub
Ucans In that convention and Yet ththe
blcommittee was about equally dlv lded
10Mr McQuown Is mistaken MTThere
82 Democrats and 18 Republicans In that
body and the committee was composed
comyeti hfoty
asan that
hhtl3 ueon fully explained by many otheen
ers and Is understood by the people
1UgocneraUy Sufllce it to say It was dim
7ascult to find Republican names In theg
box and easy to find pemocrata I do
not chargo that It was fraudulently
done rather should I think It was dono
by mere slightofhand which at astwas
commends Itself tor remarkable adroit
ness These committees made reports
tlnithout giving any facts upon w hichand
they wore based and the Leglsl aturoting
proceeded to vote at once withoutm
ement or reading one line of the more
th an 1700 pages of typewritten teat tno
ovle viwhy
may know what are the facts or at
least may make a show of Tfairness
Inhere They knew that dOQbel was a
Democrat and Taylor was n Republican
held In your city in November last and
memIt mem
But these conscientious Democratic
grecatesmen In the Rouse although < 1 °
theuing that no election was held for
State officers on account of intlmlda
tlon and on that account disfranchising
all your people during the same session
decided that there was an election forg
sumclent number ot Republican e to
rob two Republican members of their U
other words the Democrats were soe
11dly scared that their allure to vote
fn the Governors race renderedo
torelectldn void while in tho other races
iza the seating of Democrats as legisla
tors who had been repudiated by thelg
voters othls city So It turns out that
oared f the
aredgislature but nonQ tar Governor s
canAgain soldiers woro called out in c
ceCovington on the day of the election 1 °
werousslstfu the service of process but Mr
GOellel having obtained a mnjorit Yere
wasrfo 0
mad9 It was all right tp have sold thelers
rRrCovington but all wrong to have
Hem in Louisville In the trial at these h
foiecontests rules of evidence were vl slata
sufficient time refused conies tees tl
Introduce their testimony and more
than one thousand witnesses not allow a
edlo testify Truly this was a wends riotman
trial and will go dqwn in history as u
one among ten thousand and altogcth 4
lovely But we are told thatal
this conduct was endorsed by the courts
deny that one hind of justification orsl
Itwa alleged in Taylors petition that h
hohad received the greatest number of J
votes cast In the race for Covertcri
drawn that ho was not allowed toar
troduco his testimony that many m em aro
rs of time commltteo wero partial and
some of them interested that noa CU wh
IriQtTf was allowed him that the evlv
once t wevAS
legations were not met by a denial and
tilai had on thomerits In order tUattvhn
< troth mlght its manllestedi but ri
deinurror Was Interposed and on te
effect of that demurrer was that a v 1bJot ar
nU these charges were true the Vinlair
Assembly had complete and final lair
power over the subject and Its action dt
could not be reviewed by the courts for
Judge Field time Kentucky Court ofome
Appeals except Judge DuRelle and a 1
majority of the SI1P rem e Court decided lng
thutahe demurrer was well taken No frE
comiheld evidence that Mr she
Gogbet was elected No court decided C
tar h Q
drawn No court decided that a fair form J
r t 7
w Theas
onjy decision was that tho notion of the
andrnot su
dishaut premo they seek to excuse themselves
by saying that they have In nil things
resorted to the forms of law This wo
have seen In every Democratic newspa
per and heard from every Democratic
st ump On this statement all stand
agreed They did resort to tho FORMS
or wtorms without spirit shadows
without substanceforms which pro
vented an exposure of their rottenness
their case TIle Savior of Mankind was
tried under the forms of law but that
fact Instead of Justifying his crucifixion
rendered his accusers Infamous for all
But In response to all charges
Denloaratlc oratprs have one answer
They point to the assassination of Mr
G oebel and holding up his bloodstain
ed garments conjure the multitude to
condone their crime of grand larceny
No man condemns that assassination
more Ulan I No man baths more the
cowardly outrage The man or men
who are guilty deserve the most con
dlgn punishment Between Mr Goebcl
and myself there was no bitterness
Our personal relations were of the most
agreeable character I do not hesitate
to say that ho was a man of fixed con
vlctlous reckless courage and a high
order of Intellect Ho was In truth In
comparably superloY In every way to
those who surrounded and advised
him 1
During his campaign ho said Uiat he
would not It elected sign any act
which repealed the election naw but
Justified It on every stump But now
Legslatected are In
session called for tho express purpose
of Unending and altering that law his
pretended friends who are preparing
to erect a monument to his memory
should place upon it this Inscription
Wo endorsed him while living but
now that ho is gone and can bo of no
tineCUrther service to us we will repeal or
substantially change the law that bears
hiors m less
but because wo love ourselves more
If trite Is a good law aa stated by
of11r Deckhamln his message why ex
lnpenc1 5100DOO for n special session to
thatght or change Us provisions Is It
right that the people should be taxed
this large sum simply because some onoot
jfy Mends this was not the reason for
hatoold that the only appeal from the ac
sedItlon of the last legislature was to the
people That appeal was being mado
Tho conspirators who procured tho paa
hatsago Of this law saw tho people who had
Leon outraged and disfranchised were
oylerising In their might to condemn
them at the polls The clouds Iverobeon
mutterlngs of Indignation were heard
like the rolling of distant thunder thoInJ
lightning of tho peoplesC
was about to descend when Mr
Beckham and Ills advisers a I1ghton
and undertook to abate tho fury by al
to ting the Instrument that brought so
much trouble and disgrace on the Cora
monwoalth But If the law was ongorerr
if indeed forgiveness was being sought
goods But this they will never do <
etBut olo a
horse and wont to tho deacons of thets
church and besought them to pray Godnow
themI Bo
foro you can hope for forgiveness youhavo
a11must return the property Oh well
he replied Mister I dont want to doIng
that what I want Ja to be forgiven and
allowed to keep tho hoes
thotic I
Whofor Is TO 1
sponslble for the foul assassination of
Informed declined to make the contest
and by an accident was prevented from
yrgoing West and was on the next day
finally persuaded to change his mlndP
leadt era of
what is called the tieckham wing of theBilt
Democratic party have been guilty of J
tho perpetration of a long line of unthen
lawful acts They have defied bUcaU
opinion they have attempted to rawtor
ator t tho
General Assembly they have catered to H
tho spirIt of the mob they hays glare CJ
gorged the constitution and trampled It
theyf havo 0
theyrror have C
stolen tho offices which the people de P
creed should go to others If It boIn
true ni contended by them that Mr J1
GooTJel was killed by Republicans whaI
wore Incensed against him on account II
Oj the contest which his advisors induced tof
thenhave their of
long lino of unlawful conduct their rob 0
bert Of fellow cltlzcns their tram punsvocato
ujon the expressed will qf tho people of
their frauds and wrongs committed tli
under the forms of law wero tho us
causes which lead to the taking of hu v
man life and the blood of Mr God bol Is m
upon their hands They should bo In n
dieted and convicted by public opinion cJ
Bide the grave of their martyred leader
and swear eternal hate to the teIUCllt
thatpublican party which they nay caused ve
his assassination I deny that tho dment
publican party la guilty of this foul thE
crime and with the Courier Jou rani
say that those who committed th ethat
e alone responsible f
But I will ask you to comp with mot
4L000r 4 IsjorJly
evifranchised citizens of this CQmmonCJ
althmCnwhofn nUltrequfrefl enthey
sUfutQ true manhood are equal to any 10
who ever lived men who are governed I10
atvlthout their consent men who are dot
taxed without representation men whs In1
withopal wUeNqman
1Vin our he
rilr State which vas placed there by I de
iondMtignlns men whd1n their greed 1r e1
office have not 6niy forgotten their a r
forgottendotty duoUrobablo
CommonwealthD 2 °
555 She
Come and let mo show you the bleed hUE
codIng 1
tinegNo power
by polished blades of
blin14tr cis of those whom hat
had cherished and protected our
Carnal Cornel t and assist In binding cha
trateto Tat01
from the deer And In N et her t
trouDr 10 JYh
did oret adorn that the people of all i
rtfes may once more kneel and Vor
J3rtlcI rf T
tmlp her
iPdo not charge that the Democratic
party Is responsible for these outragot
In L It are thousands who do not
endorse such notion I charge that the
conspirators who concocted these mia
crnblo schemes sad engaged In this eon
tlnuous violation of law arc alono ro
sionslble Mr Beckham voted for that
bill was a party to all tho wrongs com
mltted and ho Is Its beneficiary Hence
pgoplo of Kentucky
No mart who voted against Mr Goobcl
can afford to voto for Mr Beckham Jf
ho could not vote for Mr Goobol be
alicause of tho passage of tho bill nnd the
conduct ot those who had It in chargo
before the election in 1899 ho surely
cannot now vote for Mr Beckham after
the machine has been put iu full opor
often and the disfranchisement of tho
people accomplished
There are Important national issues
now confronting the people but Import
ant as they are they mustln Kentucky
be subordinated to those which are of
such tremendous local importance Our
first duty te to break tho shackles that
bind us so that we may exercise tho
most sacred right of freemen tho right
to vote and have that veto counted f
But I cannot refrain from contrasting
the last four years of Democratic rule
with tHfc administration new drawing
to a close During the former periodr
property of every description materially
declined In value interest was high
money was hoarded 47 per cent of I
tho wage workers wero Idle compared
with which the present strikes nro ns
tho mole hill to tho mountain Mann
facturles were closed BO much so that
there was but ono grant prevailing nb
sorbing tract necessitated nnd that was
tho American Soup Trust DuringI
that limo Individuals banks railroads 1
indeed every character of Business was
mortgages Wero being steadily multi t
plied we wero constantly Increasing
our National debt and were unable
to liquidate our Indebtedness to for
belgn countries In tho midst of thld
Qteartul condition the stoutest hearts
toalmost failed We wore then told
by Mr Bryan that the cause ot all
this trouble was the demonetization
ot silver > that the amount of money
in circulation would decrease that
when silver went down every product
of the farmer would follow and that U o
aconly salvation was Its restoration Wo
were toltl by him that gold was n cow
nrd and It war should come upon tho
ptuination It would skulk nnd hide Involv
Ing us In commercial disaster
weroBut we hero lived to sea all th or
prophecies fall Tho gold standard has i
bcon more firmly fixed prosperity tilts
attended every business department
War has visited us but notwlthstand i
lns all this the Spaniards haro been
driven from Cuba tho glory of Amorl t
cas arms has been manifested
on land and sea from Cuba
to the Forbidden City of tho
Chinese Empire and America has I
shown herself tho first nation of tho
world Horses cattle hogs sheep and
erect product of tho farm has Increased
In value In many instances moro
than doubled Railroads havo gone out
of the hands of receivers mortgages t
aUavo been cancelled manufacturing hasI
theIken resumed now plants erected and
now interests developed tho dream of
10 cent cotton has been realized wages
cent In nearly every industry amount
Ing last yar to 765000000 moro than
in 1896 surplus instead of deficits nro
now shown In our revenues our excess
ot exports over Imports is mora than
three times as great as under Demo
erotic rule money may bo borrowed
in New York for 2 Uz por cent Interest
and every cloud that overhung us then
has vanished before the blazing sun of
romRepublican prosperity
But It Is said by some that treosllrcrI
Is no longer nn Issue If this bo true
then It has been demonstrated beyond
aU doubt that Mr Bryan la neither doc
tor nor diagnostician that his
thojudgmt was wholly at fault hi lSlGt
and if ho could not bo trusted then ho t
issue Mr Bryan like Ephrlam is Joln
od to his idols and in his letter of neJ
ceplanco Ju speaking cxf limo Democratic
In order that there
may bo no un
certainty aa to the method of restoring
hablmetaUsm tho specific declaration in
favor of tree and unlimited coinage at
t other nations Is repeated Time Dem
ocratlc party remains the steadfast ad
Jted J
that other nations sliall determine for
ver to Its ancient placo as standard
TA uwAUi ItlU 3vllttlO
mined alter tho votes nro counted but iv
Tlmfltftl Tim
LdneJther the tMnAM K t
present nor the tuture po 1
IUCllt complexion of Congress has pre
ventpd or should provost an nnnounce
meat of the parties Position upon the
subject in unequivocal terms
IllSomQof those who support Mr Aryan
fiat contradiction of hie position r
that tree slIver Js not an issue and oVQn ri t
PcpublicaRs are In a ma t
jorJly In the Senate s01ithnt he cannot
wrong it he desired nndtlneroforo 1
they will support him Whenever men
e for a candidate because the only
po of safety 1s In the Party they con
damn they exhibit an absence of both
te111senCO anti can teary
Nqman cpt Sorel the result a Mr
y au selcctlon I3 p speaks truly when
says the counting of rho votes tau t
datermino it If b a shoal d rucce i
0 c n
electrecd od and in carrying with him
tajority in Congress it is more thnn
will Uave a Democratic senate
Shouldd this occur ho will
surely re
present finanClat policy na ho
repeatedly d7cia7edTe would dp Or
he ReIi ub ilea na should n5f retain
IT 1n both branches to restrain rhol
d of l
tiff Secretary of the Treasury
nged financial Policies win beVatertaTly i
Tat01l t
p t
1tx NOT it1LEp IItINh
nect yVtwo ipu

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