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r r
t g T
a ci P1GErS
r laliuy pontlnua the ppllcleH under which
the patioit has flourished moro than In
any other period of its existence BIn lIt
In ordor to allay the fears of BOUI id
money Democrats Mr Bryan has gone
out 4n search ot paramount Issues In
this undertaking kohas discovered three
each 9ne of which Is paramount to nIl
others This would bo a remarkable dli J
covet If made by any other man except
Mr Bryan Ono of these Is what ho
calls mllltaryism another Imperialist a
and tho other trusts
As to the first ho complains ot the
cite of tho standing army utterly oh
Hvious of tho fact that a war which wa S I
heartily Indorsed by him and his part
was the cause for Its Increase and that
tho present urmy was ereated by th <
votea of his own party Suppose wi
bad withdrawn our troops from Cuba
and tho Philippines and mustered out
all but tho original twentyfive thou
sand soldiers how long would It have J
required to send soldiers to China to
provent the slaughter of American citi
zens But Mr Bryan Calls to seo that
as now questions arjso and new dim
culties confront new action Is madeI
necessary Every nation must rise to I
tho gravity of every problem which con
fronts It
4 As to Imperialism it should bo dls
lussed in connoctlon < with militarism
iVhcn Dewey sunk tho Spanish fleet
1 aero was no agreement by which
morjoan honor was pledged in tho
q Ufpplnes Up to the making or the I
oaty anti its confirmation by tho Sen
e the American Government was free
withdraw its forces I was opposed
that treaty na were many other Re
jblicans At this time Mr Bryan ap
jRred upon tho scene and by his tre
fcndous Influence induced enough of
jr Democratic friends to voto for it to
urolUj ratification That treaty tl
fund this Government to pay to Spain
f 1sum of twenty millions of dollars
td pledged its faith for a period of
years to guarantee her certain prlv
e The moment that treaty was
fled tho attitude of this Government
fflxed by law Never until then
wo bound ih any way Mr Bryan
ted to Involve this country in
flng Its honor and now ho turns
tho Republican party for attempt
enforce tho rights acquired under
ry treaty ho endorsed and helped
tmako K ho honestly favored tho
t rcndcncp of the Filipinos why did
lus assist in tho purchase of their
ry 7 Why did ho cause this Nation
Send twenty millions of dollars
10 so patriotic that ho was willing
his Nation should pay twenty rail
of dollars for tho privilege of be fo
g the protector of people 8000
from home
1r y It freedom was to be given
peoplo and their territory re
l should this Government have
I its honor lor a period of ten years
I Some What wa It to this Nation
it we should not only fight to make
ip oplo free In whom wo had no inter
i it but should nfso pay twenty
J 1 i Its of dollars lor tho privilege Tho to
S 1 ot Mr Bryan Is absurd and
r f jhy a great leader But ho says
people cannot bo governed with
I i heir consent Then why did ho
r I It on buying their territory His
f spul Js moved beeauso ot the act
at these poor peoplo white and black
ro deprived ot eclfgavcrnmcnt He
oes not complain became the peoplo
ivlng in tho Louisiana Purchase wore
IIoverncd without their consent Ho
oes not complain because Jackson con 1
uered the Somlnolos In Florida and
hey were governed without their eon
I nt Ho does ntot complain because
iter tho Mexican conquest and pur J
IItbr people contained in the cadedJ
Errllory were governed without their
iscnt Nor does ho complain that
Mska has been governed without her T
Joft 110 would call CongrQss 1m j
P jdlatoly If elected and recommend C
4 lit freedom bo ghcn to tho Filipinos
d they allowed to form a government
their own In whlc wo arc to ns
me tho rolo of protector He Is not
lllng that they should be tislaycd a
pmcnt Jongof although lie knpws that
t ore than a quarter ot a century has
frequently elapsed before States were
admitted into this Union after they be
i came tho property ot the United States
that Alaska und Now Mexico for moro
than that period have not been allowed O
Statehood Ho does not complain al
though he knows that seUgovernmont
hoa been denied tho Indians in Indian
i Territory for nearly a century His
t sympathy and Jove for tho Filipinos is
truly wondcrfifl Is ho dealing honestly J
with tho people 7 Is ho Indeed tho sec
ond great liberator If Honest why n
has ho not done something to lift tho
yoke of dlsfranchlscment from tho black
man In North nnd South Carolina and
her Southern States It ho bollqvcs
government without consent of the goV
f erned Is unjust why did ho cpmo to this
Stjto In 1899 and help to fasten upon us
n law under which tho people were dls
franchIsed and governed wlthotvt their
consent If ho bo honest In his proton
sions why nftpr the people had chosen
their rulers and a contest was set on
1 foot to defy their will did ho congratu
latoHrGoebl lon his success and return r
to this Stato while Legislature was Inf
session and by his presence and influ I f
+ enco give life to that contest Either IIJI
v wMr Bryan Is dlslngontous In his EitherI t
llgent position or ho loves tho people of a
r torclgn land better than he loves those Ith
pf his own country In cither state of
4aso ho dOcs not deserve success otl J
KBy solemn treaty tho faith of this Na 1
on has bjgen sealed in tho East And 1
K > t only sealed by treaty but eenled
I t th the blood pC her bravest and Best llil
1f K canuot It filvo not prove faithless I
must meet ita oblifeaflons nud it reI C
li1 for CongccS3 t110I thin has boon
pp tp give thpae pcoplp such gPvemr I J
wt aa t ottO oiltUled to according e
tbp precedents of our Government
pers with whom I agreed COU11 n
i controlled Itw9itId havo f
1 ptherwise but py the efforts of t
Bryan this couri3 has been real
d ImpossIble It Id much better I
Ipvornmcnt should control than bo I
f Ibslblo under u rptector atc for tlio
sortblt country which might
us in war with other natldns I
rS I
tiow ns to hu tslho Indlvldu
10 c 6 WP 0307 Jriisrs belong to
rtytntlio bind 31rBiranfz
j fcpqftq wfli rij p tt
3 1 vw it
free and ynllmlted coinage of sUver
The Republican party ddes not tavor
any trust that corners an article and In
creases Its price It does not favor nny
aggregation except in so tar as It 100
mains within tho bounds of right and I
justice The tariff is not the breed
of trusts for in free trade England In
proportion to population they have
grown more rapidly than In this cow
try Tho only remedy against unlawful
organization is to make all their ac
eUons public and by law hold them to a
strict accountability This course the
Republican party has favored and It fs
jtlio only party that has over passed In
Congress an antitrust law This was
done in 1800
During the last session ef Con
gross the Republicans favored tho
passage of a resolution submitting to
the Legislatures ot the several States n
proposed amendment Io the constltu
tlort giving Congress complete power t
legislate to prevent or dissOlve trusts
but when tho vote was taken of the 15 <
who voted for It there were Qnly four
Democrats and oi the 132 votes agnlnsi
it 130 were Democrats
But I will not detain you longer IE
concluaioii permit me to exhort every
voter to do his duty You can have n
liberty tis long as you cannot vote or
have that vote counted True the con
stitution guarantees it but If that In
strument be violated under the dcdslotu
of the courts you merely sit nt an im
aginary feast JiM memories of the
past como tinging down tho years ol
our independence appealing to you to
do your duty Your wlvesyour children
and above all your own consciences and
every Impulse of your hearts rise up
and urge you forward In the great bat
tlfi of Civil Liberty
With McKlnlcy Roosevelt and Yerkes
as tho slogan let us Irresistibly march
to victory and bo enabled after the doe
tlpn to say that Kentucky has been rc
deemed regenerated and disenthralled
INfflfUGP of
Hon George W Long Secretary of
the Republican State Campaign Comrl
mittee has completed the arrangements
fot Gov Roosevelts trip through Ken
tucky Ho will be in tho State three n
days entering it on Saturday October
nt Henderson and leaving the State tl
Covlngton Monday night He will
travel on n special train accompanied II
by a number of the Republican State t
leaders headed by Chairman Leslie 11
Combs Secretary George W Long and 11
Senator Dcboe Distinguished orators c
have been Invited to accompany Gov II
Roosevelt and drop off at points visited f
address meetings after the Roose I
velt train has passed on Tho speaking 0
schedule of the famous Rough Rider s
and Vice Presidential candidate Is as t
follows t
Henderson October 13 8 a m with t
Hon A E Wlllson Ii
JIndlsonvllle 915 a moo with Judge t
W H Yost e
HopklnsvHlc 1045 a m with Hon
Frank B Poscy ot Indiana
GuthrIe 1145 Il m with Hon John
ilarshall and Hon E G Sebree
Rueollvlllc 3245 p m with Hon 1
James W Brcathltt e
Bowling Green 145 p m with Hon II
Munfordsvlllc 315 p iu with Hon E 0
Franks s
Ellzabcthtown 420 p m with lIon
S J Prhtt nnd John F Lockett 1
Louisville 8 p m at tho Auditorium
vlth Judge W M Beckner Judge W H
fast Col D G Colson Gov W 0 s
Iradley and others
After resting In Louisville over Sun l
lay tho trip will bo continued on Mon
lay na follows
Ixixlngton 8 n m s
Winchester 845 a m with Hon t
John Marshall
JU Sterling 930 a m with Gov W
Bradley and Judge A TWood
Moroheadfc1045 n m with Hon John
W Lewis and lIon Vincent Borelng
Ashland 1 p m with Hop Samuel J
Pugh nnd Hon E C ORear
Greenup 22C p m with Senator W
Doboo and Hon R C Burns
Vanceburg 3 40 p m with Hon W I
1 Romany and Hon W G Dunlap I
Mayfiville 445 p m with Hon A E
Wllleon and Judge W M Becknor
Coylngton S p m with Hon George
Gov Roosevelts tour takes in eight
ot the eleven Congressional districts the
Irst Eighth and Eleventh being too
far out of his route to be reached
They say I am begging for voles
Jot at all I nevor asked a man to vote I
or Inc In fact I have told some peo
lo to vote against me That Is more
hah lIl0 candidates do have saijl
hat If there waB anybody who believed
ntho malntenartco of the gold stand
ivd until foreign nations como to iis
nnill gracloiisly permitted us to nbatidoh
It 1 8ild that If anybody should be
love tliat tile gold standard was abso
ufeJy c Bontlal to the welfare of this
oiihtry ho ought not to vote for me atl
n1l t do nQt wfttitany man to vote for
irl 4ttA flinn H1ft l tr ttiv rlntnf what I
spoct to do If you elect me and if I
anpraverit tub riialntcntittcorPf the
od sthriaaHlyoii can rely updti my
loin It tho very flret posslblo op ort
unity given me
Philadelphia Pt2 1896
y i
S L j
+ + + f f lt
< YO
Yerkes Introduced I
by Phil Thompson Sr i
Mercer county the homo of Col Jack 1
Chlnn tho generalissimo of tile array Pot
Goobelism In Kentucky is the hot
bed of nntiGoebelism and tho monster
Yorkos meeting nt Harrodsburg last in
Monday was In many respects the most
remarkable demonstration of the caw
paign Tho antlGoobel Democrats of
Mercer are moro united and moro nu
merous than they were a year ago of
when Mr Goobel himself was leading
the radical wing of the party
There are scmo sore surprises wait t
Ing for those who claim thnt any of
these have been won back by Beck
ham Merely as an Instance of what
kind of peoplo tho Independent Demo
crats of Mercer are and their stand
Ing In tho community Col Ben Lee
flardln himself ono of tho most wide
ly known of oldlino Kentucky Dem
ocrats has compiled a few figures
showing tho political complexion of
tho Mercer county bar There are
Iwontyflvo practicing attorneys Of
hese four are Republicans Of the re a
maining twentyone Democrats seven M
en are against Beckham and for fair 1
elections Tho most remarkable feature of Mr
fcrkcs Harrodsburg meeting was tho
ntroductory speech of Capt Phil B
Thompson Sr a venerable Democrat of
of tho old school who cannot follow
latter day Democracy Ho Js 80 years
ld and feeble but ho made a rattling
ipecch that set the great crowd wild
Tho meeting Was held in the court
louse yard and square from 4000 to
iOOO pooplo being drowdod into one
olid block of humanity Ie
Capt Thompson was given an enI 1J
huslastlc reception ns ho stepped for of
vard to Introduce Mr Yerkes HislJ
speech was in the nature of a aledlcc
ory and was in substance as follows
Fellow Citizens of Mercer Countyc
fhla is perhaps my farewell to tho Dem i
jcratlc party for unless it is soon Jwhen
ued from tho control of tho men into
whose hands it has fallen I shall notlive 1
to see Its regeneration In my feeble way I t
have undertaken to discharge a sacred C
luty to my county and state It is hard
to part with those whom we have alj
waY known but I feel as If the time j
has come for me to say farewell tOi I
nany with whom I traveled the long
oad of politics and Democracy Their f
lopes were my hopes nnd as wo travelr
id along we passed many a mile post 1
mH on tho face of each was written 1
But wo nave come to tho parting of
ho ways the road has divided to the
right and the left On the mile posts of
the road on the loft are written Ma
chIne Greed for office and Machine
Democracy On the mile posts on the
oad on the right Is written Liberty
tM birthright of our people more
precious than office or life itself At
this parting of the road I bid adieu to
ny oldtime Democratic companions
who prefer offlceholdlng to principle
They have taken the road on the left
dotted out the word Liberty1 from tho
Sutcheon ot tho True Democracy and
hl Its stead Inscribed the legend Mn
chIne DemocraCy and offIce at any cost
I shall continue to bray l the road
dedicated to Liberty which to me is
more sacred than Democracy I prefer
fo go with those who love Liberty than
t9 follow a machinethrottled Democ
racy that would enslave us Applause I
And this New Democracy is truly rop
esented by Poynt Yantz and Fulton
ns the election commissioners i Beck o
ham In the Governors chair Trimble
is the Speaker of the House and Con
gressional contestant Cantrill as the
rudgi jCampbell as IfieTaw ef and
Reaver as the witness And by the
Eternal vGodB thlq aggregation repre
S nt5tbo iniocr4cy ot this ltter day
il t t J i9cf i ftW 11 nts IsofUco qij
I J f
S 1if Ijo J
when it gets to that It says Damn the
people and their rights s I
The machine legislature promised to
retrace the false steps taken and give
us a fair election law but every move
that promised reform has been re
ferred to a committee appointed to actl
and report In hell with Joe Blackbura
and Oily Jeems presiding
I am not a machine man and I would
rather die on this stand than to be one
their number They talk about Lib I
and the
erty In Cuba and Porto Rico
Philippines but I say to perdition with
liberty there give us liberty in KenII
tacky A free vote a fair count and the
will of the majority must rule for they I
are the very foundation of or Govern I
ment Great applause I
At this point an organized attempt
was made by a gang of Beckham
Swag rowdies to break up tho proceedings
they forced their way Into the center
of the crowd and tried 10 draw out the
feeble old man by yelling Take him
out and put In a nigger Things look I
ed squally for tho citizens were greatly
cnrngcd at the insult to the venerable
citizen Deputy Sheriff George Chlnn
son of Jack Chinn and Judge Thos I
1 Cardwell of the Republican Com
mittee finally got the disturbers away
with the assistance of bystanders I
Continuing Capt Thompson said
Can a machine Democrat ever bo
trusted after all the broken promises
reform Had you not rather tr st
an honest Republican than a lot of po
I have the honor to present a gen
tleman of the Jeffersonian Democracy
and every libertyloving Democrat
should vote for him The Hon John
W Yerkes has been selected by both
the Brown Democrats and thQ Repub
licans to carry tho banner of liberty so
let us all rally to that banner I swear j
by the throne in heaven and the flag
tho country that In November I will
be found fighting In his ranks Long
continued applause
The enthusiast with which Mr
Yerkes was greeted knew no bounds
and It was fully ten minutes before he
could begin his speech I
I count It the honor of my life to
face this magnificent audience of Mer 1
cer county citizens ho said In opening
and to bo introduced by Capt Phil B
Thompson Sr It will always be dear i
to my memory when this campaign Ii
over tol think of this grand occasion I
Whdn I sea such men as Capt Thomp
son R lilso many others standing with
us I know the best citizenship of this I
State will never fall to conquer this
machine Democracy Applause j
Whatever future this campaign may
hold lit Its hand for me victory or de I
feat I will always be proud that the
principles which I represent found be
lief in your country But I stand conI
fident that now as in the past tho best
citizenship will win the victory for
Popular goverpment and a free ballot
These cheers that you have uttered I
mean that we have got them again as
we had them last year And I want to
say to you that it I am elected Gov
ernor by ten Votes I will be Governor
ApplauseThey talk to you about what they
do under forms of law bit wo talk to
you of liberty Of the people and If you
belieVe in liberty you cannot vote for
Mr Beckham for he does not represent
a single letter of the word In these
later days when the people refuse to
bo slaves this new Democracy takes
frohl them local selfgovernment
When this machine bolt hold they
struck down the Umehon red laws and
placed men not responsible to the peo
ple but elected by a partisan legisla
ture In position whore they could dej
prive the freedom of this State of the
right of suffrage I
This new Democracy passed the
Goebgji law not only to destroy the Re
publican party but all honorable Dom
ocrat who would not submit to their
yoke of slavery The very firt man to
suffer from the effects of thia niachine
waa an horibrablespii of this county
whwa bright future with alV IW tiappl
ness was marred by this infairiPUs law
1 relef Ift tne rlonP yatvHardln
Prpldiige 1HP ltJsc1n S
43cc4iarn xCIlrlaq 11 QI of
> Y f r h
S y
S 5
S i
I the Lower House of the Kentucky Gen
eral Assembly gave the nover of his
11 SUO vWaJl1lh the passage tUi
Goebo law which fobbed YQU of yoji r
rights He represents the most Unh ly
cpinblnattott that ever disgraced Ame
icaft politics Ho stanfts for polltla l
tyranny political usurpAlori polltldl
theft and political fraud You are as
c4 to vote yourselvps Into slavery to
this man whO otSuda for politic l
I I have attempted to state as f ut
l1erstl1nd It thd Issue which confront
lsUds year But now 1 wdnt toquoto
to you a statement made by Mr Becl
ham not from having heard hjm Iii
cause we are not allowed t9siarld 0 n
the came platform Laughter t 111 I
qUoto him as ho Is qubteii by rhoI
CourierJournal his personal Orga U
In a speech nt Leltchfleld afqwday
ago io stated that we have blpott gpV
icrnrcl by cutthroats and assaaslnsi H
is u slanderer of his Sfdtev andhl
words carry weight with thp putslil
world because he holds the hlgheatflf
flee in the Statebut not in thcglft 6 r
the people Laughter
Mr Beckham has made the state I
ment S that I if elected GoVernbj woulj
pardon Taylor Powers and the pttier
Indicted for the murder Of GJJeqel H
Has no grounds for this as irty ppsitlAj
has been published throughout th
State But he himself in answer tp i
similar queatlon bas given three dls
linct replies and each dlfferjent Iron J
the others In the last one Mr Beck
ham stated that he did not se < boW M
could pardon a man cPrtVlc ed on the
vnrdlct of twelvo honest then Thug
Mr Beckham has prejudged his case
Now what will he1 do1 It lie Is elected
Governor He 1I4said he will not
pardon What will Ije do If he shouU
bo elected and the irinpcenco of any 9t
these men 10 established on nppllcatloi
for a pardon WIt e during his fern
make an Innocent p rOn lie In the
Beckham has sald the Republlc
party and myself approve assasslna
Ion If you bellevp that to go to tM
jjftlls and v ete against me Jf you tire
fair and do not believe It remember or
election day that the machine has de
prived you of the right to transmit lib
crty to your children From behinl
their shield of the forms of law they
cower and hurl slander Tho courts say
they acted within the forms of law bu
ito Judge out of the seventeen who
passed on the contest cases eyer de
clared that Goebel had a majority
Remember these things on clectloi
In his speech at Grayson Mr Yerkea
dissected with an exact nicety the an
swers given by Mr Beckham to his
questions In regard to pardoning Pow
ers Howard and others and con lpu
ing said Ioi
I notice Mr Beckhams record for
pardoning has surpassed the record ot
all other Governors I hold In my
hand the records showing that he
has made eightyeight pardons in se
en months twentxono for manslaugh
ter three for murder and various o h
er offenses Of tm I notice twelve
are from Breathltt county the homo of
one Judge D B Redwine ot whom you
have possibly heard Laughter and
applause If I should bo elected Gov
ernor and asked to pardon LIther pow
ers or Howard I would consider itT as
I would any other petition for par
don and jn accordance with the evi
dence and my oath of office I would
act Fellow citizens if you believo I
would pardon a man simply because
ho was a Republican you should vote
against me and It you believe Iwould
refuso to pardon a man because lie IB
a Democrat then you shou1ve
against nnd defeat me Applause
55 1 r
I am for unity In this State nnd do
not favor any one section J dont
draw a line at tho foot ot tbo zw n
tains Applause If I am elected Gov
ernor I will be Governor of every
square inch of this State and not any
particular section Applause r
1This attempt of the Democrats un
del the leadership ot Beckham Trimble
and Wheeler to introduce sectionalism
IInto this State hag completely ruined
Ithe Democratic party and any party
that conceives such an Infamous thing
deserves to die The oldtime Demo
rata headedby Brown Buckner Join
ston and many others do riot approve
riot this outrage and are shoulder to
shoulder with us fighting In the samp
column and under the same flag
tt t 1
From Louisville Commercial
In his answer to Mr Yerkes1ques
ion whether or not he would pardon
Powers or Howard Gov Beckham sol
emnly declared that he would hot par
don any man convicted by a jurY ot
twelve men Let us see about1 It Did
ho not pardon Ao slayer nfCassldy r
whom twelvo men pronounced guilty
1and condemned to servo a term In laa
penitentiary It was a deliberate
heartless coldbloodbd murdorr t ifc
ewns planned for weeks and moniis
trait was laid and the innocent vlctltfi
I walked into it and was shot down
Tho tcstlmbriy Irf tbattrial In abound
Volume was handed to GVvr BccTtham
by a brother of the dead man iSpJ
refused to reajl It But whlen1 a gang1
or Bluq Grass7 polltldlans came thti
rfcttt1 n for executive clemehcy he lsr
isueifi pardon lSr vtho pjJsbrier wr5
waf onjJe byv a itY plhjBpeeTi
t T < 2V
it t2 r g
S t T S ff
Why did not Gov Beckham apply to
thjs case the same rigorous rule tfi t
he now proposed to apply to all future
appIlcaUonB The reason Is not hari
to find He now thinks ho can make
yoteft by this sudden assumption of vir
tue With the glittering bauble of tho
Governorship In sight what matters It
16 hfiri If the juries were packed lila
wltiicaseil bribed aid Innocent peoples
lRwg sworn away for personal and po
Utica revenge In such cases the
jtfiryV decision IS final with Gov Beck
ham 1iithi other eases ho reserves
ttie rlgift to review the verdict What
ov weak nut wobbly and Inconsistent
nonentity Is this kindergarten candi
date for the highest honor In the gift
of the people
From the IriUlanapolls Journal
The Democratic National Committee
at Chldgcitlns given out officially an In
WI 1t9t Senator Jo Blackburn of
Kentucky Jn which speaking of tho
itrlalTesultingfrp ithe murder of Son
atteGo1elytip says
Iw 5ad patlejitly waiting for an op
pprtunlttf tpriiete out justice to Taylor
Tharilc GpiJGbv Mount cannot always
lie chief executive ot rndjand Hs term
ot 0frite wlll expire one oi theo days
4ttd flJ Gpvernor will be elected1 who will
eithjEJ r deliver zilqr uj1 to t1i6 law or
cpiapd him to change his ldng place
We dp apt want W lri erjfere with Tay
lprq campaign plans in Indiana He Is
rip Watump1ng the Sfate fottiiS R publi
cans Ie T ot11d he pHitQ ji pfWillr
Republicans of his aiiilsfanca in the
eamVf1tlfu Indiana sfreijny IP fyd the placo
of r6ju6 jcir all UnpMftjriUaried arid
unhung assassins otKtfntiicltJ and Now
York thfe asylum fdf nH tho broken
dpwn pollc li acks PC the Stato Tho
people 6f Kentupky aro alert however
nnd those at th6 assassins who have
disgrricpd lie State and who have not
fled to lridlana or Now York they aro
hanghig as iast as they can We will
make indecent community out of Ken
tucky after awhile
Kentucky can nqver rank as a decent
community as long as It sends to tho
United States Senate such yawpofs as
Joe Blackburn His llbelotfc attack on
Indiana has the true ring of a Kentucky
Vendetta and Is marked by chafactqrlc
tic < Ignorance and Venom
For President
S Of Ohio
4Ior Vice President
Of New Xlc 5
Of Logan County
Of Laurel County
First DistrictS
i Of Trlg iIt1
Secmitl r
E B MeEWliNi f
Of McLaan Cpjmtjwv
Third District
I Of Mtihleaberg County
Fourth DistrictS
Of Hart County S
4Fkh DltrInt
1Of Jefferson County
S Sixth District
S Of Carroll County
Save ifll District I
scbrivw MOORH 1
S Of Henry County
Eighth District
A MrMCLINfroqn
Of Anderson Cbunjy
Ninth District
SS 1 Of Fleming County
Tenth District
Of Lee County
S Eleventh District
Of Jackson County I
For Governpir
JUUfJ w rjuuui fl
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Of Montgomery County S
First District
Of Ualloway Countyv S
S Second District 5
Of Hopkins County
S Third District
S Ior Warren County
Fourth District
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S Fifth District q S
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Eighth District
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Of Lewis County
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