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of the bent and most honorable citizens
of Louisville that LOulsvlllo Was theIr
home that their property and Inter its
were located In thnt city and they wero
as patch bound by ties of affection to
the people nnd best Interests of the city
a as any of Its residents They wore used
only ag a police force Our friends the
enemy1 would have you believe that the
Governor of tho Commonwealth was n
military tyrant They stem Jo rot get
d that while the Governor is commander
jachlai of the Statq forces and may be
d ordered by the Legislature in Une of
war to assume active comma nd
J ii th field that he is at all times
the Chief Magistrate thev chief peace
officer Q the State charged Wth th
cpnsLi utional duty of peeing that ih
r lawsLare executed and for Buck purpose
i j yjspjoy Ihemnitary They con emu
r iVfeupyernpr severely In thls I1 QIJCA u se
iia as8yimci persona command and did
net turn over the trop to the IQ cal
peace s palters notwithstanding aflldar
Vita had Seen filed before him by a
number oC Reputable Democratic cIlli
tens that tba local peace officers could
nojt pe trusted Sixty per cent of
thjso State Guards were sol
diers YhOltdgoMCrQm Louis
yllj intp tho army durjng the war with
fipala and who pn their return wore
given the Ernndest Deception and ova
ttondthecity ever gave
They forget that the statute is net
i tnaaudatory that It does not declare that
tup Governor SHALL place the militia
in the hands of certain local authorities
hut declares that he SAY do it leaving
+ the matter nUrfilyn In his discretion
If wouldjbo a remarkable statute whi chi
Jfr tho teeth of the constitution should
the iQommpnwealth however unfit byof
reason of local passion or prcjiudice the
local authoritiesmight be Should be
compelled tP place troops in their
cbargei There have been instances in
this State which demonstrate that the
peace officers pi localities may them
selves bo engaged in strife with others
soldiersa to
a thom would result only in enabling
them to crush thpjr enemies rather than
taalntalri the peace To say that the
Gpvernor may onlY call the miytla Into
action to turn them over to reI
d would bo to say that ho may direct
othfers to do a thing which he cannot
And here I may digress for a moment
to gay that np fault was found with
the Governor for placing troops in the
armory pa election day to prevent riPt
at the requestor Democratic Colonel
wasa np
fault found with Goy McCreary after
Mayor Jacob tailed out tho troops for
reportedi In
i tbe CourierJournal as saying for tho
C purpose pf ordering them out of thp ser
yjcein defiance of the local authority
f Of GoY Brown who being unwilling
to risk the local authorities went to
Louisville to take charge of the soldiers
to prevent a prlzq fight It is all right
fpr Democratic Governors to ignore tHe
local authorities and take command pf
soldiers but It Is all wrong for a Repub
lien Governor his even all right for
a Republican Governor at the Instance
ot a Democratic commander to place
troops in the armory on election day
but all wrong to place them under com
mand of a Republican officer on diet
d Jli4t
d Itromp
State Guard of Louisville was improp I
erly created by the Governor That a
Governor cannot have a company musI
Counfv I
fv ty Judge should certify to him his con I
sent and endorsement In other wordsI
the County Judge Is the superior of thet
Governor and the citizen must look t Je1e
him for protection rather than theJ
thI c
I law the Governor may on his own mo 1
tlon muster State Guards into the sQre
r Vice in a city pi the County Judge may
recdmmend such a step and the Gov
ernor Comply with his request
You have been told that Immediately
before the ejection an armory was renti
ed in Louisville and rifles ammunition n
and terrible Gatllng guns were shipped J
there for the purpose of carry
lag the election for the Republicans
There never was a more infamous false l
hood uttered a
1 r You are aware of the fact that when
troops were needed for the Spanish war
Kentucky wag called upon for three f
regiments pf Infantry There were ont
it three regiments In the State Guards t
and the President under authority of l
Cpngress directed that State Guard regC
imohts should be given the preference L
1none pf the regiments were full but
each one volunteered and was recruited i
to Its full capacity The consequence h
was that the State Guard was destroyed s
for the time Knowing from the past C
pashistory I t
soldiers might be needed to maintain 1
the peace and that they had been or v
ganlzed iand maintained for many years
t asa necessary adjunct to the police n
force the Governor Immediately went o
Itp work to supply their places and P
knowing that this city was more liable tl
tp rot thanother portions of the State n
organized the first company In Louis s
yule This company was refused the t <
Use Of the armory by order of the col P
one of the First Kentucky and Judge b
r Gregory who claimed to have control 2
+ Aver 1tJ and the Governor concluded l
t pa the local authorities did not
desire State Guards hat ho Would 51
f muster put the comply which he 1
dial Companies were formed at Lox SO
inglori Pewee Valley Bowling Green In
and Frankfort Ho did all in hisI si
State Guard as rapidly as possible but ft
there was much annoyance and delays
in obtaining tromthe Government guns n i
anti Ather equipments to replace those 1 H
ofr er
r Trade of Louisville feeling the nCcesvi
t aslty for State QuardQ In this city < tl
Veht to work to obtain an armory l ed
c J qtlttei D
i i awhile by the local authorities m
authoritiesi I R
d lered In h zut and from time fi I
r 19 tImerHs oflfcg Ifs lstEd pn equip >
i mea Engryeffqrtsastmade to equip tv
t t l fluji Ptper cOmAnlesvof the Sec I
and and TGtnltd mQnt which had B
en lormedIIn d1jf r pf Patria as of th e
I t J f e n ulr Bfne iftla nqU arrive B
s jQitJji BM t
i Thez tem
I Wf h t cEi rif
< 1 i ter tHe Igm ilipt p 1
ft r 1 1 e or ar niztignIa Lou t
4n r iJ iI
1 Nr
Isvlllo and which had been removed l o
the Btata arsenal after 4be Legion had
gOM Into tho army When tho armo
ry was obtained they were returned to
tho place they belpnged which could
not have been done Until that time as
thero was no place to store thotn
It has always been customary tp
equip tho guard with necessary ammu
nltion After the Old First Regime nt
blImd volunteered a large amount of am
munitionin the armory was remove d
tp Frankfort The Governor went toPS
Louteyllle by invitation to speak on
Saturday night before the election ex
rooting to go from there home on tlie
follpwing day or to another point
tp speak 6n Monday If found neS ea
sary hy the committee rifle failed on
Sunday to make ihp necossary tonne
tlori and ryas detained In the city
Meanwhile h was asked to remain over
and cakpn Monday night at the A u
dltprlum which lie agreed todo If hfl
could be provided transportation In
vatuld o
twhIch was arranged Great excitement
dovelpped In the city hourly The May
Or find issued a proclamation which
Wag jiiterpretpd by many as being a
menace rather than an effort to keep
the photo pn 4 onday the Democratic
cpmmIsslQher3 removed spine seventy or
notmore election officers wjjb had been
agreed Upon by the Republicans and
appolitcd others In their places who
teat pwaqtcmd by tlle Republfcanq >
onoperate with the dOe el Democrats In
preventing a fair ejection TjfiTf pro
duced thlJ most Intense excitement In
rife hearing of the Governor a Sumber
of the leading men of the city declared
that it was necessary for them to go to
the polls ariped In order to preserve
Irtheh suffrages and that they intended d
to do so Affidavits were filed stating
that the local peace officers were in a
conspiracy to preyent a fair election
and that owing to ebb state of pub
Ho mind riot and bloodshed was immi
ngneut Inflainalory Hificles had appeal
ed In the newspaperjfr In view of these
foots t romainell ovcr declining to
speak and ordered tho regiment which
I think numbered only about 200 into
the arpabry for the purpose of keeping
the peace giving them the strictest In
structfons They were allowed to g o
In squads without unforms andvote
guris in sight of a polling place In tho
cUrl dttring the time tho election was
toUte a
tlday I was appealed to for troops to go
to several polling places to make the
Goebel Democrats cease their dilatory
liand in other respects to take part in the
election This I refused most posltlve
ly to dQ s saying I was there only to pre
After tho polls had chosen a communi
cation was sent to me by Judge Toney
saying he had issued an order to ad
Itmil inspectors to witness the count
which was being Ignored and which
ho was powerless to enforce rho State
Guards were then ordered to proceed to
assist in the enforcement of the Judges 1
order The voting was concluded at 4
oclock The guards did not leave theI
armory until after 7 oclock p m at
which time many of the polling places I
had been aoandoned because the count
had been completed They did not plat e
a single man In or take a single manI
from any voting booth In tho city I
tlhe next morning the CourierJour I
nal published a facetious article show
Ing how they had marched up the hill
absolutes Y 1
nothing But after it was found to be c
Scertaln that the Republicans had been
elected the Democratic politicians andc
newspapers of Louisville awoke to a
realization of the fact that the conduct
pf the soldiers had been alarming in 1
consequence of which ten thousand 1
Democrats had remained away from the
rit was stated by the Contest Board e
ln their opinion that 8f00 Democrats f
1who would have voted for Mr Goebel
Iwere prevented from voting because
they say that of the total registered i
vote of 35700 22000 were registered as P
Democrats and 13700 as Republicans
andMr Goebel received only 13400 t
voted while Taylor received 16655 I
Republicansr I
gained 2855 votes over the number reg + c
istered and the Democrats lost 8600 of v
alls I f
those who did not vote were Demo I 3
crats and would have voted for Mr i c
> t
If Taylor had received no Democratic I
votes and the entire Democratic veto I 1
had been for Goebel there might be I d
some force in the Statement of theY
CommIssioners Utltwhen It Is known I Y
that thousands of Democrats voted for Ir
Taylor and crown their statement la I
valueless I 1
When a voter costs his ballot heere hls1
name Is marked din the registered vot
ers list as voting but It dbes not ap
pear how he votes The proof before
the Legislative committee which wlisn
not even attempted to be contradicted n
showed that ot the Louisville regla
torcd vote with the exception of some jj
precIncts In which the registration PI
books could not be found there worey
20610 Democrats and of these y
j I
17148 voted or more than 83 per cuntC
while In the same localities 12 iu
501 Republicans registered of whomj
10019 voted being a little more than f if
0 per cent The percentage oflosa t1 p
shown to JjO greater than tide percents
ago of Democratic loss It was there s
toro plainly demonstrated that thousands ° j
sands of Democrats voted for Tayloru
and Brown and that tho percentage of J
Republicans failing to vote was great of
than that of the Democrats falling to
vote Besides It must not be forgotten
that tho CourierJournal openly charg
that there was a largo number of
Democratic political marauders and f i
urderers in the city working for the all
Republicans It was claimed with con J
dence before the election that the Re
publicans would carry the city by from 11
I have noticed Iltelra publisljed In
speooh 0 t one L eutC ptG61 You g of
temptuoits terms pf mydaiicAfeas man fit
ifested whi t o j3pYern6ra n d O n yjriQ r form to
onqes aa a yMMo r te q lUngqutt e 11
tMQ gG4r l Ou15Y111 4 l R Slroft r
+ 1 t I v
lR e
der It la that ono wTio has such
a aplcfadid record as a warrior
should look with contempt upon
01ltJser lights Not only is he a
bloody but also a financial warrior 3Thc
ISc1tnrge of Bsiiaklavh pales Into Insl nlt
Iwuino whon compared with that upon
the bank at St Albans ThIs Is not the
first time that a warrior has removed
his boots anti said
Who oer shall dare these boots dis
Shall meet Bombastes face to face A
But he says that I made dirt fu
threats on that occasion and tae de
war upon the women and phil
dren of the city of Louisville To this
splendid audience of ladles and gentler
men I will propound a question and I
will thank you to answer yes or no
Is this sfaWent true With i 0 dbw Ete
posses of tlie best hop lb In hl3hjpfle
city In my favor further response seems
unnecessary v j
But again he says that Governor
Bradley issfted an order for the troops
to Break into the booths and capture
ballot boxes and arrest election officers
Warrior Young knew this to be untrue
Ito anew that the only order given was
toocut tho orders of a Democratic
Judge ot high character who refused to
lent himself to the dishonorable Pa3c =
tltlafui favored by others and the latch il
of whoso shays Warrior Young is hot
worthy to unloose
But no one should think strange of
the incorrect statements of Warrior
Young He is so constituted that he
cannot correctly think and talk elm lIt =
taneously There was onto a little steam
er with a small boiler and a largo whi s
tie When the whistle blew thereat
stood still for there was npt eTioijgiti i
esteam to run the whistle and tlfe bolit
at the same time Sowith Warrior
Young when he thinks he Is unable to
talk when he talks he Is unable tb
think for ho has apt the mental cali
bro to do both at the same time Tills
being true ho should be pitied rather
than blamed
We have been told by various Demo >
erotic speakers that troops may not be
used on election day for any purpose
but Judgo Cooley in his constitutional
law lays down the rule that they may
be used on such occasions when It if
shown that the ordinary peace force Is
insufficient to prevent threatened dlsV
orders Star page C15 In this Casa it
was shown that the polled force could
not be relied on for any purpose J
Now let It be borne In mind that tItt
examination of witnesses on rife trbl
of the contest failed to show a single
man of the 8600 Democrats who It was
claimed were so alarmed by the
State Guard that they failed to ot
With all tho energy and activity
of the attorneys for the contestants I
assisted by the police not one such map
could ho foundIiL the face of all thesq
facts the entire vote of the city of Lou
isville Republicans and Democrats was
excluded from the count
Now as to the counties of Martin
Johnson and Magoffin The statements
of witnesses was contradictory as to
whether or not the vote could be de
termlncd from the outside of the ballot
but there was not a single voter pro
duced who stated that he was deterred
from voting on account of tho ballot >
lostn pr
gained by either party by reason of tit e
ballot or that fraud was resorted to in
any way and the proof showed conclu
sivoly and without question that t heand
voto cast In thoso counties was substaa
unity the same as that cast In the pre
ceding three or four elections In oth
er words tho ballots had no effect what 1
ever on the election and no candidate
Ballots similar to those sect In theI
n I
three Republican counties Were shownI
to have been used in Graves Mc i
Cracken Powell BreathXtt Wolfe
Knoty Bracken and perhaps other Deme
ocratlc counties the proof being conI e
Meting as to whether or not tho vote
could be seen from the back but the
votes in all of these counties were
counted white those In the three Re i
publican counties were excluded It i
wall all wrong for Republican sn
to use thin ballots but all right torI
Democratic counties to use tkem Sot
it was that every voter in three Republl I
can counties Democrat and Republican t
was disfranchised A State ticket de
feated by the votes in theso localities
tUf1 Louisville has been declare n J
elected and today these people can I
truthfully say they had no vote °
in that election Mr Beckham is
IsI a
not your Governor for you war °
deprived of the right to vote And the
grontest outrage of all Is that Warrior
jYouh was deprived of his priceless 1 I I
privilege How it can w possible far a l1
Governor to be elected in this Stec
wthput his potent aid wm remain 1cd
sector for ail timet
You pay In this city onefifth of t
all the taxes ot the State and are tho
States metropolis yet you had no more c
yplgp than the Tagalogs In the Philip ti
pines and thus you are taxed without I
feftresen vtion and governed without e
your + consent Tho same Is truo of tbac
three mountain counties It is true th1L
constitution says elections shall bo held h
by secret ballot It is true tho statute re V
quires that ballots shall be printed on l
plain white paper sufficiently thick that d
the printing pan pot bg distinguished tr
from the back bill the same statute b
says that tlio IntenU3i of the voter E
shall be carried o tatili up to the de 1ri
clslon of Nail vs Tlnaley it has been tl
uniformly hold that the requirements
tho electjqn law Avere almost uni a
versally dlreetory and that when no tl
fraud or error was shown tho vote d
should be counted n
But admitting for the sake of arguit
mrnt that It was proper to throw out If
DIOSQ votes numbering more than e
42000 and constituting pneTtenth pf the P
entire yptpcjf tic State What was the c
remedy Was It right to disfranchise
one tenUi of the State when the const N
lion requires that tho Governor shall
beelected by the VOTERS OF THE
STATE Suppose thin ballots were used Ap
the three counties was that the fault ID
the voter Were not the ballots fur tt
nlshed by the officials of the State Is to
jipt true that the voter was compelled I
compelledto the
AndOven wdro it true that 1hoGov fr
ArmQ Qt Pi9 5 1Q 111i 9rfcrp R1t the rr
i 7 1 irf
military and prevented a fair election
was pot that the act of an officer of
tbe State for which the voter was not
responsible and should those WhO were
prevented from vpting thereby be dls
franchised Let Mr Cooley the most
eminent authority on conatltxitlonal law
iu this country answer the question
At star page JIG he says It any ac
tlon was required of the authorities pro
llmlnary to the elecllon and that which
was taken was not such as to give ALL
tho electors opportunity to participate
and no mode wets open to the electors
by which the officers might bo com
ulIelled to act It would seem that such
deneglect constituting as it would the dls
franchlsement of the excluded electors
itsmust on general principles render tho
whole election nugatory for that can
not ba called an election or the expres
Etart of the popular entlmept when a
part of the electors have bea allowed
to be heard and tho othergi without be
lug guilty of fraud or negligence have
been excluded
Again at star page 621 he says
earps e
gal voters are intimidated and prevent
ed from votingS M tho election
should bo set aside altOgether as hay
ing failed in the purpose for Which It
was called To the same effect Is the
decision of the Kentucky Court of Ap
lical In Pcndleton vs HOcker 100 I yj
720 and lriousl declslotis cited by
Judge Cooley
So even if the charges relied on were
true the only honest action that colt Id
have been talten was to order another
beelection and allow Ute voters of the
whol + State to select their rulers
I When the committees were selected
to try the contests the two houses had
RepUC bs
orbeans and 10 antiGoobel Democrats
t0mrhit > G3 mid 76 Goebel Democrats n
IsDemocrats and one Republican cons ti
ertuto the Governors committee nnd nine
Goebel Democrats and two Republicans
constituted tho Lieutenant Governors
commlttep In other words on tho two
secommittees were nineteen Democrats
ttland three Republicans Mr AfcQuo rn
In a recent speech undertook to excuse
thin be referring to the uncertalntr ot
drawing and Instanced the committee in
tho I wlsMcChord contest In the Con
stitutional Convention He stated that
there wore sC Democrats and 14 Repub
licans in that convention and yet tho
committee was about equally divided
Mr 1Quown Is mistaken There were
82 Democrats and 18 Republicans In this t
boily and tho committee was composed
of 3 Republicans and 6 Democrats I
hoty w
tythe committees were drawn ns that
baa been fully explained by many oth
ttors and Is understood by the people
generally Suffice it to say It was dl l
cult to find Republican names In the
asbox and easy to find Democrats I do
not charge that It was fraudulently
done rather should I think It was done
by mere sllgbtpfhand which at le astwas
commends Itself for remarkable adroit
ness These committees made reports
without giving any facts upon which
they were based and tho Legislature
proceeded to vote at once without ar Cup
ment or reading one lino of the more
than 1700 pages of typewritten testImo
ny In the trial of all cases tho evl
dilfuce Is read In order that tho Judge
may know what are tho facts or at
least may make a show at fairness But
no such step was deemed necessary
here They knew that doobcl was a
Democrat and Taylor was a Republican >
and this was amply sufficient You oil
know that there was but one election
held In your city In November last and
met J
bors ol the Legislature were elected
But theso conscientious Democratic
statesmen In the House although de
chUng that no election was held for
State officers on account of Intimida
tion and on that account disfranchising
all your people during the same session
decided that there was an election for
the Legislature and disfranchised only
a sufficient number of Republicans to
rob two Republican members of their
places and glvo them to Democrats In
election void while In tho other races
they were only sacred enough to author I
ize tho seating of Democrats as leglsla
tors who had been repudiated by the
voters of this city So It turns out that
you had an election for members ol theI
Agan soldiers warp called out In
Covington on the day of the election to
assist In tho service of process but Mr
Gbebel having obtained a majority of
2000 in that city no complaint was
madg It was ail right n > have soldiers
InfCovlngtqn but all wrong to hav e l
these 0
contests rules of evidence were violat
adr sufficient time refused contesteea t
to Introduce their testimony and more
thah Pue thousand witnesses hot allow
edto testify Truly this was a wonderful
trla h and will go dqwn in history as
sup among ten thousand and altogeth
er lovely But we are told that all
this conduct was endorsed by the court
deny that one Una of justification o r
engorgement can be found in any de
othat was rendered
It teas alleged In Taylors petition that h
hohad received the greatest number of
votes case in the race for Governor
tlmtvthe committee was fraudulently
drawn that he was not allowed to in
traduce his testimony that many mem
bers of the committee were partial and
sepia of them interested that no urge
tniliit was allowed ever
dunce was not read etc etc These nl
leg tIQPs were not met by a denial and
trial had on the merits In order that
tljO rnth might bq manifested but a
demurrer tins interposed and on thata
alone tho case waaHeard The legal a
effect of that demurrer was that even
all these charges were true the Gen
oral Assembly bad complete and final
power over the subject and its action fe
could not be reviewed ass by the courtsd
Judge Field the Kentuoky Court of
AtipealSt except Judge Du olio and nh
majdrlty of tho Supreme Cpurt decided to
that tbo flemuirer was tWell taken Np f
court held from the evidence that rrsJ
t1ut the < ntJnltteQ was not fraudulent her
drawn Np urf decided that a fair f9
trial has h9cn fqet 4 c that io tz i
j 1 1
was for contestants on its merits The
only decision was that thp action of t hot
General Assembly was final and su
nut they soak to excuse themsa V os
by saying that they have In all things
resorted to tho forma of law THIS wen
havo seen In every Democratic newspa
per and heard from every Democratic I
stump On this statement all stand
hgfeed They did resort to tho FORMS
of lawVfprras without spirit shadows
without substance forms which pro
vented an exposure pt their rottenness
and which concealed tho true merits of
their case Tho Savior of Mankind was
tried under the forms of law1 but that
tact Instead of Justifying bin crucifixion
rendered his accusers infamous for all
But in response to all charges
Demo rntlc orators have ono answer
They point to the assnsalnation pf Mr
Goebnl and holding up his bloodstain
ed garmoutfl conjure the multitude to
Qndono thief crime ot grand larco ly
No man condemns that assassination
moro than h No man loaths more the
cowardly outrage The man or menD
who are guilty deserve tho most con
dlgn punishment Between Mr Goebel
and myself theta was no bitterness
Our personal relations were of the most
agreeable character I do not hesitate
to say that he was a wan of fixed con
j1vlcUons reckless courage and a high
order of Intellect lie was in truth Ire n
comparably superior in every way to
those who surrounded and advised
him V
During his campaign ho said that he
would not It elected sign any act
which repealed the election law but
justified It on every stumiw But now
that ho is dead and a Legislature in
session called for tho express purpose
of amending and altering that law his
pretended friends who are preparing
to erect a monument to his memory
should place upon It this inscription
We endorsed him while living but
now that ho is gone and can bo of no
further service to us we will repeal or
substantially thange the law that bears
his naMne not because we love him less
obut because we love ourselves more
If this is a good late as stated by
of1t Beckham in his message why cx
pent 100000 for n special session to
amend or change its provisions Is it
atright that the pooplo should be taxed
this large sum simply because some ono
la not satisfied with Us provisions toIn
My friends this was not the reason for
the specia session Tho courts had
tsold that the only appeal from tho ac
tion ot the last Legislature tens to tho
people That appeal was being made
The conspirators who procured tho pas
hatsago of this law saw tho people who had
been outraged and disfranchised wero
arising In their might to condemn
them at the polls Tho clouds wore
gatlierlng in the political horIzon tho
mutterlngs pf Indignation were lies rd
like tho rplllnc of distant thunder the
lightning of the peoples lust co
was about to descend when Mr
Beckham and fife advisers sought
shelter In the loglslativd halls
and undertook to abate tho fury by al
tering the Instrument that brought so i
much trouble and disgrace on tho Com i
monwoalth But If the law was wrong
It indeed forgiveness was being Bought I
why not first surrender tho stolen
goods But this they will never do
They are like tho man who stole a
horse and went to the deacons of tho
rYchurch and besought them to pray God
to forgive him Said one of them ic
fore you can hope for forgiveness you
11most return the property Oh well
he replied Mister I dont want to do
that What I want is to be forgiven and
allowed to keep tho floss
Now my friends In view of Ute
facts as they exist who Is responsible
for the condition of things Who is ro
sponalble for the foul assassination of
Mr Goebel who J have been credibly
Informed declined to moire the contest
and by an accident was prevented ire m
going West and was on tho next day
finally persuaded to chango hla mindP
From 1S93 to this time tho leaders of
what is called the Beckham wing of the
Democratic party have been guilty of
thin perpetration of a long lino of un
hwful acts They hnvo defied public
opinion they havo attempted To brows
beat and terrify tho members of tho
General Assembly they have catered to
the spirit of the mob they have dlsre
garded the constitution and trampled it
under their unhallowed feet they ha vo
clljfranchised the people they ha re
stolen tho offices which tho people de
ucress should go to others If It bo
true as contended by them that Mr
Goobel was killed by Republicans who
wero Incensed against him on account
of tho contest which his advlserslnduced
him to mako against his will then their
long lino of unlawful conduct their rob
bory of ell owcitizens their trampling
non tbo expressed will pf tho people >
their frauds and wrongs committed
under the forma of law wero tho
caused which lead to tho taking of hu
1ntan lifo nnd the blood of Mr Goebol Is
upon their panda Thoy should bo In
dieted and convicted by public opinion
along with thp murderer
Ur e
side tho draw pf their martyred lead
or and swear oternhl hate to tho Re
publican party which filet cay caused
his assassination i deny that the Rd
publican party Is guilty of this fad tlt
crime and with pro CourierJournal
say that those who committed the act
arc alono responsible
But I will ask you to como with mo
whIle I show you moro than 48000 die
franchised citizens of this Common e
wealth men wholn all ltrequlrea to con
stlCUta true manhood aro equal to an yeY
who over Jived men who are governed
Without tholr Consent men who nro
titaxed without representation men whs
aro political slaves Como with me
and let mo show you thoCoul
blot upqn the escutcheon of ou rhe
dolt State which was placed there bh
dMlgnlilig nlen who in thrill grow I h
for office have not only forgotten their
duty to their fellow men but their d u tqHo
theIr proud old Commonwealth <
Como and let me show you the bleed h
Ing form of liberty stabbed almost un
treason In the hands of those whom
she had cherished arid protected
2Qmol CpmpJj and assist In binding C
ller woun and ralslnB horprpstrato I
form from tho deist aadri I ovcmye C
fipx pJRCjs tier jiDon Jbf J hz o1at glib
J L l
did oret adorn that tho people of all <
nartles may once more kneel and wor y +
6nlp brtl
I do not charge that tho Democratic
party is responsible for these outrages
endorse such notion I chargo that the j
conspirators who cphcoctod these mls
erablo schemes and engaged in this eonl > ry
tlnuous vl01 ton of law are alone rei Q
s onslblo Mr Beckham voted for that
bill was a party to all tho wrongs com a
tnlttedi and ho is its beneficiary HGJtceI b
ho shpuld and will bo condemned by tho
people of Kentucky
No mann who voted against Mr Goobel
can afford to voto for Mr Beckham It
ho could not voto for Mr Goobcl bo
cause of tho passage of tho bill nnd the
conduct of those who had it In chargot
before the election In 1899 ho surely
cannot now trots for Mr Beckham after t
the machine haS been put In full agar
atlou and the disfranchisement of tho
people accomplished
There are Important national Issues
now confronting tho people but Import
ant as they are they muatiu Kentucky
be subordinated to thoso which are of
such tremendous local Importance Our
first duty te to break tho shackles that
bind us so that wo may exercise the
most sacred right of freemen tho right
to vote and have that voto counted
But I cannot refrain from contrasting
tho last tour years of Democratic ruloi
with tIre administration new drawing
to a close During thin former period
property cf every description materially
declined In value interest was high
money was hoarded 47 per cent of
tho wage workers wero idle compared
with which tho present strikes are AS
tho mole hill to tho mountain Manu
facturies wero dosed BO much so that
there was but one great prevailing ab
sorbing trust necessitated and that was
tho American Soup Trust During
that time Individuals banks railroads A
indeed every character of Business was
more or less plunged Into bankruptcy
mortgages recto bolng steadily multi 1
plied wo wero constantly Increasing
our National debt and were unable
to liquidate our Indebtedness to for
byoign countries In tho midst of this
cxfearful condition tho stoutest hearts
toall110st failed We were then told
by Mr Bryan that the cause of all
this trouble was tho demonetization
noot silver that the amount of money
In circulation would decrease that
orwhen silver went down every product
adat the farmer would follow and that tho
conly salvation was its restoration Wo
Itowero told by him that gold was n cow
Ieard and If war should como upon tho
nation It would skulk and hide InvPlr
ing us in commercial disaster
roBut wo have lived to BOO all thaRo
prophecies fall Tho gold standard has
rebcen more firmly fixed prosperity hips
attended every business department
War has visited us but nptwlthstand
hein all this tho Spaniards have been
Ecedriven from Cuba tho glary pf JVmori
cag arms has been manifested
hton land nnd sea from Cuba
lIsto thp Forbidden City of tho
Chinese Empire and America has
shown herself the first aation pf tho
world Horses cattle hogs sheep and
geery product pf tho farm has increased
In value in many instances moro
than doubled Railroads have gone out
of the hands of receivers mortgages
have been cancelled manufacturing has
aoJ1ccn resumed now plants erected and
now Interests developed tho dream of
10cont cotton has been realized wages
ouhave been Increased from 10 to 20 per
cent In nearly every Industry amountI
ioIng last yar to 765000000 moro than
in 1896 surplus instead of deficits nro r
now shown In our revenues our cxce S
ot exports over imports Is moro than
three times as great as under Demo
cratlc rule money may bo borrowed
In New York for 8 4 per cent Interest
lynnd every cloud that overhung us then
has vanished before tIle blazing sun of i
Republican prosperity
leBut it is said by sumo that freo silver t
fis no longer an issue If this bo true
1then It has been demonstrated fond 1
all doubt that Mr Bryan is neither doc M
tor nor diagnostician that hisI
hpjudgment was wholly at fault in 1S9C
and If ho could not bo trustee then ho
issue Mr Bryan like Ephrlam Is Joln
od to his Idols and In his letter ot ne
coptanco In speaking of too Democratic
platform says
In order that there may bo no un
certainty as to tho method of restoring
blmetallsm tho specific declaration In
favor of tree and unlimited coinage at
tho existing ratio of 16 to 1 independent
of other nations is repeated Tire Dom
ocratlc party remains the steadfast nd
gvacate of tho gold and silver coinage
of the Constitution and It Is not willing ra
that other nations shall determine for I
us the time and muhner at restoring all
ver to Its ancient place as standard
Senatenow t
now hostile to blmotallsm can be
changed during this campaign or rhoy
campaign of 1D02 y i
can only bo detor
detormined j 3
Iilth cr tho present nor tho future po
of Congress has pro
vented or should prevent an announce
ment of tho parties position upon tho
thtf subject In unequivocal terms
Somq of those who support Mr Bryan r
In flat contradiction of his position say
that free silver is not an Issue and oven
if It wero the Republicans are In a ma
Jorlty in the Senate so that ho cannot
do wrong If ho desired and thereforo M
they will support him Whenever men <
vote for a candidate because the onlyI J
dhope ot safety is Jri rife Harty thoy eon t >
damn they exhibit a n absence ot bothl I
bothm M > ° t
Nvman can Sorottho result ot Mr t 4 r
Bryanp election Ike gpeaka truly when
he oats the counting othp votes must
dotermlno it If Ito should succeed in
Iljotp elected and in carrying with him 4
a majority Jn Congress it Is more than 1
Probable that before his
J11 term
he will hh Vo a n mocrntlc Senate ij
Should t his occur he w1ll
surely re t 1I JI
vetSQO1r present fiMnclal policy as ho J1 ti
tas repeatedly declared ho would do OrI r
should not
not retain
power to both pranchess to restrain i iG f I
band restrain thoi a t fi
Secretary ot the Tres +
sury tr
u t financial policies will bo I
J r I
tii ItINLEy J
f Wrt
WbY 1 IN nolclectMc timea t tiu J l f 1
i lit 11
r J
i k

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