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5 1 I TTirrr PAGe3
Ulflly continue the policies utiderwhlch
I tkjTtatlon has flourished more than In
any other period ef Its existence Bul
4 In ardor rt6 allay the fears of soUnd
money Democrats Mr Bryan has gone
i out Jn search of paratoount issues In
this undertaking ke has discovered three
each one of wlilch Is paramount to al1
others This would bo remarkable dls
covets it made by any other man except
Mr Bryan One of thcao Is what ho
calls militaryism another imp rlaUsm
and thq other trusts
As to tho first ho complains of tbo
sizo of thft standing army utterly ab
llvlous of tIll fact that a war which was
heartily Indorsed by him and his party
was tho cause for Its Increase and that
tho present army was created by the
votea of his own party Suppose Ve
had withdrawn our troops from Cuba
and tho Philippines and mustered aut
all but tho original twentyfive the
sand soldiers how long would It have
required to Bend soldiers to China to
prevent two slaughter of American clt
zens But Mr Bryan falls to seo that
as now questions arlso and now dim
culUes confront new action Is mado
necessary Every nation must rlso to
tho Itt every problem which con
fronts itI
As to Imperialism It should be dis
cussed In connection + with mllltarlsn
When Dewey sunk tho Spanish fleet
there was no agreement by which
American honor was pledged In tbe
Philippines Up to the making of thQ
treaty anti Its confirmation by the Ser
ate the American Government was freo
to withdraw1 Its forces I was oppose
to that treaty as were many othor Re
publicans At this tlmo Mr Bryan ap
peared upon tho scene and by his tre
mondous Influence Induced enough of
his Democratic friends to vpto for It to
secure Its ratification That treat
bound this Government to pay to Spat
tho sum of twenty millions of dollar
and pledged Its faith for a period af
I ten years to guarantee her certain prlv <
i iilcgos Tho moment that treaty was
ratified tho attitude of thla Government
1was fixed by law Never until then
wore wo bound Ih any way Mr Bryan
assisted to involve this country In
pledging its honor and now ho turn
upon tho Republican party for attempt
ing to enforce tho rights acquired under
the very treaty ho endorsed and helped
cd to make If ho honestly favored tlu
Independence of the Filipinos why did
Ito thus assist in the purchase of their
country Why did ho cause this Nation
to expend twenty millions of dollars I
Was ho so patriotic that ho was willing
that this Nation should pay twenty mllI
lions of dollars for tho privilege of be J
coming the protector of people 8000I
nillca from ltamoI
Why If freedom was to be givenI
t these people and their territory re I
i stored should this Government have
bound Its honor for a period of ten years I
to como What was it to this Nation
that we should not only fight to make
a pcoplo free in whom wo had no inter
est but should also pay twenty
millions of dollars for the privilege Tho
position of Mr Bryan is absurd and
unworthy a great leader But ho says
these people cannot bo governed with 1
out their consent Then why did ho I
Insist on buying their territory His
very spul Is moved because of tho fact
that these poor people white and black
are deprived of selfgovernment He
does not complain because the people
living In tho Louisiana Purchase wero
1 governed without their consent He
does not complain because Jackson con
quered the Semi notes in Florida and
they were governed without their eon
sent Ho does nut complain because
after tho Mexican conquest and par
t OBe the people contained in tho ceded
territory wore governed without their
consent Nor docs ho complain that
Alaska has been governed without herI
consent Ho woulll call Congress Im
mediately It elected and recommend
that frcedon lie given to tho Filipinos
+ tand they allowed to form a government
of their own In wlilc we are to as
sumo the role of protector He Is not
willing that they should be dalayed a
moment longer although lie knows that
moro than a quarter of n century hIlSI
frequently elapsed before States were
admitted into this Union after they be
came tho property of the United States
that Alaska nnd Now Mexico for moro
than that period have not been allowed
Statehood Ho does not complain al
though he knows that selfgovernment
has been denied tho Indians In Indian
Territory for nearly a century His
sympathy and Jove for tho Filipinos Is
truly wonderful Is ho dealing honestly
with the people Is ho indeed tho sec
ond great liberator If Honest why
has ho not done something to lift tho
yoke of disfranchisement from tho black
man In North and South Carolina and
other Southern States If ho bellqvcs
government without consent of tho gov
erned is unjust why did ho cpmo tQ this
State In 1889 and help to fasten upon us
a law under which the people wero dis
franchised and governed without their
consont It ho be honest In his proton
4 jtions why after the people had chosen
j their rulers and a contest was set on
+ foot to defy their will did ho congratu
late MX Goebbl on his success and return
to this State while Legislature was in
Cession and by his presence and Inllu I
bnco give life to that content Either II
Mr Bryan Is dlalngonlous In his ItherI
the people of a
cnt position or ho loves I
foreign laud better than ho loves those I
of his own country In either state of
4 r case ho does not deserve success
s successI
l By solemn treaty tho faith of this Na
lion has been scaled In tho East And
I 1i not only sealed by treaty but sealed
° With the blood oil her bravest and West
f It cannot it litre not prove faithless
I t It must meet its otJ1lguUons and 1t re I
i i mains for Congress WJWI thin bas been
< dane tp give thpse people such govern I
meat aa they ajb entitle 1 to according
f to the precedents ol our government
Bit others with whOI11 I agreed could 1
haVe controlled It would have
been otherwise but pi the efforts of
i Air Bryan this cour6 has been renI
dercd impossible It M much better
our government should control than ho
responsible jliidef u jJrolQctbralo for the
mistakes of that country which might
Involve us in war with other natldhs I
ft And now as tp trusts Tho Indlvldu
+ iils whPicdiinposO Pustsbeloni tp
I Every party Ifrtho lapd Mr Bryan Is
I i eJf r oFtin lad l ilt
jv t Hil
vcr trust that would farce upon us the
tree and unlimited comageof silt <
The IjepUblftcari party does nattavor
any trust that corners an article and Jp
creases Its price It does not favor any
aggregation except in so far as it r
mains Within the bounds of right and 1
Justice The tariff is net the breed <
of trusts for in free trade EnglandIn
proportion to population thoy have
grown more rapidly than In this eoui
try The only remedy n ugalnat unlawful
organization to make all their ai
lions public and by law hold them ton
strict accountability This course the
Republican party has favored and it 1s
the only party that has over passed In
Congress an antitrust law Tills waS
done In 1800
During the last session ef Con
gross tho Republicans favored th
passage of a resolution submitting to
the Legislatures of the several States a
proposed amendment to tho constltv
tlon giving Congress complete power t
legislate to prevent or dissolve trust
but when tho vote was taken of tho 154
who voted for It there wero pnly four
Democrats and of tho 132 votes asalhs I
It 130 wero Democrats
But I will not detain you longer In
conclusion permit me to exhort cyery
voter to do his duty You can have n
liberty tis long as you cannot vote or
have that vpto counted True the cpri
BtltUtlon guarantees it but If that In
strument bo violated under the decision
of the courts you merely sit at an ira
aginary cast JiM memories pf tlte
past come ringing down the years af
our independence appealing to you to
do your duty Your wives your children
and abovo all your own consciences and
every impulse of your hearts rise up
and urgo you forward in tho great bat
tie of Civil Liberty
With McKinley ROOsevelt and Yerkei
as the slogan let us irresistibly march
to victory and be enabled after the elec
tin to say that Kentucky has been re
deemed regenerated and disenthralled
Hon George W Long Secretary of
the Republican State Campaign Com
ultteo has completed the arrangements lJ
fOt Gov Roosevelts trip through Ken
udty Ho will be in tho Stato three t
lays entering it on Saturday October
13 at Henderson and leaving the State t
Ilt Covington Monday night He will
ravel on a special train accompanied I
by n number of tho Republican State t
caders headed by Chairman Leslie 11
tombs Secretary George W Long and 11
Senator Dcboc Distinguished orators c
aye been invited to accompany Gov I
toosovelt and drop off nt points visited 1
to address meetings after the naasel
cit train has passed on Tho speaking
chedulo of the famous Rough Rider s
and Vice Presidential candidate is as t
oliows t
Henderson October 13 8 nm with t
lonA E Wlllson 1
MadlEonvillc 915 a m with Judge t
W IL Yost
HopkinsvHlc 1045 a m with Hon
lirankB Posey of Indiana
Guthrie 1145 a m with Hon JohnI
iarshall and Hon E G Sehrce I
RuQScllvlllo 124C p m with Hon J
Janus W Brcathltt
Bowling Green 145 p m with Hon 1
WC P BrccKlnrldgc
Munfordsville 315 p m with Hon EC
T Franks e
Ellzabcthtowri 420 p m with Hon
C J Pratt and John F Lockett 1
Louisville 8 pm at tho Auditorium
with Judge W M Recliner Judge W H
oat Col D G Colson Gov W 0 E
Iradley and others
After resting in Louisville over Sun t
ay tho trip will bo continued on Mon
ty as follows
I > xington 8 n m f
Winchester 845 n m with Hon t
John Marshall
Mt Sterling 93Q a m with Gov W
OBradley and Judge A TWood
Moroheadt1045 n m with Hon John
W Lewis and lIon Vincent Borelng
Ashland 1 p m with Hon Samuel Jj
Pugh nnd Hon E C ORear
Greenup 22C pm with Senator WI
J Dcboo and Hon R C Burns
Vanceburg 340 p m with Hon W
n Ramsey and Hon W G Dunlnp
Maysvillo 445 p m with Hon A E
Wilson and Judge W M B cknerI
Covington 8 p m with Hon George
tenriy Gov Roosevelts tour takes in eight
af the eleven Congressional districts tho
1iirat Eighth and Eleventh being too
tar out of his route to be reached
They say I am begging for votes
Not at all I never asketi a man to vote
r me In fact I have told some pea
lo to vote against me That is nior6
tha 1 riici cdudidutes dohltv said
thnt if there waS anybody who believed
In the malnteriartcb of tho gold eland
tita Uiitll foreign nations came to its
Itita graciously permitted us to abandon
It 1 mild that if anybody should bd
IU ov6 that tho gold standard was abso
tfoly csocintlal to the welfare of this
eoilhtty hoought not to veto for mo at
ult I donot want ally man to vote for
iditud then objett to my doing what I
c poet to db if You elect me and if 1
iiiprsnerit the niaintcnancbrof the
old standard I ycW cati rely upon my
Ctis it tune very first possible oppor
inlty given me
Philadelphia Sept 23 1896r
J f wf wNi <
JU > AI fl < J
t d
KEEP THE lrtrJiQr N r
r < i Jtr
Yerkes Introduced
by Phil Thompson Sr
T t7 < + btofo rW
1 ri fI
Mercer county the homo of Col Jack
Chinn the generalissimo of tile array
of Goobelism in Kentucky Is the hot
bed of nntiGoebclisxn and the monster
Yorkoa meeting nt Harrodsburg last i
Monday was in many respects the most
remarkable demonstration of the cam i I
paign Tho antlGoebel Democrats of
Mercer are more united and more nu
merous than they were a year ago
when Mr Goobel himself was leading
the radical wing of the party
There are some sore surprises wait
Ing ior UIOBQ who claim that any of
these Have been won back by Beck
ham Merely as an instance of what
kind of people tho independent Demo
crats of Mercer are and their stand
ing in tho community Col Ben Leo
Hardin himself one of tho most wide
ly known of oldlino Kentucky Dem
ocrats has compiled a few figures
showing tho political complexion fI
tho Mercer county bar There aroI
twentyfive practicing attorneys OfI
these four are Republicans Of the re
maining twentyone Democrats seven
teen are against Beckham and for fair
Tho most remarkable feature of Mr
Yerkcs Harrodsburg meeting was the
introductory speech of Capt Phil B
Thompson Sr n venerable Democrat I
of tho old school who cannot follow
latter day Democracy Ho Js 80 years 1
old arid feeble bUt ho made a rattling
speech that set the great crowd wild
The meeting was held In the court
house yard and square from 4000 to
5000 people being drowdcd into anoI
lolld block of humanity
given an enthusiastic
Capt Thompson was
husiastlc reception aa ho stopped for I
ward to introduce Mr Yerkes His
speech was in tho nature of a valedic I
tory and was in substance as follows
Fellow Citizens of Mercer CountyII
This is perhaps my farewell to the Dem
ocratic party for unless It is soon res I
cued from the control of tho men into I
whoso hands it has fallen I shall notlive
to seo its regeneration In my feeble way I
I have undertaken tp discharge a sacred
duty to my county and state It Is hard
to part with those whom wo have aiI
ways known but I feel as if tho time I
has como for mo to say farewell to
many with whom I traveled the long
road of politics and Democracy Their
hopes were my hopes and aa wo travel
ed along we passed many a mile post
aria on the face ot each was written
But we nave come to tho parting of
tho ways tho road yeas divided to the
right and tho left On the mile posts of
the road on the left aro written Ma
chine Greed for office and Machine
Democracy On the mile posts on the
road on the right is written Liberty
the birthright of our people more
precious than office or life itself At
this parting of the road I bid adieu to
my oldtime Democratic companions
Who prefer officeholding to principle
They have taken the road on the left
blotted out the word Liberty from the
escutcheon of tho True Democracy and
in its stead inscribed the legend Ala
chIno Democracy and office at any cost
I shall continue to travel the road
dedicated to Liberty which to me is
more sacred than Democracy I prefer
to go with those who love Liberty than
tp follow a machinethrottled Democ
racy that would enslave us Applause
And this New Democracy is truly rep
resented by Poyntz Yontz and Fulton
an the election commissioners Beck
ham in tho Governors chair Trimble
as the Speaker of the House and Con
gresslonal contestant Cantrill as the
Judfcbji parijpbell as tffo lawyer arid
Weaver as the witness And by the
Eternal v Gods this aggregation repre
sents ho Eemocracyi or this 1atiter day
till to9r l W rtnt siolliyei
11f I or
Whcn It gets to that it says Damn th
people and their rights I
The machine legislature promised to
retrace the falso steps taken and glvo
us a fair election law but every movci
in that promised reform has been re
ferred to a committee appointed to act I
and report in hell with Joe Blackbun
and Oily Jeems presiding I
I am not a machine man and I wauld
rather die on this stand than to be one
of their number They talk abautLtb1
erty in Cuba and Porto Rico and the
Philippines but I say to perdition with f
liberty there give us liberty in Ken
lucky A free vote a fair count and the
will of the majority must rule for they I
arc the VAry foundation of oSr Govern
ment Great applause
At this point an organized attempt
was made by a gang of Beckhar
rowdies to break up the proceedings
they forced their way into the center
of the crowd and tried 10 draw out tho
feeble old man by yelling Take bit
Out and put in a nigger Things look
ed squally for tho citizens were greatl
enraged at the insult to the venerabl
citizen Deputy Sheriff George Chlnr
a sen of Jack Chinn and Judge The
M Cardwell of the Republican Com
mitteo finally got the disturbers away
with the assistance of bystanders j
Continuing Capt Thompson said
Can a machine Democrat ever b
trusted after all the broken promise
of reform Had you not rather trust
an honest Republican than a lot of po
litical thieves
I have the honor to present a gentleman t
tleman of the Jeffersonian Democrac
and every Hbertylovlng Democra
should vote for him The Hon Job
W Ycrkes has been selected by both
the Brown Democrats and the Repub
licans to carry the banner of liberty so
let us all rally to that banner 1 swea i
by the throne in heaven and the fiitg
of tho country that in November I wit
be found fighting in his ranks Long
continued applause
The enthusiasm with which Mr I
Yerkes was greeted knew no bounds
and it was fully ten minutes before be
could begin his speech
> I count It the honor of my life to
face this magnificent audience of Mer
cer county citizens he said In opening
and to be Introduced by Capt Phil B
Thompson Sr It will always be dear
to my memory when this campaign Is
aver to think of this grand occasion
When I see such men as Capt Thomp
son arjd so many others standing will
Ius I know the best citizenship of this
State will never fail to conquer this
machine Democracy Applause
Whatever future this campaign may
hold in its hand for me victory or de
teat 1 will always bo proud that the
principles which I represent found be
lief in your country But I stand con
fident that now as in the past the bes
citizenship will win the victory for
popular goverpment and a freo ballot
These cheers that you have uttered
mean that we have got them again a
Ye had them last year And I want to
say to you that if I ant elected Gov
ornor by ten Votes I will be Governor
ApplaugeThoy talk to you about what they
do under forms of law but we talk to
you of liberty of the people and If you
believe In liberty you cannot vote fo
Mr Beckham for he does not represen
a single letter of the word In these
latef days when tho people refuse to
bo slaves this new Democracy take
flIt them local selfgovernment
When this machine took hold they
struck down tho timehondred laws am
placed men not responsible to tho peo
pie but elected by a partisan leglsla
ture in position whore they could de
l rlv the frewlom of this State of the
right of suffrage
This new Democracy passed thi
Goelie law not only to destroy the Re
publican party but ail honorable Dem
pcrais who would nat submit to thel
yoke ot slavery The very first triatrti
suffer < frqm tho effects of this niaetjinj
wiis an honorable sod of this equity
whpsf bright future with all Uo hapnl
icss was marred by this infamous law
I refer to the fan Pl tyaH jrdin
Prplo nged appiausb l r
t r > 3cpltxm as presiding otncgr oJ
J t
tho LOwer House of the IContucky Gen
oral Assembly gave the power of hls tl
position to aid In the passage of tHi
Goebpl law which fobbed you pfyoiui
rights He represents the most unholj
I combination that ever disgraced Amer to
Ian politics Ho stands for poUtl al y
I tyranny political usurpation political lt
theft and political fraud You are ask
i i cd to vote yourselves Into slavery toG
this mane Who stands for political to
wrong s ow
I have attempted to state as I un
derstand It thdvlssUo which coafronti lIv
Ud this year But now 1 want to quote U
to you a statement made by Mr Beck j
h Il1nnot from having hoard hjm I be h
cause AVO are not allowed tp Eland On iOU
the same platform Laughter 1 llrO
quote him as ho is quoted by The a
CourierJournal his pet oidat brftaii n
in a speech at Leltchfleld a f < W days d
ago ho Stated that we hays beett gasp of
ernrd by cutthroats and assaasltis He 0
Is a slanderer of his State arid jjls
words carry weight with this P t131de II
world because he holds tho highest of
flee in the Statebut not In the sift of
the people Laughter
Mr Beckham has made the state i
ment that Ill elected GoVernoj would
pardon Taylor Powers and the others al
Indicted for the murder of Gbcb t lletl
Has no grounds for tills as lily ppgitlqii K
has been published throughout thc J
State But he himself in answer J S d a
similar question has given three dlS
tinct replies and each different Slant po
tho others In the last one Mr lepk f
ham stated that lie ditl not seQ how 1J4 be
could pardon a man convicted off the of
vnrdlct of twelve halt st Pun Thus it
Mr Beckham has prejudged his case
Now what will he do If ho is elected l
Governor He his said he will not w
pardon What will he do if he should i le
ho elected and the Innocence of any of it
t hiss men lie established on application c
for a pardon Wllllie dUrIng hiS term 11
make an innotenT perton Ho in the I G
penitentiary t of
Beckham has said the Republican 1
party and myself approve assassins 1
lion If you believe that to go to thQ d
lolls and veto against me If you are p
fair and do not believe It remember on n
election day that tho machine hits de d
irived you of the right to transmit lib fl
irty to your children From behind 11
their shield of the forms of law they i1
cower and hurl slander The courts say t
hey acted within the forms of law but
io Judge out of the seventeen who
lapsed on the contest cases ever de
ilarcd that Goebel had a majority
Remember these things on election
lay v
In his speech at Grayson Mr Yerkea
dissected with an exact nicety the an
swers given by Mr Beckham to his
luestlpns In regard to pardoning Pow
ers Howard and others land continu
ing said 10
I notice Mr Beck ams record for
lardonlrig has surpassed the record of
a11 other Governors I hold in ray
land the records showing that he
hIlS made eightyeight pardons In sev
en months twentxono for manslaugh
ter three for murder and various oth
er offenses Of titekfe I notlco twelve
are from Breathitt county tho homo of
ono Judge D B Redwine of whom you
lavo possibly heard Laughter and
pplause If I should be elected Governor
pardontelther Pow
nor and asked to pardon
rs or Howard I would consider Itas
I would any other petition for par
don and in accordance with the evl
icnco and my oath of office I would
acL Fellow citizens if you believe I
rould pardon a man simply because
hI was a Republican you should vote
against me and if you believe I jVoiild
ofuso to pardon a man because he Is
a Democrat then you should vote
gainst and defeat me Applause
I AI am for unity in this Stato and do
not favor any one section 1 dont
drawn line at the foottof tho moUn
tains Applause If I am elected Gov
nor I will bo Governor of every
Lucre Inch of this State and not any
I partIcular section Applause
IThis attempt of the Democrats un
der the leadership of Beckham Trimble
and Wheeler to introduce sectionalism
i Into this State has completely ruined
Itho Democratic party and any party
that conceives such an infamous thing
serves to die The oldtime Demo
I c rats headCdby Brown Buckner John
I stan and many others do riot approve
of this outrage and are shoulder to
boulder with us fighting In the same
olumn and under the same fiastiJ
I t r I
i From Louisville Commercial
I In his answer to Mr Yerkea qucs
tlon whether or not he would pardon
wars or Howard Oar Beckham sol
inuly declared that he would not par i
dan any man convicted by a jury of
ivelve men Let us see nboutit Did
1110 not pardon tho slayer of Cassidy I
hoe twelve men pronounced guilty
and condemned to servo a tcftn Inn 1
penitentiary tt was a deliberat Iett
heArtless coldbloodbd murder IU
wnsplannedfar weeks and inonliariS
tai was laid and the Innocent victigi
I miked into it and was shot down
1 TJio testimony in that trial in a bourid
ohni6 was handed to Gbv Bcckhaln
W a brother of the dead mano
efueed to read It But when a gang
of Bluo Grass polltlciaritf iame wfthV
tales for eiieciitivo ciemehcy bevia
suefiii pardon tortho Prisenor Kwh o
mi coited bye a jnrr of ble peer 2
fy l T1 V 9 f
r < if
1 < 1
t 1Jr
did not Gov Beckham apply to
thjs case the same rigorous rule Ui t
he now proposes to apply to all future
applications The reason is not hard <
find lIe now thinks he can mako
voted by this sudden assumption of vfrsy
tue With the glittering bauble of the j
Governorship In eight what matters It
him If the Juried were packed tho ri
witnesses bribed and innocent peoples
llvipg shorn away for personal and po + i
litical revenge In such cases the
JUryfl decision is final with Gov Beck
hint Hilt lii outer cases ho reserves k
ile rigiit to review the verdict What r
wcak arid wobbly and inconsistent
nonentity Is this kindergarten candy
date for tho highest honor in the gift
the people
From the Indianapolis Journal
The Democratic National Committee
Chicago bas given out officially an in
teryljBjv of Senator Jo Blackburn of
KenUcl Jn which speaking of tho
trials resulting from the murder of Son
afar uoBuei ijv siiyu
W ato patiently waiting for an op t
portunity tpniele out justice to Taylort
Thanl Qqd ppv Mount cannot always
i chief exectVtlve ojl I lllarti His term
pfflco will expire ono oi then daysY
Arid ny CJpvernor will be elected who will
ijthiEsJ deliver Taylor opt to the law or
compel him to chatig his hidjng place
W6 dp apt want tp In erferoi with Tay
notf Ibjs stumpine catiiipflilBn the plans State fOr Indiana the Republi He la
cant It would bfc n pity to dopr1 o the
Repijbtr nfis of bls as isfincc tn t e
campaign1 Indiana s2etns tb b S the plaqo
refuge for all unpflt6iitfaried and
unhung issaBslns of Kentuclty and Npw
York thft asylum tor nJl tho brbken
d6Vn political hacks pt the Stato The
people hi Kehtifcky aro alert however
nnd thbsb 6f the assassins who have
disgraced tho State and who have not
fled to Indiana or New York they are
hanging as fast as they can We will
tnjlkelUdecent community out of Ken
tucky after awhile
Kentucky can never rank as a decent
community as long as It sends to tho
United States Senate such yawpors as
Jaj Blackburn His libelotfs attackon
Indiana has the true ring of a Kentucky
tfend etta and Is marked by chafactqrlc
tic ignorance and venom
0 ie
For President
iOf Ohio
JiiIJor VIce iresidentv
Of New York
Of Logan County I
Of Laurel County
First District l
OtTrlttt Cillat1 +
Secant Alstrtc r
Of McLsan County
Third District
Of Muhleaberg County
Fourth District
Of Hunt Coaaty
Ffh District
ITOf Jefferson County
iSixth District
ot Carroll County
Seventh District
IPf Henry Countys
Eigtifli District
0f Anderson County
Ninth District
Of Flemlng County
Tenth District
Of Lee County R
Eleventh District a
Of Jackson County
For Governor
01 Boyle County
v f
or Aiipollate Judge Seventh P llr Cr
Of Montgomery County t
c First District
Of Galloway County
1 Second District
0f Hopkins County
ft Third District
° Of Warren County
Fourth District
K Of Brecklarldge County
j Fifth District
v Of Jefferson County
S S Sixth District
if t Kenton County
IiHgith District
of hockGastle County
NlnthDislrJot t
Of Lewis County
Teach pistrlcit
Ot Plke Cii t
r ieveiflijDlatirct i 1Prtlt t
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