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1 H jIt 11UH 7
Hr II H Uf JMi f Jot J
0 13i w > 1 j t I h 4 t Y ywpa 4 a yy 11rw
IT 1 e r
t A r I 4
< f Operator Martin of Nortonvlllo i
J r r was called to Greenville last week
to attend court
w r Operator willlngham after a few
days restvlia9 resumed his duties as
night operator hereI
Dispatcher Griffin who has been
sick at his home In Ohio is now able
to resume work
It seems to bo a settled fact that
r Gov Roosevelt will pass over this
V week en route to Louisville
e 1 Chas Kennedy yard switchman n
has taken a few days layoff a jj
will Visit relatives In Ohio
Joseph Muir formerly conductor
on the Providence train Is now flag
t man on a passenger train on the L
l H St L road
Rumor says that a straw Vote on
it the Illinois Central at one point
shows that 80 per cent of the em
ployes favor Yerkes for governor
1 Work is now under headway Inin
the new depot here and the carpe n
r tars say it will be oompleted in less
time than it has been talked about
Section foreman Join Bearing
who was located at Slaughters r BI
signed his position last week and Is
T r considering an offer from the I C
C road of a similar position
The Republican candidate for gov
ernor in Missouri is an old railroad
man and they do say he has a timetable
table of his own and even meets the
people at the crossroads where no
railroads are in sight So far ho has
broken all records for fast running
j and claims the right of way at all
Conductor Lew Waltz and Engin
eer Campbell had charge of the
sispecial train run in the interest of
the Prohibition candidate for Presi
dent and Governor Of course theI
boys were not invited into the private
car to take a drink N
The death of Conductor 3Com
Drowning after friends felt Jbonfl
dent of his recovery came ajfo great
shock For weeks he hat opposed
the amputation of his fpeteven when
his physicians thought it was neces
sary and he hart become so wea tby
from loss of blood that when It be
came necessary to amputate his foot
to save his life thatho never recov
ered from the operation and death i
relieved his suffering last Saturday i
night I
tThtj lnewsof the death of Mr V I
I MVewboid came to his many
d fWIIillVfsion
r 0 J t fWIIillVfsionj
as a great shock Their association
with him for a long time when he t
> was an official on the division en J
dearedhlm to them His great offi J
cial capacity was seen while here j
His every act was In the direction of 1
not only serving his company faith p
fully but at the same time kept In
view the welfare of the employes
< and by his acts of kindness gained j
their esteem
The Savannah News takes the
ground that the states through which
° the Carnegie Company would have
4 to build its railroad to the seaboard I
f ought not to grant the company a
charter thus making it impossible
for them to construct the much J
I talkedof road The News holds
that this company is making money
enough and should bo refused the
opportunity of enlarging its trade by
reducing the cost of exporting Its
products This is rather strange f
doctrine to come from such a paper 1
as the News Suppose it prove to j
be true that the Carnegie Company r
with a view to strengthen our hold
I upon the worlds iron and steel trade 1
desires to spend probably 30000000 e
or 40000000 in building a new road B
to the seaboard provided with every
advantage that skill and money
could furnish for handling freight
would it not be beneficial to the j
whole country Would not new ter
ritory possibly in the Virginias bo
opened up to development Would
not thousands of men find employ
ment and would not the facilities
for pur countrys dominating the
worlds coal and iron trade be vastly 1
Probably the greatest need of the
iron interests of the South is some 1
Carnegie with his marvelous brain a
power and his wealth to give to the
r South adequate facilities for great ex
pansion Alabama and other States 2
need some such great brainy leader
with the daring to plan for gigantic
thingsand to do it oil such a scale ast
to insure the lowest cost of produc
tion and marketing With our advauf
rages the Squths iron and stool y
progress could be much more rapid
4 if unlimited capital could bo com
manded for big broad development 0
J work Every intelligent business =
4 man in the South knows that a Oar
i ° negie Company or a Standard Oil i
Company operating in the upbuild y
hagpfthis section would draw 10 it c
mrbions of capital for varied Indus to
triesSffhioh would enrich all classes
IhateadVpf criticising the great work I tr
fot the Vqpvfng spirits In such orgnni4o
d11 iatiQnBj we pujjht to point to them
J r
JJtr 1
la + µ
lone examples worthy to be studied
that some southern genius maybe
quickened into similar leadership
As Robert E Lee and Stonewall
Jackson were born to command and
led to undying glory the armies of
the South so there may be others in
Iethe South today who are squall y
born tq command in the great world
battle for commercial supremacy 1
ntnnd under whoso brilliant leader
ship the industrial army of the
South may win greater victories
evan than ever crowned the work of
Leo and Jackson The world is a
battlefield where the fiercest conflict
orthat was ever waged is in progress
for trade and commerce The South
needs great leaders giants in power
who can carry Its banner of trade to
victory Let us not therefore don °
nounco such lenders but let us
I1trather hope that some geniuses of
commerce and industry as greats s
Carnegie and Rockefeller may arise
in our own section
Mr Ar Smith of tho Lake Shore I
Michigan Southern road who hast
acted as chairman of a memorial
gofund to the late Col C P Atmoro
3hns forwarded to Louisville for Miss
Carrie Atmore a daughter nearly
2000 The list of subscribers In
cludes nearly 100 prominent rail1
road men
dDoes it Pay to Buy Cheap
A cheap remedy for coughs ando
colds is all right but you want some
thing that will relieve and cure the
more severe and dangerous results
of throat and lung troubles What
shall you do Go to a warmer and
more regular climate Yes if pos
sible f not possible for you then
In either case take the only remedy
that has been introduced in all civ
illzed countries with success in se
were throat and lung troubles
BJ sb lees German Syrup It not
0 ly heals and stimulates the its
lues to destroy the germ disease but
allays inflammation causes easy ex
pectoration gives a good nights rest
and cures the patient Try one bot 1
tie Recommended many years b y
all druggists in the world For sale
by dealers in all civilized countries
Yerkes Club
The opera house has been engaged
by the Yerkes Club and meetings of
the club will be held there every
Monday night Program for next
Monday night will oe announced
later A large number of now mem
bers is expected to be enrolled that
evening and all members are urged
to solicit new members and help to
swell the next club meeting
look A Stitch In Time
Saves nine Hughes sonTa new lin
proved tastes pleasant taken In the
early Spring and Fall prevents Chills
Dengue and Malarial Fevers Acts
on the liver and tones up the system
Better than Quinine Guaranteed
Church DedicationI
the Missionary Baptist church at
this place will be formally dedicated
The faithful little congregatln have
labored earnestly lit their church and
recently paid off the last of the debt
which had been on the church forI
1some years Now they rejoice that
it is to be dedicated The services
will be conducted by the Rev Dr
Bow Secretary of the State Mission 4
cry Board Dr Bow formerly was
stationed at Russellville He con
ducted a meeting at Madisonville
only a few weeks ago He is an able I
preacher and it is expected that a
rlarge congregation will great him on
that day Among the many visitors
expected are the Revs J S Cheek
and D S Edwards both of whom
have previously served as pastors ofj
this congregation Dr Bow organ 1
organized I
meeting will follow the dedication j
A man and his wife street preach 4
ers have been holding forth on the 1
streets a day or two J
If you have neuralgia Scotts I
Emulsion of Cod Liver OilI
will feed the nerve that is cry
crye j
and set your whole body going
again in a way to satisfy nerve
and brain from your usual food j
That is cure
If you are nervous and irri
table you may only need more I
fat to cushion your nerves I
you are probably thip and
Scotts Emulsion of Cod Liver t
Oil will give you the fat to be
gin with 1
goesFull 1
Full cure is getting the fat 1
you need from usual food and e
Scotts Emulsion will help you
Jf you have not tried It send for free sample
CbetnltI4ONlsPearl York e
sac and stoolalt dnliiistar t
t i iv
9Lc 14 < 1 1if1 law
i I
Weigher James Fegan who keeps
a close watch on the demand and
supply pf coke and coal says rife de
mand for coal last week was equal
to the supply although the effects of
the great coal strike in the EasV has
never been felt hero The s loof
coke also equals the production
Friends of Mr < Goe Browning now
1fear his recovery doubtful although
at times he shows some Improve o
ment V
Vi Ward of the CrabtreenVine j
ifwas one of the happy listenersto the
speech made by the Hon E T
Franks at Madiepnvillo Saturday
sForeman Thomas Blair wio for
the last few months has had jharge
beer a
placed In charge of No 9 rnmeVand
with his long and varied experience
swill undoubtedly prove thought
man in the right place tle
aSecretary Anderson of the Mon
arch Coal Company says J usl S
Is good although occasionally pars
are a little scarce
Agitator Tate is so anxious to talk
so as to keep up an appearance that
ho can now be found pleading his
his tale of woe to a hotelporter r
Assistant Machinist W D iCavI
ness has returned from a pleasant
fishing trip on Green river and they
do say they caught fish to eat which
is more than some fishing par ties
can truthfully report <
On account of the great strike in
the East the price of coal hast been
beet n
consumers will suffer on account of
the idle producers s
Among the coal operators who J will
act as a reception committee 1oGov
ernor Roosevelt are Mr J B Atkin
son President of the St Bernard
tand L Bailey Secretary of rife Beln
ecke Coal Company
We understand the demanded in
crease in wages hasbeen granted by
the Eastern coal operators and the
obstacles now in the way seem to bo
the Democratic party and the failure
to recognize the miners union
A Florida capitalist by the name
acres of mineral land near Paducah
and will at once organize a company
to develop same
The Hecla miners say the new
electric motor put in at that place
works so poorly that a big decrease
in their monthly earnings will be the
result and they long for the time
when they on make a better show
The tax list has lately been taken
> yMr J TBarnett and shows a big
increase in the number of miners
here and the amount of property
A look over the school roll of the
children enrolled this year at the
public schools at this place will re
veal the fact that miners here take
interest in education as well as coal
mining Manager Bea W Robinson of the
St Bernard Coal Company has been
called to Eastern Kentucky on im
portant business in connection with
coal mining
Foreman Longs ff who has forI
months past been in Northern Ken
tucky making investigations for the
St Bernard Coal Company came
home last week for a brief visit
Now the word comes from Indian
apolis that a secret meeting was held J
between Mitchell the strike leader I
and the Democratic leaders of that j
State before Mitchell called his men I
out This action would indicate that
there were politics in the present
miners strike yet we are too slow
to believe that the miners of the
United States wherever located are 1
in favor of a fiftycent dollar Al
though Mitchell It would seem by 1
his action in causing the idleness of I
over one hundred thousand miners I
he favors no dollar at all Webe I
hove it Impossible for sober thought
ful miners to be led to indorse the
doctrine advocated by the Demo
cracy on the money issue and their
effort to create political capital
out of so serious a thing as a strike
is likely to prove disastrous to their
cause because when you abuse cap I
tal you abuse labor producers and 1
make the lovers of right resent unI
ust attacks on capital investors I
The Indianapolis News says of the I
strike The beginning of theend
of the great anthracite coal strike 1
has doubtless been made The Bead
fag company leads off with an ad
vance of 10 percent in wages to all
the men and boys employed in its
collieries This was done without
any consultation or advance notice
Underneath this notice which was
posted at the collieries of the com
pony was posted another notice
signed by an officer of the district
branch of the United Mine Workers
calling on the miners to pay no at
tention to the notice until they heard
from President Mitchell Mr Mitch
ell says ha had nothing to do with
the posting of this notice but his 1
J ft
UIA w 1 t df r ilCIt
tiJI 0 < If h t
1 f
j of <
comment on the offer of the Beading
company i8quotcdthusThoop
craters are evidently not taking meal
into consideration but they will
wish they had That sounds omlti
ous and Unction in keeping with it
follows the responsibility and an
awf responsibility it will be will
rest on President Mitchell
Sometime ago he voluntarily made
a proposition to the operators k
ing them to discuss the situation
with their own employes and pffer
ing if they would do so to step aside
so far as the Miners Union is con
corned Now the Reading company
Irhas virtually complied with this of
fer It has not conferred but actions
speak louderthan words and it has
offered an increase of 10 per cent in
wages Whereupon Mr Mitchell
itutters his threat and tho officer of
the district branch of the Minors
minors not to accept the offer This
it will not endure It does not fol
low that the men should rush to ac
cept a 10 per cent Increase of wages
But the Beading company hasjbacked
down and itsaction is doubtless ty
pical of the action of other com
plnlesTheynU declared they
would have nothing to do with the
the men and would not nccodo to
their demands Now they have vi r
tually acceded to the most import
ant of them It is the duty of the I
men to consider it
It might bo that they could get the I
companystore abolished if the Rertd
ing is ono of the offenders in this
particular and could get powder
rates according to the open market I
and make satisfactory arrangements
as to weighing As we understand
the grievance if these things wore
modified together with the 10 per
cent increase in wages everything
would bo satisfactory In any event
President Mitchells attitude is not
commendable He 4s honor bound
3to make good his word It is really
a matter of formfor the miners know
that but for the union their demands
would never have been listened to
3and any settlement that comes is
possible only because the union made
the fight
Call at the St
Bernard Store for
3H N Martin Co S
Original Green
Trifle Tobacco
What Saves America
Henry Clay Trumbull one of the
brightest minds of our day the edi
tor of the Sunday School Times
which is worldwide in its circula
tion says America has been pro c
tically saved to Chirstlanity and the
religion of the Bible1 by the Sunday
school4 This Is a great testimony
and it is undoubtedly true The
Sundayschool Is the only school
whore the Bible is the text book
The International Convention with
its auxiliaries In every State and
Province and these in turn with
their auxiliaries in counties town
ships and cities as far as practicable
form a great network of conventions
Which are stronger in their power
Ithan all physical force to advance I
morality and righteousness Mr
Marion Lawrence the General Sec
retary of the International Conven I
tion at Toledo Ohio will be pleased
to furnish printed matter explaining
the International Sunday school
work J
Dr Ottos Spruce Gum Balsam i
A physician can prescribe Dr Ott
tos Spruce Gum Balsam The For J
mula is on the package Cures your j
Cough in a day Very pleasant to
Larf g 0
size bottles Price 25c and 50c Forand
sale by St Bernard Drug Drugstore I
For a Beautiful Complexion Take Dr Carl
atedta German Liver Powder
Moved to Morganfidd j
Ed Stodghill and family this week
shipped their household goods t o
tlie at 1
city in a day or two where they will
reside in the future They are I
splendid people and we regret to give <
them upbut our loss Morganfields <
gain 1
While preparing to move Mrs 1
Stodghill slipped and fell and broke i
her arm The injured arm was given 1
giveprompt 11
is resting as well as could bo ex 1
pected I
Bronchitis generally begins withw
common cold l if not cured it becomes w
dangerous and thousands die from I
annually Dr John W F
Bulls Cough Syrup the beat remedy
for this disease cures it in a few days
Will promptly aura BroochJtJst
IXoees are aslAU and pleasant to take Oocten w
recommend iLPritC35 eta At all dmxtfU
Ii R t < JoS
1 r u
Y Y ui
l1 r JI
> 1
< td not feel Very well 1 am so
tired all the time 1 do not know what
is tint matter with met
You hear these wordovery day M
often as you meet your friends just BO
often are these words repeated More
than likely y6uspeak the same signifi
cant words yourself and no doubt you
do foal far from well most of the time
Mrs Ella lllccof Chelsea Wis
whose portrait wo publish writes that
she suffered for two years with bear
Inldown pains headache backache
and had all kindsof miserable feelings
all of whichwas caused by falling and
inflammation of the womb and after
doctoring with physicians and numer
i ous medicines she was entirely cured by
dLydia R Pinkhams Vegetable Com
yfainting spoils depression of spirits
reluctance to go anywhere headache
Iebadtacl1c and always tired please rc
member that there Iff an absolute
remedy which will relieve you of your
rtrsuffering as it did Nrs Rice Proof
Iehms Vegetable Compound is the
greatest medicine for suffering women
10No other medicine has made the cures
helped DO many women by direct advice
a hat Mrs Pinkham her experience
Is greater than that of any living per
otBOn If you eta sick write and get
her advice her addreea is Lynn Mass
Two Organized in the EarHmjton Pre
atcinch With Urge Membership
The Earlington colored citizens
have organized a McKinley Club Ii l
Lake precinct ands Roosevelt club
in Northeast precinct The former
was organized last week and this o
IBlatter was organized Jast night The
meetings of tho McKinley Club are
held on Thursday nights and of the
Roosevelt Club on Wednesday
nights of each week Each club has
a membership of over one hundred
and they are enthusiastically a t
oratory flowed like water and its no
Joke that these clubs possess some
good speakers among their owp
idont of the McKinley Club Simon
Dunlap vice president SR Driver
secretary and Ed Todd assistant
Tho officers of tho Roosevelt Club
had not been chosen when this paper
went to press
IeBottle Free to Sufferers
Does > your skin itch and burn
Distressing Eruptions on the skfn
so you feel ashamed to be seen n
ofcompany Do scabs and scales
form on the Skin Hair or Scalp
Have you Eczema Skin Bore and
cracked Rash form on tho skin 1
Prickling Pain in the Skin Boils
Pimples Bono Pains Swollen
Joints Falling Hair All run
Down Skin Pale Old Sores
are symptoms of Eczema and Im
purities and Poisons in the blood
To cure to stay cured take B B B
Botanic Blood Balm which makes
the blood pure and rich B B sg
will cause the sores to heal itching
of eczema to stop forever tho skin
to become clear and the breath
sweat B D B is just the remedy
syou have been looKing for Thor
ofoughly tested for 80 years Our
readers are advised to try B B Bef
For sale by druggists at 1 per large <
bottle six large bottles full treat
meat f 6 Complete directions with
it a trial bottle given away Write
for it Address BDOOD BALM CO
Atlanta Ga Describe your trouble
and Free personal medical advice
Uncle Ed Comby Dead
Unole Ed Comby one of the oldest
citizens of this county died at his
residence at BarnsleYJ Tuesday
morning at 4 oclock Mr Comby
was born in England but moved to
this country when quite a young
man and spent a good portion of
his life In Hopkins county Tho do
ceased was a quiet unassuming
Christian gentleman one who was
him and he leaves behind him the
Afterfuneral <
funeral services conducted by Revs
0 S Jupln and JasA Burden his
remains worn interred in tho Earl
ingtonton cemetery THE BEE ex
tends Its sympathy to tho bereaved
rick r
rich and para and year whole system pat la a
perfectir healthy condttloa by the use of Dr
CarUtedts German LITer Powder Then yoqI
will be free from malaria typhoid fever cold a
and the grip Dr Carlstedts German Liver
iPowder It the beat medicine money can bur
Gum Oat um Price 26o and 60 H
a Bottle
por sale br
Bernard Drug Store
Rev HM Currie went to Madi
sonville on business today From
there he will go to Nebo where he
will spend a few days mixing with
hid parishonors
I J t
t v f
1J f t j if i t J
< fr
VIaL i NP TIL and CL liP Jto
2Ve > Ubul d Through Trains Q +
fa Dally Nashville to ChkaRO A
TbreHh Back SlMftn tod Dtr Coatis
New OrlMM t Calcase t
r P mrtI Q P a nttHaiXA 08x
nllln1UJL nrZIo 1IA1BTJU8 nJ
AND oj +
> r
7t l
Between St Louts and Jaeksouvthor
via Martin Nashville Chattanoogat
Macon and Lake City
Between St Louis and Atlanta via
Evansville Nashville and Chatta
nooga V
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars also
between St Louis and Chattanooea
via Martin and Nashville Nash
vlllo and Now York via Ohatta
nooga Knoxville Ashovlllo Wash
ington Baltimore and Philadelphia
Nashville and Memphis via Mo
Konzio and L N a
Palace Day Coaches on all Trains
Traffic MgT Gonl Pass AstI
II You Are Going North
II You An Going Southi
JU You Are Going East
rU You Aro Going West 1
9Lwlantu a NASMVIUC R Rl 1
AIM a flown
7h Maximum of Safety
The Maximum of Speed
The Maximum of Comfort
The Minimum of Rates
Co > ATMOHC 01 L
The Great Through Lino From
St Louis to Kansas City St Joe
Omaha Pueblo Denver and
Salt Lake City
Try the Now Fast Train <
The most direct line via Memphis
Pullman Sleepers find Free Reclin i
ing Chairs on all trains For maps
rates free books on Texas Arkansas I
and all Western States and further g
information call on your local ticket S
agent or write
804 W Main St LoulsviUe Ky l
St Louis Mo +
Foleys Kidney Curey k
gukolddoey and Madder rifhfc
FoHoney and Tar
Meals lungs wd I stops tie cotrjh

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