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4 i
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I 4
6H 1 I
I I fbjin Brwhcr anc Jud rtonn Making
i V Republhan Votes
y i
1 Nbbo is still botmlnfc Our streets
t resent a Liisy npiaatanco Work
has obnurieuced on tIo LaW brick
istoro lIo1d Will bt pusho I forward
Dr Tllf ord has bqvig t tho Mitob
oil pr pertynnds IraYfng the old
storehouse tern dcwi Tad will en
large tha dwelling
I The vOrko hen nvlnctory be
I ing pushed
A few farmers lfve sold Uidlr to
bacco For once th buyers arc
moro anxious than the sailors
e Bro J F Story filled its regular
appointmqnt Saturday nfteruopu
1 i jl and Sunday
c Ii Farmois ore yer1 bust sowing
I A YhQa anJ gras
I whQatanlgraBiThbcprn
V Thbcprn crop is yoiy lipht tor
over half the Usual avot Ago
Hogs are scarce and ui Jorstzo
3 Boro to Mr and Mrs Svill Hodge
ft son
1 Ira Ford and sister returned Sat
jurday night from Muhlonborg
where they had been visiting for
several days
ill t T Hainby and wife Of Empire I
I visited tho family of Allen Camp
lieU Saturday and Sl1m ayi
I Mr Ezoll and wife of Earllngloh < i
v visited in Nobo Sunday
Joo Campbell of Ofoftoh vlsltdd l
his father Sunday
We had our usual allowance ofl
J speeches during tho past week
First came Rev J B Boatman
t IIWho spoko Tuesday night to a good J
II audience It was said by some toJ
be the best speech ever delivered InJ
obo His exposition of the Goebol J
democracy was logical and roason 1
able and yet they did not deny a j
f single assertion ho made
V On Friday Hon E T Franks hnd
I appointment to speak but owing I
to tho fact that tho farmers woro I
4 very busy only abut ono hundred 1
turned out to hoar him To these ho
talked for a short time and being
very hoarse he begged to bo ex J
I cused On Saturday night Mr John j
Brasher and Judgo Nunn came I
down from Madlsonvlllo to ellcotirI
Y age tho faithful Wo are not much
p of a judge yet wo could not keep
p fjroni thinking that they were in the J
imploy of the 1
niploy Bepubllcau campaign
committee If they make any
t Johnges it will bo in favor of lhoI
Republican party We never could
j carry Hopkins County until f01II
years ago whon they canvassed the
I county and If they will only con 1
tinuo we will have no trouble Int
carrying the county for McKinley I
and Yorkes We regard them as
honorable hightonod gentlemen
but as political speakers they aro
aublime or at least only a stepCI
from It JlU8Tioas > l
t i 1
All except I
bad ones I 1
t I
There ire hun I
dredsofcoughmedi s
cines whicli relieveI
coughs allcoughs I
I except badones i l
The medicine which l
r has been curing the i f
S worst of bad coughs 1i
for oyears is Ayers J
II m Ghery > Pcctortl r > J
Iiaere ic ccct
t1e j troubt j wkba V
JIt tattd wvgk on Atr litngt frra
trtt ytan One day I thoughtI
of how AIMS Cterrf Pectqialf
saved the life of my sUter after t
I the doctors had all given her up to i
I die SoX purchased two bottleet
jand it cured my wife completely
q t i It took only one bottle tocure my
pBieter So you see that tbree bet t
f Ities one dollar each saved two I
f i lives We all send you our heartT
r I f elt thanks orwhat you have done
form JHBosGBMacoeCoL
Jan 13 1899
Now i or tfa first tmt yob
tcia get i trial bottle of Qtettf
Pectoral for ag cents Ask Li S
your drogst Lia
timplete Lfit 01 Piptcstarit Mis
lonaj es L iowt to Ecjt Been
tille iln1hJni >
LnViticznd CMlcre 1LI1IIaa
lufitt > Slit HhttJed b r tlinF nat
cHliltxeiii 4 > iot3erU i orihoio
iitC3Zfltt I ornd 1 iu < o
1 uve Lccn limed
NIo Yorl Oct ot com lew Mt
i > f InjviitQrt mis luua > oH JIII to
havo ltjtk led li mt e boUutln
o thu Joxer rjoyen ent to Hei mli
A bus h m rCIchecl JY tl Alii om
BheBolcty rpm Kov Jon
H4t 1 1ugi t lia ShDirnal
cmIn C lhLI boui June 1 ISOORev H
No 011111cv C Robinson of the
urch jr Jncland mission
Paqtlnf til June 3HHoV P E Blm
cox IJUUInn Ja MIII Jimcox London I
of Amcrlcnn Presbyterian mInion a11
loravllle Pa
July 1Rcv H T Pltkln Philadelphia
Mian A A Gould Pithe Me Miss Sit S
MorrlJI all of tho American Board mis
Mrs Dagnall ono ehllu Rev Wm
Cooper aU ol the ChIna Inland mla lon 1
At HslacYI ShanSIJune 30MI0S
Whlteburch lUH Searell of the China
Inland mIll In England
Near the Yellow river while fleeing
from Shan 81 July 15 or ICnev Q Mc
Connell Mrs McConnell one Child Mlsa
King Mlsa Burton all of tho China In
land mission England MIls F E
Hcavsman of the China Inland mission
are supposed to have been with this par
this Is not confirmed they are put In the
ist of missing
At KluCheo CheKlantr July 21 and
M Rev D D homplon Mrs Thompson
two children Idles Deemond MIas Map
tihostcr Rev O Po Ward Mm Ward
one child MIMI Sherwood Hiss Thlrgood
all of the China Inland mission England
Enroute to Hankow from 0han 81 Mlsa
Rice July 13 Mr Saundera child Isa >
baila July 27 Mr Saunlera child Jessie
August 3Ia E J Cooper August C
Mien Buslon August U Rev titehouse
Mrs Whlthouse all ottho Englllh Dap
tilt mission England Mr Buynon Mm
Buynon three children all of the British
and Foreign Bible society England Mr
Miller Wilson Mrs Wilson one child
Mrs J Stevens Miss M E Clarke of
the China Inland mission England
Unaccounted For
The following is a list of the mis
Bionnrics who are unaccounted for to
date September 5 It only Includoa
those who were in the provinces most
affected by the Boxer troubles vizj
ChlhLt and Shun BI
The last word from tho following who
were stationed In northern Shan SI was
May 8 Mrli1 McKee Mrs McKee I
Anson Mrs Anson Mrs Aspeden MIN
M ESBllthJMr Persson Mrs Persson
MillS A Ltrson tlltIB LundMi Miss
Engvail FL Peterson Mr O E ICarl
berg A Johannson Air Hedlund alt of
China Inland mission England
The last word from the following was
Juno 30Mr Ogren Mrs Oren Mr Peat
Mrs Peat Miss Dobson Miss Hurn Idles
Heavaman Mr Young Mrs Young Mr
Barrett Mr Woodroffe Dr Hewett all
of the hlnl Inland mIuiQn England
Believed to Have Beel Killed
It is Believed that all of the mis
sionaries who were in Tat Yuen Fu at
the time of Miss Coombs death were
massacred on tho Oth of July
The following missionaries are
known tb have been in Tal Yuen Fu at
the time of tho reported massacre
and have doubtless perished Include
ing Miss Coombs There are only 31
names which Is six short of the num
ber said to have boon massacred ac
cording to Chinese official reports
but H Js knpwn that those living at
places nearto th capital were urged
by the local officials tottikc refuge In
Tai Yuen because as tbe afterward
said1 they were unwilling to kill the
missionaries and sent them to Yu
Hfllcri the governor io btitcher
A QrcTT otno List
Supposed td have been killed at Tal
Mrs Piggott Dr Lovatt Mrs Lovatt
one child Rev W O Stokes Mrs Stokes
Rev J tllmpon Mrs Simpson Rev A
Hoddlc Miss Duvalall of the Shaoyang
mission Rov O E Farthing Mrs
Farthing two children MlM Stewart
Rev T J Underwood Mrs Underwood
Mr C Oberg Mrs Oberg OJ Forsberg
holm E Jacobsen E Anderson Mrs E
Anderson M Book Mrs Book A Sand
berg A E Palm Miss E Erlckaon O
Rlngmark Mrs O Rlngmark F Ny
strom Mrs F Nystrom M Nysttom
Miss M Nystrom Mi C Soderbauni
Mrs C Spaerbaum A Larsen Mrs A
Larsen OI Lundberg Mrs C L Lund
berg seventeen children In the mission
all of them Christian and Missionary al
liance American
More Unaccounted For
The following are said to be Iri hiding
Chapman Miss Way nil of the China In
land mission England
In the province of Chin LI the follow
ing are unaccounted forMr OroeneMrs
Qreone twochlldren Miss Gregg all of
the China Inland mission EnglanI
These people are reported co be In the
hands of the Boxers It a place SO miles
from Tien Tsln Mr Griffith Mrs ant
fith Mr Brown of the China Inland mis
don England these tiireepeoplo are jfup
posed to bL in the jail at BhuenTeh
Rev W A McCurrachl Mrs McCurrach t
Rev H Dixon Mnrulxon Rev S W
LEnnals Miss B C Renant of the En
glllhB PtlstmI8lOn Rev Atwater
Ira AtwAter nev CIapp Mrs ClapIJt
Miss It Ilird Rev MarkjWUllams Rev
Davis Debart probably Rov PrIce ofj
the American Board mission
A IlocapltulatloB W
In the above list there are 178 people
those Hl8 araj lDtln1P women il marrIed
and U2 single lDtln1 39 children 4 i
In the abov total there are the follow
Ing Americans 26 mOpt 24 women lir
married f and S single knd 20 children
total ee Americans
Total killed about whose death there
can ba np < ue tlon 11 men 6 married
womon 13 jjlngle wrtmrtrij 13 children to <
tal 43
Americans Three men 1 married worn
ang single women 3 children total J3 i
i P
Tic JTorth German Lloyd Stcam bJ >
Companr Vlll Erect a Monn
meat to the Victims
New York Oct 10 Officials pf the
JNorth German Lloyd Steamship Co
have ownrflcd a contracted for Q mon
ument f4 bo erected in a plot owned
by the company in n cemetery In
North HudBohj In memOry of the IiQt
ons > yh lost thqlr lives In the great
iflro that destroyed tfyo piors and
Bteamerj of the company at Hobpkcn
onJurte no Juh r 1j
< I
The Chinese 1rlncei and Tbelr Abettor to
Do 1unlihedat the Behest of
the Power
Pekln Sunday Oct 7 via Tien rain
Oct < 8 arid Shanghai Oct drrust
worthy Chinese reports say that the
dowager empress is seriously ill fct
JFal Yuan Fu Province of ShanSi
and the free hand Of the emperor in
affairs of state of late is regarded as
c reportsA
A response to the German demand
bas been transmitted to 34 Hung
Chang This saya that Ying NIen
president of the ccnsorato Yang Yl
assistant grand secretary and presi
dent of the civil board and Chao Shu
Chiao president of the board of pun
ishment will bo decapitated that
Prince Chwang Duke Teal Lan nu I
Prince Ylk will be sentenced to life
Imprisonment and that Prinn Juan
will be banished to the imperial null
tary post roads on the Siberian Iron
Ier as a further punishment for aid
ing the Boxers
The Number of Doer Prisoner In
DrltlnU Hatidn and They Keep
London Oct 7A dispatch received
from Lord Roberts dated Friday Oc
tober 5 says
The numberof prisoners captured
or surrendered Is daily increasing I
and must now aggregate nearly 10000
men Commandant Mullen has surren
dered to Clery and Commandnat
I Dirkscn and others are on their way
to Pretoria to surrender
A detachment of the London Irish
endeavored to surprise a party of
Boers near Bultfonstcln October 4
but had to retire after three hours
fighting with six men wounded Tho
Boers suffered heavily
One Entire Family of Six Victim of
tho Storm One Man Dlowa a
Quarter of a Mile
i Dhvalilk illni Oct S fiutunliy n
tornado passed through a Flnlander
Bcttltmcnt on Pike river about two
miles north of JBlwnbik wiping out an
entire family of six husband wife
rnd four children
The body of Marowltz the man that
was missing Saturday after the tor
nado passed Bawabik was found n
quarter of a mile away from his house
on the rocks In a horribly multllatcd
William Kclmstrom who had his
bkull fractured another tornado vic
tim died last night at the hospital
Awful Results of the Gale of Scptcra
tier 12 on the Ora a Dank
Other Disaster
St Johns N F Oct 10 According
to reports from St Pierre 17 fishing
vessels that were operating on the
Grand Banks during the gale of Sep
tember 12 are still mIssIngwith
crews aggregating over two hundred
A number of other vessels that have
arrived hero within the last few days
have reported a loss of one to seven
men each The fatality list probably
exceeds three hundred
A serious disaster has visited a
number of Newfoundland fishing han
bors Burin on the west side of the
Placentla bay alone losing 35 men
People In tho Vicinity In a State of
Terror Working to Solve
the Mystery
Wihlpeg Map Oct toThe people
In the district of Bolssevaln Maui
lohtf are In a state of terror Yes
terday the dead body of an unknown
woman was found in a well making
three bodies including those of C
Caw and J Smith discovered on Sun
day No motive for the murder of
the woman can be given anti provo
incial and city officers and detectives
are hard at work on the case
RequisitiOn for Oil Magnates
St Louis Oct 10 Requisition pa
pers from Gov ASuyera of Texas for
the extradition of John D Rockefel
ler Henry M Flaglcr and other Stan
dard 011 magnates wore delivered to
Gov Roosevelt at the Planters hotel
The extradition papers are based on
criminal charges of violation of the
antitrust laws ot Texas
Now Orleans Busy
New Orelans Oct 10The rush of
Texas cotton through this port Is giv
ing rise to unprecedented conditions
tip tb Monday the Texas TPaciflc re
cipts hdd been about jDOOOp bales
more than they were last season
coiiti ting from the 1st of September
In > rk
v Victim of the lbl 8Be
Qll if QV Oct 8A man who was
brought here from ffovaal on the
Clyde jut Tjelpy Glasgow nnd re
ceived at the city hospital on Sep
tember 20 dIed there yesterday of the
bubonic plague
Amcrlcau Pine Product Co
Berlin Oct 9Thu American Pine
Products Co has just been organized
at Hamburg to absorb two firms that
have been importing from Savannah
The new concern is a joint stock
jjompany with a capital of 1000000
Oue Hundred Thounnnd Dollar In
the Principal Fnnd Deldeil
Special Contribution >
Philaaclphla Oct 8Tb cash con
trlbutiona by the citizens of this citv
to the relief fund of the Texas flood
sufferers has now exceeded 100000
rind a considerable farther Increase is
Nearly nil this has already been sent
to Gov Saycrs of Texas and Is entire
lly exclusive of numerous trainloada
of provisions clothing drugs and
other articles sent In response to tHe
appeal of tho governor The Bed
1Cross society of this city which has
also sent considerable cash and cloth
ing and drugs la still actively engaged
in the work of gathering supplies
which are being shipped as rapidly na
possible and money Is1 still belnjj
placed in glass bowls stationed in the
central part of the city
rank W Prayers ot New York
Surrendered to the Police at
San Fvaaolico
Ban Francisco Oct 6A man giv
ing the name of Frank WL Prayers
has surrendered himself to the police
alleging that he robbed his brother
D R Travers of 41 Park Row Now
that ho stole the money from tho
cash drawer after his brother had re
fused to lend it to him
A TenYcurOlO Boy flamed to
Death by Companion While
Playing Indian
Trenton N JOiit 7Eclclle Me
Bride ten years old died from burns
received while playing Indian with
companions McBride was tied to a
stake and his clothing saturated with
gasoline and then ignited The toy
broke loose and ran screaming to his
home where he died
Severe Rain and Electrical Storm
Over the Upper Mississippi Val
I ICT The River are Up
La Crosse WIOet 7kA severs
ruin storm accompanied by a terrific
electrical display swept over the up
per Mississippi valley Friday night
The principal damage done is to the
fnrmcjs and their loss will be heavy
The recent rains have caused tre
mendous rises on the Chippewa and
Black rivers All this water will reach
the Mississippi in a few daya
Expenditure In Excess of Revenue
for the Last Fiscal Year
48044 Y
J t
M > 1
WashingtOn Oct t Tks i bRfaac
IIheet of the post tti1to dprt Ba
Just completed shows the following
condition for the past year
Expenditures 107240298 revenue
102354570 excess of expenditures
4604718 This is about 1500000
less than tho deficit for tho preceding
fiscal year
After half a Century
Fano 111 Oct 6Tudgo Ames
gamted a decree of divorce to Susan
A Poor from W H Poor Thursday
Mrs Poor was also given 1500 ali
mony Tho case is a peculiar and
even pathetic one Mr and Mffi Poor
BUB each 70 years old They have
lived together over fifty years and
last May celebrated their golden wed
ding They have reared a family of
children oil of whom arc married
and with children of their own But
Mrs Poor in her petition alleged
cruelty and Incompatibility and the
court granted her appeal
Died In Luzon Mountains
Washington Oct 6Gen MacAr
thur reports to the war department
that five soldiers died in tho moun
talus of Laguna province after hay
ing made their escape from the insur
gents by whom they had been cap
tur d
Fell Dead at Dinner
Centralia Ill Oct GAnton Mar
chi aged 72 years dropped dead at
the Broadway hotel Thursday while
eating dinner owing to apoplexy Mrt
Marchi was a native of Switzerland
and had no relatives in this country
Charged with Forgery
Now York Oct GAlbert T Pas
rick and Charles F Joneswere arrest I
ed Thursday on charges of having
forged the name of William Marsh
Rice to checks aggregating 270000
Patrick was arrested in the vaults of
tne ftcw York Safe Deposit Co
Resumed Work
Bloomsburg Pa Oct 5Tho Dan
ville rolling mills have resumed
work after an idleness of several
No Pardon for Cadaver DealerI
Nashville Tenn Oct 6Oov Me
Mlilin of Tennessee has denied a pe
tition for pardon filed by E D and
rank Thompson of Memphiscadavcr
dealers and former leading undertak
ers They were for years county un
dertakers and sold bodies
UyesvlUe O Partly Burned
Marietta 0 Oct 6 Yesterday
morning at three oclock a fire start
cd In the livery barn of A Todd at
Byesvilie Guernsey county It spread
until thQ central part of the town is
In ruins noip
Indictment Charging Fraud
Lincoln InOct 6An indictment
has been returned against fpur men
charging fraud in the award of the
contract f or plumbing ori the new
bujldingr it the Illinois asylum for
fcbjInded chthil en
1II rJ k
J < r
nir Wt11tAVtWM fJ t4 Iff T
Major General Joseph Wheeler com
manding the cavalry forces In front of
Santiago and the author of liTho San
tiago Campaign In speaking of the
groat catarrh remedy P6rnna says
jl joint with Senators Sullivan Roach
and MoEnery in their good opinion of
Poro na It recommended to mo by
those who have used It as an excellent
tonlo andpartionlarly effective as a euro
for oatarrh
United States Senator MoEnery
Hon S D McEndry United States
Senator romLoulslana says tho follow
ing la regard to Poruna
U Porunav Is an excellent tonic I
have used It sufficiently to say that I
bolloTO it tobe all thatyou claim for it
S D McKuery Now Orleans Louisi
Hecla Items
Ed Casey has returned from a few
weeks vacation and takes his old
machine and is now cutting coal
BC Bostick and family have re
turned home from a visit in < 5hris
tian county
John Carroll our mno foreman
while working with ashop drill had
a small piece of tho drilling dust to
fly in his eye which caused him a
great deal of pain for several days
Messrs Abe Ford John Hogan
and William Borders were elected
trustees of Hecla school district last
Several of our boys attended the
Seferee speaking last Monday night
and gave in their names as members
of the Yerkes olQb which was
Miss Kate Borders is having the
Mr Williams who was reported
quito sick last week is still very
It J His daughter of Kansas City
Ltjhiebedsido and has employeda >
trained nurse to take care of him
Blanche Wilson has typhoid fever
William Barnes one of our double
team drivers was caught between
the cars last Tuesday and very badly
bruised up but not seriously
Mrs Andy Sisk is having chills
Miss Sue Burr called here Tuesday
SuccqWonth Knowing I
Forty yours success In the South
proves Hughes Tonic a great remedy
for Chills and all Malaria Eevers
Better than Quinine Guaranteed
Try It At flrugglsts 60o and 100
A Hopkins County Orator
Lett F McLaughlin surprised his
friends by the excellent speech he
made at Hanson on Saturday night
Dr Wailer spokeof itas an oration
and other citizens wore loud in their
expressions gratification A prom
inent Democrat who came it is said
to answer the young man evidently
thought he was not able to meet too
issues as Mr McLaughlin presented
them as he left without attending to
the duty assigned him Lett isn
farmers boy thQ son of Ben Mo
LaughUn of the Pond river country
He took first prize at the law scfiool
where he graduated and is certainly
destined for honor6in the future
It Is exasperating oone who
knows Foleys Honey and Tar and
knows what it will do to have ft deal
er recommend something else as
just the same I or just as good
for cold coughs croup la grippe
etc Campboll Co
Contractor Manion of Henderson
who moved the Dubolsson house
from tho now Masonio Temple site
is moving the frame house occupied
by David Adams news stand on
Main street down close to the adj
joining building to make room for nI
cottage Mrs P B Davis wIU erect I
on that lot
United States SenatopSuHivant
MI desire to say that I have been tail
lug Poruna for some time for catarrh
and hayo found It an excellent medicine
giving mo moro relief than anything X
havo over t kenW Y Sullivan Ox
fordMissUnited States Senator Hoaolii
Persuaded by a friend I hive nEed
Poruna as a tonic and ami glad to tee
tify that it has greatly helped me tnl
strength vigor and appetlte I have
been advised by friends that it la ra
markably efficacious as a cure for the
almost universal complaint of catarrh
W N Roach tarlmorfi North Dar
A froo book on < catarrh sent to > any
address by Tho Pern1naDmgMt Co
Columbus Ohio
Ii Mortons Gap Notes
Roy Davis of the country visited
relatives here last week
Mrs Joe Long and children of
Mayfield who have been visiting
relatives here left for Madlsonyillo
Mrs Dicy Davis of Madisonville
is visiting her son G M Davis
Annie Grasty visited In Earling
ton last week
The members of the Baptist church
gave an entertainment at White
Plains Saturday night and report a
large audience
tion in the St Bernard Store after a
months vacation
Earl Jagoe has accepted a position
with G 11 Davis BroT where he
will be pleased to meet his many
llrlendS business at the barber shop
has increased to such an extent that
Mr Coyle employs extra help for
Saturday and Sunday
ful accident lost week by being
his right wrist
The many frio Uftfee Brown
ling will be plo ji 45 i 3MV tbe
Is 1mprovlftg4 j iiIQ
19 Sla W tti
After exposure or when you rSa
cold coming on take a dose of Foleys
Honey and Tar It never falls to
stop a cold if taken in time Camp
The tenement house has been
moved from the lot to be occupied by
the new Masonic Temple and Opera
House and the excavation begins at
once Monday Contractor Farns
worth and the building committee
artanged with Schmotzer Barnett
to furnish the rough lumber for the
building They will begin to deliver
in a short time and guarantee to fill
the bill without delay
I have always used Foloys Mono
and Tar cough medicine and think
it the best in the world Take no
substitute Campbell Co
Senator E GK Mills of Wisconsin
at the Opera Bouse Friday night
will speak especially to the laboring
Melvin Vlnson and Nora Loyelace
were married at the residence of
William Kelley last Sunday night
at 7 oclock Rev J A Burden of
Ernest McLemore of Madison
ville was here Sunday afternoon
YoA NIBBET President
0W WADDILL Cashier
Gaplal Stock 50000
Transacts a general banking bus
ness and invites the account of the
citizens of Hopkins and adjoining
Has the finest and most secure
vault in this section Kentucky
+ + + + + 4 4 + + + 4m
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i LItLtoYczAlVL 1Z7 tI I
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