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y 4 I r r
Miss Lizzie Dean Is now telephone
< operator at the Esrlington exchange
Born to Mr and Mrs Thomas
Ryan on Monday morning a fine
The longest drouth since 1850 at
i Rlchland Ky was broken by a
I heavy rain Saturday night
nt Mr and Mrs W D Crenshaw
wore made happy early last week
1I over the arrival of a little daughter
Rev B M Ourrlo preached some
f excellent sermons at the ME
church South to goodaizod congre
gations last Sunday and made a fine
novo R M Wheat filled his pulpit
at MainStreet Owensboro last Sun
day and Is delighted with his new
charge He will movo his family to
Owonsboro in a short time b
Tim Osborno Lumber Company has
been organized at Qwonsboro with
capital stock of 15000 to operate
planing mill etc which will bo vro
moved from MIddlesbbro to Owens
A letter from Prof E B Bourland
says ho is well pleased with Lexing
ton and also Kentucky University
J whloh institution he entered several
t weeks ago to take a Theological
A recent letter from a member of
the family of Mr James Sullivan
says they are now pleasantly located
InAtlanta but that thoy still think
of their old Kentucky homo and
Rov 0 SJupin filled his first ap
r pointment at the M E church last
i Sunday mornlngland preached an in
teresting sermon to tho edification
of his hearers He preached at a
country appointment near Norton
yule Sunday night
Messrs F V Zlmmor and Thos
I E Finley addressed the people of
Richland Friday night speaking
for the civil liberty campaign In
Kentucky and the Republican na
tional ticket Both gentlemen made
good speeches and they had a big
audience The adherents of the
honest count idea inRichland neigh
borhood are in earnest and at work
The Prohibition special passed
through Earllngton Saturday morn
Ing about 1035 In a brisk shower
Mr White nominee for governor
and W M LikJns came on the coach
platform and Mr White mado a few
remarks attacking Republicans and
lf Democrats Brisk work of the Earl
Ingtonpeople and the rain prevented
the attendance of any crowd to
greet the representatives of tho Pro
hibition party At the close of Mr
Whites talk the presidential candi
date Mr Wooloy came out and
said a few words The train stopped
only long enough to take water and
bo inspected
iTho Earllngtonians who composed
the Ashbysburg fishing party ro
turned Friday night after several
days of pleasant camping and good
sport The party was made up of
W D Cavinoss Goo Etnwochter
j of Philadelphia who is visiting Mr
Long and Julius j pPS All are
i experienced I and as tho fish
ing was gfMBpnTnumbor of squir
rels wore kilted by the party they
fi had a royal time The boys say that
although Juiious Coonon has made
many a gallon of vinegar In his time
ii he seems to havo forgotten the dis
r I tinguishing characteristics of that
fluid and thereby hangs a tale
w Miss Sallle McGrath is visiting
relatives in Nashville
i Mrs Elmer Orr visited relatives In
y Henderson several days this week
weekI of
Nashville attended tho funeral of
of Mr TRV Browning j f
Mr Thomas Pike and wife and
Mrs R V Davis spent Saturday In
i the county seat
J B Wyatt was among those who
I attended the Prohibition speaking at
Jiiftdisonville Saturday
Vlll Vorthington amid erroJdPJonii i
i of MadisonviileV were in the
y Sunday evening
I irs Minnie Cot tt and lttttloson
> i areyl8ltlng relatives in Chattanooga
k Tenn
Mrs Stonewall Morris of Hop
d IdnsvillG was with tho family of
A Mrs T R Browning several tlays
thJs week
dl J McGregor was In Sob eo Mon
Miss Franklo Stokes is ° visiting
4 Frelatives In Croftbm
Y returnedr
from a visit to Providence
Cal martin wag called to Guthrie
j last week indworkgd on the Elktpii
i i branch for a few days
iTaylor Flsl1er Is home again after
an absence of several months
it r I 0
1 I
i 1 Makes the food more delicious and wholesome i
ovi Mxme fowota 00 new YORE
Horse Drowned
Barnett Arnold liverymen of
t ls place lost a good horse last Fri
day in an unusual manner The an
imal had been hired by two men
named Roystor and Lovelace who
live in Earlington They hired tho
horse and buggy and drovo across
tho southwest part of tho county
A telephone message received Sat
urday morning said they had driven
into Tradewater river at a point
whore they did not know Its depth
and that tho horse was drowned
They hired a horsp at Dawson
Springs and returned with buggy
and harness
by local applications us they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the
ear There Is only one way to cure
deafness add that is by constitu
tional remedies Deafness is caused
by an inflamed condition of the
mucous lining of the Eustachian
Tube When this tube is inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or Im
perfect hearing and when It is en
tirely closed Deafness is tho result
and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and this tubo restored to
its normal condition hearing will
be destroyed forever nine cases
out of ton are caused by Catarrh
which Is nothing but an inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces
Wo will give One Hundred Dollars
for any caso of Deafness caused by
Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Halls Catrrrh Cure Send for cir 0
culars free
FJ CHKNRY Co Toledo 0
Sold by Druggists 75o
Halls Family Pills aro tho best
Grand Lodge Odd Fellows
The Kentucky Grand Lodge In
dependent Order of Odd Fellows be
gan its Annual session at Louisvlllor
Tuesday morning John W Twy
man is tho representative of tho
Earliugton lodge but may not get
thoro on account of pressing work
Prevented a Tragedy
Timely information given Mrs
George Long of Now Btraitsville
0 prevented a dreadful tragedy and
saved two lives A frightful cough
had long kept her awake every
night She had tried many rome
dies and doctors but steadily grew
worse until urged to try Dr Kings
Now Discovery One bottle wholly
cured her and she writes this mar
vellous medicine alsd cured Mr
Long of a severe attack of pneu
mona Such cures are positive
proof of the matchless merit of this
grand remedy for curing all throat
chest and lung troubles Only BOo
and 100 Every bottle guaranteed
Trial bottles free atStBernard Drug
Baptist Association
Tho Little Bethel Baptist Asso
ciation is in session at Now High
church In Woustor County Largo
crowds are In attendance and tho I
sessions are interesting I
Story ofa Slave
To be bound hand and foot for
years by tho chains of disease is the
worst form of slavery George D
Williams of Manchester Mich
tolls how such a slave was made
free Ho says My wifo has been
so helpless for five years that she
could not turn over in bed alone
After using two botsles of Electric
Bitters sho is wonderfully improved
work This
and able to do her own
supreme remedy for female diseases
quickly cures nervousness sleepless
ness melancholy headache backache
ache fainting and dizzy spells This
miracle working medicine Is ra god
send to weak sickly run down peo
ple Every bottle guaranteed Only
6Oco Sold by St Bernard druggist
Will Contest
Tho Hustler says Wo under
stand the city council will contest
the appointment of R B Bradley as
polico Judge by Gov Bockham on
tho ground that the right of appoint
mont Is with the city council
It Saved His Leg
PA Danfoflh of LaGrango Ga
suffered intensely f or slxf months
with a frightful running sore on liis
leg but writes that Bucklens Arnica
Salvo wholly cured itln ton days
For Ulcers Wounds Burns Boils
Pain or Piles Its the best salve In
theworld Cure guaranteed Only
950S91d by St Bernard druggist i
iV1 tat Providence J
George Smith a negro was shot
and probably fatally woundedtat
Providence Saturday night pe
wasresistiiig arrest at the time
Bismarcks Iron Nerve
Was the result of his splendid
health Indomitable will and tre
mendous energy aro not found wlvoro
Stomach Liver Kidneys and Bow
els are out of order If you want
these qualities nnd the success they
bring use Dr Icings Now Life Pills
They develop every power of brain
and body Only 2 oat St Bernard
JohnW Twyman has Just com
pleted a lieW tin roof on the Buqkner
Money to patent good Idea may byy
secured by our ai Address Tnn
PATNTIico Dt Baltimore Md
Ir i
Jefferson and the Ratio
It is very hard to understand how
any intelligent Democrat can look
up to Jefferson as the father of
Democracy and yet favor thQ free
coinage of silver at a ratio of 10 to 1
at a time when tho market or com
mercial ratio is about 82 to 1 Jef
fersons opinion was quite to the
contrary In his notes on a money
Unit he said
The proportion between the vat
ues of gold and silver Is a morcan
tile problem altogether Just prin
ciples wilt load us to disregard legal
portions altogether to inquire into
tho market price of gold in the soy
oral countries with which we shall
principally be connected in com
rasroe and to take an average from
PEPSIN SYRUP Co Monticello Ill
Gentlemen I feel it my duty to
express to you my gratitude for
what your wonderful remedy has
done for mo I was completely run
down with a complication of stom
ach disorders For ten months I
could not work and was treated by
thrcaaminontphysicians One In
sisted upon operating on me declar
ing nothing short of an operation
for appendicitis would cure me A
friend Induced me to try Dr Cald
wells Syrup Pepsin and from the
first dose I began to improve and
havo not had any trouble since I
havo gained 25 pounds In weight and
am enjoying tho very best of Health
I never fail to say a good word for
Dr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin for I
know what it has done for me it will
do for others Gratefully yours
Sold by St Bernard Drug Store
The Missionary Baptist Church Is
to be dedicated Sunday October 21
Tho dedicatory services will be fol
lowed by a series of meetings and
the Baptists are looking forward to a
great revival and a good time gen
Eat What You LIKe
When you take Morleys Liver
and Kidney Cordial for then dys
pepsia Indigestion heartburn foul
breath dizziness and the long train
of similar troubles wilt disappear
and your cleansed and awakened
system will demand food Sound
digestion and sound appetite go to
gether follow the uso of
this time tried remedyth Sold by
Campbell Co
Rev C C Hall has boon trans
ferred from Crab Orchard Ill to
Makanda III by the f econt confer
Once of his church His new charge
is a pleasant work on the main line
of the Illinois Central Railroad
D ONT BE deceived or humbugged
by people who claim the dis
covery of some hitherto un
known herb or root in swamps or on
some mountain or prairie for the
cure of kidney or bladder troubles
Any doctor or druggist will tell you
Foleys Kidney Cure simply con
tains remedies that are recognized
by tho most skilful physicians as
best for these complaints so dont
be credulous or foolish Campbell
Emmett Logan is the possessor of
a unique campaign stick sent him
by his brother which he Is getting
no little pleasure out of It is rod
white and blue nicely made and has
MoKinleys picture on
Klnet7 per cent of all ilckaess Is caused b1
food not icIng properly digested It creates pol
sons and goes Into your blood and then yon are
liable to almost any disease the human system
I hair to Use Dr Carlstedts German Liver
Powder and watch the results You will feel
the good effects after taking one dose Give It
a trial and be convinced Price 2Sc
Of Ottos Spruce Gum Balsam Curaf
Your Could Just the Mcdlelns
for Children
War tale by
St Bernard drug store
Sunday morning the barometer
here showed a lower record than has
ever been made excopt on one or two
occasions It stood below 28 follow
ing the heavy rain and brisk wind of
the previous night
Stung by a Centipede
Mrs Thos Saunders Bliiffton
fioAR3twas stung bya centipede A
doctor was sent for but before he
arrived some sensible friend wet a
ploco of brown paper with Morloys
Wonderful EIJtllt and applied it to
the wound The doctor said his ser
vices were not needed 1for the poison
was neutralized or x1lled tiy the I
Wonderful Eight Mrs Sdid not
suffer from the wound Free trial I
bottles at Campbell fc Cos
John W Twyman Earllngtons
popular tinner has secured the con
tract to roof Hodges new tobacco
factory at NeboThis is a big con
troot as the now factory Is to be ono
ofthe biggest in the county
To First Voters
You are young men casting your
first ballot We congratulate you
Wo also call your attention to Dr
Caldwells Syrup Pepsin for Consti
patlon Indigestion Sick Headache
and Trouble At St Bernard Drug
Store vkj i
j 1 if t 1
Still For Silver
Wm J Bryan 1896
If there Is anyone who believes
that the gold standard Is a good
thing or that It must be maintained
I warn him not to cast his vote for
ma because I promise him that It
will not bo maintained In this coun
of It Knoxvllle Tenn Sept 10
Wm J Bryan 1000
The party stands where It did In
1800 on the money question
Zanesvllle 0 Sept 4 1900
good digestion sound sleep a
line appetite arid a ripe oldag r
are some of the results of the use
of Tutts Liver Pills A single
dose will convince you of their
wonderful effects and virtue
A Known Facto
An absolute cure for sick head
ache dyspepsia malaria sour
stomachdizziness constipation
bilious fever piles torpid liver
and all kindred diseases
Tutts Over Pills
Miss Leila Dean who has charge
of the primary department at the
public school has been sick for soy
eral days and Miss Effle Stokes is
teaching in her place
Get Your Moneys Worth
Its hard to appreciate the full
worth of Morleys Wonderful Eight
until you have used itin a score of
the emergencies that como In every
Olalborne Parish La says Per
mit me to say I have tried Morleys
Wonderful Eight and found it a
good medicine In Pleurisy and Pneu
monia Nothing equals it In reliev
ing pain Price 25 cents Free
trial bottles at Campbell Cos
Mr W R Broughton who has
charge of the pumping station at
Loch Mary has been qulto sick for
several days His many friends
wish him a speedy recovery
It Head the Lungs
When suffering from a racking
cough take a dose of Foleys Honey
and Tar The soreness will be re
lieved and a warm grateful feeling
and healing of the parts affected will
be experienced Take no substitute
Campbell Co
Jeff son of G T McEuen was
thrown from a delivery wagon last
Monday while delivering goods and
was quite painfully hurt
I Couldnt Translate IL
We received a letter recently wo
were unable to read We failed to
determine the nationality of the
writer The only Words we wero
able to make out were Dr Cald
wells Syrup Pepsin cures Indiges
tion At St Bernard drug store
Owonsboro had four and nineone
hundredths inches of rainfall Satur
day night Many country bridges
were washed away
The manufacturers of Banner Salvo
have authorized the undersigned to
guarantee it for burns outs sores
ulcers totter eczema and all skin
diseases You have your money back
If it doesnt do all it claims Camp
bell Co
The National Steel Company has
recently completed a large plant for
the manufacture of steel rails at
Youngstown O
Headache and dizziness arc quickly
cured by Morleys Little Liver Pills for
Bilious People They arouse tho Torpid
Liver work off the BILE and cure
Constipation Ono a dose Sold by
Campbell 5 Co Earlington j
Born to Mr and Mrs Elmo Shav
er formerly of this place but now
of Crofton on Tuesday morning a
fine boy
Dr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin is
Bicycle Repairs
I Bicycle Sundries I
I have opened a Repair
I 1Shop
Shop in l
and will repair Bicy
i I
cles Guns and Pistols
in a thorough manner S
and promptly j and will
keep repairs for all on
Mali Street West of thi Ballroai
MJWN8H RaliroaN
49 Pries
tfi Please
tfl Aft
For Ladies Misses and Children 5
and ladles TailorMade sUitstllE
rr Ia
Listen Ladies Our presentation in lJt l
this department is far ahead of past bt
efforts In it you can see The Short bt
Jacket with lightfitting backloosy
front and flared sleeve ColorsPearl
Castor Blue and Black The Plush 041
Coats with jet trimmings the Kersey bit a
Coats with fur collar and revers j the bt
Plush Coat made blouse tho Auto bt
mobile ln black and light tanCol bit
larettes and Scarfs to pleaseanybodyi
Wo must not fail to mention thobt i
superb assortment of Golf Capes made iYt
in most pleasing combinations of plain iu
is to be quite a faotor this winter We
are creating quite a flubdub with our
TaUormado Suits hey tell us they lit
have no equal in town In this brief etI
way we wish to call your attention toYI
our stock of Wraps I and Suits lJII u
You Mast Come to see Us and We will Show =
You Our Entire Stock lit fA
BISHOP a CO t lit
iii ij i i ii ra
Fine Wall Papers
At OneThird LessThan f
City Prices of
S ecial Sl s i tt Deceratiens
f 3OO Buggies
On Exhibition In our Re
< positoryy All bought RM
i itrtt1 t
last surnnberM be
fore the ad
I Forbes P Bro I
gASft ft Aft t t t bit
1 Cumberland Telephone f
49 Residence
= Telephones
9Ig as low as
= X125
= per iptn
as low as =
15U =
p8r month =
1 I UW
= 1Jr We place you in commumca 1 =
fi v > tlon withs
0 J
h 20000000 People > Ii
Ifi 1 Who transact an ehor nousR 4 bit
4 y dally businessEl
ao BY TELEPKONfii ti
fi bit
fi Which could not otherwlsobt
be done =
i i
J W BI E < 1t e I
r w
1 <
i r
0 a
Office over the Postoffice Lady Assistant AI iys F sent
f 7
± i j

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