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j x Illustrated by Hopkins County Coal f Interests r f
1 Y v
t pin r I892 > r The last Year of President Harrisons Administration r > Percentage of il Increase
d j r Hopkins Count Produced Ln l > < fr fo 736 1 6S o if ons 1 >
i J r l of 1 it j f f t F
1In I893tne First Year of Cleveland Administration J t tJ l rcEht
< f ever IsI92
xr InI896 Clevelands Administration r
11t In 1896 The Last Year of Jands 3 o Percent
r r Over 1892
l 1 < 1892Hopkins
J > In 1897The First Year of McKinieyls Administration j Per cent
1 i f Hopkins County Produced + f ZI tI 9611412 Tons 2 3Over Year 1896
ilh 1899 The Third Year of Republican Rule ° ft 1 Per Cent
1I r h lg Hopkins County Produced v j 1265706 Tons 6 2I Over In 3 1896 ears
rt 4A Democratic Increase in four years of 5 34 per cent
0 t 1
i A Republican Increase in three years of 62 12 per cent <
Magnificent Display of Fine Hones from
Many States and Canada
I The Louisville Horse Show will
begin on October 15th and con
hi l untie forfivo days or evenings
hiThero are nearly 600 entries ii l
the various classes The horses
come from all parts of the United l
States including two carload
from uannda The fancy classes
are exceptionally well filled The
display of jumpers will be one of
the best over seen ALtogethe
the show promises to bo the most
interesting ever held outside o j
l New York Oity The Association n
has been exceptionally fortunate I
in the choice of judges they are I
not only well qualified to pass 01
horses but as a rule men of na
tional reputation Among them
are General Nelson E Miles wh6
will judge the cavalry horses
The Horse Show Building now
complete is well adapted to the
needs of the Show and it will ac
Qommodote 10000 people There
will be a large attendance from j
abroad and the various States
will bo represented by Honorary
VicePresidents Some of ithe
well known people who have ac
cepted appointments are Mr 0
H P Belmont of Now York
City Hon Tom L Johnson of
Ohio i Gem H o Oorbin of the
District of Columbia Mr Henry
Fairfax of Virginia Mr May
4f Overton of Tennessee and Mr
K FB B J ces of Missouri
As this is the first indoor Horse
Show over attempted in Ken
tucky the interest taken in it by
the home people is unusually
large and thE prospects are that
Kentuckys reputation for fine
horses will be definitely empha
sized The entries from Lexing I
ton and the Bluegrass region are
numerous and aft the Louisville
people who have good horses have
7 e1tl
1 entered them The Association
is under the control of public
spirited citizens and the show
promises to be firstclass in every
i respect
YouUeys Attorneys Denounce the Al
leged Report of Gov Taylor Depo
sition Printed in the Louisville
Georgetown Ky Oct BTl
following signed statement given
Al out by oatsoysattorneys ex
q plains itself
v Saturdays story in the Louis
ville Times published under tin
ndianapolis date line regarding
I Gov Taylors deposition for use
n the YouIJJcLlse is a malicious
e No such statements as nt
r ributed to him appear in the
eposi ion R N NELSON
Insidu iu Political Evils
There are some political evils
which are seen as sops as they
are dangerous and which alarm
at once as well the people as the
government Wars and invas
i J ions therefore are not always
OJ ttbe most certain destroyers of
f national prosperity They come
in no questionable shape They
announce their of vn approach
I and the general security is pre
sserved by the general alarm
S based csoin a Depreciated paper
currency or depressed and fall
I tr ing public credit These insin
l i r irate themselveSin the shape of
S s
t0 J
F f
di1f Y
c °
4 i
1 kn
fallacies accommodation and re
lief They hold out the most
fallacious liop8of any easy pay
ment of debts and a lighter bur
den of taxationDaniel Web
Democratic Legislative Record
The Dpmocratic party is nov
by legislative action committed 1
lTho Goebel election law
od r
House bill
The Holland bill of unsavory
It will also be on record as op
First The Senate election Uw
purely nonpartisan
SecondEvery nonpartisan
amendment to the House bill
Third Opposition to the re
peal of the condemned moder n
English for dnmned Goebe 1
election law
FourthOpposition to amend
ments to the old law made to re
move objections urged by Sena
tor Goobel
Let the people of Kentuck y
read the record and then re r
spondto Mr Bryans appeal ti
vote for Becklvam and by that t
vote indorse commend uphold
all the innumerable political
politicY m
stands It is a fearful list be
ginning in February 1898 and
continuing to this day
The people of Kentucky can
give no such veto of approv l
and the man whe asks it Bryan
becomes equally cesponsiblo with
Beckham for all that has been
done for two years in the name
of the Democratic party of Ken
tucky Evening Post
Grapevine Mams
Tom Nixon and Kiss Vie Wyatt
visited in the Dalten country last
Claud Carlisle and Miss Myrtle
Morrow are each recovering from
attacks of fever
Mrs Elizabeth Morrison < of near
Bussellyllle visited her son W L
Morrison last week
Miss Lizzie Bourland has returned
to her homo in Louisville
Jas Arnold and Thos Nixon were
Muhlenburg county last wreck
A number from hero attended the
Prohibition speaking Saturday
A new cistern is being dug for the
benefit of the church and school
Thomas Xlttengers new house is
about completed
Several of our good Republican
will hear BooBvelt speak next Satur
GenoPritchett and Sam Arnold
gave a candy pull Wednesday night
Misses Agnes Barnhill and Hazlo
Slaton who have boon sick ore con
Mrs Rosalie Barnhill and daugh
tors Misses Helen and Nannie of
near Hanson were visitors at John
Slatons for several days
Uncle Jackson Slsk has been on
the sick list but is reported better
Miss Maymo Todd is visiting the
family of M I Cox on Elk creek
and attending the protracted meet
ing at Bethlehem
Miss Willie Whitfield has resumed
her duties in the schoolroom after
several days absence on account of
Miles Russell and Boy Morrow are
having chills
Paul M Moore was elected school
trustee Saturday in the Earlington
district Np46A i >
r t
L n
Red Hill News
tOwing to the extremely dry wreath
er the farmers of this vicinity are
not through sowing wheat but on
last Saturday and Sunday we had a
good oldfashioned Republican rain
and work will again be resumed
Tom Carroll is on the sick list this
M T Hamby and wife anti JrEr
Campbell visited relatives at Nebo
this week
Rev W G Shemmel will preach
at Colos Chapel the coming year
Mrs Nancy Hamby of the Norton
vale vicinity is visiting at Red Hill
this week
Miss Bertha Crick who has been
suffering from spinal meningitis for
a few days is reported as some bet
for at this writing
J Tom Grace who loft for parts
unknown is how in East St Louis
where ho has accepted a very lucra
tive position in a large flouring mill
I J D Whltfleld and Hanson Crick
1mado a business trip to Hopkinsville
last Saturday
Miss Bozzie Buddell has been quite
sick with for the past two weeks
Hon W C Lyell was elected trus
tee of tho school board at this place
weather Sunday only four couples
wero married here The contracting
parties wore J D Whitfield to Miss
Susan Me Gar C O Fox to Miss
Clara Crick J D Stanley to Miss
Lucy Fox and C M Oglesby to Miss
ficiating All of tho parties are very
worthy young people of this vicinity
and we extend our congratulations
This is only a start in tho weddings
that arc to be hero this fall and if
tho weather proves favorable we will
try to report half a dozen next time
leave for Lexington January 1st
where they will enter college
Seyeral of our good Republicans
will go to Hopkinsvillo Saturday to
hear Col Roosevelt speak
George Reed had a horse to die
with lockJaw last week
Rev W F Crick and family of
Orange Grove will move into our
midst in the near future to make
their home for thecomlng year
Senator E G Mills of Wisconsin
Will speak especially to laboring
people at the following times and
Earllngtl Hopkins County FrI
day Oct 12th 780 pm
Oct 18th 780 p m
central Oity Mublonberg County
Monday Oct 15th 780 p m
Louisville Jefferson County Tues
day Oct lath 8 p m
Ashland Boyd County Wednes
day Oct 17th 780p m
Lexington FayettoCounty Thurs
day Oct 18th 8 p m
Oct 10th 780 p m
Yours for Clvil Liberty
G W LONG Secty
A Pointed Question
Supposo you should hear a man
denounce all of your associates as
thieves and murderers and suppose
Iyon should be so unfortunate as to
be tried for your life or liberty and
you should find this same man sit
ting as Judge and on looking around
you find the attorney for the com
monwealth to be a man who had
done the same thing and if you
should find that the jury was of the
same faith and order while I do
not say they would not do exactly
right out would you feel the same
confidence in receiving Justice as if
you had never hoar them pro
nounce my friends as liars thieves
and murderers Moss BACK
Mr Davo Houlihan is threatened
with typhoid fever
Dr Buffs
Cures Hoarseness arid Sore Throat
It h the beet remedy for stubborn colds
Dal1 dOMle Ihrbe 6centa at drum
i M
i1 t l1tt J
Political parties are useful and necessary but politiqal parties
must Mean more than the piratical raid upon office Political
partied cannot fairness and honesty and themselves float Po
litical parties in a republic cannot exist by the enslavement of the
people When they attempt it they will be swept from the earth
as timber befora a conflagration No party that ever was or ever
shall be weighs a feather m the scale with the rights of the people
to cast their vote and have them counted We are woefully mis
taken in the people of Kentucky if ariyparty can live that identifies
itself with Goebelism The Legislature that has just died in igno
miny has done all it could to send the Democratic party to the I
same dishonored grave
graveIf party or Republican party or the Populist
party shall make the Goebel conspiracy its own it brings upon it
self its own destruction or the people of Kentucky are no longer
deserving of the right of selfgovernment which they will have sur
rendered and that they have sunk to such depths of degradation
the people of Kentuckynor the people of any other commonwealth
in this union have yet given any sign CourierJournal March
16 1808
Saturday night Mr < Bryan in his One address in Kentucky said
1 fKl Beckham J I 15
111 conclusIOn GIve us Beck mm for Governor
This is the last thing that remained in order to identify the Dem
ocratic party with Gdebelism Mr Beckham was Speaker Beckham
when the Goebel bill was passed He was named by Goe el his
candidate for Lieutenant Governor He entered with Goebel in the
contest to have the will of the people set aside and today is the
beneficiary of that law 61 that Music Hall convention and of that
contest Beckham is in the full enjoyment of the stolen goods
Give us Beckham for Governor says Mr Bryan himself a
candidate for President
That was an appeal to the people of Kentucky to accept the
yoke of Goebelism surrender the right to control public affairs Jt
is an appeal from Bryan to the disfranchised city to vote to indorse
that disfranchisement It was an appeal to our people to indorse
all the jugglery going on at Frankfort in a vain effort to confuse
the issue and blind the people to all the crimes done in the name of
the Democratic party
This is the fourth time Mr Bryan has come to Kentucky to
throw his influence against honesty in politics against popular
rights against the first principles of Democracy This is the fourth
time this gentleman whose personal integrity is the boast of his
friendshas come to Kentucky to countenance fraud and treachery
to promote theft to counsel the betrayal of justice by unjust judges
He stands as the defender of the worst crime committed in any
State in the Union He came last year to plead for Goebel When
Goebel was beaten Bryan congratulated him upon his election
When he sought to drive honest men into dishonest paths to reach
an office the law denied him Bryan came to aid him in driving re
luctant Democrats to that point of infamy Now he comes once
more to complete the circle of his own degradation As he stood
before that audience with upliftedhandthathand was black with
disgrace His voice was the voice of Jacob pleading for Esaus birth
right and in the estimation of men who know what Democracy is
he fe lUke Lucifer never to rise again
When he reads the election returns November 7 when he
learns that Goebelism and this new Democracy have been in one
red burial blent let him say to himself Had I served my party
with half the zeal I have served myself Kentucky would not have
left me naked to my enemies Louisville Evening Post
If on rising In the morning youve a ringing in your ears iif <
And the ringing scorns an echo of last nights McKInley cheers
And you feel aglow of pleasure as with patriotic thought J
You reflect that your great country will hold on to what shes got
Man youre threatened with expansion with imperalitis sure > 0
And to find relief youll have to take good Dr Bryans Cure
If you have that crowded feeling in your pudgy pocketbook
If the coins that clink so merrily are yellow in their look
If your eyes are so affected that you cannot really see
The beauties and the glories of the silver that is free
On beware afflicted mortal tis golditis you endure
And you should take sixteen doses of good Dr Bryans Cure t
If youve any doubts of whether Dr Bryans cure will Just
Knock the microbes Into nothing when they form a microbe trust
You have caug monopolltis and youd better take his dope +
True he dont know how to cure them but he has a lot of hope
And you dont know it yourself but then youre trodden down and poor
So youd best secure a bottle of good Dr Bryans Cure
If youre any other troubleif youve falling off the hair
If your dlnnorpall Is heavysuch a load for you to bear t
If you waste your time in working if your bank book is too fat
The Bryan Panacea will soon remedy all that
Its a brow of fldkle fancy mixed with hot air very pure
And its good for all your troubles is old Dr Bryans Cure
Baltimore American
by the Quartr
Every bottle you take of Johnston
Sareaparllla means better health
and every bottle contains a full
quart It makes better Odpuror
blood For thirty years this famous r
remedy bas been creating and main 1
tatnlng good health
Sarsaparilla Johnstons 1
builds up the system tones the
nerves and strengthens the musolos 1
moro promptly and effectually than
my other remedy known The pallor of the
check disappears energy takes the place ore
Languor and the rich color of health flows to
ho o cheeks Unequalled for all disorders of the
stomach and liver and for all weakening com
plaints of men women and children
6U rptrt1rIee LOO per run qW ioottk I
For sale by St Bernard Drug
Store Kyf
The Cheapest Hometeekers Excursions
of the Year
On October 2 and 10 t 1eQr atI
Rock Island Bouto will sell round
trip tickets at following rates1loI
Denver Colorado Springs and Pu
eblo 2700 from Chicago and 2400
from Peoria to Kansas and Ne
braska 1600 from Chicago and 1200
from Peoria to Oklahoma and In
dian Territory 1700 from Chicago
and 1400 from Peoria Return
limit 21 days The Klowa Comanche
and Apache Reservations in Okla
homa will be thrown open for settle
ment next spring These will come
prise over 2000000 acres for public
providing over 12000 homesteads of
160 acrer each and 10000 mineral
claims The Great Rock Island
Route istho only line reaching thist fN
splendid district If you want a
fertile farm accompany ono of those
cheap excursions and inspect the
country The information will be
of service when the Reservations
are opened For full information
Subscribe for THE BEE
Capital Stock Paid In Surplus Fund
150000 120000 f
1he gnlnerne ln
N tl arhr
h aHJm HM I CA
M fcw f5r r M H BW rn > iB OTHBcrii
and Iii weal ea 3 the
bank Js a good one Tneret conTen
lence the money always ready and
out of reach of your own petty tquan
derlng too It Is easy to spend small
Burnt when you have a large mm In
your pocket
Anions ending a sketch and deserlpuon mar
itcklr ascertain our opinion frog whether u
Invention is probably patentable Commnnlw
Uoruetrtctlyconedentlpal nandhookonPatenta
sent tree Olden agency for eecurtnFpetepta
Iatenta tAken through Munn a eo rccelT
tfteM notice without chante In tho
Scientific fltttericffli
Abandeomelrtllnetratedweekly Largest dr
culatlon of anT eclununo journal Terms IJ a
year tour months ft Bom by all newsdoAleri
MUNCO36tgroadwar New York
Bran OMee 1 stwashington D C
o r d ria Chills a lId
trt O R
V + f o1c 1J c
HAIeIf iRea
1 Groves Tasteless Chill Tonic
The formula is plainly printed on every bottlehence you 1
know just what you are taking when you take Groves Imitators > > t
r 0r do not advertise their formula knowing that you wouldnot buy >
o Jt I their medicine if you knew what It contained Groves contains 1
f i > Irorr and Quinine put up in correct proportions and is in a Tasteless 3
tskk form The Iron acts as a tonic while the Quinine drives the
4 r malaria put of the system Any reliable druggist will tell you thar
> J Groves is the Original and that all other socalled Ta tee
4 1 chin Tonics are imitations An analysis of other chill tonics shower
r that Groves is superior to all others in every respect YOU i
iJ are not experimenting when you8 take GrovesWits < Superiority
and excellence having long been established Groves is the n
tJlon y Chill Cure sold = throughout the entire malarial sections Sf r
yat c United States No Cure No Pay Price sec V f 1
f c i
4 I k 1 t i
o Yir f < < < < i 7
1 fo i flR t
J J f 1
0 9
l l

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