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i The Roosevelt special oh the Hen
dorson division was under thedl
rect man gem ntotMasterQf
Trains Dpvney and therefore was
in safe hands and made all point
on Bchodulo time
j The most accurate bit of work In
the history of modern engineering
was the tremendous task of borinj
out1 over Iwo miles of granite in the
immene bore under the Cascad
Mountains Tho two forces workin
opposite ends met together witl
hardly tho variation of an inch
Now that tho boro has been accom
pllshed the work of laying1 tin
tracks is comparatively iusignlfi
cant and the tunnel of the Great I
Northern Railroad will be rushed to
if a speedy conclusion Jfc Is estl
> mated that whou completed ItwiU
have cost 45000000 The tunne
will abolish tho switchback over
> the Cascades
The greatest rush of people to In
i < dlanapoHs Indt In one day wai
4 7 that witnessed last Thursday the
i day Governor Roosevelt was there
when itls said the railroad com
panics handled fifty thousarfd peo
pie from Outside the city
Very few people realize that It re
quires about five employes per mile
to Operate the railway systems of
this country However such Is the
fact The number of persons em <
plowed by the railways of the United
States as reported June SO 1899
was 928924 an average of 495 em
ployes per 100 miles An Idea car
be formed as to the amount of in
crease In railway traffic in the yeai
1 ending June 1899 1bver the preceding
12 months when it is known thai
there wore 64860 more railway em
pibyees that year than the preced
ing year During the year ending
< June 80 1889 652997890 were paid
in wages and salaries to railway
empipyefl and officers This amount
means Gaper cent of the operating
Senator Mills of Wisconsin who
spoke on the political issues of the
day at EarlingtOn last week said
that the statistics show that the
railroad employees received in
wages in 1899 over 70000000 more
than in the year 1895 and why
should they ask for a change
Wo believe it tho first case of the
kind since the Louisville Nash
yijlje company has hod control of the
ifsoirTirAJfiioh that an em
ployee was killed by the falling
from the top of a car and breaking
v his ncclc as was the case when last
week a young brokeman by the
name of Cotton Lockett met his
> death in the manner above indi
j cated The young man was well
liked by those who knew him and
was a relative of the Locke family
j at Henderson where his remains
A were sent for burial v
Supervisor Edmonson Is mOw
much worried because of thoxser
ious sickness of his daughter who fs
attending school at Hopkinsvillo
and who is suffering from a severe
attack of typhoid fever v
The Work train under the direc
tibn of Supervisor Edmonson was
out lastweek and part of this Borne
Important ditching id being done for
rather tho cleaning out of sand puts
north of Mndisonville
Dispatcher John Devney spent
last Monday with relatives at
Word received from former super
visor Sullivan Is to the effect that
ybpth himself and family are now
well satlsfled both with the coun
j try and location v
tF JDuqleus Burns f ormerly a xf ection
foreman on this division has gone
tP Qeorgta to join Mr James uili
1 yansforcQ t f
jfc Since thc commencement of the
new depot hothlng nut favorable
comment is heard and the pepplo of
< Earllhgtort will have just reasons tq
feel proud of the nqw structure
< This clipping from an exchange
i < hnssomothingikind H say of the
train dispatcher
t Train dispatching is perhaps the
only v cat Qil In whlcK a man is not
privileged to foam by his mistakes
One wreck putsn period to the ca
reer 6f n dispatcher The pay re
peiv6d by ii dispatcher seems small
< in Comparison with his responslbil
itles His compensation Is almost
universally 1200 a y arwhiie tho
> chief dispatcher receives 1500
tlher is no harder pldco in the rail
way service than that fl11 fbythe
train dispatcher his work Is wear
jfngjn tho extreme his burdehbf re
Bppnsibilifcy is not only fearf ulj but
4t is with hm every moment that
ei 04 d ty
rOn tho pth j hand the man who
passes thrpugh puch a school and
imeete the tpsfc has a pplondid traih
iinrf or airabstaiy kind pf executive
jjrlb I qbably tn ideal training
ro fop hafcryIghes pQsI trcnu in the
Qp rflj n tt llrPA i IfwOQ q
b X prJn o aiPe yac l rkt
hitiiu th bfflaf OX a dlYisiQn Super 1
Lf 1 l1 VV i <
intehdout fbliowed by that of an
operator and dispatcher
It is announced that tho Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company has filed
contracts for 150000 tons of steel
rails at the current quotation t26
One hundred railways operating
97000 miles of road ropprtod gross
earnings of 55703004 in September
a gain over September last year of
20 per cent the smallest increase
reported this year but marking im
proV mont bvfer progressive gains in I
fchi same nonth for five years past 1
Bradstreets I 1
Does U Pay to Buy Cheap t
A cheap remedy tor opghs iti I
colds al1rightbutyol1 want somo
thing that will ralieyo and cure tho
more severe and dangerous results
of throat and lung troubles What
shall you do Go to a warmer and 1
more regular climate Yes if pos
sible i if not possible for you then
in either case take the only remedy
that has been introduced all civ
ilized countries with success in se
vere throat and lung troubles r
4BOsohees German Syrup It not
only heals and stimulates the tis c
sues to destroy the germ disease butt
allays inflammation causes easy ex
pectoration gives a good nights rest 11
and cures the patient Try one bot t
tIe Recommended many years by
all druggists in the world For sale
by dealers all civilized countries
Died Saturday
Mr John R Williams one of our
oldest citizens died last Saturday at
the residence of Albert Jacob on at
Hecla Mr Williams had been in a
very critical condition for some
time and his death was not unex
pected Ho was a quiet unassuming
man and had many friends hero and
elsewhere Ho was a meinber of the
M E Church and a member of the I
local lodge of Odd Fellows Presid
ing Elder Walsh of the M E i
Church conducted the funeral Suni
day after which the remains were
laic to rest in the Earlington cemJ
etery The bereaved ones have theC
sympathy of THE BEE
Stops the Cough and Works off the Cold I
Laxative BromoQuinine Tablets
euro a cold in one day No cure nO
pay Price 25 cents
The pugllisfc with the swelled head
seldom gets it at the brands of an
Paul M Moore and Jesse Phillips
are in Louisville attending the
Grand Lodge of tUasous
Mrs Ed Majors of Dawson is he
guest of JsWE Ashby
i loCureaCoIdin One Day l
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets All druggists refund the
money if it fails to cure E W
Groves signature is on each box
Pavid Houlihan Dead
On last Tuesday David Houlihan
one of tho best men in Earlington
passed peacefully away after an ill
ness of several monthte duration of J
bowel trouble Mr Houlihan was I
about 60 years old and was a devout
member of the Catholic church A
friend in speakIng f him said uNo I
man ever came nearer1 to liYing up
to the principles of his church thali
didDave Houlihan He was an J
honest kindhearted man and bore
the highest esteem of all who knew 1
him He leaves a wife and several
children He was a brother of Louis
Houlihan thp grocer Funeral ser J
vices will be held at the Catholic j
Church today after which his re
mains wilrbeinterred at the Catho I
lic cemetery ai this place THE BEB 1
extend its Bympathy to r the be j
reaved J
We live by our blood and ion
it We thrive or starve as
pur blood is rich or poor
There is nothing else to live
on byWhen
When strength is full and
spirits high we are being re
freshed bone jnuscle and brain I
in Body and mind with con
tinual flow of riqh blood
This is health I
When weak in ow spirits
no cheer no spring when rest
is not rest and sleep is riot
sleep we are starved QUI blood
is poor there is little nutri
Back pf the blpo is fppd
tp keep theblppd rich When
ifeMls take ScPtts Emulsipn
dJE Gpd Liveir Oil Its tJhe
vtfhple bpdy giving again rman
woman and child
If Vpu Imre not tried tee dlor free satajJe
I ls f grctable U e yrtll lurpritc ywi <
oriliS JlPWiE pJJem
09415 c3ri Street < NJttr York
l pc1 rQOj i <
Tto iJ tI +
f t
1 HI < or
EilsVorth Evans who has been op
erating the electric motor at Hecia
mine was off duty last week 6n ac
count of a boil on hid neck
The sympathies of those more for
tunate were with Foreman Evans
last Taturday When ho and his dele
gation of miners came In sight about
tea minutes after Governor Roose
velt had taken his departure
The Interstate MaiwfncturWjShyB
The output of anthracito coal dur
ing the month of August xas the
largost for any month f fi hJl nr
amounting to 4919000 tbns The
output to August 81 aggrpgJitediSC
958083 long tons as gainst 9 90850
Ibng tons last year making plh
creaso of 175G783 tons II
The hard coal syndicates In Shesla
and the Rhino provinces Germany
Uavo raised prices 25 per PJal1CI
bituminous coal in BerlinH s ad
vanced 50 per cent <
Agitator Wood and other agitators
mode Henderson pounty a visit last
week and as the miners lft that
county nro almost completeljr uhder
the control of the JJ M yorkers
and ns the wrges thero are > lower
than those paid by the nonunion
operators in other counltlosin the
State j ho must occasionally visit
them to keep up their drooping
Spirits y
Manager Ben W Robineonj of the
St Bernard Coal Cbmpany was
faken seriously 111 while on a1 visit
to the Whltley county mine last
week Friends at first feared he
was threatened with typhot ever
biifc now hope those symptoms have
passed away >
President J Wittenberg a coal
merchant New York whorecently
returned from Europe states that
inquiries are being made by the Ital
ian and French governments for
American coal and that his company
has on band unfilled orders for 200
000 tons of cOal for Italy
On account of the high prices of
coal in Europe many of the trans
Atlantle liners arc carrying on the
outward voyage sufficient coal to
last them on the trip over and part
of the way back <
The Needmoro Coal Company of
Chattanooga Tenn owning vast
andvaluable coal and timber lands
in the Cumberland Mountains in the
Stata amended Us charter so as to
increase Its capital stock from 100
OOOto 250000
Tho Southern Illinois Immigration
and Improvement Association has
just closed ft deal of 2240 acres of coal
land Willistnlsoh county DIto
the Illinois Steel Company of Chi
cago A F White the Vice Presi
dent of the former company states
that on boring with 1 diamond flrlll
on various parts of this land a fine
vein pf coal ton feet and three inches
thick was f oundjat a depth of 198 feet
with fine rOoflng <
Never before did the miners of
Earlington andwo might truthfully
say of Hopkins county tako so act
ive a part in a demonstration as that
which occurred last Saturday on the II
arrival of Gov Roosevelt of New
York and It was quite natural that
they should take such an interest
in the visitof one whoso sole object I
was to warn them against a return
to tho poverty days of four years ago
when throughput the land free spup i
houses waff the Border of the day and
miners and other laborers were ikely
to got three days work per week
when now they get six and sjome
tlmes seven each week Of cpurse
those who are riot blinded by parti
A J tellthem
Janshlpne dllo orator to
of thes actS ns bottfthoir pocTcet
books and their dinner ptfiiSiire
convincing evidence to them on
this point and iMs only th siwljo
are careless about their own 1n r
ests that need warning of th01an
ger ahead fn the event of an adverse
vote at the polls next month Thei
banners displayed by the StB6V
nard Company and which vfeio oad
by tho Governor and the gontl inen
a coinpanying DIm on his tourof the
Stats attracted great attontlon and
partly furnished hUn with a toxtfojr
hfs romarks raado here rhefelght
of the mlnera dressed In thpirvQrk
ing clothes sp onthus d the spQakor
as to cause hiin to change his jlaten
tlpftB which were first not to < l
an address here but when thetrue
working people piitin an appearance
as they dldonthlfoccaslonTeddy
Baw his duty clear and spoke voirds
of cheer to thorn as well as warn
them tp let well enough along IByQri
thb miner who formerly looked itt
such matters through partisan
glasses was caused to take noJq
serious view pf tho sitUatlbn and
askj himself HVberG does my o7n
Interest now irfestf Vlll a returil to
thocphditlonipf affairs as they1 QX
istednnder thpjast Democrailb ad
ministration i benefit us The vistit
of the next Vico President had a
Qdol1tJ tb Ott
pJE prosperity tp go to prk w fli
liewed energy jy
1 T fl
The PlltBburg arid Baitimprp Cpat
Company ireceiiyjd contricil 9r
75000 tons of coal to bo sent ta Epg
latdioyway tofBaltlmpre > v
Tho invasion of Eurppo byAmerli
can poal is assurning formidable dii
menBlohsv Frande Is at present tho
principal bbjectliveand two steamers
have recently beon chartered at
Phlladjilphia to xalfo cargoes to that
country while five others are to bo
put in qommlssion towards tho same
end Eusstais also a buyer 6 Amer
ican coaly for pnly nfew ajs ago
tho charter waX arinouhcddpf C tho i
steamtr Hatasu to carry B OOQ tpns
to Gutujowsky a pjrt on tho Baltlo
Sea England tOOl has been a buyer
as in taricpa cargo of4000 tons con
signed to the South Metropolitan
Gas Company Tho American
steamer t Bosnia recently cleared
from Philadelphia Jor Sail Francisco
loaded with 8500 to sof coal
for China othor spOradio charters
could bo mentioned Bonio of them
on account of tho French railways
for their pverydfw uso and some on
account of tho French Administra
tion for its private reserves Of fuel
for warliko contingencies Inter
state Manufacturer
If the American coal dealer will
convince tho French consumer that
our coal will produce the same
amount or more steam per ton and
can be placed on the French mar
let at the same or a lower prlcplhaa
the English coal the American will
get the order for the Fjrpnch do not
buy coals because th yare mined
in England andSVales
The official cstiraato of the total
production of anthracite coal in Sep
temper shows the eflectof thostriko
The estimate is 2950550 tons which
compares with an output in the same
month last year of 4865 640 tonsy
The following charters have been
recently taken put Charleston V
Va The Wheeling Steam Coal Com
jany J C McKluley President W
N Phillips Secretary Company
has organized
Three companies were Incorporated
by the same partied with principal
Office in Mound BvlHo W Va to de
velop coal lands in Marshall and
Ohio counties W Va Tho corpo
rations are designated respectively
The Empire Coal Mining Company
the Waynesburg Coal Company and
the Viola Coal Company Tho cap
ital stock for eachcompany is 00
000 with 10 per cent paid up and
privilege to increase each company
to a capital stock of 900000
The Bunn Mining Compariy sub
scribed capital 50 authorized 100 i
iOOjOOd The incorporators are all of
Charleston W Vji > with principal
office in that city
Turkey Creek Coal Company of
South McAlester I T
The BlootonCahaba Coal Com
pany of Bloc ton Ala has been in
corporated with a capital of 40000
Coal mining by machinery is on
the inert aso as might well bo ox
pected Thus1i 1890 the quantity
of bituminous coal mined by ma
chines was 1417 per cent of the total
product of thai year and In 1807 it
1610 per cent of the entire output
But in 1808 the industry received
considerable impetus as will bo seen
when it is stated that the total quan
tHy Of machine mined coal was 2080
per cent of the whole Those figures
wore further enlarged by the returns
of 1800 which showed that the per
cpntago machinemined coal
amounted to 23 per centi pfthecn
Ltie production As far as the actual
figures of production are concerned
the palm of course was carrlod off
by 1899 with a total of 48063083
short tons or almost 12000000 tons
more than was BO produced in J898
In 1897 the total output worked by
machinqs was 22049220 short tons
flln increaso over 1890 Pf 0222 28
short ions Machines wore used h
twentytwo States and Territories in
1809 All of tho States save Alahrt
maj ArkanlBas I0wa and N OrtU Da
kota report Buhstai > tial gains In ton
nag The four States mentioned
ho vcr show tlecreasesi Brad
stre ts
The Kentuclsy Grand Lpdgo
Kni lils of Pjytiiia3Vlli In etin
yincliestijr1 nextTiJosday rhere
pprjbs will how the rtodQ in
flne con Utol
Cdldsare easily taken and often de
velop into bron h1tis or con 11 ptlon
ionsboUld nreacoldp mptlyVith
Drv Jblm < Wf BnllB Cough Syrup
This celebrated reD edyl njoec efflr
dent and will cure a cold at once
Balr I
P mpt ure tubbj nC
J r H lta s4ptiJo ke Dectw
vcoE BicBd it Trice ascta aJdntr
J 1 y mlIIcaitJ r
GnU u d tromJtlrstpge
airnlervous over this condition I afc
lI W t Jhe tlbllcnn iaro
wiiiprpteoTy u There Is no danger
pt imperialism comingin that way
TJbjenly ay It can come Is by the
lcS88 otourcapaoity to govern our
selves aridit Kylil come lf w0 submit
to mob violence or If wopormUJCiur
solves the right to express oursolre
1 > y the ballot and fall to protect tho
sanctity of tho ballot box after suet
expression Because these rights fro
in question I appeal to you I ap
peal to more n Republicans I
appeal to all hones Deniocrats to
stand with us > for we stand for all of
those things which ate the founda
tlons of the Government f appoa
toy In the name of the most 11
lustriouB Of all Democrats In the
name of Thomas Jefferson and An
drew Jackson i who stood for those
things wo stand for today I am glad
tp go through this State with botl
Democrats and Republicans wUh
men who woretha blue and men whb
wore the gray because It indicate
that wo make out appeal to you not
as men and not as mere partisans
Vhbn our liberties are attJke nIl
true men must stand for honesty
And bur liberties aro threatened no
by that fraction of a soldier spok <
of but they are threatened by oyerj
corrupt politlcan who seeks to win
by corruption at the polls and by
every corrupt politician who profit
by fraud at the ballot box1
There was great enthusiasm ni I
Col Roosevelt closed Judge WH
Yost of Gfreerivllie was then Intro
duced and the special train pulled
out Judge Yosts speech which
WAS listened to by abput 2000 poo
pie was altogether along State Hnei
and State issues and was one of the
clearest cut arguments ever before
presented to our people Intbe after
nopn eyJn Boatman of Pino
yiilo spoke in the interest of thi I
Brown Democrats at the courthouse
Tho house was packed from front to
roar and thespeech was well re
ceived by all except the Beckham
ites Will Lynchcandldate for Congress I
as the nominee of the Brown Demo
crats and the Republicans was In
town and ho Is much elated over the
days work and feels thai there ii I
but little doubt of his election H <
has just returned from a tour through
other portions of tho district and
says the Brown men are everywhen
standing firm
lCall at the St
Bernard Store for
HN Martin Cos
Original Jreen
villa Tobacco
Gen DeSvet tho BOer cOmman
der will make prisoners of war of
burghers who refuse to flgb t
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1tos Spruce Gum Balsam Tho For
mula is on the package Curesyou
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sale by St Bernard Drug > rugs tore
tor a BeaaUfal Complexion Take Dr Carl
itedta Cercotm Llm Powdtr
A Confederate monument was un
veiled at Paris Tenn before nearl r
two thousand people
Thlo IgBature is on every box o the geanta a
Laxative BrqmoQuinine T weu
tie remedy that care a cold In one tl87
Illinois Central Railroad
Slcepmg Car Service
From Oincinnati and
LpuisyillQ to
Through cpfngcarreservationB
pan nbw bo secured from Cincinnati
and Louisyillo t via the Illinois Con
traltOHot Springs Memphis on
Its Now Orleans Limited leavini r
Clncihnatli daily a6 OjOO pm Louis
yilld at 040 p in rbuchiug Ho
Spring 6U6thenext aftornoon It
carrlos Pullman sleeping car atii l
free rpollhing phalr car Cincinnati to
Memphis and sleeping car alld
coach Memphis tOHot Springs
Through reservations Clncinnat
ami Louisville to Hot Springs car 1
alsoibo l secureU on the Special
leayfng Cincinnati 815 a ml and
Louisville i201 pm daily arrlvins
at HOt Springs 955 the next morn
ing Sleeping car from Cincinnati
also coach from Louisville to Mem
phis Sleeping jcar Memphrs to Hot
Springs DInlng c service en route
Aj3peci l told rdf thia llew Servioo
as wellaf fullpartiQularsconcerhing
tho above can b 9bnd of agents oftho
Illinois Centra and cohrioctlng
Louisville Ky
f to r
Y QlifagOI n
to j >
rvAr1s oTERRE liAurERR l
VI Ji No E TIL art C E I
J Vcstlbulcd Tttough Trains
M D Uy Nashvill to Chicago A
ThMhleffttsi IeSI Dy CoadtM
tICW CllIu o
f PJtrtww OPX DHEatsax 0 8 A
Between St LPUJS and Jacksonville
via Martin Nashville Chattanooga
Macon and Lake City
Between St Louis and Atlanta vlft
Evansvlllo Nashville and Chatta
Pullman Palace Bleeping Cars also
between St Louis and Chattanooga
via Martin and Nashville Naih
ville and New York via Chatta
nooga Knoxville Asheville Vaab
ington Baltimore and Philadelphia
Nashville and Memphis via Mo
KenrleandL N
Palace Day Coaches on all Trains
TraffloMgn Geul Pass Agt
If you Are Going North
If You Are Going South
If You Ars Going East
If You Are Going West
ruiwHAW neKcra VIA THe
Th Maximum of Safety
Tin Maximum of Speed q
Zftt Maximum of Comfort
The Minimum of Rain
Ud aU othcWormatJeB
l1 by
Ot y Ji
Tho Great Through Lino From J
St Louis to Kansas City St Joe
Omaha Pueblo Denver and
Salt Lake City Jv
Try the New Fast Train 1 i
The mo6t direct lino via MomTihis
I and St Louis to all points in >
Pullman Sleepers and Fr cfRocn
1 ngChalrson 1111 trnfllsForma
rares tree books on Texas Arkania
an 1 all WesternStltes andturthr7
Information cnll 011 your lo nltl ket
I agent or write
804 V Main St LoulsvnIj lS
St Louis Mor
Poleys Kidney Ciire
makes kld and W Wc fJti
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l Ju d stotiltJI 1
e I
t I
1 I irf
8 i
14 ir
i rIL
j r it

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