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vty C N is a
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t ArchbUhop Ireland Settles the Question
s fJ by Announcing that ft Willf >
Nations Honor at Home and Abroad Will
< <
Safeill Adminlijratlorij Hands
New > Y ork Oct 20 Arch
biMipp Ireland today gays out
tJieTfollpwing perspnal statement
as to his attitude in the present
How do J intend to vote It
cannot at firsfr sight but seem
more or less impertinent for any
citizen to toll the public how he
intends to vote In voting each
citizen obeys the dictates of his
own sariso Of civic duty Jio should
simply do this and leave to others
to dp likewise Hpwoypr since
a certain number of newspapers
have under taken to say how I in
tend to vote and in so doing
have misinterpreted my inten
tion and have not been unwill
ing t0 make political capital out
f pf my supposed vote I will give
to the quattion how I intend to
votea categorical andiimnistak
able reply
i intend to vote for William
MclCinloy and Theodore Roose
veltIn giving my vote for the
candidates of the Republican
party lam satisflod in my own
conscience that X serve the best
I interests of the country at tome
and abroad that I contribute to
the maintenance of the countrys
material prosperity and of peace
and good will between the soy
eral classes of its population
i that I aid the country in bring
ping about the safest and most
i c
honorable solution of the com
plex problem wiiidh confront it
as the result of the late war arid
in retaining for itself the exalted
position which it holds at present
commercially and diplomatically i
before ether nations ef the world
I trust no further doubts wilt
beexpressed as to how I intend
to yoten I
I yoterCoal
Coal of Uvkig LtK
The interesting disclosure
made1 says Leslies Weekly
that the coat of living is less in i
the United States today than it I
wad in I860 Oarqf ully compiled
statistics show that articles cost
ing 100 then cost only 75 noes
It is true that a few things are
more oxJEJOnsiyd but commodities I
consumed generally by families
such as breadstuff sugar rice
salt woolen and cotton goods
bpots and ahoos and silk and rub
per goods are < oJili iderably
cheaper now than they Were
thirty yeara ago All mauwfatt
ured goods with hardly an ox
Ift ooptioJl are cheaper mainly be
° cause Of improved processes of
a manufacture which enable the
maker to reduce the cost to the
loW t point The development
of mir Vast arable torritoi in the
West Northwest and Southwest
arid the striking results of irriga
ion WhOA applied to what vyere
ifpr merly considered desert lands
Mye increase our crop supplies
mono rapidly thrtn the increase pf
pppulatlon Despitd the dire
predictions that prices pf wheat
corn Arid cotton jnust inevitably
S i r advance because little land re
mained to bef cultivated in < < he
West and Squthtile fact is that
millions of > acres ate still await
ing 0 jiiUage In Texas alone an
lri almoata8 extensive as that
I of the Original thirteen states ii
tirgirttBOili Tile eniigrRnl may
i YQrlOd go jfurtiier and work
y v I 0 r hardortor estalilisli a honiestoud
1i t
to I 7 J I
1 4 t S w ra
jr t ItJ < i >
I iJi1li wI
j r
I s l1 M 1
n I1
1 < y
iri tlie Unitostat sbutthei
country is still rich enougli to 1
yevory ablebodied indus =
trious newcomer a chance to own I
afarni H i
afarmlIIVE NDR > i I
r Qj
Whtt the Coal Mines Have Been Worthto
One Fartnulri One Year v >
I v
A farmer of this section Of
Hopkins county who was in town
the Other day transacting some
business with the St Bernard
Opal Company made an ihterest
ing statement which shows one
of the unsuspected ways in which
flic immense coal mining Inter
eats pf Hopkins county benefit
the public generally This farm
or has been selling props tp the
coal company These mine props
ale made from timber that ie ase
lass for any other purpOsehand
he said beside being ablo to con
vent his labor into ready cash he
W able to turn BO much waste
timber to a clear profit He said
ho had sold to the coal company
500 in props in one year This
is only one case There are many
such transactions with many peo
pIe by the several coal Operators
of Hopkins county No small
amount of money goes out tx thd
county people in the aggregate
And this is only a straw in the
wind of prosperous industry that
blows from the coal fields of Ron
kins county upon evejy avenue
of the countys life and trade
Without the coal mines s500
and many another hundred dot =
lars worth of props would have
rotted in the woods and fertilized
the violets
According to the How York
Tribune rare minerals which and
being mined at Long Hill sight
miles north Of Bridgeport 0M
are being used by the United
States government in a series of
experiments to find a projectile
that will pierce the heaviest and
hardest armor plate The prod
ucts pf this mine are wolfram
and < scheolite the two being
found in combination so far no
whore eli ia the world They
are however found separately
scheelito boiMg found in the gold
mines of New Zealand but it
does not equal either in quantity
or quality that which is being
mined at Long Hill from the
Shagatidwaump mountain Wol
fram is found in Hiriall quaritities
iri Utah Arizona and in the tin
j f t 11 T i i
mines of Cornwall England
This combination makes tIle
value of the mine extremely
great Wolfram arid scheelite
are the ores of tungsten At the
present time the products Of the
mine sell from 450 to 660 a ton
and the owners of this mine con
trol the worlds market for
Old Mawns Home
The committee on Old Masons
Home reported to the Masonic
Grand Lodge 9f Kentucky last
week in fayor of purchasing riot
more than 25Q acres of land oa
which to er0cf a home for aged
and Infirm Masons
Chas X Stone general passers
ger agent of the Ghicago
Eastern Illinois railroad has
been selected to fill the position
Of general passenger agent of
tleLN left vacant byths
death of p < P AtmOrq The ap
pointment lakes effect NOT sta
Strike Declarcd Off
Middiesbprox act > 28rVice
President How of DistrictlTb
1f like i declared the strike off im
the hit ngo district Eight hun
dred neri will go to WQifk afeoriK
There is gre a t rejoicing anion g
botH citizens and minters
Jd 7
If J L
l i > 1 yj Ji I n h < iM
d r + f t r
tXWiA 1
lJ Oi I t it
11 h ttH LI i6 J < tj
nc IIC
> i i rtI
if fi1Y to lSl i t <
< i
G f
< ori
Tells of the Popes Attitude Towahl
the Philippines v
j > fe
Archbljhdp Repeats for Publicatronfjjw
Assurances of Goodwill GivenHrrn
by Vatican Offldals When He f
Was In RIt
New York October lO Arch
bishop Ireland in conversation
tojday touching the sentimini
at Rome toward the Catholic
Church in the Phiiippinei end
Cuba remarked that her felt
quite willing to Repeat whatyvae
recentlysaid to him in Rome dn
this subject Ho said he dii sp
the more readily that the ems
nbnt personages with whom lie
had the honor of conversing pn
the mutter showed thetnselvto
I I be in no way unwilling to have
the statements made by them
becomB public The Arohf
bishop said N t
In one of the audiences which
he graciously granted mei the
u We are well pleased with
the relations of the American
government to the church in
Cuba and the Philippine Islands
The American government gives
proof of good wih and exhibits
in its acts a spirit of justice and
of respect for the liberties and
rights of the church
y v
t The reports we receive from
Bishops and others indicate this
Difficulties of detail occur as a
conBequeucopf war and of new
ness of complexions Btiiwo
underBtand such things AVe
have confidence in the intelli
gence and the spirit of justice of
the American government and
believe that theifja ure will dot
lead us to a change of sentiment
toward it Under the American
Government there will be duo
respect for rights of property
and of conscience You will
thank in my name the President
of the Republic for what is be
ing done
The Cardinal Secretary of
State RampoUa on my telling
him of my conversation with the
Pope said that the statements
made to me by the Pope were
such as he from his own per =
sonal knowledge and belief was
ready to repeat arid that I was
at Liberty to make them known
t9 the American people at large
The Cardinal said furthermore
that on no less than three difI
occasions petitions were
sent to the Vatican in the name
of the Filpino leaders to open
between them and the Vatican i
direct official relations but that
the Vatican always refused to
listen tp such peiitipns put of
consideration for the American
Government The church said
the Cardinal needs in Cuba arid
the Philippines the cooperation
of the American Government for
th protection of its rights and
liberties as indeed the Ameri
can Government needs the co
operation pf the church for the
pacification of those countries
Cardinal Gotti bef0 e4is
elevation to thq cardinalate had
been superior general to the
1e1ifemmkBandp d stab
lishedan Cuba antecedently to
the American occupation three
houses pf the order Ho said to
c C1 rocelyed a few days ago
letters from the several Garrriol =
iteVhpusQSin Cuba The fathers
tell me that they enjoy under
the present administration of
the island full liberty I that they
have undisturbed p0s0sion Of
sll their properties and that
I they w ere n eser in Better PQsi
tie n to ikb6pfbr tjie pjbgrosj of
religion and t 1ie Ti ea tionQ w
soulst w r ar
< < fI 5ifr r4 r
+ If J < I j
pI afI 1 1ralJ r I t rr 1 i riJ
y 11f i s
A t ji t Lei fir 1iWit M 11 t
p t a f v
tcIf Ir > tk c r
Fi < + t1
t f1
ws Illustrated by Hopkins County Coal Interests < 71 > f
t ln 1892The Last Year of President Harrison Administration ferceiitagjrflf foCTHSI i
HpkinsCQunt Produced i 1 736765 > tons 1
In 1893The First Year of Clevelands Administration < I PerC8itf
Hopkins County Produced f 10r ° 7b1 Qi Tons 3ever Year Iltl
1 j
In 1896Thelast YearfClevelands Administration I Ig 3erc t
F eerIIH l
Hopkins County Produced i r 1 j p 7 181 Tons 4 Ia4wara
In 897 rhe First Year oLMcKJnleys AdhiW trati ° > j I I Per CMf
3I ever 1896
2 3
Hopkins County Produced t r V 96412 Tons I 2 IA I v or
In l89P The TJ11fd Year of Republican Rulei I Ii erL Cent
Qpkl County Produced v > J vi i 0J i Z5 71s3 Yeira IU j o
A Democratic Increase in four years of 5 34 per c htt J
X V 4
= < v < r
f A Republican Increase in three years of 62 12 per cent
s The + author esin Rome
added Archbishop Ireland are
informed to a degree that both
astonished and pleased jne about
matters religious arid political in
the Philippines and in Cuba and I
as they have the iriterests of the
church in hose countries most
deeply at heart and knowfur
Better than we in America could
what the rights of the church are
and how best such rights rifay be
defended Americans Catholics
and others may safely accept
their judgement of things and
not give themselves further and
I needless trouble about the relig
ious conditions of the Philipines
Or Cuba As a plain matter pf
faot > the only safety which the
Catholic Church at the present
time has in the Philippines for
the possession of her properties
and for the lives of her priests
is the protection afforded by the
American flag n dall v this is
fully understood and fully r cog
nized In Rome
MortoN Gap News
Mr G M Davis and wife ttnd
M Oaih and wife went to Louis
yule last week
Thomas Warren and family are
visiting relatives in Nashville
MrsT J Steele yisiteflher
patents in the county seat Sun
Miss Bernie Davis visited in
Madisonville last week
Mrs Puss Goodlpe returned d
from Jiannington Sunday
Delberfc Cobb vislted in Earl
JHtpn Sunday
The entertainment given at > the
residence of Abe Martin last week
was very much enjoyed by the
young folks
BorntoYrnnd Mrs G F
Davis a girL
The many friends of Gee
Browning will be glad to know
that ho is improving daily
The ladicg who decorated the
church and the large audience
that gathered to hear the Rev
JV R Boatman speak were very
> inuch disappointed over his be
ing unable to fill his apppintment
here Friday night
F V Zimitier spoke to a largo
audience here Tuesday night in
the iiiterest of the Republican
Three very sad deaths ogcurred
died at White Plains Sunday and
was buried at Concord Monday
JV OP Sl ton iedMonda1 and1
was buried Tuesday Rev James
Ezell drppped dead at the home
pf his son inl w in White i Fl ins
Monday AU the bereaved one s
haye jour sympathy
A protracted meeting began afr
the Baptist church Tuesday night
Osteopaths Win
Frankfort Ky Oct23 Thq
Court of Appeals today over
I ruled a petition for rehearing sin
thet Osteopath c seth pourt1 hav
ing fin Its opinion determine
that the dealers hadthe right to
practice their professionIni lien
Kp man prdppsfs tore al1 singleS
i yl n lteproposes I > eexpctsto go t
marriodi = Pli Iadel hftiReoard
f11 t i
> JItt i
r P fe r IV
t to rx r i
04Y rxr ot l
rl t 1 t m 1
ii A a i a
I u n a7
jlt lWr If > t i
r f vryS
f I
it + n
tt 4
v ij
4 y 7 A iM + Np4r + M1m v
< bi do
i t
iI l
tj J
t t
r li
If r
Tobacco Buyers Numerous and Prices
Offered UjHisually Good
1 l
People Too Busy to Get Excited Over
Politics but Changes Are Made
Nebo Ky Oct 23The crack of
the whip the rattle of the wagon
and the whistle and song of the day
laborer is still heard on our street
More improvements iii our town
than for five yeas
Postmaster Durham has bought
what is known as the trtley lot and
wiUTemqdel the old store andJD k °
adwollingofit 1 >
The new brick store of DC JMbr
row will soon bo completed
Work is being pushed on the new
factory of Edwin Hodge and will be
finished inj about 30 days
Ir Tilf ord Is preparingi to bull a
an dditfon to hiSidwclllng
Hiohard Cales has Just completed
a nice cottage <
Mr Gibbons now rosldsiioiTll
soon be ready for occupiinjr 1 t
dTobacco buyer are d ihi Je1 s
flies in la hog pad ndF sti 0flnsider
able ter cent dfthiBitdl > ciohas been
b ughif Theyare 9 teal clover set
of f ellcwB to fglye as much as they do
fortobaocoi They could dome and
offer the farmer Sets per pound for
his tobacco and then come the next
week and offer Hm 5 cis arid get it
and if he would onlyoqeri4cts1
they would fairly run over each
other to take it oApersonnlly
know of a nuniber of farmers that
do that way each year and still they
gain nothing by experience
jTberewasno preaching in Nebo
last Sunday at oily of the white
Hey Ourrie of the M E Church j
South fllled his first appointment
here the Second Sunday inthls
month He delivered quite an in
teresting sermon morning and even
ing itola good audience He created
quite a JEayorablo Impression oh all
he mot and we venture the predlc
tipn that his year with us will be a
successful one
Brother Wynns memorial servi
cos were held at JRose Crook la st
Sunday He was their pastor for
twentyfive years j
A protracted meeting has been In
progress at Bethany for sometime
andmuch good has been done
No excitement visible on political
matters people are too busy but dp
Lnot think because there Is no ex
citement that there is no interest in
the election People are for ones e
doing their own thinking and every
day we hear of < changes from Bryan
and Beckham to McKinley and
Yerkos Ailay or two ago we m eb
ono of jtho leading men of this sec
1tion He told us that he hadalways
been a Dempcrat that he yoted for
Bryan fpnr years ago because they
told him that if jiloKInley was I
elected f times rI
ethat he yoted for Qoebel because
they told him that the Qoobol law
would be tepealod H0 aid ttir < t b p
was making three dollars now
wherelie made two then and Was
paying one dollar and fifty cents per
dfey for thesame hands that he then
paid from sixty to eighty cents rind
was givijgifullftime now where he
could give > them half time tben
Thesejire plain facts and right Jbere
at dome r r 1
w 1
oI1 t I
M t
J tit
1 ti
As a matter of curiosity we have i
been for seyeraTdays keeping a poll
of the people thatwo have heard ex
press themselves We heard rifty
three different men say how they
would vote Thirtyfpurare ferric > w
Kinley Yerkes tWo for Bryan > t
and Yerkes seventeen for Bryan
and Beckham We did riot hear
every one express themselves as to
the congrtssloral racebutas far gasr
vfo heard an expression Lynch was
seventeen and Allen twelve These
fare facts as they made these deplar
atlons without solicitation on pfrr
part and camefrom different parera
of this county and some from Web
star county v r
A great many of our people are
anxious to hear Hon GS Pratt on
the political Issues of the day and
believe ho could doa great good
here I BtTBTioys
l Sebree Notes
Died on till 18th day of October
Miss Della Hankiris sabrlght and
lovable younp lady Sixteen years of
age after a Short + illness of tyPhoid
leyei Her remains were Interred
flarlofft aEvy Hill cemetery b Amen tjiG
oirjdf roses presented 6y her
phobi mates We miss her in the
eohool roam and extend our heart
felt sympathy to the bereaved lam
ily ahd friends
llrh four = V kodInfnnt of Mr and
Mrs Theo Majors died Saturday ro
Afternoon and was Interred in Ivy
Hill cemetery Sunday
rWhile loading logs Friday morn
fattLT Vaughan had the Jnl for
tune to get his lefttleg broken but fay
bdqjng nicely at this writing
yl y Hall was in Nashville Thursr
Mrs Frank P S veeney and JittieN
daughter of Earlington are vIsiting
her parents Mr F Hall and wife
eMisIlzzie Vaughan returned yes
terday from Slaughtersyilie
tvash 4
here Saturday sand spoke to the Be
publicans at the City hall
Miss Cdrlna Singer entertained a
fewyoting people Saturday evening
from 8 to 11 p m Games and music
were the features cf the evening sad I
dainty refreshments wore seryM VV
1080L r
Miss Lola Hall Bpenfe the AJ attd °
part of hs t week with irlwdB iriw
lrwISmHhnnd family spent l ufiV
day at Slaughtersviile
Miss LeliaSpringfield will vial at
Newcastle Ky this week
Mrs Lizzzie Morehead of Dixon
Ilistl guest of Mrs Itayborn
Drv Neville the painless dentist Is
W OMcMuUfn was in Louisville
last w ek v
nJ B Yphts and daughtorfl > Mos
dames Crews and JSyatson aro in
Miss Hattie Ramsey of Axon is
tlia guest of her cousin MisftEula
Miss Daisy 0 Fields or Liver O
more Is visiting her sister here
The K of Pi fodsoi this place
eSave its annual meeting Mondayeve
wping at the Sebreo Bpusb Thera r
were about twerilyTilYo vIsiting
Knights from neighboring tes A
hundred and a pleasant time re ii
We hiWo lt from a certain eastern
authority that the strdngeatdrinkerii
arepf ten diot able to J altw lib price
OLa drinkndfanapolls tows
t t
yid t4

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