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ra W C McLeod
McLeod is the winner try him
Pickings From Puck at Temple
v + 4 Theatre Tuesday March 10
Always something new at MeI
Leod Co
Miss Hattie Wise Is now learning
y to be a telephone operator
The very latest in shoes and hats
at W C McLeods
There will be a birthday party in
town next week
Chase Sanborns celebrated cof
fee at W C McLeods
There will be three weddings In
Earlington before the 10th of June
A big lot of baled hay and straw
at W C McLeods
y r
Bro John Woodburn had prayer
y meeting at his house Monday night
They dont go ahead of W C Mc
Leod In the grocery business
j J W Lesters home is nearly
r Fresh groceries are the best j W
C McLeod keeps them
rv There Is a comedy being played in
Earlington that could easily end in
11a tragedy
< i Bob White is put up in towel
sacks For sale bv Madlsonvllle
Milling Co Madisonville Ky I
I W C McLeod has a big lot of up
k todate stuff at bottom prices
If you want the best flour use Bob
White and Mothers Favorite For
sale by Mndlsonville Milling Co I
Madisonville Ky
H L Jackson the popular barber
I of Madisonville says the flinch craze
has not yet struck the inhabitants of
the Lone Star state
W C McLeod has a big stack of
contract flour and feed that must eo
The Methodist parsonage on Day
street is fast nearing completion and
will be a very cozy little cottage
when finished
RevN F Gabbet of Howell
Ind Is visiting Rev J W Lester
this week also preached at the
General Baptist Church Sunday
night to a fair congregation He is
an excellent preacher
The St Bernard Mining Company
ot tnis place donated a car load of
coal to the poor people of Evans
ville Ind last Friday and the L
N furnished free transportation to
destination for same I
+ r
Miss Susie Galbreath entertained
at flinch last Wednesday evening
and all participants report an enjoy I
able time The party was composed I
y of the following persons Misses I
Katie Robinson Callie Drake andI
Susie Galbreath j Messrs Charlie
Webb Elliott Drake and Ernest
Willarcl Slmms singer and dancer
and comedian will this season be
seen in the principal comedy role
with that clever review Pickings
elegant I
gant company and with a part which
E fits well his capabilities Mr
Slmms should adc another to his
long list of successes Temple The
atre March 10I
William Shnrcs who forced LonI
don theatre goers to capitulate when
he was principal comedian with the
Edna May Opera Company playing I
The Belle of New York at the
f Shaftesbury Theatre will this sea 1
l eon delight theatre goers on this side J
of the Atlantic He has been en
gaged as principal comedian forI
Ollie Mack and Joseph Galtes proI
duction Pickings From Puck a
review of current events which
promised to be one of the best pro
ductions 4k of the year
° t Tragedy Averted
Just in the nick of time our little
boy was saved wries Mrs W Wat
kins of Pleasant City Ohio Pneu
+ I monla had played sad havoc with
him and a terrible cough set In be
i side Doctors treated Him but he
o grew worse every day At length we
i trledJDr Kings New Discovery for
Consumption and our darling was
saved Hes now sound and well
Everybody ought to know Its the
l only sure cure for Coughts Cold and
all Lung diseases Guaranteed by
St Bernard Drug Store Price 50c
and 100 Trail bottles free
yi amp WnSNODfftWiilWi
F Ma poo sotws dwtg SOSId 48aoJ lean
r I
Roads Drying Up
The roads are to some extent dry
ing up but there is still sufficient
mud to make traveling undesirable
Where the roads havo dried off to
some extent they are still very
rough and deep ruts remain
Feb 1st one Elgin gold watch
with leather chain somewhere about
No9 tipple If finder will return to
Bee office and watch Is not damaged
will pay 16 reward
Two farm hands to do work on a
large farm Steady job Write
plainly when answering this adver
tlsemon W N Blebel
Box 25 Bellville 111
A Printer Greatly Surprised
1 never was so much surprised In
my life as I was with the results of
using Chamberlains Pain Balm
says Henry T Crook pressman of
the Ahovllle N C Gazette I
contracted a severe case of rheuma
tism early last winter by getting my
feet wet I tried several things for
without benefit One dyy while
looking over the Gazette I noticed
that Pain Balm was postlvely guar
anteed to cure rheumatism so
bought a bottle of It and before us
ing two thirds of It my rheumatism
had taken its flight and I have not
had a rheumatic pain since
For sale by St Bernard Drug Store
Earlington B F Robinson Mor
ytons Gap j Geo King St Charles
Cowand and Maloney Go to Madisonville
> to See the Show and Saw it
LMessrs Cowand and Maloney the
two gentlemanly clerks who preside
over the destinies of J M Victorys
dry goods store went to Madison
ville Monday night to see Adelaide
Thurstpn In Cozy Corners They
enjoyed themselves very much and
had a high old time until the
journey home began The night was
dark the mud was deep the harness
broke and the horse went to sleep
bbut they managed finally to roach
Earlington after usingavastamount
of twine strings and some Sunday
school words u
Mrs P W Boxley Entertains
Mrs P W Boxley entertained a
number of her friends Tuesday nigh 1
The game was progressive flinch
and as usual at one of these enter
tainments everyone enjoyed them
selves Refreshments were served I
at 11 oclock after which the merry
flinchers went home with the con
sciousness they had spent a delight
ful evening The following guests 1
were present Misses Lizzie Huff j
Bessie Hollingsworth Mattle Tc at3s
Charlie Davis Susie Galbreath and
Katie Robinson and Messrs Otho
Long M M Melton Maurice Lanaj
han James Anderson and J E 1
Brown f
We would like to ask through
the columns of your paper If there
Is any person who has used Greens
August Flower for the cure of Indi J
gestion Dyspepsia and Live Trou I
bles that has not been curedand
we also mean their results such as
sour stomach fermentation of food
habitual costiveness nervous dys
pepsia headaches despondent feel
ings sleeplessnessIn fact any I
trouble connected with the stomach
or liver This medicine has been
sold for many years In all civilized 1
countries and we wish to corres I
pond with you and send you one of I
our books free of cost If you never I
tried August Flower try one bottle
first Wo have never known of Its
failing If so something more ser 1
ious is the matter with you Ask I
your oldest druggist
G G GREEN Woodbury J 1
Case Against Reineckc Coal Co Under
TwoWeeks Pay Bill
Before adjourning the Hopkins
circuit court last week Judge Gor
don announced his decision on the
argument in the twoweeks pay in I
dlctment of the Relnocke Coal Co I
The court sustained the demurrer
and an order covering the decision I
was put to record The court did
not state upon what particular I
ground the demurrer was sustained 1
The of the defense
argument was 1
that the twoweeks pay law was
class legislation and unconstitu c
tional and also that the bill was of 1
no effect because defectively drawn I
It is not known whether Common 4
wealths Attorney Grayot will ap
peal from this decision 1
The jury in the HaagHayes dam
age suit has returned a verdict
which clears Hayes of all suspicion
of burning Haags hotel and justi
fies Haag in accusing him of the act
When youtwake up with a badI
taste In your mouth you may know I
that you need a dose of Chamber
lains Stomach Liver Tablets I
They will cleanse your stomach Im
prove your appetite and make youI
feel like a new man They are
easy to take being sugar coated and
pleasant In effect
For sale by St Bernard Drug Store
Earllngton j B F Robinson Mor
tons Gap j Geo King St Charles
Foleys Honey ud Tar
forchlldrcasafcsurf NO oplstr
Itching Burning Palms
Painful Finger Ends
With Brittle Shapeless
Discolored Nails 1
As Well as Roughness and
Soak the hands on retiring in a strong
hot creamy lather of Cuticura Soap
Dry and anoint freely with Cuticura
Ointment the great skin CUTI and purest
of emollients Wear durlut tho night
old loose kid gloves or bandage lightly
dIn old soft cotton or linen For red
rough and chapped hands dry fissured
Itching feverish palms with brittle
shapeless nails and painful finger ends
this treatment Is simply wonderful fre
quently curing in a single application
In no other way have turn Soap
and Ointment demonstrated their aston
ishing curative properties more effec
tually than in tho treatment of the
hands especially when tortured with
Itching burning and scaly eczema
Complete local and constitutional
treatment for every humour of thc
skin scalp and blood with loss oMiair
may now bo had for one dollar Bathe
freely with hot water and Cutlcnrd
Soap to cleanse the surface of crusts
and scales and soften the thickened
cuticle Dry without hard rubbing
to allay Itching irritation and inflam
mation and soothe and heal and
lastly take the Cuticura Resolvent
Pills to cool and cleanse tho blood
This treatment affords Instant relief
permits rest and sleep In the severest
forms of eczema and other itching
burning and scaly humours and points
to a speedy permanent and economical
cure of torturing disfiguring humours
from Infancy to age when all other
remedies and the best physicians fall
William raulkner an Old Miner Serious
ly Injured by Slow Shot
William Faulkner an old colored
minor who has been a faithful em
ploye of the St Bernard company
for twentysix years was seriously
injured Tuesday afternoon in the
Hecla mines He is a pick miner
and had put in his shot and touched
It off Then retiring to a safe dis
tance he waited a short time for the
shot to go oil He went back too
soon and got the force of the ex
plosion in his breast The lung was
perforated by its force and the old
man Is not expected ftq survive
Every possible attention has been
given him but at his ago the hurt Is
probably fatal
More RIos
Disturbances of strikers are not
nearly as grave as an Individual dis
order of the system Overwork loss
of sleep nervous tension will be fol
lowed by utter cnllappe unless are
liable remedy is immediately em
ployed Theres nothing so efllcient
to cure disorders of the Liver or
Kidneys ns Electric Mitten3 Itsu
wonderful tonic and eflwctlvo ner
vine and the greatest all around
medicine for run down systems It
dispels Nervousness Rheumatism
and Neuralgia and expels malaria
germp Only 50c and satisfaction
guaranteed by St IJurmvrd Drug
Go Duck Hunting and Use Held Glasses
but get no Ducks
Dr Renfrew and Henry Seek
two mighty Nimrods went duck
hunting on Loch Mary one day this
week There were some ducks on
tho lake alright but theywore not lu
range After waiting around and
talking about the ducks they had
bagged heretofore when the sigh
was right Seek pulled out a pair
of field glasses and looked at the
ducks through them for sometime
then screwed them uo to a short
range and handed them to Doc who
on looking through them saw the
ducks at so short a range he dropped
the glasses and made for his gun
which was some little distance a
way when he returned the ducks
were peacefully floating on the op
posite side of the lake
Folcys Honey and Tar
Cures coughs and colds
Cures Bronchitis and asthma
Cures croup and whooping cough
Cures hoarsol ess and bronchial
Sold by John X Taylor
New Druggistjn Tonn
Mr Edgar Trahorn a brother of
our populardauggtst Thos Trahern
has accepted a position with the St
Bernard drug store and will make
this place his home in the future
Officer McCord of the Hopklns
villo police force was here a few
hours Monday on business
Roy Parker was m Madlsonvllle
Leonard Goodloo and Cecil Webb
were in Hanson Sunday
0 K Martin was In the county seat
on business Monday
Miss Ola Shaver Is visiting her
brothers family at Crof ton
Dr OD Johnson of this place
and Clint Ruby of Madlsonvllle
went to Evansvllle Saturday to see I
the Castle Square Opera Company
In Faust and Carmln
J B Deyvelder was In the county
seat Friday on business
Mr and Mrs B L Rash of Mad
Isonville were hero Monday
Quite a number of Earllngton peo
ple went to Madisouvllle Monday
night to see Adelaide Thurston in
Cozy Corners They were charmed
with the play
Mrs Elmer Lynn was In Mad teon
ville Monday
Miss Riley Jordan of Guthrie Is
visiting her sister Mrs Fawcett
this vreek
Mrs J E FawcQtt and children
visited relatlvesand friends in Guth
rIe and Russollvllle Saturday and
Marvin Prather pI Mndlsonvlllo
was here Monday
W C Lacy of Hopkinsville was
here Monday and Tuesday
Miss Bessie Waller who juts been
visiting the family of Dr E A
Chatten for several days returned to
Hopklnsvillo Tuesday
Mrs Duffy wife of County Judge
Duffy of Elkton was hpro a few
days this week visiting friends and
Mrs Nannie Rice Hammonds of
Detroit Mich visited the family of
her brother Pat Duffyv this week
Mrs Hammond and her mother
Mrs Duffy left for Elkton Tuesday
on 61
Mr Barter of Mt Vernon Ind
who has been visiting the family of
W G Barter a few days returned
home Tuesday
Miss Tillie Schriber has returned
from a visit to Greencastle where
she has been visiting her sister Mrs
Fred Hermson
Miss Catherine Ashby an attract
lye young lady of Slaughters Is the
guest of Miss Annie Ashby this
Mrs Southworth is visiting friends
in Murray this week
J W Logsdon of the L N was
in the city this week on business
J B Harlan of the L N was
here a short while this week on
Having a Run on Chamberlains Couch
Between the hours eleven
oclock a m and closing time at
night on Jan 25 mOl A F Clark
druggist Glade Springs Va sold
twelve bottles of Chamberlains
Cough Remedy He say I never
handled a medicine that sold better
or gave bettor satisfaction to my
customers This Remedy has been
In general use in Virginia for many
ynars and the people there are well
acquainted with its excellent qual
ities Many of them have testified
to the remarkable cures which it has
effected When you need a good
reliable medfoino for a cough or cold
or attack of the grip use Chamber
lains Cough Remodyand you are
certain to be more than pleased with
the quick cure which it affords
Sold by St Bernard Drug Store
Earlington B F Robinson Mor
tons GapG co King St Charles
Has Measles
Willie Cardwell who has been
quite sick with measles is progress
Ing nicely and will soon be up again
Took the BanKrupt Law
T J McEuen who has been In
business here for sometime failed
last week on account of having so
many bad debts he could realize
nothing on Mr McEuen made
every effort to keep his business
going but was forced to take tho
bankrupt law
Working Overtime
Eight hour laws are Ignored by
those tireless little woikers Dr
Kings New Mite Fills Millions are
always at work night and day cur
ing Indigestion Biliousness Con
stipation Sick Headache and all
Stomach Liver and Bowel trou
les Easy pleasant safe sure
Only 25o at St Bernard Drur Store
BonTon w Bakery Getting Tony
Mike Long the genial and enter
prising proprietor of tho BonTon
bakery Is making several changes
and Improvements in his place He
has added a new gasoline engine for
making cream sherbet and running
his fans and has ordered a magnifi
cent new soda fouutain that Is up to
dato in every respect costing
The Price of Pleasure
the pleasures of the life which she was
created to enjoy and adorn She may
store yet she cannot deny herself the
social treasures whichare offered her
But the fatigue is
often too great for
her and she suf
fen from headache
and backache as a
consequence of
Women who are
tired and worn out
will find a perfect
tonic and nervine
in Dr Pierces Fa
vorite Prescription
It cures headache
backache and the
other aches and
pains to which
women are subject
It establishes regu
larity dries weak
ening drains heals
Inflammation and i
ulceration and
cures female weak
ness It makes weak
women strong and
sick women well
I am to pleated
with your initructlont
1 hardly know what
thank to give you for
your kind favors
Writes Mr Milo Bry
ant of Iota Thomas
Co Ga I suffered
so much with gnat
paint In my back and the lower part of my
tomach and palpitation of the heart that at
times I could hardly lie down Could hardly
get up in the morning but after udall three
bottle of Favorite PreacripUon and two vials
of Dr Fierce Pleasant Pelts I am like a new
Sick women especially those suffering
from diseases of long standing are in
vited to consult Dr Pierce by letter rat
ft 11 1 l heldas t
All correspondence ia hela as strictly pri
rate and sacredly confidential Address
Dr R V Pierce Buffalo N Y
Advertised Letters
Earllugton Ky March 4 1003
Miss Willie SmithSarah Cody
Mrs Harry Gant Laura Phelps
Mary Johnson Elizabeth Oldlmm
Robt Fendloton Sidney Dixon
John Edders Geo Kennedy
Louis Brooks James Dulin
Mnrloy Doris Wade Childross
Richard Henderson
Ono cent duo on all advertised let
gln 1n
+ M
+ + + + + + + +
The Celebrated Optician j
WJ11 Be at W G Barters Jewelry Store
March 19th
Have Your Eyes Examined Free of Charge i
44M4 0 I
° Get Your Goods Pay for Them Afterward 3
public and have a complete lino of all kinds of =
IE Furniture I
= Such as Quartered and Plain I
a Oak Suits Rockers Diners
Extension and Center Tables
Folding Bode and Hall
Hotel Latham
The farmers of this vicinity are
about done burning tobaceot
Mr DIxon Williams of Manning
ton was In our town Saturday on
business 1
Wo had a little wreck on the L
N about 2ji miles south of Norton
vlllo It damaged the trac k very
much Wo have had two mad doge here s
since our lat writing
John Adcock visited relatives at
Red Hill Saturday A
Miss Mottle Boze Is in Earllngton
this weekN
L E PrIce of Rod Hill visited K
relatives near hero last weeka
Mr Arch Fox was hero Saturday
Mr and Mrs M T Hamby visited
relatives near Red Hill last week
Wo had a mule buyer from Hop
klnsvllle with us Ho paid very
good prices Mont Laffoon sold a
pair of mules for 250
Mr Friday of Mannlngton was
here last Saturday
It Saved His LegS
P A Danforth of LaGrange Ga
suflered for six months with a fright
ful running sore omhis leg but says
that Bucklons Arnica Salvo wholly
cured It In ffvo days For Ulcers
Wounds Piles Its the best salve In
the world Cure guasnteed Only
25c Sold by St BenardDru Store
Presents i
Mr Willard Slmms
In a Musical Dramatization of That
Famous Funny Magazine
Pickings From Puck 1 I
A Living Picture of PUCKS Com
ic Characters with a Com
petent Cast and I tf +
Chorus of Gorgeously Gowned irlst
Acknowledged by Press and Public
to bo the Funniest Musical I
Comedy Ever Written tt
Price ot Admission 25c 35c 50c 75c
One + + i
Day Only t I
Carpets Mattings Rugs OH
Cloths Window Sll des Our
tamp Poles Pictures We keep 1
a lino of Trunks Stoves Iron I =
Beds odd Beds Springs and I °
Mattresses I
EIn fact we keep everything usually found in a first
IIn class furniture store
o +
Fit up your house by contributing a small amount s 4
r of your earnings each week By so doing and trad =
rins with us you make no mistake Yours to please r
r s 1
TreesHotel 1rr m 1m i UU
I M11
I Hotel Whitlow 1
Hopkinsyllle Gnthrio
Best cuisine the markets afford Comfortable rooms
and polite clerical force
Llloyd Whitlow Profr i
1 h

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