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William Rudolph and Richard Col
lins Under Arrest in Con
A necticut
Over Eight Thousand Dollar Fount
In the Rooms nucl On the rrlnoii
a em lit llnrtford Letter to Collins
Furnished Detectives n Clew
i Which Itcsiilti In Arrests
r Hartford Conn March 2 William
4 Rudolph known as the Missouri
Kid and George Collins have been
arrested here by officers of a detective
agency and the Hartford police The
men arc wanted for n bank robbery ot
Union Mo committed December 27t
About 14000 in money and 100000
In securities were stolen
f Rudolph and Collins have been here
a few weeks but were not located un
til yesterday when Rudolph was seen
on the street The detective wanted
r to get the men together and would
a not risk getting one for fear the oth
er would get away This afternoon
d Rudolph Collins and two stepbroth
fa ers named Laplant who reside here
t were seen coming out of a house ont
Allyn street where they had two
r ems They were followed to a
house on State street and a force of
Pinkerton men and local detectives
was gathered there Collins and the
Laplants came out of the house to
gether and were arrested without
any troubleRudolph
Rudolph Shows Fight
The Missouri Kid remained in the
house and Detective Dougherty and
Detective Farrell of this city went
after him They went into the room
with revolvers drawn Rudolph
reached under his overcoat for his
gun a large one Dougherty was up
on his before he could pull it Te
t men had a struggle while the Hart
ford detective tried to get the gun
away from Rudolph Dougherty was
bitten in the neck Farrell finally got
the gun away from Rudolph when a
A man in the house went to Rudolphs
assistance thinking the detectives
were trying to hold him up The
women of the house told the man
who officers were and then he helped
Money Found on the 1rlsoner
Rudolph had about 2300 on him an
the rooms occupied by the men were
found three large revolvers a bag of
cartridges and skeleton keys and a
quantity of clothing In all 8685 was
found in the rooms and on the pris
oners About 3000 was in gold
After committing the crime at
Union Mo Young Rudolph and Col
lins went to Hot Springs Ark In a
search of the Rudolph hpuse a scrap of
paper was found upon which was writ
ten George Collins Hartford Conn
The Hartford police learned that Col
lins Had formerly been in the reform
school at Meriden Conn and with
Ga were traced to this place
r Line to De Conitrueted from Eat
St Lonlii to Mnrnhnll In
Clark Couny
Springfield Ill Feb R84Artlcles
of incorporation of the St Louis Van
dalia fc Eastern railway have been
filed here The principal office is at
Vandalla capital stock 50000 The
proposed railroad is to be construct
ed from Fast St Louis to Marshall
1lnrk county Ill
t gnenlcc WItlidrNMH front Low Firm i
to ana Will Irolmbly hove to
New York
t Dubuque Ia Feb 28 Announce
ment has been made here at the law
tit office of Henderson Linehan Hind
Kiesal that Speaker Henderson has
retired from the firm It is stated
that Mr Henderson will outer a New
aYork law firm as successor to ex
Speaker Reed
ConaulGeneral Sawter and Wife
Turned HIM Uncle on Ecuador
Guayaquil Ecuador Feb 28Unit
j ed S4 tes CdnsulGcneral Sawter and
° Mrs Sawter who arrived here Feb
ruary 25 byway of Poyta Peru have
t started on their return to the United
States on the same steamer which
is alleged became afraid of yellow
± fever when he saw the room at the
consulate where Thomas Nast the
° former consul died December 7 of
the fever
Steam Collier Driven on Hocks and
InsnenBcri unit Crew Number
y 1InNrengerr
+ tutu Thirty 1erlwh
r Brest France Feb 28Ihe steam
f c llier Ottercapa from Newcastle n
Tyne was driven on the rocks at
lcuntcnot last night and broke up
and sank immediately It is believed
that the crew and passengers num
bering 30 persons perished Up to
A the present seven bodies have been
r washed ashore
Gambling LlceuNc Law Killed
Helena Mont March 4 The house
r of representatives has killed the bill
qto license gambling dliily four days
ago the house in committee of the
i whole ordered a favorable report on
t4M I
t dr
t Second Session i
11 tle senate on the 2ith the satehood
riders to the Cljrlcultyral and post 11
lIce npprollltatlol1 bltks were wlthdrowl1
and both hlllll uased The house nmenl1
anent to the Philippine currency bill were
agreed to thus endlng the blil to the
reliident Tho sundry civil bill W18 near
b completed and 0 largo lIumblJ of pen
sloe bills were passadTh house
adopted the conforonco report on the
army appropriation bill und son the bill
to the president The bill to ce bllsh u
union station In Washington WClJ llnaliy
passed the house abandoning its amend
ment to reduce the amount to be given to
the Pennslyvanlfx and Caltlmoro Ohio
railroads from 1500000 each as fixed In
the senate bill to 1000000 each as fixed
by the house Tho Fowler currency bill
wart debated In a desultory way The
speaker appointed the following members
to represent the house at the dedication
of the Louisiana Purchase exposition
Messrs Tawney rep Minn Sherman
rep N Y Mahon rep Pn Bartholdt
< rep Mo Vnnvoorhlo rep 0 Parker
rep N J Overstreet rep id Mann
rep Ill Smith rep la > Miller rep
Kas > Burkett rep Neb Robertson
dem La Bartlott dem Ga Shafroth
lentt Co13and Hay deco Va
The senate on the COth passed the sun
dr civil bili after a number of amend
meuts had been added to It The advisa
bility and legality of the appointment by
the president of senators and members
on commissions formed the subject of
considerable discussion During the dis
cussion It was made clear that no reflec
tion was Intended on Mr Lodge and Mr
Turner who have been selected as mem
bers of the Alaskan boundary commis
alonln the house James J Butler
dem Mo was unseated and George C
R wagoner rep was seated In his
followed when the case was called up
The democrats had decided at their cau
cus that If the case was called up they
would prosecute a filibuster until March
I and they began to fight when the gavel
fell at noon Finally after repeated roll
calls tho matter was brought to a vote
and Mr Butler was unseated on tho
ground that he had not been duly elected
The senate on the 27th passed the
naval and the military academy appro
priation bills The total carried by the
naval bill Is J81507412 The Immigration
bill was considered and a number of
amendments made to meet the views of
various senators but tho bill failed of a
vote on objection from New England sen
ators who feared it would exclude French
Canadian labor Senator Blackburn se
cured a vote on his motion to take up the
Littlefield antitrust bill and lost by 23
to 33 The senate was in executive ses
sion from 145 p m to 515 p mAn
other stormy session was held in the
house and two special rules were adopt
ed to expedite appropriation bills and re
duce as much as possible the minoritys
power to obstruct legislation Even with
the special rules In operation getting ap
propriation bills into conference was a
tedious and laborious process and an
elght hour session and 13 roll calls being
necessary to get the agricultural sundry
civil military academy and post office ap
propriation bills Into conference and to
adopt the conference report on the In
titan appropriation bill
The senate on the 1st spent three
hours In eulogies of four deceased mem
bers of the house Peter J Otey Va
James Moody N C > John N Rumple
ta and Thomas H Tongue Ore Res
olutions of regret were adopted and the
senate adjourned as a further mark of re
spectlho house held a four hours
session and put the District of Columbia
appropriation through its last parlia
mentary stages The previous question
on the conference report on the Alaskan
homestead bill was ordered and a vote on
Its adoption will be taken when the
house reconvenes When Speaker Hender
son dropped the gavel at noon Mr Rich
ardson the minority leader announced
there was evidently no quorum The
doors were closed and the sergeantat
arms was Instructed to bring In the ab
sentees At the conclusion of the call 241
members had appeared more than a
quorum and regular business was taken
up At 3K p m the house recessed un
Uf 11 oclock Monday with the motion
to allopt the conference report on the
Alaskan Ijlll pending
Tho soiiate on the 2d passed the gen
eral deficiency bill When the Aldrich
financial bill was taken up Mr Teller con
tinued h1k remarks begun Saturday He
was followed by Mr Carmack During
the course of the day tho conference re
port on the fortifications bill and the
Alaskan homestead bill were agreed to
The immigration and omnibus public
In the house tho conference report on the
Alaskan homestead bill and the immigra
tion bill were adopted The Otjen bill to
I prohibit tobacco dealers from giving
prizes the bill to provide for a delegate
from Porto Rico a bill to advance Maj
W C Gongas to the rank of assistant
surgeon general and a bill for the relief
of Lieut B Fi Handforth were passed
Since last Thursday when the filibuster
was inaugurated by the democrats there
have been over sixty roll calls as against
67 for the entire long session lasting from
December 1 1501 to July 3 1902
The senate on the 3d displaced the
Aldrich financial bill for the Philippine
bill practically defeating the Aldrich
measure For the first time In two years
Delaware was represented in the senate
J F Alleo and L H Ball elected for the
long and short terms respectively were
sworn In Jn the course of the debate
Mr Elkins declared that the republican
party had been false to Its pledges In
three successive platforms with respect
to statehood for Arizona Oklahoma and
New Mexico He declared that upon the
republican party rested tho responsibility
for the defeat of several Important
moasuresln the house the actual
business done during the eight hours of
the day session consisted bf the adop
tion of the conference reports on the Im
migration public building and sundry
civil bills the reference of the presidents
veto message of a Virginia claim bill to
the committee on war claims the adop
tion of a resolution to correct clerical er
rors In the Immigration bill and the
passage of a senate bill to authorize the
treasury department to coin souvenir
coins for the Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Helm pf rin Indian Win In Legal
Contest With Inckera at
KaiiMO City
Kansas City Mo March 2Tho
jury in the case of Annie B Wood
and other heirs of Silas Armstrong
an Indian to recover Missouri river
bottom land in Kansas City Kas val
ued at 1000000 and occupied by Ar
mour and Fowlers the packers has re
turned a verdict in favor of the plain
Miiocdoulium and nhlurnrlnni IleK
War mid Win n Victory In En
KiijjiMieiit NenrMoimntlr
London March 2rime Geneva cor
respondent of till Daily Chronicle tel
egraphs that news has been received
there of an engagement between
Turktah troops and bodies 8f Mace
donians nnd Bulgarians near Monas
tlr The Turks suffered U repulse
After the fighting J2 dead any many
wounded men were found
Fire ut StiKlimSjy MlLli
Saginaw lIch Mnrfrr 4The plant
of Thomas luckson ACft manufac
turers of sashes doors and blinds
was des oy flby fire Monday night
Lossi 3000v insurance 50000
Denial front W J Bryan
PlttBlvutro a March 4Willlam J
Bryan In n1nteriew dellles that he
will lead a revoU from the democratic
party in case the gold democrats cap
ture the national convention ftH was
reported Tuesday atom New York
Y 1
President Francis of the Louisiana
Purchase Exposition at the
French Capital
In the KvtJiInir Ho WaN Hovel veil In
Audience 1 > y Ire hlcut Iouliet
mill Later Attended a Dinner
Given In it1N Honor Ity the Mliilu
tor 111 toiiiinurcc
Paris March 3 President Francis
of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition
Co arrived hero early Monday morn
ing from London and immediately
set about meeting leading govern
ment ottlcinl with a view of stimulat
ing and enlarging French participa
tion in the exposition The cordiality
of the French attitude was evldcit
from the moment of Mr Francis ar
rival and throughout the morning he
was the recipient of calls and invita
tions from representatives of official
and commercial life Owing to his
expected departure for Madrid Tues
day Mr Francis programme was a
busy one It included an official
breakfast at noon given by M La
grave the commissioner of France
and other prominent French exposi
tion officials at three oclock he
called at the hotel dc villo and saw
the mayor and other city authorities
at 4 p m he visited the minister of
commerce M Troulllot at 5 p m
he was received in audience by Presi
dent Loubet at the El see palace at
6 p m he visited the chamber of dep
uties and met the leading deputies
at 7 p m a grand dinner was given
by the minister of commerce in Mr
Francis honor and at 9 p m he at
tended the opera where he occupied
M Loubets box
resident Loubet Extends a Cordial Ilccep
ceptlon to Mr Francis
Paris March 3 President Ioul et
received David R Francis president
of the St Louis exposition at the
Elysee palace at five oclock Monday
afternoon After a cordial exchange
of amenities and n discussion on the
subject of the St Louis exposition
which lasted 15 ininuteslhc president
invited Mr Francis to occupy the
presidential box at the grand opera
and to return later and take part in
the grand ball at the m see palace
given to the officers of the army and
navy Both invitations were accept
M Legrave also accompanied Mr
Francis on his visitto President Lou
bet The presentation took place in
the grand salon of theTpalacef nTd aft J
er this formality the president led
the way to his private reception
room where he and Mr Francis sat
down and talked over the affairs re
lating to the St Louis fair Mr
Francis expressed his thanks for the
interest that France is manifesting
In the exposition
Francis Cordially Ilccclved
President Loubet who received the
president of the St Louts exposition
very warmly spoke of the cordial re
lations existing between the two
countries and referred to the peculiar
interest that France has in ° the
Louisiana Purchase exposition He
assured Mr Francis that the French
republic would be fittingly represent
ed Although a formal invitation to
President Loubet to attend the expo
sition must come through the state
department Mr Francis anticipated
the possibilities of such on invitation
by urging that the foremost officials
in France should attend it President
Lcubet replied he hoped that the
French officials and the public gen
erally would take this opportunity
seeing the remarkable development of
the United States
Gne t of Honor nt Banquet
Following his call at the Eftsee
palace Mr Francis was the guest of
honor at a banquet given at the min
istry of commerce by Minister Troull j
lot The affair was one of unusual
elegance The toasts numbered M
and included the most prominent per
sonages in official and comincrviul
life including the minister of the
colonies 1the minister of agriculture
and the minister of posts and tele
graphs Mr Francis remarks on the
magnitude of the exposition and of
the opportunities that it afforded
brought out strong assurances of
support and cooperation from the
various ministers
Other Calls Made
During the afternoon Mr Francis
made calls on the mayor and other
municipal authorities and the prifoet
of the Seine at the Hotel De VHIc on
prominent deputies nt the chamber
and the minister of commerce M
Trouillot with whom he discussed
French participation in the exhibi
tion lIe was also received by Am
bassador Porter at the hitters resi
dence and talked with him on the
earnest efforts which were being
made to innko the St Louis exposi
tion n thorough success
Xuw Ilnllroad in Oklnhoiiiu
Guthrie Okla March IA tern
tonal charter has been granted to the
Oklahoma Southwestern Railroad
Co with 600000 capital to construct
a line through Custer Roger Mills
md Day counties Oklahoma The in
corporators are Martin A Lally of
Little Rock Ark and Oklahoma cap
George Hamilton Brondhead
New York March 3George Ham
ilton Brodhead at one time president
of the New York Stock Exchange is
dead at his residence here in the
iightyelffhth year of hla age
illlil j w > l1DILl
fVlorton I Hall
r i
l Sr y1c
vsl 1 FURNITURE t 1 I
Can 8u > > ly All Your Wants 1
p 1
c r
RlThey Handle a First Class Line of Furniture
Including AXAINSTER BRUSSELS INGRAIN and all classes of
WE have a full line of Smyrna and Mogul Rugs Art
Squares and Druggets Give us a call when in need of
Furniture or Carpets We have the goods and guaran
tee you will get the worth of your money Spring will
r soon be here and you will want something new to take the place of that old w fash
ioned clumsy furniture you now have Dont forget we make you a close price
on all of our oods
Jehu linker Succumb at iliA Home
to an Attack of Partial
Belleville Ill March 2Former
Congressman Jehu Baker died at his
home here Sunday He had been in
illhealth for some time but death
was directly due to an attack of par
tial paralysis two days ago
Mr Baker was 80 years old and had
lived in Belleville the greater part of
his life but was born in Kentucky He
was in the Thirtyninth Fortieth and
Fiftieth congresses as a republican
When elected to the Fiftieth congress
in 1886 he defeated William R Mor
iso In 1888 he was defeated by W
A Foreman He was a member of
the Fiftyfifth congress as a democrat
and populist While serving his last
term he lost his sight He died a poor
man his only property being the fam
ily homestead f
A Train Narrowly Escapes Being
PlunKed Into the Mlil lppl
at Clifton Terrace
St Louis March 2Passenger train
No1 on the Chicago Peoria
Louis railroad due to arrive here nt
730 oclock Sunday night was struck
by a landslide near Clifton Terrace
shortly before seven oclock
Engineer Brady flaw the avalanche
before it struck the train but realiz
ing the utter hopelessness of escaping
it he shut off the steam and awaited
the result
As soon as it was found that no one
had been seriously injured the work
of clearing away the mass of rock and
dirt was commenced A force of men
was summoned from Clifton Terrace
but it was five hours before they
could dig away the debris
A Miniature of Colorado Capital
Valued lit 910000000 to lie n
Feature of the Worlds Fnlr
Colorado Springs Col March 1
Van E Rouse treasurer of the board
of Colorado commissioners of the StN
Louis exposition is authority for the
statement that the board will have
no difficulty in securing the greater
part of the 10000000 of gold bullion
to be used in reproducing the state
capital in miniature at the St Louis
La grlppo coughs yield quickly to
the wonderful curative qualities of
Foleys Honey and Tar There is
nothing else Just as good t
Spldby John XTay lor vvU
Prominent Figure In the Civil War
Iea Away at IIIr Home In
Philadelphia March 2Gen Will
lam Farrar Smith better known as
Baldy Smith one of the prominent
figures of the civil war is dead at his
home in this city He was in his
eightieth year He is survived by a
daughter and a son who is an assist
ant naval constructor Gen Smiths
death it is said reduces the number
of living corps commanders of the
civil war to four
Minn Bliile Dnrrett Chanted With A
aultltiK Her Iloommate In
Chicago Feb 28 The grand jury
has indicted Miss Elsie Barrett for
assaulting Miss Bessie Palmer the
actress in their rooms on January 2
The girls were roommitcn and In a
quarrel resulting from jealousy Miss
Barrett shot and seriously wounded
Miss Palmer
I Earthwork Along the Mliilinlppl
Near Memphis Show Sign of
Weakei lug
Memphis Tenn Feb 281l1e Mis
sissippi river at this point is above
the danger line Already the lowlands
lands are beginning to get the fUll
effect of the overflow The flood ic
forcing the water over the banks out
side the levees and these protective
earthworks are showing signs tc
i Weakening in some places
Klrnt Indictment of Itn Kind
New York Feb 8fhe first indict
ment of its kind that has been found
in this county was filed with Judge
Foster Thursday by the grand jury
It charges attempted murder con
viction for which is punishable by
imprisonment for 25 years
IlcforiiiM In Miiccilonln
Constantinople Feb 281he sultan
has ordered the application of the
Austro Russian plan of reforms in
Macedonia to all the six Itoumclinn
vilayets The state council is prepar
ing an organic statute for the appli
cation of the reforms
Canoed Momentary Excitement
Vienna Feb 28An explosion in
the cellar of the imperial palace
caused momentary excitement but it
was soon ascertained that it was due
to the accidental ignition of some
porting ammunition A couple of
I workmen were injured M
p m t
r r l > k i
µ j
i IY < o
The ICnna Smaaher nun Up
ARnlniit a Snag While PnrrnI
Innr Her Hobby In Frisco
San Francisco March 3Carrle Na
tion has been arrested at the Grand
hotel on a charge of malicious mis
chief preferred by a Montgomery
street saloonkeeper in whose place
she broke a bottle of whiskey last
Sunday evening She was released ou
bail furnished by her manager
National Treasury Statement 4
Washington March 4 The treas
ury balance in the general fund ex
clusive of the 150000000 gold reserve
in the division of redemption shows i
Available cash balance 223902534
gold 110998303
New York March 4
CATTLE Native Steeri 4 80 n 5 43
KLOU itWinter Wheat 3 5rip 4 00
WHEATNO 2 Rod 81314E 82
COUNNo 3 C8V4W 69
OATS No 2 y 41H
BKEVKS Steers 4 09 t9 1 76
Cows and Heifers 2 23 tp 4 85
CALVEStIler 100 lbs 650 ij 100
HOGS Fair to Choice 6 00 j 7 4i
SHEKP Fuir to Choice 3 75 p 600
lLUUHPutents 3 40 S 3 55
Other Grades 2 90 ftti 335
OATSNO 2 ss 37
Other Grades 11 6t 20
BUTTERCholce Dairy 17 20
EGGSFresh IM e V +
LARDChoice Steam 9 9
PORKStandardMessnew IS 20
CATTLENative Steers 460 f G 71i
SHEEPFair to Choice3 75 p 5 85
FLOUR Winter Patents 3 60 j > 3 70
370Spring I
No2 Red 75 4p 75h
PORKMesi 18 12 tp 18 25
CATTLE Nutlvo Steers 3 75 5 30
WHEATNO 2 Redp 7014 +
39OATSNo2 bF
OATSNo2 While 3G 36
36NEW 36t
CORN No 2 65 c 66
HAYChoIco 2100 < 8 > 22 00 1
PORK Standard Mess 18 60rVp IS 75 I
BACONShort Rib Sides Q llvil
WHEATNO Red 79 p 0 sos
COTTONMIddllns t a 10
Jealousy IS always anxiously
searching for something it hopes ev t4 s
er to find j
Hew AreearZidaeysf
Dr ffiiw PIlII CUt1lJ1lcta01 IUs < Ittllrtrvvrtitmpfx o
t free Add UtReetddrCo ClllclllOo If L 1I I
ty f
Y y 4 M

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