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School Hooks
School SUPplies
Of All finds
Window Shades
Picture Frames
A Large Assortment
of Wall Paper ajd S
Curtain Pole a
MadlionvUIe tyr
Will Try an Experiment with
S Nswty Invented Motor Be
I lween C Hngort and
I k
ThisHfeQdersortJBufnal is re
eponsiblefor the following
Self preservatitin is the first
law of nature and must be look
f ed after by large corporations
l1U1 well as individuals The Louis
yule Nashville railroad cpm =
parry among other large concerns
s of its kind is seriously nvesti
gating the effects ion its business
of the traction lines that connect
the Various little towns with
each other and the little towns
l with the big cities through
which the railroads ruin Their
investigations have proven that
a great deal of its pasSenger
traflM ik being drawn from it
and being taken care of by the
traction systems
The Louisville Nashville is
only ono of the many railroads
over the country1 that finds itself
compelled to take some stopto
retain its trade The move
anent seems to be general over
the country and recent improve
month 1I1gns motor cars have
placed the railroads in a poi
lion where they can take care of
themselves r I
J t i
cItis given out not officially
but on pretty good authority
that the L < fcN < will try as 8111
experiment v ItHim between
jBAftdisonvlllo aril fiJariingtoo 1 for i
which JT i will builcLTaiiother
track When the line between
the two Hopklneountv cities is
J complete cars will be run at
short intervals and as VKymod
grate fare will be charged The
company will endeaver to use
the latest improvements in all
departments of its Madispnvjlle
JBarlingtoH Line and the result
I of its conolvtioni will fee awaited
l with considerable interest both
t locally and elsewhere7
To whiok the I MBdisonville
Hustler adds
The Lustier caR mob speak
authoritatively on + the matter
but there ia a gread deal of basis
for the article in the the Jour
r nal Thu gpowtii of ttlie traction
lines has stimulated the steam
roads to try to Had some way of
meeting the competition in pass
enger travel developed by the
traction linos The difficulty
with the steam roade lias been
tliat the expense of operating
cars propelled by steam is too
expensive when applied to small
cars and reqttent trip to be con
sidered practicable while for
large trains like those regularly
Operated by the steam roads
steam is the most economical
fuel that bas been found But
Btaanyis not capable of being
i reduced to small units like elec
tricity and other motive power
j used by the traction lines ftnd
therefore rapid s rvic like these
Hues f Urnjjli has beer ccttsidered i
inlpraOticabie tby t he steam
roads Bud it is rir w claimed
t that a gad motor car has been iris
s vented that will enable the
pam lines to operate mall cars
r r1 at frequent intervals between
points wherel3nch service is come
f siderecl BiriblyuqJPd8ai
tegetlioC likely that aa great deg
lqp it n in taco plncq nlon
a that line in jOnnectioii with tjie
i stean rontlJ
TiioLN liar installed a
rapid 1 weryioe V between J ° 1 vans
yjlle and Mfc Vernon Ind re
plyiowingto the competition
the trictionline thatt has
f J i1 <
C f
bleu built connecting flies
place At present this iervlce
is operated by a 1bnt if the
gas motor invention pans put
the service iUrbe equipped
with it e I
580 In Kt ckyonSeptembei lit With
193 Petitions Penaini
Washington Sept 18A bul
letiu has bees issued by the
Ppsfofflce Department iridit
I shows that On SBptember I there
were 50 rural routes in opera
tion in Kentucky and 108 peti
tions for additional routes were
pending The Eleventh is the
only district in Kentucky that
has up rural routes and twenty
Detitiphs from that district are
pending seven having been re
jected ThVSecohd Congress on
al district has 100 routes wIth
petitions pending for 28 more
Jn the country at large 82027
rural routes were in operation
September 1 wfth 4780 petitions
pending Kentucky ranks sev
enteenth inthe Union in tho
number of its rural routes Ill
inois leading with Indiana
Iowa ndOhio each having over
2000 routes
Secure Contract for Furnishing A Italy
With American Tobacco
Hopkinsvillo Ky Sept18f
Au important meeting of tobac
co1 men representing several
states was held in this city yes
terday among those present be
ing J Ferigo of New York AY
Qr Dunnington of Farmersville
I > vVaE 11 Tandy ndG H
r ekellof Glarkavijie TeniUj
and William KeMurray of
Springfield Tenn It was stated
by Mr Ferigo who represented
the tobacco interests of the Ital
ian government that contracts
have bee clo9e4 with Tandy 4
Farleigk to < cenbinue buying for
the Italian government in the
Hopki 8vile amd Olarksville die
tri ts aad With Williams Mc
Murray ef Springfield andWj
0 Wkit ok > G3 Qw 0tO dizto buy
in tltMe districts T J Stahij
would also can tinue to buy for
them at n ducah The other i
eight contracts for this eoctioat
are Field iBrost of Fulton hard t
nett Walker gf Mayfield Gr Lit I
< fc Barnett Qf Murray Ky aqd
Moss Lewis at Martin Ten 1
This district furnishes U0GOi
000 ppundof dark tobacco to the
Itnh gorernment alone
x MoK n Theatre Opens I
The itfprtofi Theatre will open
tile season Friday night Sept
20th with the big comic opera
6Uccess1 When Johnny Comes
Marching Home This opera
with its tuneful numbers and
pretty pictures pf southern life
was oue of last Reasons greatest
successes Aatd winning npul use
this week at the Olympic Theatre
at St Louis The cast includes
some of the best talent today on
the staged The chorus is pro
nounced by critics as being one
of the strongest seen in St Louis
in years the Iopp skirt baUeI
being decided novelty
providence Train WiH bt > l I i
Held dn Atcflunt o Scbree Fair
Otti account of the Sebreb Fair J
September 20th fo 23rd4 the
providence train will be held at
SQbr e each day until 446 p
T U I 11i order to acnointn dtiito
people from Providence Earlt
inetpp Madispn ilie and inter
m dJnte stations who may dei
sire td attehd the big fair This
SyaU gniblo people living I south
pf SieeJ to spend the Intira
day at thfair and arrive honi
in time Ltr supper > The usual
railroltd Wl 111 1
> i
r r I
3 ii
NWBlock for Eariingtbrftq be
Especially Equipped for
Lodge Purposes
Project Believed Practical to Erect Build
Ing that VIII 6e Credit to Earlington
T m t
Therd is a plan on i pot for the
rectioriQfa modern new
brick block to become the
Home ofFraterni6y 19 Earl
ington The project which has
been forming or80i letiineis
Doty made public in letters ad
dressed byPaul I Moore to the
officers and members of the var
ious fraternal orders now Bold
ing their meetings in thd Old
Masonic building These orders
are generally strong in member
ship and in good growing con
dition and it is conceded that
they deserve and can have if
they choose such wellequipped
quarters thoroughly adapted to
lodge users as would be a credit
both to themselves and to Earl
in tonThe officers and mom
bers of these orders are asked to
consider the question and to
take official action by appoint
ing committees with power to
act so that cooperation 11 yhe
had in a way to make theex
ecutiouiof the project possible at
An early date H
A ifejw porponal friends who
dens were consulted by Mr
Moore before any announcement
wail made and these endorsed
tke movement iiyia Unqualified
The concensus of opinion was
fikat the project waswkpHy prac
tical and one on wlvick all coukt
and should ggt together
lughist 4 1HOi
To the Officers and j e abers of
EarlfntootLr g
jttavlni cott ltoA jfltti seTeral 1
personal fcloti Js who are meinbers
of Ulfferetit socret aud bone v + len
orders lu EarHogteu J have become
tppnflrmed In Ute belief that yoicr or
ganizatfoii au4 thoetherR represent
od here desire betr nuart rs than
you now QCcl pynd have reason to
think that you swift beSufllcIeutly
interested to cOrQperato with f 110111
a plan to secure aQow buildiu ar
ranged e rpecl lly for theuso of the
fraternal oVders
In adelressmg this letter tpyxwl
do so with the assuranoo that my
ttotlpn is not ob f ectionable to the
owners Of the building you iiv oe
eupy I might go further and say
that I have their endorsetnont
t1 rough proper official Bouree in
this movement which I hope may
t Culminate Jna complete and well
equipped bdildfag tkat shall become
the pernianeht hoineof the fraternal
orders in Earlmgtou
Wdt 1tt10 coopecUon of your
selves and the other featernal orders
here the friends with whom I kayo
consulted join mo in tiie boiiet that
the proposed new building could be
er dted with two ejccollent lodge I
rooms ample antp rooms and halls
and separate property rooms far
each order making its homo in this
CHallof PraterriityM > v
Tliq project contomplates electric
liirlits steam heat and janitor sorv
foe AU this wo bolievei can bo
iiftd for you at a very reaspnablo fiB
lire provided therb IB a hearty co
oporatioii on the partdf allthe fra
ternt loird3rs now Meeting in your
lodge loomS
TO ibulid and equip as proposed
such quarters you wJl1r lJognr o
Will require considerable ° inv ost
m0Ut and while suoli investment
coald puly bo jiiBtifled when mad9
upon proper uaranyQ S fox future
occUpaiipjj 1 boieyelt pii be ar
railK d upon terms that wit 1 be aU
tra tir8 and satisfactory toyou
r AicpI tde ° Hllr at your next
meeting and in order that there
may be an expression from you and
an opportunity to canvass the mat
ter ofllciaDy will you not name a
coijimitteo ofsay three to act for
you and discuss with me the possi
bilities of such apian If you fire
interested in such a betterment One
that can be made a distinct credit to
E Ungonr bollovo it can bo ac
t On pushed
Got mo assure you that I shall not
think of undertaking such a project
ment arid cooperatiOn of the frater
nal orders of Earihigton upon such
a basis ns wllb guarantee excellent
soryiCe and complet6 satisfajtiou to
you tshallbJ away from home for
awhile and Iii the mean thX1o these
cominltteos cun be named by the
various organizations Bothatwe
shall be able tQ take the matter up
Upon my return and if all goes well
gettho building under headway be
fore the winter
Such a letter as this lias also been
addressed to the other orders that
occupy your lodge room
Trusting that this may seem to
you good and that we shall be able I
together to accomplish this under
taking I amI
Yours fraternally
Th orders to which this letter
was addressed are the Ancient
Order of United Workman Uai
tied Order Golden Oross Inde
pendent Order of Odd Fellows
Knights of Pythias Order f
Red bleu Macabees Ladies of
Macabees Ladies of Honor and
Tribe of Ben Hur All are in
prosperous condition and are
sources o copst nt benefit to the
community Such a building as
is proposed would add both to
the comfort and dignity of these
fraternal organizations and be
copse a source of constant satis
faction to these orders and i the
public generally 4
HeMlerson > Division time Keeper is Given
Howell Ind Sept llTIn
honor of Mr and Mrs H E
DeJarnett who will soon re
move to their beautiful new
home on Forest Hills which
lies between Howell and Evans
yille a farewell party Was given
at the home of Mr and Mrs A
Smith 213 Ewing avenue How
ell last Friday eveniag
Aquarette composed of Mr
and Mrs M F and Mr andMrs
iIH DeJarnett daliightfully en
terta ned the large number of i
friends in atteudaace With their
excellent rendition of popular i
songs rs JW Logku Who
in a master pianist iidded much
to MIA enjoyment of the even i
tnhwith several instrumental
selections Refresh ments were i
served at a late uour
418 Ed is the Henderson Di
vision timekeeper in the master
mechanie3 office at Howell Mr
A J Smith is i brother of M
N H Railroiid Smith president of the L d
St Louis Division Engineer is in Two
Wrecks In One Week
H v
Howell Indf Sept 11 En
gineer J W Login and Firemen
J D Raede were dead Reading
from E St Louis on the 4th
when train 1wits derailed at
Upton They were pretty baclly
siiukon up and more or less
frightened Mr Logan pu This
return to IIoweil resumed his
place on the suburban run be
tween Evaiisviile and Mt Vor
non tnd hi Jjthe boys have
christened The merrygo round7
On the Ttli the engine A left the
track and turned over both iqti
gineer Loianvand Fireman
Raedu bjeibg obliged tQ qtiiy
with tho engine as iirhero Was
no warning acid they jiad ub
time to jump The engine turn
ed over on the firemansside so
that he was pretty badly < ifi
jjarod Engineer Lpgaa escaped
witboutibjury 4 j
j 11
> uI
Evidence in the Case Proved That He
Acted in Self Defense
Upon exaining trial before
Judge Bradley at Madispnville
Monday Rowland Moore Vas ac
quitted for the killing M blur
mIl at Ohesley Sunday August
The testimony given at the
time of the trial proved that
MurrahwasadvaiiciiigV on Moore
with a drawn knife and that
M ore did all he possibly could
to avoid hinl but when cornered
stabbed him twice once in the
Wrist and again over the lheart
the Jalter wound proving fatal
The killing created no little
excitement at the time it was
done Hurrah was a hard work
ing man of good reputation and
very qUIet when sober but when
drinking as the evidence in tleI
case showed he was a daugerous
l After all the evidence had
been heard Judge Bradley was
of theopini nthatthe killing
Was done in self defense and so
Kentucky Crop Report
> The month of August was
very seasonable Some beau
ties complain of most too much
rain and some atnot enough
But as a whole crops have ngt
suffered materially by either
drouth or exceSS of rain
The corp crop is a good one
The ouly complaints are that on
low wet lands it eulfered for
wanfcof proper cultivation and
atone of it drowning utBut
takirig the Stnte over the crop
IS a full average
S The yield of wheat per acre is
a little below the average for
the State O tsand rye are
above the average
The tobacco crop is also a good
one and an unusual amount has
been housed for the tithe of year
There was some damage done by
worms and in some localities it
suffered for cultivation There is
also some complaint of house
burn of the early cutting 1here
adonis to be quite a good deal of
t e 1004 crop still in hands of the
farmers Fourteen per cent of
the burley and 26 per cent 9f
dark remains unsold September j
1st Prices Of tobacco of the I
1W4 crop compared with price
of the previous crop were fpr
burley 14 per cent less while
that of dark wag 16 per cent i
morei t
moreThe I
The hay crop is a full average
iu quantity but a large per cent i
of it is more or lessd by
erceskive moisture afcvthe tiiiie of
harvesting i s
Live stock Qfnli kinds are re
ported in good condition No di
sense of any kind is reported
from any county in the State
Ai out the usual number of
young colts and mules are re
ported Breeding cattle mid
sheep are about an average
while breeding sows are a little
below On the whole the farm
ors seem to be in good shape so
far as an abundant h rvost is
All Hot Air
rjDawsonOraclesays the re
port of a company of eastern cap
italists purchasing the Now Cen
tury and Arcadia hotels at tllntI
place and that this company will I
make Dawson a winter report is
all hot air The report Was pub
lished in a Paducah paper and
s that 1 PeteLArundel the Lgru
isville capitalist Vnnt the head
of the movement
Tim population Of the United ring =
aom on March 81 last was 482lO778
England and Waleshat1 B4 J62Q77
Scotland ta7aOpli arid Ireland 4890
lif the Young Man Safe 1 >
This isa very important cues
tion and appeals to every good
mart and woman in pur county
If oiir young men are safe1 then
our city and county fire safe
Eyery Intelligent person knows
that the peace and prosperity Pf
our city and cpunty depends up
ou our young men being right
and safe This fact needs o
ur umelit This being true it is
the duty of every mankind V phi
an to do all in their power to see
to it that proper safe guards are I
thrown around Our young men
In1 this direction there is > qo
better investmeutypu could pos
sibly make than in assisting in
raising the necessary money for
the erection and furnishing a
Young Mens Ohristian Associa
tion Building at Madisonville
Said building will be a safeguard
to the young men of our county
It will afford them a refuge from
the saloons and other yile places
The young men come to Madk
spnville and in doing so they
are in danger of bad associates
Help us in the erection of this
building and we can then afford
the young men a placeof refuge
and comfort and pleasure yhen
they come to town
There is no investment that
you could possibly make that
would pay you a larger interest
If you love the young men you
can not rofusetohelp in this
good work > t
To the men and women Who
have contributed to this cause
we express 7urJ sincere thanks
and to all who hnve not con
tributed anything wo beg yQUin
the naine of the Lord ikand the
young men of our County to be
as liberal as you possible can
and to signifur Wiilinnguesa
to assist in Sjps good work at
once t t
JThe If t on whicji this building
Is to be erected has been pur
purchased and the plans for the
building are complete aad we
desire to commence thQ work of
erection just as loon swepoB
sibly canso we beg all the
friends of the young men of our
cbunty to come to our assistance
at once God will bless you for
helping in this great work Oon
tributions will be cheerfully ac
cepted and properly reported by
any member of the undersigaeda
Committee or the County Sere
I Bailey R K Sliacfxeltte Gk
AY Chapman 11 OJ OBryant
3E4j Thomson A D Melton
AbnerJbhusdu T E FiiilejJ
Qordonj Madisonville 5 p G
M ro 1Bobbit i Nebo
VgH Wlt Robt Gentry Han
app J iMcEuen St Charles A
Eo Orton Dawson Springs A
E Hill Manitou Peter Whit
mgr Elm Grove Frank B Ar
noldf J + B Blan ks Earlingtou
Roland Crabtree Old Salem
BIt Ashby County Secre
tary Madisonville >
MadlsonvflleFree 1
Free Tickets
= >
Any old soldier who vliyfeR m
or near EarlingtpH uiirishee
to attend tho Webster dpunty
Fair hodat Sebreo Ky on Fri
day Sept 22nd can secure a
free ticket into the fair by call
lug at Taft BEH office for game
These tickets are good only for
one day and must be usedou
11 Teeth ijttracfed Free
For the Next 5 Days
All kinds of uptodate Work
done cheap and guaranteed
R A BALDWIN Dent 1st
re r

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