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c h y
n ttf 1i Gtf W 4W 1
f 11 < I
i J
< f r tP < f U p < I t 1 l
I < t p
1 >
In P1 r 1F
cii 7nt tir t
JI rf i < i JL 4 fl tj
C 1 rJI rI J rs n t J
I ifi
1 o IIakinf Powder
j Absolutely
U 1 r
It does not contain an atom of phos
phatic acid which is the product of bone
I digested in sulphuric acidor of alum
which Is onethird sulphuric acid sub >
i 1 v i i >
1 stances adopted for other bakine powders
vsvl VVif
ibecausc of their cheapness < f c
1 Tiio Ol bed of t1is city vas J
Ib ih Madi Dpyilje Sunday on btls
mess v
b Suit ba been > filed against tlm
PrpyiUeiiVa Ooi l pouipnny Vn
I4 JEHIU FnrdyUp le5ta Jim i j
IItw JWddant mines onI e
tIIlft JqO H Hsks fi l2 50I g
c At JBVuvvnofltliek Berqurd
Mining Oonipjiny a ccifi truction
force rnad0i huSCness trip t ohi
SlIJghte8vnleSt tfhlnj
Jup AVilspu of Oliesley was
t hre 90 business Saturday
J 4clji tie Foreinun BrobkB 1of
flp1a miuel hadt1it inisTortun T
to1Ii1V an nrnviti acden
ally at hftt niin iPndayv He i ISTh
c hp lf dtiuBU aliii rthd will
ntfbo able to fysnine work fbr
several weeks
Norman Pat iiell pt this place
wna in ianniugton several days
last week visiting friends J
At the ineeti ng of the Nn tion Ij
al Executive Board of the United
iliue Workers of America Fri
day moruiujj Indianapolis the
strike in Kentucky was indorsed 1
and a resolution teiidering the t
strikers the moral and fioaucial
t lapport of t11 e QrganJZR ln
adopted The strike which inJ
TOlrcs about 000 men is effec
iive against the urines
t tlg in the d
sitm ofSturgisBAkerhd h
fhoa icroftv IVLt8 caused bVr
j 4he mines coming into control oJt r
fit hew company of operator > 8
who refuse to deal farther withJJ
r the mine workers Union The C
Weijfc vKentucky Goal do who h
now WQths mines has 1e L
the mines will iu future rethainw
QjScers v
t with nOn iHnou merit
Voremao Albert Toojnbs and
Oarpouters tTas Lester and Thos
pL IIiq e rventtn Providence Mons
L laymqrnnjryjvlieiiQ they iwill
erpot a now fani uaeofthelntw
< 36 < pattern at > tle Shamroclv at
iwinfe It svili t tIo then aii ut r
i vveek to finish hiwprls
t u 1
gi Attoiney L J3JIenrt vf 1
f on has secured I C0jil options st
t > 1YkAbjJut 2000 flC1Q s of coal
1tidiit the Belcpurt rtiW Ontqu
negoroos i nv Webster conn f
ty V c <
Work is progressing very rap 91
id1Ob the Nicholson shaft at v
B nd loQAfhiO vein of coal
ev naridll half feet m thick
ness will pe fouiidt a depth pf oh
900 fee according to reports and ber
IHtihfd It JSJiaidtl1at teats w
jnade recently show that coal Ye w
0xUt in pMying iguant jtiei ttt
that depth v liIo c
Mh tli1 Salrno < t Ilsley r
a ttenld n1etingo th Shiii o l
ors a Loqisvi1l i n ij 9 iVb
ini day
Id 1 i
VmD Walker a driller in
No 11 mine was hurt bv a shot
in the mine Tuesday night about
IptSO oclock jHe set off his
middle shot and got back of the
rib where he thought he would
he in the clear but his calcula
tion misnarjied d he was struck
on the leg by what vas probably
a srnall piece of autphur which
inlhcted a wound resembling a
bullet wound Reuben Miles
who is Walkers helper tele 1
phoned this news ti the office of
the coal company and a buggy I
was sent to the oth hill tohnur
him home The wound was pain
CuIat the time but WIts found to 1
be slight when the surgeon sin
him shortly after the accident
The Kentucky River Land and
Upal UOij ot l ee countyi was ill l t
corpora ted at Frankfort Monday 1
The capital stock of the new J
11nrII ft
poratOrs will develop con1 lands
Itauda1 l
jeotiqn4 I
The Court of Appeals ut l
Frankfort Tuesday reversed the > c
i i
judgment qfVle Muhlenberg d
Circuit Court in the case of Jno
IL Drakn against the Black Dia HI c
mdud Oortlaiid Mining OOn1JcJ c
remanded the case for retrial t at
the lower court1The questions 5 t
ptesented involved the terms of 9
a lease of certain coal Innqsiut
itht >
wife leased the land with an a a n
have a per cent on the coal t t
mined j which Vas to boor ene I
through a one aqd onehalf inch of
screen The lessees sublet theN
property to the Black Diamond w
Goal Company which for a time ai
used the regulation screen ILtO it
Later they used a shaker screen Je
and it was claimed in the suit
was won bythe mining Ii
company that t1 iBI was not tlOf
i Ir W
Because He Went too Far bl
Hans the ruraHst wast J I
Ch9fl iiorse N a
lJJykot the very tJiing uJJ
fltitble ntinj Htt thorough going and
road horso Five years old 1
sound as a quul175casli downv nci no
and he goes ten miles withoiitr ililp
stopping v
SanetlVrew 115 Kauds skyward 4
MNoi for tnjsjv he said Hllotf
Ier j
cents for hint I live eight mjla
out in de country tint Id hiif to qit
walk back two m iles by
> jpj u
Cpughing S ell Caused Da thm
HftJrry Dull rKed 5 yrs tha
bhbkta te death early yoaterd y m
vnbri irigatlU8 hptne Iii the proe for
eiioe of lus wife and olilld He cOlt
tfat tpd H Glleh t cold a few cj ays 9 tQ
and pniil but lIttle IttentlQtttott
Yesterday miariilnjc he was seized 111
with a J1l pfj coughing wbitili tsoiiV OIl
tifiued for some time His wife pr
aont for phyBiciati but beforia lie nl
coulirt arrive another coiighing 8p Ua
cmo oh and DuokwQH died fromse
feHiflbqatiDp < S LouiB Qlobe pain let
rgt Pe < hlstlQjlu Iii
BllsrcVsHorahoupd Sl rupwould
have saved hira 6c 60q and OOJ bo
i S ll gtJeriiard D llJSkltf Th
Ij L
Majority Name Cannon For Speaker
er And the Minority WUl
jams of MisfifssippL
The Pariwma Caiml Enterprise Fe II
I iira1 Regulation of Insurance
ChlncMe ExclHHlou Hull Statehood
For Territories Are Also linpo r
taHt Jlcaaurcil
Washington Dec 5The Fiftyninth
Songress aBeembled fit noon With 243
members in the Jiouse and 59 In the
Senate the republicans are short but a
few votes ota twothirds majority in
both houses The democrats have 131
representatives and 31 senators ma k
ing the majority 112 In the one case
arid 28 in the latter
The republicans of the house reno ij
nat dbh caucus all elective officers
of the house who served during the
Fiftyeighth congress Speaker Can
non made a speech of acceptance that
created enthufil sm in the caUCllSI
The democrats nominated Tohn Sharp
Williams of Mississippi speaker WS j
Cowherd of Missouri cleric of the
house RobSrt Favors of Arkansas
doorkeeper Charles A Edwards of
Texas sergeantatnrms Robert 1 IL
Douglas of South Carolina postrnasteiIt i
and Rev Austin Crouch of Alabama i
chaplain amaI
The Work Ilvfiire Con PBMH
The presidents lRrOr federal regu LI
lation of railway iates will probably
overshadow everything else Then
there 1s the proposed federal control pt
tasurartca and the nuro food question
Tils js the long session o congress
and it may last into the latter partqC
June or along into July especially It
ttntlff revision sliould be one of tho
questions brought ip for couBlderatlon t
Next to rallroadrato legislation the
time of congress will be takeR ii I > j
chiefly with the affairs of the Panama
crmal enterprise Representatives are I
gdlspocd to be liberal towards Ui 0 1
analanrlal9 wllllna to grant Ui tht
llmlnIStiaI i
lJn l U1tiii 1Jiedfor l 1
sftAw 5i i
Good reason exists for hellovhigtnai
tho frlcndts of Oklahoma T and Indian I
rrltory are now strong enough to se j
urean liidepeuUoat consideration o r
tlefr claim Certafn it Is If they can 1
do this that statehood will be easU yi
and quickly disposed of As for sepaf i
rate statehood for Indian territory anit 1
Ociahoma making two states of then j
his plan according ip aU UiQ Indica i
tlrJ s has very little chance i
Some reference to federal regulatipa L
insurance is expected in the preei J
dents message Senator Drjden ol ft
New Jersey last winter Introduced a
bU provHUl fot federl regulation J
and thoUgty it received much attention 1
DOver was serlouflly considered Sen
ator Dryden again will agitate the SenI
ject and introduce his bill
Effort will be jnatlo In cpunre of the
session to amend the Chinese exclusion j
xs So as to prevent the humiliation
OfU11culurel1Chlese > vho have been j
subjected to many Jnqonv6nicncc5 f
wieii visiting this ountry These IawsC
bve been ebargeil wtthtl1 tcsponsl j
bllity for the recent Chlnefie boycott otI
tier Jcau goods 1J
Few stumbling blocks nre in sight
aTiOng tho regular appropriation bills 1
io tdministjatlOn will not put in c j1h
jfioavy itaval 1imgthts year and liit
btQ1And t
The present 1sps1tIO13to consider 1111
rivers and ha orswhatoyerithqugh lu
npfin l Decision has been reached1 in J
tNfJInIUcr as yel > 7r 1
I I i M f h
t nl 1J firiviJtr flifflSt9d l
Waro1iingt lI DE 2 I1norM r1 t
Aether Jr thP ciftt inldshpoaiti wUoo
aij trleu by a cpurVmartial for the lc
legCV killing or Mi ishipman James H
Branch during a fist fight at the An
quitted of tho Charge bf mansl u hier e
the court but has been adjudged II
qntlty of the charges of a breach ofi
rules Jin fighUng with jBranch and the i
minor liOtkes that were collareral to f
rn mala IseUe The1 court reCPDt 1l
mends his dismissal rom the s ryce
New YOlk Dec 5 Trusteea of the i
Mutual Life Insurance < Jd have agrfed s
Charlee A Peabody ag the nekt I s
president bf the company to eUcciea t
Richard A McCurdy > Ir peabody illII
ieyal financial cjne Srris a direetoty
tnihe lUtnola central and the 1 1jl
pacific raiJroadfi jtndi Jaone ojt jkt1 R
board of maaagers ti the Dek are Jt t
HudBou i railroad 00 t 111
e iW
NThe St LoHis iceD pIrtclIt
Handled Without Glorei
It Iii BeeltireA is Be In a State at
nlll rgR b tl anti DeJHerRU
j itlett Due lu V ittlcs
l St Louis flee 4Te Optober
grand Jury < wmpb d or nine democrats
and three republicans has submitted a
report to Judge M 6 Reynold of the
Gclrcult court fn Yhich it Iii declared
that the St Louie police department
InastatJot disorganization ndde
moralization Worse than at any time
ieIn its history
It Iachargedby the grand jury as
a result of 1M investigations ihat the
police are indifferent toward or active
ly protecting criminals that members
of the department associate with crim
Inals that they secure perjured tea
tlnipny when needed by thb use of
threats or tho promise of protection
Inthat thb department is a political ma
a1chine and has either actively assisted
In the perpetration of election frauds
saor has connived at them that the feel
log In the department lit that security
IiIn bmce and preferment are not guar
antced by merit and service but are
1ematters affected by pun and influence
l1that the standard of the detective de
partmpnt Is low and that many of its
members are unfit tor police service
l Theconcl1sionoJ tim grand jury is
j hat the demoralization of the depart
mont is duo to the act that the police
are used as a political machine and
the suggestion is made to the police
board that the official announcement
bo sent forth that the police must keep
out of politics and political clubs
Supt of IiiNtirnnco VuHillverii KlKhl
to Itcvokc > CIT York Iilfew
IJccnnc In the Slate >
I Jefferson City ilbt Dec 3W D
i VariUlver state suprintoiulent of In
1 surance through his counselr Attorney
I General Iad1oy Fred WLehmann
aixl John M Wood has flIed in Unit
ed Statea circuit court at Jefferson
i City his reply to the petition of the
New York Life insurance Co in the
injunction proceedings recently instlr
tilted hy the New York Life to over
tlirow his order revoking Its Missouri
license i
tHe maintains that the Missouri in
a ranee department has the right to
require Insurance companies doing bus
mess in tho state to manage their af
fairs in a proper winner and to insist
011 election of itY ofilccrs nnd tho
xvdoptlon of mcthcjds that will insuri i
the funds of the policy holders
J hc InterNtntc COIIIHHTC < J OomitilH
Mloii Will KiniKl Threw lK inucr H
Va3hlpi5lon Dec GTiie president
has announced that he will appoint
Franklin K Lane of San Francisco to
tho vacancy caused by Mr Flfers res
ignation from tho Interstate ccmmercj
toainilsalori which takes effect Jjina j
iaiyi qf
Mr Lsue is a democrat and his aj > j
1J will change the political
colnpiexion of the Interstate commercd
c mmfsslon from republican to demo
cratic aK Oe
Fornijr Gov Fifer of Illinois whom
1IMr Lane will succeed on the commie
sibn is u republican as are also Com
mlBSioniera jltnapp arid roudy Cpm
missloaors Cockreil sad Clements are
democrat c
f AVhilp Mr Lane lias alwaysbaea c l
democrat politick he Via a wip
LportQfoC PreBldBqt Rooseyelt In tltec
last campaign He Is a former newt
paper man jji < Joiie tme was the 4sm
ocratlc candidate for governor of Calf t
UftifoH Ministry KenlKHir RUtt IIng
Tuylten a lilliurftl to Form
ew JIaet
London Dec Girh political crisis
In the United Klugdbni reachett 6
climax when Arthur J Balfour thr
premier formally tendered the reslg
nations ot himseif find tho members 0
hI > cabinet to King Edwurd who nil
Jeptod them Uuti majesty offered Sb
Hoary Campbenllannerjnan Jlbera1
the roisiipn SJ Iprmtag a new cablnfij
Sir1 Ercnr vaccepleir and in a short V
tim eItT nVf govbiiiment was formed rtr
Lord iioseborry Was entirely ignore 1
iji the formation of the udyv govern
jpno thing js curtain 3f Henry
pRmjJbellBanncrinan has explained
his attitude on borne rulo fpr Ifeland
tb tiioso liberal jetljrs who ar kno Vik
lojtf opppsCd to iiojije rulo fjii the 1fQps
of Iho Jasr xblll jntroauced Irt parlia
meat t
Th re 18 dme uncertainty asstq when
the dfs ojiuition of parliament will bst
effective b titis not considered iiotsk
able until after the new year
An interesting feature of the p lttfr
lFaJMtuattQtii > the pOspt pf a clof fr
er alliance between the irteii lId tutn
tnabor w
UI trnt111 JH OrJte
S Vasliiwrfon Jleji NMpve 1 RdH
frauds are aid jb1mye fin unearthed po w
in Oregon Half a miilipu acre ora
scho lands are raid tp have been as v J
eurfd from the 4tate by ilummy earyre
wEnded through forged C rtIfIoa l t
ale 1itJ a JNItJ F
1P1tt b J Pi > Dee I 4nr
BtrpyM tae > flT f7IY jbaitdliajf of the
rff Stove sad Bu tJjL bi II
f I
ii lj
i ii II
1 I
11 k
of a woman UIth name often given to the change of HI1
Your menses come at long intervals and grow scantier tihtjl they
stop Some wonien stop suddenly The entire chanCe lasts three t
qr four years ahd U is the cause of much pain and discomfort i
whtbh can however be cured by taklne
Womans Relief
It quickly removes the pain nervpusriesa Irritability miserabl
ness forgetfulness fainting dizziness hot and cold fIaahssWoaK <
ness tired feelIngs etcCidulwHl bring you safely through this1
dodging period and build tip your strength for the fast of your jffe f
At all druggists In i 100 bottles Try It
c i i
Jreely and frankly letting us all your
troubles We will s nd Free Advice in
p4 ihseted envetojje Address La
d Advleory Dept The Chatt noofi
MlScfne Co CiiattanoogaTenn
ot Easton Md until I took Cardui c
which cured IMMquk < itsurprle
y doctor Who didnt know lwu
taklngit I
IDune Zuropt Drat IOOler
Corner Tears Ajfol i D
twhutJLL1L1kt iIglit Shirt
Killed Hi n l > t < eH Mint lit
PInmtd tile nr
> 4RJHrt1llh
Cheyenne Wyo Dec 211118 No1
of the Kenrgierer Coal and Coke Co
t DitmpndvilW in westera Wyoming
was wrecked by an oxploalpn Eighteen
miners all of the night shift were
Nearly allot these were KBgllsh rain
ers who came to the Wyojnlag mines
direct from England Had the lull night
shift been at work In the mine the
loss of life would JlIiveb appalling
A blown shot was the cause of the j
disaster 1
Tho men were working 1000 feet J
down in the mine knocking down coal
to be taken out uy the day shift
Four years ago aext month aq ex
plosion occurred in this same mine
Thirtytwo men lost their lives then
JIf1 1o UMHXeqI It l
liasa and his two tons ailltoii and
t 4fe356
fJlr chUdrcH lad Juuo haye b o
T tcnood to death hors Thfetr
1 execution Is set for January 6 next All
Moore j their nero acceseory will
SInHI1HI1 tHeshflOeHHrNe1
Kaneaa City Mo Dec trfa Ml
ard OH warehouse f8 ArmoUre le Was
Wasburned 1
glillonii of oil were food for a fjJriW
blaze This wa the Stand prin
cipal warehouse weet of Whiting iwjt
and was not fnIUlfKtQ
ni < hlyTHrniil v iI RUt BMj eV
New yprk Dec y The cwmtry reirt
iTcneb of J Clint KniJIH at East Vead
owljrook Long Island with its wealth
of art treasures doBtly bricabrac and
furniture was destroyed by fire j 1ot t7
Frighilul Running Sores
and actual rotting away of the bones and flesh re
suit frequently from lack of attention to the
proper tneattsingr of inBblooci WM1
rit is a little out of order
Itliii bean proves to ua beyond the h 4owf ot a doubt that Jowga ji
wlli eure epoilio Blood P6i oa the klnr oi all bOOd diaaea TJbr t ore wbr ZeaL
yritia anythIng but thIs wonderful remedy it you have any of the aJUid t ond of J
poisoned b1ood suoiia48orofttl oa Pbnp1eOtatth Kk umaU ai t15 L Jj
stttave t it ia An entirely vegetable product ana
eowpoeea of some tf tIe iMWtandrarait drugs
kaown to eotencs
Beoauee of their exi oH < T and rare nature
th81 are vy wsldoia Used by the paotteing
Tha fonnul from vrbtok Vocvga Rim Iy 10
made is tMreMltof M ny T i M ofind
prMtle of Biiemfawn ptijwMM who oand it
wooderf fttwc0i ftiL
teromla or any othftjr1 fwrm ptr Jnelpfont blOod
poiwmlngryoHr futurehpp4oe d i > Milfl upon
whether you rnoocrnim in par waims for loerg
Remedy the rlnjf of trntu ana fitnowity which
Inspires Warn aid liU irbttbtr rMOffnbiin
e qnalitIelnonr ta tmeatayou are wil
WW8 loeN ltfJmedt a fair olianceto
rere 1onrJlreHD aIf ug and rc l
your Stem ocfiie fOOl oi eaeo vriuoii now OOM >
pteitFrantyOUa ew INN on MiaahootTor
womanuo d
Remember al o U yon biivo fatA m Ditr rfi
mercury or other mlneralllOjolllt1CUlc8 ii
Morthnaea c do joa need tbe
ot1yes PI1IUt OWe rjo l ta
rid emur tb1 t ruldrur 1
Aetow thflmimlinth tJaIA jlMlw rtfc
Go to your duggbtor writs N ami proonrotS
rsieti o J i
Whlt1lfttHlon rbUll it
1iftWw oontitm JJiJMrr1 c
du1for one bottle or 5forsjzhotj iI
jnttt our ab oluta KVarauU er moasS sfunded
by drugjflet or this tlbYi111 pfj
HM wnUa 1al1tir ppw M eorrsspc
FDERB REMEDY 00E anffliliiiii
1 tI FoESIeLocaUI bY
1 r

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