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At jD Jilk
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Legislative Political iftd Other
i Kentucky News From Our
I Ftln fort Cdrres
> pondent
nl1ertt i liMior of the fol
lowing letteri Is a ICpiVtuoklftn whose
lonjf iwlltieal Hdd iiewfj tef exp rl
IIQtI1Ltkke his contribution
yjiliiaible fhls letter and probably
per but by agpinnit with us por
i 118ofj tat id111nl taneQu81y sent to
tli l AdlnK weekly p por In each of
several other Qduutle9 Blitor
f Fraakfort January 10
1he big political dghts before
the Kentucky egt8lature were
E qlipkiy and iecisiyely over The
I Biral Awembly seems already
art4I towardlai ajMsioq of Mnw
id suwewV ladioftted by jht
ripusly intended measures elw
IWbere referred to and by the
uaheardof record made the first
C we k Byhle latter is meant
r tHe dispoiiflon m two days f
time of political obatacles that
would have required in the
Mgood old iay1J > tfeqks of
wrangling perhaps an extra ses
iipn mnji attendant yils galore
The writer has watched around
dozen leKi lature nominate or
try to nominate a UnittdStato
Senator IJo has seeua many
tate CpnventionB and many
mprt diitnot Kath riR 11g1it
over the selection of 3atf and
< district nominee ha ks e en
I the contact over a pghip ma
oonsututpioDL I ff
1M r tui I
tion and titI11u W ift policy
a Qi4h ° succeeding Skate delega
lIttionlii to a National oanveution
But never sawfte the fame
amount of politics disposed of in
3a tenth of the time nor with less
discredit to hoe most directly
concerned We believe tlmt in
Kentuoky politics those good old
times will soon bfr a misnomer
The machine conceding there
is one is about the best regulat
ed and most intelligeutly operat
ed for its size and strength Ken
tucky politics has ever known j
those who fought tt rewith
rare exception galJant fighters
WVboknowwlte they have
enough WW g4 from under
tthe bottom shake hands and be
gin traiujpgfor tfce future
The prospects ofa iflght two
years hence with BUckbiirn for
Goyeriipr and McOreiary for Sau
atorv with Hager and Beckham r
tobo1tiif not the probabiUty
that the daily newspaper ilis
patches Would indicate If you
want to indulge in a real politi
cal prediction put jt down Me
a Chord vs Hager Haldettian vs
aeckliant and Z the jighib jal
reyQn I
Of all the iracent winners not
excpting Judge Pyhte the i
two juVen lyhOso iiiiddle aamie 1
should l e Lu kiare Eli Brown
and Harvy HcCatcheon Born
b th9f them with mpueY called
c igJi1 neYlp towns the size
C ojf BarSistOWn and Rusgellyilie
1They never warited anylhingjtt
home aiict came away only to re
CCtoifQ What most men cphsider
enough7to make a life of Ihappi
4 niss After gettinfya good office
apiece without asking they sucr
nceedajEf1 in inarrylng tWQ of the
prettiest kgirtiI that even jP anlcV
> r fort can boa itbdj again are
i iyen I Iticrfttiv eay0iices that
i I Will not lakjl them jiLt ftQJti
J itt kfpr < or interfero with any
i proJCeslliptial Cutlet pr 1J usiness
I they marty 1 raVe at hoiie t a
4 v S
S Thei wf1beoppoitibii j to 1 1 1
bin hoJjl by nitJ IJSeDtfa
S t
5 S i f 5
Oi +
Y inu e and yxatibh Qw
rniSeiUll7 winch has handed in
Its bg kill proposing many ri eli
cjil cbkngea in a system that eX
p r l1co teadfes should n tbi
top often tampered with While
the stiggwitious may be gratuitous
ous X will not b6 surprised if
thereshou Id davolop iiIthirnat r
tor a sort tft tainisjbi tiQn and
anti administration ghtwithi
the majority against radical
The committees ikh noit n < 3e by
the presidi officers g t the rQ
convening Mpnu1 4y > ihla l
8tttisfactory the vi j
sk usually is Spii
lei1c will prQbably be a d
of thinking first and lust i of his
own friends political and per
sona But most of tis will tdmit
that is not a bad rulje of acfiolQ in I
ppUtisi r other1 Walks of life
1 Donta eirooif whitb paper
t yi i Qtrioltrll ders about
r I
tbD of all 1h bills IntrO j
4ii5I to be introduced Leeg
than one tenth of them will ever
we daylight after they reach tha
committae rooms and 1otmaDY
more are expected fo About
another onetenth of them will
ever have a chance of passing
Wjien a bill is well through QUO
hOuse and by a good safe mav
jprity its prospect of becoming
a law is gpocl enough to make a j
mention of it of news value
Ifcsliould gaidMipweverf that
so far there is not such an indis
criminattt aSSof qually indis I
cniriiuat bills and that mon
the measures proponed are st
iiurab r of yf sty important 1mI
f ntiliIJJio bHc
C t
tern and the management the
eleemosynary institutions Oth
erwiss What promised fobea
short exciting session already
shows signs of being the dullest
frpm a yellow newspaper stand
pbin fofkl1Y of the past decade
Going back to politics all the
newspapers speak of Chief Jus
thee Hobdons next race as two
years off Judge n 0 uSQftisto
be reelected next fall and de
spite the occasional talk bl op
posHipn to him has his race al
ready won won by sticking to
his business Qrby doing more
workthan other members of his
Court and also by sticking to his
political friends who just now
have everything their own way
and who Wouldnt leave a greasy
spot of an opposing aspirant
The TJ t N has gone tp work
to bHild a magnificent new depot
on the new site here It and an
improvement to the Capital Ho
tel will be finished so ner or
quite its t onab the new Capitol
The business men of Frankfort
have Caught the spirit pf ithe
Capital City s present boom and
many who came back heipe attar
a few years absence hardly know
w1iat they called a t1d old wn
One evidence that it 3s becoming
a wideawake city is the fadet thai
tb ykUla negrp or somebody
elseV nearly every Satutday or
Sunday night Then salboKas are
too nU irousin number and top
cheap in charaoteri Frankfort
needs high license awfully
t Representative Munnoll war
son of HopkiUs 81c placed on
s8verai rlnmo ant comraitteee in
the Hstjf appPiutmenta ama
ijipunced Uy Speaker Lawrence
Heis chairrnaiiof the qmmite
on Fed raf Relations anflia mom
ber of the foll6wing coziimittues
Stao JctfQ 1 ssiul EIon of Re
form Education NOa 2 r ifi1iij
athi uDlJ1 ImnIgi atiou antI
J 1ior f 1
S Ii tiitinuii on Ptu HJ I 1
r A
1 fiarlin tbnsi Craclt Military Corn
I V pany Capture Rciimiintal 4
4 3t
i S t
Honors < > 5
j v iT
S <
wiu RIc H e 1 Award bi Colors l 9r Beit
Showing IrijjJecirbn >
a 1
Company Ois tIn i >
For the prefect j iid at lfts
ftnd until nnotbrimmspectio tie
proper = for and
ood work bird itntucky
Infantry Win WilY up4nG
Company C Los the Hag for
njJdnu betf4 FL showing than
ariy Other cQftijpauy in the Third
i Kentricky rwtip t in the special
V irv1 c a f
inspectioa of IJWC made by a
i representative of the regular
IfThe inspection pf Company Gj
wMs tiion Saturday April4
by Oapfc jSayillej of fee Twpp
seventh Infantry then located d
iFpjfe Thomas Xy j accompanied
by Oapt Noel Qaines Inspector
Qeneral > of Itentucky and Obl
rbuett Henry commanding thV
Third Kentucky Tim BBR thenj
offered the prediction based up
I on the manner in which the in l
spection cumirQ aud the general
apparently Mtifi0 air of the
visiting ofRciali Viat Oompany
0 would be in iijthe finish for
the race for col 4S
The first officiaj recognition of
the high standing of the Earliaf
ton Company canie yesterday to
Opt raul j rice com l11ndlllo
floor of the winning company It
0 t 0 T 1pttilt e PP at 1 9ft
entitled Report of the Military
Secretary f the Army on the
Militia pf the United States for
the Fiscal Year Ended June 80
1905 The r port shows the
standing i n de tail of each dOm
pany in tlie State Company G
had the largest enrollment of all
the coniipanies in tlw Third regi
mont save one the Earlington
company having total strength
of 61 officers ndmQn and
Company Iof Mayfleld showing
5Jo officers and men all told But
upon the percent of absent the
result of the inspection chiefly
turned and in this Company G
showed the best record not only
in the Third regiment but in all
three regiments of the State
Company G had but 5S percent
absent The company holding
next best ratio nth comparison
is that of Owensbpro Company
0 with 080 percent absent
Five of the companies fnthis
regiment showed from 25 to 85
percent and more absent from
inspection TaKing the entire
State Jiilitia there was but oije
company that showed so small a
percent of absentees and even
there JEarlington has the lead
Compa y Ht of Louisville is
char e4 i also with 6 8gj percent
absent But the total t organized
strengtk oft the I oujsviHo com
p ny WA but Awhile the Earl
i ington company had < 51 members
OwonSbqr has ati1ll1oWie4
the honor as cplcr bearer for the
Third Kentucky The regiment
al colors remain at the regimentr
at headquarters except when the
j reginient is encamped pc iti the
fiejdi At U htlPtatJn4 Until
another company captures the
right by superior 1qrlttQomt
rpany Gf composed of those en4
tlthsinstic mard working boys
will tfpciipy tJJ gpspa of honor
iaife Qol dt bearers tct the regiin ent I
Etithusi tiq d ruling and tudy
1H4 been held to ui excellent
itaiidari ubder CHlfl Price and
hi5l8fiOtftflt p ofil eri aiid i ljjj mo h
V f
i JpfJJ
jr S
firit 1t
1 1
I f A
ed honor for which they wPrked I
sp earnestly S i
S Earhn ton is proud in the pos
session pftliiscrackorganis5atiplii
1 Ayhich but shows WIat this busy
I town can dp when her people 3ay
themselves out t
f hree St Charles Citlrens Citizens Seek
ilealteai Los Angeles ° J
ct S J
4 Because of impaired health t
i e8SrtiqeoHFllulh Qilberp
J ing and Norris liiig otStt
i Charles leffejiPme yesterday for J
Los Au eleBOihyiaSewQrJ 1
feans and the Sbuthern Jpacific I
rdl1teMr Piiu11Jjasa sIster tit J
i Globe Arizona whom he visited s
a few years since at a time when J
he Jwas in ill health He was
l much benefi tted by the stay tU
AriKonia and > Galifoijuiar His I
iister lives istt JDo Angeles much 1
4 the time Gilbert and Norris
Ire sos of George King the St
Charles druggist carid nephews
ftbe Robinson brothers of 1
pJariington Gilbert is well I
known here haviz been for sev
eral months past an assistant in
he St Bernard Drug Store un I
der Manager Bryan flopper He i I
JUs had a repetition since liei l
Vame to Earlington of asthma
t i0 attacks to which he has been J
iubject for several lyearssaD l
after the last one his father de
c1eahe must go west tP grow
jtfonger in a different winter
alimatej Morris who is nine I
ieen years ilsf iias a similar
itendenacy and friends and re
Iktiyes hope that by beginning
larly bpth boys raay jbe per
l r1tntlyftr nltl ned Gilbert
s 0 f
rilQi t Q t un ino a gr
while ago and was very much
Entertainment at Oa1 moor
Mr and Mrs Paul M Moore
entertained informally at their
home Oakiiioor Friday evening
a few friends at Five Hundred
Dainty refreshments were served
nuda delightful evening was
spent by the guests who were
Mr and Mrs Will Morton Mr
and Mrs Hop Holenian 1Mis
Claude Ross Messrs Clint Ruby
and SmithDuiinof Madisonville
Mr and Mrs J B Atkinson
Mr and Mrs Frank Rash Mrs
Gee Atkinson Mrs and Miss
Victory of Earlingl on
tin Southworth Entertains
A most1 pleasant sogiaL event
Was the one given by Mrs South
worth at her home on West Main
street Monday evening A pop
ular game was enjoyed by the
guests and delicious refreshments
served Those pr sent were
Iklisse 0arrie and Lucy Oreushaw
and their uest1 Misses Margar
iet and Eula Rj hard of Hop
kinsville Miss Annie Ashjby
Miss Traheru and Mrs N nie
Dra stead Messrs W A Ban
d 1pb1 4 + y Montague phas
Traiiern Dind iri JphnjBpn
The Comt VM Ha n zfedt J
will be Been injlie bright sparks
hug musical cprnedy c r The Little l
Puches8 on Friday evening
Jan 12 at the Morton Theaibre
supported by a company of QX i
ceptioual ability Iu thepiece
the Cpuntess appears to excellent j
advantage and thare spteh i
did pppPrtuniiiiss Qrto display
her cleverness Its a stnJintJff
mu sicai comed y jine The Qbian 1
ese js ably supported by a cast t
and coinpaily that Is far abpfe t
the UyQifage in attractions titt
this in3v Prices First floor
i 5jXnu4 I tQO fiaicpn WO and t
S0c Gah1ery25cS s
ragih6 1 Mj wlihf 2
jtQ Ur cnlrMt11 q J t s
< j +
t 1 J
i SS
1 > e c t
S f S
Will Pay the Death penalty fOr
S the Murder of Brame S
in 1502
1 < v
Without the l6asfe sigti fs
t1 the negro GartH Thompson n
iieard the wprd Monday t ate
iok away all h peof escaping o
dejath 0n tlve gallPVYS When
Jai r Craig broke the news > ft
the final decision of the court
the murderer received itj without a
lihe quiver ofnJl yeUdlAlf
rig tfbQ B dC I would jtist Sl
sQOn hang asjto spend the relltofc
my life injailn > f
When asked if lie thought his I g
attoTniays would beVable tRiget a
his sentence commuted to im 1i
prjsonmentntor life he replied j
1 am not goinff > to ask them I
Would n tturnmyhandover H
get my sentence changed 1i
nave asked forgiveness Jorlnyj
sins and am ready to die f
Story of the Crime
When asked by some one pres t
ent to relate the story of his I
crime Thdmpkins replied as fol t
I had to kill lthrt to save mY1
lie he began tshot in self t
defense and if 1 had been given
Justice I would have been free
The day before Christmas 1002
I laid off work from the mines
and went hunting In the eyen
ing as I was coming back to town <
IwCntby the house where
Br me wa living You know he
married my divorced wife She
called to me and askeciwhyIdld
sK d tjfr 1fWffl1
her to let her husband get it We
had fipme words and I went over I
tQ Jim Lewis house Brfime and
his wife came over and lie left
to get flgunrrheytQld he
Avas going to kill me and asked
me to stay until he was gone
When I left I saw hhn coming up
the road and called to him He
did not answer but I heard a
gun click I ca11dagain and
agHin J lieatd the gun click The
third time 1 called there was a
flash and I knew Brame had shot
at me I raised my gun and shot
where I had seen the flash and
then I heard him groan I helped
carry him into the house and sent
fora doctor God knows I never
meant to kill him
This was the story and it was
related as Calmly and cpplly as if
the man standing under the
shadow of the gallows had been
relating a youthful prank
As soon as the day of execu
tion has been decided on Tliomo
kins will be placed in a cell to
himself and the death watch set
The jailer believes his confidence
and nerve will forsake him when
placed in solitary confinement 1
Cathoncj in United States Now Number
More Than 12000000 I
Milwaukee Mich iTanuary 6J J
Frbm advance sheets of the
Oflicial Catholic directory pub
lished in Milwaukee it sfound4
that the total Gatholip popula
tion of the United States is 12 1
651044 an increase of 189151
Over the previous year The
total number of Oathpiic priests
including seculars and regular
is 14484 on increase of 467 i
The total nuniber of Oatholjc l
qhurcliefe in tho < United tates is l
3ll8l an icreasoi of 427 oVer 1
the previous year Jthere are > tJ
tG Semi na is fqr ecclesiastical
stutlnh r
The nuniber1 of ohuldr uat t
eueljng G at hpl i 0 ik s
chools has imcreaied to 1OUO t
S7 LJtHf 1 h fahit ts S i
Iii vw tlire i hmg 12Ql yJct f J1
f r I
r > > S
t I it i
Y r I
The NeW Mayor Doing JhI JSft1 S S rj I
l S
More Drunkenness on Srts r
lt Nc rohiwrant Raided and 4i it
2 Occupants Fined < 1 1
> S 4 h rj t
Mayor Ym erjJlijf Maclioii t 5
yillejbiat put i th M On and Jf
crewed it down and has ty i S
ounced ttitll iieople it < fftl
stay down tit long as lie la ifr ip ji S
f that cLty I i t S
Chief til Police Btit11 PisS
netifiecithe Itqbor5 1o14kr5 tjty
mustcloSe at 11 qcioOkr1iImat S
any attenlpt tp sell Jiqtinr Oft S
Sunday will bq Pos ujh t1ie S
mayor has xJIcldefl t 0 relbrn Jjfc j
colored populatioti anct fyiaf
L lf
who have been In the hahitnf t
etting intothceted and poi
j W i
iiading the street will be ar4
esed and fined or locked
No mOre public lr nkenoq
rn mbe rc
Will be alljps 9l ifet
Brown has > en iibrfiiiim ltat1
rest any and all ppo na i f < M M < i
intoxicated In public ppJacet
On Saturday night My0r
Vickers and Chief Brown rHiflttA
the restaurant oil penrei strt
kept by George Brooks toforj S
and Arrested jtliree negroes iirtT
a young white matt In the
police court Monday t lIlt S
they Wore allfinedT
Oaltonhaa a Robbery S
Robbers succeeded in tlft r S
ing the store of UHrHI4 1
Dalton late Saturday 11 i1lht J S
Sunday morning and sicurt4 5
400 from the safe in the pu i
office which was blown 91wfl
with nitroglycerine
The robbery Was not dioovtr
N > LnJIeU Ii1
> tJ Iw ci f 1
tered his store Suutay iThiriig > Yr
about S oclock Severrtl Jtf8C1AIto
claim to have heard Mie xIta
plosion but thoiight ib waH iiie
one shooting A ie wa nl tt l 200
has been offered for tbriiliii
but it is very doubtful if thjr
will ever be caught as tliay J t1
Beyeral hours lthprl kit wtf
clew as to their identity wfttijtr1
ever y
Sonie of the boys ci f Pit n I
claim to l tvehad ajiDnver8MiinM
with a strange > man Saturdajr
nIght in thB SCbOOllUUS4 he
claiming to be a tramp and lQj4 J
fog for someplace to spend the
night In addition to the > Hh
secured the robbers gu t 2f a
Wprth0f amp
HarlanCouKcn 1 y
TheS announcementof UV
wedding of Mrr Jf1 fijiji t
Miss Sue Coulter j oVC Y kr
ville which take plain lPlisc < J
came as a surprise to frieuila f
the groom here several of hIJj
were recipients of cardri jof wnf t
rtpun ementv The bride g tilt
t lof Clarksyille MrUiLrioI j
Who ig known lo many utHjie
hereabouts ifitthe very iLft S
and popultr speojal agent i tH V
Mmpliis division of the ulii 1f
yule j Nashville raifroad tJf i f
was iii this capacity that he zf
t etf know and make So t
many friends llpnff the End I f
son division otthe same road >
A il 5
S it t 5
Mrs Cowand DeE fr
The sad news has Mfehfrec iyiii rr
from Mr and Mrs4 Henfryvjji 1
OOWand who jire yiiHltliji41L
parents in NorJilt OaroIInkrietL
n of bQ deathTof MltiWrti
Wlii h occurred frf Ji l lti
When Mr n
rq AbQcr 11
eiched hi hQrt 0 theks i
hey found lifiin thfat IU I I
he grdnlly reii 1
tJl end 55 a 1 +
pIt iid JrIoi P 5 Jt rh
ntcny frAerih here fl tJr l l C
ltMz wIttnoln lA tSU i
f Ii
t a
c 0 > I
1 C 5
S r S
L1Si > > 5 5 t 1 t1Lt i
1 r
5 S
t t f tV

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