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The bee. (Earlington, Ky.) 1889-19??, January 25, 1906, Image 7

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I j
r f8ijh U r > v Xj jf d
0 lJIir I 7f SirIA1 t J DV fni t s i i j I 1 Aoi ttjfu J eft l i n idM I ViA
rIr ft 1 pl
lfi I Iif d J ojV t rH58 t RtINarIJNIJ Y4Y Tit J 1 0 1 i
I fI To Cure a Cold iii One Day
II T ak Laxative Bromo Quinin ejIINt
II feVM Mtton ken soM Iii fMl 12 months Thfc snatur
It ia said that the L Nn
Ifaiirpad Company will probably
J triple track fhat part of its line A
between Qorbin and Livingston
on ac5punt of increaBe in traffic g
r A e cond track 16 now being laid b
arid it is thought that these two
tracks will be inadeqnhte
lEbgineer Pete H fbJuur been II
tran8f6rred from rqad service to
the conBtructiOQ > ain at Oexlar I
HJJI reno V
A cr iw of men begAn work
last week bnwthj depot of the
Kentucky ygjltj Railroad at
rpvid nce Thf > Btructure will
bViJJOfeet lonif and 40 feet m r
width and twtf Btpnes hiBb fl
Ohairmap jyttOori arid Com b
miMJpuerMp rp Ferfiusbn of P
tb Hailroad Commiseion after
i T 4iOTMpt J 8
bearing the evfaence Bubmittea
at91 Abater c6nnty last j
wwiihrregard as to whether
tkelMorganfiiBld Atlanta rail
road iBhouid cross the tracks of
Ulijiiois OentKal R Rattb
> uradfeor establish an overhead
croBHin a Js that place decided
jD1t qr r e rossi g e
Tjie boys on the Henderson a
div sibn are kept busy these 0
days owing to the heavy traffic r
0 j JFrilJay uiRht 40 trainB 60uth c
bound and 80 northbound reg
lItt fid at the station here mak t
in A iojtal f19 trains in 24 i
bOO r8ifjrl1 anjl estabfished a J
n Fraon the dIvision c
B I u0jHrii to stillitoodand tbb
Tu h wJUait jKmetinie yet t
H 3
n 8rrete HeJb speD Sun
day > witlihiB family here f
JnX cf ftpgr Dafid < 20wel I went
tbiNtirtorivJjle Sunday pn bpsi t
1 1 f
11 c
n in r o1 PR eD ha
ben on the nterurjbantniiin s Qv
eraMfifS Curing the Ab enceofJ
Erln W dfeJi y
pon ductor and Mrs BathJn 1
gr mtof Hopkinsyille Ivislted
f l d s herq Saturday and Sun1
dt1iI 1
eJr J1t ky Uey Rail I
r iu I iliQ rreen iFrv
dente and Vheatcrof t has just
ben completed and will be
open to traffic tin a short The
rdUd makes c6nnecti6riswith the
iftiftvillet Nashville railroad t
at rbyideric t and with thee Illi
Bpj 6gnlra aVWheatcrpft The 3
road was btiilt for the purpose of
openibK the coal landa between I
those places v It waBJfinaticed1by
Iffiiis SV Vtieatcrof t who sr
j pr idMA
Clarence Ray j a negro brake I
jnan1 was killed it Dawson Pri
I dafy byvfallinfe Under the wheels
oran Ilimpis 0entralv worV
tram Both arms and bpth egs i
were severed from the body He
Uv d tin Henderson > p
iey elajil Xiigpn > pf Sebree
b9 h8 Ir n c Qo at L x
iBlt ndor1i lI er l months j has
rriedbir ai d accetted a
N1tinf1b J U Naebt at
IJ t
IJj ce4 t
J td r
1e lirllf f th soutbbotind
l l l lt t d hl1 at
> lv r < v v > <
Cprto Q p rf jMpnday nighj
cat8ingjis yeral Jdelavto
trains tittle damage was doHe
to < iquipment Oonductor Ernest
ifetebU frifriif charge Wtfen
6h RC RPtbappij og
Qovyi tl of
Bppkinsyilley hasj jncoeptefl a
lP il v 9gi 1feJ v h J I
JtF r t Qrm J > I11
1QOl1dl tr Wra k1R S Yi Js
U HtmiQ 1 Mt rnMr
fIj l
Jwe w n 1Jte1io duty
I 4
r w ll ftiIi tr t t
hec i1if M t Q 1 i 1 1inn > rth
end pt m yard o l e
giae ol 4fee weN Utai ft
IM u 3 1
the roadbed and when the en
gins backed on the track the
rails spread derailing the tender
and careeningthe engine The
wreck was cleared up in thirty
Thousand Dollars Worth of Good
A H Thurnes a well known coa
operator of Buffalo p writesI I
have been afflicted with kidney and
bladder trouble for years passlnj
gravel and stones wlfcn excruciating
palm I got no relief from medicini
until I began taking Foleys Ktdnej
Cure then the result was eurpris
ing A few doseS started thebrtck
dust like fine stoneB and now I have
no pain across my kidneys and fed l
like a new mn It has done me
flOOO worth of jrood I
Sold by Jno X Taylor
Rekl Eiite for Sa le
One eight room two story hduee I
new on railroad street All con
veniences and outhouBes complete
rents for 25 00 per month Wili sell
for f 450000 cash or onehalf dowt
balance in one and two years at BH
percent Interest
One flve room house on Sebre <
avenue good Jocjitlon near M j
Church South Good outhouses
feood water and garden rientefoi
1500 will sell for 170000 this is a
bargain <
One three room house onRallroai
street in good repair outhouses ant
hat en Rents for f 1000 will sell foj
A two story house central jr local
ed IQ Earllngton Good outhbpsei
and giiod water A bargain forisoimj
Ode f
One building Jot good I6catoti
regular feize inEarlingtqnwHlfiel
cheap itj I
One lot wljlh two gqod dwelltnj
bQUBes on Jt pne a flve he o tH + r
three rqom hpusfi Gpofl w ai irjant
outhpueep good location WfJll W
cheap Call and see me t
One farm tonBlBtitig p4 9cre
half cleared good six rpdm blAise
8tooacct barns geod jstrtbjIeHa am
outhouses plenty of wa erjJPhj
farm Is 2 miles from drof J dskirit
Wm Bell for fSiOOObnVbaifo4f
balance one and two years > SIXip t
cent Interest
One 4 room cottagev lot 84x150 jreej i
OutbouseB anjdgarden on corner pf i
Noel and Seminary street j MadlsQt i
vjlle Price 1000 QJ I
One 8 loom cottage lot 84x30 fee
go dw ter and uthousc 2nStt n
nary1 street Madisoavillir Prlc
tllOOO stsa bargain t
One 6 room cottigenofc 60xlBirfi at
near Hotel Luclle MadisonyUle
nelocatlQn for uJ lIibo1sQ ot
alone worth f40 0v wllis 11 for
Twenty lots near pppral mities
worth 100 each will 11 1prJ7 I
Payments as follows J2 q < wti
remalnder in six uiQnthiB Coto
ands ine about them Will give
you a bargain
One 8 rdom house r fsor20 per
monthvbullcfor2famIIIeB good gar
den and outhouses House In good
repair Will Betlf or 2000 cash
GWlItllNry OF ME7
When the maker of a mcdt < lno sold
through tdruRglsta for family use takes
his patients fully Into his confidence by
frankly and f atle8ly pllhllshlug broad
cast swellason Its bottlo vrap rs
a full list of all Its Ingredients inplain
1ih 1 this action pn Jjls part Is the
bMt oeslble Evidence that he Isnot
afraid to havethb searchlIght of invce
tllatlon turned full uponbIJJor ula
and ihat ItwlIl bear tbe i Scrutiny
and the most thor ugJi Jnvestlgatlbn
Dr Pler e s lprescrblt1on art thel
cure pf the wetQtheeees periodical pains
and functional derangements of tfaeor
gans distinctly feminine te the only medi
cine put up for sale through druggists for
womans special us the maker of which
la not afrad 46 take hls patlertt Into
his full confidence by suchopen and
honest publicity
A glancea tithe pubUsh d Ingrecllenta
pneachbottle wrapper win phPw > that It
Is made wholly frqm native American
medicinal rootkHhstlt contains no poi
sonous or habitforming drues nc nar
cotics and no alcohol pure triplerefined
glycerlnejof propertstrength1 Belng used
Instead oftltccommoAly em pI9YOO al o
hol both JQr extractingand pr sCrvrng
the active medlclnal > propertlee found In
the tQptfip4f thQ Ajneidcan fowfts plaijts
employed Itls the only medicine for
OmfJn8 le < ular dl soI PYrdrug
BlstMtbatdoes no rt in a large per
centage of alcobolVIIl i ls Intlie longl
run so harmful to wpnYartfs delicate norv
ous system Np glycefltott Is perfectly
barmJCi8 a t 88 va TJ purp08er
by posse slntlntrilc vAluej lKIts own 1
iid b ldes W tJIlbnc q ti urtI el
e fl ec t OfthO 11 k4AeIl en tel In g
Into the Fljrr r IHI
SClmeQ tthorbl6it ICIfI ltersnd
te h rs fJiMI ivJeWa and praise
Ilth v 1 IPi tltfl orWhJ Fj
Yorlt I plO < 18 coi9 r CJ
olDmen I ith6mVf or tb e rI 1hf
very ItU torYb t I
fa ne 18kl i No r
liedl 1forwom tih aany Ub
ian WOr h II1J 1
anynumber pf brtHnary testimonials It
nterested seiid nwna and address tovDr
JR Vv Pierce Buflalo tiy fprhU little
bookofutrcta from the works of
nloeai iiuidical wrlten nd teachfire
Bdonlag the several IngredlenU and
o t wht Dr Pierce madiclnei
to Two Day
lK x25c
The severe storm that swept ove
our cPuntry last Monday evenin
did much damage oa number of
houses and fences
Mr Dick Brown and family whil
returning home from a visit near
Earltngton Monday were caught in
a storm and Mr Browns team tie
came frightened and tried to run
away He unhitched them from the
wagon just in time to escape a fall
ing tree The tree Jell on tile wagon
tongue and broke It
Mr Foppa was very badly in j ured
In the mines one day last week
Mrs Cy nth a Price of Red H1U
who has been visiting in this vicin
ity for the past few months return
ed heme Saturday accompanied by
her sons Otho and Clarence Price
aud wives
O B MelntPsh of Mannington
visited his sister Mrs Lee Price
Mrs JoeTucker visited her daugh
t rat Earlfngton a few days last
week 1
f r i r
MeBers Willie Lyells and Waller
1bYD1ade a busineiB trip to
M diBpnyille one day last week
Mra O W Price and Lee Price
spent Thursday InC ton
The postoffice at this place has
changed Jnb Williams BPOSt
master now
Henry Pendley hasf rentedV RIB
far natld IK going to work with
Rpbt Clark this year j
K C PrJce is nth sick list
Mr Qhett Brashers has moved
from this place to a farm near here
where he will make a crop
Ljittle MljsB Georgia Hamby spent
the latter part of last week visiting
her ahnt Darkins Baker
Messrs FV and Neat Hatnby made
asbUsfricBStrlpto lad Isonvll1c re
ceritfy iv > f
f I
v Wallef Marsh moved his family
herfi SVSsdneBday tq l make their
future home
DeiniB PrIcn of Red HI1K vi8ied
CR Price Saturday
1 vVf i v t ju
Richard Baker Is erecting < a new
dwelling at this place and contem
plates moving here this winter
Mr T S Oldham and son of
Mortons Gap were In this vicinity
several days last week
The tobacco harn1eloniclngtothe
Messrs Browning was blown down I
last week
Louis Brooks of JEarlingtoni vis
led Jack Tucker Friday and Satur
day <
Win7 llyell spent Saturday in
Crof ton i < IhII
C ft PfEs and wife arnd 0 B
Mclhtolah fipent Wedne8d ay night 1
It Vir n ff 1
A reasonable amount of food
thoroughly digested and properly I
a8shnJlat d wJU always Increase the
esttel1Jttb Ifyours mt hi8a hUt
tlcVpfH < KoUol Dyspepsia Cure will
digest what you e t and enable the
dlgeBtlve organs to assimilate and
t a 18rtm al Hood Into tisBuebulld
Ing blood Kodol relieves Sour
Stomach Belohlnu1 HeartBurn and
allforma < 6f indlgdetionV Palatable
and strengthening >
SOld by Jblin X Taylor Druggist
We will Inaugurate a very
ix > O < rJz
fJ fL beforef > > r
cd l f t
t I
Ilt mbvirig to our new mamriiotfii F
1t j b > i iJ
room Every article In the stdre Y
< will be quoted at actual cost < j <
i f 3
Look for Dates Later >
j I
I jo r WJfei t f 10 j I
joJ r
J 5rtff 1 Jk
r ti
> I 1
t I ft D
Madisonville Kentucky i i
= C
State of Ohio City of Toledo t 1
Lucas < OoUnty VSB
Frank J Cheney jnabes oatn ttfat
he Is senior partner of the fltha fF
J Cheney Oocfolng business in
the City of Teledo Couuty and State
aforesaid and that said firm will
DRV the sum of ON13 HVU1TDI E3E5
bOLLARB for eacb and every case
of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
I the use of Halls Catarrh Cure
Sworn to before me and snpsctJbed
in my presence thfs Oih day Ot
December A D 1880
Halls Catarrh Cure ia ja 1t n ln
tern 1Jy and acts dlreclly od the
blood and mucous iurfaces rof the
J Btein SendfGrteptlm nlalBjrQe
H TolieidpvO
f SdiUby all Druggists 2clhf
TakeHaHs Famly Pillfi for on l
3tipation < 1 > < 1
la reH rKm tliSIS lBJBr r
Katcliez Miss Jam 24 i Th boife
tot th > steamer HelenaY a 50ton3 IdW
Jot exploded Tuesday 0 mlleaftbove
JNatchez Pilot Joseph Roth was thrown
jnto the river and drowned and thrift
aeproe9 were killed Dan Scott andftye
white men1 of the crew were Jntjured
pnp Henry Shea fatally Alt pi JhaJ
men llv In Natchez t
I V a el SaBlc In ViBer > rd i Seaadf i
t Boston Jan 24 Tfhe eteamer Nft
cpochee jut arrlyedj reports a coljlslpg
jwlth the steamer Trojau inc yine
yard sound last Sunday he jatter 1
l w sen to 1tJ lh i
brew of 28 men were taken aboard tie J
Ii CO thce < 1 I
jJ 1 1
i BaracB neleaiiea From Canto l
IIenY rCOI Jan 2iTVifjiiim
Sarneis who Was arrested here last
jSatU dajr pn Eusplclon of having iauV
dered Sarfih Sfiaferat Bedford inS
about two years ago Mas been released
ifromtcuatody there belng iMJ liicrlml
natT JB evidence aginst Wm I < T
Cleuwf and beutlkl the hair
Promottt a loxuiiftct growth
Never Tails to StttoieOrty 1
Hair to lt Youthful Color
Cllren lp dJt a htlJ hUIJC
i t t n
I pO 1 1 R GS 8 E 1 EO Y t
d < I I to
I Imagine ifieei cme latitude ofamantolndnce tqperit
nalttJaDII Uftonat l11Ich te timon I tit 1 4i1 hA loUowIn
7ITrIIC r YoL 1
He ilUt otE U1eIIn forp1 J70fEd JitY ipl te h 4
1W curedOf very bad case Of B100dPptSOQ of three mon ll < stan in b1t
WI ilJ 0tottrg eme u th e ear 1 0rQ 01 18n7 onJ hTrii tIg l Aen 4 1
tW tlf er t t rimnotrw lliid hW 1ev rfbb Dtf ti led W1tk
of t1 taUe 8 C > ThlsReniedytsuiwdAtne sound ndwell ndIrecom t
iI to anyone suffering with tbatSlpedBENRx MTTATI k
andrj C
jA tttitSA NroRDMcGO WAN
rt JD 11iQfII1iR 1I I rl
l Withthe vf1 iJD ti kF oug hiufrering frorl14
tt11cur eff tal J 11 eMh pn y C t1tutiQJ1 o as result
cunaJ treatm e1 n r Iatfa p nPI1bt i O ur elf fol
i cure 1js01ute and lIu e Mnt bloodm m fests tsellij
formof Scrof ula Eczema Rheumatic Pains Stiift or Swollen Joints if
p i or CopperTCQlpjred Spotapn thg iFkce or Body Little llicew
1 Jthemouth bron the TOngtie Sore Throat wqUen Tonsils Fallinjiii
Q tJi r Ey r JWIt n fh a1tlT Lf1propsJrl Hecaoftl1
11 81 q 1 19q V Yon es y po dIt fJa
tLt09 J8te otPypur4111ggS dg t bottl p 1
l r fDillI11 1Uu royoU urugfr18 ge t 81 OOttl a I 1YQIII d tuft I r 1
t1 D41e hiEh m Of dUsi1 l r n81Y1tt1e rG forJl1xoott11 Ii
pr t i t irmO1e1 fup byld iggtst r tbi8 o i
Jl AJl eent1ripll Iwrappeti All 9 es dit t 1
in ti1 t + h7 it = cJfl iJr
1 J iJ
EftGi ReMEDfq H Gq rE villfIR i
h T1t li
> J1 wa < 1
i J j Jji u
01 ilW IiiI
rtU ITA t
i t 1 > ijI iot
Jkllss Lizzie Marshalls f nnera l
was attended by JGleyfi Paul Dennis 1
of Guthrie aqd a Ar Keeton th e
pasto here t he Mt Ztpn Baptis
chutch JlhujTsdiy at2V m Re <
mains entered In the Earllngtor
cemetery The bereaved family hav <
the sympathy of the community
ey E At jttilth ihe A M I E
patpjr I attended tBe funeral seX
v s Thpr8 ay I tf I
t StateMiBBianarv P H Kepned j
tilled R6V Tteetons pulpit at U
o6i6c Sunday and Rev H ADios
ILl w I 10
eflPMfeTem8eBBeo Warblers wererall
right Call again
ITbe V JtJs Xbdie enteYtainmon
proveff tpbe a success on the iGth
isB pnes after H some mpnth i
lllie BJ was summoned by th f3
band of 1oB Sunday Her
funelrai was attended at the Mt
Ziott BaptlBt church by Rev Keotoi
aVSps m > 1
sjr Cave Rose who was said tobe
onof jJajpr GaiibherB companions
wJ en liekilled Scott Holeman has
bb n acquitted
t ilF J R Cushenberryj fPa
ducaheir route tf Pembroke stop
ed over l1 re lasi week to see bli
Pr9f n frlends J
The lecture given by Bro WD
iTcQaty at theBaptistiOhuEch Sun
day W B grand Mothers where Were
I f w
yo 1r
1 c f j
Mrs Anna Shorts of Madison
yUle was th guest of Mrs Carri
Eaffobtf Sunday v I > l
1 t C
iMl6BtCaptni < Sebjeepf Trenton
was tjhctgwestof 3VJrtatiA Mrs T Vf
Sb el Sunday v
The Victory Club iTo J rij wit
gifetapl entertainment atthe A
ME Zlon church on Jan 81st and
Feb 1st Names of parties will be
on each pie Ybur presence is re <
quested No fee will be charged ai
tQe 49or
Mrs CPerry Wriley who has been
vlBitlngher f rleri Baud relatives at
RuBsellville for spmetime has re
t liome
> ThfltPrimitive Baptist church Twill
give a Jrrand rally tpn Easter day
Twd prizeBwill begiven on that dayi
The first one w1Jlbijla gold watch
and the second Bon umbrella The
public IB inyited to attend t
Bill Smarts is imprpylng slowly v
TJipB on the sick Jist rare Mrs
Bogus MreWDg JohnBoii jrad Mr
Wm pickson
i > 1
t > > 1 ftTif
Tpoi LOA an is ni5wable to walk
irpnudjpn crutches V
Mrs OJpiilB Thprnaaand > MrsCpr
lelia Welt vIsited Mrs Nettie
tornsftl Pf Madlsonvllle laBtSatur
J It JI 4 1
MJi and MrBvWhitEpn Eftyes yis
ted her paients Mr andMrs 3Bryan
JlementB of orlouYilJeJait Sunr
d ay t v tjl <
rt l
t II
ni rn 1J4 W wl t 8f l i
Mr8 V f aye I w t
rtinie jin i Quthrl ffrJJtJ t RIY
miBBM bjdtier r It
p Sunday otlr
T tkPald fj Ua
< <
of Mr and Mrs Ed Elllott and leftft
fine baby boy Mother > and child Me
doing well fttpreaenti
We are very1 sorry to learBitliat tb
editor did not get our news last w ic
hews MI >
MeBdameB Carrie Suggs and JauU >
I I Fpard were in RJadiBbnyille iaBtJBkt
SaUleJ nghl M lntadisonyil
one day last weelc on business
A mtwbei dfoUr pepple jftttondwl
the Binging otthe Tennessee lWafe
biers last weeT ld Earlibgfenv
Bisijop GW OJentpn jkwWffijDk
will > preachat itheiA M E Ziott
lIc s h 1 t tol tpr 1 n t
F YIIt 1
hiitH I
1IVguke r
e J
Fpr coughs and pplds no rernftdy
is equal to Kennedys Laxatlv
Honey and Tar It is different froni 0
all others better becauae it ekpeU
all cold from thf Bystem byaotl
as a cathartic on the bowels A
fords immediate relief InCrf
Coughs Colds Whopping Con H J
etc Children love It
Sold by J o < X Taylor l
v >
f OpersL 811j <
liThe Holy City ft Biblical draw
of the daye of Christ aiid HfBcrJMil <
fliionwaB presented before 8mU
audience last night lAttbtf Wirtpa
Opera House ft
injtereiBt i ny tlmejand theBcenie
i efleoi re worthyVf being clas V
b t HlslDt rit saI Rfs i eth1M
are among the best that have ever
been seen hlWin iaI
dertain it is1 that those whp it
tend tJ tUi tp f niance were il
Batisfled and it fsto be regretWd
that wore were not blo oseeJ t
winona M < nUll fJepehdentl if or t
25V 65 I M > Uy u i j
Mdls RVlii Y ltNawQIJJ tt i
PrpspectB are bright for an excflln
eht Class The Inatruction is tiSor
oughand praotical No KornMti
fltuUent of our former olasseg h i
failed to obtain a certlflcateV QUIT
Graded are prosperous the Nprmpl
wprk is u 9 x eli d Wt cjordjUiJily
Invite all to j nter whP dejl fc
learn Twelve graded besides tjie
special Nprmal cpurse are iriatnr
tained all of which are opept tOthe
pubildv Tuition jihihe CommoBi1 fidk
PiC Llvif Vfti > r VoAA vTtii
i VT f 1
l the otm 88SIQOjlt
High choditl OO tuition WlUjj
refunded to all Bttidohis wKoMe
sick and unable to attend Board
catibehatfiatV froto W to12 lie >
mon l t 111 a vaiita tw rlUIlt
h an c H arn iJeithq systemof l1
graded tiutl tnptPupfhly prjjahTsseCl
graded BchoPlwjh be yaiualble W thj
pr08pectivSteacherv OuKpurpoB i
to prepare 1UjtQr BuecqsBffcll
leaching JiB well as to obtain oertlfl
dates Further p1riicuiar8aadr8M
GEO AV OHA VJA > SuRt M ttilfr lf
dor n1U
r T tJtX i BRSecr
De l1d
ret1lf 1 l
Nothing IB inpre in demand th Ii
medicine wbibS mM SMbd rWr
qUlr UJI1 ifor lQ n iV
oleanlilersucb anrIIKlntr New
tfti Ul S Wh fJf1u tJl li ti
iQIi lbltQ ur tp P t 1IJ
tlQU 81 Trythlln t 8Ji er
nifd DrIK B r EirJri iY
i tQ Jty
I MrantM4iq
It pays to advertise iu TDK BIB

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