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Threats of Rataliation Adds
Seriously io Serious Burley
Mt. Sterling, Ky., Feb. 20. A
Bonsation was caused here today
when it became known that
many members in the 6ociety of
Equity in this, Montgomery
cdnnty, had receivejljhreatening
letters through the mailB-regarding
tbbacco raising. The letters
bear the postmark of the local
'JLiopy of one of the letters
was' secured today by the Asso-
ci'iited Press correspondent,
which had been sent to J. M.
JJigetafT, President of .the
Traders' Bank, the wealthiest
man in the county and a large
land owner. He was formerly
on the Equity board of (thiB
Fowdar and Matches.
The letter was written on a
'typewriter and mailed in a white
onvelope, and in the envelope
with the letter was a brown, en
velope as a smaller size, wHich
contained powder and matches.
The notice read as follows :
"Dear sir: This is to notify
you if there i any beds or any
tobacco destroyed in Montgomery
or Bath counties this 1008 you
had better look out for your own
property." "Tennants."
Others Gat Warning.
Similar lettora were received
by other members of the society
and Harve Pmitt and Luoien
Bridgeworth nud other tobacco
nnd cattle raisers received letters
signed in the Eatne way and
written on the same kind of
paper and evidently on the ,same
typewriter, saying:
"If we cannot raise tobacco,
you can't raise aud cattle."
Some of these letters were
turned over to the postal author
ities. This is the first instance
of members of the Sooiety of
Equity being threatened. -
Women Mill the Sftettest.
llarttord, Ky., Herald.)
For yeHrs Kentucky has been
known to the outside world as. a
BtatO famous for its pretty wo
men, fast horses, line tobacco
and good whiskey. The state is
now fast becoming prohibition as
to 8Qntiment; the race course, so
far as betting is concerned, is
being tabooed, while tobacco,
while not suiTering in quality or
price, seems to be causing muoh
trouble. Thank goodness, our
women are still the fairest and
the swoGtost fn all the world.
A Letter .srwn aSukserlier.
Herriu, 111., March 2, .08.
Editor Bee,
Earliugtou, Ky. .
Dear Editor find enclosed If. 0.
money order for two dollars for
two years back subscription.
Please continue thepapor as 1
hare bqou a subscriber for uiuo
teen years. I could not get along
without it. Wishiugjou success
I am as ever,
, Ah Wednesday.
Yesterday March -1th was Ash
Wednesday 'tho beginuiug of
Lent. Easter, tho end of Lent
falls on April 10th. Lent is uot
a fast of forty days this yenr but
of forty-seven-days.
Tho observance of Lent will
not properly begin until next
Sunday although Ash Vedne6
day waa observed yesterday.
Jtr. Olraenco Keown ilagman
o, chum gang Mtvice is taking
much, udd rit.
Man Who Originated Burley
Society Issues an Ugly
Lexington Ky., March 1. W.
B. Hawkins, the man who origi
nated the tobacco growers' move
ment five years ago, and was "the
first prosidont of tho Burley To
bacco association, tomorrow will
publish iu a card, a warning "to
growers of their probable late if
they disobey the ultimatum of
tho Equity Society on the crop,
of 1006.
Tho substance of tho warning
in part follows:
"When your plant bed is scrap
ed or your barn burned, serid to
Gov. Willson and he will let you
lmve a battalion of soldiers arid a
gatling gun to protect your pro
perty and maybe save yon from a
whipping. There is an old say
ing, 4I do not care to buy a law
suit.' Do you carp to buy trouble
?n this way by dying in the face
of public opinion and also in the
face of determined men who be
lieve you their worst enemy nnd
who will stop at anything to
right their supposed- wrongs?
The majority Iiub said, 'No
crop in 190S.'S What will you do,
sow your beds nnd begin u year
of torment, for it will be 805
days of h for you, sleepless
nightB, alarm at every noise,
what are the riders doing now?
Are they only, jpcraping planU-
bedB, or are they after my barn,
or, O! borrows, are they after
my back with their damnable
"Do not hug to yourself k de
lusion juid say, 'it wont comefo
mo.'' Hasu't it come to the
highest? ,
"Flee from the wrath to
come,' for if you plant tobacco
you aro sowing a whirl wind.
Mutteriugs and mumblings 'are
heard on all sides and the out
raged farmers "will not stand per
secution always, and I say to
you, that in my opinion, trouble
will come to you if you plant a
crop in 1008."
Te Resemble Satan And Will Net Come
- f Off; Physician Puzzled.-
Home-made grease paints,
with the indelibility of India
ink, refuses to be obliterated,
aud Miss Mary Schmidt of Ap.
pletou, Wis., is unable to erase a
mak in likeuAs of his satauic
majeatv which she allixed on
Thursday Jauuary 2tt, to appear
at a leap year party masquerade.
Miss Schmidt appeared at tho
masquerade attired in satauic
garb, including tiglits of crimson
the proverbial hoofs, horns aud
elongated tail. Instead of a
mask she daubed her faco with
this inerasible mixture. Tho
physician called iu the case
declared he has discovered a
puzzle that ho may not bo able
to solve.
Miss Schmidt is a student of
chemistry at Lawrence Universi
ty in this city. Her chemistry
work luught her iiow to make
paints, but she failed to look
ahead to the eradication oi the
At N. . Church Stk.
The subject or the morning ser
mon next Sunday at the M. E, church
South will b "The Bible" hnvluir
tpeolal reference to the importance
of Bible study. The aubjeot for the
evening swrinon will tw "The Bcl
dter," You are aecordially invited
to attend Mli iervk.
Shows how Federal Officeholders
Have Always Brought
TVankfort, Ky., March 2.
Senator-elect William O. Brad
ley tonight announced himself,
for Fairbanks for President at
the same time speaking favor
ably of both Common and Hughes
Mr. Bradley sneaks in highest
term- of Judge Taft and says lie
would "make- a great Presi
dent," but does, not believe he
would be the strongest candi
date. He said some things about
the Federal office holders which
is quoted-: N
"The Federal office holders in
Kentucky have never failed
when controlling the party in
the State to accomplish a Demo
cratic success. In 1887, when
there were no Republican Federal
office holders in the State,
the Republicanslreduced a Dora
ocratic majority of more than
45,000 in the previous guberna
torial contest to less than 17,000.
"In 1895. when there were no
Republican Federal office hold
ers iu Kentucky, theRepubli
cans carried, the State bySi plu
rality of nealy 9,000.
"In 1890, when there were no
Republican Federal office holders
in the State. Kentucky gave its
electoral voters, with one ex
continn. for William McKln
-. w..t. .i.-SiiiMSfr.-
.-...... ..-.
jujir w vnrotguvoi
"Now' mark tho difference.
When Bailey was nominated for
Olerk of the Court of Appeals 111
1097 through the. machination of
the Republican office holders in
the State, the Republican's were
defeated by 18,000 and a Demo
cratic Legislature elected, which
passed the infamous Goebel elec
tion law.
"In 1900, notwithstanding tho
magnificent record of Mclunley
aud Roosevelt and the splendid
personality of Mr. Yerkes under
tho active leadership of Republi
can Federal office holders, Ken
tucky was again carried by tho
Democrats. In 1903 tho Feder
al Republicen office holders
booted and spurred, ran over
Willson and Pratt, nomiuatiug
Belknap for Governor, who, not
withstanding his high character,
was beaten by tho enormous ma
jority of 20,000, aud only a hand
ful of members were elected to
the General Assembly.-
Points to 1907.
'In 1907, the Federal office
holders lost control, and the old
line Republicans nominated a
ticket that won by nearly 20,000
majority. Now the Republican
office holders of the State, with
few exceptions, are banded, or
ganized and earnestly laboring
to carry the State for Mr. Taft.
"Should they, succeed they will
lead tho party to another defeat.
I sincerely hopo that the repub
licans of Kentucky will rebuke
the self-constituted pasters and
see to it that the boys
in the trenches and the people
who constitute tho brain aud
sinew of the party go to the vari
ous county convontious, assert
their 'independence and forever
break tho1 yoke, of official con.
Mr. Will Rico who has been
connected with tho L. ifc N, for
some time has resigned and ac
cepted employment with the
Cumberland Telephone Co., as
Subscribe for TmkBmk.
Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollars
Worth of Stamps Stolen at
Dawson Springs,
Sometime between darkness
iid daylight Monday night
urglars blow the vaultdoors in
he Dawson Springs postoffice
and appropriated nil the stamps
postmaster Scott, bad on hand.
In fact there was only one stamp
left and that was only a "one
ent.' No money was secured
s. the-robbers did not molest tho
mall safe inside the vault where
tho cash was kept. The post
muster only had ah out $15.00 in
dash in the safe, however, and
she job would not have paid the
neves much for their trouble.
0 one heard the explosion and
it is not known, of course, at
wnas uour it oucureu. js lar ;
can be learned there was no
cjow left.
raded School For Nine Months
and Suitable Building is
-I ' . "
rltfnrtnnR Oan is HvHiiin"' un on
tffsohoorpropositiou and on
Tuesday a committee of citizens,
which had been authorized by a
mass meetinc of citizens of that
place, came to Earlington to look
at our school property with a
yievv'of getting a line on plans
for their own building which
they hope to erect later." The
visiting committee was compos
ed of Messrs. W. B. Kington, F.
B. Harris, Ben T. Robinson. U.
B. McGraw and G. E. Henry.
One of these gentlemen is now a
patron of the Earlington Graded
school aud already entertained a
high opinion of the school. The
committee called on Mr. Jno. B.
Atkinsou, president of the St.
Bernard Mining Co., who has
been the chief patron of the
schools of Earlington for many
years, and discussed their expec
tations with him. They then
visited the Graded School build-
mgjiindor the guidance of Mr.Dan
M. Evans who for some years has
been a member of the Earlington
School Board, aud inspected the
building from boiler room to roof.
They talked with the principal,
Mr. R.-Y. Maxey, and his assis
tants and expressed themselves
as very highly' pleased with1 tho
faculty and thoir work as well
as with the spleudid 41 u d
thoroughly modern physical con
dition 'and equipment of the
building. Tho committee also
visited hq Wv publio school
building being completed for the
Earlington colored children on
McEueu avenue. Tho people of
Mortou8 Gap are genuinely aliye
to their need of better school
facilities aud a louger session.
Thov exnect to have a new
building and a graded school for
nino mouths in tho your.
Waverly McOarley, of Morgau-
d, who tormeny . maue hub
home, wjU work as telopraph
or on tne ueHaersorouivis-
Marvin Mitchell, Martin
i(Hn nnd Robert toaru have
applied for positions asoperatmJ
aud hope 6uon to ue manipumi
ig the xty
Senator-elect Bradley Gets frorn
President Roosevelt and
Justice Harlgn.
Senator-elect Bradley's pmile
broadened tonight, when ho was
handed a letter written on the
familiar White House station
try, and bearing the congratula
tions of President Roosevelt.
Aftar perusing the most felicit-
ions communication, ho read it
to some friends here, one of
whom remarked smilingly:
"Even Teddy's getting on the
band wagon." Tho letter) was
as follows : v
"My Dear Mr. Bradlfty. "I
must add just a line to the list
of congratulations that vou are
receiving. My pleasure was as
great as my surprise when the
good news came, I trust I may
see you not so Very long hence,
in Washington. With regards,
believe me, sincerely yours,
"Theodore Roosevelt.",
Another message of congratu
lation received by the new Sen
ator tonight gave him the great
est pleasure. It was from Asso
ciate Justice Johu M. Harlan,'
of the Supreme Court, his life
long f riench It read as follows :
"Dear Governor As you
know, lam notjun politics. In
deed haVjdfa'p'6 .attended a politi
cal meetingo'hfearJM'political
JltiMl'tfnce I cameAQjM.1ftb.cb
buCTmay, with propriety, con
gratulate you, as I do most
heartily, on your election to the
Senate. It is a great result for
'the State aud for the country.
Six years in tho Senate will
prove to bo most agreeable to
you in every way. Kentucky is
now on her way back to her old
position in the family of the
States. . Truly yours,
"John M. Hainan."
How to Raise Boys.
"Thar aint much ofji problem
in raisin' boys ef you'll have a
little common-sense about it,"
said Mr. Billy Sanders. Dou't
Let'em run wild like pigs in the
woods, an' don't keep the lines
too tight, an' when thingsJ go
wrong dou't be nfear'd of usin' a
raw-hide. But dou't fergit that
the mammies an' dadies of the
land are twice responsible when
one of the'r boys goes wrong.
Ef the legislatur' wauts to do a
good work, an' make better
citizens out'n tho risin' genera
tion, let it put a heavy penalty
on the dear pareuts of tho boys
that go wrong." Joel Ohaudler
Harris, in Ltucle Remus's Mag
Mountain Soldiers Arrive in Hop
town Last Saturday.
A s;uad of fourteen soldiers
from the Middlesboro company
reached Hopkinsville early Sat
urday morning, The first inti
mation that any one had of their
coming was wheu they detrained
at L. & N. depot and marched
dotfu tho street to the barracks
of their comrades who have been
here for several days. Nothing
could be learned of their orders
or what disposition would bo
made of them.
A despatch from Middlesboro
says that thero are now sixty
me'mbew of that company op
duty in Western Kentucky. Tho
whereabouts of the most of them
is a rayiUry.
Twenty Odd Men Summoned!! afc
Princeton to Appear Before
the Federal Court.
Princeton, Ky., Mnrcb 4.
(Special) Great excitement- is
evidpbt here among the memfeess
of the tobacco associations and
their friends over the fact th&ia
United States Marshal, who. fews
been quietly at work in 8ep?Ms
summons upon some twenty o4SL
men believed to have beao iao-
plicated in some of the otfltaatnis
committed in this section of &&&
dark tobacco field.. The rtactllwr
of men summoned up to thq th&
is said to be twenty-threr aa
of the men wanted is repovteclta
have died, and some six stawti
are wanted. Several are atova
today to arrange their bo&Js fear
apperdnce at the next tataa 0
Federal, Court.
The Marshal had wome- (JiffiJcaS
ty in getting-gome one to gEoie
him to the homes of the m- &&
wanted and a- guide was: 8v
procured by subterfuge. Bfefiid
not know why the men he g5cl
ed wanted to visit these fcEtas
Many people in. this section w!h
are in no way connected with
the tobacco growiug ioctasdrj
are members of the- tobatsst
Miitiary Movements Kept SecasSt am
People are juesing.ah
Hopkinsville, Ky. Febi2JX
A sq,uad of fourteeu soMbsis
from the Middlesboro company
reached Hopkinsville earhy i&is
morning. The first intima-Jana
that any one had of their- coming;
was when they detrained! a&3L.
& N. depot and marched) dewm
the street to the barraois of
their comrades- who have &&&
here for several days. NJotkiag:
could be learned of their ostEass
or what disposition wouHH fee
made of them.
A despatch from Middlesbac
says that there are uowsiiiy
members of that company 939
duty in Western Kentucky- Use
whereabouts of the most of tbeaa
is a mystery.
Mrs. Sallle Buckley DeadL
The death of Mrs. Sallie iSoek
ley occurred Monday night ak bar
home in this city after a iwM
iug illness of months off &
dreaded desease, consutopiw)
She was a good christian was
aud had lived a long life 0$ vot
f filness. She was, as long as lr
health would admit, an aftfei-re.
member of the Ohriftian etnerch
and a highly respected wtaeaia.
She was an aunt of WilE Mo-
Leod, of this place, aud Edl Mac
Leod, of Madisonville. 3&e
funeral services were held! at
1 :30 o'clock at the family resi
dence conducted by Itev. EJdrstl
of the Christian church, lite
burial was at Grapo Vino ceme
tery. formal Opening of Elks Home.
Several hundred iuvitstfiWs
have been sent by tho elks at
Madisonville to members of that
order all over the State, to attowl
tho grand opening of the Elk's
pew home thero on March Otb.
A line program has booi ar
ranged which iv ill be reudud
at 8 :15 p.m. The opening: ad
dross will bo given by Hob. KX
liott Baker. Hon. Ituby LaiFwm
will givo an address SubjjueiK
"Elkdora." After therendexwiit
of the programme a dauce mS
be given- w, , .

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