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Friday and Saturday, September 25th and 26th.
M n,.nc nr pvnp.nse have been soared in buying and I have
brought forth the gems of the Eastern Markets. If you are de
sirous of obtaining an authentic idea of what is ultra correct--of
what Dame Fashion has ordained proper your presence dur-
ing the opening days is a matter ol vital concern.
Friday and Saturday, September 25th and 26th.
Mrs. C. F. Shelton
Masonic Building, Next Door 1oJPosto(Hce,
Madisonville, - - Kentucky.
The Place Where You
Get the Best for the
Least Living Price.
Happenings in and About Town.
.CbaF, Curtis', 'of Princeton, spent
Snlwrday in the' city.
Bassotfc Elgin, of Nortouvillo, was
In. the city, Saturday.
Thurraan, Rudd spent a few days
last week at bis home.
Wm. Mdrrls, of Greenville, spent
Saturday in the city.
Take your watch to C. I. Truempy
the Jeweler. He cat) fix it.
Gilbert King spent Sunday with
Jilu parents in St. Charles.
Mr. land Mrs. It. M. Salmon, of
Ilsley, was In the city Monday,
Geo. Gannon is viBltlng homefolks
atCannelton,Ind., this week.
Mrs. Frank D. Rash made friends
In Hopklnsvillo a visit Friday.
Mr mid Mrs. Ed Rule visited her
parenta In the country Sunday.
Iley Lane who has been quite sick
for the past week Is Improving.
Ohas. M. Guy, of MortoiiB, Bpent
Sunday In the city with friendB.
Ben.T. RoblnBOn, of Mortons Gap,
was a visitor In the city Friday.
Walter Wright, of Ilsley, spent
Sunday with friends In the city.
J. Will Robinson, of Madisonville,
was a visitor In the city Friday.
Ira Parrish, of Madisonville, was
in the city a few hourB Saturday.
W. D. Crenshaw, of St. CharleB,
was in the olty Saturday on busl
nees. Miss Carrie Crenshaw ib home
from a visit to relatives In Hopklns-
For board and room see Mrs. E. E.
Davis, West side of Railroad Church
C, I. Truempy, the jeweler, can
save your money on watch. Get bis
Cam Ashby, who Iirb been B4ok
for several days, has returned to
MIbs Eula Oldham left Saturday
for a visit to friends in Webster
Highest grade watch repairing
done by O. I. Truempy, Watoh mak
er and Jeweler.
Roy Forrester, of The Bee force,
(pent Friday and Saturday at the
Ohio county fair.
Carroll Dickersou, of Houden-ou,
spent Sunday with the family of
Mrs. Mattle Hewlett.
Mrs. Jane McCrath. of Nashville,
ib visiting her mother, Mrs. Calbert
on Railroad street.
Mrs. Geo. Saddler and children
left Monday for a visit to relatives
in ChriBtiau county.
Mrs. Cornelia Croft moved to
Madisonville this week where she
Will make her homo,
C. L. Ashby, who has been in
Slaughtersville for the past week
has retarned home.
MIbs Mabel Browning returned
Mouday from a visit to MIsb Sibyl
Hart at Madisonville.
Mrs. Elsie RobuiBon returned Sat
urday from au extended visit to her
son's family in Madisonville.
W. C. MoLood has purchased the
home of Mrs. Herudou on Railroad
etroot, consideration uukuown.
Henry Rogers, who has oharge of
the detail of Company G, at Guthrie,
spent Sunday here with his family.
Mrs. P. P. Price and children who
has been visiting her mother, Mrs.
W. F. Burr at Mlddlesboro, for the
past month, Ib expeotod home Saturday.
Monday night, September 28, tho
Klub Kentuok Band will open the
Auditorium Rink, the proceeds to
go toward buying uuiformB. The
boys have been at corisiuerable ex
pense Hlnco their organizations, and
eel like they Ueservw tome help
from the people of tbe town, and
fxpet ft bur crowd to pe present
Dr. AmpliB Davis, of MortonB
Gap. wasavlBltor In the city Fri
Claude Goldsmith and wife made
friends in EvaiiBville a visit last
week. ' "
MrB. C. H. Lynn and cblldrert
Bpent Sunday In Madisonville with
Arthur Kalraer, of at, diaries,
mado a business trip to thlB city
M. B. Long's new bouse is nenring
completion and will soon.bo ready
for occupanoy.
Robt. Ewing, mine guard for the
St. Charles, Bpent Sunday In the
city with friends.
Davo Cowel1, who is visiting rela
tives in Springfield, 111., will be
homo tomorrow,
Theo Watte and family, wholhave
been visiting relatives in St. Louis,
have returned home.
W. J. Duncan, the hustling Insur- ,
ance agent, oi ureenvme, speui-
Friday In the city.
J no. Summers, who moved to
Madlsouville, a short time ago, was
out to Bee us Saturday.,
The new home of W. E. Rash on
Farreu avenue Is rapidly being built
and will soou be completed.
Joe Traheru, the knight of the
grip, Bpent Saturday In the city with
hla brothers, Ed and Charles.
Miss Ida Martin, who has been
visiting relatives in Spriugfleld,
Tenn., returned home last week.
On Sunday night at tne Christian
church Rev. Eldred will discourse
on "The Three Tragedies of the
Mrs. H. L. Bramwell and daugh
ter, Dorothy, of Morgan fl eld, visited
relatives In the city Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. Nick Loug. Mrs. .Fred Hlppell
and Mrs. Long, mother of M. B.
Long, paid friends a visit here Sat
urday, l
Henrv Rourland, who last week
went to St. Louis to purchase his
winter stock of goods.returned homo
Tohn Wrleht. of the country
here, was In the city Saturday.
Otha Boyd ,oue of Guthrie soldiers,
spent a couple of days at home last
Folix Davis of the St. CharleB
country vUlted IiIb nephew, Dr. P.
B. Davis.
W. J. Faulland D. D. Woodruff,
of St. CharleB, spent Tuesday In the
city on business.
J.V. McBuen and wife, of St,
Charles, made friendB In the city a
visit last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. McGary at
tended the ball game In Madison
ville last Friday.
General mangor F D. Rash made
abasinesss trip to Christian county
last Thursday.
Dick Williams and wife, of Whle
Plains, spent several days last week
with Mrs. Cordier.
MIsb Bartie Jennings will leavo
Sunday to visit her brother, John,
who is living In St. Louie.
' Henrv Browning, of the St. Ber
nard Btore, returned Saturday from
I . . , ... at. r ....!
a business trip to St. Louis
MrB. C. B. Johnson left Tuesday
to visit friends and relatives In her
old home at Springfleld, Tonu.
Fred Hosey, who has been switch
ing iu the local yards for some time,
will go on the road as liagmnu.
Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Perry, of
niortraviilfl. To mi., siient Sundav in
the city with Mr. Perry's mother.
Mrs. Fred Hosse and family, -who
have been living in this olty for sev
eral yearB.wlll shortly move to their
old home at Nashville, Tenn.to
live. ?
Every transaction between thlB
bank and Its customers we regard
as confidential, not to be divulged
byus. Peoples Bank,
Earlmgton, Ky.
Mtb.E. E. Eastwood and children,
of Howell Ind., ore spending this
woek here with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest Rootz.
Miss Carrie Crenshaw, who has
been visiting relatives In HopkinB
villefor the past month, returned
home Saturday.
Henry Cowand, of Barnes, Cow-
and & Co., who lias been In St.
Louis for the paBt week buying
goods, has returned home.
"In His Stops" a leoture delivered
bv Mr. Wilson at the Christian
church Tuesday night was received
by a nice appreciative audience.
Jno. X. Taylor our "clever druggist
who has been quite sick at his home
on Railroad street for the past week
Is up and ablo to bo at his store.
Some of the money you could save
this winter would come In handy
nextBuramor. Try au account with
the Peoples Bank of Earllugtou.
MIsb Frauces Rlley.of Henderson,
arrived In the city Fiidiyoud will
take oharge of the fourth and urtn l
grades of the public school,
Frank Withers, whose home 1
here, while firing on the St. Louts
division had a lump of coal to fall
on his foot which will lay hun up
for sotnu time.
W. S. McGary has closed hie mov
inii nloture show for the Benson aud
will shortly open the skating rink
which will no doubt be well patrou.
izod by large crowds this year.
Miss Null Carlln, who has boon a
guest of Mrs. D. M Evans, left Sat
urday for Hanson , where she goes to
leach school. Miss Carlln has
tttught here for some time and her
frWids and scholarn wilt greatly
rniBB her The people of Hanson
hfcve gamed a uplmdld teacher and
Sunday morning 12 people were
baotlsed in the lake. Tfaev lolned.tbo
Baptist ohurch' during the meeting.
that has been irolnir on at tne rinK
for tbe past two weekB.
The nlghtB of Pythias will shortly
move Into their new" hall and their
meeting nights will be Monday and
Thursday nights. All visitors are
cordially Invited to attend.
Webb Bros., "hay'er rfioved their
grocery store from theold stand to
the new bulldingin roar of the Peo
ple's Bank and It Ib a "Clean Gro
cery" both building and etock.
Chas. Truempy, our enterprising
jeweler, haB moved into the new
Webb building on Railroad street.
When his stock U all In he will have
one of the most complete iu the
Quite an excitement among the
neighbors of A. J. Howell wbb
arousod last week by the roof of
Mr. Howell's house catching fire.
It waB extinguished before any dam
age wae done.
The cuckoo clock In the nw Jew-
ory store is a novelty In Emling-
ton. The lather of a certain young
lady says that he Is going to buy it
and put It in the parlor so tho young
man will have no excnsn for not
knowing the time of night.
' Miss Elnora Lho Gordon anil -
tlier, Rudolf, passed through imh
city Monday unrnute to Naflhvni-.
Tenn., where Miss Gordou will en
.tar tw BhIiiioiu College aud Ru
dolf.will enter Castle Hughts.a bpyB
Bohool at Lebanon, Tenn.
MIsb Mary Van Arsdalo, of Win
chester, who was one of the teachers
last year, arrived Suuday and com
moucod Monday at the so3i)ol house
with the bbiuo duties as she had
last year. MIbb Van Arsdale will
board with MrB. C. H. McG ary.
Mis&Mattie Toombs.oue of Slangh
tervllle's popular young ladleB, haB
accepted a position with the Grand
Leader. Mr. Malouey, ttie manager
of the Earllngton store, is to be con
gratulated as MIbb Toombs has
mony friends who will be glad to
see her with the firm.
Mr. Jas. G. Hamilton, who haB
been foreman of this office for the
paste months has returned to Dros
deu Tenn., his old home, where he
will be connected with the Enter
prise at that place. Mrs. Hamilton
and children accompuuieJ him.
J. F. DeVvldei plead guilty Satur
day hi the pollcb court to haying
whipped the sou of Dick Grifilu and
was lined (25 and1 costs. Mr. Griflhi
will bring civil action .agaiuatDe
Vyluer in the circuit court. iia
son was severely chastised ana
the marks- plalulv showed whero
the wnlp had cue the Hash.
The Louisville Conference of the
ME. Ohurch, South, will convene
at Owensboro, on September 80th.
Rev. Frasor will attend from here
and we hope that the Conference
will ee tbat-Brother Fraser returns
hero as he is well llkod aud has a
host -of friends outside of his own
inn. mun $&
n,-i n cnnMmoMjji?
A Word to The
Wise is Sufficient.
Don't waBto your time chasing phan
toms. Tho Shimmering values each as you
at times see advertised are but ghostly bar
gains whloh fado as you approach and disap
pear bofore you-cau grasp them. 1 he High
Art store makes no claim It cannot Bubstan
tltate, deoloros no value It cannot Bhow. No
other establishment In this broad land of
ours offers such UgitlmateB, Inducements, In
men and boys hood and foot, fall and winter
wear. The clothing, hats, caps, shoea and
furnlBhlugB we Bell at the prices we ask Ib
our best advertisement.
Our clothing cablnots,atHl rearrangement
of our other departments will bo Joint holp
to our trade and ourselves. These aro mod
ernfzd features far in odvanco of most me
tropolitan stores, and will be the oppreclat
pdbyour thousands of patrons. Tho new
fall lines uv Iu and are inimitable In style,
quality, aHsmblag and prices. Remembor
our rebate plan Tor our out of town trade.
Let us havoarall from you iu porson or
hoar from you by mail, an
It Pay to Trade Were.
Earlington's New Store
Earllng-ton is on a boom, busiuesB
is getting better, the mines aro
working full time, the stores are all
getting in new goods and everything
indicates a prosperous fall and
Did you know thAt the Increase in
thedepoBits with the new bank here
during the first six mouthu of this;
vear was more than than the In
crease In all the hanks tu Hopkins
county put together except ourt
There were over 80 additions to the
Baptist church during the meeting
that closed Sunday night. Large
audieuces have attended every
night and much, good will roBtilt
from the meeting It is hoped.
Miss Martha McGary has return
ed to Hopklnsvllle whore she has
been attondlug the S. K. C- at that
placo lor the past 2 years. This ib
Miss McGary last year ub she gradu
ate, at the close ut school Iu June
Thos. Rutland, who hai been con
nected wth (he Kmpiro Coal Com
pany for aT nVmbor of ytars, will as
sume charge of the Nortonvlile Coul
Company In a short time. Mr. Rut
laud is un -old coal mau and no
doubt will put this xnlue to the front
H.S. Hoflford. DoBtofllc inspector
spent Satuiday in the city chocking
up the office of the lato O. G. KoDin
bou. Mr. Hosford found everything
in flrst-cIaBB condition aud highly,
complimented Miss Kooinson on tne
condition of tbo office.
The first .county fair to bo given
at Providence beglnB next Tuesday,
September, 22, and contlnwjB.i-'flv.e,
dftyB. Every effort haB beVniaade by
tbe management to make' their iirsc
fair a succeBB, and as a consequence
they will have one of the biggest In
Western Kentucky tuts seaBon.
Special rates will be given by tho
L. &N.
The marriage of Mr. W. M. Davis
to Miss Mildred Castleberry was
solemnized at the residence of Rev.
W. G. Eldred at his rosldenBo last
Wednesday. The groom is an em
ploye of the St. Bernard store aud
well liked by all. The brde is a
p.lmrmlnu- vountr ladv. who has n
host of friends who wish them sac
cess. The Klub Kentuck Band mado
their first public appearance at
tho Democratic speaking Thursday
night. The boys are to bo congratu
lated for thev did very woll Indeed
considering that they have been
organized lets than two' months.
If they kep on as thy have bo
gun it will not be long before I hoy
will outplay anything In this part
of the Btate, They will on Sept. 27.
open tho ukutlug rluk for tholr
own benefit as tho proceeds go will
towards buyliiK uniforms. The
o'tlaeus should turn out that night
and asBist the boys.
P. B. Palmer's special agent will
give an opening of their complete line
of Ladies' Manufactured Suits shortly.
Watch for Date in This Paper.
Barnes, Cowand & Go.
We aro Mideed glad to loam
through the Todd county papers
that Lieut. Rogers, who ib in charge
of the Holdiers at Guthrie, is bq well
tlkvd and Is conducting himself so
as to mako friends with all ho meets
While we are Rlad we are not sur
mised, for Henrv Ib tho boy to treat
mvery one right and every oue Ib his
frieud. aud he has oharge of a lot of
bo.h that aro -gentlemen every Inch
of them aud oome from our best
(amillHB, aud kuow bow to behave
anywhere fctiii under any oiruum-6tenCH
C. I. Truempy, watch
maker -and jeweler, has
located in the new Wehb
building, opposite the De
pot. He has one of the s wel
lest lines of Watches and
Jewelry ever brought to
this city.
.,... M
f n evrv en f te word.
au a prod.

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