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'in winy
"C ,p"n"
I .
IhTlcmndatria' and Urt1 cure for Rheo.
tnitliml Mot a ranedr that will ttralghten th
dlitorted limbs of chronic crlpoit, nor turn bony
rrowtbi back to QMn rin. yrtuu u irapoMiDte.
But I can now inrtlr kill tho Mini sad pann of
thti dplorbU dlieate. .' ,
.la Oermanr-arlth a CbpnlH in the CUT .of
rrmUdt I found the lft lnrrrdlont with
Which Dr. fihoop'i Rheumatic Remedy w( made
perfected, dependable prescription. Without
IbjLtUttlnrndlent, I tucoreifullr treated many,
many cafct of RheumnUim i but now. at last, Hun J.
formly cure all curable nud of thli heretofore
teorh dreaded dlMM. Thoe sand-like annular
wattae. found In Rheumatic Mood ocm to ditto! ve
and patt away under the action -of thli remedy at
treelratdoei lurtr when addod to pure water.
And then, when dlnolred. these poltonoui watte
freely pata irom the tyiteni, ana tne caute 01
Kheumatlim It trono forertr. There ll now no
real need no actual excuse to sutler lonrnr with
out help. We sell, and In confidence recommend
Dr. Shoop's
Sold bv 8t. Bernard Mining On- Store
Drug Deparimcnt.
London Clergymen.
In london tl'oro is one clerRytaai
to nvry 2.W0 pcrfinnu
Gang of Crooks Operating over
Country and Pmlaif Nolci
of Defunct Bantu.
Mayor James' R. Rash.
Police Judge Chas. Cowell,
Chief of Police Wm. Bradley.
Night Chief-Clarence Mitchell.
, Tax AsHOFMor N. L Too ma.
! City Clerk Paul 1. Prion.
Treasurer Frank B. Arnold.
. City Physician W. K. Nesblt. v
v City Engineer F D. Rash.
' Street CommlsBloner-Robt. Wood
Councilman Jno. B, Atkinson.
Madison Oldham. H. C. Bourlnud,
Ij. H. O'Brlon, Geo. C. Atkinson,
Tbos. Blair Meotlng night first
Monday night in each month.
School TriiDteos Paul M. Moore,
Dan M Evans, W. It. Coyle.
Board of Health Dan M. Evans,
Jno. X, Taylor, Curtis B.Johnson,
M. D.
PoHtmaster Chas. G. Robinson.
Masonic Lodge E. V. Turner,
No. R48 meets 1st. and 8rd. Fridays
in each month.
Chas. Cowkli., Sec.
Victoria Lodge, No. SI, K. of P.
meet every Monday night.
Visitors welcome.
Theo. Wattb, Sec.
Hopkins Lodge, A. O. U. W. No.
t6l mretB everv Thursday night.
Y. Q. Walkkk, Sec.
Golden Cross Lodge, Earlingtou,
No. 525 meets 1st. and 8rd, Saturday
night in each month.
Mrs. M. B. Long, Seo.
Degreo of Honor, No. 10 nieets 2nd
and 4th Saturday nights in each
Mibs LiKZlK Hukk, Sec,
Bon Hur Lodge, Earlingtou
Count, No. W meets ovory WedneB
day night except 4th.
Wm. Pkbiiy,Sc.
Standwaite. Tribe No. 57,Red Men
meets everv Friday sleep.
CiiAUOK Long, Sec.
Modoru Woodmen of the World,
No. llM2meet every Wednesday.
Y. Q. Wamckk, Seo.
Klub Kentuck open all hours.
ilunlnenB meeting: '2nd Tuesday in
each month.
C. L. Abhhv, Sec.
Elks, IJ. P. O. No. 738 meets at
MadlEouvIllo Monday night.
Jas. E. Francoway, Secy.
Visiting memborB aro cordially
invited to attend any of these
Catholio Chukoii. FlrBt mass
every Sunday and holy day rit 7:00
a. m. Secoud mass and preaching
U:U0 a. in. Vesperfe and benediction 7
p. in. Rev. J. P. McParlnnd, Pastor.
Christian Chukoii. Sunday
school at 9:80 a. m. Preaching every
Lord'R day at 10:45 a. m, and 7 p
m. Pravc mooting ovory WedneB.
day at 7:80 p. ra. Elcfor W. G.
Eldrod, pastor.
M. E. Chukoh. Regular services
third Sunday at 11 a. in. and 7 :30 p. ra.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
at 7:80. Sunday-school at 0:80 a. m.
Class meeting, second Sunday at
10:80a.m. Rev. J. H.Embry, pastor
Epworth Lottguo W. S. Bram
well, president. Meots every Sun
day evening at 0:45 p. in. at the
Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
All aie welcome.
M. E. Ciiuitoii, South. Rev. J
D, Fraser, pastor. SorvlceB on
everv Sunday ut 11 a. m. and
7:80 p. m. Sunday sehool at 0:80
a. m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday
evenings at 7:80 o'clock. Ep
worth League, every Sunday ovoulug
atfl:80. Ladies' Aid Society ovory
Mondav afternoon. Otilolal Board
meeting Monday after Jim Sunday
in oruIi month.
Mibsionahy Baptist Chukoii
Preaching tho fourth Suuday at 11
a. m. and 7:80 p. m. and the preced
ing Saturday night. Church meeting
Saturday night bo fore the 4th Sun
day, Sunday school at 0:ti0 a. in.
Praver meeting everv Mondav night
ut7:80. Rev. C. H. Grlgsou, PaBtor
Ubnbual Baptist Caiman.
Services Saturday night before the
Urst Sunday in each month at 7:80
p. m.. first Sttuday at 11 a. m. and 7 :H0
p. in Prayer meeting Friday even
nig ai 7:00. Itev. Uumpus, pastor
Pbkbhytkbian Chuboh Hki
ijA.Kegular servloes first Tiiursiiay
at 7:B0 p. in. and third Sunday ut
8:30 p.m. In each mouth. Suuday
school each Sunday morning at 0:80
Episcopal Church Regular servi
ceu every Tuesday night at the City
Library, at 7:45 p. m. Public v mil
ally Invited tu attend.
Gt.o. (J. Auiiitt, Rector.
hakes First Place in' the American Asso
ciation Louisville Second.
Owing to tho many complaints
received reccutly, secret service
officials believe that n well-organized
gang of crooks, operating
all over the country, is engaged
in passing the noted of defunct
state raulcs upon the careless
and if: nor a ut. JKvitlently a vast
quantity of th!8o notes luive been
secured by tho jdiurpere. They
uiejust us good in workmanship
as real government money and
some of the notes bear n close
resemblance to Uncie Sum's cur
rency. The notes most often
passed by the sharpers are those
of the State Bank of NewBruus
wick, N. J., which litis been out
of existence for forty years and
the defunct state bank of Sa
vannah, Ga. Several arrests
nave aireauy been made in an
effort to stop thie illegitimate
Milwaukee, Wis. Sept. 15.
The season of baseball in the
American Association came to a
close yesterday with the Louie-ville-Iudianupolis
game. Indian
apolis wins the pennant. The
teams finished with games won
and lost in the following order :
Olub Won Lost Pet.
Iudianopolis 92 0L .G02
Louisville 88 65 .575
Columbus 80 8 .557
Toledo 81 27 .580
Miunoapolis.. ..77 76 .502
Milwaukee 71 83 .450
Kansas Oitv 70 88 .458
St. Paul 48 105 .847
A Sure-enough Knocker.
J. C. Guodwin,of Reidsville, N.
C says: "Buoklen's Arnica Salve
is a sure-enough knocker for ulcers.
A bad one came on my leg last Bum
mer, but mat wonaeriui salve
knocked it out in a few rounds. Not
even a scar remained," Guaranteed
for piles, Bores, burns etc. 2oc. at
all leading drugstore.
The Epworth league services at
the CM. E. church were well at
tended and tho subjeot well diccusB
od by 8. D. Androws, G.W.Gladdish'
and others. The subjects are well
studied through the week in order
that all the information posslblo
may bo gamed.
Our school is moving along such I
llueB as never before, The teachers,
although already overtasked b y
numbers of pupils, are doing valiant
work, though work is the watoh-
Worda of Praise
For the several ingredients of which Dr.
Pierce's medicines are composed, as given
by leaders '. all the several schools of
medicine, should have tar raoro weight
than any amount of non-professional tes
timonials. Dr. Plerco'sFavorlte Prescrip
tion has tub badge or uoNRSTY on every
bottle-wrapper, in a full list of all its in
gredients printed In plain English.
If you are an invalid woman and suffer
from frequent headache, backache, gnaw
ing dlstrjR In stomach, periodical pains,
dlsagrcty1e, catarrhal, pelvic drain,
draggliWdown distress In lower abdomen
or pelvis, perhaps dark spots or specks
danchfg before the eyes, faint spells and
klndfol sy matorns caused by femalo weak
ness, otethejrderangement of the feminine
organs, Wy can not do better than taka
Dr. Plereh Favorite Prescription.
The hrfiltal, surgeon's knife and opera
ting tauimay be avoided by the timely
use of VFflYflrJj4..Prescrlpton" in such
ckses. Thereby tV obnoxious examin
ations ana iifm irintmi'ni&)Jho family
phytldan can be avoided and attiormuTh
i oi anccessiui trf airpeiu corrieo out
S'Milff )CB! ItLlwpL 'i'aTorlts)
rlDtlon " rcom nosed oTtne very best
nr bBiWVTir
Prescription " loco in posed ol the very best
native medicinal roots known to medical
science for the cure of woman's peculiar
ailments, contains no alcohol and no
harmful or habit-forming drugs.
Do not expect too much from "Favorite
Prescription; " it will not perform mira
cles ; It will not Uisolve or cure tumors.
No medicine will. It will do as much to
establish vigorous health In most weak
nesses and aliments peculiarly Incident to
women as any medicine can. It must bo
given a fair chance by perseverance In its
use for a reasonable length of time.
Yon, ran'j fffy' " p ennrot my
trmn H8 a substitute for ihji """'y "(
fW'! rynnK)hHKin
ted by
. R. V-
tjlck women are Invited to consult Dr.
PJerce, by latter, frtt. All correspond
ence la guarded as sacredly secret and
womanly confidences are protect
professional privacy. Address Dr,
Pierce, liufxalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleaxant Pellets the bet
laxative and regulator of the bowels.
Tboy iuvlgorata stomach, liver and
bowels. Od a laxative : .two or three
cathartic Kavy to tako t caudy,
work of all. The high school grade
Is in excellent form and Earllngton
bids fair to be tho bannor school in
Wostorn Kentucky.
The Mt. Zlon Baptist church wor
sblpqd "with feA.M.E.Zion ehurcli
Sunday'afterpjjii, also tho O. M, E.
chrch, tho oocaBion boing the faro
well sermon of tho faithful pastor,
Rev. T, O. Stoner. Tho services
were oxcollent.
If our churches could draw such
an Influx as the lodges tho much
talked of problem would be solved
in short order. In the last three
weeks 87 havo joined tho Odd Fel
lows, 17 tho K. P's. and 0 tho Masons.
Let the heads of theso orders prove
their fealty to God and be followed
to the churches,
Mrs. Dellie Booker, of No. hill,
who has been confined to the r.onse
with sickliest for sumo lime, Is still
unable to perform her daily labor.
We trust she may toon recover.
Mrs. Celia Dnnlap Is not much if
any better.
Mrs. Scott Davlc.of Boswell,Mont.,
1b In town the guest of Mrs. Abo
Mr. Sam Wortham, who has 'been
quite sick, is nblo to be at work
A Taft club, with headquarters at
the Odd fellows hall, will bo organ
ized seon.
This has been a hard week, show,
brvse ball and emancipation day. It,
will tako until the flrrt of January
to fully recover.
The banquet of the U. B. F. and
S. M. T's was a ireat succesB.
T 1 nn -1 1 a i
Juadies 1 ailored Duits
' -
Again We ask Attention to Our
Ladies9 Long Coat Suits.
In consequence of the exceptionally grat
ifying sale upon our first purchase advertised a
few weeks since, we, last week wrote our house
to make us at once another shipment of like
amount, which has just reached us by express
and we are forced to admit the last lot1 out
classed the first. .
Hecla Colored Hewi.
We have beun having some won
derful sermons during this month.
Good attendance every night.
Tho Stork viBited the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Curlon'a last week
and left a fine baby boy. Mother
and child are doing wolT.
Mr. Joe Wilcox and family, who
have bceu living at St. Charles, havo
moved into our midst.
Mr. Ram Robb, who has been in
disposed for several weeks, is im-,
proving nicely. 1
MIbb Salllo Jones and Mrs. Mag
gie Redd, of Barusley, visited Mr.
and Mrs. Brltt last Suuday.
Rev. H. Amos preached a soul
stirring sermon for ub last Sunday
Mbb Mollle Haull I s visiting
friends in Evansville this week.
Mrs. Stella Quails and childreuflftTT7'
spent Sunday with . Mrs. Sal lie
Ed Stoval, who has been sick for
a long time, died on Monday night
at his home iu Mortons Gap .from a
complication of diseases. He was
burled at Flat Creok cemetery with
Odd Fellows ceremonies. He being
a mombor In good standing of Earl
ingtou lodgo G. U. O. F. 1720, also
Household of Ruth 337 both bodies
'attending In a body. Rev. H.
A.mo6 Chaplain officiating.
Dircctolrej for' Hen.
Chicago, Sept. 15.-rSheath ef
fects have invaded the male'
wardrobe. Narrow', , clinging
coats, guaranteed to adhere to
the form of man and impart the
same Bvelte appearance affected
by the other sex, will be "the
thing" this fall.
The fact wus showu yesterday
at the opening of the American
Style and Fashion Show, at 185
Dearborn street, Numerous ex-"
amples of the sheath style in
men's apparel were ou display.
They were sent from all parts of
the country for the exhibition,
which many Chicago tailors us
sert, signifies that the nation is
realizing that the cveU-dressed
man follows the 6tyles accepted
by Chicago.
One of the most noticeablo
"sheaths" wus an exhibit Irom
Pittsburg. It was a busiues coat.
Out narrow about the hips and
fastened by two cute cloth but
tons, it slopes upwards in a deli
cate curve, fittiDg snugly at the
shoulders aud cut low iu front.
The "iuYisible braid" running
along tho edge of the lapols aud
cuffs was declared very proper.
Another "sheath" coat was dis
closed in "tho honeymoon." Tho
coat is double-breasted aud but
tons almost under the sleovo on
the left side. As tho wallet
pocket is on the right side, in
side, it is declared to bo almost
impossible to teach,
Itcbl Iicbl Iichl-ScraKiil Scratch! Scraicbi
Tbe jooro you icratcb the wcrie the Itch. Try
Doan'i Ointmeat. ItCurot pilt, ccicoia, any
ilia Itcbloa. All drugcist ulU II.
Come and Sec if You Agree With Us
Special Attention to be Shown
Madisonville, - - Kentucky.
The Clean Grocery
Webb Bros., Probrietors
We have moved into our 'new
store, which is located on Railroad
street opposite the Depot, and have
in stock anything which is Carried
in a first class grocery store.
Having two delivery wagons
we can deliver your orders on.
shorter notice than any other gro
cery in town, and as to our account
keeping, it is always correct as we .
have the celebrated American regis- -ter,
giving you a duplicate of the
amount purchased, consequently
you; are keeping your own account.
Our prices are always guaranteed..
Give us a call..,
Tni: Clean Grocery
Webb Bros., Proprietors
1 1Mb

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