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The Wife
Who ha a
Save time, Work and
Worrq in Ihe Kitchen
The Husband Should
buy hi Wife a !1ooIer
if be values her Health
and flabbiness.
Morton & Hall
Madisonvllle, Ky.
: : Local Happenings f
V. J. Bailey, the hustling piano
man was in tho city Tuesday.
Mr. Thou. Lotiu. Asemtant State
Mine Inspector. 1b iit the city on
WANTED To trade a piano for a
family homo. W. J. Bailey,
Sutfg street, opposite depot
MieB Sibyl Ash by is now the col
lector and assistant bookkeeper of
the Cumberland Telephone Co., with
headquarters at .Mailiminville.
LOST:- Nicklo plated weight.
Pinder returning same to me will re
ceive 50 cents reward.
Chas. Treumpy, Jeweler.
Barnes, Cowaud & Co. Rhowed eu
torpriHo by Riving: all the Rcbool chil
dren n leather- book satchel last
week with the name of the firm on it.
Circuit Court ope nod in Madison
ville M&iday, aud will be open for
nearly one month, it. havlujr a larjje
number of cates to (iisposo of this
A number of people spent Satur
day evening with Mrs. W. H. Klino.
After playing five hundred a most
delicious chafing dish supper was
Mr. N. W. Hull, who ka9 been in
California as a delegate to the Su
preme Lodge of I. O. O. F., has re
turned homo and was delighted
with his western trip.
Any lady who is eligible, wishing
to become a member ot EaiJJngton
Chapter, U.VD. 0., will write or see
Mrs. Kate Withers, or- auy of the
members of this Lodge.
Dr. Charles Wendoiklu of Rich
land spent Monday In the city witii
frlendB. Dr. Wendoiklu was raised
in Earlington and has been in Rich
land for the past two years.
We understand that Mr. Geo. Mad
dox has rented the room over Webb
Bros, store and will conduct a pool
room aud will be a flrst-elasB placo
for that kind of amusement.
Dr. O. A. SIsk and wlfo, who havo
been in Winchester, Ky.,for the past
week, where the doctor delivered an
addresB before the State Board of
Fhysioians, have returned home.
Robert Welch, a colored miner at
Barnsley has made qulto a record
for the past two weeks, having cut
three rooms a day for twolve days
at $ 1.25 per room, making for him
self $4D.OO In two weeks.
Miss Margaret Mitchell has nocopt
'ed position with Barnes, Cowand &
Co., as a saleslady. Miss Margaret
will make tlilb llrm a first-class sales
lady, aud the firm is to bo cougratu
lat ed on seeming this popular lady.
Mr. A. G. SpHluuti, the assistant
general manager of the St. Bernard,
has moved his family into the house
formerly occupied by Ed. Cunning
ham. Their furniture has arrived
and they are now settled In their
new home. We welcome them to
Mr. W. S. MoGary. manager of the
bkating rink will have, the oelebrat
ed Hvnley orchestra in attendance
ut the rink every night. Mr. MoGary
will have this popular amusement
place In better condition than ever,
and the people should appreciate 11
una no doubt will.
Jfnffy's tloney . w
" Jmrn
' ; Take your watch to a I. Truompy
the Jewelor. He can fix it.
I Millinery oponing Thursday aud
Friday. October 1 and 2. Miss Anna
B. Moore.
Highest grade watoh repairing
done by 0. 1. Truompy, Watchmak
er and Jewolor.
Si'P Tappan for gifts and woddlng
presents. Will havo some ow
thlngp2or 3 days.
Seo Tappan before you nurcliase
auy thlr.tr in the Jeweler Hue. Ho
will save you Moiifij.
Just recolved a nine Inn . of Hair
Switches, Hair Run aud Hair JJnts
at Mrs. C. E O'IUm'ii'n.
BeprppHiwl to kIvh ui your itix
list. 1 am coining pooh.
Ebntkt Xhwton. City Ar-wefHOr.
At Mrs. C. E O'Krlon'H is to bu
found the mnt ui-lt.iiiit IliifJ of
JfntB, and ht-r iirlceo ar- ttw Imv
esi. JiiPt rfi:elvul at Mr. C. E.
O'BrlniiV. a twdl IIii of tailored
tiUVuttf In rnaly-ti.wHr atul tailor
ed hats.
M It Anna B. Moon IfivttVH ,ou
f.. Inspect her lienutiful Jln of pat--m
liatR. Thursday add Friday,
October 1 and 2.
Col. Wood, the 6trw-r noimn.lsHlou
or. has replaced tlie hi-idge at the In-
iHrflpotlon of RailKMd ntiet and
Mobs Avenue.
See the large solpctl'tit of dia
monds at Tappan's on .ning day
at cost, for each. The rtnr will bo
fixed later for the opening
Mlni foreman holding a wrvlre
ceitiilcate wmiki like to secure a
position as general superintendent
with a good ooal company. Also
an experinced bookkeeper. Can
give the best of refereuce. Address
James W. Lamb, Marlon, Ky.
Grand MaBter Morns of Louisville,
the chief officer of tne Ancient Or
der of United Workmeu in Kentucky
was In Earlington last week looking
after the good of the order at this
place. The workmen here are re
Xiorted to be in a thriving condition,
with large membership.
Opening day of Tappan's New
Jewelery Store will soon be hero.
Handsome China plates will be giv
en away that day to the ladies that
come as long as they last, the plates
to be given away in the afternoon.
You are invited to come. Up-to-date
Jeweler, M. H. Tappan.
Cards are out announcing the
marriage of Mr. Rex McEuen and
Miss Isabelle Fraser on Wednesday
evening October the 14th at eight
o'clock at the M. E. Church South
in this city. Mr. McEuen and MIbs
Frazer are soolety favorites and
many are interested in thin happy
Undoubtedly the best dauue of the
season was given in Webb Bros.,
new hall last night. A good crowd
was present, and everyone seemed
to enjoy thomsolves. Thoso pres
ent from a distance wore Misses
Burloy and Breozy, of Evansvllle,
aud Miss Winnie Ashby, , of Madl
sonvllle. There is a rumor going the rounds
that Mr. J.T. Hughlett, the popular
and obliging call-man on the L, &
N., Is contemplating ending the life
of "single blessedness." The young
lady who Is to be the future Mrs.
Hughlett Is a versatile and hand
some teacher lately appointed to ouo
of the outlying districts, whoso name
he will lint make known at the
present time. Best wishes, etc,
Cashier Frank B. Arnold has re
ceived from Aloislus Morgan a hand
some piece of drawing aud framed
and hung It in the bank. Morgan
has a taleut for this work. Ho is
now with a Arm in Chattanooga,
Tenn., and while only 18 years old,
commands a good salary and has a
future before him as an artist. His
work has been seeu around Earling
ton aud has been favorably com
mented upou.
The East End Card Club spent
Friday afternoon at Mrs. Ed. Rule's
beautiful oottago on Rldgeway. The
house was decorated with golden
rod, the tallies were a spray of gold
en rod done in water color. Tho re
freshments consisted of orange slier
ber, white and yellow cake, iced tea,
mints and salted almonds. A mott
enjoyable afternoon was experienced
by the club. Mrs. X. E. MoKiuuou
and Miss Carrie Crenshaw were the
We thought that the alms aud pur
poses of the Earlington Athletic Otub
was a placo where young men oould
hitvti a room where they could read
ami enjoy themselves, but wo find
that instead of that on bunday af-u-niuou
they enjoyed thouiBolves by
throwing melon rinds out of their
club room windows into the baok
door ut our ollloe. We are sorry that
tfiese young boys havo commenced
l upend their Sunday (iruoons
tttAt WAV.
I The Moving Throng 1
444.4.4... 4 .VMW
Miss Doll Woodruil of St. CharloB,
was In tho olty Monday.
MIbb Rose Egloil made friends In
Madisonvllle a visit Monday.
Andy Howoll made friends a vds
It In Nortonvlllo Sunday.
Mr. M. Cain of Morton's Gap, was
in tho city Monday on business.
Geo. W. Wilson, of Shanuoak
minos, was In the olty Saturday.
Esq. Jno. R. Evans mado a busi
ness trip to Madisonvllle Monday.
Miss Francis Riley visited Miss
Nell Carlln In Hanson Saturday.
Mrs C. B. Johnson has returned
from a visit to friends in Tonnoesee,
Miss Nottle Belle Martin visited
in Madispnvillo Monday afternuo'u.
Bub McGrath lefc Tuesday for
Nashville, Tenn., to visit his moth
er. Win. Jennings, of Hecln, made a
business trip to Madisouville Mon
day. Mr. aud Mrs. A. O. Davidson havo
returned from a viBlt to relatives in
Mr. Arthur Vinson spent several
days witu roltitlveB in Central City
last week.
Mr. J. wilt Koblusou and' wife oi
Madisuuviile, visited friends in the
city Sutuiay.
Mr. J. W. Mitchell and wife left
laat week Jur tt visit to IrieUda in
Jno. Coyle aud Frank Oldham
made a business trip to the county
Ecat Monday.
Misses Bartie Jennings aud May
me Foard visited friends In Provi
dence recently.
Jno. X. Taylor and Ernest New
ton atteuded the spoaklug in Madi
sonvllle, Monday.
Chas. Baruett aud wife took in
the WobBter county fair at Provi
dence Saturday.
Mesdames Dan Evaus aud Frank
Arnold were iu Madisonvllle Wed
nesday afternoon.
Mrs. Herndou and family havo
moved to Princeton, where they will
reside in tho future.
Miss Bessie Stewart, of Madison
vllle, visited her siBter, Mrs. Oscar
Bennntt, last week.
P. B. Davis, Jr . corporal of the de
tail of Company G. on duty at Guth
rie, was home Snuday.
Mr. R. E. Whiftlor, who has been
visiting relatives iu Detroit, Mich.,
arrived home Saturday.
Mr. Walter Wright, bookkeeper of
the Crabtree Coal Co., of Ilsley,
spout Sunday in the city,
Mrs. Joe Mothershead and Miss
Mary Mothershead spent Saturday
afternoon in Madisonvllle.
Mrs. H. L. Bramwell and daugh
ter, Dorothy, of Morgaufleld, are
visiting relatives in the city.
Tlios. Ashmoro aud wife (nee Miss
Maud Flnleyj, of Haley spent Tues
day In the city with relatives.
Misses Ethel Evans, Lillian Evans
and Mrs. John X. Taylor visited
friends iu Madisonvllle Friday.
Mrs. Sam Rainev, who has been
visiting relatives in Howell for
some time, returned homo Monday.
Mrs. Jas. Harrison and Mrs. Ho
mer Coleman, of Nortonvlllo, Bpent
a day last week with Mrs. Joo Brink
ley. Mr. Beuuio Wilson, who has been
working for tho coal company In
Zelgler, III., returned home on Fri
day. MtB. A. J. Howell and children re
turned homo Sunday from a visit to
Dr. Thos. Howell, who lives in Gra
ham. Mr. and Mih. V. A. Randolph and
little daughter will leturn tomorrow
from a visit to his relatives lu't'rlgg
county. '
Miss Ruth Vya$t wr.o Is attend
im college at HopkinsvlUe, spent
Monday In the olty with her par
ents. Miss Holla Lalloou, of 'Murtohs
Gap, and Miss Vera Long,- of Sj.
Charles, spent Holiday in tli qlly
with friends.
Miss Kathorlne Joniw of Jfws
lead, who Is visiting lelatlves iu the
city, spent Saturday of labt week In
Mr. J. H.Corbett and family, who
have been sojourning in Coiltowu
for the pa&t tbioe month.), returned
home Satuiday.
J. T. GUI, of MndlBunviIlu, is in
sisting In tho St. Bernard butcher
etiop wbilee Mr. J. R. Dean Is oil
with an Injured h&ud.
; Mrs. Ed Rulo mado friends In
Hopklnsville a visit Saturday.
R. E. L. Favors mado a huelm -trip
to Madisouville Saturday. I
Miss Bess Stowart, of Madmixi
vlllo, spent Monday m Hip i ty 'iih
frloiuls. I
Poto MdCord, who has hren q.ilir !
sick at his hnum on M hk Ave,. n
some better. ,
Mrs. EriiURt Eastwood, who hits
been vlsting her parouts lier has
returned home.
Geo. O. Toy, formerly of this place
but now living in Hfintiersnii. was
in thf city Saturday.
W. J. Dulln.of the llrm of Pulln ,ti
McLuod of MadNouvllle, was in the
city Saturday on business.
Brick Sou'hwnrth, of ili Mop
force 'if the St. Human.', nPi-nnod
tho fair at Providence Friday.
Condui-t'it E W. Heiifro and io
will Inavi tills week for a trip
through tne west wheru th, x
ptot to remain several wek.
MIssMaircli- MltohHI on ' K -lrtj'tniitj
popular yiinii; ladle. wi.ci
has been visiting trteuds In N
vlllo for tho uast week has rt ir -ti
Joe Brown, who wjih for year i.
brakeu.an on this division or . 'i
L &N., but now living In 9r L.mi ..
made his brothnis a visit hr- fts !
Miss Lena Woodrnlf, of St. Cl-ai-
lee, was In the city Saturday on
route home from a visit to friends
in Providence, accompanied by her
brother, JauieB. " '
W. D. Crenshaw and family left
Sunday for Carney, Kansas, where
they will live in the future Mr,
Crenshaw has ncceptod a position
with an Oil company in that city.
MUr Kate Jones, a charming
young lady of Newstead, a small
town near Hoyklnsvllle, spent sev
eral day r with her cousin, Miss Lu
clle Crenshaw, returning h o 111 e
Monday. .
Messrs. W. S McGary, M. B.
Loug, H. S. Corov. N. G. Motbera
head, Chas. Baruett and Mrs. Har
riet Browuing spent a few days last
week in Hopkiusville attending tho
State Sunday School convention.
Miss Edna D Boyd, recently ap
pointed principal of School District
No 20, visited Irleiids and relatives
in tho city Friday, Saturday and
Sunday of las. week. Miss Boyd 1b
an'attractive aud accomplished lady
who can and doex make friends. It
'Is an assured fact that the pupils
.under her tutelage will become pro
ficient in their studies.
Fine Local Talent Will Prcicnt This At-
tractive Orama at the Morton
Theatre October 9th.
"The Foster Brother," a thrill
iiiLT drama, which is to be pre
sented under the auspices of tho
Daughters of the Ooufederaoy,on
the eveuiug of October 9, at the
Morton Theatre, in Madisonvllle,
will be undoubtedly the best lo
cal attraction evpr presented to
any audience in this part of the
Gtato. Every possible detail is
being carefully attended to by
the directors aud with the superb
cast which is to uppeur in the
play, there cau be no doubt as to
its success.
Mr. Frederick Huud, of Wash
ington D. C, wljo is to appear
in the title role, has spent the
greater part of his life m success
ful theatrical work, having ap
peared before some of the most
obstinate critics in this country
aud novir failed to cniry away a
btrhmof piibK notii'i-H that ar
an honor to auy actor 011 the Am
ericau stage.
During Mr. Hiind' career h
fonttirod successfully in Jule
Murray's proiluot'oii of "A
I Viilo,' with, giiarlos B, Iloufon'
"Julius Oufsar" nun "Oymba
line," with Florence Roberts lb
the "Strength of the Weak," m
' Sherlock lloliuos," "Maria Ro-
ii," "Sapho" and scverul other'
productions of the higher class.
The part of "Mrs. Seabrook,"
an omotiuuiil Uad, will bo ouact
od by Ms Ilatti Ashby, am'
MiisMayine Wooten, Mrs. D. II
Kinoheloe aud Mms MyrtisBail
ey wMl apjioar in parts of superb
strt:Uth uud iutorust.
An effort wjll be mudo to ruu
a speoial traiu from this placo
for the benefit, of parties desiring
to see this tfreat production.
&$ :
High Art Wear
1 . Kar ratk'
' Utf i 1
yzr!".nT7C, (iiilirn mnniin iMiiinmrif; mi Im
H full ArtClothos nrt the boet,
They are honestly limit and are full of merit.
hU. fish to a fault and of sterling worth.
They ill 5 they lait.
TIihv aro direct from ur tailor shops to you
Dollar for dollar tin- price yon pav for our
High Art made plths in met on the level
by tho qnalitv that is In them
Mon's cuitB 10 to 80; .V8' suits 7.50 to
$15. Our mi'ii's ouo boH shoe department
Ik tho only exchiBivp himii'h and boys' out
fitting shop iu Evans viilo.
Tho bi-Bt make . mining tlipm Hatian's and
other famous sines, are to In had nere In
all styles
Tho department m on tho flrtt door In rear.
Main and St-conu Street entimices.
Knox and Sevtoou's Hats hoad tho lint of
now Fall mon'fc headwenr Iu our lint de
partment. While iu shlrtH, neckwear and underwear
we show only the best and most favorable
known products.
There is our rebate
tj Wo'd bo pleased to
from you ny mall.
First Meeting wa Held Lait Tuesday Af
ternoon and OfhcersWere Uleeted
Fifty Members k'nrolled.
The ludies of Eiirlingtmi luivn
at luat organized 11 chapter of tlfe
United D.iushters of Confeder
acy, which will be k.oowu ne
Earlington Chapter. Quito
number of Indies met Tuesduj
afternoon at the resideuce of the
Missea Whalen and hold their
first meeting.
Following is the list of officer.
that were elected for tho en
suoingyear: Mrs. Kate Withers, Presidont:
MissiMollie Whalin, 1st Vice
Freaidont; Mrs. Emma Davis,
2nd Vice Presidont; Miss Mary
Mothershead, RecordinE Secre
tary; Mrs. Jas. R. Rash, Correb
ponding Secretary; Miss Eflh'
Stokes, Treasures.
Mrs. Kate Withers was elected
delegate to attend the animal
meeting of the State Convention
U4WIIUK W IIU WidfcW VUU T w.V.." .
that meets at Bardstowu Ooto-
ber 14th. Between twenty five
and thirty ladies were present at
tho first meeting and it was u
success in every Eouse of the
word. All ladies that are
sisters, wives, neices, or aro kin
by blood to any ox-confederatf
soldier aro ollegible to mombei
sin p. There aro already over
fifty ladies that have or declared
their intentions of joining this
noble order and it will bo, no
doubt, the largest chanter in the
Western part of the State. The
citizens of Earlington aro proud j
thjjt they havo named their uow
chapter aftor our city. You cau
watch this chapter this winter
for they will havo several fine
entertainments- The Bee wishes
them success-
Who will be seen a -Lady
Staunton" in "Ihe Foster Broth
or" at Morton Theatre, Madison
villa, Ky., October Oth
for Men and Boys
1 1
Bee you in peon or lu'iir
Today and tomorrow are the
the big opening days of Eurlingtotm
Now Store, Bnrncs, Cowand A Co.
All romembor tli some interesting
ovout last Spring when their formal
o.ioning took place. This one will
equal if no iirpas the one held
thou. No time nor expanse 1ms
Ituan niiHroil to innki. thlu iv flilnn
I of beauty aid pleanure to all who
attouo. The liaudhoiiio store is pret
tily deuoraied, au array of the la
test fabrics in dress gaods at.d trim
mings. AIfo the newest creations
in millinery on display. Blakes-
i.i..j ikmilidlt-u I.1 f iirti t alt lt iv arnat
,M.isip and King to pressa large
j u, (,,. ,ir nuoudiiig which will
Jiiorasp today and tomorrow. Ev-
wry one ik requesteu to come ono
, sm
Sulphur Shower In French Town.
Plin:oll". u small town 30 lullei.
from .nron. iu France, lias recently
oOmi im:id,)y. a ih.-.ivur of sulphur.
Tlie roots, sardeus. UehU, vineyard,,
rivor and iom!6 weio covered with
yellow duet, aud for some- time the
nwtvanls 111 the fields Terf troubled by
h ii.hmfit:? bltm? fdor which made-ur-mirin.
) alt
A Healthy Family.
Our whole family has enjoyed
uonU liea'th since wo bauau using
Dr. King' New Ijife PiIIp, threo
years aao." says T. A. Bartlett of
Kiii-hI Route 1, GlUord Maine. They
olnatiHit niid'tonn thn nvntHm In a con.
" --" ",- - C
2&o.Hat all i-ndfuv dKw
2oo. at all leading druggist.
Dr. King's
New Discovery
FRH loycHS
OLDS Trial fott7e
A i, iM
Ah Appreciative Tip
Do you Appreciate a
good Laundried Article?
Do you Appreciate a
better Laundried Collar?
Do you Appreciate the
best Laundried Shirt?
If so, then you want the
...White Swan...
Roy J. Peyton, Agt.
Office at McEuen' s Store
Mondays, Tuesdays,
Fridays or Saturdays.
for Infants and Children.
j T j(n(J Y0U HaVB AlWIjfS BflUfM
Bears the
Signature of
VI. ,1
3l?!sv5i waSPw jtSS Wiii.'uI5ljflnjl
II k hit
- i
'W J-ju. .,..,- .- .. .
--. r 1

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