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Congressional Notes
The postal saving; bank bill waa bo
foro the senato Thursday for more
than an hour. Senator Burkett of Neb
najka making tho comprehensive
argument In favor of Us passage Tho
scnato listened also to a messago from
the president recommending a change
In the form of government of tho Dis
trict of Columbia by which a single
executive head would take the place
of tho board of three commissioners
who now Jointly act as a governing
Senator Burns Thursday Introduced
a bill providing for an Increase In the
salary of the president of the United
States from 150,000 to $190,000 and
in the salary of tho vice-president
from $12,000 to $25,000. Tho bill Is In
tended to tako effect at the begin
ning jpf tho next administration.
Njlactlon was taken Thursday by
tboKenato committed on annronrla-
to carry out the aenato'a in-
tions that the message of Presl
Roosevelt relative to secret ser
if be investigated. The whole mat-
will go over until after the holl
a's and then a meetlnc will bo called
' Senator Hale for the purpose of
Jamlng a sub-committee. It is un
derstood that Senator Hemenway will
be appointed chairman of tho elm
xnlttce, Sonator Lodge Thursday introduced
!n amendment to the diplomatic and
consular appropriation" bill providing
for an appropriation of $400,000 to
purcbaso a site and erect a building
Ifor the American embassy at Paris.
(Senator Lodge also introduced a bill
jto Increase tho salary of the United
'States minister to China to $17,500 a
Overruled Trust's Demurrer.
' Louisville, Ky., Dec.. 22. Judgo
Brans in the federal court Monday
ovoruilcd a demurror of the American
TolJifcco company, the Nail & "Williams
ToFacco company and the Mengel
'Tobacco company to tho $1,500,000
damdge suit of the Monarch Tobacco
company. The suit which charges dis
crimination In violation of tho anti
trust laws, now will -proceed.
Chinese to Be Given Damages.
San Francisco, Dec. 21. Several
thousand dollars will bo sent by the
Alaska Packing company to the re
latives In China, of the sixty Chlneso
who were drowned la tho wreck of
the bark Star of Bengal off Coronation
Island. From $100 to $250 will be
given each family.
Killed 21; Life Term.
M'Alster, Okla., Doc. 21. In tho dis
trict court here Bill Colbert, a negro
former deputy United States marshal,
(Was sentenced to life imprisonment on
conviction of robbing an old man at
the polat of a gun. Colbert said he
kad killed twenty-opo men.
Jury Valuss Tooth at $1,200.
Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 21. Twelve
ikundred dollars is the amount et
damages for the loss of a tooth award
et y the court of appeals In the caso
'of Utfle Miss Mazie Kendrlck, who fell
a tie streets of Frankfort on a loose
Lunatic Rum Amuck, Killing Boy.
Oskalooia, Iowa., Deo. 21. An in
sane negro, Macy Hanley, armed with
shotgun, ran amuok at Buxton and
net ait killed Vernle Watkins, a boy
and wounded a man He was oversow
red after a light
Captain Bartln te Be Rear Admiral
Washington, Dec. 21. Captain J.
Barliu, chief of tho bureau of ateam
engineers, has been found to be in
capacitated and will be placed upon
the retired list with the rank of rear
. adwlral.
Put String en Wife's Tengue.
Akrea, Ohio., Deo. 21. Charging
that her husband tied a string around
her tongue to keep heJrom talking,
in. juexaer ! or ,pT-
una aim arrestee, mi a Marge M
Mr. l. .
M 0 IfflK MM
Was Acclaimed By Populace Ae He
Paraded the Streets With
Brilliant Escort.
Port Au Prince, Dec. 21. Geo.
Antolne Simon, tho newly elected
nresjdent of Hayti, took tho oath of
offlco at 10 o'clock Sunday morning
at tho palace in the prcsenco of the
foreign diplomats, the officers of the
American and Italian warships and the
Haytl officials of state. Senator Paulin
who presided at the session of con
gress which elected (Jon. Simon presi
dent, officiated and domanded that the
president respect the constitution and
the other laws of the republic.
Gen. Hlppllyte, minister of the
interior, who responded la behalf of
Gen. Simon, promised that every ef
fort should be made to forward tho
agricultural and commercial interests
of tho country and to take measures
to insure economies in carrying on
tho government
Later at the reception which was
held in the salon, M. Carteron, the
French minister, addressed the presi
dent on behalf of tha diplomatic corps
and officially presented the respocts of
tho foreign ministers,
M. Claude, minister of foreign af
fairs, gave assurances of the govern
ment's intention to maintain tho most
cordial relations with all the nations.
President Simon then attended a
service at tho Cathedral, where tho
To Dcum was sung, aftorwards pro-
f eroding on horsoback, followed by a
brilliant escort, through tho principal
strbets of the city, whoro he was
acclaimed by all.
Carnegie Will Testify.
Washington, Dec 21. Andrew
:CarneBlo arriroU hero Sunday to' ap
poar Monday- as a witness In the
tariff hearing on tho steel schedulo
boforo tho houso ways and means
committee. Mr. CnrneRlo declined to
.make a statement on the tariff
Question or to Indicate the character
of his testimony.
St Louis Packets Discontinued.
Memphis, Tonn., Dec 21. On ac
count of low water in the Mississippi,
it has been decided by tie Lee line to
discontinue the St Louis packets until
a more favorable stage presents It
self. In accordance with this decision
tho Peters Lee will not go out Monday
as previously arranged.
Glass Workers Win Strike.
Cleveland, Ohio., Doc. 3L At the
close of the first day of the National
Window glass worker's strike, enacted
to enforce tho adoption of tie new
wago scale with a 25 per cent In
crease, President Faulkner announced
that six plants has signed.
Avenged Arrest With Sheta.
Way Cross, Ok., Dec. 21. To avenge
the arrest of a companion on the
charge of bolng drunk, six young men
rode into tho town of Beach nineteen
miles north of here, and fired 600
shots, riddling buildings and terroris
ing the town.
Former Governor Fleming Dead.
Jacksonville, Fla Dec. 21. Francis
Phillip Fleming, governor of Florida
in 1880 to 1893 died at his residence
in this city Sunday at 1:30 p. nt. Ex.
Governor Fleming served in the Con.
federate army throughout the civil
Cannibals Busy In Russia.
Munich, Dec. 21. Professor Killer
uiann.'Just back from an expedition
to the farthest north of tho Russian
Empire, declares that cannibalism is
still practiced among the natives of
the Karlo Sea.
Tragedy In Asylum.
HepklnsvlUe, Ky., Deo. 21. Mrs.
Quasi? Smi of Fulton banged herself
froa tke alrshaft grating In the Inxgae
uylun with a bedtlsk eerd.
Mile. Mlropolsky Is Only 21 Years Old
Believes In Marriage, But
Doesn't Want It to Inter
fere with Career.
Pnrls. Tho youngest woman lawyer
in tho world has just been dofondlng a
woman accused of trying to kill her
solf and her baby by inhaling tho
fumes of a charcoal etovo. Mllo.
Holene Mlropolsky Is only 21 and was
sworn In as a lawyer before the court
of appeals In this city last October.
Her appearance as counsel for tho do
fonso in a criminal trial attracted a
largo number of old lawyers to tho
courtroom, though tho caso Itself wjjs
nothing out of tho ordinary. Her
client had been abandoned by the fa
ther of her child; finding herself on
tho vcrgo of starvation sho had tried
to ond her miseries. The baby had
died, but she had been saved.
"Portia come to life!" cried an old
Jurist as ho watched tho beautiful girl
and listened to tho eloquence of her
soft volco pleading for mercy for the
unfortunate sister on whpm inexorable
Justice had Jald her heavy hand. And
so moving was her plea that the Jury
acquitted her client.
Mile. Mlropolsky was born in PariB
of parents who were Poles by birth.
Both father and mother are doctors of
medicine, so It Is only fair to say that
somo of the young woman's talent is
inherited. Sho has nothing about her
that suggests tho "new woman."
Handsome, graceful, elegant In cos
tume, she looks like a young woman
of tho fashionable world until she
dons her gown and cap; then Indeed
sho seemB what the old lawyer called
her "Portia como to life."
Before sho was 17 sho had taken
her degree of B. A., and it should be
observed that tho French require
ments for a dagreo are anything but
easy to fulfill.
Mllo. MIropolsky's portraits do riot
do her Justice, for they cannot repro
duce tho air of intelligence that beams
in every feature nor tho changing ex
pression, tho keen sparkle of the oye,
tho jet black hair, the white teeth or
tho charm of manner which aro hers.
Mile. Mlropolsky desires especially
to,practlco In divorce cases and on be
half of children. With rogard to dl
vorco, she expresses Ideas which In
como countries would bo considered
audacious. Sho would Ilka to seo dl
vorco mado easier; that Is, sho advo
cates dissolving a union on. tho ex
press deslro of both parties. This re
form sho suggests as t being really in
tho Interests of morality. Such a con
dition of affaire, sho remarks, virtual
ly exists nowadays, for If tho parties
really wish to be separated they ar
range a comedy In which thoro are,
necessarily, low and vulgar Incidents.
In divorce cases sh hopes that it may
bo her lot to plead nearly always for
tho wlfo, for, sho says, It is tho woman
who suffers most frequently In these
domestic failures.
Mile. Mlropolsky thinks that every
posslblo career should bo opened to
woman, and sho finds that tho chief
objection of men is due to fear of in
creased competition and not really to
any of tho reasons commonly and
hypocritically put forward. Sho would
like to see women enter the church as
a profession, for that is a sphere in
which their qualities would, she be
lieves, be especially serviceable.
In politics, Mllo. Mlropolsky consid
ers she has not yot read and seen
euougtt to bo able to decide between
the various parties In the republic.
On tho question of marriage she has
supremo contempt for what are called
marriages of reason, the "reason" geiv
orally being mcjney. Sho recognises
that marriage Is the truo function of
woman, and if sho wero to meet a man
for whom she bad real affection she
would think hersolf happy to marry;
but on no other consideration save
that of love. In any caso, she would
hope to continue her career In the le
gal profession.
She is an opponent of capital pun
ishment She regards criminals some
what in the light of diseased persons.
In any caso, she says, where our own
motives are often so obscure and our
Judgment bo fallible, we have no right
to take the life of a human being.
Mile. Mlropolsky speaks Englli
very well, with a precise but pleasant
Intonation, and she also speaks and
reads German. She has traveled much
la Europe and she la a sklllod musi
;lan. And all this at tho age ? 211
The troubles we make light of are
(aerally other people's trouble.
HB young mas
with 'tho vloleti
In his buttonhole
ran gayly up the
steps of tho hous
from whoso fronl
window shone a
Bubdued light ol
shaded lamps
Eagerly ho greet
cd tho prcttj
young woman lr
tho trailing white
gown who roso ai
his entrance. Thou
ho looked closely
t Ttnt nonalv
1 "Don't you feel well?' he asked anx
.lously. I "Oh, I feel all right," sho said, and
"Something la botherlnir von." he
Insisted, as they sat down. "Tell me."
The pretty young woman signer
again. "Edgar," she said, Impressive
ly, "I got to thinking to-day and I
couldn't help wondering whether you
came to see mo because you really
wanted to or because you thought yoa
had to, seeing that we are engaged
Is It"
"Weill" exclaimed the young man,
cheerfully. "That's simple enough to
settle. It's becauso I want to. of
course I"
"That's what you say," persisted
I the young woman, "but there's no way
for me really to be sure. Besides, you
ay be deceiving yourself. You may
i think it's becauso yon want to come
when in reality it may be only your
exaggerated sense of duty."
"Don't you suppose that I'd rather
be with you than anywhere else?" ex
claimed tho young man. "So don't
let that foolish Idea worry you."
, "You didn't think any idea of mine
was foolish before we were engaged,"
objected the young woman. "Anything
I did was right. You see how it is
I've grown to bo an did story already
and you begin to see my faults. Of
course I know that I have faults, but
It hurts to find that you are begin
ning to see them. You wouldn't if you
weren't bored. That shows"
"Nothing of tho sort!" said the
young man. "I don't see what on
earth ails you! Don't I act glad
enough to come?"
"Edgar," said the young woman
"that Isn't the point 1 What I'm try
ing to get at is whether or not yovi
are deceiving yourself! It makes all
the difference in the world to me!
lYou know( perfectly well that you
.would not 'bo content to come hero
I seven evenings m a week forever and
I never go anywhere else! You'd miss
your friends and everything!"
j ,"Oh. I don't knowl" said the young
man, heroically.
I "Didn't you enjoy yourself awfully
tat the fraternity banquet last week?"
she asked. "Now, be honest"
I "Why, of course I did!" admitted
tho young man.
1 "There!" crjed the young woman,
tragically. "That proves what I said!
, It Is a relief to you to got away from
me! I've no doubt that lots of even
ings you como hero when you really
are longing to go somewhere else!
Don't peoplo ask you sometimes to go
with tnem?"
'Johnson wanted mo to play bil
liards ono night this week," admitted
tho young man. "But "
, "You lovo billiards," said tho young
woman, mournfully. "I know you
wanted to go. Wasn't It to-night ho
asked you7
j "What's tho 'difference?" asked, tho
young man. "I'm here and I'd. rather
be here!"
"You sacrificed yourself because
you thought I wouldn't understand,"
persisted: tne young woman. "I'd rath
er never see you than havo It this
-way! Just as soon as a foellng of
auty steps in lovo goes. Why. It
won't be a month before you won't
care two straws for me! It was Just
a pro-premonition this aft-afternoon,
but now I I know! And if I hadn't
forced It from you you'd have gone
,on to the bit-bitter end!"
"Now, Annabel said tho distracted
'young man, trying to pull her hand
kerchief to her eyes, "this is fool
ish and I don't understand in tho
least what you aro talking about!
There isn't any bitter end or any other
kind I Don't you think I lovo you as
much as ever? Don't I act that way?"
"But what's tho good of act-acting
li it isn't real?" wept the young wom
an. "And how can I t-t-toll?"
"Didn't I give up billiards tonlKht
to como here?" demanded the young
I man, sternly. "And I hadn't promised
to como or anything either, and could
nave telephoned Just as easily as not
that I wouldn't bo hore. How about
I "That's so," admitted the young worn-
an, dropping her handkerchief, "I
hadn't thought of that Tell me truly
'it was really because you wanted to
come, not because you thought I'd
expect you anyhow 1"
1 "Truly," vowed the young man.
I "I'm a horrid, auspicious creature!"
said tho young woman, contritely.
"Only it upset me bo when I got to
tninamg about It. You go and play
Duuaras lo-nigni, jfiagari"
I "I'd rather" began the young man,
I "No," said the young woman. "J
"Well, of course, If you inslat Only
you know I'd rather be here!"
"Would you, reajy?" asked the pret
ty yetag Wokuuj, happily. "Of eounw
I believe yon, Hdgar, bat arc yu
yjJr-hJcafo Dairy New,
,, i
"" !!! I f. ! ' I'l'lll lHlll H
ill ,,A n..;, mra mm vfl
KStrS co you, my rruna wuf '
Or capt. Jack Crawford 2M'I IiB
'ER0mcM!efar!rer9$c!, yMlJfe! fy 1
UlDcrr lutnrt's mvnk patks Mtttd MCw'P M
Ullio trultt and llwm, 1 nil IWi bawl, iTOflll&jgl I W i
Jni serve l( warm t rc, my trittid. 'ArTt '. a
T call the tvteiett, mlldea nwers, iil4j i Sm
Sort-tinted at int ralnbc jpra?, VSwliWaVi jL
Jlnd Wng o yon from nature' Dowers, ufiSv4)! ' m ' -
lo mingle wltftDKeiaber gray. glfoj qrf
' .w. fUese art but tclwei el the part, SF jfed 'jSL, ;
lifNv " Commie Mill mtrnery'trtlmtj i )7li!2$frl kb
Wit Rki tfte ,l,k,n m mi ,,M bi wt- Tiij vl? fi HU
HlsRll C9 catcb tbt tnnsblne of b; rtpet. $liSo($ WM
irMfefl TinD Us't It iwttt tfiat me kind dd- ffiSfigaC ftl
li?il JI memory fbrob, aGod-MMKr WBH&tijft Mt-l
"&2ft Oft' come$ to otltloate tbt seel I$bkSsJ tj
&jMftj Out we art sure to sow eicb year i FhKHBMnI ; Wj
v!3 tjdd to, m nidflino tbi botqwi Sacfsi? i mM
'(ffw) ibanWrtntssMa low lo foil NKAKfjMn ' &H
aftjflg Besprinkled trttb !Te'ttlo' 4t,s B7iKr' ' IE'1
k$wKv nriD wib ibt (betrfti viitMt, ErrchfiraB . i&
KsUUri ICblsistbtbopfMwlsbTKBft PiiI ' W
Usttft Cbat kvt or od ad mm aHk Kl&CT&fl 1 Wt
k LVi Wiib yo aid yers, y taWtri rrieti lC$ilxKf 9r
ent Iron Memory a thing you can't
replace. Put It 'way unto your ear,
and you'll find that all you hear you'll
remember quite distinctly for a
space. (
And lastly, Hy G. Eno, the man who
gave you such a scare, puts in some
thing you can always use and some
thing you can wear. It's a thing thnt
makes for hoalth; Indeed, for .happi
ness and wealth. It's an everlasting
bottle of fresh air.
So remember, when your toys are
spread about you on the rug, that tho
Learned Sprites have tried to make
you happy; they have dug in tho present-mines
of China, than the . which
there's nothing finer, and we're send
ing you as much as wo could lug. If
you use these llttlo gifts that wo aro
forwarding Just right you will never
havo to listen to another learned
sprite. Dut there's ono thing more,
to-wlt: "Merry Christmas," that Is
So wo hereunto subscribe, in black
and white:'
Menus In Which Roast Beef and Goose
Are the Leading Entrees.
For the Christmas feast roast beef
or roast young goose aro tho prime fa
vorites, taking tho precedenco of tur
key, which very soon after tho first
of December begins to lose Its dollcacy
of flavor. Tho English dinner of roast
beef and plum pudding is historic, an3
in recent years Americans havo gen
erally followed tho custom of serving
an English dinner on Christmas, Im
proving on tho old country menus by
the addition of dainty entrees" "and"
Here are somo suggestions for
menus for Christmas homo dinners.
Grape Fruit with Sherry.
Olives. Radishes.
Email Oysters, Roasted in Shell.
Cream of Chicken.
Roast Blrloln of Beef.
Macaroni au Gratln.
Bermuda Fotatoes. New String Bean.
Endive Balad.
Toasted "Wafers and Edam Cheese.
jfium vaaaing.
Fruit. Coffee.
Oysters on the Half Shell.
Cream of Celery. Stuffed Olives.
Fried Smelts, Sauco Tarture.
Hothouse Cucumbers,
Roast .Young- Goose,
Apple Sauce.
Mashed Potatoes. UolUd "Whlto Onions.
Stuffed, Green Peppers.
Romalne Salad and Toasted Wafers.
Roquefort Cheese,
Plum Pudding or Mtnce Pie.
Coffee. Fruit
She Had Tried It.
Bello This holly In my hair wants
a little relief it'a too red.
Aunty Well, why not put In a sprig
or two of mlstl'otoo, dear?
Belle Nonsense, aunty! Why, I
should havo4 all tho young men kissing
Aunty Indeed, no. my dear. Taey'd
do so thing of the kind, I've tried
Letter Inclosed in a box which lrill ats
rive about 7 a. m. Christmas day for
Fred, the protege of learned sprites.
EAR FRED: Within.
this package ye will
find some little things;:
Just a crumb or two
of pleasure, such aa
any fellow flings to &
friend he's xaot but
onco or twice and yot
considers rather nice)
and thinks of what
the jolly season -brings, i
We remember, sir,
your' courtesy in Bit
ting while wo lectured
on the knowledge that
Is proven, also that
which Is conjectured. To our utter
gratitude you were never, never rude,
for your heart, indeed, Is very finely
When the sorles of discourses found
Its most untimely close, wo assembled
In a cornfield, and Indeed wo nearly
froze. We'd forgotten, we'ro so old,
thero was such a thing as cold, and
we're much too smart to think of
things like those, nut our heatfa arav
always warm, and lu thinking, Frod,
of you, such a warmth aroBO as any
time would boll an oyster stew. Then,
a-basklng In the heat, wo did all of
us compete In discussion of what
would and wouldn't do. Ojncp tho arguj
ment grew fierce, but ovorTnTs wD
draw a yell. Wo are all of ua eo
learned that we thought (you know
tho tale), that wo each of us know
best what would lend tho greatest
zest what a modern boy would not
consider stale.
Wo consulted sundry lists whlesj
only mixed us up tho worse; wo ro
Jected some suggestions far too long
for any purso; and wo bickered and
wo snickered, while above tho moon
light flickered, and discovered that
Ideal things wero "source," And at
last W6 gav6 Up trying fT dfcliiij it
for each other, and departed, saying?
"Give him what you like, my learned
brother." So each mado his own aei-
.lesUon; which accounts for tho com
plexion of tho articles we hopo you'll
show your rndlfiST.
On tho top you'll find a ticket for a
trip around tho earth. This, of courso.
la from old Jogerfy, the chap who
had a dearth of ideas, but in fact was
rather diligent than lax; ho la hoping
that you realized his worth. J
Next in order Is a 3IcUonary don't
turn up your nose. It's no ordinary
volume, as Its queer appearance
shows. When you're otuck for what
to say, turn tho knob the proper way,
and the word is in your mouth, and
out it goes. In this book Is every
languago, e'en including that of birds
and tho speech tho cows are using
"when they stroll about In hords. why.
you canuoi go astray, an to how and
what to say, If you uso tho present
sent you by old Worlds. ,
With apologies wo montjon what
you got from Anglo-Saxon. He'a tho
chap for whom the speech of other
nations had attraction. He sat down
it fieems, aud wroto you a promissory
note. You will nover get tho cola with.,
out exaction.
From Numero, a prcsont that win
comfort you, wo feel. It's a tablo wiu
a marvvlous, unusual kind of wheL
Yes, a multiplication table turn tha
cronK, it you are abio, and you'll bay
Derore your eyes a luscious meal
U14 dilatory, the gracim rf t

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