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Gov. Willson Takes Old Cases Out
of Field of Political Controversy.
Governor Willson cleared the
docket of all the much talked of
Goebol murder conspiracy cas
08 Friday evening about bix
o'clock by issuing fall and freo
pardons to Ex-Governor W. S.
Taylor, Oharloy Finloy, who was
Secretary of State under Gov.
Taylor; John L. Towers; Hol
land Whittaker, the first man ar
rested after the Goobel shooting;
John W. Davis policeman on the
Capitol Square and Zack Steel,
of whom but little is kuowu.
Governor Willson, in giving some
of his reasons for issuing the par
dons, hds the following to sav :
It was ray hopo and promise to
our people that I should try to
be a missionary of peace and good
will and to end the angry strife
of years over these cases, and to
do my duty in them faithfully
and uprightly, and I havo kept
tho faith. It is the highest call
of duty and conscience now to
ond this prosecution of this man
who is clearly not guilty, and to
take this case out of the field of
public and political controversy.
I am absolutely sure that Gov.
W. S. Taylor hadno part in nor
thought of the murder of William
Goebel, and I feel it a sacred du
ty, which! must no louger de
lay, to carry this belief into ef
fect, I therefore graut to William
S. Taylor a fall and freo pardon
of tho charges in said indictment
and all charges of being accosBocy
to tho murder of William Goobel
and under and by virtue of the
power vested in me under tho
Constitution, I direct that said
indictment bo dismissed and all
further proceedings and charges
against the saill William S. Tay
lor in connection with the mar
dor of William 3oebel bo dis
missed and ended forever, hd
nil officers and people of die
commonwealth are eujoinod to
give full force and effect to this
order and decision of the Gover
nor of Kentucky.
Witness my hand and tho seal
of the Commonwealth of Ken
tucky this 28 day of April, liMS.
Auausrus E Willsok.
Governor of Koutucky.
Was Given (0 a Crowded House at Ttnv
pie Theatre Last Thuriday Evening.
Tho K. K. Band gavo their an
nual minstrel last Thursday night
to a crowded house, and as usual
had a first-class show, bringing
to light much natural tulent that
exists in Earliugton.
At noon Thursday n big street
parade was given, led by Mr.
McLeod, Interlocutor, and Earl
iugton's two famous black face
men, Eugene Foster and Neal
Spillmen, followed by tho band
in a uniform of black coats, white
trousors and high "silk" hats.
They mdde quite a showiug, and
by a stranger would readily have
been taken for professional men.
At 8:80 the curtain rose to a
selection by tho band, aud to a
inarch the stage was filled with
gayly dressed minstreljmeu, who
kept tho audience interested for
three-quarters cf an hour by their
excellent singing and witty jokes.
The Earlington quartette sang
several selections, and were fol
lowed by AIoyBius Morgan, our
natural artist, who mado several
creditable off-hand sketches.
Dr. A. O. Sislc, as Ilerman tho
Groat, showed ho had lost non
of his cunning, and did sovoWl
things wo couldn't exactly see
Tho E. A. 0. boyB concluded
the performance with wire walk
lug, ocrobatic Btunts and barrel
jumping. Tho barrel jumping
by Hartford Ghatten aud Roy
Parker was exceptionally good.
Wo understand the boys will
play at several of our neighbor
ing towns, probably St. Charles
Retired Merchant and Old Citizen at Rett
Alter Protracted lllntn.
William W. Nisbet died at his
home at Madisonville Sunday
morning, at tho age of seventy
four, after an illness of several
months, which was'recognized as
fatal, so that his death has been
expected. He leaves a wife and
eight children, ouo of whom is
Mrs. Henry Rogers of this place.
TwosiBters, Mrs. Jane Todd and
Mrs. Lucinda Todd, survive him.
Mr. Nisbet was for a long time
in the mercantile business some
yars ago.
Funeral services were held at
the family residence Monday
afternoon at 1:80 o'clock, con
ducted by Rev. Darnell, of the
Christian Church, folldwcdby in
terment at Grapevine cemetery,
attondod by mauy relatives.
Tax Commissioners Will Visit Kentucky
Citld to Study Conditions.
(l.ouisvlUc Times
In the hope of being ablelo re
port to Gov. A. E. Willson by
next December a feasible recom
mendation for the revision sys
tem of Kentucky, the special
commission appointed by the
Governor for that purpose will
visit all of the principal cities
and towns in Kentucky and study
conditions at trat nana witu as
sistance of local people. W. A.
Robinson, who has taken a deep
er interest fa the work than
probably any other member of
the oomni68t3U, says.
"It is our -aim to make the laws
as just and -applicable to Ken
tucky's needs as is possible- We
are going to put our beet efforts
in the attempt, to do this. I
cannot say that we are likely to
adopt tho laws of any oue partic
ular State, uor cau I say we are
likely to pick what is best from
Mr. John U. Atkinson is a
member of the Tax Cotrimission,
representing the coal miuiug in
j Party in Christian Names Candidates for
the Various Offices.
Hopkiusville, Ky., April 24,
Iu the Republican primary to
day the following nominations
for county officers wore mado:
Oouuty Judge, 0. 0. Prowse;
County Attorney, John Feland ;
County Court Clerk, W. 11.
Wicks; Sheriff, L. It. Davis;
Jailer, Joe Johnson; Superin
tendent of Schools, Wi H. Gray ;
Coroner, J. L. Alleuswprth, col
orgd; Representative, Hiram
Brown; Circuit Court Clerk, 0.
R. Clark.
For Assessor, the race between
H. 0. Myers and II. Meachem is
so close that an 'official count
may be recmired-tb&ettle it, A
'very light vote was polled."
Supposed to be Temporarily In
sane When Act Was Com
Hardin Sharp, who formerly
for a time lived hero and was
employed in the coal mines, kill
ed himself at his home at St.
Charles Monday morning. He
used a shotgun which ho dis
charged into his head, dying in
stantly. It is thought he was laboring
under temporarly mental abera
tion at the time. His wife and
three children survive. 'The de
ceased was about thirty years
He as UBual went to work, but
returned shortly telling Jiis bro
ther ho was going to kill himself.
His brother attempted to take
the gun from him. Sharp told
his brother if he would go after
his familv who were away from
home he would not kill himself.
His brother started, but when
a 6hort distance heard the report
the report of the gun and upon
returning found Sharp dead.
County Board of Education Will Decide
Upon Schhol Text Books for
Five' Years.
a meeting or use oiuio uoa.ru, 01
Education today, May 12 was
fixed for the county boards of
education to meet iu each of the
119 counties of the State, exam
ine the bids, the samples of books
submitted by the various book
companies, aud vote upon which
bid they wiah selected, for the
contract of supplying the State
with schoolbook8 for the next
five years.
The bid which meets with the
most favor frOm the county
boards will be accepted by the
State board and the cou tract at
onco entered into with the suc
cessful company.
The State uoard drew up a
tentative course of study for the
public scIiooIr of the State, but
this may be revised later.
State Organization Now Being Formed
and Active Crtcsadc Planning.
The light against Consumption
which has been goiug on in Ken
tucky for the last four years has
received a tremendous impetus
during the last few months, a
great part of which is due to the
successful sale of Christmas
Stamps all over the State during
the State during the Christmas
holidays last yoar.
Only two organizations were
actually engaged iu tho Christ
mas Stamp Campaign, aud both
were very successful in raising
funds for their work which will
bo carried during the .next few
mouths into every county in
the State.
A uew State Anti-Tuberculosis
Association is now in process of
organization and plans to begin
a very active educational crusade
iu which this county Is included,
It is said by soma of the most
prominent workers in tho State
that tho uew State Association
as soon as fully equipped will hold
a meeting hero for tho purpose
of organizing a branch aseocja-
tlon in this county, aud stereop-
licau lectures will be delivered
in every important town in the
Two years ago thore was not a
Sanatorium in Kentucky for tho
treatment of tuberculosis aud
those suffering from the disease
were obliged to seek other states
and other climates. There ib
now one sanitarium in operation
and two others being built, and
hope for a State Sanatorium
within the next two years seems
to bo justifiable.
At tho present time tho only
three anti-tubercqlosiB Associa
tion in the State are those of Lou
isville, Lexington and Latonia.
The one Sanatorium now in oper
ation is in Louisville, while in
addition to the large municipal
Sanatorium being built there,
the onlv other institution of the
sort is the Sanatorium to be con
structed in Frankfort this summer.
Railroads May Begin Three-Cent Fare
Kansas City, April 24. Fed
eral Judge John Phillips here
today issued an order dissolving
the temporary injunction re-
oehtly obtained by Attorney
General Major in the State courts
to prevent the eighteen railroads
to the three-cent pabseuger rate,
New Injury to His Leg and he is More
Closely Confined.
..Frankfort, Ky., April 27.
Gov. Wilson will not be able to
carry out his intention to pitch
the season in'tlii'gity. Hetated
yesterday that he would pitch
the first ball" if he had to go to
the park on crutches, and that
he would, but this morning 'he
received an additional injury to
his leg, and his physicians told
liim that ho must cut out the
ball game or ho might have bldod
poison. The Governor sits with
his leg up on a table most of the
Attention, Veterans Forrest Cavalryl
General headquarters for the
Porrest Cavalry ' Corps will be
Dining Room B, Gayoso Hotel,
Mempjiis, during the Reunion
Juue 8th, 9th, and 10th. All
men who at any time served un
der the orders of General N. B.
Forrest, aud remained faithful
to our cause until the close of
the war or previously honorably
discharged, are earnestly re
quested to call and register and
secure badges.
Efforts are being made to se
cure mounts for all who at
teud. Members are requested to
jom us iu the 'Parade on foot, if
they cannot securo mounts.
Memphis having been tho homo
of our.Peerloss Commander aud
his last resting place, we should
etriye thus to show our apprecia
tion of his matchless career.
A general meeting for orgaui.
zation and election of a comman
der will take place at 10 o'clock
a. m. Wednesday, Juue Oth, 1000
at tho Merchants Exchange,
South East Corner Court Square,
Comer Second and Court streets.
Evory member is earnestly re
quested to attend this meeting.
H. A. Tylkk, Lieut, Gen.
Commanding Forrest Cavalry
Beach Hargis Gets Life Sentence.
Irvine, Ky , April 18. -Beach
Hn'rgiB, unnatural son, must pay
tho penalty of his crime. The
jury tins afternoon returned a
verdict fixing his seuteuoe at life
imprisonment for- the brutal
raumer of his father, Judgo
James Hargis, ftt Jackson, Ky,
Public Money Appropriated by
Fiscal Court to Settle
Damage Suits.
Eddyville, Ky., April 23. The
Lyon county Herald, Gpnblished
at this place, in its issue of today
severely criticised the action of
the Lyon county Fiscal Court
for appropriating $2,000 in ajd
of the compromise of nigb,t rider
damage suits, lately pending in
the Federal Court at Paducah,
against a number of Lyon county
citizens. The suits were dismiss
ed, settled and a payment of
$0,500 was made to the plaintiffs,
Henry B. Bennett, A. H. Oardin
O. W. Hucker, Laura Tooney, L.
M. Wood and G. W. Gordon.
Two thousand dollars of this
sum was paid out of tho county
treasury by the Fiscal Court,
whieh was in session last Satur
day, when the order was made
and the claim issued.
Kentucky Launching New Coal
Barges at Paducah.
Paducah, Ky April 20. The
first of tho 600 barges to be built
here by the West Kentucky Coal
Company will be launched this
week, and hereafter it is expect
ed that two will be launched a
week. It is probable that a per
manent barge buildingplantwill
be maintained on the Tennessee
riverJt4as,4lheW,est ,Xentuc':y
pjanc nas recoiveu a uumuet uj.
1 ' - rir '",
orders from other concerns. It
wiil require eighteen months to
complete the work of the coal
Case is Taken on Appeal to Supreme
Court of Tennessee.
Nashville, Tenn, April 27.
Judge William M. Hart today
overruled the motion for a new
trial in the case of Col. Duucan
B. and Robin J. Cooper, recent
ly convicted of tho murder of
former United States Senator, E.
W. Carmack. The defense at
onco gavo notice of an appeal to
the Supreme Court and wavied
the formal sentence of twenty
years in the penitentiary.
Youth Hurt In Fall Is Adjudged Insane.
Madisonville, Ky., April 24.
Hugh Adams, who was thrown
'from his horse aud his head in.
jurod, was adjudged insane and
sent to the Western Asylum at
Hopkinsville. Adams is eigh-
teen years of age and suffered
from concussion of the brain.
Ent End Card Club.
Mrs. W. E. Daves was the
hpstess of the East Eud card club
on last Friday afternoou. Jtfes
damos H, W. Rogers and C. B.
Johnson and Miss Spillman were
guests of tho club. ( Mesdames
Geo. 0. Atkinson and N. E, Mc
Ktanon won the highest score.
At tho conclusion of the games
cream, cuko and saltod almonds
were served.
Dwelling on Dickinson
Burned After Warning.
Jopkiusyillo, Ky., ApwlO.
A tacaDfr dwelling house 'ott the
faru of Johtf Dickinson, a prom
inent North Christiau farmer,
was burned by incendiaries last
night. Two weeks ago Dickin
son received an anonymous let
ter warning him to dischago n
farm hand accused of selling
liquor. He paid no attention to
the threat and the burning of the
building followed.
Bloodhounds were taken to the
scene today and an effort will be
made to track the firebugs.
Notes of the Big Mystic Shrine Meeting
at Louisville In June.
(Lonhvlllo Herald.)
Up to the present writing thoro
are more patrols booked for the.
coming Imperial Council meet
than wore in attendance at tha
last St. Paul meet.
Many of the Louisville Shrin-
ers will entertain visiting Nobles
and their families, at their homes
during the big meet, for there al
ready seems to bo a great scarc
ity of accommodations.
Natiello's Band will be the
official band of the big entertain
ment, and will be in evidence in
oveiry .portion of the city, or in
fact will be heard at every point
of interest.
Noble J. J. Telford is making
great headway on his particular
committee that of having indi
vidual business houses illummato
their places of business witn
Shrine designs and the streets
as well.
The first Tuesday afternoon of
the meeting of the Imperial
Council a cold luncheon will be
served at the Elks' Home, this
courtesy having just recently
been extended by the Louisville
Lodee of B. P. O. E. Four hunn .
dUtbrfV imperial ;
divan ana imperial repruscuitv
tives will partake.
The arrangements hare been
completed for a mammoth re
viewing stand at the City Hall
where tbe Imperial party will
review the night pageant.
Members of Louisville Kosair,
who will not take patrol drills,
will appear in the big parade in
dress Jsuits with fezes. Outside
Shrlners are invited to parade.
One hundred local owners of
automobiles have pledged them
selves to offer tho use of their
machines to visiting ladies to
tour the city, take in the parks, f
etc. This will bo an ideal 0
of entertainment fog the ladiea
while the council is in session..
The scenery is about compIeCed
for the big Boonesboro fort sham
battle. ThO 10,000 ronnds of
cartridges will be ordered in a
few days and then all will be in
readiness or the big fight.
One of the str0uges6 foafafea
of the big eutertainment will bo
a ohorus of 500 colored voices at
the Armory. This great musi
cal feature will begin with tho j
old-fashioucd Southern melodies '
aud continue until it has reached .
the height of very classic selee- "'
tions, giving the Northern visit
ors an idea of tho Southern
There will bo something doine
every mintifco urtjl visitipg no
bles cry .for help,.
StTEveofng Party.
ijinck Southworth entertained
a delightful card party at bis
home on West Main Tuesday
evening. The gue&ts were Misses: '
Vaharsdajl. Mopro, T$6y, Willis
and Oreusj&we. Messrs, WMpfler,
Tfcrthern, Wand, Lowe, Maloney
a'nu Southworth, At the cSn
elusion of the game delicious re
freshments svero Served, ondiug
a most pleasant affair.
pays to advertise in Th
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