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f Local Happenings I
i tHH-'MH-H""t"Hl'lll"M"l''ltH'j'
I The Moving Throng-
Locomotive Blasts,
pif'jPW,lU.'l W"W'"'VWYW
i Ar
M, B. Long is conflnod to Ills room
with rheumatism, this week.
Room for reut on corner of Moss
nvonuo and McEuen street.
Mks. Cora Pkvton.
Wo understand tho ladles will
burlesque the band minstrels In the
near future.
Tho last few days have-started
fishing In earnest ft Loch Mary and
all this week great crowds have
bee enjoying thlB favorite sport.
J. T. Earl member of tho I. P. Club
will opon a fish and hamborp-er stand
Way Cth, 1909. Open nightly at 9 p.
in. In west window of colored uaruer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Prico are the
proud parents of twin girls who
arrived at their home Monday night.
Paul smiles out of botfi comers of
his mouth. F
Mrs. Oscar Bonham died at her
homo In Howell Tuesday after a
lingering lllnesB of consumption.
Mr and Mrs. Bonham were formerly
residents of Earlington.
A party of about thirty married
and young peoplo made a trip iuto
the mines Tuesday night. Mr. Geo.
Wyatt conducted the party. They
carried a lunch and had a jolly time.
K The Madieonvllle lodge of Elks
will give a minstrel the first of May.
We understand two Earlington boys
Chatten and -Parker, Barrel Jum
pers will take a very active part
in the olio.
"Buck" Shaved, who was stricken
with appendicitis several days ago
was operated on last Friday at the
Woman's Hospital, at Nashville,
by Dr. Gonnou and Dr. A. E. DavlB.
He Btood the operation well and at
.ast account was resting nicely.
Services at M. E. church, South,
Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. by
the pastor. Morning subject "The
Widow and Unjust Judge." Even-
Xg subject, "Christ's Welcome to
Weary and Heavy Laden." Sunday
) school 9:30 a. m. Epworth League
J p.m.
It Is stated that during the late
Russian-Japanese war the gen
erals of the Japanese army were
not permitted to pitch their
camps until the sites had been
approved by their medical offi
cers. Do school trustees always con
sult with medical men or trained
sanitarians before purchasing a
site on which to erect a school
It too often happens that thou
sands of dollars are wasted on
useless ornamentation of school
hnlMInn that utnnll I..... !-..
1" I been expended for additional
grouna lor ngni, air, ana exer
cise. If Japan looks so carefully aft
ter tho health of Its soldiers In
r matters of camp sanitation, sure
i ly we should go as far In provld-
( Ing for the health and comfort of
the vast army of school children
In this country.
Stockholders' Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of the stock.
holders of the St. Bernard Miq
jg Compauv. for the trausac-
iou of such business as may
iroperly como before the meet.
tng, will bo held on Wednesday,
Jpe liJtli day of Blay, 1U0U, at
11:80 o'clock a m., in the gen-
iral office of the company, at
ftwlington, Ky.
I Gko, O. Atkinson, Secy.
(Dated, Earhngt6n, Ky., April
, 0. 1009.
The Longest Word.
What Is bolleved to bo tho longest
word to be found In any dictionary
one tiat leaves even German and
Duicli bojjelessjy out of it may be
turned up In Llddcll and Scott's lexi
con "by those -who can read Greek
characters. Those -who cannot may
bo content to know that this word
which begins "lepadotemacboselacho
kVito," proceeds In like manner
through T8 syllables, and counts 170
letters In all. Of course, no ancient
Greek ever used such a word as this
Jlln ordinary conversation. It Is a com
Jlc word Invented by Aristophanes for
Rhythmical delivery in ono of bis
lay and means a dish compounded
A all torts of flsb, flesh, fowl and
auoea, wnjeft era enumeratfa ;n tne
rfr ?& uost Ingenious English
.twltUon of It yet suggested Is
N. E McKtuuou and Cheater
IIutcliGBOu spent Monday in
Roy Smith, flagman 6n tho
dinkv, returned from Louisville
aud other points Monday where
ho has been spending his vaca
iou. The Londou Times of April 7
prints a cable: "The contract
for the great railway to bo made
across the Andes from Azica, in
Chile, to La Paz, in Bolivia, at
taining a level of upwards of
12,000 feet, and haviug a length
of a little over 300 miles, has
been given to Sir John Jackson
(Limited). It is uuderotood
that the actual money voted for
this scheme is .$15,000,000. Tho
staff is proceeding from England
to the railhead." It is expected
that the work will take three
years. The engineering difficul
ties are described as "tremen
dous." Stockholders' Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of tho stockhold
ers of the Atpontley Coal Com
pany, for the transaction of such
businees as may properly come
before the meeting, will be held
on. Wednesday, the 5th day of
May, 1009, at nine o'clock a. m.,
iu the office of the company at
Earlington, Ky.
Paul M. Moore, Secy.
Dated, Earlington, Ivy., April
0th. 1909.
Interruption by Snoot Judson Was
Only, Discordant Element In
Grand Ceremony.
"Too bad, SIstah Sags; suttlngly
'twuzl dat yo couldn't bo at do wed
din'," sympathetically said Sister Tug
gle, who had been present "Ah-Lawd!
'twnz ono o' de most sonorous events
of de present social season, yass'ml De
bride, wld her hair all fussed up like
It had been done wld an egg-beater,
PAtllA llTl.rlfriln' lin Aa oIoIa nvnAaitAj
by de rushers and six little girls dlsar-
laj-cu aa augyiB un-siromn nowers in
de way, uh-whllst do awgin pealed
fo'th do 'Weddln' March fum Meddle
some, follered by a wholo puhsesslon
o swell-elegant kin folks uh-smellln' o'
puffoomery llko an observatory, and
two little boys dressed like charry
blms, uh-holdln" up her trail. Pahson
Bagster met 'em dar at do cancellation
rail, and 'twas all gwine fine twell he
done axed: "Who-all glveth dis yuh
woman away?' and dat low-down,
trlflin' gamblin' man, Snoot Judson,
settln' back yander by de do', spoke
up, and says: 'Ah-Lawd! I could, but I
isn't dat mean!' De rushers done put
him out, razzah and all, an' dat was do
end o' him. And den de pahson spoke
de solemn words o' de sarrymony, an'
'most everybody cried, 'twuz so disin
fectant." "H'm yass'm!" returned tho lady
addressed. "But what about de groom?
Yo' isn't mentioned him a-tall."
"Oh, he was de conventional black."
Poor Fellow.
Police Justice The man you ran
down swears positively you were grin
ning like a flend before the car hit
Trolley Motorman I was, your
honor! But you will understand when
I tell you that I was a chauffeur for
throe years before I got my present
Job, and from force of habit I thought
I could steer the car to avoid him,
after throwing the usual scare into
him. Puck.
Not a drop
of Alcohol
Doctors prescribe very little, if
any, alcohol these days. They
nrefer strong tonics and altera
tives. This is all in keeping
with modern medical science.
It explains why Ayer's Sar
saparilla is now made entirely
free from alcohol. Ask your
doctor. Follow his advice.
W publitU our formula
m we Dftsuu iconoi
J from our medUlu.i
W urc you to
oos.uii your
Unless there is daily action of the bow
els, poisonous productt are absorbed,
causing beauache, biliousness, nausea,
dyspepsia. We wish you would ask your
doctor about correcting your constipation
by taking laxative doses of Ayer's Pills.
Mdt by tb 3. q. AjU Co., LowtU, !.
hi m;i. w,"" "" '
Jack Stokes was In Nnslmllo Mon
day. "
Jewell Webb was In Mndlsonville
Mrs. Jack Hnle was in Mndlson
ville Monday.
Geo. Wolf, Kvansvillo Is visiting
his brother, John.
Mrs. W. S. MoOary visited In Hop-
kinsvillo Monday.
Arch Fraser, of Cadiz, visited rel
atives here Sunday.
Mrs. Clarence Lynn is In Madison
vlllo today shopping.
Mrs. John Price, of Madlsonyillp,
visited hero Tuesday.
Mrs. Joo Mothershcad visited in
Madlsonvifie Monday.
C. T. Martin is visiting relatives
in Muhlenberg county.
H. R. McCreary nud son spent
Monday in Evansvllrb.
Mrs. Elmer Witherspoon Is iu
in Madisonvllle visiting relatives.
Mrs. Jake McEuen and daughter,
of St. Charles, were in the city
Charlie Staufleid, who has been at
Hot ' Springs for sometime, return
ed home Sunday.
Mrs. Alary Sydnor, of Hopkins
ville. waB tho cueBt of Mrs. Rex
McEuen Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Phil Schlamp, of Houdorson,
who has been visiting her sister,
Mrs. C. H. McGary, returned home
Dr. It. A. Baldwin visited his fam
ily iu Henderson county Sunday,
where they are spending a few
weeks with relatives.
Rev. W. C. Brandon is in Mem
phis this week nttendlug a mooting
of the Board of Church Extension
Committee, of the M. E. Church,
Miss Nell Carllu arrived Tuesday
afternoon for a visit to Mrs. Dau M.
Evans. Miss Carliu taught in the
Hanson sch ol this torm, which
closed Friday. Aftr a visit here
she will return to ner home at
It is possible for a man to live
three weeks without food, three
days without water, and three
minutes without air.
This simple statement of a
well known fact should make t
clear that air, fresh, 'pure air, Is
the most important element In
the world for the sustaining of
life. It Is also .equally Important
that In order to perform the best
tabor, to do the best work In any
occupation, human beings must
be plentifully supplied with pure
Thero are shops, stores, and
factories In every city where the
conditions as to venttlatfoh and
light are bad. it would hi 'econo
my on the part of the owners to
spend money liberally to Improve
these conditions. The returns on
the Investment would come In
more and better work from the
employes. No employer of labor
can afford to overlook these Im
portant considerations.
Tragedian Comes Forward with Griev
ance for Which Real 8ympathy
Will Be Felt.
Ho had long hair and it was black,
saya the Cleveland Plain Dealer. His
voice was heavy, so heavy that at
times It rumbled.
"Have the common peoplo any
r-r-IgbtsT" he asked.
"A few," the editor admitted.
"And the uncommon people how
about them?"
The editor adroitly parried the
"State your grievance," he said.
The stranger assumed an impressive
"I am nn actor," he announced,
"and while I am a very busy man, I
find time to read the dally Journals.
In your sheet -this morning, sir, I
noted the statement that certain rail
roads are to adopt electricity as a mo
Uvo power. In this connection, they
will use steel ties instead of wooden
ones. These steel ties, I am informed,
are apt to carry powerful electric cur
rents. There are times, sir, when,
through lack of financial appreciation,
actors aro forced to use tho railroads
but not the cars. I am a tragedian,
sir. I have played Hamlet and Lear
Do you think it right for soulless cor
porations to forco a Hamlet or a Lear
to dance a frantic mazurka, as it were,
from one electric-charged tlo to anoth
er! Can these corporations do this un
just thing?" '
,'Td like to see 'em try It," said the
editor, as be turned back to bis work.
Try ourJobDWork, 3
Arduous Duties Before the Head of the
; House Required His Entire1
The baby was ill, and tho doctor or
dered that he bo taken to the sea. This
Involved tho closing of the house until
tho little one should be well enough
to return. After the wife had secured
hotel accommodations by tho long-dls-tanco
telephone, the man of tho house
went to his room and BloWly and
thoughtfully spread the entlro con
tents of his wardrobo upon his bed,
that they might be convenient for his
wlfo to pnek.
Ho stood surveying them, deep in
meditation, when his wifo came Into
the room nnd began to speak to him.
Ho raised his hand robuklngly.
"Don't talk to me now, Susie, don't
talk to me! I have.n great deal on
my mind. If we nre going to tho Ben
shore day after tomorrow there nro
many things to bo done, and I must
His wifo, who had already lele
phoned tho butcher, milkman, baker,
grocer, oxpressman and ticket office,
and given the maid a month's vacation
and arranged with n relative for tho
caro of the dog, gazed nt him in si
lence. "A great deal on my mind," he re
peated. Then the Interrogative nature
of his wife's silence forced him to ex
plain. "You see," he said, "I have got to
put a nail In tho cellar window and
stop tne newspaper." Youth's Com'
Varying Conditions Under Which the
World's Great Writers Did Their
Best Work.
Alexander Pope, who was the liter
ary pontiff of his time, thought best
when In bed. Whenever a thought
came lo him he would JoMt down on a
scrap of papor. His servant often
found bedclothes nnd floor covered
with white bits containing aphorisms
which have now become hackneyed
Victor Hugo wrote "Lea Miserables"
standing up, nn attltudo which Haw
thorne also nssumed when he wrote
many of his romances.
One leg thrown over the arm of a
chair or sitting on tho arm of his sec
retary's chair were Napoleon's favor
ite positions whllo dictating to Bour
rlenne, a position which he varied now
and then by patting that scribo on the
head or pulling hla ears.
Sir Walter Scott could while reclin
ing on a lounge dictate to two amanu
enses, who frequently had to stop writ
ing, so funny the dictated passages
seemed to them.
William Morris made one of his fa
mous translations from tho Greek
while riding on the steam cars. Walt
, Whitman and Horace Traubel, original
in an tninga, were most original In tho
position they took while thinking.
They were wont, so Mr. Traubel says,
to climfr upon a pile of lumber and He
down upon their backs. In that way
each found but what the other's best
thoughts were.
Coming Down Easy.
Inquiries after 'the welfare of Pat
rick Conroy wore answered by his
devoted friend, Terence Dolan, who
was at the Conroy's in tho double ca
pacity of nurse and cook. "No, he's
not dangerously hurt at all," was Mr.
Dolan'a reply to a solemnly whis
pered question at the door.
"We heard he had a bad fall and
was all broke to pieces," whispered
the neighbor,!
M,TIs a big story you've heard,"
said Mr. Dolan, In his cheerful roar.
"Thrue, he fell off'n tho roof o' tho
Brady stables, where he was shingling
and he broko his lift leg, knocked out
a couple of teeth and broke bis collar
bone. "Mind ye, It he'd have fell clear to
the ground it might have hurted him
bad, but sure there was a big pllo of
shtones and old lumber that broko his
fall." Youth's Companion.
Be Amiable and Retain Youth.
Ab a charming woman onco said:
"To remain always young ono must
be always amlable." A melancholy
face, a sullen, an evil look, Is like com
ing in contact with winter; whereas a
sereno faco, a gracious air, a kind and
good expression, Is like a spring day,
and a smilo on the lips like Its sun
shine. Sulky people, you may have
remarked, always appear to be ten
years older than they are. The face
grows wrinkled from contracting the
brows; the mouth projects disagree
ably when sulking. Behold beside tho
portrait of the sullen woman the plc-L
iuiu ui uiu unvui uiiu kthlioub woman;
all her features are In repose, her lips
form an adorable Cupid's bow, kind
ness softens her glance and goodness
illuminates her brow. Perhaps she Is
tho elder, but she will always appear
young and charming.
The lll-Natured Man.
The ill-natured man, though but of
equal parts with tho good-natured
man, gives himself a larger field to
expatiate In. He exposes thoso fall
ings in human nature which the oth
er would cast a wall over; laughs at
vices which the other either excuses
or conceals; falls indifferently upon
friends or enemies; exposes the pop
son who has obliged blm; and, In
,short, sticks at nothing that may es
tablish bis character of a wit.
Back to Earth.
"Every cloud has a fcllver lining,"
said tho rady-niadct philosopher.
"Yes," ajuwered Miss Cayenne.
"The clouds aro all right But bow
about pocket books 7"
We are Forty Yers Old
Wo nre going to celebrate it by a
Fortieth Anniversary Sale
TIip snlo is on now, ami Is unique, luasnruli as
the flirure 40 cuts the greatest figuro In tho salo
Many of tho smaller articles of necessary wear
for Man, Boy and Child
Men's nntl young men's suits, also boys' long
pant suits aro marked to sell nt $4.40, $G 40, (1 40,
7.40, 8 40, $0 40, $10 40, $12.40. (1C.40, and so on up,
a saving of GO cents nt evpry price. Not much of
a aoncoBsion. but still a saving, and Is mado
not so much to mako a cut ns to mark the occa
sion. Ihese prices apply also to top cents and
roin coats. With clothing purchases in nil depart
ments we glvo n Souvenir Ruby Scarf Pin, em
blematic of the 40th nnniversnry. Your selections
can bo mndo from the liigl.est class of men ami
boys' clothlnc, hats, caps, choes and furnishings,
ns tho odd prices In a great measure oxtrnds to
ail departments. Remember our rebato plan.
It Pai6 to Trade Here.
Evansville, Ind.
Slaton & O'Bryan Bros.
We keep in stock a full line of furniture of every de
scription at prices that are as low as can be found in
Hopkins county.
Furniture Dealers and
Funeral Directors
A full line of Coffins and Caskets kept on hand any
style, any finish. We are also. Licensed Embalmers.
Calls answered day or night.
Plan for
Summer Comfort
Don't add the heat of a kitchen1
fire to the sufficient discomfort of
hot weather.
Use a New Perfection Wick Blue
Flame Oil Cook-Stove and cook in
With a "New Perfection"
Oil Stove the preparation of
daily meals, or the big weekly
"baking," is done without rais
ing the temperature perceptibly
above that of any other room
in the house. Another great advantage of the
fiek Blue Flanie Oil Cook-Stove
is its handsome CABINET TOP, which fives it every
convenience of the modern steel range. Has an ample
top shelf for warming plates and keeping cooked food hot,
drop shelves for holding small cooking utensils, and is-
even fitted with racks for towels. Made in three sizes,
and can be had with or without Cabinet Top. If not
at your dealer's
UU 1U1 1
wm ifi
LWjg wtf rov mutr. to b& caJUiscr.,
'Jhe Earlington Bee
address our nearest agency.
gives perfect
whether high
mm M ii ' iwii " i
!mlis !
I ' M'H! m
or low It therefore free from disagreeable odor and can
not smoke. Safe, convenient, ornamental the Ideal light
If not at your dealer's address our nearest agency.
buy engravixg
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