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t, A
L Jt
fi' '
'f irnu of tlppartnro of IUinoin (;nt
rftl trains from Nortonvllln, Ky.
No. 108 1,28 p.m.
No I0J MO n,m.
No. 13tt, looni pnn8.10.15 a m.
No. IftG. Ioonl am p. m.
south notmn
No. 101 4.08 p.m.
No. 1KI un a.m.
No, 121, local pans. 1.28 p.m.
No. 1S5 local j)ft89 5.53 n. in.
Timo ol arrival of train h paeslnu
through and dcparturo of train
originating at Karlington.
Effective Sunday, An 8, 1000.
Jo. 02... . 0.23a. m.
0. 53 .....11.27 a. in.
No. 01 0.62 p.m.
No. 54 11.27 p.m.
No. 63
4.00 a. to.
05.. ........ o.flB a. S3.
JiJd. 61.... 4,21 p.m.
No. 03 10.'48 p.m.
Is. .Sfdnrrif iionmJ.
No. lot .&8 a. m.
No. 108 11.00 a.m.
No. 103 S.03 p.m.
No. 110 6.03 p. m.
' &6xtTit bound";'
H6. 10u 9.00 a.m.
Jfc. 10T ...12.45 p.m.
1T& 19o. 0.30 p.m.
No. Ill 5,56 p.m.
3So. 113 7.36 iv m.
Ne. Ill rang 9nndy .aply, JSTo. 113,
TCBa every aay except ounaay.
Me$ Oliver No. 5
Sets Swiftest Pace Eyer
KrttWn In Typewriter Scilmt.
Tho wondorfu
now modetlOhver
No. 5. has taken
tho market' by
Ita recontlon by
thoDUbllc haaex
'-'' asm' any thine w.o
had darod to nntlclpato.
Kroployors and stenographers
n.Vkn have welcomed It KB ttio ono
aaotilrio tbnt answors tho multipli
es! need of tho hour.
Tho err is for Speed t Spood!
Spoodt and tho Oliver responds.
Tho domand for Durability is fill
ed by tho sturdy, Btool-olad Oliver.
To a call for a writing maohluo
that -will do many things and do oaoh
l them equally woll, tho OHvor
answers with Its unexampled versa-
Its vlstblo writing saves tho
strain on oyo and brain.
-Its Jogtblllty lends boauty to ita
work. Tho lottors that boar tho Ol
iver Imprint aro tho lottors that Boon
to apeak.
OHvor No. 5 fairly bristles with
ew and oxcluslvo tiino-and-saving
features. Wo have spaco to mention
only nfow of tho moro Importat ones.
Disappearing Indicator shows
oxaet printing point.
Balonco Shifting Moohanlsin
uavoa oporativo ollort.
Lino Ruling Dovice is flno for
tabulated work.
Doublo Rolonso doubles conve
nience Nou-Vlbrntiiig Base insures
stability. Yot with all ot those ad
ded Improvements, wo havo still
furflior simplified tho Oliver-by
fusing brains with metal.
Oliver .No. Gla adroaincomo true
tho droam ot Thomas-Oliver ctvh
tallisod into this wonderful mech
anism of shining stool that embod
ies vory poBBlblo roqulremont of a
perloot writing maohino.
Auk tho noarost OHvor agont for a
lireo Domonatratlou of Ollvor No. 5.
Or eond for Tho Ollvor Book yonra
f or n postal.
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
The OHvor Typewntor Bnllding.
Chicago, 111.
r Buy
Mltfas anrf
V..lti..a. T.IIaw. RAAaWfcX.
r.i...n. niii Sl. (Yellow
Root), May Apple. Wild Glnir.
etc. W r dealers? eiUblUhed
In 185G "Over hilf I contury In lootivlllo"
and can do better for you thin tgtnts
or MmralHlon mtfchinti. Reftrwc, sny
Bukln Louisville. Wilts for weekly prk
lltt Snd shipping tsgt.
M. Sabal & Sons,
229 E. Msrkst St LOUISVILLE. KV.
:i2 the LUNGS
rew isssowery
W O LDS Trbl OoWo fnx I
Professor Got Results.
It Is said a notod professor of chem
istry, who la always cxperimontlnff,
tboosbt his three attractlro children
too letuargic. und eo bo adminlt4
Wk m B fiwu "'I'JTJI
svassiina ceccutb. '
yHaUbM nhcnrvailrMW.
Mil a$)IUT lo frcrtlw
. rfrwxsm&
Smartest Looking Girl at Resort Gave
Most Attention to Hair, Feet
and Corsets.
"You're about tho smnrtost looking,
girl on this piazza," remarked tho old
bnoliolor to tho bronze-haired girl nt
a nonrli)' summer resort "How do
you nianngo It?" Ab ho know alio
worlcod for a llvlnjc K0 weeks In tho
year, she didn't mind.
"I'll loll yon." sho confessed, "be
onuso you can kuop a secret and you
know I don't havo much money to
upend. I lini-o juBt two good points
and I ninko the most of them. And
then 1 alwayfl wear flno corsets."
"Huh!" ho ejaculated. "What aro.
tho alleged good points?"
Sho smiled cheerfully: "Hair and
He Instantly surveyed each and'
nodded lila approval.
"So," sho yont on, "as I atat afford
mqch hi tho way of gowns',' p'tc., I
bjotf myself on Bhoas and stockings,
which drd much cheaper hn'd qulto' as
"Yob," ho asserted; "the way you
wear them."
"Then'.eho continued pcrenolr, "1
get tho latest irtylp of hair .the .rain
uto jt corses out Tha,t, kecps-PCflPle
o buy)Iopkjng at piy puffa they don't
har,tim if) potic,o ray drps."
't,tae-r--co,rB,et8?" c puBgost
ed, &1b sha roes to o.
"An nWoJuta necessHy," she smiled,
back at jh.
IHunUiJig; ot dpcunjpHtj is a .nejrr
flold or work tor women In Englaad,
and it satsrkt rn mm tnt.nl (tntir am
jW&Qifc$.mBfoVfa employmoBtJ
Mrs. Itamor-Jackson of London Is
.urlfnR wprapn to vUkjiip he work,
wlch alio ays Utopprly b'elonn to
them. Mrs. Hammer-Jackson la one
of the best ilfqmlnators In England.
&ho makes a large Income and does all
her work at home.
Sho .dTesclbpsillumlaatlne as aa,rt
Her work fs devoted' alrhos't exclu'
?Iyly to thp flccprntlbn of publlo ,jid
dresses, books and cards in the flno
.floral Bcrplla and Resigns, often spot
ted with gold and silver, in tho stylo
ot th old Anglo-Saxon and Gothlo
Mrs. Hamcr-Jackson says there Is
practically unlimited work to bo done
for private persons. It la her plaa
to organizo a school for tho instruc
tion of young women in tho work.
A Hair's Breadth Escape.
Do you know that ovcry time you
havo a cough or cold and lot It run
on thinking it will just cure itself
you aro Inviting pnoumonia, con
sumption or sotno other pulmonary
trouble? Don't ri&k It. Put your
lungs, back In perfect lionlth and
stop that cough with Ballnrds'3
Horehound Syrup.
Trice 25o, GOo and $1.00 por bottlo.
Sold by St. Bornard Mining Co.,
Incorporated, drug dopartmeut
Embracing tho Subject
"Do you think that young fellow
who is visiting our Noll is trying to
persuade hor to marry him?" "Well,
from a gllmpso I bad of them last
evening as I passed tho parlor, I
rather think he Is bringing somo pres
sure to boar on tho subject."
Coottlpatlon caurcs headache, nausea, dizzi
ness, languor, heart palpitation. Drastic phys
ics cripe, tlolcen, weaken tho bevvols aud don't
care. Iloan's Re-lets act and gently cure con
stipation. 5 ceati. Aek your druggist.
Succinctly Put
"He dances beautifully," oald the
summer girl, "but he hadn't been horo
a week boforo ho was engaged to be
married." "Ah!" replied Miss Cay
enne; "ho two-ctcp3 better than ho
side-stops." Washington Star.
Forced Into Exile.
Win. Upchurcb, of Glen Oak,
Okla., was an exile from homo.
Mountain air, he thought, would
cure a frightful lung-racking cough
that had cloflod nil remedies for two
years. After six months ho re
turned, doatu dogginp; his RtopB,
'Then I bogan to use Dr. King's
Now Dlscovory," ho writes, "and
aftor taking six bottlos I am as well
an over." It saves thousands year
ly from dosporato lung dlBoaaes.
Infalliblo for Coughs and Colds, It
dlspols Hoarsnoss and Soro Throat.
Cures Grip, Bronchitis, Hemmor
rhagos, Asthma, Croup, Whooping
Cough. 50o and $1.00, trial bottlo
froo.guarantood by all druggists,
A Social Mistake.
"BHgglns Beom3 unpopular In his
neighborhood." "Yea," answered JUss
Cayenne. "Ho was so anxious to
mako pcoplo like him that thoy con
cluded ho couldn't amount to much
aad was trying to butt In."
A Tiny Baby
cau't tell you in words what the
troublo is; but if It's complexion
gets pasty, If it got weaker aud
woakor, loses ilosh aud is cross and
poevish you can bo certain that It
una worms. Glvo It Wlilto's Cream
Vormifugo, guaranteed harmless.
Expels tho worms aud puts tho baby
m a healthy normal condition.
Sold by St. Bernard Mining Co.,
Incorporated, drug department.
Have Them or Get Them.
"It Is Bald that impetuous people
bavo black eyes."
"Yes, and If tbey don't havo then
they aro apt to set thorn."
An Oldsn Jest.
. "Nle, tbj) fopotpilitho bottonj.
ai th9 royal attestant's shoes omKtM
quwk.-'Jftcfc 0'IBtra,
Interesting Information Given by
the Groom to the Shrinking
They 'wero on their honeymoonho,
all-Important; she, timid and shrink
ing. Ho intended that she should
miss none ot tho nights an they rotlo.
down Hroadway, New York, in an
opon enr ono hot night, o he called
her attention to various points of In
torcRt in a vary loud voice and with
elnborntc gesticulation. Ills Ideas,
however, wore rather hazy ns to loca
tion, and sho looked in vain, nt bis so
licitation, for tho Metropolitan towor
clock on tho Flatlron lititldlnc, al
though ahc assured him timidly that
sho had scon it. Then tho conductor,
at Fourteenth street, volunteered
"This is Herald square, where tho new
Pennsylvania station la to be." After
this startling information, given In all
seriousness, passengers wore even
moro anw.cd to hear tho bridegroom
saying: "Jtiat a minute now arid we.
como to Graco Btreet."
"Grace street?" sic .asked. "What's
"Oh, that's a big church, where all
tho swotls go. lion it is-now as tho
stately tyitUno of the church came in
flow and would1 ,y,bu boUevo it? You
can" ejs'b in without a dress suit?"
It was with real .regret .that an In
terested listener pad to signal for tae
car to at??.
lt I JsTayjB Ivr Xaeva.
It fa the Irtst : "I h'aVa'6'eon' band
llnliughe';Tonic for, years; n is
tho boat-,chUL remedy X bave ever
Knawn. .ju,nriB; iino. p&nt .iwq, jreAra
I sold noajrly twelve jrossIt conieB
bokr'er bolugp.a. nhtyorsal' ohiu. pu'ro
,tban anything I ever' haa'dlbd.
,BpJd by Druggists 50c. and $1.00
.Wttles '...
Prepared. by Itobinson-Pottet Co.,
incorporated, jLoutsvillo, Ky.
Where It GoM.
"That man madd aa Immense for
tune out of a simple little Invention."
"IniWd! Wha'i did ha invent?" "fn.
vent? Nothl'nff, you dub! He was the
promoter 1"
"Had dyspepsia or indigestion for years. No
appetite, and, w)iat I did eat distressed me ter
rlbly. Dnrdock Dlood Bitlera cored me." J.
II. Walker, Sunbury. Ohio.
Not a blade ot grass but has a
story to tell, not a heart but has its
romance, not a life which does not
hide a secret which is cither Its thorn
or its spur. Henrl-Frcdric Amlel.
Kills Her Foe of 20 Tears.
"The most merciless enemy I had
for 20 years," declares Mrs. James
Duncan, of Havnesville. Me., "was
DyspopBla. I suffered intensely
attor eating or drinking ana coma
Boarcoly sleep. Aftor many reme
dies had failed aud several dootors
gave mo ud. I tried JSlectrio Bit
tors, which cured mo coraplotelv.
Now I can oat anything. I am 70
years oldand am overjoyed to get
my iieaitu ana strongtn uacic
again." For Indigestion, Loss of
Appetite, KIduoy Troublo, Lame
Back, Fenialo Complaints, its un
eqtmlod. Only 00c at all drug
Translated Into English.
Every ono has heard tho story of
tho Englishman who was told, when
asking what was dono with all tho su
perfluous fruit grown in California
"Wo cat What wo can and nnd what
wo can't wo can."
Tho joke was told to anothor Eng
lishman, who recolvcd it with a rath,
or sickly smile, and upon his return
homo gave his own version of it.
"Queer pooplo, those Americans,"
ho said. "Peculiar senso of humor.
They told mo as ono of their choie-j
Jokes that when asked what they did,
with thoir fruit that was left over,
they answered that They ate what
thoy could, and what they couldn't,
they could.'"
It's a Crime
to neglect your health. Tho worst
hegleot that you can bo guilty of is
to allow qonBtlpation, biliousness or
any liver or bowe'l trouble to con
tinue. It is poisoning your entire
syetomaud may load to a serini"
chronic diseaso. Tako Ballard's
Horblno and got absolutely woll.
The suro cuVo for any kind of trou
bles of tho stomach, llvor and bow-
Sold by St. Bernard Mining Co.,
Incorporated, drug department.
A Skeleton Defined.
The superintendent was in the habit
of dropping In to tho different class
roouni aud domaudlng a recital of les
ions from tho pupils. One day hor
active mind hit upon physiology as
tho study for examination. But th
little girl to whom tho first questioo
was put eo bewlldorcd the superln
toudout nnd mado her loso her pa.
tionco that thore woro no moro ques
tions ot a similar naturo O3kod. "TcU
me," said tho superintendent, "whal
i skoloton Is." Tho little girl thought
for a short time. "A skoloton?" sht
ssked. "A skoloton? Why, a skeleton,
in a man with bis insidos out and hit
outsldos off."
A Leading Question.
An old Scotswomm was advised by
her minister to tako snuff to keep
herself uw&fc .during tho sermon. Sho,
answered briskly: "Why dlnna ya
jpujt the BBuK'ln tbq sermon, mon?"
us &rt m , 4
. "Whoa yowjwajftter pojfack to your
ci'-kpMa.tovriiTU-f aifoi feal better,
WlUt si piece uv taavlta &$"
nf- '
Better Man of the Two.
A protly, fresh-looking young worn
nn and n dreamy eyed man got on a
street car Hardly wero they seated
whon a look of intense despair spread
over Uto man's faco.
"What's the calamity now?" nskod
IiIh companion pleasantly, but with a
trnco of alarm in hor voice.
"My cuff llnka!" ho exclaimed
tragically. 'One ot them Is brokon
and nn end is missing. I novor can
keep my cuff togothor until we get
homo. Whnt shall I do?" with a wild
accent on tho "shall."
Tho woman laughed with relief and
answered cheerfully; "Oh, that's easy.
Qlvo mo what's loft of your broken
sleovo link."
Ho obeyed. She leaned down, quick
ly twisted a button from Iter shoes,
hooked it on to tho damaged bit of
Jewelry and passed it, ready for imme
diate use, to tho man with a triumph
ant "There!"
Makes Hens Lay.
Bourbon Egg Producer is a natur
al condition powder forlayicg-hons.
It acts rontly on tho fowpla' diges
tlvp apd ogg-prOdncing organs and
makOBthom lav amazingly. Try it
and soo.
Solja by St. Bornard Mining Co.,
Incorporated, drug department.
Why old pricks Sail.
"Ds man rfat" bbswjwi a gold rick
rlrrniar.'ailA tTncle Eberi. "maluM
J 1J mliila litiitki'iK n 'ili''f
Satari .to'IVehladl :ih, be tllnki h
kin git ahead o' Sfftan."
A Scalded loy's Shrieks
horrified. his grandmother. .Mrs. Ma
ria .Taylor, of Nodq,. Ky., who
Vrifes (tbat, when all thought ho
would dio, Buckien'd Arnica SaLv'6 ;
wuuty cureu mm. xuiatiiDiu lor
Burns, Scalds, Cues, Corns,
,W)u'hdB, Brnisos, Cure Favor
Soros, Boils, Skin Eruptions, Chil
blains. Chapped Hands. Soon
routs. Piles. 5J5c. at all drpg stores.
Fixing Hr Status.
In a police court In New York the
other day a maglstrato asked a wom
an, n witness: "Aro you a friend of
Ibq prisoner?"" "No, I'm bis mother-in-law,"
replied tho woman, without
any particular Bhow of feeling.
Just Waiting.
Every good-looking young woman
Intends to go on the ctago somo time
If It becomes necessary for her to
do so.
Form Your Own Character.
A sunshino character is a gift of
temperament. At tho same timo a
sour person may become sweet by
looking on tho bright sldo and de
termining to be kind.
Sr it a
JL 9
M ined in Hopkins County .Kentucky, the largest coal producing county
in the State . This company operates
and producesabout one-sixth of all the coal mined in all Kentucky.
Best Coal for Steam and Domestic Purposes
St. Bernard No, 9 Coal has cqme to be recognized, through years of
satisfactory use; as the standard grade both for steam arid domestic
purposes, in the large terribly reached by our products. Another point
in iavor 01 our coai
An Unimpeachable Record for Prompt Service theu ;
Our mines are operated more days in the year. than any mines in Ken
tucky and with an enormous output at command we are able to give
the promptest and most satisfactory service.
is also a superior fuel and is extensively used in base burners and heat
ing furnaces for residences or any other building 'that needs o be
heated, and takes the place perfectly of high priced anthracite coal.
This coke is extensively used in manufactories as well and is furnished
in various grades .
t f your Dealer does not Handle our Coal and Coke 4
write to us.
1ST. E
j Ming? pn IrQUisyHb
I I '.! I
The Facts as They Were.
"Your grandfather HBed to bo my
grandfather's hired man." "Yes, aud
your grandfather died owing him a
yenr's wages Eli, whnt?" Cleve
land Lcador.
Dally Thought.
A man Is not llttlo whan he flnds
It difficult to cope with olrcnmntancos,
but when circumstanced overmaster
him. Goetho.
Never can tell nh you'll ih a firmrr or
suffer a ent, drulse, bnin or scald. Da Prepared.
Or. Thomas' Blectrlc Oil iostarttly relieve tlio
pain quickly cures the wound.
It costs a man a lot to live up to his
ideals. That's tho reason many a
man can't afford to got married. New
York Times.
Don't let the baby suffer from ccscms, soros
r any Itching of tho skin. Dona's ointment
"gives inttsnt relief, cares nlckly. Perfectly
safe for thldrea. All iruciiu sin it.
treating rrss vrounas.
plast,lc slate, taat la to scy, mold
ablp Blato. is a mlxtura formed by
ombinlhg about oho part eV coal tar
fed. jdut Prts of elato drist asd'Js
Mrrirriendr frir enrorluie lars'n
K?Mi-. ffw pif
mm can mum m tifn '.av
a" J. uni ft f "ttTr j 71 asi.u. .'"- T .."" 'f itrr ".Trnr'1
graasy aad closes every opening air-'
.tight. Scientific Americas.
Br. O. E. Shares, Liberty, lud.,
save: "1 have tested Bdbrbon Hosr
Oholery Remedy in ten" c80B of
hog cholera, this fall and it has
"proven succesflful Indll but ono. 'It
was not used as inatructod in the
case it failed to euro.''
Sold by St. Bornard Mining Co.,
Incoporated, drug department.
A Hand-Me-Down.
A well-known advertising expert, re
sponding to tho toast "Sartorial Prog
ress" at tho banquet of tho recent
convention ot the Tailors' National as
sociation, spoke somowhat as follows:
"I am glad that you clothiers who
advertise nowadays print pictures ot
men's and boys' fashions. Thus you
smarten up tho country and tend to
abolish the dreadful custom of, cut
ting down dad's suit to boy's slzo. I
remember bow in tho distant past my
little brother rushed whimpering into
tho sitting-room ono night
" 'What's the matter?' I asked, sym
pathetically. "'Oh, bo murmured, 'pa's had his
beard shaved off, and now I guess I'vo
got to wear those old red whiskers!"'
ssmc ute coBeiarencr oc. a noc too
tt&k Klazl.r's ittr.'so.tht it ca b
Welul .rolled. OWt '!& hkM.
is uic mui mi" "v nu.ro wibuimu
Year Around
Office: Earlington, Ky.
Succeed when everything else fall.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they nro tho supremo
remedy, as thousands have tcstlQed.
it ia the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
Were wc to tako ns much troublo
In being what wo ought to bo as w
tako in diseuislnc what we really &l
wo might appear like ourselves, wlek-
out being nt tho trouoio or any i
guise at all. La Rochefoucauld.
Young Girls Are Victims
of hoadacho, as woll as older wo
mon, but all got quick rolief and
prompt euro from Dr. King's New
Llfo Pills, tho world's best remedy
Thoy mako puro blood, and strong
nnrve and.stronrr nervos and baikl
up yonr health. Try thpm. S5o. at
an drug stores.
.Ho Particular.
Franco-Celt WUM (t? rural ,$
tomer in restauraay Shall .01 .
:ye4 any otra? Rural .grjeeiBflSy-.
Tea. If yo like kin brta tM tafll
Bnack In on trays. Bostoa Ceatier.
"IngraUturle"8Baid tfnctflMfc ,!fe
a word mpa' Sm7'3jmMim
dat haskflt, W flan difcj Aare M
fiJvqfp aafafl ejr.at .
reasonaWy stimurated."
A Jroksa Back
That paid in your back caaserLby
lumbago, stiff musclosor a'atraiariW
an eaav thinff to net rid el. JSaI-
lard's Snox Xiniment cnr- uTm
mn'scles, strains, BpralnB, cut,
burns, brnisos, scalps aud all acb'M
and pains. You nood a bottle- in
vorir hodso.
Sold by St. Bornard Mining Co.,
Incorporated, drug dopartmont.
Nature's Peculiarity.
Not the least remarkable thing In
this world in which wo grope and:
have our being is tho amazing differ
ences that can exist in tho children oi
tho saino parents.
A Practical Youngster. '
"Why do you think your, "baby is
such a clover child?" "Because,"
swered the sonsihlo woman, "he Jatf
laughs and plays and has a good tune
Instead of thinking up smart saylsfs
for us to repent to tho neighbors,'
gf . ffjgjMi

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