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aar P Ayi
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No. 5
f,T 1
7i nniPT i
Lived in
ICrg. Harriot Murphoy died At
lorhomo in leusacoia, t'lu,
last Tuesday and hiT remains
wc.ro brought hero ior Durini
if Friday.
Mrs. Murphcy formerly lived
in tins iount., hut moved to
Florida FOino tune a an. where
sho I1J1H unto mime lior home.
Nowh ot Iter tont ! wan leceivod
licre with MtdiiiKa ly nil ivlm
lxnow her, and hor remains were
I1 un lit. ,. lui-i.i. ii.ui.niiraf. nf
friend h, who iKT(iin)iiined them
to their lust rehtiiij: place.
Harried Bell whs burn Jtinu
ary 22, 182, near I'uducah, K.
Married W. Marion Murpbey,
Dec. 22, 1850, eutored into rest
Dec. 22, 191)9.
She was the mother of bcvou
childreu of whom four survive
her to mourn her losa. Mrs. D
H. Klusnieier, Puusacolu, Fla.,
Mrs. E. F. Satterfield, Nashville,
Tenu., Mimj From Mufplidy,
Pensacola, Fla., Mrs. J. V. Mc
Seen, St. Oharlos, Ky.
Many ef hor friends wil ro-
"y member heir as all tbtft a 'loving
cfemnan mother and a friend
For inany yoars una waa a pa-
l tient eufforor and rotainod her
aweet gentle spirit tbroagh it all.
v mfir&?fGrtorir1ftrmtmst
c e'otfli.
She waa resigned toGoa'awui,
e boro her many crowes bravely
aval note' thiak God ia wearing
ke crown of glory she so richly
Damages of $30,000 Seyght
Against 21 Christian Com
ty Hen.
Locomotive Blast?
nviiav anisic rax i
erlow ThlrJfc.
Owensboro, Ky., Deo., 24 J
F. Van Hooser has filed one of
tho most sensational night rider
suits over filed in Western Ken
tuckv, asking ?80,000 daimmep
nuaust twcntv-0110 Christian
county citizens.
Tlie following are 1 li- defend
iintp, A A. RiiliiiiRiin. Bud Duke.
0'iver Ook, E G Uo n o,
Wesley Mmtcliiun, G"irj.e xViKm
won, Bernard AtciiiKon, B. F
McKiuuey, John R. J ihu-on.
Georue Barnes, John G Hfiidfi-
8011, David South, Willimn Hir
risou, James Oorley, Melne Me
Kinney, Walter Murtni, OftCr
Wilson, Kobert Overton, George
Graves, John Thomas JoIiuhoii
an I Ephriaru Hill.
Damages are asked iu the
amount of $30,000 for threat
and assaults to which ho wan
forced to sbmit and which finally
droro kini and his fanulv froui
the county, after which ho took
up a roaidonco inPutman coun
ty, Tennessee.
Tho iplaiu tiff statos that he bad
lived in Ohristian county for
aboat twauty-fl70 yaars; that He
was tha ownerof about 100 acres
of laud, whera his family lived
arid'fao' risd 'iMn--Hj r
VaaiHowwr says that he waa
commanded to join aa "Equity"
flociety'popalarly called "aiRst
riders" and pool kia tobacco aa
to omit awaults and injariea
to peraons who might fail or t-
fa to join.
Sa states that eaoh member of
tltEq.ity Societies whioa &ad
foraied at variofA points iu
Christian oounty was bonnd by
an oath.
Striata Vf 7arta 9m Itrtj-Iri
Tttnr Old Will Be tlrtm Work Xa f
A.ij Bepftrtaiat. f
Chicago, 111., Dec. 25. Official
announcement was made yeeter
d:iy of the itnumuratiou on Jnn.f
nary 1 of a pension system whiclv
will include all officerH and uuiq
plnjt'8 of the Rock Isltud roaif
In connection wild the system
the Rock Island hns etitiibliHlieif
'ill Mji" limit xv Inch will tivernj
original eiliploymt'tit on the
Rick Inland Under the new
rule mi inexperienced pcrnm
uvt r 35 yeiii's of aue unil no ex I
iMTUMiced pernon over 45 yearn f!
me Will hu tiikeu into the ser 1
vice of the cum p my.
The pension iiIioauiic w;ll be
1 per cent, ot the averaue regu
l-ir uinntlily pv received fr thn
ten years next preceenin ie-'
tiieuifiit for eaoh year uf service.
Thus, if an employe has been in
Mitt aer vice for forty jvars and
his average salary for tho last
teii yours of tho period was $75
per mouth, his pension allow
ance will be 40 pr cent, of $75,
or 990 per mouth.
All officers and-empioyes who
have reachod the age of 75 years
most rotire, and the employes iu
the operating Bervice may be re
tired atf5 yeara of age.
Conductor i1". Juonestai
at aitliOMe Monday, slipped and
fell o the loo, braisiag himsalf
so badly he was act able to sake
ais'rlar reb.
Pavae.fche Western Diiion liua-
rnaa, apant Taesday in .Nashville
oa basinet. He hasevorM his
coayation with tho aoore cotu
paay at this ilaoe.
Waajaaaa W. R. Tuck hauK,
t. X. SttK ia Qaarga f it. Straari Kaat
Jas. R. Dean was born in
Granville county North Carolina
in the year of 1845 and worked
ou tho farm until the outbreak
uf tho civil war when ho joined
the 1st N. O. Reuiment and serv
"ith it until I he close in 1865.
lie came tnKrntucky in 1870 and
IticattMl on a farm near Madison
v I o, he citnie to Earliuutou Mi
1888 . ud i an .i 'iiieat fhop for
vi'ini M-.irc. He then securei
eniplovnifiir witli tlieS1. Bernaid
ii- a Oil I'HnriM m f(, g mi(
-linpH. F-ir i he past 12 oais h
n.i bt-ei in i ne meiu .ni.irket a d
-nicf tin- i.'iitu ii W M Oarlev
It hint .' ai e of tint- depari
tii ut. Ml D an IB now quarter
uMSier ot i lie Hnpkiiis couut
Uimpol Hie old Confederates
H has .i wife .mil four daugih
tern livinii. He if a ntrict mem
bur of the M. E. cliurch, South al
ho ii member of several Fraternal
unier. Mr Dean is one of our
uiot reliable and best citizens
and more Jim Deans would place
our town ahead of any tonu in
tin State.
Airship Lights Visible to People
of Many Eastern Towns.
WiUimautic, Onuu., Dc. 23.
Shortly after 7:30 o'clock to
nifilit when tho (Jin 1st iiimr hnp
pinuv trade was croilini: the
streets of the city there sod
leuly came from the ear.t a liiiMr
earchhbt As it .ipproaoiied He- city it
ijrew lamer and laivi" anil .
nacted inuclj attent'U. ,
over the
the cm
Mjutieiiat r..
It HlrffSju,i
All tho mines have been run
ning regular aud tho shortage of
cars is oar only trouble.
hem. For nbaut ten rainntea..
tho craft hung over the Com-
mon, apaeareutlv mbtionleas. an'A '
then it started ap;aiB. ataering t y
wostwara, t
In Worchester it Js pretty j
generally agreed that the air-'(
ship is the one told of hy W.al- I
laco E. Tilliujihast several week (
ago and which has since been re
ported in several places,' always
ou night when the Worcester
man wax -ibaent from home.
The ci'.ift made its appearabca
iu tho neighborhood of Marlbdre
on December 14 aud since the
tune has been there at leasts
nines. lr generally app'
the heaveiiH about 7:30 S,
veniim, then tunis ami oe
I he dm ci ion of Worcestsr.
'J h
Smtowk4, bat CaasUaraUa
rortland,-Oro.,Dec.2 -"Wo
loaotwisli tohavo ia oar em
ploy mon who drink liguer," is
the official word being sont
along throughout the operating
3partinent3 of the railroad
eoutrolled by James J. Mill.
"Do not ouiploy drinking
m. If mon aow working an
Wr yoa drink, toll thorn they
Must stop or mako way fox meu
who Will not? driuk," is tho in
airu'etiou givou. It is tho result
rf the investigation of a umubor
f mishaps on these roads whore
it has boon discovered that tho
loss of property, life and lmib
has beeu the result of dnukiug
hy employes.
Tim ftiMut. Nnnheru has de
tailed a iuuu to act as "spolter."
Ho does nothing but maintain a
fienoral supervibiun over the
operatives' porBonal hubits.
Gsvcmmcat WH1 Traaifer Hartell atl
tote ta 4UU ef KaMM
Knoxviile, Tenn., Dec. 28.-
L. M. jToues, aiiae rescuo expert
yesterday afteraooo received a
wessage requestidg him to come
at ioe to the mine of the Outa-
berlaad Coal Oompanj at Arte
mus, Jty., where a flro had been
railing. i(o minors wert entomb
d bat, ho waa asking to ago ia
ajttiaj the laterarbau for atW0,"K mt0 ' wine to save prop
dava whil Fiagaian Almon liasrM1- r. joues jert yesterday
. I Ki-.r... Tl. i ...
boea taking a root.
' 'Oa accouut of tho heavy trurel
an extra conductor waa put on
.tho intcrarbau last Friday aud
i Another fain -came in over
Mie M H. & E. last Tuesday ior
T A.rMiiMiirtiii'ir IT nn..T)pn. 27.
Haskell institute, valued at U train load of cl fc Lnuis-
$750,00,theauaaud largest i.iai w. .mil:
Mr. at
Fianttr Coal Operator at Stur,ls Victim
oi Apopexy.
school in the Uuited States, is to
bo offered to the State of KaasaO
as a aite for tho establishment
of a day trade school, accor .iug
to an nnounceieut made by
8upt. H. B. Peairs today.
Mr. Peairs, who has just been
appointed Supervisor of Indian
Schools, aaid he had discussed
tho mutter, with R. G Vaion
toe, United Sta's Ooinmii
aimer of Iidian Affairs, Wlm
lookoi' with favor on tho prop
Tue Kansas legislature, it i
staled, will be a6lred to a pj.ru
priato money at maiutainance
an I thou allow wlnto stuileutH t
enroll at tho institute without
paying feeB for tuition.
CnOOU. Theminnia ooiH i
,d h K0 ! Carter
4tid ansi.
jBbm-voll, claim' aRent
'for iho L. & N. nut of Nashville
wants fhecity Friday.
W X. Qnffiu left Monday for
x few dava stay in Jacksonville,
iwia., and the aouin.
Rot Smith tho popular pas
onaeriiiiman on 92 and 93 was
in the citv visiting.
AsmaUwreck of Nu. 57 at
Omfion last Sumiiiy d iayed tin
trains a lew luiurs.
JErojrty Sal.
& fl. Ould, ot Deo 28-
o.i-sed from tho flO't pur-
.ndvCoke Oorapatiy, tir Ool
'Vk., a two thirds inte9on
vr,hetr auniug plant tor oq'
irnis operation hicl'ides 0
of rich coal lan'd of three
scums, varying in
from four to oitht
It ih regarded as the
part of
standstill ui'd then pei tuVmed
ilimher of evnlu 'ii-is
- Bu-iihp wa-i.t i a det 1 o
i vhlle. Every ve n .own wjo.
itrvoted to the .a-tein sit).
Fur a tew minifies (he I) if;
light stood still, then its rat
vere 'brown to the north and
remained there fur a few sec
oude. Then there was a sudden
turn to the weBt. lheu the ta.vu
were throwu east, aud for a few
necouds the light i evolved as
though its director was looking
tor something. '
In a few miuutea the light
which looked hb big us a bucket
came forward a little aud there
could be soen the outline oi
something trailing behind.
Tiliiughast's airsnip was tht
outer, that came from every otto.
-r- The airship with its dark uut
line siddeuly started upward
aad after a few seconds it came
down again. It hovered over
theoity for about fifteeu min
utes and then turned eastward,
starting in the direotioa of
It is generally believed here
that the airship was that of
Wallace Tillinghast of Worahes
ter. John Millhouso and others
who saw an airship 'pass above
this town on the night in Sep
tember that Wallace Tillinghast
suva he weut from Boston to
Now York and returu in his air
ship, said tonight that it was
tho same.
P D. Douahpo saw jho air
ship iu Baltic a few miles east ot
'(his city aud said there were
iwo men iu Uio machine when it
Hjaaed over Baltic
s. '- L4,
eSnme at Fulton SutBjBjBWxJtt
8aW. 'I&9&&FI& Vj
, AeCi. rt
that has c
' iB--
.oet thick,
iost valmiiile cottl deposit
iVn-o count v
SturgiB, Ky., Deo. 27.-Ool.
W. W. Smith, formerly a prom
ent citizeu of Nashville aud the
Taeiuoor coal coal opoartor in this
territory, died suddeuly from a
atroko of apoplexy at his home
while apparently in good health.
Gal. Smith wa lust ou the
Stn(St "Uhrary Day"
Frankfort, Kv., Deo. 27.
Libraries iu Kentucky" ib the
subject of a bulletin given cu
tody by State Supenutondeul
of Tublio Instruction, J. G.
Orabhe, before leaviug for Oliar
lotte, N. O., to attend the annual
SoatherU .Oohference of edndu-
Cd o( Thiki '
We w'"'! t" thank aj' of nui
fllend- f'r their klUlHH.HII'
vnipatb.v ex'ndol ro,u- m nu
r- cent bernvenient.
Every kuidU i-pukou word wil
aUavnlieheld in unttetul ro
mem bra line,
Mrb. D. H Klusvcbibu.
Mrd. E F. SAttkbfikld.
-MSB J. V MoEukn.
It & t. Tmkii in Op. radon AfUr
Januaiy 3 Two Train IJailK
Fulton, Ky.
tho mast gruesom
ou8 crimes
the local police since t
oi R. J. Bugg, seve'ditS
ago, was perpetratet
eve nighty when Ik Jii
negro, wasnur" 9B50
and tho ph4 ' k
Toombs.bv $18.00 Suits
pieces of 4
Fulton, Obv
turned jesftG.OO Grade,
villa, Tf Hjf 1 jf 0
$40 in mW11 r,n -r ,3(,
groes on State. , Jiii8
Friends dvis"d him tpd
fal' ho4- he xhiWtd bif
and TortmKW aUi nb ill
ViCef rsiaaM the aabaiytC
pocket and aCarWd ior hia j
whera he lived aloae. f
In the night, MoaePaj
negro, obsarved that tiae ii
of Tooaaba hotaae a aa oa fj
ru&hiir i. xtiriher
lames. He wnn tAriflml W fl
tne paruaur crowitoa body
Toombs. The alnrm waagi4
and officers began the aearoh
the murderer, y
The bloody bamwers fou
the bed and a ean o4"l !
the tory of The crial Kfl
Will loan aud r"V
ter, aegrooe, are ia "esses;
pects. Coulter waa, tl Rfl
?Jhe -visit of tho airship caused j
sevevkl,lu,uul aim at miuniun
A '
AVr.YotKy Slu Prewtem Piom H
CwWKt rUuhi.
Winehaster'j Ky., Deo, 24.
fi;MuuoonwHh8t.Iula V-8?nt,.L?e I'Uiba...
M .'liarBrirLriiaC;.: " ;" uattiawforthe aiend aaMtti
i tne n no loi hi L. &
no hi (ii li.i"" of i ho
Miiteie, an i will be nut iu a few
,, s. ft vhihI ininor etianues
uf nmiHi in (lie ii-ciimr iraun
in i a coinp'otp (Jiieiliile m givoi
r rbe ,M U. & E., IniilH M'hii'i
cmII)m-iuoj mt'OiiH J niuar 8
( ir-UHH eaun wav each oa
i up Til h on tile M H & E.
iHXed train leaving K"uiie
( oruiorh Mitchei ) ho omi
i & und coi.'iiuu to E iKiutuii.
i eivuiii Eir'iimtou in tho itiei
it ion fur El'imtch, also a pajen-
ier train Ihnu Jtarlmgtoii to fill-
nitch iu the uiuruiuu, reiuiiumi
in tho afiHriiuoii, The L, U .
H L wtllop"ilate1trM(i)iitkli!
. ,i
still iTK hundred people were
ioturn.treet8 waiting for it
ous unship tn3The mj stcr'
bv uiunv persoVyj been p.hih
parts uf Massaclinr v r.ou
.Hirshliiilit thn'iivji
Ulieao ami iru iu 'Hx.inff
rar. i" '-ti'ii t
s Inu about over Marl hunt
i" jicelit lii.vih, U bl.i. I-
pi iuii visible aaauift llm ujtug
lit eny. . yt
After noveruif uvnr Ainrimir
tho ship houdpil to the eaiitwaw
md wag i-pi'ii b uiuny peopld Ju
Aolilaud. South FiaiuiUiiham.Ali
N Mick, it paed uver thd
i mwii iiiioui t :zu "'cincKwawju
i 7:45 lo-niglit many muilerh
i i he Furituu Uiub of tttujf.
saw it hoveritig over Bobtt
i J iiiiiuun ( ..
; From the latter club1; whjfch 1
t ii Beaooii strewt uvvrtookiug tjT
U.iiumihi, it was learui Wat t),
tiriiip i " iaaa)i
rum tue . h aaxtaiii j.
. .t. .. .iiL..- .. .. n r
iiaziiiKH uivw nasal Uivou i j
.. .;. n u
mu ""- ?"W, !-..
iug lowardHMthtudat anaw
donee when iaat'seen, , I O
Other a,rM8th are exicCB1'
5)... vianii
c X
in. of fine Voilo. ln
(t:gos, etc., on aianu i1-1
rlid tho best of clutln
' ' 1Z&O.00. $G.50. $7.G0. $ t
a. "JT !-' "...
r 110,00 skirts, the enr i
KfeJiU bo offerod dunug t'
. 15 ner cent, discount
ilm icrnninnnvini'' iiot
djiitg you Hope Cotton and
$n .i lew staples, so look
lUe, Kentucky
mj bow" Ur -'Williarb QoV
die aUaewpherhead, . -X
II l.J .... ., " u,,
. anecnon wuu mww iruin
tfjiua Xd
LS i
VkWtoiailriWa rktkkA .1 .kL
' Wl.uilohintoLoutayille
ww ..., wmmm iwii'
raa-r va4'W WKi km jroui
T. am . it . . , ..

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