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D 1I n 1
< riq I Eli IJ c 1 o
1iH1Y1 h N i9T C DTNVI r I rlTc ± l J r 1 i f I 11
o Monday tJan1 9
11 F f < THE FADY
J tJ
i I
+ Mh + t Oh4 1 =
Ooodr cbs
I MadisonviHe
The Place for You to Go
When You Wisk
CHiwtnk Fair Trtat teltt
= 4445
The DItNkIl > Catnirlg
Well say that was great
WHS hoard remarked by a woman
as sho left the Park Theater
last evening says the Bender
I son Gleaner She had just wits
nessod the production by the
Bonnelli company This outfit
of amuscrs played to a crowded
house and notkipp jg words oi
praise were heard for it Vau
deville comedy sketches and
moving matures make up a bill
that is pleasing to everyone
J The fat man with the Christmas
gout can forget his pain and the
J slim woman forgets how badly
the seat harts The company
played at Ow nsboro last week
to a record weeks attendance
Manager Collins of thp Park
Ovvensboro record will be beaten
in this city
This company will he ut
Temple Theatre all next week
Prices 10 uuu 20 cents
When Etriingtaa Citizens Shaw Ike
Certain Way Out
Theo OIlU by no just rH ul why
allY reader or thin will continue to
Duller the torturer tit un uuhiii
buck the ununVHiici of urinary dls
rOerH the usuKrof umbHteti nf
any ktduuy hi > WHJ rnef IS BO
near at band aai tr > JJIOHI poHitiv
proof giyuii that tsrSuau lie uureo
BB U what an KtUiiii itiMi cllin n
Judo Frallkl + u Eltrlpgti ° Rt
tIyk Fur tl1rr r1t 1lykhl
tie yN wi it ui j ibrU 1Ien 1
ntoopuU or lif > iian twlllg
iarttd thluugh III trllfr lIti than
was KII alinooi IIII > VMV L pf1 III III lilt
+ + auullt1 my o rH4 l airl MtbiJ
irrquuntly butWi u iu < ui III uuauhr
atlU web alien 1JII PtI 11 Ulzz
< pbllo 1 W04 UUcItJII1IIUIltt1
UU > aiict by tuu 1qII1 pats tHI i t
tine kiuuuy fteuroi ma Itrfl dtuw
tibcubeary lor ujo to arbt trerar
Huett UUrtuh tllu nbut J koatl1
piouuteU JDottnV Kiuiitty VtMifiji ati
0 ioooiveU auuu piuiupt reliuftttroui I iitl
111lr use that 1 coutlUUtHl t1JI
them until completely uurett4
uttuuot recon n6u luaus Kraney r
1 1
Pills too blKbly i ir Vi
For Hale by nil defilers Pride 60
wants Foster a11 burn Co Bufta
New Yprkaole agents fMri eJKfflJR
de dtatesr 7 r
and take no other r
t 1
The City Cuuueil onhe Cry 6t
EarllngtoB Sydn ordain as fut
lawsThat the tax for titH yoar of 19SUje
and the same IK hereby Iwvled alone
dollar and fifty ceiitH < t60per
capita poll tax and an Mdvalbrem
tax of fcevt tyflv + cents < 76tiou
each line hundred dollars tifattsesBed
value of all real aVu per soual prop <
HItv Nubjiotto tgxatiuu wltt filtbtI
City limits of the City of Earling
ton Ky
A opy atttirtt j
PAUL P PRIde City bl rk
EArlliiKton Kv Jtiii 8rd i10
I I >
Noans Animals
The Bible has the following to aay
about the number of aalpials of peach
kind which Noah took wr board the
ark Genesis jjqveiltllf chapter sec
oad yerw Of each clean beast UKMI
dshalt take t4thee by sevens tLe
male sand his female and of beasts
tlkt iii not clean by1 two i the male
a fihjp Hjwd g n t siM aeventh
charter third verae Of JfowM alsp
° fgbmievnei the iwal ad the
fenial o tfkGAD seed Dan the
Mace ofl E oautk
11 fL
CaWN < i I > jr
Morzc3 r Nigllt One Zrtdy Frea Corplimenteiry
ea9wlrtrtf ll tii AtrV 4 CJ1r Wryrt Y atVfYbiredh dJJ r a Os d r rte aw
Cutting Out Annoyances to
It is not selfish to cut out annoy
ance Generally it means tho highest
good of thoso who must Hvo with us
The woman who con be fretted and
not vent it on some one else either
actively or unknowingly IB so rare
that for thejieaco of her friends aha
should cease to ho nnnoyed if within
kef power
N jy
Wanted Them Kept Even
A Cleveland mother sent this some
what satirical note to the teacher of
her small BOB Pardon mo for call
lp your attention to tho fact that
Cyu have pulled Johnnie right ear
BBtil it is getting longer ban the otu
> f Please pull his left ear for a
wMte and oblige his motheriV wt t
Il detrret of Literature
v Literature fa the expression of eel i
stuns uSe the discovery that knot l g
as coaimoR cin unclean It IB the revs I
laUdn pf the latent magic and woe e 1
which undftrlk all things which fits I
et 9c tine thl g to bef Jto tkevwi
Initiated and u mUhtntfl ejMlIk
eeaw a pattern of dull and opafiMi
urfac s art bafcoUa all things M
BhiBiaff traosluceat taarVelovMr Ar
ttur ta la London T tor
u MAeNNhr Nr MNN
Local Happenings
tB Ice and snow
Wherever you go
Berore you know
Youll DO down in the snow
Better go slow
G iodrich leads for photographs
Sa sin LucJ OrniiBtrnw iUof La
arippr thta week 0
1ay our subscription to THE BEE
tflt1 snive one of our haudeome
1 rtitdard
MifeB FrunciB Mnrphey of Petina
Flalfj ill Ht the home of Mrs
niter JDttVfifi whom she Is visiting
El W Clark IB now uHHlstaut night
aAhalaliU Is filling the vacancy
i5iuitu by the rbHignittion of J M
A vow iieloijgtng to J as Roger
I give 17pjiUUyBof butter laatweek
3 JrJb je tibjrd fu beat You are next
JJ ypUitava ° lt oitlr M
8l1Vel O ill uulitary uv wb t
cc1tltaihedat stmrttvhtMiterB auc
ndUUIlh uurhlail1stunual titled t
aieLRsa listgqboeu rNabfViDaE6ti f
1dat Orj
1 Eo MuUrehryttak 0 juf1irl1C1Q q I
cry flue bafiiC Vue + atprnvai ttl 1
tJlt afUtlier otttbe veaffluo i i
t fauieuta Uuw oW pd byUw
X Ktia U Ij
the hoiSoe naw yo bknd
some very Itfetjty jaleiidA B < lthld
with each aulerlptfon patd br DewI
MiDfeoription given sou scan have
f choibe uUJ1eHtltlnI rr k
yhoa amlthTtethor of Capt JV j
WiBwIth desires o tbailtitf or
a l i M Red tiles a nd oth ra for the
tfitl Irt way they turned ont at the
t I of Capt 8 Ub Tuesday
B Ili fth ° who jr years hap
l im a eitiKetr of qieI > + i8 in
town HeatteM et tbe f anal of I
tux brother Capt j WiBmithj who
MB buried inMadiSonville Ties I
daY v
The anew of the last nw days was
1011vy ootbQ roof pf the fit
i Bernard store that a force of men
ii era employed tp shovel the game
rout the roof for fear It would do
0omn damage I f
Walter > Iartin who formerly was
an t employe of this office Jut who 1
bMJ5blltn in MiidtBCtnyijje for the
pxsr two ynars Is again with THE
BAH atjd Ls jaow quite ap addition o
lour already good force t
S t
Eight dollar photographs how for I
five at Goodriohs studio
Mrs Francis Kline who bas been I
quite ill for some time is better
Born last week to Mr and Mrs
Joe Egloff a flue boy weighing 10
Melvin Fletcher who has been
very sick for some time is now able
to be up
Alvy Shaver has accepted a poet
Iou as night clerk at the Hotel
Mary in Madisonvilie ana will go to
work lIextjet
IIIof t
JRefBt orbitt1 one of the best
picture then n Western Kentucky +
who has been ill IB now able to be
up aud attending to business
Miss Dot Ban who has a class in
elocution will no doubt have a full
house Further accounts and date
will bn found in later IHBUOB ol
this paper
SurviceB At the M E Church
Sou h bunduy ut 11 a m und J715r
Sunday Vchool at 980 a mjilB
Hiouary SUuuay Epwui th League
at 045 p ui
Mr ana Mrs M SettrueiiV of Mid
dlebboro urethe proujljjjtreifts of a
fvftui luBt wneR MrHiidMrM > Sani
Kept foi inurtY iMacm rtbeijr niinuii
EarUugton > d
vli 0 I
IJ TJIbrnuw nritnf Jepre8elltln till
slatwiui3euWpy lu tuirmadefif
tlitjy ithfMr brook Arudht by tilt
twooysv B remarkably flne spa
tiatarctttuld tell vvlib it Jioprc eiite ti
a good ways 6ffv w n
nw > s I
Buck Shaver d divt yfe secdajjijJi
OEv ugyjlle He will employ a flrkt
his pra9sug Club He will openup
Monday Ail kindsof repair work
and pr f lo dpue at reduotd rat H
W8 MQGaryllwia0 l1 h8tJitit a
oamod beioW iBuie taitf ihe people
ofunr cityf Thursday uightBBkot
Ball MadlBonvlJle vs Earliugtou
Frlrfa iaod Saturday nigbts Mov
lug Pictures JlJufttrated Songs raid
Skating Mumo Friday sad Saturi
day nights by Amos and Ray > Couiu
and spend pleasant ev ning It i
Mr and Mrs GeoBJSewbold oi
Louisville am guests of jhe house
hold of Mr John B AtklnVon this
week Ik isprobable that Mr New
bold + n 111 remain isi Earilngton and
accept emjjloymeattn theengineer
ing department of the Btr Bernard
Mining Co Mr Newbolii H manager
of the St Btjr iard basinpBH at ° Lou
isville He wna educated in the
Louisville schools and ai Swarrh
itmore Penn tthd has done consider
able work in the linn of engineering
in the olt1 of Louisville I
AreD OCt rSAny G O OL
1Foo1i hj ouestion Yet some people act as if a medicine
iXuJd take the plaCelof adoctor The best medicine in
the world canrtoifdo tJAl Have a family doctor fcbrisult
m frfequentiy trust him fully If we did riot believe
Doctors endorsed Ayers Cherry Pectoral fJr c6i4ghsand
QI V WOtl fnc ff r Jttil tai you Ask your doctor l
NQ alcohbl in ttiiscou In 1iCfne A r o LoUJellM Ii
e did believe doctors Ayer IIfor ° atgntion sIck
1z w would not offer them to you AsK Drdiu 0 a doctor ittKHit this I
j t
r1i Moving j
1JI1111lfa t + t MII1fI IJIIM
F B Arnold was in MadisonviHe
Geo C Atkinson was in Madison
GeotMpithorshead was in Madi
sonvllle Monday
Chas Barnett made a business
trip to MadlBonville Tuesday
lira Jake MoEnea of St Charles
vlslt relatives here Sunday
Julius Coenen and Henry Rogers
were In Madisonville Tuesday
Mrs WalterDaves made friends
in MadiBOBville a visit last week
Paul M Moore returned yesterday
from a business trip to Louisville
Miss Elizabeth Victory spent Men
I day with friends in the county seat
I Mrs Elelp Rubinson has returned
from a visit to relatives in Missouri
Frank Wilkey of Silent Ran
0spent Tuesday with friends in thn I
city j
Miss Celia Hannti spent a day
1last week with friends in Evans
vteMrs E EJ Witherspoon spent
Saturday with frlendtf lu Evatih
IIUe vj
v jas Kllroy and daughter M >
tarry Smith wereln M dJi 1 nvjVl
Monday r l
eA A Matoney of Providence
visiting hit brother JT E Malon >
this week
Paul P Price Hnd J R Rtht
made IriendB in MadiHonville ti vii
LuuieiiUti Turner Chas r turiie < ii
KUUBUB Oitj Mo where ht Ibaa
teuUlt t ulHIulySa
t F µ
Mrw W H Lea Y made rrl irU
In H VWell and Edhsii viII i TunHitin
and Wpulrsdtt
Jadf Gruel trHlld kit 1Sti
f I
waiius IuYft IIIStl wlrrl l r
glthUC bUtttuart 0 +
MIhMht tralkil c11 DXtl11II
IJttll VJtoII µ hr bletbtalin trYaE
GluVd ill t lltl il Iyt d
Mrs ltararntjuoItti lVlJlattinu +
la KYlt1YNlil liJlittJ dwlr
1ft Mrb VVt5 1 BiuCrthMl
V r
UbttrEvauft 1yttluuf1visub
vote i0ayrbtbiltIK hit trautt
aiutiitr Mrs J tt Pej tun r
Mrsbpiiutitttitd MiBHBarnettft i
MadisuuvlKivtuiy Mrtf Chas
Baruett Monday auktTMiiduyr
MrJ aJ U lure Korfe fiuwbiild of
rJiqUihyille ur RueBtB of Ida and
Mrs Jolm B Attiufeou tlUn Wick
prof Will 6 Bry n4ir iMue lj
a jreal eHtate umu kubwtito iniay or
our people was in Uwii Tuesday
Will HoBie who Ie now liviUK Is
Niwhvlile spBUt a few utoyu last
weuk1tb luau fr erid BDavis JI
M Ella Ytuoebt who has been
vti itiUK the lttwlly fit Nrl Toouabu
In Maainouylile returuwd bow Mun >
Jess Hunted who for f years was
a clerk iiithe the St Bernard store
but now of LouisvlIlM wan in the
city ToMbday
Misa Mrtttie Wlk j > for nrtrly o
BariteB Cowand dtUps Stetluw h
HaluHiudy with The MoLeud dtorn in
UadiBoitvllle 7
Mrs Oliver and < aol ht r Mihb
Bee of Howell who have b wu vlt
llutf Mh Roht Goujjh ii iyV rN
turned home
WA Tooinbn and T iu HCH11i
rturii > d H > nft last week froiii
Providence whertf the M ave bats n
working for the past three wb ktf
R vh1 Mrs antics have return
ed from hn extended Y1Jltto folk
tIV sin VirK > nla Mr Moore held
service Httbe phri ftittti Oh urefc w f
whieii he IB pastor dt j
cr ay t
c y
A Ohiaee r tram
eleatoC bj11fe
tbe ° ou D Q
Interior Reconstruction SaloIi
tint v 1
1 S J
We find ft neoeeeary to recon BtrueHh Interior ar
rangements of our store by rearra inK thQ depart r
ments and by the addition of new fixtures to move and
better facilitate business and to further enhance the at
tractiveness of the store of Evansvilles greatest activ
ity Te do this we mast have room and a sale ot10
per cent Discount on all our Men and Boys Olothinjc IB
now on
All 10 Suits and Overcoat aro now 8 DO
All 12 60 Suits and OvurcOKis ari now 1000
All 10 00 Snits and Overcoats nrt now Ion
All 8000 Suits Hiid OvuruoMti > i4 Mw 1600
Alt 9S00 Kuiii Mihl OvorcoMig are now f tto 00
All 30 00 Sii HitU Overate are now too
and so on to tti It suits goal uvreoats WH timkf ntnl
sell like discnui anplriiirf Ju nil Iuta + rinertiate prices
20 per ciut uiho uiH ala tin all our mens hat
Stetsons and Knox ixoti1
All our ililrc kblYtraduding the Maiiliauiii arc
also reduced
1 lot of H tiftn wen yt + + llR nf3 05
1 lot of F SsI V SL W IWRllt t 05
1 lot of Hurley 100 8r t25
Tuislinutrd ilaco ufllt + hrtlwr gnntatinus but
would be g till to rive any fihr InfornHtltui by phono +
or mailhtit cun if you tvin n 1
It Plays to Trade Here
dtrouse lP Br05u
Evansville Ind
More Hygienic Than Tent
The common notion that a tent is
ftpecltilb hyslenif IB Incorrect A
tent is far leas hygienic tbnttawoOJ
cn shack locnuflo the air is inororewa
hued and there are no wlnuowc to
open The host shelter for JnvaHfa
coinplig In a dry region llkb tho Art
zona desert is rondo of four posts J w
supporting wire netting into whisk
bcjiuclies of somo tree havo been we
vent leaving just enough light to read
by Pt
1Cooked In Quicklime >
Acc t l nlllly i c EnKi sh iallw w M
iloif ka ii 1cI Mh rabbit wlthogt tJ
the aid of a nf fAil ho does te lo
cover Ifi with a thick cruet of clay aafl
Immor o It in Qufcklinle tn about r
SO ujJfautie ho takes it ost crwitw tlio
clay wnlcfifcae baked liar And S t
alfleijs Mjijgipal done to a tarn yC
V3BQH a yousB girl appear < at tl
theater witha yoaag BM w w te ir +
knwt t l aowa ike attodU
tiWa soto a ra rift lrlQais u
pko lae isIt i very har4 ties lq
s r etsea tor eajoy a Ierlbrs4rteM witlt
their curibetty uasauoMiiltlk
lobe i r
i I M < I
i4 1t a tii I ff Ir 4
The aged fti1gr and moviefl tr
of a ttpQstori f wvyer q I
safely earned UlroUgUe last 0
I Wo winters by 1 i 11 11
i Y tI > 4 lX tf r Ie f r
The son sa sCMy Iathernft
janJ inafflifcrowe their present
strength and good health 10
Vinol Diirrng the last two
trying vinters neither of them had a cold and were J
able to walk farther and dot more than f years
I think Vinol is perfectly wonderful It eertaiiily is
the greatest bloodmakin g strer4gthentng tonic for h1 1 F
people ier heardof v u f t 0
Wfc wiiilf yery feeble 014 pc OllM In this ikmrii to Ary
VfRol WewlU > rctura tIMe Ir mtmey without gtaertM tt M it s
doeu aceor lphailurlf I
oeQoaC ° vt i
Sr E tim R T < tOREg t 1 mt
Sfc Bei tlMi i1 g Cn lrlw t d b jD t 1 It
0 to 71
ff 0J a
r h
0 ht

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