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The bee. (Earlington, Ky.) 1889-19??, January 13, 1910, Image 8

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MthdLike Other Products =
As the 11rO U tara improved by
< iilUvatlaii < so It la with the mlna
SthicUon tirhses the seeds of thought
brat hula b6en induced by fcfcftijpr
Meet Wanlfer Sri tli6 arts and sciences s
and indri a in all ages 1J 4all i
lands and ea + r s there In our midst to
prlhg lift liiidiftuctify in accordance u
with the care we take In their cultlva 1
A Wild Blizzard JLtgiBg
snfrortngnttedeathti u
snfrortngntteI 9
colds coujtb anJ iagripuos that
J terror of Winter and Spring Its
I danger jOfCttnlis fcroOttuffed up
rio8trfli loiter part of nose sore
I child and tenor pain la back of
head and 1 thrqatgrlppiiifr cough
whets Grip attacks ss you value
urfite doILri delay getting Dr
jfcintfflftJXoVfcrr One hot
Qutfj f t rrrile i A L 1unu one f
n 11 tiPeekfl with Grip 1
fiorbt MtfjBfc Hemorrages
< JouKlr Ofofcls Wboppinir Cough
BOe4i Xlc lur tH1 edl > y > all drug
IJ jchyit r r
L Calnoidefiee IItNamts
I bite
1 w < he teackerrhair fotirpiupils whose
l + 1wl are eke loofaskar owrf as r
e piIiI Ipglfaid3ttor get eaCh
+ otherre > tait4lirtli ait > uereaifoni AD
o t llkI l Use oc
edR ir A wle East side
kerethe Yand them n ila
o 11 > larrled had the
tane 11 t
eietTttitc n
< nslste hip 1 it on wben a
4iiId is astu y oi utotiit + s
NAf i t elf tl t alttfegs hftt q
tnt When yon iySby cries look for
rpTi i bxsom external cause ff you
eautllnd them give the baby
Whites Cream YerraJfUge as the
vhancesarq It l 4uirertag Prom
Gworinh fbI keep t hungry and
erosi all toe time pleasant to take
stire in itis aciten rice 23 cents
< SdldbySt Bernard Mining Co
rlclrriurated diug dUparttuent
Ttoe and Money
HiJm Is money quoted the Wise
Guy Yes in the matter or boiling
> rpuids UfaierWiihdoit almost as
iisadijy as jnopey added the Simple
2 tl 1
J let the baby suBer from ccemsr s6 cs
ny Uchins pf the skin Doani Ointmenl
135 InsUnt relief cures quicfcl Perfectly
for Ill A 1 1
Exgfcfneil at Last
ho Kbirfjtom had just charmed
cpfldrFiet tlai ntouutainr la
JtfWiIIiPutel wliethdr ItJiad
h lhi1w raid Thus wo see
lgre ty aaparntit flly common i
J tir ilbliity
11 jnatits HWom gives him
it for qlh abloto decide for
Celt after he has decidedas to
yfltltrts Life Safer
tyhen Hfe 18 being mAde
ureeaftr f h the work of Dr
triJefJfJ fftPilW in Constipa
rr48lr ISY1JIIt
er f CUT build upth e
1111 a iIdrngptexptg
f 0 fewtrfttf 105 dif erent speci
e a Qtif Jo3eS were ehow py a
stop J utad chili ttvIiJt local
1w shoot iuotkar cilld bad j7
Ioasupiiian caotbp lioiilaohe nsusea dttti
tap uor k ttt patpltatlee > rastic pfcyp
cripesjcb4titi ICecthe bowie nod doet
bbstltt ° pxttio geetly voce cob
zit a > o5 i y0 fcuea
it 1j T
eRlals es
L Tlttt ra i
A Financial Epigram
t IlI Rogers Eplgr1mI
broker always advjsed young men to
poigut It
put to them that Without capital a
Iinino could dp nothing nothing He
nothingi very f j
neat epigram Fortune housed to
say cant knock at the door of a
1anwlto baa jio > house
The Meanest Nan in Town
is tho one who always wears a frpwut
is cross and disagreeale and is shore
and sharp in his answers Nine
cases out of ton its not the poor
fellows fault its his liver and dl
postlou that niako him feel so uiis
arable he cant help being Ulegreo
able Are you In danger of getting
into that condition Then start at
once taking Mallards Herhine for
your ilver the safe surd amt eel i
able regetablo regulator
Bold by St Bernard Mining Co +
Incorporated drug department
Apologies to Brute
> Jot that I loyo Smith leas but that
1 love Bryn MawT said the junior as
he invited a Philadel > hia glrllo the
A PretchedtXiStl ke
to euduretliltQhiEf painful difi
tress of Piles Thorns no need to
Jjlateu AI suffered much from
Ptleewrites Will A Marsh of
SUer City 1 Cttill T got B bog of
wad a
soon oared Buru6rBpilsr Ulcers l
Payer Sores The nta Cuts Chap
Dpd Hands Chilbt jtisV vRiiish be
for It2ic at all drugstores
Folly of Fretting and Fuming I
Fumings un
dignified suicldally foolish and theo
logically unpardonable
Never can tell when youll mash a Sneer or
suffer a cut bruise turn or scald Ue Prepared I
Dr Thomas Electric Oil instantly relieves the
piin quickly cures the Wound
We frequently see the statement
thatearrlrigs are semibarbarous but
havent got it1 through our head yet
why Jitney put In the seini Ohio State
Too Much Face
You feel as If you had one face too
many when you have Neuralgia
Dont you Save the face you may
ueod it but get lId of the Neuralgia
by applying Ballards Snow Llni
ment Finest thing in the world for
rhouiuatisui neuralgia bums cuts +
Sold by St Bernard Miuitipr Co I
lucorporatod drug department
First Victorious Balloonlst
if Blanchard was the first man to
cross the c aaBcl in a ballpon This
was accoDiplIsbed in 1785 and forjhis
feat Louis Xyi re warded Rim vlfh a
pension of 250
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications a r they cinnot reach tbe I
diseased portion of the ear There is only one
way to cure deafness end that is by constitution
al remedies Deafness is caused by an inflamed
condition ct the mucous lining of the Eustachlan
Tube When this tube Is Inamed you haTe a
rUrabllne sound or imperfect liearioR when it
Beatirelycloje4 Deafness 2s the result and
bolcsstbe inBamraatian can be taken ont end
this tube restored to Ha normal condition hearing
will bodestro yed forever nine cases out of ten
aro caused bj > pa t arrii iich is nothing bet an
nOI d con itlonCf the mucous snrtaces
TV e i gtTe One ilnndred Dollars for any case
of pbaWefij caused bjr catarrh that cannot be
rured by Halls Caurrii Cnro Sendror circlais
F J Cbcuej Co Props Toledo O
Sold by DriiJtleVj price 7sc
Take HallaCoBjllfPJlls tor Constipation
A Casual fvtqulry i
I fceverliafe tasted Haaar of any
Ids tI artts tptefcco Ivor utteied AB
friiitt 1i I ittf ° Vml toa bstrMit
eli Do yon vier t riles bs yoitr wig ltt
a Wrtr ttcAme
i xtei
ri J r i 1 4
IAfi to JYlol F >
I liD ie lJ L
Noil heater MS x ill f lr
efficiency pr greater hextihf
war than tje
Oil Heater
EyUIltp with mpkele qlc
With it you can go from the
cold of the Arctic to the warmth
pf the Tropics in 10 minutes
The new 1
It A1ItomaticSmokel Device
rfcyctotis smokiiiy There is no possible question about it t
I TliUjpcins greater lieatpower a more rapid diffusion of heat i
nd 4 sure t tlVifersioR pf all the h e tenergy in the oil
Ina cqld ropm > light the heater and in 10 minutes youll hve a
oivingl t that carries full content
l Turn flit wick tip as high as it will gono smoke no odor
j Jae rythinff that aRpeite to the provident and the fastidious the I
i > rfe tiqaQil Heater with its new autoniatic snykeles device tkv
iveiy 1eada Finished in Nickel or Jag Jf ft T t > Wff styles
f 1ie te Etc1w1 re 11 Not At Yours Write far fcci teCirettler
T r1et Cre6t IOClf S
I ii tt ti 4 4 1 Mk lli
LL M1cu 41 LTTn 1
jS1 J i
d = i t1 1
CJ 0n
l < ff >
1 FEATURE or BCf H i
torrttt i
0House Expected tq Pass Both Whit
Slave Tram Measures Irnrnl
grqtlon Commission Interested
Washington D C Jan 12After
ttasstng the army appropriation bill
the house proceeded to the cdnsldcra
tree of one of the socalled whit a
slave bills
Opposition developed to that portion
of the measure reported by tho immi i
ggration comuiitteo which makes it a
atfelony for any ponton to assist an
other to go from one state to another
for the purpose of engaging in 1m +
moral acts
It was contended by Representa
tives Bartlett of Georgia Gpebel of
Ohio and Richardson Alabama that
such actlcHi would be an encroach
mont qn states rights as under the
constitution ncachstatcl1lLS the sale e
power to regulate its own morals
Representatives Bennett of New
York Austin of Tennessee Burton o t
Alabama arid Adair of Indiapaspok q
in favor of the bill Nvhich iaimed
at tho exclujlon of immoral aliens and
the exclusion and punishment of their
aMr Manns bill simply enlarges
upon the Interstate commerce feature
in the pending measure so as to pre
vent white slave traffic >
The immigration committee seqks
to exclude fro mthe country ollin
desirables especially immoral women
and men v
Mr ntfiinelt and Mr lnl11i expressed
the honVthaObbth bills might lnssI
and tho latfeMfidicated that he would
malt an erfdrr to bavehls mea njo 1
called up as soon as Mllspbsltlbn was
nuidfe of the pending bill J
> <
Sandwich III Farmer and Son SWear
tc Murder Prize Flgflttr Who
Eloped With Kin V r
ji1 > i
Aurora Ill Jail 12 Air Irate par
ant and a brother are searching for
Eddie Hayes an amateur prize fighter +
who figured in a sensational elope
ment with pretty Clara Hathan
farmer of Sandwich 111 Both mon
have publicly threatened to kill the t
pugilist v >
Driving up to n church after scrv
Ifees Hayes Is said to have induced
the girl to accompany him on a sleigh e
ride They drove to Yorkvlllo and Ir
boarded a car for Aurora In the U
morning tUey obtafued a license in Ge
navaand t ere married by Justice
Harlpw of Aurora
Tlie father frantic oVer the girls
failure to return home notified the
Aurora police With his bride of an j
hour Hayes was taken to the office <
of Chief of Police Alichels and there
held until the father arrived on the i
noon train
In the office of the chief of police
Ilathan threatened Hayes and finally
got his daughters promise to return
home with him
From the city hall the girl accom
parried Hayes and the father followed
them about the city for an hour They
finally eluded him Ili ntnuolrr park
and the search of father and son was
After Eloquent Sermon He Take to i
Church Window to Escape Arrest
Aikwl fer by Wife
Mtuta Okie Jen 12Rev Qlm ir Eo
n TitsoH 8H evxacellst from Wash
intloa hut who hits beea condttctiug
11Mlhu it > the Ckorck of CMrlst la
Mils city KM p tltI MJeiJ ire a i
Crew > IIta arlc in wHlak tk e +
wlMl ter ketttei w fcaTe iroackel
1iIfk t srttttlfan nrdliiary W
K > < tCafd 3t aka KEl4corr tltgldA xer
f1tltJ tat ijlit et real f a ar4e it
4eiirtlrtg kts trite Mw Lzririt B
oastd eb Officiate nt tH fliO flwv
tiQ4dkper the poliC xittpiteleCLkA
pitattil ffIirt Ih the U1tc4 ate tit ipeir
brrakltf WfJttlll net Rxatriivthixg Wa1
wAfter the beHeilctlon they air Ia
rldsuu stepped tn the teatibitlf wttliB
r xr of the pulpit te rat his overcoat
njitl Uppeil throufli tta 8oiLdforjcboot
1Ocim into the jiiu Jltl tl out
through the window i
The womjfin clalwlue Ilr fvldf
us leer hualrpntt Is a crleYto Who tktl
B1lulat = T lusUlB he baa eaiy Vcfjitfnd
pit lv tttkiuft to HUd from church oc
jcxaioually ill his carriage SJiw cllflrhs
te he liit cqmmpnftw Wiff
American Kills Himself fn Uthmuar
Iauciaa City Pinabla Jan 12C1
UThqrapt > Koche terf No Y killed
lilwself jgqfiAay in a fit of tcjaporarf t
taLerrgtlgtinJnt A Ctilnlt tnt1 pno
pVlM survive him
Chjill burnt 144 lJ
itsgxa 11 Tta 1 1ocPthY thei
6 year shi JJMe sot tfc 1txrtlcl i
Bill na waft bt l tilt ksr clot
tale catch hi 111e from a heating Itt
+ r
Cashier GShertj a itgp erted
lttatlprartrun 2 Tlls Kett
iNe Luny Aa te i
1 hhltatr tgsMfpr fa tfi1Jf
l1 > hertt I rgtte c JJ f
Mli un Enumecaterc CenftrmM
htaieu1aiwti tl yscrll eatt
fiyrth u
5 J
J r r fl
= L
l ilh
9 i L
rt 11 FIy
JL tn tut jhJ IJLco It
I i JI L to iihI I tit
1rtil Ai U1I 1 QI lUb4ttl u
yoF tangs tnKlI1J J11 V tJp h
tJpkn 11
lPJimhUMS LYerclsa fdm lets rfistea
Evens ii
thC halation ot pure YSCll Indl
easesof the lungs Itn J Melded ds
jxppoihting results and is gravely que s
atoned ta to its theoretical basis
Saved at Deaths Door
Tho door of death Boomed rend
to opoh for Murrny W < Ayers of
Transit Bridge X Y when nis life
ta dreadful condition ho writes
o9er B
Binikon ton > ue coated i emaciated
from login 40 pounds Rrowinp
washer ttally Virulent liver trou
blei pulling mo down tq death in
spite of doctors Then that match
flees mediciutj Eleotric Bitters
cured m1 regained the 4Q pnund
loB and IIQW am well and ftronn
Eor all Ktnitiauh liver and kidney
troUbjPB theyre supreme LOu an IU
d ru gfj f
A lecturer who recently advertised
that he would deliver a plain talk
to plain people complains that no
women attended Some people are
i1t that born with diplomacy iio r
achieve diplomacy nor have diplomacy
thrust upon them
Wine11 Cheaper than Water 11
WIne in Spain fs so cheap that it is
used instead of water for mixing shoe
blacking 1
Every Ier
1a fIr riinttli ht + a + 1tlf l 4vh4n UHI 1
may lead croup or pleurisy or nu < ui
IU1olll tltH tir HnmMliinjr morn
rI JttstJ tfUurds Hsreliiuiul Syrup
will dire the trouble at OUCH trot
1tt tntetntncotldicudnna
Hold ny tir lt > riiiird dllnIitr Co
thljjrr ulnd diYttdK µ iuttlrttt
ut Came Down In the W yd
3Che extraordinar vicissltudCR of no
ajienclaturo thnt a yacht may pass
through are wpli Illustrated by a craft
i hat fs still afloat iApKthe start she
yvoiidly bore the nam of the haugkty
Irish princess Isolde From that to
puffer seemed the limit but now she
Cheap Land In Austriya i
table to take Up crown lands nt a year
li rent of two cents an acre
Hail Dyspepsia or liitJiKcition tor years N ofood
appetite aol what 1 did uat dlJiruise roe ter
frlbly Uurfioci load Hitter cured weJr
U Walker Suabury dido
Pardon Us But
The bestRjoitget from the worst ot 1
men is mare desirable thaii the worst
you get from the best of men b OrBtI
get the best from the best of DMB asd
escape the worst from the waist of 1I
men Is to get the best of he worst of I
I f
rl T
I Ikakr
1N4w a
y c
tr trf
i I
1 W 1 H F TfWE t
v I U DNOUf 1 T f ORTH j 0
yf An 11Uli1taiiCn CJun rut the 11J1l of the
NORTH POLl ftrw u
1 Y J
A Dr Frederick A Cook op1R K Pear USN A
together with biographies of the explorers W J
and a brief history of Artie discovery by If
With New Maps and Illustrations from Photo raph
Sentf 35O to This Paper idr
to the Louisville Herald Lt
11 < nrta >
r cial conversations wish neighbor > and friends In five cvenlni tnallnfl1l life one < u
pleasure and atitfaction
1hls cow allyl tlllcrhllC an Ideal Carmen leltphonu line rate wd fall UIelmadoacasi
behad br oddresstug ourreurostolfiee or writingdlPcct ro hr + idquus sshv tloTann
Ollr Itlleco ert hll CHI a lea of entlJchY 1ennts + e + 1lbaFl pl and f Olllailla
and the southern portions of Indiana und llllnoii
i Incqrporatcil
GOId 1tvttrtas2lc r ba 4 ripti
7 f
Physicians Advise
the use of a goodloxattvc to keep the bowels open and prevent the poisons of undlgwtW
food from gettinginto your sistem 1 A
The latest product ufsrience IrVLLVO Lntlva4ierSyty P purely trpttable seit llr
stoach md boweJShpd isof the g 1tcst possible otfiacy In constipation IndJctstlkii
> aWSUnr5
MI fGA XWW i c TMTr I a i
INSTRUCTIONS y > llr LiIf 1181it t 1ilt
rl NVwSper W utx Local
I t K leoifHion AjeWs WHtr 111001 r is earl tuna ill
tti yTsl h tiUMciitt1O + + 1 h k ton dcire
saved I
or Library Slips will be gcceptedq full for i1bs fiDtiOQ to Ii
i T E r 1 Ip J Q ee
1v tN + u1fl4M M tt If ctit fgr 2 coat tfthf
Librry SMpS iJ pF RiB I Hi f
tiart IGp peatala eietirws 1 + k Dlg ttuslasdviN
s t JC t yfiiQtAtt 1Jf 11P 4 3tJa the f IVl1 raes
t1 fi I
11 f
AttiPete P Studs at kkrsd
ei r
f 2redrbtolfei a lieif i 11per
rmoere 10 M
i reeelebk
reeelebkreIaachQ4tl ad
hie Luse
INt 1I1echt
4 di0tb sl4ifal1 UT CcaJa
i a cfeeYespntNt r >
heard a Wte43n14wia4h
CAlomel M btPFasrderV 4tyte4
I1 x1 rqeOntfselfrrc4tiwa t1t
1 elf
1IQmll aura r1t aoOptlu 1
vhU l rrullCl
CcrlUntTllIQ G bceg out traa
ffIII111tIU ek
i ey k41iaaflls tr III aI4JnJd1Je
htJi9J Ct 1 d i
5tsueabfatcfw 1ow + lcr
StyUifeetgts J iFsti
r fioaetiDbMimettext I
1 lateIis tartt c inI
fijlrtactc I VII JI i
1414Wni013flivffiPitJt JI
SZ nxzt f N qd f
f l TUlt lof IJ 1 1
J la use hOP fzasett4 nscs
iico Pennies
feLjbt ry Slips li
tQ TuI 1br I7Up tlnecainaa On cu i rracdeiast Library
StiH euIffaCitt 01 see ceot Add frartfem te mtb < Vutl Lllriry f ft 100 Pull
t iil l lipe AatMirchhaageoaiueefICO Ct + ruierce htletitt wlaj ClutIO61t
theItibrar itpia t W aiveitUement stad learH Curt gttkiJ IfLiLU1 Slit CIf be uTCd
f r
Y wIltC
Can be obtained daily ogee former IHM I
the tervice of the Curab rln < Telcphen J
i Telegraph Company In tils reMdehcn not
nlr that but your faintly nn en arasu sb s
ft r
ilp I
f lend h cents J
ClrrartyGiF l o <
picture I
cataloj a4J fl
wall pocket LJ r
llajuUR > I1
n r

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